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Witch Ancestry: How to Tell If Magic Is in Your Blood

Sage has been a witch for 25 years. She enjoys writing informative articles to teach others the craft of the wise.

Are you drawn to The Craft because of a bloodline?

Are you drawn to The Craft because of a bloodline?

Do You Feel Drawn to Witchcraft?

There are a select few who feel powerfully drawn to Witchcraft. This can happen despite growing up in families where Witchcraft was, at best, scoffed off as superstitious nonsense, and at worst, believed to be of evil origins that would ultimately lead one down a dark and deadly path. All of a sudden, the Craft catches your attention, and it is like a siren call—alluring and irresistible.

This may leave some to wonder whether this sudden call means they have a predisposition to the Craft. Perhaps you have some kind of connection you weren't aware of—could this mean that magic is running through your veins? Is that why, perhaps, learning about the Craft makes you feel as though you've just come home?

Let's talk a little bit about Witch ancestry, bloodlines, and why you might feel so connected to the mysterious magical arts.

Magical Ancestry and Bloodlines

Everyone has magical ancestry if you go back far enough down the family tree. It is inevitable. There have always been people using some form of magic, particularly low magic or nature magic. They may have called it different things, used different techniques, and held different views about it, but it was always there.

Many Witches believe that magic is something that comes from nature itself—it is a natural resource that humans have been using since the beginning of humanity. In light of this, everyone has access to it.

When you look at it this way, magic is everyone's birthright—it's part of everyone's bloodline. Only a minority of people seek to embrace it, however, and only a select few are willing to put in the time and effort to master it.

Use a combination of modern technology and spiritual visualization to reconnect with your magical roots.

Use a combination of modern technology and spiritual visualization to reconnect with your magical roots.

Discovering Your Ancestral Roots

The question is not whether there is magic in your ancestry—there is. The problem that is plaguing you is that the line has been broken and you've been cheated out of your birthright of being brought up in a magical household. Talk about a precious family tradition being lost in time! If you are in touch with the part of yourself that connects with magic and the Craft, it can be very frustrating to know you missed out on that.

That doesn't mean you can't recover some of this information, though. Here are some ways to seek out and reconnect with your magical roots:

Tracing Your Ancestry

This is not always the easiest thing to do, but technology is allowing more and more people to trace their family line back hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. Get a DNA test done, then take the results and do some digging.

Meditation and Trance Work

Once you're adept enough to use creative visualization for spiritual quests and journeys, you can also use it to explore your ancestral line. Visualize yourself browsing through the past by floating on a raft going downstream or walking down a spiral staircase. Get off at certain points when you feel you should and seek out guides who may be able to lead you to your ancestors for a little chat.

Some people worry that this is all the imagination at work, but the imagination can be a powerful tool for accessing real information through the subconscious, so don't knock it!

Contacting the Dead

Necromancy isn't for novices, but once you have skills and experience in the Craft, you might use them to commune with ancestral spirits. If you're lucky enough to have friends who are more advanced in the Craft or know psychics who can help, that's all the better.

The end of October through the beginning of November is a particularly good time for this practice. There are many techniques that can be used for spirit communication in rituals such as scrying, automatic writing, and dream work. Some prefer communing through divination tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, runes, or ouija boards.

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If you do decide to contact your ancestral spirits yourself, make sure you master your technique and tool first and be sure to protect yourself and any others in your home. You'll also want to learn how to cleanse your space and tool afterward in case you have an unpleasant encounter.

Your witchy ancestors may have messages for you. Divination tools like tarot decks and pendulums can be used to commune with them.

Your witchy ancestors may have messages for you. Divination tools like tarot decks and pendulums can be used to commune with them.

Hereditary Witches

Some people confuse having Witches in their ancestry with being a hereditary Witch, but there is a distinct difference. While we all have Witches (or some form of magical practitioners) in our ancestry, not all of us are hereditary Witches.

It's easy to know if you're a hereditary Witch. You just have to ask yourself one question: were you raised learning Witchcraft from a Witch? If not, then you aren't a hereditary Witch.

It has nothing to do with bloodline or proving you are a direct descendant of someone who practiced magic. Hereditary Witchcraft is when you're born and raised in a magical tradition, and the practice is directly passed down to you from others who practice it.

The obvious advantage of being a hereditary Witch is that your training starts young and is hands-on rather than through books. Those brought up in magical families usually don't have to un-learn as many misconceptions about magic as those of us who grew up in non-magical families.

Just because you weren't lucky enough to be born into a family that trained you in the magical arts doesn't mean you can't start now.

While some may be more naturally inclined toward the craft than others at the outset, research and practice hold the key to being successful at Witchcraft in the long term.

While some may be more naturally inclined toward the craft than others at the outset, research and practice hold the key to being successful at Witchcraft in the long term.

Natural Witches

"Natural Witch" is a term that I've never been particularly fond of. It became wildly popular after the 1990s supernatural horror flick, The Craft was released. The whole point of Witchcraft is using natural resources, isn't it? Magic's roots lie in nature. The energies Witches are tapping are natural, not supernatural. Therefore, how could any Witch not be a natural Witch?

Usually, when people use this word, they're looking for that bloodline connection. As I stated though, I'm with the school of thought that magic is in everyone's bloodline.

You could consider that what the phrase really means is that someone is "a natural" at the Craft. It may come naturally to them—they pick it up quickly, and they have good instincts to follow. Just like some people are naturally more gifted at the arts, singing, or working with numbers, some are more naturally gifted with using magic.

Some people have suggested that so-called "natural Witches," or Witches who exhibit a real knack for the Craft, might have been a Witch in one or more of their past lives. This could definitely explain someone who seems gifted in this area.

Another way of looking at it is that natural Witches tend to exhibit natural psychic abilities. Not all Witches are psychics (many don't practice the Craft), but psychic abilities do utilize the same parts of your mind and the same mental discipline that the Craft does, so someone with strong psychic skills who is drawn to the Craft could find that learning to practice magic comes quite naturally to them.

In the End, It Doesn't Matter

Sure, it would be nice if all of us who are drawn to the Craft could have been raised with older, wiser Witches around us so we could learn from an unbroken family line. In a perfect world, that's how things would work, but we all know the world isn't perfect.

People will give you long checklists to find out if you are a Witch. They'll tell you that if you love moonlight, have good intuition, love nature, or have a good relationship with animals, that you might be a Witch. I don't actually think any of these things are requisites to The Craft. I personally think you choose to be a Witch. After all, they don't call it "The Craft" for nothing.

In the long run, what it's going to come down to is the effort you are willing to make now, not any distant link to a Witch in your family line. Raw talent will only get you so far; it's going to take research, study, mental discipline, and practice to develop any talent and work with it.

So don't let any unanswered questions about heredity, bloodlines, or ancestors get you down—you can be the Witch you want to be. The choice is yours.

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Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on September 24, 2020:

Not sure about the psychic's revelation, you'd have to go over it with that person. But as far as being a Witch, in my beliefs, it doesn't matter if you have some kind of direct heritage to other Witches or not. The thing that matters is if you practice and study the Craft.

Magickal Willow on July 28, 2020:


I have always had the 6th sense since I was a young child. My Grandmother, Mom and me were all born on a Thursday. I get that gut feeling to where I feel like I am going to throw up when something bad is going to happen, usually a day or two beforehand. I haven't researched my family history for witches, but have traced my father's side of the family back to the 1600's to Scotland. My mom's side of the family is harder to trace, but my Uncle Ed Buxton was a Free Mason either 32 or 33 Degree from Buxton Oregon, and I have his masonic sword that has his name engraved on it.

So I do wonder if from my mom's side of the family the reason she was so afraid of witchcraft was because she knew there were witches in our family.

My mom died at 3 am on the nose, she exhaled at 3 am and 6 seconds for her last breath, I am a nurse.

I am very drawn to numbers as numerology and fascinated by numbers. My street address is 555 Rincon, my phone number was 222-2283 (5 number @ in a row) I was born in the 5th month, May. I own the property next door 535 Rincon. I had to sue someone who talked my brother into giving his half of the land at 535 Rincon to them. The county recorder's address is 555 Escobar St and my lawyer's address 535 Main St. The numbers 5 keep coming up for me. County Recorder 555 address the same as my house address 555, lawyer address 535 same as the 535 property address I sued to get my brother's half rights back.

I and I have always felt my grandfather's presence after he died. My family house is haunted in a good way by my parents.

People hear my mom's feet shuffling up and down the hallway on tile floor. Young children see my dad and talk to him and then can point him out in a picture they have never seen before.

My mom was very anti-witch to the point of fear, but yet she would throw salt over her shoulder, not walk under a latter, and always say"bread and butter" when you split the pole of each person walking on either side where the pole was in the middle. She changed the calendar one day early and her dad, my grandfather died, and she believed she caused his death from changing the calendar on September 30, 1975 to October 1, 1975.

I have a friend, like a sister to me, a medium, who whenever we are in the same room together, spirits come thru her to talk to me. I had a miscarriage and never told her or anyone about, not even her father. My daughter's spirit came thru her to talk to me and told me what I had named her. To this day, the father still doesn't I had what I named her , I am 57 yrs old now. The father never cared about being a dad to his 2 children I do have, so I never told him her name.

I can really feel my power growing as I am learning and my true calling with being a witch.

I am solitary as I haven't found a coven to join and my husband was raised Catholic so I can't come out and tell him that I am a witch.

ScarletRose17 on May 20, 2020:

I do have witches in my family but it's not hereditary I've been into the craft for a long time

EveAnna on May 14, 2020:

I am 18% basque. I had a pychic reading tell me i am called the Daughter of Darkness Divine Conjurer. What is going on? A born witch? Ancestral?