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Witchcraft and the Universal Laws

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Born in deepest Cornwall, now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of eclectic witchcraft for years and years.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Depending upon the source, there are seven, twelve, or even eighteen Laws of the Universe. These universal laws are supposed to govern all of life and human experience. Most are based upon the flow of what we loosely describe as ‘energy’. And it’s what we witches rely on to do our stuff. We have learned to work with the universal laws, whether we realize it or not, and everything we do is about going with that flow instead of fighting it. For the purposes of this article, I’ll stick with twelve laws. They are all intermingled anyway.

The 12 Laws of the Universe

What exactly are these Universal Laws and why do we need to know about them?

There's a bit of a revival happening with the universal laws. Mostly centered around Hermeticism. A man called Hermes Trismegistus, who may or may not have existed, proposed that the universe operates on seven principles which are all dependent and balanced with each other. In 1908, three metaphysicists, calling themselves 'The Three Initiates,' got together and published 'The Kybalion', which defined and expanded on the seven Hermetic principles. Since then, others have considered the seven principles, expanded them and split them up.

As a witch, you don't need to know them all off by heart, but it will help you a great deal if you know what's happening when you cast spells, when you work with cycles and correspondences. The more you know and understand (even if we can't know all there is to know), the better you will be able to work your magick. You'll also be able to identify when a person is trying to push against the flow of the laws.

It's also important to understand that, as time progresses, humans will learn more about how the metaphysical universe works. And science will continue to make old accepted facts obsolete. After all, quantum physics has already put the proverbial fox among the hens for the old 'Newtonians'.

So here are the most common metaphysical Laws of the Universe.

  • Law of Divine Oneness (sometimes called One Mind)
  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Correspondence
  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Inspired Action
  • Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
  • Law of Cause and Effect
  • Law of Compensation
  • Law of Relativity
  • Law of Polarity
  • Law of Rhythm
  • Law of Gender

The Universal Laws and Witchcraft

I expect you can see, just by reading the list above that some, if not all, slot right into your own witchcraft tradition or way of working. You have probably heard of quite a few of them already. The great thing is that by becoming aware of the laws, you can enhance what you do to ensure great results every time. And really, they aren’t that complicated to understand. Let’s go through them one by one. I’ll try to include concrete examples to illustrate how they work in the real world.

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

This is the big one. If you don’t read any farther, just read this section. The Universe is made of particles. There aren’t any spaces between them. Not really. They vibrate, bash together, create Mexican waves, have parties, and sometimes even arguments (for example, when two magnets repel each other).

You are made of particles and that distant star is also made of particles. While your influence may not extend as far as that distant star, it certainly affects those in your immediate vicinity. This means there is no separation, none whatsoever. We are all connected in some way, with other people, the ground we walk on, the air we breathe… everything.

There’s a branch of metaphysics that promotes the idea that 'you are you and I am me' is a bit of an illusion. We are not separate; we are all one mind. 'Reality' is a kind of matrix that we’ve all agreed to in order to maintain some sort of sanity, or belief in this current reality. It’s all a construct. I can’t go into it in too much detail as we’ll all be tied up in knots. There are plenty of resources available should you wish to delve deeper.

All you have to know is that we are all part of the whole. That anything we do, can cause ripples elsewhere. So when you are working spells, you are creating those ripples in reality. You are causing change to happen. More on that as we go along.

2. Law of Vibration

As Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” Everything that is made of particles and molecules is in constant motion. The universe is buzzing with this underlying energy. And everything has its own particular frequency. So when a witch wants to make change happen she will be successful if she changes her own vibration to match what she wants.

Of course, we have no way of knowing, without scientific equipment, what the frequency of any grouping of molecules is, so we have to guess. The best guide we have is that fast moving energy is likely to align with positivity, and slower moving energy is more negative. That’s not to label them good or bad either. However, if you wanted to cause harm, then that would definitely be on the lower range… and not recommended at all. If you wanted to attract love, then that energy is pure and vibrates very high and fast. So want a new lover? Get happy.

3. Law of Correspondence

The simplest way to explain the Law of Correspondence is to point out how it is expressed in the Lord’s Prayer… “on Earth, as it is in heaven.” In other words, “as above, so below.” Patterns formed on a massive scale are reproduced on the micro level. Think of a spiral galaxy and then think of the spiral on a snail’s shell. Another example might be the thoughts you think reproduced as health, or lack of it, in the body. Some healing modalities, such as reflexology are wholly based on the Law of Correspondence with a map of the body being reflected in the hands and feet. Or Reiki, where a teddy bear can take the place of a patient in distant healing.

Witches love correspondences. For example, the color green is associated with growth and increase, and therefore with money. When working a healing spell or a restraining charm, a witch might use a poppet (doll) to represent the target of the spell, just like a Reiki practitioner. So the easiest way to understand this universal law is to know that things can represent or augment other things.

4. Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is fundamental to witchcraft. Magick happens here. Like attracts like; every witch knows it is so. As I’ve mentioned, the whole universe is built on and of vibrating particles. Add Law of Attraction in to that pulsating soup of creation and you’ve got yourself a spell. One that works too. I’ve written a whole other article devoted to witchcraft and the Law of Attraction.

5. Law of Inspired Action

The Law of Inspired Action is really part of the Law of Attraction. In the spirit of like attracts like, if you work a spell for a particular desire and then take a little step toward your desire, you are performing inspired action.

So let’s say you’ve worked a weight loss spell. Now should you feel energetic enough the next day to go out for a brisk walk, that’s inspired action. You are now working in harmony with your desire. So you and your best friend, the power of the universe, are in tune with your goal. While the spell works on the metaphysics of the situation (Law of Attraction), perhaps bringing you in contact with other people in the same situation, or guiding you to eating certain foods, you can take on a little of the work yourself by your brisk daily walking. Weight loss is inevitable.

Remember, after you’ve cast a spell, ask yourself what practical step can you take to bring your desire to you faster.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This law explains that all is in a constant state of flux and change. Even if you can’t see it. Even if it is continually changing into its current form. Even rocks are changing: moving, weathering in infinitesimal ways.

For example, if your life is not changing; if you are not progressing; if love is not appearing for you, maybe it’s because you are doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts and bumbling around in the same old routine. So, yes things are changing daily, but they are changing into the same old same old with little variation.

When we use witchcraft magick, we cause a small jolt in the vibration of the universe. This means that the energy within and around us is transformed momentarily and usually this is enough to effect the change we want.

7. Law of Cause and Effect

Witches are very familiar with this one; the Law of Cause and Effect tells us that for every action there is some kind of reaction, result, change, or bounce-back. That’s why we have to be very careful when working spells or charms. Instant, and not-so-instant, karma is always a distinct possibility. That’s why any sensible witch makes sure she is working for good, not ill. None of us want to experience negative stuff or come to a bad end. Think of all the possible consequences. The question, “what could possibly go wrong?” should be the first one.

If you think of the Law of Oneness, it becomes obvious that everything you do, say and think will ripple out. Of course this doesn’t mean you should stop taking action or living a full and active life--far from it. However, engaging brain beforehand is always a good idea. Becoming more mindful of how we impress our wishes, desires and emotions on the ‘energy field’ can never be a bad idea.

8. Law of Compensation

This universal law is intertwined with the previous one. You get what you give. We all know this one: you reap what you sow, and all that. Smile and you’ll get smiles in return. Be a miserable moo and you’ll only attract other miserable moos. Perform good deeds and good things will come to you. Act in an evil way and evil will land on your own shoulders.

Learn to use the Law of Compensation to create a good, healthy and prosperous life. You won’t meet a poor witch. If you do, then know they are not using the universal laws in the correct way.

9. Law of Relativity

Not to be confused with Einstein’s theory, yet it’s all the same thing really. This law is a slippery beast. In essence, it means that nothing can be judged until it is compared with something else. It’s how we give meaning to every aspect of life. That tree is shorter than the one next to it, but it is taller than a person. This food is good; that one not so nice.

However, problems occur when we continually compare ourselves to others. It’s probably one of the main causes of mental health issues at the present time now that we have unlimited access to social media.

For example, a farmer gets up every morning, has his breakfast, goes outside and witnesses the sunrise. He checks his flock and thanks the universe for all his many rich blessings. Yet, if a city dweller comes to visit and notes the lack of hot water, unsociable hours, and the absence of broadband, he would judge the farmer as poor and possibly stupid for not having ‘higher’ aspirations. That’s why living in a non-judgmental way is almost impossible for most people. We are always comparing. Always measuring our worth against that of others.

As witches, it behoves us to always be aware of making comparisons. Remember that most people are doing the best they can. That what appears to be a perfect life, probably isn’t. Count your blessings and try not to compare. Know that there is always someone worse off and do your damnedest to live with grace and understanding.

10. Law of Polarity

Could easily be called the law of opposites. Or maybe the law of contrast. Without dark, we would not know it was light. Contrast is everything and can you see how it is connected to the Law of Relativity? Freedom vs slavery; hungry vs sated. It’s how we, as humans, develop our preferences. And preferences give rise to desires.

Bear in mind that the Law of Polarity is not about different things. The two opposites are always the same thing; on the same scale or stick, if you like? So you can pick up the stick and look at the end you don’t like, or you can switch your attention to the end you do like. For example the opposite of love is fear. You can’t be feeling fearful and feel full of life-enhancing love at the same time. Not possible. You can’t be thinking of having no money and feeling abundantly wealthy. Therefore, you cannot be contemplating both ends of the stick concurrently.

Even though it isn’t possible to fill your body, spirit, and mind with positive, uplifting, easy manifesting feelings and worry about how you will pay your bills at the same time, it is possible to ‘flip-flop’. So one day you might be ready to receive all that good stuff, but the next day, a small negative event might cause you to flip-flop in the other (wrong) direction. The trick is to be able to shrug off the contrast and maintain an overall positive outlook.

We might also call it ‘self-limiting belief’. And if you have deep-seated limiting beliefs, then your spells aren’t going to go well for you. If your desire for wealth is being over-ridden by your belief you don’t deserve it, then your abundance spell is not going help you toward a happy manifestation. Even if you won the lottery, if you have self-limiting beliefs you won’t enjoy your riches. The Law of Polarity, won’t let you.

11. Law of Rhythm

This one is strongly related to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. The difference is that this universal law is that favorite of witches: cycles. Everything in the universe is governed by cycles. From our tides, to the birth and death of stars. From financial trends to politics. All are subject to the ebb and flow of the Law of Rhythm.

Witches love this universal law and work with it in the celebration of Sabbats and Esbats. We check the moon’s position in her cycle before planting seed. We use the days of the week to give extra oomph to our spell-casting. Learn all you can about the natural cycles and work your magick accordingly.

12. Law of Gender

The Law of Gender is not about sexual orientation, but about the divine masculine and feminine principles in everything. The universe could not operate without this balance. Think: heaven and earth, sun and moon, man and woman, giving and receiving, ego and subconscious, physical and spiritual, logic and intuition, God and Goddess. There is no superior principle, neither is better than the other. Both must be in balance, working in harmony.

Laws of the Universe Overview

See what I mean about them all being intermingled? It’s almost impossible to separate them from each other and you can have a lot of fun trying to see where each one fits in real life. See if you can determine your own take on them. There really is only one universal law — The Law of Divine Oneness — all the others spring forth from it.

As you grow and develop your witchcraft practice, it makes sense to understand these laws and heed them when working magick. Are you going with the flow of Divine Oneness or fighting the current?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Can any of the Laws of Witches be incorporated with other Laws like that of Martial Arts?

Answer: The Universal Laws are exactly that - universal. So they apply to everything.

Question: Are these the official laws of witchcraft? Does the type of witch you are affect these laws?

Answer: There's no 'official' in the Universe. These laws are natural ones that we can utilize. Going with them is a lot better than going against them. No, it makes no difference what kind of witch you are - they are universal.

© 2018 Bev G


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 11, 2018:

That's right, EMSS. I suppose it makes sense that they are all part of the whole. The more you read and practice, the more you will understand. Having said that, there's not a witch on the planet who completely understands all the nuances of universal laws.

EMSS on September 11, 2018:

Hi Bev G

I found this article helpful on how the laws are related together and not separate from each other. Each witchcraft law of the universal all have a lot in common. When I would be reading on the subject I would notice how similar they all are. It is hard to know every law heart, but I notice I know some of laws, and understand them and have seen how the other laws have a lot in common.

ValKaras on August 13, 2018:

Bev---Totally agree. One thing I see as a huge catalyst in the process of this overly slow consciousness evolution---is this internet, connecting people, waking them up, making them question the paradigm.

So much is going on that doesn't meet the eye of even those that keep them wide open. And it's for the individuals like yourself that are turning that wheel of the change, while stimulating people's interest in things that are out of the world of the obvious.---Val

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 13, 2018:

Oh indeed, Val. Not for one moment do I think we are all one clump of quantum minestrone soup. However, we emerge from 'the whole' and we return to it when we're done with expressing our individuality and free will.

I think we all have the same ability to affect the quantum field, whether we know it or not. One thing about it all, though is that change seems to come in waves. Think of two people inventing the same thing on opposites sides of the world. It's like sometimes it's the time for that thing to exist. Applies to people and politics too.

I don't know, we can go round and round with this. Maybe we'll finally understand when we pop our clogs :D

Thanks so much.x

ValKaras on August 13, 2018:

Bev---Another fascinating article by a knowledgeable witch. As I went through all universal laws, my attention got somewhat stuck at the Divine Law of Oneness.

Namely, according to my intuitive speculation on that matter, the fact that we are all connected doesn't make us any less unique individuals.

Quantum physicists are talking about a "participatory universe", in which we affect, and are affected whether we like it or not---and I fully agree with that.

However, what I also see in that picture is a lot of personal energy waves that are sent into that universal quantum soup as being neutralized by others---which makes pretty questionable to what extent we are affecting our energetic environment.

Related question would be about how much, if at all, is the quantum field affected by those folks whose mentality is strictly into survival, with no spiritual inclinations. Maybe they affect some short-circuit energy systems, but, like weak radio transmitters/receivers they don't really affect anything and anybody outside of their range.

So, in other words, Bev, that "oneness" gets fragmented into "units of different voltages", so to speak, and we are ending up with a universe that balances itself as a whole, but contains elements not speaking in favor of "oneness" and "connectedness". If we are to include something like a "law of fractals and analogies", then our apparent world is filled with contradictions, antagonisms, and a garden variety of mentalities---which may have its analogy in the unseen world as well.

To use a little humorous metaphor, it's true that all cars get fueled by the same source of energy, but each is going in its own direction---so fuel itself doesn't suggest "oneness".

Well, looks like I am in the mood for yapping a lot this morning, so sorry for this lengthy comment, my friend. Besides, I might have a completely wrong idea about how all this works.---All the best. Val