How to Cast Simple Healing Spells

Updated on March 30, 2020
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I write down-to-earth articles for down-to-earth witchlings.

Healing is a powerful tool in a witch’s armory. Every witch should know how to cast a fast healing spell for any circumstance that requires it. Healing may be needed to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve health
  • Raise mood levels
  • Repair a bad situation

What Can a Healing Spell Do?

A healing spell is one of facilitation. It promotes belief in one’s body to feel less pain or to improve a chronic condition. It can hasten convalescence. A healing spell encourages well-being, positivity, and confidence. It can help someone to feel more at ease in their mind and body. It makes sense that everyone should practice a little healing every day; think of it as preventative medicine or a dose of daily magickal vitamins

However, a healing spell should never be used instead of proper medical advice; it’s a helper, not a substitute for professional treatment. If your problem is minor, then go ahead use a healing spell. If you are seriously worried about an ailment, then you must, must go to a doctor or other medical professional.

There are three simple spell structures that I use regularly:

  • Candle and chanting
  • Written spells
  • Mind spells

I’m going to give you an example of all three. You can use each interchangeably and you can substitute any condition for these. Know that all spells are more powerful if you make them your own, so don’t be afraid of changing them up.

Close your eyes and breathe.
Close your eyes and breathe. | Source

The Fundamental Principles of Any Spell, Charm, or Prayer

The way magick and spells work is by focused intention, unquestioning belief, and the release of the task to the universe. All my spells have four main steps. Some spells have more, but the absolute core of spell casting requires:

  • Visualization: seeing in your mind the desired outcome as though it has already happened.
  • Feel: feeling how you would feel to have this outcome in your life.
  • Knowing: as you perform the ritual you have to know, without any doubt at all, that it is done. It’s already happened.
  • Release: allow your spell, wish, desire, or prayer to float into the universe. Your part is over.

So: see, feel, know, allow. Those are the core steps. As I mentioned, you can add to them, but don’t lose sight of these essential stages.

The Magickal Core Steps Applied to Healing

Taking the above four steps, we can apply them to a healing situation like this:

  • Visualize yourself healed and well. Imagine you getting on with life with no health issues. See yourself in your usual activities whole and without pain or illness. Take the time to make this visualization as detailed as possible.
  • Feel the emotion of being completely healed. Imagine the relief. Go back to your visualization and feel how happy you are. Immerse yourself for a few minutes in the emotions of relief and joy. Expand the emotions so the lovely feelings pour through your body, enveloping you in their strength.
  • Complete the ritual, in whatever form you have chosen. As you do so, feel totally confident that your desire to be healed is already done. Imagine there’s a little fold in time which allows you to experience full health. Know it. Really know it. Say it to yourself, “I know my healing is complete.”
  • When you reach the end of the spell, let it go. It’s done. It’s no longer your job to think about it. Allow the universe to take over the task of making you well.

Read through the above carefully; these stages can form the basis of many spells you work, from love to money to good test results.

Healing candle spell.
Healing candle spell. | Source

How to Cast a Healing Spell: Three Techniques

1. Simple Candle Spell

This easy healing spell only requires an unused candle; white or blue. A tea light would be fine but don’t use a scented candle.

Write down the following chant and have it nearby or memorize it:

I am well; my ills (or pains) have gone
I’m feeling better; it is done.

If you can think of something better and more apt, use that instead. Chants you create yourself are much more powerful than using mine.

Have your unlit candle in front of you. Sit quietly. Drop your shoulders and relax. Breathe steadily and deeply. Imagine that each breath in is pure universal energy, and each breath out is the illness, pain, or other unwanted negativity.

Now run through the first two steps, as detailed above, visualization and emotion. Get right into them. See yourself well. Feel the utter relief of healing. You can let the two run and merge into each other. That’s fine—even better, in fact.

Light your candle and speak or whisper the chant three times. As you do so, know without doubt that your healing has begin. Know it. Breathe deeply again. Really feel that knowing until you get goosebumps or you feel a sort of click in your head. You will know when it is done; it’s as if the tension falls away.

Say, “As I desire, it is done.” Let it go. Release the spell by imagining the energy pouring from you into the universe. Allow the universe to take over. It’s no longer your job.

And that’s it. Get a drink of water and/or a bite to eat to bring yourself back into the present. I like to fold up the written down chant and place it under the candle. Put it in a safe place to burn out. If you have to extinguish it, don’t use it for another spell. You can, however, relight it, with the original healing intention in your mind as you do so.

2. Written Spell

This is very similar to the above, except you are omitting the candle. The stages are the same: see, feel, know, allow.

Before you begin, you need to work on the words you are going to use. So make up a short verse—it doesn’t have to rhyme; I find them more memorable and better to raise the necessary emotion because I don’t have to think about them too much.


This sickness I no longer own
It leaves me now, off you go
I am resilient, my body is strong
My full recovery won’t take long.


Universe, heal my mom
Her horrible sickness is soon gone
Help her recover as soon as can be
She’s healthy already… I can see.


This situation must be healed
Friendship bonds already sealed
Pain and hurt will soon be fixed
Love and kindness now betwixt.

Okay, so they are a bit awkward, but you get the idea. I’m sure you can make up some really good ones that fully reflect your desired outcome. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a while to get the right words. Just play around with it.

Follow the instructions given above for the candle spell. With a little practice, you’ll find you will become adept at diving into visualization and feeling the emotion. If these are hard for you, you will need to work on it. You can visualize any time when you have a few minutes. Emotions are hard to conjure up unless you have that positive visualization to trigger them.

Instead of lighting a candle, you’ll read your written spell three times. If you can, say it aloud. If not, run through it in your head. Know that it is already working. Whisper, “As I desire, it is done.” Then allow the universe to take it. Relax.

Mind magick is a fascinating way of creating change with the power of the mind.
Mind magick is a fascinating way of creating change with the power of the mind. | Source

3. Mind Spell

I think this is the most fascinating method. I am working on a longer article, devoted entirely to working magick with your mind but for now, I’ll just give you this one.

Again, the structure is the same as the first two, so get that four-part step-by-step learned off by heart. In this mind magick healing spell, the only addition is right at the beginning. It’s a very short extra visualization, after which you will run through the other steps in your mind. You won’t be needing a chant.

Sit or stand quietly. You might be at home, at work, having lunch in a peaceful spot, sitting in your car, in the passenger seat while someone else is driving, or be in the middle of a crowd (well, that one may take a bit of practice). When you first start doing this, it will help to close your eyes. Later you’ll be able to do it with your eyes open.

Imagine being surrounded by a large golden hoop. It’s right around you, glowing and pulsating. Now visualize the hoop expanding to form a sphere with you in the center. Within the sphere the air is pure. It is healing. Breathe this healing energy into your lungs. Let it permeate through your body. Feel how good it is to have this energy flowing through you. Know that it’s working. Stay in that moment for as long as you can—it might only be a few seconds or minutes, depending on where you are. Take a mental step back and imagine that you are looking at yourself within the sphere. See that you are perfectly healthy and well. Slide back into your body. Let the golden sphere dissolve as the universe takes over the healing process on your behalf. It’s done.

Place as much emphasis and effort onto each part of the visualization as you can. The more you put into it, the faster you will heal.

Mind magick healing is worth practicing every day for a few minutes, even if you are not unwell. Just put yourself into the healing sphere and visualize yourself into optimum health.


As always, prevention of illness and infection is a sensible precaution. Always wash your hands, be careful when around other people and, at the moment while we are all dealing with this awful Corona virus, Covid-19, follow all the official advice.

Remember that spell casting is a useful adjunct to the healing process but please don’t rely on it as an alternative to professional treatment.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

  • Why is it not advisable to use scented candles when doing healing spells?

    It's best to use plain candles for purity. I recently read that scented candles, which are imbued with artificial, chemical aromas, are not good in magical work. If you are sure that your candles are only infused with pure essential oil, that's okay.

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    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      4 weeks ago from Wales, UK

      You are very welcome, Audrey. And thank you for your kind words.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      4 weeks ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      How wonderful to have these options available for healing our bodies! I have a vivid imagination so I will use the "Mind Spell." Sending you heaps of gratitude for sharing this.

      Stay well and safe.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      4 months ago from Wales, UK

      Thank you, Mr Happy. What an uplifting feeling your words convey.

      Yes, let's be positive and confident that this is just a minor glitch in the general scheme of things.

      May Ceridwen keep her cauldron bubbling for you xx

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      4 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      "I am well; my ills (or pains) have gone

      I’m feeling better; it is done." - I do like the fact that You make them rhyme. : ) It just gives a nice feel. I do not personally do this but I appreciate the practice.

      “As I desire, it is done.” - "As it is said, so it will be" is what I say but I use the Lakota language so, it is: "Da-na'-ho-we-yo". First time I translated this, to anyone, ever. lol : )

      Regarding candle spells, my grandma tought me one which she had used and her own mother had used as well. They work but one's Intent and Faith in Magic and in Spirit has to be pure.

      I am more of a mind creature. So mind spells for me. I immediately know if it's working, or not. Or, even if I should be doing it, or not. The power of the mind is unbeliveable when used properly (a part I fail at often, haha!! Working on it.).

      I feel no concern for You regarding the COVID-19 but do be careful and all the very best! Thank You for another great article.

      May Wakan Tanka always walk with You.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      4 months ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks, Victoria, it's halfway done, but I have a written tarot reading to do today... I'll get the article published as soon as I can. Mind magic is mucho fun. x

    • Victoria Hannah profile image

      Victoria Hannah 

      4 months ago from Sydney, Australia

      Oooh I love your mind spell Bev and can't wait for your longer article about it. I get hugely stressed with trying to change my career and worry so I am definitely going to practise this. Thank you.


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