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5 Witchy Things for Your House

Julia has been practising witchcraft for three years. She loves helping beginner witches develop their practises and rituals.

These witchy things will make your house a better place.

These witchy things will make your house a better place.

Every witch needs a comfortable home to come to every day, a place to feel safe, relaxed, and enveloped by positive energy. There are a few easy practises that any beginner witch can introduce into their house to make it a pure and balanced environment—perfect for magick!

Witchy Things for Your House

  1. Practice smudging.
  2. Have a space for meditation, prayer, and energy practise.
  3. Promote different emotions in each room.
  4. Have plants around your house.
  5. Crystals will ground you.
Read on for five witchy things to introduce to your home!

Read on for five witchy things to introduce to your home!

1. Smudging

Ideal for cleansing and protection, smudging is a practise of burning purifying herbs inside of your house. Most commonly used are bundles of dry sage or sticks of Palo Santo, which can be easily bought online or in your local esoteric store. After lighting the herbs, allow the smoke to drift into each room you wish to cleanse. Speaking a mantra during the process can also get you more involved in the act and make the cleanse more powerful.

Remember: a key point in successful witchcraft is ridding your house of negative energy. I love to light a bundle of sage in my bedroom before sleep and during the day before meditation to create a serene space around me.

2. A Space for Meditation, Prayer, and Energy Practise

Many witches meditate, pray, and/or do energy exercises. It's always useful to have a comfortable piece of space in your home designed for that very purpose. Bring soft cushions and blankets to your spot—make it as cosy and comfortable as you can. Before each practise, burn incense or light a scented candle that corresponds to safety and balance (e.g., lavender, sea salt, sage, pine).

One of the best candles I've ever used during my sessions was a sea salt and sage mix that brought about a peaceful state of mind. Another great idea is having a music mix prepared to play in your meditative spot. Create a playlist on Youtube or download and app that offers a range of nature sounds. It will allow you to drown out the traffic noise from the outside and transport you into a forest or a seaside, which in turn will make your session more focused.

Example of a Great Mix for Meditation

3. Promote Different Emotions in Each Room

Flowers and herbs correspond to many different emotions and energies. Having a bundle of dry roses can promote healing and love. Lavender can create a sense of calm and serenity, as well as stimulate good sleep. A few sticks of vanilla bring sensuality, and Lily of the Valley can heighten your inner peace.

Make a pouch or a bowl of herbs/flowers in each room, choosing your own ingredients that will promote your chosen emotions and energies. Leather pouches are the best for that and they can be easily found online, but if you like DIY decorating, a clear bowl with dry flowers is the way to go.

If you have a home office, clove buds and lemongrass are a great choice as they improve concentration and remove mental confusion when it's time to sit down and work. If you're an artist, consider getting dry myrrh or a myrrh-scented candle for your work area as it improves creativity. In my bedroom, there is a corked bottle filled with dry roses and lavender, which induce the feelings of love and serenity, respectively. There are many fantastic options and mixes to go for that can be specific to every room in your home.

A key point in successful witchcraft is ridding your house of negative energy!

4. Have Plants Around Your House

Plants are living things that carry their own spirits, and they can be a fantastic addition to every home. They create oxygen, filter out air pollutants and bring us close to nature. Watching them grow can also be a highly rewarding experience for every witch.

What's even more amazing is that every plant comes with meaning and symbolism. That's why knowing what some plants and flowers correspond to can make it much easier to decide what to put in each room of your home. If you're a witch specifically interested in plants and herbs, it's also a great idea to create a section in your Book of Shadows solely designed for this knowledge.

Many witches I know (myself included) think that having a small herb garden could be a perfect addition to a home. Even a small bunch of flower pots on your windowsill will do, especially when you live in the heart of a big city. My personal garden has lavender, mint, basil, pansies and coriander, and they all sit in a line on my balcony. Consider buying a plant that carries a lot of meaning for you. My living room, where I spend most of my day, has a big fern plant, and the reason I bought it was because in my culture it is believed that ferns bring wealth and good fortune. In the pre-Christian times, it was even believed that ferns only bloom one night in a year!

Every plant has its own meaning!

Every plant has its own meaning!

Examples of Plants and Their Meanings

Plant/Flower/HerbMeaningSome Facts


Knowledge, fortune, good luck

Pre-Christian Slavs believed that finding a fern would bring them good fortune


Nurture, Protection

Eucalyptus oil has many medicinal properties



Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and it hardens with age


Love, healing

Rose petals can be used in many spells to promote love. They are also used to create rose oil or rose water

Crystals are used in spells and meditation. They also bring positive energies into homes and their owners.

Crystals are used in spells and meditation. They also bring positive energies into homes and their owners.

5. Crystals Will Ground You

Every witch should own a few crystals in their home, and the main reason behind this is that crystals have grounding properties. A witch's house is where a witch should feel safe, strong, focused, and centered.

Many beginner witches don't know that crystals aren't only useful in spells and meditation—they bring positive energies into homes and their owners. A rose quartz represents healing and love, so it could be a great idea to have one in the bedroom. Selenite is amazing for spiritual work and for dispelling negative energy, so it's a good fit for a living room as well as your special meditation spot. Amethysts can help you remember dreams. The choices are close to endless.

And possibly the greatest thing about crystals—many are quite cheap, so even a newbie witch can find a great selection at affordable prices! If you're only starting your adventure with crystals, I recommend getting a selenite, a rose quartz and a moonstone, which are the basic set and regarded as most useful in witchcraft.

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Tasi on February 15, 2019:

Only native american people csn smudge. Its a sacred tradition. You would just be burning sage

Naomi from St. Marys on September 27, 2018:

I love my rose petals, plants and crystals! thinking about switching my meditation room so i can be closer to my plants!

Julia Skowronska (author) from London on April 25, 2018:

Thank you!

Daria on April 25, 2018:

Great article and practical advice, love it!