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Santa Muerte for Witches

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Mictecacihuatl or Santa Muerte?

Many pagans fell La Santisima Muerte is Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of Mictlan reaching forth as a folk saint.

Many pagans fell La Santisima Muerte is Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of Mictlan reaching forth as a folk saint.

La Santisima Muerte!

Who is Santa Muerte? Every day more and more witches are encountering La Huesuda, the Bony Lady. Is she Mictecacihuatl, the Aztec goddess of the underworld come into the modern age? (I've also seen her given Incan and Mayan roots.) Is she La Parca, the Spanish grim reaperess brought over to shock and awe those the Spanish forced into conversion? One of the countless faces of the Goddess?

Or is she her own unique being? There are many ways to view her, some positive, some negative, though readers should note those with negative views of La Nina Blanca, The White Girl, also tend to hold rather dim views of the poor, gays, social outcasts, people of Mexican decent, pagans and witches as well.

So come meet the sweet lady who may be calling to you in dreams, in signs, in pop culture. Come see the gentle grim reaperess for who she truly is. A devoted lifetime companion who offers guidance, love, protection and prosperity, but will still give you a good cosmic swat when you need it.

NOTE: Just because I mentioned prosperity does not mean Santa Muerte will manifest in your home throwing oodles of money around with wild abandon. Remember to many witches and pagans she IS Goddess, and when is the last time Goddess did that in circle?

Please Note: I am not affiliated with any church of Santisima Muerte or any other group that works with her. I'll include my story and you can judge my experience for yourself. I am entirely self-taught, or rather Santa Muerte taught, so anything I share here is what works for me. If your ways work for you, do them instead.

Like the intro photo? I owed her a photoshoot of her statue posed with one of her beloved cats. If you want to snag something for personal use, be my guest. But for internet use please give credit where credit is due. As always if you own the copyright to any material herein and want credit and a link or something removed, please contact me.

Mictecacihuatl, Lady of the Dead

Admittedly, her first color was white, but she more or less accepted this statue in her newer seven colors pattern,

Admittedly, her first color was white, but she more or less accepted this statue in her newer seven colors pattern,

Santa Muerte Myths

These make my blood boil, she couldn't care less. Like my statue?

  • Santa Muerte is not evil! The only thing anyone should be using her black robes for is protection and hex smashing. People who try to use her for negative uses sooner or later find her scales of justice are no longer in their favor.
  • She is not the Christian devil. I think a lot of this rumor stems from xenophobia and ignorance to be honest.
  • She is not jealous. So many people say she will chase all your other spirits out and be very greedy. She is the total opposite. Since she arrived everything is better in my life and the spirits adore her. If anything, she insists I see to the others and is very nurturing to them.
  • She is not greedy. Heck, you don't even need an altar. She is the saint who defends the poor, the homeless, the outcast. Big altars are nice but not something she will demand. (Unless of course you promised it!)
  • Santa Muerte doesn't need her grim reaperess aspect if you can't face her that way. If her grinning skull upsets you you can substitute angel or an image of a beautiful woman. She is very loving and sweet. You won't upset her feelings if her skeletal features are too much for you to handle.
  • She NEVER refuses anyone, ever. She might be in a mood to paddle your naughty little butt if she doesn't like how you are living your life (she dislikes cruelty and evil) but she will never, ever turn you away. So yes, she will work with drug dealers, but not to the point of helping them hurt other people. She will protect anyone who turns to her in good faith and is the saint of infinite chances and will give anyone chances to make amends for their past.
  • Santa Muerte will not force a blessing on you. Like all spirits, by and large she believes in free will. If you refuse her help she won't force it on you. She may plead with you or show annoyance like any mother with a broken heart if you refuse her help, but she will never force you to take it.
  • She will give you justice, not revenge. Although it is part of being human to want revenge, often in excess of the hurt done to us, that is not her specialty. She will certainly get you justice or help you rebuild your life, but only the beautiful lady with the scales gets to dispense punishments, OK?

Santa Muerte is actually the most loving and sweetest spirit I've ever met, in any robe color she is still the same beautiful lady to me. She can be serious at times, but it is only because she has an important message to give you and is worried for you.

A Witchy View: Santa Muerte Moves North

I love his views and insights. His views on the Catholic saints alone are priceless, no offense meant of course. But she entered my life in the Spring and even in May as well, so I love this.



She can be complex. Mine is usually sweetly loving, quite the girly girl to the point where I sometimes stare at her. She loves her pretties and anything I get for her that I like better pass her inspection. You have never seen anything worse than a girly melt-down because she dislikes anything she considers ugly. In this mood, all her statues must be pretty-pretty, lacy, delicate, cuddly.

That said, she has a protectoress side too. And the protectoress LIKES scary images and laughs like crazy at the exploitation horror flick using her, so like anyone else, she is complex. Some people assign different personalities to each robe color, but to me she is still Santa Muerte, regardless of the color she is wearing or the mood she is in.

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For me, she uses the colors to signal how she is feeling, but it is still her. She favors black, grey or white robes for showing her protective side, green and pink for loving nurture and so on. But she also wears her other colors for various reasons.

I mentioned a good cosmic swat and she will hand them out if I go too far, but because she knows I need it. I have a very loving family member who will throw me a pity party, and of course I start being a total diva. Santa Muerte is not about to tolerate that from me, and she will give me dreams or other signs to remind of exactly who she is and to call me on the carpet.

Yes, non-pagans our Goddess does call us to account for what we do and she won't tolerate anything that will end up hurting us in the long run. Plus I was a total witch and had my scolding coming, after which all was forgiven and she embraced me warmly.

She Is Addictive: La Santa Muerte

See what I meant about wanting more and more pretties for her? She is just such a sweetheart you will want everything you see. Plus you get to dress up statues and make pretty altars, she was made for witches.

La Santisima Muerte Negra

Black, along with white and red are her three oldest colors. But regardless of robe color, she is still the same Goddess.

Black, along with white and red are her three oldest colors. But regardless of robe color, she is still the same Goddess.

Shopping? Things to Know Before You Go

Santa Muerte swag is more addictive and numerous than Beanie Babies and Pokémon put together. If you have it in your home, chances are it can be replaced or blinged out with Santa Muerte swag, and there is something about her that will make you want it all now.

Prices vary wildly and only you and your Santa Muerte can choose what works best for you. For instance, I find tea candles work just fine, some people buy seven-day candles in her colors, some want them with the picture and art of her which cost more, and fixed candles are the most expensive.

The same thing goes for altar statues. You can buy everything from tiny one-inch statues to carry in your pocket to massive life-sized statues. Just please, for the love of Goddess, pace yourself. I know, I know. With news of her roadside altars being razed and the Roman Catholic Church condemning her as the Christian devil you can feel a strong urge to get everything now. But trust me, she is seen as pretty much equal to God in power by perfectly good Catholics who work with her, so she isn't about to be hurt by mere mortals, and the only thing destroying her shrines does is make people love her that much more.

In my experience, I have to work hard to make sure I'm giving her what she wants, not what I insist on giving her. She's so very sweet and gentle she won't protest my choices, but she's only truly happy when she gets the things that please her, which tend to be simpler and less expensive than I would pick, go figure.

I don't want you to think she is picky. She will take anything given with love. But she will give hints as to what she likes, maybe a picture from a magazine, or online, maybe an old Halloween or Samhain decoration you have lying around.

Santisima Muerte Q&A

He has worked with her for a very long time. Please note he is pagan, so you might find his advice very different from the Catholic guides to the saint you got a hold of. But I agree with him Read EVERYTHING! You will suss out what makes sense to you and what doesn't.


Why Does She Have So Many Colors?

Just like Goddess has a rainbow of colors, so does Santa Muerte, and yes, you can go ahead and treat her as a face of Goddess and get fantastic results. I'm pagan, for example, so to me she is indeed Mictecacihuatl. Each color usually has several associations based on experience, borrowed from hoodoo, Wicca, Santeria and other sources.

For example, red can mean romantic passion and performance, but it can also mean romance and be used to bring emotional stability. Black is a hex smasher, used for personal protection, and to send back magical attacks. You will find your own Santa Muerte will like various colors more than others, but she is usually happy to agree to any you need such as pink for love, amber for curing drug addiction, purple for healing and so on.

My Santa Muerte picked out the colors for her kitchen altar, a place she insisted on being. I picked out a lovely statue of her in rainbow robes for instance, since rainbow or seven colors is her robe for everything.

Well the listing said red, and the Santa Muerte that arrived was dressed in jet black. My Santa Muerte sort of grinned at me and said she liked white and black for her main altar statues and no Rainbow Brite wanna-be was going to protect anyone from anything. Then she smoothed out her jet black robes and just looked at me. Point taken. (She adores rainbow-colored robes, she's just a bit snarky at times.)

Black is her hex smashing and major protection color along with white, and no, a black statue will not ruin or pervert your white statue no matter what some people tell you. She is a good girl no matter what colors she wears, OK? Just be respectful of other folks beliefs but keep in mind it borders on the old belief that white people were good and-

But colors can pick up new associations, and she gets new colors seemingly daily. For example, let's say I only have a plaid scarf and I wrap a statue of her in it to dress her nicely, and she does something I ask her for such as healing without her regular healing color such as white or purple being present. She has just picked up a new color, or color combo. People literally dress her in anything and she responds happily.