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Why Is Meditation Important in Witchcraft?

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Witchcraft meditation

Witchcraft meditation

Why Is Meditation Important?

When first considering the path of witchcraft, many people will dive right in and not think about training the mind or their focus. They believe it’s all about the books, the spells, the magic, and being part of a community. However, the mind is an extremely important tool in the craft.

A lot of younger adults, teenagers, and those new to the craft and eager to get started will ask outright—do I really need to meditate? Honestly, that is not always easy to give a definite answer of yes. Why? Because not all paths require such intense focus—it all depends on what your intended path involves. Personally, though, I believe that meditation is the key to focusing the mind and the will—and thus the power—within.

You need to understand that learning about witchcraft is not the same as practicing the craft. You will need focus, clarity of vision, and a clear understanding of your own self. That is where meditation comes into play.

Meditation for Witches

Meditation can put off a lot of people. The mind races forwards, backwards and sideways so often that living in the moment seems to have stopped. In our fast-paced lives, we no longer promote the value of inner stillness. This is why people struggle with meditation.

Now, there is a lot of information about how to meditate on the internet, and many say 'clear your mind' – this does not mean switch off your brain. Your brain is highly active at all times. What is required is to calm those thoughts and focus them on a single task, like breathing or focusing on an object and letting yourself relax. Now, you may have heard about having a spiritual experience whilst meditating, or astral projections and such—to be honest, that can happen; however, if it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean you should stop meditating. Meditating isn’t about these things happening; it’s about focusing and calming the mind—having a silent and still moment. This practice will allow you to do the same when actively casting spells, contacting spirits and other such crafts.

The mind is an extremely important tool in witchcraft.

The mind is an extremely important tool in witchcraft.

How to Meditate

Everyone has their own way of meditating, but the basic way is to make a room or space, in a quiet environment. Make sure it’s comfortable to sit. Some people like it dark, some like the light on and others like it fun—decide that for yourself. Myself, I prefer a spot with natural sunlight.

Time to decide, do you put some calm music on in the background or not? That is up to you. I prefer to put on some headphones and listen to something relaxing—my current favourite is Japanese flute music with nature sounds in the background. Previously, I enjoyed Native American music, which is very relaxing. I've also tried music by Heilung and Celtic Woman. I've included some of my suggested music to try out yourself. You can find many choices on Youtube, or you can purchase music from Amazon or iTunes.

Now, decide whether to focus on an object or simply focus on your breathing. In some cases, you may want to do a focus meditation journey, whereby you choose a tarot or oracle card, a crystal, or an object that feels significant. You will use this item to focus your journey and your thoughts rather than simply letting your mind go blank; this will be discussed later on.

Finally, make sure you wear comfortable clothes and that you won’t be disturbed for a while, before sitting down and relaxing. Slowly breath in and out, close your eyes if you wish, and focus on your breathing or your selected object. Let your mind and body relax. Don’t overthink things, just continue to take slow, calming breaths.

Some people have a tendency to nod off—which can happen. You can set a timer of how long you wish to remain meditating—make sure the sound isn’t jarring… something melodic to slowly bring you round or wake you up. Afterwards, you should feel refreshed and calmed.

If this way doesn’t work for you, research other techniques online. YouTube can be an invaluable source of help.

Focused Meditation

You may be wondering what focused meditation is. To many, meditation is the same no matter what you're doing. Not true. A focused meditation is when you seek: answers; your spirit guide (though there are other techniques you can use for this); further understanding; to help you connect with the spirits; to connect with your deity; or even to connect with your dragon(s). There are probably several others which I haven't mentioned.

So, what is focused meditation? It's where you use an item like a crystal, a specific tarot or oracle card, statue, picture, etc., to focus your mind and meditation. Your energy is put into making that specific connection. A better way of examining would be that you usually have a question, problem, need or wanting to make a specific connection. You choose an item that best represents what you seek, then you get yourself comfortable. Instead of relaxing to music or silence, you focus your energies on the item or question, or both and slowly let your body relax. It may sound strange, but you relax your mind whilst focusing on said item or question and wait for the connection to be made. You may feel a change in the air, or the energy or something completely different—everyone is different.

Once you feel that the connection is made, you can close your eyes, though it’s not necessary. Everyone’s experience is different: you may see images or colours, feel emotions, hear sounds or voices, smell different scents, etc. You might never have the same experience twice; then again, you might constantly have the same experience.

Benefits of Meditation

Once you realise the benefits of meditation, it can be rewarding to incorporate it into your daily life. Having a calm, clear and focused mind is highly beneficial for the craft and your life in general.

For the witch, in particular, meditation helps:

  • Train your mind to focus on a goal for extended periods. There’s more to a magical working than muttering over candles and throwing around ingredients. The mind—the focus—is what actually makes it work.
  • Teach you to alter your state of consciousness deliberately. The ideal state of mind for magical and psychic workings is the Alpha state. It’s this state of mind that falls somewhere between alert awakening and sleep when we have greater access to the subconscious while still consciously in control.
  • Increase sensitivity to energies. The Alpha state—a light trance. This improves your ability to sense and raise energy.
  • Teach you to compartmentalize thoughts and emotions—stop the wrong ones popping up at the wrong times.

When you’re spell-casting or potion-making, you are projecting your will in the form of energy toward a goal. Imagine that energy like a laser—the more focused the beam, the more powerful it is. Self-doubt or emotions that are not conducive to that energy act like a diffuse; they weaken and scatter the energy you’re trying to direct.

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Gemma Newey (author) from United Kingdom on August 05, 2019:

Floresjohn - I think that's a wonderful idea. I've not heard of anyone doing that. I know people do that under waterfalls but not showers. Something to consider.

floresjohn on August 04, 2019:

i dont know if am the only one but i like to meditate with running water over top of my head. for example in the shower. something with water that relaxes me and i feel the energy from the water.