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Updated on April 17, 2018
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Born in deepest Cornwall and now living in wild Wales, Bev G. has known for many years she is a witch with magickal powers.

You may wonder, “What are sigils?” Well, they are are personal symbols that you create yourself to make change happen. And that explanation, of course, leads to many other questions. Let’s start at the beginning.

Magick, or spell work, or manipulating energy is about creating a desired change. You might want to attract love, lose weight, have more fun, or get more money. Whatever it is, it requires a change. Several changes, in fact: change in the outside world and change within yourself.

That’s where sigils come in. By creating, charging and releasing a sigil to represent your desire, you cause tiny ripples in reality. Ripples which work on your behalf to bring the particles, atoms, people, and events into alignment in order to achieve your intent. And, because we are witches, we are going to create magickal witch sigils.

All you need is a pen and paper. A notebook would be best. By the way, ‘sigil’ is pronounced ‘sij-ill’.

What Is Your Desire?

What do you want? It’s best to start with something that’s almost within reach, rather than something that seems impossible. So it’s better to ask for that book you’ve been wanting than for JK Rowling to turn up to your birthday party. That doesn’t mean you can’t progress to ‘impossible things’ later on, of course. It’s just that you need to start small in order to learn how to work it.

State your desire and transform it into a positive statement AS IF IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. This is important. Time for an example.

Let’s go general and say your desire is to laugh more and have fun.

"I want to laugh more and have fun," becomes, "I laugh and have fun."

Reduce Your Statement

The next step is to reduce that statement by crossing out ALL the vowels and repeated consonants:



Ends up like this:


Draw Your Witch Sigil

Create Your sigil by taking the letters and twisting them into a doodle, like I've done above.

Keep re-doing the letters until they don’t resemble letters anymore. Pick out the bits you like and discard the bits you don’t. After a few attempts, you’ll produce something that feels right.

Don’t copy mine, it won’t work. You have to do your own. When you are happy, copy it onto a piece of card. Draw a circle around it if you want to.

And please don't worry one bit if it's a little scruffy. It doesn't matter—only you will see it.

Charge the Sigil

To charge a sigil, or indeed any magickal tool, you need to focus your energy onto it. And to do this, you need to feel a strong emotion. It doesn’t matter if the emotion is positive or negative. I find the best way to do this is to delve into my memory bank for a time when I was really happy.

Another method is to feel appreciation for the desire having come true. So, using our example, visualize yourself with your friends or family or lover. See yourself laughing and happy and having lots of fun. Feel what that would be like. Really feel that happy energy. Now feel appreciation for being able to be like that. How fantastic to have such great friends. How free it feels to laugh. How uplifted you feel having all that fun. Can you feel it?

As soon as you think you are at peak emotion, stare at the sigil and imagine all that emotion pouring into it. In your mind’s eye, see the sigil glow with life and energy. You might actually see it glow.

Release the Sigil

When the moment passes, and you’ll know when, destroy the sigil or throw it in the trash. You released it. Now, do something completely different and distracting. In other words, go about your day and forget about the sigil.

Don’t constantly check that the magick is working. If you start wondering when the laughter and fun will begin, let the thought go. At the same time, be open to any invitations and opportunities. You have to meet the magick halfway by taking small actions towards it. You aren’t going to laugh and have fun stuck in your room, are you? Well, you might, but the idea is to put yourself in situations where it can happen naturally.

It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Letters

The above method of reducing a written desire into a design isn’t the only way to create a sigil. You can incorporate other symbols too. And, in many ways, symbols are stronger than words because they can hold an awful lot of information within a few tiny lines. Consider these:


Sigil Questions:

What if I can’t feel the emotions to make the sigil spell work?

If you have ever felt any emotion, you can do this. It might take a little more practice. Some people find it easier to manifest a sad emotion. And that’s okay. The Universe doesn’t care what sort of emotion you charge the sigil with. What most important is that you really feel it. Because that’s how magick works.

Should I burn the sigil?

Yes, if you can do it safely. Otherwise, tear it up, drown it under the faucet, or simply throw it in the trash.

Can I use a sigil to get money?

You can if you really believe you can. And that’s the thing. Your belief in A. The magick works and B. You can actually have that thing in your life. Without belief, the magick is weak. It may still work, but is less likely to be effective.

Can I Use a Sigil to Curse Someone?

Yes, you can. But, being a witch, and throughly understanding that what you give out can come back and bite you in the backside, means you will think twice. What you can do is to get an unwanted person out of your life. Like this very simple sigil. And, yes, you can copy it.

Place two dots or small circles right next to each other. The first is you, the second is the other person. It’s important not to think of the first dot as representing you, but that it IS you. Similarly with the other one. It IS the one you want out of your life.

You/The other person

o_________ o
o _____________o
o_________________ o
o _____________________o
o __________________________o

Follow on with the other steps, as detailed earlier. Feel the emotion to charge the sigil. In this case, it might be a deep relief that they are gone. Release the sigil by throwing it away.

Okay, see what you did? You put distance between you, and then they just left of their own accord. Please don’t do this with a close member of your family, however angry you might feel. Only people that annoy you or bully you that don’t mean anything to you. Nothing bad will happen to them, just that they won’t see you or come into your personal space. To them, you won’t exist and they won’t exist to you. The process may take days, weeks, or sometimes months. You can customize this sigil spell anyway you like. Add sad/smiley faces, or use other symbols that mean something to you.

Any More Questions?

Please ask in the Q&A section below. Apologies, but I can’t respond to individual emails.

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      • profile image

        Robie 2 days ago

        Very intriguing, I never herd of sigils before, but it makes sense.

      • CerridwenDevoteeD profile image

        Amanda Wilson 4 days ago from New Hampshire, USA

        This was a great way of explaining sigils! I've attempted sigil magic before, but they never explained that you could manipulate it until you don't see the letters, nor did they explain that you could make it into a doodle you like - by adding swirls or dashes etc. Whenever I've tried I never liked the symbols I drew and ended up looking up bind runes for my purpose (like driving safely or overcoming writers'/painters' block). Thank you for the great tips!

      • theraggededge profile image

        Bev G 5 days ago from Wales, UK

        Hi Donavon, why not try the technique I've given here to get your life back on track?

        I doubt very much that you were bewitched at birth. The problem is that the psychic has placed a false belief in your mind. So the first sigil you work on should be, "I believe only what is real." BVNYWHTSR

      • profile image

        Donavon Tolison 5 days ago

        Hi. Bev My name is Donavon Tolison I've been told alot that I was bewitched at birth I'm 45 year's old My Life is a mess I was told today by a psych I was bewitched at birth I need help please

      • theraggededge profile image

        Bev G 5 days ago from Wales, UK

        Thank you, Verlie :)

      • snakeslane profile image

        Verlie Burroughs 5 days ago from Canada

        Fascinating insight into Sigils, and ways to make change happen through visualization. Lovely page.