5 Money Spells to Attract Wealth

Updated on June 29, 2017
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John Hollywood writes about pop culture topics with a psychological twist. Most articles are practical in nature with a "How To" approach.

Money Spells and Wealth

Hunting for money spells that work? Are you unhappy with your current financial situation and in desperate need of cash?

There's nothing worse than working hard at a job and watching your entire paycheck get devoured by bills. Let's face it, after a while it can become depressing.

But did you know that by calling upon the right kind of energy from your environment, you can creative positive financial change? It's true.

Good things don’t happen in life randomly. Instead, we attract them through our thoughts and intentions.

Depending upon your mindset, one of those good things can be money. Based on ancient Wiccan lore, you can draw wealth to yourself by casting specific spells.

What Is Wicca?

Wicca is a Pagan religion that is widely practiced today. Although Pagan religions pre-date Christianity, the modern Wicca known today was introduced to the public in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner, a retired British servant.

Since then, Wiccan spiritualism has become popular and is rapidly gaining strength and acceptance.

Wicca is primarily focused on the love for nature and the various elements such as the earth, sun, water and so on. This is not to be equated with the worship of nature (as commonly misunderstood) but rather the celebration of nature which includes many nature-oriented rituals.

Followers of Wicca are known as “witches”. The male witches are referred to as “Wicca” and the female witches as “Wicce”.

Ancient book of magic
Ancient book of magic | Source

What Are Wiccan Spells?

Wiccan spells are essentially a set of rituals or prayers that ask the divine for help in various aspects of life. All spells must adhere to the Wiccan Rede, which is the Wiccan code of conduct, with the principle rule being “As it harm none, do as thou wilt”.

This basically means that one is free to practice any ritual as long as it does not harm anyone (including himself/herself) or any element of nature.

Witches may practice in a group (called a coven), or they may practice alone. All witches write down their spells in a diary called the “Book of Shadows”, which they may choose to pass down to other witches.

In this article, we will be looking at some money spells that will attract wealth into your life and give you financial freedom.

We attract money through our thoughts and intentions.

What You Need to Cast Each Spell

Money, Money Spell
Money Doubling Spell
Full Moon Money Spell
Money Knot Spell
Green Candle Spell
Green candle
Money of any bill
Full moon
Green thread
Green candle
White candle
White envelope
Calderon of water
Knot skills
Six coins
Open mind
Silver coin
Open mind
Green cloth
Quiet space
Safe place
Open mind
Quiet space
Open mind
Quiet space
Safe place
Safe space
Setting up the alter is critical
Setting up the alter is critical | Source

Setting up the Scene

Before you start casting spells, you need to make sure you have the right surroundings. Most spells are performed at an altar, which is often the center of Wiccan rites. The altar serves as a workspace for your spells and it is easy to make.

To construct your altar, you will need a small table (that you won’t be using for anything else) or the surface of a table or cabinet that is used for other purposes (such as the top of your dresser).

You may make your altar “portable” so that you can bring it out when you’re casting spells and put it away when you’re not using it.

To set up the altar, cover the surface with a cloth of your liking and begin by placing items that ignite your faith. Most altars hold symbols of the four classical elements which are lined with the four principal directions.

In the north aspect of your altar, place a bowl of soil or sand to represent earth, an incense stick in the east representing air, a candle or piece of charcoal in the south for fire and a bowl of water in the west.

You can also use goddess candles, or other idols that are a part of your tradition, and set them on the altar as you see fit. You can also place the tools used in your spells on the altar.

The purpose of the altar is to create an atmosphere that mentally prepares you for your spells. The more focus you hold while casting your spell, the stronger your spell and its benefits. It is important that your altar feels personal and is a reflection of your beliefs.

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The Spells

Now that you’ve created the perfect setting for your spells, it’s time to cast them. Here are five spells that are powerful, easy to perform, and don’t take up a lot of your time.

You can double money with a spell
You can double money with a spell | Source

1. The Money Spell

This is a basic candle spell. This may be done at any time of the day but preferably at the same time on each day. You will need:

  • A Green Candle (Unburnt)
  • A White Candle (Unburnt)
  • Oil (of your preference)

In this spell, the green candle represents the money/wealth that you hope to acquire and the white candle represents you.

The first step is to anoint the candles with the oil (known as “charging” the candle) and as you do this, focus on your purpose and visualize the wealth you are to receive.

Place the candles on your altar, 9 inches apart from each other. Light the candles and chant these words:

“Money, money come to me,
In abundance three times three,
May I be enriched in the best of ways,
Harming none on its way,
This I accept, so mote it be,
Bring me money three times three.”

After the chanting, extinguish the flame. Follow this spell for a total of 9 days, each day moving the white candle one inch closer to the green candle. It is important to visualize the wealth you desire with each step of the spell.

On the ninth day, when the candles touch, your spell is finished. You may leave the flame on the candles on the last day, until the candles naturally burn out.

2. Money Doubling Spell

This is a simple spell to double any denomination of paper money. First, choose a fresh note of paper money in a denomination of your choice (the larger the denomination, the higher the reward).

You may use more than one note if you wish. Place these bills in a new white envelope, and seal the envelope. Fold the envelope in half (folding towards you) and chant:

“Powers that be, to me shall bring,
The means to double this sum.
Hear me, you spirits which sing,
Quickly, and gently come.”

Do this once every day for seven days. As you chant, hold the envelope up in front of you and envision the envelope getting heavier. Keep the envelope in your bedroom when you are not casting the spell.

After you’ve received the money, open the envelope and spend or deposit the money in the envelope.

Use a new set of bills and envelope to cast the spell again.

Spells cast on a full moon are powerful
Spells cast on a full moon are powerful | Source

3. The Full Moon Money Spell

Most spells are boosted by the power of the full moon, but certain rituals are specifically designed to be performed during a full moon for maximum effectiveness. You can harness the lunar power with this powerful money spell.

On a full moon night, fill a cauldron with water until it is half-full. Place a silver coin in the cauldron. Place the cauldron in a position that will let the moonlight shine over the water in the cauldron. Chant the words:

“Lovely Lady of the Moon,

Bring to me your wealth quite soon,

Fill my hands with silver and gold,

All you can, my purse can hold.”

Repeat the chant three times. Once you are finished, pour the water on the earth and keep the silver coin close to you (in your pocket or purse).

Using magic to create money is possible
Using magic to create money is possible | Source

4. The Money Knot Spell

This is another simple, yet potent spell. You will need a green-colored silk thread that is 13-inches long.

Take the thread and starting at one end, make nine equally spaced knots. As you make each knot, chant:

“By knot of one, my spell’s begun,

By knot of two plenty fruitful work to do,

By knot of three, money comes to me,

By knot of four, opportunity knocks at my door,

By knot of five, my business thrives,

By knot of six, this spell is fixed,

By knot of seven, success is given,

By knot of eight, increase is great,

By knot of nine, these things are mine.”

Keep the knotted thread at home, in a place that allows you to see it frequently. It may even be hung or displayed according to your preference.

5. Green Candle Money Spell

This is an all-time favorite candle spell. To cast this spell you will need:

  • One Green candle
  • Six coins (gold, copper or silver)
  • A green cloth or pouch (a gold cloth is also fine)
  • Cinnamon
  • Oil (of your preference)

Prepare your altar. You may meditate for a few minutes before casting the spell to energize yourself mentally. Charge the green candle with the oil. Place the candle on your altar, and place the six coins around the candle in a circle.

As you place the coins, visualize yourself having received the money already and project your gratefulness. Light the candle and repeat this chant three times:

“Money does flow,

Money will grow,

My Money does shine,

This Money is now mine”

Lay out your cloth or pouch, and sprinkle some cinnamon on the cloth or into the pouch. Then place each of the six coins it into the cloth or pouch.

As you pick up the coins, chant these words three times:

“Bring me money three times three”

As I will it, so mote it be”

If you are using a cloth, you can bring the ends together and tie it to form a bag. Carry the pouch with you at all times and visualize yourself receiving the money you desire.


The more you practice these spells, the more effective they become. It is natural to feel out of place with these rituals at first, but don’t be disappointed. With time, these chants and methods will come naturally to you, allowing you to channel the full potential of these spells.

So what are you waiting for? Cast your spell and live in the abundance of wealth you’ve always dreamed of.

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      • profile image

        Selle Finger 

        27 hours ago

        Good moring,I really need money badly to end my poverty.Thank you.

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        Momma duff 

        28 hours ago

        Your highness

        I need money ..bad i have ourselves and family members too .please help me thank you ever ever so much im grateful .

      • profile image

        Chris L 

        4 days ago

        Iam really in the need of cash i wish it could work, thanks a lot!

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        5 days ago

        Thank you for your help and support for your spell

      • profile image

        amegashie derrick 

        2 weeks ago

        I want to be rich

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        Emmanuel Tambà George 

        3 weeks ago

        I want to be wealthy. I am interested in casting a money spell.

      • profile image


        3 weeks ago

        Straight to the point I live by pay check it’s not a good feeling . Especially when there’s kids and money is short . All I need is to always have money my own home to be able to get those little things that matters . Pay off a lot of accumulate bills ( debts ) and to have always couple of hundred left over to save for super hard times like now .

      • profile image


        4 weeks ago

        i need help imidiatly i dont have money and that hinder me from living a better life.

      • profile image


        6 weeks ago

        Please i need help like now i need a finicial break through like today please help me.. I dont understand these chants but im still doing it

      • profile image

        otim patrick 

        2 months ago

        pls can u help me all what u want me to do 4u. Am lucking money pls work on it by tomorow.

      • profile image

        Tanguo David 

        2 months ago

        please am David and I want money to pay my debt and to rich but I don't understand some of your words,so I would like you to make the money spell by yourself for me please.

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        Africa borwa

        Do you something else to share please...

      • profile image

        Memunat Mohammed 

        2 months ago

        pls I need money to pay up my debts

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        Otim patrick 

        2 months ago

        Please ineed your help to provide me with money iwant to be enriched in our vilage

      • profile image

        otim patrick 

        2 months ago

        iwant to know were you are to make it posible for me.

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        Hello,I"m very Interested in learning how to get worth thru these Spells. I'm a Tarot Reader,12 Year's now an I know things that others Don't. I was Wondering what kind of gift I have? I have pictures of Orbits flying around my room and I see Spirits all the time. My heart is Gold,I'm a giver but never receive anything back. Can you tell me what Gift I have?

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        I need help during this

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        I practice hoodoo, and when I've been in desperate need, I prayed to St. Expedite for help in getting money. He is a very understanding saint who works with everyone. A sincere prayer is all you need, but a red candle and glass of water is nice, too. Once he answers, definitely provide a nice flower and pound cake. Also, give a bit to the poor and let them know how he helped. Just thought to share. I used to think saints weren't real, but St. Expedite proved to me that wasn't the case! I'm definitely grateful. Look him up online if you want to see what I'm talking about :)

      • profile image

        T.Dr Okholo Williams 

        3 months ago

        I cherish traditional practices / treatment and others. I still love ❤ to have more insight on it.

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        I was doing the spell and the candle fell down to the floor, its flame extinguished. Creeped me out since I did it at midnight. Hope it works though.

      • misterhollywood profile imageAUTHOR

        John Hollywood 

        4 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        Thank you!

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        I have been practicing witchcraft for a very long time and I find all of these spells very helpful. I have come across over $300 in the last few days just at random. I would highly recommend any of these.

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Hello ❤ firstly I feel I was meant to come across this article... I am very lost. But I'm not if that makes sense. I've always classed myself as an atheist, but my connection to animals, the water/ocean and the land is so strong. I feel incomplete and disconnected... almost like I need to find my path. Animals and nature are my life, I find so much happiness and love in my animals, and all the world's creatures. I feel very spiritual, I'm 38 and I feel I need to root down like something is missing and I'm ready to find it. Could you please point me in the direction I may need to go to find some answers? Many thanks for your time... I love the spells

      • profile image

        Africa borwa 

        4 months ago

        The truth is these spells works but he did not release all the inform to the core root that is the side effect of this spells

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Thank you I'm doing the 9 inch 3x3 spell and just did the full moon spell. We are desperately in need of help. my husband, 3 year old son and i are living with my parents for almost 4 years. we're in need to have our own life and live as adults. We get no help from the state they kept telling us we make to much to get help this is not true with how much rent is we really couldn't. My job pays for gas in the car and some a small bills. My husband may get a new higher paying job please I hope these spells help us get that job that's all we need is just to be ok and leaves us room to laugh again and play. I miss my husband and how we use to be. I don't want us to worrie anymore.

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        I Really enjoyed this i still do not find some of these herbs ...

      • profile image

        Fredrick Nkansah 

        5 months ago

        I want to make money to the highest level

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        Paaya Geofrey 

        5 months ago

        I Thank This Lesson But Ineed Money

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        With Belief and Strategy, it works

      • Jayne Lancer profile image

        Jayne Lancer 

        6 months ago from West London, UK

        A very interesting article.

        But I did wonder about Gerald Gardner, who I automatically understood to be a domestic servant from you description. It turns out, however, that he was a Customs Officer at some point, which is a Civil (British) or Public (US) Servant.

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        Bring me money 3xs 3.. That one worked for me. I brought in some cash. I believe in this & I hope to continue these to bring more.

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        does it really work

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        Is it safe,and not harmful

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        Thanks for the article.

        I have heard people getting rich through witchcraft but I didn't know how.

        I would like to cast these spells too because I need money.

        - Danny

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        Is it possible to cast a spell to bring wealth to a loved one?

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        Well-done....John, may ur days belong. I'll action nd revert accordingly. Blessed be!!

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        Greetings sir, does this money spells works perfectly?

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        I'd like to see the difference in my life

      • Ruhi Wadkar profile image

        Ruhi Wadkar 

        8 months ago from India, Maharashtra, Mumbai.

        THANK YOU for sharing this article......

        I loved the spell.....

        I really want YOU to teach me this this spell.....John....

      • profile image

        Does it work? 

        9 months ago

        Just saying does this actually work. I believe in magic, but erm, many of the spells I find are faked. So, does this one work? Like this is legit right. Not like the past fake ones?

      • profile image

        Ahamad Sara Bah 

        10 months ago

        Thanks very much for revealing the secret of money casting spells.

        I just want to know if someone can cast the spells for you.

        And Can you take that money to the bank to deposit it in your account?

        Thanks very much once again

        Ahamad Bah

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        I want your help for money i need it tomorrow please

      • profile image

        Markus daniel 

        10 months ago

        i really want u 2 teach me

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        Amazing! My candle moved on top of one of the coins!

      • misterhollywood profile imageAUTHOR

        John Hollywood 

        14 months ago from Hollywood, CA

        Thanks, Flourish and glad you liked!

      • Larry Rankin profile image

        Larry Rankin 

        14 months ago from Oklahoma

        Interesting look into the upside of the accult:-)

      • Phyllis Doyle profile image

        Phyllis Doyle Burns 

        14 months ago from High desert of Nevada.

        Hi John. This is a delightful article. Your explanation of the Wicca faith is great with good detail. I love the spells - thank you for sharing them. Very well written article.

      • FlourishAnyway profile image


        14 months ago from USA

        Very interesting. I've heard of these but not read actual spells or known about how they are conducted.


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