How to Gain Prosperity Through Money Magic

Updated on July 6, 2020
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We follow the wise ways of our ancestors by connecting to the natural energies of the earth. This wisdom we enjoy expressing through words.


Everybody knows that money doesn't grow on trees, but it sure would be nice if acquiring it was that easy! Most of us experience some kind of financial problem in our lifetime, and we all have various goals that drive us to covet increased wealth—some of us may want to go on a dream vacation or buy a new car, for example. Meanwhile, other people have trouble making ends meet and just want to find a way to get by. No matter what your reason for wanting increased income, money magic is a great way to help create changes in your financial life to help you prosper.

So, can your financial goals be accomplished through ritual magic? We certainly aren't going to hurt anything by trying! If you are ready to look at your financial situation in an honest way, you can certainly improve it. You may not find unlimited wealth through practicing magic, but it can be a great way to start stepping towards more stable ground. I have struggled with money throughout my life, but have worked with magic to increase my financial stability.

In this article, I will share with you a few ways to improve your money magic, including:

  • getting in touch with your attitude about money.
  • correctly preparing yourself and your ritual space.
  • finding the right time to practice your money magic.

I will also detail some actual rituals to use, including:

  • dressing a prosperity candle.
  • petitioning a deity.
  • giving in order to receive.
  • creating a prosperity jar.

Emotional Housekeeping: Get in Touch With Your Financial Habits

We all have internal barriers that prevent us from getting the things we want out of life. For example, we may not be able to succeed in employment due to social inhibitions or scarcity thinking. Some of us are prisoners to poverty mentality, which keeps us trapped in a difficult rut. Fortunately, we can begin the process of money magic by exploring our attitudes about money.

Before actually jumping into any magical practices, spend some time doing a little emotional housecleaning. By this, I mean breaking down some of the internal barriers that make you resistant to improving your financial luck. Ask yourself some probing questions, such as:

  • How deep is my problem with my current finances?
  • What can I do within myself to become more of a money magnet?

In your magic journal, you should also spend time reflecting on your attitudes towards money. Try to identify some of your problem areas:

  • Do you waste money on things you don't need?
  • Are you lacking clarity about the kind of work you are well suited for?
  • Do you apply a scattered approach to finding a job?
  • Is desperation causing you to take the first job that comes along?

Identifying your personal problem areas where finances are concerned will give your magic better direction. It is so much easier to successfully work money magic when you are in touch with your real struggles and are passionate about solving them.

After you find your problem areas, you need to tap into motivators for wealth. Magic can only be successful if we are working towards things we are passionate about.

Selecting magical items by correspondence is key.
Selecting magical items by correspondence is key.

How to Prepare Yourself for Practicing Money Magic

Begin preparing for your magical practices by first cleansing your ritual space. You may choose to smudge with a sage wand, though if you have a sensitive smoke detector this process may prove annoying. You can also bubble up a witch's protective potion on the stove or in a slow cooker. A large pot can serve as the modern witch's version of a cauldron. Boiling some sage in a large pot on the stove will also effectively purify and cleanse your space.

Next, cleanse yourself of all negative influences by taking a ritual bath. Many of us have negative influences attached to us that we want to remove before we begin a ritual. For your bath, select purifying herbs, prosperity herbs, or a combination of the two, and place them in a sachet or cheesecloth as you run the hot water. You can also make bath salts with an appropriate essential oil for your ritual bath if you prefer. As you empty the water after your soak, you should imagine all negative influences leaving your body and going down the drain.

Before you work your magic, you may also wish to conduct the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. This is a common ritual that clears away negative influences, and it is often a good idea to use it before and after you conduct any magical work.

Having a strong motivator can empower your magic. For example, focusing on a terrific vacation can give you the passion to go out and make magic happen!
Having a strong motivator can empower your magic. For example, focusing on a terrific vacation can give you the passion to go out and make magic happen! | Source

How to Select the Time to Work Your Magic

Many witches are night owls. Our lives are lit by the light of a candle or the Moon. Various astrological considerations can be employed to get yourself into a better financial position. Consulting an ephemeris or calendar may inspire you as to when you want to work your magic.

When we are thinking about magic from a holistic perspective, we recognize that improving our finances may mean improving aspects of ourselves that seemingly have nothing to do with money. This means that we don't need to always stick with the conventional lunar phase for financial growth. For example, if you have low energy or lack self-confidence, you might be better off tapping into the energies of bold and aggressive Mars. Meanwhile, the planet Mercury is related to commerce and trade, so you may wish to take note of Mercury's location when you do your ritual. Or, you may choose to wait until the Moon is in the sign of Virgo. Taurus is also a sign related to money.

Many people choose to work their money magic on a Friday because it is the day of the week governed by the planet Venus. Venus is thought to be the planet which rules over money, but this is not something that every single astrologer out there agrees with. Jupiter is also used frequently in magic because it is a planet of expansion; if you want your wealth to grow, it is a good planet to work with.

Pick the planetary energy you wish to work with and then select correspondences for that energy when you construct your spell!

Dressing a Prosperity Candle

Many of us associate the color green with money. Therefore, it is an appropriate color to use when you are hoping to change your financial luck, but gold is also a good choice as well.

  1. Carve your candle with the appropriate sigils. These could be dollar signs, the Fehu rune, or any other symbol you associate with wealth. You may wish to create your own sigil. Some people meditate and use whatever image comes to them when they are in alpha state.
  2. Dress your candle with an oil that is good for financial luck.
  3. As you dress your candle, you should visualize yourself receiving money or earning it in an enjoyable way. When we are working money magic, we need to become positive about money coming into our life. Worry and anxiety can offset positive change. The happier the images you create in your mind regarding money, the easier it will be to manifest your goals!

A large pillar candle used during the ritual can be relit prior to any opportunity for financial growth like a job interview or writing up a resume.
A large pillar candle used during the ritual can be relit prior to any opportunity for financial growth like a job interview or writing up a resume. | Source

Petition a Deity

Sometimes we may work with a deity and request their assistance in our magical work—it can certainly be great to get outside forces involved in our goals. Who doesn't need a little help now and then? There are various gods, goddesses, angels, saints, and other figures that we may wish to enlist. It is always a good idea to leave a libation for the deity—think of it as having proper manners!

Do your homework before working with a deity. Figure out libations that are appropriate for whoever you enlist. Some deities might prefer wine, while others like honey, and others may choose a gemstone over a drink. Meanwhile, fame-loving figures like St. Jude may prefer you publish something letting the world know of the success you found through his guidance. Figure out your deity's preferences before you get started. This will hopefully prevent you from angering a god by forgetting a libation or offering an inappropriate one. Additionally, taking the time to research a deity will help you choose a god who resonates with you.

Experienced witches often have patron deities. Do not choose a random god; rather, choose a deity who has sympathy for who you are, or one who has something in common with you. Use your intuition and pick one that makes sense!

After selecting your deity, you might want to write a prayer or an invocation to them. Invoking them is practical if you wish to become more like them. Gods frequently have qualities we want in ourselves.

Deities of Wealth

Archangel Raziel
Archangel Ariel
Archangel Chamuel

Sacrifice to Attain Your End

When we talk about sacrifice in magic, it is rarely a blood sacrifice. Only a few paths like Santeria use anything of that nature. The word "sacrifice" has a negative connotation in witchcraft to some. Often we need to give something in order to receive. In the prosperity jar I discuss below, you sacrifice money in hopes of larger financial gain. Once you are finished with the jar, you empty its contents out somewhere. This is a sacrifice of coins. I sometimes leave the contents out on the sidewalk or a playground when I am done.

A libation is another form of sacrifice. You may also leave a plate of food to a god or goddess as a giving. You could also volunteer time or money to a charitable cause as part of your magic. Making a charitable donation with the money you receive from a successful magic working is a great way of showing gratitude. The reality is that the universe is a place of reciprocation. We need to give in order to receive. It creates positive energy and makes us better people!

Creating a prosperity jar.
Creating a prosperity jar. | Source

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Creating a Prosperity Jar

This is a fun and simple process that only requires a jar, some coins, and prosperity herbs! Select herbs from the list above or go through your kitchen to find any wealth-related herbs. It is amazing how many great money herbs we have in our cupboards. This can save us a great deal of expense if we use what is on hand. Prosperity jars are a great way to raise energy. Keep your jar and shake it each time you need money mojo—it makes a great rattle. Creating a money chant to use whenever you shake your jar is a good way to add your own energy and personal touch.

Steps to Make Your Prosperity Jar

  1. Light up your prosperity candle and put the money in your hands.
  2. Spend some time shifting the coins from hand to hand.
  3. Visualize more money entering your life. Do this while gazing at the flame of the candle you have just lit. Imagine money coming into your hands. Imagine it coming to you in positive ways. Money earned from a job we love is better than trudging through a demanding work schedule.

Sacrifice as much loose change as you can manage. This is a magical working I did on an annual basis. You may want to consult your astrological chart and pick a time when there is a full moon in your second house of finances, or you could just work your magic on a Taurus full moon.

Inhaling the scent of herbs can be inspiring. Smell produces a change in our consciousness. Our mind can be turned over to our financial dreams just by an intoxicating scent which you use to make a conscious link. Prosperity jars are so much fun. We can use them again and again!

Recommended Prosperity Herbs

  • Frankincense
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Pine
  • Peppermint

These herbs have no shortage of uses. Use them in your ritual bath, burn an incense, or pop them in your prosperity jar!

Be Practical and Never Rely on Magic Alone

There are so many great ways to create wealth in our lives. Hopefully this article has inspired you. Remember that magic is not the only thing you should be doing if you have financial problems. Sometimes we need to confront our situation pragmatically and get expert advice. Never rely on magic to pay your bills and always be cautious. Don't make the mistake of being unrealistic. For example, there is not a high rate of success using magic to win at gambling or the lottery. Magic takes the path of least resistance. When you are using magic, always follow through with effective actions to improve your situation.


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