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Wicca for Beginners: How to Find Your Wiccan God and Goddess

A Wiccan of 25 years, Sage likes to put her background as a writer and teacher to use by helping people learn about this NeoPagan path.

Discover how to find and foster a relationship with your Goddess and God in Wicca.

Discover how to find and foster a relationship with your Goddess and God in Wicca.

Finding Your God and Goddess in Wicca

Your Wiccan God and Goddess are really what it’s all about. That’s what the rituals are for. That’s why we celebrate the Wheel of the Year. That’s why we pray and meditate.

Anyone of any religion can love nature. Anyone of any religion can cast spells. Anyone of any religion can work with tarot cards or crystals and such. None of these things particularly make anyone Wiccan. In fact, plenty of people who do these things are not Wiccan at all. People have been doing these things since long before Wicca existed.

However, fostering a relationship with the Gods, connecting through ritual, and honoring them through the cycles of the seasons and by the way you live your life—this is what truly makes one Wiccan.

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses

What Are Patron Gods in Wicca?

Wicca is traditionally polytheistic, and many Wiccans will speak of their ‘patrons’—that is, a patron God and a matron Goddess. Patrons and matrons (or just ‘patrons’ when referring to both) are the specific God(s) or Goddess(es) a Wiccan honors and works with.

There’s no rule about patrons. I’ve known people to have as few as one and as many as four or five. They are usually of the same pantheon (not always, though mixing pantheons is always tricky and should never be taken lightly).

Why Is It Important to Have a Patron God?

The benefit of being in a relationship with patrons is that it gets fully developed. In your ongoing worship and serving your patron Gods, you get to know them intimately. In taking you under their wing like that, a God or Goddess will teach you a great deal over time, and you can learn many lessons from them.

Sometimes you can be with the same patrons for life. Sometimes you’ll only be with them for a short time (usually a few years) before you reach the ‘end of the road’ with them. It is not a terrible thing when a God or Goddess ‘cuts you loose’; it’s not because you did anything wrong, but because you’re ready to move on. This is when you've benefited from the relationship all you can, and they realize that you are ready for a new patron—a new teacher who can bring you to the next level of lessons that need to be learned.

You Can Have a Patron and Still Include Other Gods

Having a patron does not mean you need to exclude all other Gods. In Wicca, we don’t believe the Gods are jealous or have the ‘no other Gods before me’ policies found in other religions you may be more familiar with. It’s okay to go to a ritual that worships another God or to hold a ritual to a different Goddess if you wish for a specific purpose. The relationship that we have with our patrons will be a special, ongoing one.

Your God or Goddess may send you subtle signs.

Your God or Goddess may send you subtle signs.

How to Find Your Patron God or Goddess

A lot of Wiccans will tell you they did not choose their Gods but that their Gods chose them.

Being Called by the Gods

Many religions describe it as ‘a calling’, and as such, it’s hard to explain. Many Wiccans feel they get signs of some sort. This may be an image or animal associated with a certain God or Goddess popping up a lot unexpectedly in dreams or visions. Often these are accompanied by gut feelings or an inner voice.

Be on the Lookout for Signs

In my own personal experience, I had a vision. I’d already been meditating for years for health and stress-reduction purposes. I had also spent the last year as a religious seeker, learning about different religions, and wasn’t sure which path to take. When I was doing my normal meditation one night, I went particularly deep, and my Goddess came to me. She told me who she was and introduced me to my God, and together they welcomed me on the Wiccan path.

Where does this calling come from? Is it truly a divine being who has chosen you and is communicating with you? Is it internal? A simple ‘knowing’ in your own brain of what you need? I have my own ideas, but the truth is—no one knows.

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Once you become Wiccan, though, these signs are something you should look out for.

Not Getting a Calling?

If you don’t feel the calling, you certainly should not feel bad. For one thing, maybe you’re just too new to Wicca and not ready to work with a personal deity yet. Or perhaps you are just missing the signs. Don’t get discouraged—the deities aren't rejecting you.

You may simply need to employ a little initiative. Start seeking deities, and approach them to see which ones will have you (or have been waiting for you to come to them in your own time).

In other words, you don’t have to sit around and wait until you feel your deities have come to you—you can meet them halfway.

How to Connect With Your Wiccan Deity

Whether you feel the calling or not, there are things you should do to find patrons and foster your newly growing relationship.

Do Your Research

Read, read, and read some more to learn all you can about the Gods and/or Goddesses you think might be calling you. If you think you're getting a sign, look it up to see who it might be coming from. If you don’t feel a calling, this could be a good way to start figuring out the best road for you to take.

Starting with whichever pantheons catch your attention most is probably a good place to begin; then see which Gods and Goddesses jump out at you.

Avoid Oversimplified Neo-Pagan Books

You want to really acquaint yourself with Gods and Goddesses initially. Be careful of Neo-Pagan books that try to fit all Gods into one mold and all Goddesses into one mold. You’re better off reading ancient mythology books that deliberately remain vague so as not to pigeonhole any deities.

Avoid "Feel-Good" Versions of Myths

Also, beware of modern books that re-write myths to ‘whitewash’ them to make people feel more comfortable (this often happens with ‘rape myths’ or other myths that are particularly violent and sad). Some Pagan authors prefer feel-good versions of the old myths, but they’re missing the point. Sometimes the Gods have tough lessons for us that they convey harshly through myths—to change the myths is to change (and often lose) the lesson.

Gods are not meant to be human ideals for us to live up to; they are meant to help us learn something. Remember that the myths are symbolism and allegory; your Gods are not actually raping and killing. If a myth makes you uncomfortable, don’t try to avoid it—it only means there is a lesson there that you probably need to explore further.

Study Various Pantheons and Cultures

This requires more reading and studying, of course, but it’s necessary. Wicca is a modern religion, and despite what some shoddy scholarship will tell you, all Pagan religions are not based on that particular modern model.

Your Gods and Goddesses are used to being treated a certain way by the ancient cultures that revered them. You’ll want to uphold that expectation; if you were inviting a king or queen into your home, you wouldn’t want to offend them. You’d want to be the perfect host. Likewise, you want to be the perfect host if you are seeking a God or Goddess to come into your life.

Learn How to Revere Your Deity

You don’t want to make an offering of the harvest dinner that includes meat to a vegetarian Goddess. You don’t want to place something your God might find offensive on the altar. If your God is a warrior God, then embracing a life of pacifism and speaking out against war and violence is probably not a good idea.

To a warrior God, every time you call war ‘evil’, it’s like a slap in the face. Not that you have to become violent in your own life or that you have to be eager for wars—but if you can’t appreciate that war might sometimes be a necessary action, perhaps a warrior God isn’t for you. If you truly believe in pacifism, you should probably find a God that advocates pacifism instead of trying to twist a warrior God to fit your mold.

Talk (and Listen) to the Deities

If you feel called, begin praying to that deity. If you feel you wish to be called by a particular deity, pray to him or her. Pray for signs or more specific signs. Pray for answers to come to you. Invite them into your life and into your heart.

Meditate—they say if praying is talking to a God, meditation is listening. Try to hear through that ‘inner voice’ what it is they are saying to you.

Set up a shrine to your deity or deities.

Set up a shrine to your deity or deities.

How to Begin Honoring Your Deities

A relationship takes time to build; this is no different with Gods than it is with people. If you feel you’ve found the right Gods and/or patrons, you should begin honoring them.

Set Up a Shrine

The best way to start this is by building a small shrine and going to it daily. It doesn’t have to be elaborate: something to represent your God and/or Goddess (a statue, a candle, a stone, image, etc.), some candles and/or incense to burn during worship, and a cup or bowl for libations and offerings.

Go to your altar often—daily is best, even if only for five minutes. Say a short prayer, hold a moment of silence, make a simple offering (some milk, honey, a flower, dried herbs, a portion of your breakfast or dinner, etc.).

Celebrate Your Deity

You might want to find out if your God or Goddess is associated with any sabbat or has a special annual festival from the culture in which he or she originates. Celebrate it—do something special.

Again, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, but perhaps you could hold a ritual, go on a nature walk, have a feast, or make a special offering (such as donating food in the name of a harvest Goddess).

Be Patient and Practice Consistently

Keep it up! Books will tell you a lot about your Gods and Goddesses, but the only way to really get to know them is by making them a part of your life.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2014 Mackenzie Sage Wright


Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on September 24, 2020:

Cool, in your meditation try going up to her and asking her. See if you get an answer.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on September 24, 2020:

only you can know that :o)

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on September 24, 2020:

Both have some association with canines, both are associated with death. Not sure about the taunting. It can take time to explore relationships with any deities, any messages or signs you may be getting, so just be open to see what unfolds, take some notes, do some research... and of course, don't be afraid to ask them for clarification.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on September 24, 2020:


Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on September 24, 2020:

Having ADHD doesn't have to stop you from meditating, it could be trickier. You may want to try starting with moving meditations and mindfulness. Takes practice but it can be done. Just keep yourself open, pray, maybe make little offerings (a flower, a splash of water, etc.) and don't be afraid to ask them to send you signs and help you understand them. It can take time sometimes.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on September 24, 2020:

You can connect with her; if you're not ready to work with her in magic, then don't. Doesn't mean you can't honor her or pray to her. Give it time, too.

Austin Syroney on August 07, 2020:

Hello. Ive been looking into Wiccan for a little while now. And I feel as though a god or goddess has been calling me. I was wondering it you could help me figure out which one or ones. I always see it in a dream. It’s in a forest, snowing, and in the middle is a clearing with a flowering tree. On top of the tree is a crow staring at me. Leaning up against it is a sword. And I can always hear this whisper in the wind. Any help on this would be thankful.

Helen Moon from Earth on July 29, 2020:

I tried too attune with The Goddess using the guided meditation, and I saw the Earth, sort of floating between the arms of a woman with black hair and a flower crown.

But I also stopped a minute to the end, because it was being way to straight and I had to stop.

Morgan W. on July 29, 2020:

Hi, I've been interested in Wicca, witchcraft, and magick and researching it for quite a while but I haven't started anything yet. If I were to offer a portion of my meal then how would I go about doing that? How long would I leave the food and how would I dispose of it? Also how long should I leave other things on the shrine such as flowers and things that can die or rot? Should I use regular flowers or fake ones, and if I were to use real flowers should I dry them out first?

Nee on July 25, 2020:

Hello, I just started Wicca about 3 months ago. I bought a simple alter kit off of amazon with a statue of what it said was a spiral goddess? I dont know what it is but it is a woman shes holding a pentagram with cresent hearta on the side of the pentagram and she has a spiral on one side of her (shes double sided) and on the other is the tree of life. I dont know what my god or goddess is yet. Ive always loved space and the moon ive always been attracted to the moon and stars if that has something to do with The Goddess Diana, or i dont know if i Gaia is a goddess in wicca but ive always been told by my mother that we believe in Mother Earth and that is basically it, Online i couldnt find any offerings and stuff for Gaia so if anyone has a answer for me about that that would be great. I love nature and i havnt had any visions or dreams about any hints of sorts but Ive never tried meditation before and i feel like meditation is kindof hard to do.. I have candles on my alter and last night it kept flickering when i think i was thinking about Gaia or something. Is Demeter the equivalent to Gaia? I have no idea but please someone tell me about what my goddess or god could be so maybe i can feel connected or maybe i can read about that god or goddess and maybe find a deity that i might realize is one thats suits me. Blessed Be

mejejwj on July 07, 2020:

Remember that if you do not feel ready to work with a god or goddess that you can politely decline. Remember to be respectful, but you do not have to work with them if you don't feel ready

owlcub on June 28, 2020:

I've been meditating to de-stress from everything going on and this image of a woman wearing a crown of what looks like black berries in a forest clearing keeps popping in my head, my gut says it may be the triple goddess but im not sure.

dowlsgal92 on June 28, 2020:

I find myself oddly drawn to all things related to the moon. I have always felt intrigued by the moon itself. I never thought it could mean anything in particular, but could I be wrong?

Meghan024 on June 09, 2020:

I've been daydreaming and randomly in my head I see skulls looking at me and I hear things right before I go to sleep like I'm being taunted with my dog's collar cuz I take it off of him when he sleeps and its like a diety r something shaking it in a circle above me and I dream of being guided by my hand but idk by what or who. is Hades or Anubis associated with skulls or taunting and dogs?

Magpie Rose on June 02, 2020:

I'm a baby witch, and I just learned about the art of witch craft today, and there is already a god or goddess trying to get my attention (Probably Apollo, considering I made him an altar) and I am not sure what to do. Help?

Mary on May 26, 2020:

I am a baby witch and I did a spell that affiliated with Persephone. And ever since i hace had weird dreams. One night i remember inaprticular i only drempt the colors purple and orange which i thought was athena but tonight i lit a candle and it started flickering and i asked a few questions and sure enough its persephone. But I dont exactly know how to 1 make sure its actually them 2 be able to communicate with them more. I tried meditation but im ADHD and that didnt last long. And 3 like accept to work with them and begin my journey. Anyone have any tips?

Sunflowerwicca on May 24, 2020:

My god and I have a lot of the same interests but since I'm still a beginner I'm not completely sure. And i don't want to upset anybody or anything.

Alexis on May 21, 2020:

I wasnt sure if i had missed my sign from Athena after making my offering jar so i meditated by her alter and I asked if she could give me a sign i could not miss and i felt hands placed on my shoulders (mind you i was alone in the house) and when i opened my eyes i still felt them i now have gotten more comfortable speaking with her through my pendelum and it will even confirm that she is there and moving my pendelum

bbywitch on May 08, 2020:

The other morning i woke up to a milky crystal laying beside me in my bed. i know i hadn't put it there, but there it was. is this a calling?

bbywitch on May 02, 2020:

after i got into norse mythology, i started feeling a connection to Loki. I am also genderfluid (just like Loki) and after i prayed to Loki i had a dream about ice which is one of Loki's symbols. I have also been seeing a lot of snake related things (which is also one of Loki's symbols) do you think Loki is my patron?

Ibukijean on April 28, 2020:

recently, An owl died just ouside our driveway, I've seen three owls since. We dont usually see owls around here. I think athena may be saying something.

Jenna on April 27, 2020:

I had a dream awhile ago where a voice said "I have a crush on the Goddess Nike". Not sure if this was just my brain making stuff up, or if it was a calling. I do have a pull towards Nike. I have a small statue of Winged Nike of Samothrace and a framed picture of the same statue. I also seem to be attracted to any Moon Goddess and Athena as well....

Levi on April 27, 2020:

i keep seeing a lot of birds flocking near me, also a lot of medical issues going on. so im not really sure.

new Wiccan on April 27, 2020:

i was exploring the woods with my family and collecting rocks. i heard knocking noises and i asked my family if they heard them too but they didnt. they were loud and i felt like something was behind me. i started daydreaming and in my mind i saw a shadow figure with a goat skull mask. was that a deity or was it just my imagination ?

Dumpling on April 20, 2020:

I am a baby Wiccan (new Wiccan, whatevs) and I took a quiz on the internet that told me my Wiccan goddess is Artemis. I have recently been very attached to the Moon, and just trees and woods in general. Is this Artemis talking, or my head hoping?

anonomys on April 17, 2020:

how do you tell if its really the deity or something else pretending to be the deity

Mahrynn on April 14, 2020:

Hi, I've felt drawn toward Hades for a while, but I don't know if it's a calling. I'm having trouble deciphering the feeling, whether it's one of respect and acceptance toward him or if I'm just imagining things because I want him to be my God. Do you know any signs I could look for or look back on that Hades would send?

Emma Hounslow on April 12, 2020:

I feel extremely drawn to Hecate and Nyx, but I am i really new to pagan practices and I worry that Nyx's magick is a little too strong and obscure for me to work with but I really feel like I need to connect. Please tell me what I should do...

Alicin on April 01, 2020:

I've had many dreams in the past surrounding a certain character, they seems to always be accompanied by a simular situation either concerning me or others that i know. I'm not sure weather it was a deity was calling out to me or not, neither do i have any idea of who this deity may be. I have nothing to go on other than these dreams i have had for years. I was wondering if there is anyway to figure out who it is that may be calling out to me and from which pantheon they are from?

2broschillin on March 31, 2020:

I have been surrounded by Triskeles/Triskeleons my whole life and have always been, my dads entire family is Irish/Celtic. Could this mean a god is trying to connect? Are there any specific patrons/patronesses that are associated with triskeles? Thank you!

zozee on March 30, 2020:

what do you pray to if you don't have a patron/patroness yet? also where can I find a list of gods/goddesses that could possibly be my patron/patroness?

Susieq90 on March 28, 2020:

The feminine form of patron is patroness.

Matron is a married woman it’s why people have maids and matrons of honor It’s not like maternal or paternal

For someone claiming to have 25 years of experience you make an ignorant rookies mistake

Giovannamidnight on March 25, 2020:

Can I call to a deity myself? I really want Isis, or Aphrodite.

Alondra on March 25, 2020:

Do you have to work with a deity to become a witch?

Carli on March 24, 2020:

Hi that was really helpful. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some books.

African on March 23, 2020:

There is any one can help me to become a Witch ??

Alannah on March 17, 2020:

Can you have a pagan god from norse gods and celtic gods at the same time or is that not allowed?

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on March 17, 2020:

Prayer is a good start, not to ask for anything but to honor and respect them and invite them into your life. Perhaps set up a small shrine dedicated to the deity where you can begin trying to pray/attune to them.

Kay on March 16, 2020:

How do I approach a deity if I haven't had a calling?

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on March 07, 2020:

There are different opinions on this, but in my opinion, people trying to mesh Wicca and Christianity are usually not practicing either.... they're just misnaming their beliefs.

For example, it's not Wicca without a God & Goddess (that duality is a key tenet). However, the Christian God will not willingly be worshipped alongside a Goddess, it would be dishonoring both Him and Her.

In Wicca, we see extremes as complimentary, the goal in life is to find balance between them; in Christianity, the extremes are seen as opposing, the goal is to choose one side (God's side) or the other.

There is such a thing as Christo-Paganism, and Christian Witchcraft... but Christian Wicca doesn't really make sense.

Hope that helps.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on March 07, 2020:

Anything can be a sign; but no one can tell you what is a sign. A sign is something you just have to let play out in your life and explore on your own to confirm if it's a sign. Always exciting to get one, though. :o)

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on March 07, 2020:

Look for the Wiccan Way Grove on Facebook, it was started by my students and I'm a member. Grove is a teaching group, we're starting up again in 2020.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on March 07, 2020:

Generally I say respect your parents on any of their rules: if they don't want you burning incense or candles or having rituals in your room, don't... until you're older & out of the house.

If you think your parents are open-minded enough, you can talk to them about it and ask them to read a book/some articles and ask them what is and is not off limits, maybe they will meet you half-way (for example, maybe they'll let you get an electric essential oil diffuser instead of using incense, or battery-powered candles or string lights, etc.).

If your parents are just against Pagan Gods because they have a different religion, it's probably a lost cause and not worth the strife to bring it up.

That said, no one, not even parents, can tell you who to pray to or which Gods you attune with. You don't need anything special for this. Or you can go out in nature for your rites-- find a place in your yard or nearby park where you can go meditate, make offerings like water or sprinkle some dry herbs out, etc.

Hope that helps; bright blessings.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on March 07, 2020:

Hi there; if it is something very perishable I usually take it away by the end of the day and I return it to the earth way back in my yard. If it's semi-perishable, like bread or something, I take it away in the morning before my next offering.

When I lived in apartments and didn't have a yard I would avoid doing anything too perishable and opt instead for some herbs or bread or honey or something, and I kept a coffee can with a lid behind my altar. I would put the offerings in there, and then when I went out for nature hikes I'd bring it and bury it.

Some people do just throw the offerings in the trash after a little while, because they feel that the energy has been taken and used already. That's okay too if it feels right to you.

Bright blessings. :o)

Aubrey Ladmirault on February 29, 2020:

All my life whenever I was sad or mad or feeling a strong emotion the weather (like the sky and the temperature and wind) would reflect it. I think I am being called upon by either poesidon or Zeus. The thing is I don’t know which. Could you help me.

Piper Staples on February 24, 2020:

Hi I wanna start practicing Wicca as my religion and I don’t really know how to start could someone help me with steps and also meditation.can someone like give me steps on how to meditate also thank u for the article it’s really helpful

Cam on February 22, 2020:

During my first time meditating with the purpose of connecting to my goddess or goddesses, I felt and saw two separate auras, one blue and one yellow. Do you have any idea what that might mean? I’m new to this, so I don’t know much.

Kimberly on February 21, 2020:

I would love to know what books you recommend to know all about th gods and goddess. Thank you

Kira Savage on February 04, 2020:

So I Am just starting out. like just starting out. this Article was EXTREMELY helpful!! one thing I am worried about is I am very intrigued by paganism, however, I don't think my parents would be ok with it. do you think there would be a good way to start out without my parents knowing? because, for instance, incense is out of the question. would that offend them? because I feel like they would rather me worship then not be able to at all. I'm sorry I have lots of questions. If anyone wants to help me out I'd very much appreciate it!

Preston Mathes from Saint Joseph, Mo on January 31, 2020:

I am brand new and i am trying to learn everything i can. I have learned to cast a circle and call the quarters and what represents each of the four elements. What i need to know is where to start researching the Gods and Goddess. Can you recommend any books or websites. Please help me. I would like you to know i found the information on this site to be very informative and helpful. Thank you for having it. One more thing is there a website or chatroom where you can talk to other wiccans?

Bryce on January 21, 2020:

I have recently been feeling like maybe I am getting a sign from the horned god. I have little idea if it is true or if I am fabricating a calling but I was reminded of my now deceased grandmother and looked up her grave site online only to fall in a rabbit hole and was looking at my grandfathers dead brothers, i felt a warm sadness but not a normal sad. The same day my grandfathers brother died but i do not feel sad, I feel mournful but I feel relieved and calm. can anyone help?

:p on January 12, 2020:

When I was on a school trip, in the hotel at night I saw a lady in an ankle length white chiton (I think that’s what it’s called), with a black bob cut. She appeared in the room i was sharing with two other girls who couldn’t see her/him/it. At first I thought it was a ghost but after reading this do you think it might be a sign? I’m unaware of any gods or goddesses who have that appearance.

Richard on January 10, 2020:

I need money as soon as possible

Cody on January 08, 2020:

Maousama I'm response it could be Artemis since she is goddess of the hunt.

Remy on January 08, 2020:

So uh are there any deities related to caterpillars? Cause I keep finding caterpillars on me/having dreams about caterpillars and i'm not getting good results from google

Lisa Jennings on December 26, 2019:

In reply to liza, the Goddess Diana certainly helps the childbirth of twins. She also stands for watching children in safety. What a lovely Goddess. If you look up Doreen virtue, she has a great book called the Dooren virtue essential collection. At the back of the book is a listing of all Deities, Diana being the one of children. So your vision was correct! Blessings to you x

liza on December 23, 2019:

sometimes i think about the future and about witchcraft and goddess Diana after that i see a Vision one of them was about a child, really a baby when you see the child you will think that he's age is 1 month old, and diana is goddess of the moon and hunt and animals and also childbirth and women.. so is the Vision mean any thing??

Blake on December 16, 2019:

I'm not sure if it's a sign or not, but a year or so ago I was on a walk with my friend, we were both having a horrible week and decided we needed to yell out our frustrations on a walk (which is okay since my neighborhood is surrounded by woods and dirt roads). It was getting close to night when we decided to head back to my house and the sky was filled with many beautiful colors such as pink, orange, purple, and red. However it was also storming that day but it wasn't to bad, yet, there was a strike of purple lightning in the sky, and not even a few minutes later a deer ran out of the woods, sparing us a minutes glance before running away. It may not be a sign and that's fine, but, I am quiet curious now.

Natasha Holmes on December 15, 2019:

A few years was pouring and i was going through a really bad part of my life, and as i was walking something in me told me to look down and when i did, there was a stone (that now, almost 6 years later, i found out is sodalite). This is before i ever heard about wicca or wichcraft. I feel like that was a sign that i didnt know was a sign. Do you know of any gods or goddesses that could have sent that to me? I'm kinda just needing a directuon to start my serch (as i am a beginer) thank you if you get the time to read this.

Cara on November 28, 2019:

I have a question, i was reading this and wondering about who my God and Goddess might be, and all of a sudden i had a tingling sensation on the left side of my head right above and behind my ear. Could this be a sign? I'm still really new. I am just curious.

Silas777 on November 16, 2019:

Not all Wiccans have to worship a god and goddess. Some, called Angelic Wiccans, worship angels instead.

Solar837 on November 15, 2019:

I was wondering if you could ask your pendulum who your God or goddess is like would it work if I asked for example is my deity Dionysus and it would either say yes or no?

Vani10476 on November 03, 2019:

I was meditating last night and mind it, it was my first time meditating. I did it for 30 mins . But in between i was in deep sleep and i saw myself meditating while visualizing a white prism.... I visualized it for about.. I don't know... 5 seconds and then i opened my eyes... I think it was a sign of vodou goddess AYIDA cause if light is passed through a white prism a spectrum or rainbow is formed and SHE IS THE GODDESS OF RAINBOW AND WHITE IS HER COLOUR... So I'll search more about her and I've decided to follow Wiccan path and will read books about it.... So do you guys think it was a sign....? And now i also need to find my patron god..

maousama on October 24, 2019:

So I remember that when I since I was kid I can somehow hear voices coming from trees and I once had a dream with fire in that dream there was a female figure (i couldn't see her but it seemed a female) and she said something to me I could not fully understand since I was a kid I always had a thing for magic and witches (just 'cause I was born in Halloween LOL) so I thought it was someone I met on my past life. When I was about my fifteen (I'm now seventeen) I saw another dream with what it seemed to be the same female figure but this time I could hear her voice although when I woke up I don't remember what kind of voice it was I still remember clearly what "it" (?) said "can you fulfill your mission dream hunter?" and for three days I always dreamt with the same figure over and over again she always said different things but in the end she always called me "dream hunter" so I started recording all my dreams for almost a month and she never appeared again. is this something near to a "calling"? Or is this just my imagination?

I don't even know her name

Silas777 on October 12, 2019:

Can someone be Wiccan and Christian at the same time,or do you have to be strictly pagan?

midnightshade on September 20, 2019:

I read in one book that in Wicca are 200 gods and goddesses that can be followed. How can I learn about them? Is that true?

CJ on September 16, 2019:

please help me, how do i know if i'm being called? i probably have been but couldn't recognize it well enough

Greg Cipollone on September 15, 2019:

so super new to this and going to read more into it, I told a friend who also recently started I would try meditating to see if i got an answer because I too was searching for a path myself , I've always been a spiritual person, just felt lost for a while now. So comes the night Im gonna try to meditate, its on Friday the 13th with a full moon, i was like nows gotta be the best time right!... nothing, wasnt sure if i was too tired, or just plain did it wrong, but i got nothing, wasnt disappointed, figured i'd try again another time. While lying down last night, i figured i'd try to clear my mind again because i was already in a rested state, and within a minute a minute an image started to form, My first thought was a butterfly, but i also thought it might be an angel or faerie, it had a center body with 4 wings, but my first thought is butterfly. As i read into it this morning with my friend cause i wanted to see what it represented(Butterfly),it hits everything that has been going on in my life recently. Transformation: I've lost weight and put on muscle from eating better and my job is a work out, but also have been going to mental changes for the better too!. Liberation: For the first time in my life in 35 years, I am completely self sufficient and in my own place. And Creative Inspiration: I have been recently writing poems again to help people understand what i've been going through and also getting better, and i haven't written in over 15 years that i can remember. This has all happened with the last few weeks. Checked into it further, Its in relation to the earth and air element. Im a Taurus... Earth Element. sooooooo yea... Looks like im going to be doing more studying cause i don't know how many more answers i needed XD

Malina from Rockaway, NJ on September 15, 2019:

When i first became Wiccan and began to practice green witchcraft about 4 yrs ago i didnt really have a calling from any God/Goddess, but felt drawn towards Gaia( Mother Earth) so i worshipped her. This past year though ive been noticing frogs everywhere i am specially in my "witches garden" mainly under my peppermint amd lemon balm plants, also in my pumpkin patch, hiking in the woods with my dogs, and just playing outside with my daughters. I just figured they must be my spirit animal, which i thought is awesome cause ive always loved frogs and toads. Then after reading this article i thought maybe this is a calling of a god/goddess i should be worshipping. I did some research and found out the god/goddess that os represented by the frog is Heqet Egyptian Goddess of fertility and Egyptian God Khnum god of the source of the Nile and creator of human children bodies. Heqet's name is also sought to be the origin for the name Hecate the Greek Goddess of witchcraft. The more i read about these God and Goddess the more everything just clicked, everything they represent is how i feel my life, and witchcraft is represented too, and i knew this is who my deities should be. Thank you for this article it explained deities in a way i found easier to understand then the way a lot of my traditional Wiccan books try to explain deities, how to choose, and worshipping them.

Emmy1618 on September 09, 2019:

So lately I have been feeling a little more confident in myself and developing more self love. Where I live (near some woods) we have wild deer pretty often, but depends on the time of year I think. Twice, I have felt like a deer has appeared out of nowhere because I did not see it before it ran and I was looking in areas that I should have seen it before it ran (this happened twice a few weeks apart). We also have rabbits on our property (we've had them for years) and I see lizards every now and then. Then this morning when I was meditating, I felt cold chills almost the entire time. I have a fan on in my room, but it doesn't blow on me or in my direction when I meditate and I have never experienced these chills before when I meditated. I use four stones in like a circle formation when I meditate and one is rose quartz and one is amethyst, I do not remember the other two. Idk if any of these are possible signs of a god or goddess calling me. I am new to Wicca and trying to learn all I can. I can't openly practice because of my family but I do what I can. Anyone have any ideas?

Kat on September 02, 2019:

What kinds of books should I be reading to do more research.

rando on August 20, 2019:

is it possible to be claimed by two opposing gods such as ares and athena

Rhonda corner on August 16, 2019:

I think that I might have to be Ares because I get really angry,rage,wraith, vengeance. I get so mad I make my body hurts and sore for days trying to hold back from hurting people who hurt me. My nickname is Ares or when I get some inraged I say I'm headed now. Is this a sign that I'm them?

NoobWitch on August 13, 2019:

I’ve been wanting to do Wicca for a while now, just needed a little push. I want to be “claimed” by a god/goddess...however I think I’m missing most of my signs. However I’ve noticed that the names “Loki, Athena, and Hades” keep appearing. From random conversations, adds, tv shows, books, etc. Is this some sort of sign??

Amara on August 13, 2019:

For several years now.. I have dabbled in Divinity ever since almost all of my dreams have been preminitions. I have yet to find my patrons but ... Ever since I started my wiccan path.. I have been drawn to wolves and arrows.. Are these my callings? If so which god and goddess do they go to.. I am kin to the Vikings so maybe a norse thing?

Isabelle Vlach on August 10, 2019:

A wild deer just let me pet it. It walked up to me. Is Artemis sending me a message?

Claire on August 10, 2019:

Okay so basically a deer came up to me and let me pet it.. I’m pretty sure Artemis is calling out to me

kae on August 04, 2019:

i dont know if this is a sign but ive seen 5 deers in two days. what god/ goddess could be calling me

R3dH3dGrl from South Florida on August 04, 2019:

Thank you for this article.

It has been very helpful in identifying with my Goddess, Nehalennia.

- Lisa

Shay on July 18, 2019:

I've recently gotten into the practices of magic but have only dabbled in it, unsure of what i was doing. Last night i had a sort of prophetic dream that my friend and I have interpreted as a calling from an unknown goddess. Unfortunately, I received no name and am struggling to research possible deities. Do you have any tips?

Cecilia on June 21, 2019:

Hi, I've been reading a bunch of articles on wicca, including many of yours, and I keep seeing people refer to or mention "the goddess", as in saying that they prayed to "the goddess" or "the goddess and god". Is this a wicca specific deity? I thought it might be the triple goddess, but i'm not sure, and if it is the triple goddess i'm not sure if you refer to her in the plural or singular, so i'm hoping you could help clear things up a bit for me. :)

Austin Garrett on June 13, 2019:

When I was 13 my parents were beating on me very badly and i ended up running out into the woods in the middle of a blizzard and stayed out there in a tee shirt for hours, i spent a very long time wandering the woods not once feeling cold but instead feeling warm and protected. Im not sure what divine presence was comforting me but it was there. I was a christian for a long time and recently i started my journey into wicca and when ready of some peoples experiences this came to mind. I ended up getting lost in the woods. But once i closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths it was like i knew exactly where to go and walked straight home from there

Alexus on June 07, 2019:

I know this might sound crazy but when I was younger I was playing in the dark with my sister and saw yellow butterflies flying in a circle in front of me. Years later I was in my pool out back and a blue butterfly landed on my finger and stayed there for about ten minutes then it flew to the edge of the pool and sat for a good 15 minutes. Two days ago I went to a store and saw a random painting of a butterfly and on my way out of the store a white butter fly flew so close to my face it almost hit me. NOW as I type this I was wondering what my spirit guide was and at that exact moment a butterfly commercial came on. This is so crazy and not just a coincidence. Do any one know what books to read to find a butterfly god/goddess?

Rory Haase on May 27, 2019:

I’ve been seeing many seagulls lately, and I feel quite drawn to them. I’ve also been seeing a blonde haired lady in my recent meditations, any thoughts on what this could mean?

Annette on May 18, 2019:

I have been reading up on Artemis I've been in the Army I am loving animals and the Earth I'm not afraid to fight for what I think is right. I am getting a strange change in myself. I am more confident and more sexual people have noticed the change could Artemis be my goddess

Cas on May 16, 2019:

Hi there, I'm a relatively new wiccan. I've been doing this since about September of last year, and I haven't really received much of a sign, except for this one time I was doing a cleansing ritual for myself. It might sound strange, but during my ritual I became incredibly aroused, and felt a strong sense of confidence and self love that is rare for me to feel. I also felt the presence of a powerful masculine energy. Could that have maybe been a sign of a god reaching out to me?

Carla on May 13, 2019:

Hi I was wondering if you have any recommendations on books to learn about the different gods and goddesses

Emma Houghton from Somewhere on May 01, 2019:

Nice article, it's

funny though that i keep reading this :)

Emma Houghton from Somewhere on April 25, 2019:

Sage worships Hecate and Hermes

Clara on April 25, 2019:

Who do you worship?

Emma on April 22, 2019:

Hey, sorry to bother you again but the last couple of days there have been birds flying into my window and going near my window wherever I go and these kind of birds are a type of dove. I'm wondering if a goddess is calling after the strange experiences happening in the past few weeks like red feather sighted during sport, a red chick in my dream, bells heard while in my sleep and a red chocolate egg handed to me the other week. I wonder what this is and who is calling me. Please help sage. Thanks, Emma.

Emma Houghton from Somewhere on April 19, 2019:

If u think a God or Goddess is calling u look for more signs than u will find out who it is who has interest in u.

Feather on April 19, 2019:

I always feel a natural connection to plants and animals, especially plants. Does anyone remember which god(ess) that is?

Emma on April 18, 2019:

Its been a year and now I'm not so sure if she still wants to talk to me, right now I've been getting weird messages like I heard bells in my sleep which could mean a Goddess is calling me, I saw a red feather during sport, I saw a red chick in my dreams once and I was gifted with a red chocolate egg last week. What does this mean?

Emma Houghton from Somewhere on April 18, 2019:

Maybe you never can know until the God or Goddess starts to try and get your attention...

Madilynn on April 18, 2019:

So I’m almost a teen and even since I was little I would talk and see dark spirits and I’m able to talk to animals but it’s odd I can be really dark then someone brings out the good side in me which god or Goddess would be good for me?

DawsonSistrunk on April 10, 2019:

I live in Mississippi and I know I live in the middle of the woods so I know I will see animals a lot but I have been seeing a lot of black butterflies even thought the main butterfly around me is the monarch so I wish to know if this is a god/goddess reaching for me or no because i have not been studying wicca for to long and don't know the signs.

Katie on April 06, 2019:

I am constantly open. Have been since a kid. The last two years I began seeing Anubis, Ishtar, sekhmet, Horus and Nisrock. Most often whyilw scything I see istar and Anubis. I am Half Assyrian and these visions have actually brought me awareness of my culture. Constantly seeking more. Today I saw a bison, horse, snake, spider , goat , eagle , owl and falcon. More than I have seen in one session. However the most awesome part of today was seeing Anubis face to face. The mirror laying down and clear as day he rose from the mirror and was face to face with me. I did not feel fear but rather love, security and a feeling of seeing an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Followed by that vision was a vision of one pyramid. The. Seven and the sphinx. One as if I were looking down and another as if I was looking at it from ground view. This was immediately following seeing Anubis who presented several more times. All happened within 20 minutes. I have always had abilities. Since I was a child. Over the last three years I have finally embraced them but I still have no idea what the meaning is of seeing him so vividly and face to face. Any thoughts?

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on April 03, 2019:

Sounds like Hera might be calling.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on April 03, 2019:

Hi Kaitlyn; anyone reaching out to any God/dess should start with some research and simple prayers to them. In time if you feel you are developing a relationship with the deity you might feel compelled to build a small shrine, go to it for more formal prayers and meditations, leave offerings, etc.

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