A Witch's List of Magickal Foods and Their Properties

Updated on March 8, 2017
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Kitty has been following a pagan spiritual path for seventeen years. Because of this, she encourages others to follow their own paths.

Food is magick because it comes from our Mother, the Earth. We should treat it as such.
Food is magick because it comes from our Mother, the Earth. We should treat it as such. | Source

The Secrets to Cooking Like a Witch

If you're interested in Kitchen Witchcraft, here is a useful food starter list and their magical properties. These are staple and ordinary foods that you probably already have in your pantry or refrigerator, but maybe you never realized that they contained magickal properties before.

Keep in mind that food is magick in and of itself. It doesn't need anything in order to carry magickal properties. Why is this? Because it comes directly from Mother Earth. Every form of life on this planet is a miracle, and our food is nothing short of a miracle. Vegetables, herbs, and fruits are all plants and therefore imbued with Mother Earth's love and nourishment. Meats and dairy come from Mother Earth's amazing creatures and should be shown respect and gratitude.

Making a magickal meal is as easy as praying over your food while preparing it and also being thankful for the sustenance given. Keep in mind too, that when preparing your food, whatever energy is surrounding you will also affect the food. So if you're in a good mood, dancing and singing while preparing, the food will take on some of this energy. Likewise if you're in a bad mood or nonchalant about the food you are preparing, the food will absorb some of this energy. Mindfulness is all a part of cooking like a witch. Be mindful of your ingredients, their history, their properties and how they can be nurturing to your body.

The Apple is Sacred Fruit believed to have grown on the Isle of Avalon.
The Apple is Sacred Fruit believed to have grown on the Isle of Avalon.
Chocolate can be used in love magic or to sweeten another person's heart.
Chocolate can be used in love magic or to sweeten another person's heart. | Source
Rum can be used as offerings to various Loa.
Rum can be used as offerings to various Loa. | Source

Magickal Fruits, Breads, and Sweets

Apple: known as the Wiccan food that is the sacred fruit to the Goddess. The sacred fruit to the Isle of Avalon. If you cut an apple horizontally through it's center, you will see the 5 pointed star formed by its seeds. A wiccan food that is used in love, healing, garden magic, and immortality.

Bagel: a round shaped bread with a hole that is ruled by Adonis. A food that is perfect for breakfast and is of various flavors and types. Eat bagels to create illusions. Warning: never ever eat pork products on a bagel, it brings bad luck! Sesame bagels: prosperity. Poppy bagels: eaten before bed to increase dream activity (don't eat before having to take a drug test as the poppy seeds are known to induce a positive for opiates). Salt bagels: gets rid of inconsistencies. Cinnamon bagels: makes flattery come easy.

Banana: an everyday food that is a fruit and ruled by Mars. Prevents harm and accidents while traveling cross-country or by air. To increase sexual stamina - dry and crush the banana into a powder and than rub it on your body. It has powerful lust properties because of its obvious shape.

Chocolate: can be used as flavoring or as a dessert itself; can be drank as a beverage (hot cocoa/chocolate). Hot chocolate was invented by the Mesoamerican natives, the Aztecs and Mayans were known to consume it often and believed it increased power and virility in their warriors. It was a sacred food to various ancient peoples. Chocolate is a power drug and it holds properties of love. Dark chocolate is associated with romance and intimacy. Milk chocolate is associated with nurturing and friendship. A staple for witches in the kitchen, especially for those trying to induce love or aspects of love.

Ketchup: even condiments have magickal properties! Ketchup is ruled by Venus, as it is made of tomatoes which are also ruled by Venus. When drawn in the shape of a pentagram is used for summoning or dismissing energy. When spreading on other foods, can be used in visualizing relationships. Continue to visualize or call out person's name while consuming ketchup. Ketchup is associated with love, because tomatoes were once thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Oranges: this fruit is well known all over the world and dates back to prehistory. Can be used in love, joy, and inspiration magic. Placed in stockings on Christmas as sympathetic magic to encourage the return of the sun. Directly associated to the sun and solar magick. Eat to lift your spirits. Dry and grind into a powder to use in love and abundance spells.

Pasta: is ruled by Mercury. Spiral pasta: enhances creativity. Spaghetti/linguini: protection and improving communications. Corn pasta: financial creativity. Rice pasta: love.

Pizza: a delicious and recreational food that is ruled by the Sun. Eat pizza when things are difficult and you need a lucky break. Or when you get the craving.

Rum: is an alcohol that is ruled by Ellegua and Chango. Rum channels spirits of the gods and is given as an offering to attract the gods' favor. Use in baking a rum cake or mix with coke for a fun Friday night!

Sugar: is ruled by the Orishas and by the goddess of love - Venus. When powdered, sprinkle sugar on pink or red love candles to draw someone's attention. Can be used in spell jars, bags, and more.

Growing your own herbs to use in your cooking and magick makes it that much more powerful.
Growing your own herbs to use in your cooking and magick makes it that much more powerful. | Source
Basil has many magickal properties, not to mention tastes amazing! It is this witch's favorite herb.
Basil has many magickal properties, not to mention tastes amazing! It is this witch's favorite herb. | Source

Magickal Herbs

Basil: a popular Wiccan food for Wicca in the kitchen. A very useful and fragrant herb that can be used fresh or dried in cooking. This is a lust herb and the aroma calls forth sexual energy.

Bay: bay leaves have been used for centuries in the Mediterranean. They are believed to enhance psychic powers when burned. Add them to various dishes of Italian, Cuban, and Greek ethnicity to connect to the gods.

Chili Powder: chili powder is made from ground, dried chilis. It has been used in hoodoo and other forms of folk magic for centuries. Often it is used to in spells to "send someone away" or to shut someone up. It has a powerful kick and should be used wisely in magick and it is spicy and should be used sparingly in food (unless you like spicy foods then more power to you!)

Cilantro/Coriander: cilantro is the leaf and coriander is the seed of this tasty herb. Ruled by Mars and used in love and lust magick. If the seeds are worn will help with migraine headaches. Used in flavoring foods, great in salsa and chutney. Used in love and healing magick.

Cinnamon: a multi-purpose powdered root used in desserts and dishes. Its magical properties include abundance/money, protection, and love.

Cumin: an ancient herb used in the Middle East and Mediterranean to flavor stews and meat dishes. Blended into drinks to promote lust. Used in foods to promote love and protection. Ruled by Mars.

Oregano: used in Italian food to flavor meat and tomato dishes. Ruled by Venus. Can be used in love, happiness, luck, and protection magick. Also said to enhance psychic abilities.

Peppermint: a sweet-tasting, invigorating herb used in desserts and also drank as a tea. Carry dried peppermint leaves in your wallet to bring in more money. Said to help with stomachaches or sour stomachs. When grown in the garden is good luck.

Rosemary: an herb used to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. When taken as a supplement is said to improve memory and cognition.

Salt: while technically not an herb, salt is used to flavor many dishes both culinary and baking. It has a purifying and cleansing effect and has been used for centuries to absorb negative energies and protect oneself and house from evil. There are different kinds of salt, and it is best to stay away from iodized "table" salt. Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt are best for the body. Himalayan pink salt helps to decalcify one's pineal gland.

Thyme: an herb long associated with the fae or fairies. Ruled by Venus. Used to purify, bring pleasant dreams, worn or burned for good health, can be used in food to attract fortune, love, courage, and psychic skill.

Imbuing your food with magic is as simple as praying blessings over your food while preparing it.

— Nicole Canfield
Carrots are a strong ingredient for fertility spells.
Carrots are a strong ingredient for fertility spells. | Source

Magickal Veggies

Carrot: root plant ruled by Mars. Because of its shape is associated with lust and fertility. When eaten by women encourages pregnancy. The flowers of the plant are known as Queen Anne's Lace. Come in various colors - white, orange, and even purple.

Lettuce: associated with the element of water, as it is made up mostly of water. Ruled by the moon and is eaten to prevent sea-sickness. Can be used in protection spells, particularly helpful if grown in the garden to protect one's home. Rubbed on face/forehead to help fall asleep. Also used in divination and chastity magick. Very healthy to eat as high in fiber, vitamins, and water content.

Onion: a masculine root plant used in various forms of magick. When cut open and left in a room will absorb sickness. Grow it in the garden to protect one's home against evil spirits. Used also in money and lust magick and will produce prophetic dreams if placed under the pillow. The Holy Trinity of vegetables to be used in many culinary dishes is carrot, celery, and onion sauteed in a butter base (shhh, don't tell anyone my secret to amazing stuffing!)

Potato: staple food in Ireland dating back centuries. Once thought to be poisonous as a part of the nightshade family, now a very common eaten food all over the world. Ruled by the moon. When eaten baked or fried can help calm an upset stomach (my own personal remedy). Used in healing magick.

Tomato: technically not a vegetable, most people consider it as such. Was thought to be the fruit of love in the Mediterranean region. Is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and is used in many Italian, Greek, and Mexican dishes.

Zucchini: a veggie (some say fruit) that is ruled by Jupiter. Whole raw zucchinis are used in sex magick. To stop a man from cheating, carve his name in the zucchini and freeze it. Eat zucchini cooked for protection and prosperity.

Baking bread can turn into a magickal ritual

© 2011 Nicole Canfield


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