Witchcraft: How to Cast a Banishing Spell

Updated on June 5, 2019
theraggededge profile image

Born in deepest Cornwall and now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of witchcraft for years and years.

What is a banishing spell? In essence, it’s an energetic instruction to prevent someone intruding on your space or taking action to harm you. Banishing spells must be used with great caution. If in doubt, do not attempt one. The alternative to working a banishing spell on an individual is to place a protective barrier around yourself to prevent ill-harm reaching you. In this article, I’ll teach you a basic banishing ritual, a ‘wearing-off’ spell, and also a barrier spell. Most importantly, I’ll show you how to neutralize a banishing spell.

Cautionary Note

If you are being seriously harassed, bullied, or abused, seek advice from parents, guardians, teachers, or the police. Don’t rely on witchcraft to keep you safe.

Why Banishing Spells Are Sometimes Necessary

A banishing spell should be seen as a last resort. When you have no other options. For example, if you are being physically abused, then the harshest banishing spell is justified. If someone is bullying you at work or at school, then a time-restricted, wearing-off spell might be the best idea. This is a spell that gradually loses its power over time. By the time it’s gone, the bully will have given up, or better still, grown up and realized that their behavior was uncalled for.

You have to decide if the risk (and there are risks) is worth it. The situation could be resolved by other means, such as talking to the other person, seeking help from someone in charge, or simply by the passing of time. Should none of those be helpful, then a banishing spell might be what you need.

Binding Spells

People sometimes mix up banishing spells with binding spells. Probably because we often use a cord or binding in order to impose a restriction on someone.

There are two kinds of binding spells. One is to prevent someone causing harm or damage to others or themselves. They are not usually very effective.

The other kind is to bind two people together. These can be quite strong, hence you should never, ever use a binding spell to tie someone to you. They are just the worst things. Often they involve tying two dolls, or poppets to each other. The trouble is, cutting the physical bindings does not negate the spell and you could find yourself in a situation you cannot easily get out of. Avoid these spells; they cause more harm than good. Instead, use a spell to attract love without being specific about the person. If they are the right one for you, they’ll be mutually attracted to you anyway.

Pick the Right Time

Your spell will have more power if you work in harmony with the moon cycles. Banishing spells should be cast during a waning (shrinking) moon. Even better is during the dark moon (three days before the moon reappears as a thin crescent. These are the times when you should focus on anything you want gone from your life, such as people, debt, illness, negativity.

The best day of the week for this kind of magick is Saturday, but you can also use a Tuesday, if your spell is to fight off a bully or aggressor.

How to Work a Simple Banishing Ritual

I’m keeping this deliberately simple, but you can adapt it anyway you want.


  • A stick or dowel about six inches (15 cm) long. It doesn’t have to be precise. You could even use a wooden spoon.
  • String or cord at least 24 inches (60 cm) long. Again, you don’t need to measure it.
  • A small piece of paper and a pen.


  • Black candle (must be new)
  • Tourmaline or other black crystal.

It’s up to you if you want to cast a circle before performing this ritual. There are instructions how to do so here: How To Begin Witchcraft - Spells. Look for the section headed ‘Basic Circle Casting’.

  • The tourmaline should be placed on the table before you. It serves as protection and will absorb any unwanted negative vibes that might be swirling around.
  • Sit quietly and begin to deliberately feel the emotion attached to your intention to work this spell. It can be fear or empowerment. It’s important to raise your emotion because that’s how spells work. Think about what this person has done to you. Imagine how you will feel when they stop. Hold the feelings. This is also your chance to change your mind about casting the spell.
  • If using a candle, light it now, continuing to hold the emotion. Imagine the flame being fed by your feelings.
  • Write their name on the paper.
  • Wrap the paper around the stick.
  • Slowly begin to twine the string around the paper and stick, binding it tightly.
  • As you wind the cord, say the following three times:

Your bad behavior is going to cease
Thoughts of me, you will release
My feelings for you are as stone
I command: you leave me alone

  • Each time you say the words, ramp up the emotion and energy. Especially when you say ‘I command’. You have to mean it.
  • Then say:

As I speak it, so must it be.

  • Tuck the end of the cord in securely.
  • Drop your shoulders and relax. Sit, allowing all the tension to leave your body and seep into the floor and down into the earth. It’s done. Close your circle. Place the candle somewhere safe to burn out. Put the stick somewhere where you know you can find it in the future.

Use a wooden spoon as a 'poppet' in a banishing spell.
Use a wooden spoon as a 'poppet' in a banishing spell. | Source

How to Neutralize a Banishing Spell

There are times when a banishing spell should be removed. For instance, if you discover that the person has changed their ways or that they are in trouble and you are able to help them. Remove the banishing spell quickly and easily, thus:

  • Get the stick.
  • Find the loose end of the cord.
  • Slowly unwind the cord and say three times:

You have changed and so have I
Our past issues have now gone by
I release you, **their name** from this spell
Be free and always treat me well.

  • Then:

As I speak, so it must be.

  • Dispose of the components; bury, burn, or trash them.

Note, you can use this method, even if you have used a different spell initially. Just reverse the actions you took and say the words above.

Wearing-off Spell

You can cast a spell which has a built in time limit. So you could restrict someone for a desired length of time and then the spell will simply wear off and fade away no there will be no need for neutralization.

Use the same basic method as described above in the Simple Banishing Ritual, but you will change the words slightly to:

Your bad behavior is going to cease
Thoughts of me, you will release
My feelings for you are as stone
I command: you leave me alone
Yet after a month, this spell will diminish
And all of our problems will be finished.

Repeat three times and add,

As I speak, so must it be.

Follow the rest of the spell as given. You can change the length of time to a week or a year if you wish.

Sphere of protection
Sphere of protection | Source

Easy Protection Spell

As an alternative to a banishing spell, you can also place a protection spell around yourself. This will keep bullies and abusers away, yet allow love and friendship in.

There’s no need to cast a circle first as this spell is, in effect a protective circle. In fact it is a sphere. It’s worth recharging this spell on a monthly basis.

  • Sit down somewhere quiet. On the floor if you can. Close your eyes. Relax and start to build a feeling of peace and safety within. Breathe and relax. Think about how it feels to be safe, comfortable and invincible. Maybe you could think back to your childhood, to a time when no-one could hurt you because your parents or guardian kept you safe. If that doesn’t work, just imagine how good it is to feel protected. Let your thoughts wander but keep bringing them back to this theme of safety.
  • Now visualize the feelings forming a ball of shimmering light in your solar plexus. Imagine the ball getting bigger and moving outside of you. It keeps getting bigger until you are completely enveloped in this sphere of shining, shimmering light.
  • Say:

Sphere of light, I bid you stay
Protect me, shield me, come what may
Keep harm, hurt, and hate at bay
Yet love comes in every day.

  • Repeat three times. Then say once,

As I speak it, so must it be.

  • Allow the shimmering light to fade, but know that the sphere of protection remains around you at all times.

It bears repeating that if you think you are in danger, or things are getting out of hand, you must seek help.

Got a question? Ask below.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • I’m an 8 months student of left-hand dragon rouge. My master said I am forbidden to associate and have a relationship with non-crafters. We cast prosperity spells but I haven’t harvested an accurate amount. I am in so much distress right now. I am not comfortable with sex magick. It’s taking toll on my body. I feel I am forced and held. Fame and prosperity is all I wish. I’m so financially wrecked at the moment, it tortures me. What can I do?

    You've become involved in a dangerous cult. Leave straight away. This is not right for you, so extricate yourself. If you have any problems or if anyone tries to stop you, go to the police. There are other legitimate ways for you to reach your goals. Also remember that the cult cannot work magick against you if you don't let them.

  • Can you write several names on the paper when casting a banishing spell?

    You can write as many as you like. Or, if it's easier, you can repeat the incantation with each name singly.

  • I started hearing these three voices. I hear them everywhere I go. Am I a victim of black magic?

    No, you aren't a victim of black magic. It does sound like you have some kind of neurological issue. Please consult your doctor or qualified medical practitioner as soon as possible.

  • The man I live with is very disrespectful to my daughter and he's always rude. I don't want him around any longer. Will a banishing spell work for him to just go away and leave us alone?

    Well, if I were you, I'd try non-magical ways first. If you are unhappy with him, then it's probably the same for him. So explain how you feel and ask him to leave. Make sure you have all your support systems in place and that you can afford to live, etc. If he resists, then it's time for a spell, but be prepared for it to unfold over time. It may not be instant.

© 2018 Bev G


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    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      9 days ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Susana, you're doing it fine. Don't let doubt creep in at all. If there's no change, do the same spell again during the last few days of this moon cycle. And maintain confidence. Meanwhile make yourself be a 'gray rock' when around him.


    • profile image


      9 days ago

      Hi again Dear Bev, I already did the binding spell, how many time should I wait? If he continues with toxic behavior should I try again or just wait? I've already bought some crystals for protection but I'm a beginner I don't know if I'm doing things right. I really believe that my life is going to be better and I really want to follow this path because I believe is going to help me.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      12 days ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Susana, you need a binding spell, rather than a banishing spell. And you must focus on his behavior when you write the spell.

      More information here: https://exemplore.com/wicca-witchcraft/How-and-Whe...

    • profile image


      12 days ago

      Dear Bev, my son's father, who lives with us, is a narcisist manipulator. He completely destroid my self esteem these last few years, but now that I finally discover who he really was by lots of researching and study I have to protect me and my son from his toxic behavior. I Don't want to banish him totally because I want my son to grow with a father and I want them to have a good relationship but I know if we leave each other he will destroy my image and make himself a victim and try to be with our son 50% of the time, even if it' s not the better choice for him, he's only 3. I just want to know if there is a spell to protect us both from toxic attack, or maybe a spell that inhibit his behavior with us? Thank you.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      2 weeks ago from Wales, UK

      Thank you Melia, for sharing your experience. I'm going to keep a note of your message, if you don't mind? It would be helpful to reference it when I get all those questions from young people who think it's a good idea to cast love spells.

      Meanwhile, I've recently completed another article that may be helpful to you - just what you need, in fact:


      Good luck.

    • profile image


      2 weeks ago

      Dear Bev,

      When I was younger I cast a love spell on someone and I didn’t know the consequences of my actions. Now I want to break that spell how could I do so I don’t want any more bad karma coming to me and I want to give back this person his freedom so we can both continue our path without any restrictions. Recently someone told me that I have blockages due to a love spell I cast on the wrong person I though it didn’t work at that time because instead of keeping us together we broke up. I really regret doing that and I have learned that everyone has free will and we cannot go against that because it brings serious consequences. I do need your help. Thank you for your time

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      3 months ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Saba, sorry I didn't see this as it hit the spam filter.

      You can change the words of any spell to suit your purposes.

      Good luck.

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      Thanks Bev. I have one more question . Do the words in the spell need to be the same as you mentioned above ‘Your bad behavior is going to cease

      Thoughts of me, you will release

      My feelings for you are as stone

      I command: you leave me alone’

      Or can it be changed to something more soecifix . Like leave and and my husbhand alone . Or stop contqcting us contacting

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      4 months ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Saba,

      I'd suggest that you try the 'wearing off spell' as described above. Substitute three months for 'a month'. Hopefully the interference will reduce.

      Do your best not to focus on them in your own thoughts. Remember that pushing against them is resistance and what you resist, persists. Don't give them your energy. Reduce their impact on your thoughts and your life by reducing their importance to you.

      Good luck.

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      Hi , my husband is completely obsessed with his mother and sister to the extent that he will believe them no matter what. They enjoy all the perks he offers and give nothing in return.

      Also they interfere in our marriage ans the sister keeps coming to stay with us withiur even informing me as she feels its her birthright to swing by whenever she wants

      I really want them to stay as away from us as possible. What can i do ? I also want my husband to listen more to me than to them . Can you help please ?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      4 months ago from Wales, UK

      Try it, Kris and see if it works. However, you must get into the 'zone' where you are absolutely positive that it will work.

      Also, it's possible that it will take a little time. In other words, contact may diminish gradually.

      One other thing - if he's bothering you, then inform him that you will tell his gf what's happening if he doesn't stop.

      Then go ahead and live your life; see who you want, and take no notice of your ex.

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      Will this work to get my ex to leave me alone? Like he has a gf and I’m kinda living my life but I feel like I can’t find anyone or start something with someone bcuz my fear of him finding out and going crazy. I just want him to leave me alone and not want to anything to do with me. Will this do that

    • profile image


      6 months ago

      Thank you Bev! I really appreciate your help.

      Have a great Weekend!


    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      7 months ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Lotus, you need a basic spell structure. With this you can create your own spell that is personal to you.


      If an actual ritual doesn't appeal so much, then you could create a witch board. Gather up things that represent your desired home. Photos work well. Get a sheet of strong card and make a sort of dream board by gluing your photos onto the card. Write things on it like your price limit (for rent or purchase). Do it anyway you like, but as you do so, you must KNOW with utter certainty that you are impressing your will on the universe. Once done, you can set it aside, hidden if preferred.

      I can tell you that it works. We are living in the home that I created a similar board for in 2001.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Unfortunately his hate has always stemmed from his hate for my father, whom has rarely been in my life, so it’s never really made sense to me. However, he’s generally an unpleasant man to begin with.

      What type of spell would work for my own home?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      7 months ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Lotus, it's going to be difficult if you are still living in the same house. It would be much better if you worked a spell for a new home for yourself.

      It's important that you constantly say to yourself, "It's not me, it's him."

      Also, have you tried asking him why he has a problem with you?

      Good luck. Hope you get this sorted.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      I recently had to move back in with my mom and step dad after 20 years... long story ... anyway, it’s been miserable. I’m reminded how much I hated my childhood because of my step fathers constant verbal abuse, negative and extremely hateful energy towards me. I’ve been trying to stay strong and build a plan to move out, however his abuse has continued to play mental games with me. I feel so defeated at this point. Is this an appropriate situation to use the banishing or binding spells you’ve mentioned in your article?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      7 months ago from Wales, UK

      Good thinking xx

    • profile image

      S. C. 

      7 months ago

      Thank you so much Bev, I'm still very new to spell working. I'm going to take your advice and try a healing spell. :-)

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      7 months ago from Wales, UK

      I don't know. You could try it, but you will have to be careful. You don't want to banish the person along with it.

      I think I'd prefer to go with a healing spell that you could both do together.

    • profile image

      S. C. 

      7 months ago

      I'm trying to banish HIV from a loved one. Can this spell be used for this reason?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      7 months ago from Wales, UK

      Thank you, Tim :)

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      7 months ago from U.S.A.

      Hi, theraggededge,

      Loved your article. You are truly a helping soul. I appreciate it.

      Respectfully and may your day be peaceful,


    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      7 months ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Vincent, sorry, I just found your comment hidden in the spam folder.

      The most important thing for you to know is that you can't and shouldn't work a spell on your friend's behalf. She has to come to the realization that her partner is not right for her by herself. This period of her life may be an important learning experience for her.

      You'd be working magick to break them up and it is not your job to do that.

      I know it hurts seeing a friend being used like this, but really, unless you have evidence of physical abuse, you must keep out of it. If you do have evidence of physical abuse, then your help must be of a practical nature, i.e. contact the police.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      8 months ago from Wales, UK

      No, Dave, it's a medical condition. Usually as a result of anxiety or depression.


    • profile image

      Dave sh 

      8 months ago

      I am hearing voices. Is this sorcery?

    • profile image

      Vincent Wahl 

      8 months ago

      Hi, I am a newish practicing witch and I wonder is there a spell to protect someone from a abusive and controlling partner? This person tells her who she can and cannot talk to, even over the phone, has no job, is a constant drain on her resources and constantly watches her.

      My friend cut contact with me two months ago after I sent her a well meaning stuffed animal for a christmas present. It seems like he has low self esteem as he told her not to talk to me. I have been a friend of hers for over ten years and helped her, and yet still see her on the computer every day.

      I don't think that she realizes the situation she is in, or is too afraid to stand up for herself as they live together. I'm kinda at a loss as what to do. I am hoping you could help.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      11 months ago from Wales, UK

      I have no idea, Kendall. However, the most obvious person to ask about this is the 'friend' who gave her the bracelet in the first place. What was her motivation? Why did she feel it was necessary to put your friend in this situation? Where did she get the bracelet from? And why did your friend accept it if she was told it had such powers?

      I feel there is more to this than you have been told. And it's more to do with the human dynamic than the psychic one.

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Dear Bev G,

      I am a little concerned about my friend. One of her friends gave her a black bracelet with her initials on it and told her that the bracelet would allow her to see things. Her friend told her that since it was homemade, the bracelet would eventually fall off and to be aware of her surroundings when it does.

      A few weeks later the bracelet fell off at while she was at a different friend's house. Once it broke, she began to see a figure continue to run up and down the stairs without stopping. She learned later that her friend's house was built over a place where soldiers used to train before a battle and the figure that she saw could have been one of the soldiers who died.

      I have no idea how this bracelet was made and couldn't find any information on it anywhere. She wants to know if it will continue to affect her life and what the bracelet was. Is the bracelet good or evil? If you or anyone has information on this mysterious bracelet please let me know.


    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      12 months ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Litza,

      You might try this:

      Get a fresh candle or tea light. White, blue, or purple. It doesn't really matter.

      Sit quietly and think how it would feel to have overcome this addiction. Feel a sense of relief that you never have to do that again. Imagine how good it will be to keep all that money in your bank account instead of having to repay the credit cards. Really feel it.

      Get a paper and pen (best to have it ready before you start) and write down these words:

      "Healing Power, I ask of thee

      Take this habit away from me

      Remove any trace of this addiction

      Heal me of any similar afflictions."

      Read it aloud three times. Then say, "As I will it, so must it be."

      Fold up the paper, place it under the candle and allow the candle to burn out in a safe place. Afterwards, simply trash the remains.

      You might need to repeat this one monthly until it's done :)

      Good luck.

      PS The words were adapted from 'Everyday Magic' by Dorothy Morrison.

    • LFatima profile image

      Litza M Beers 

      12 months ago from 917 Highland Avenue, Beaver Falls PA 15010

      I am actually surprised about your spells, it seems simple with not negative attach to it. I read stories with spells that gave me goosebumps. Thank you

      I need one to help me cut my credit cards. I a going to use the spells for it, and to help me stop buying things from the Wish, I already on a tight budget I need it. Thank you

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      13 months ago from North Central Florida

      This is very intetesting to read and obviously you have provided detailed instructions and cautions. I am not teally schooled in this area but try to read so I may become enlightened. Angels are on the way this morning.ps


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