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Can I Be a White Witch?

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Born in deepest Cornwall, now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of eclectic witchcraft for years and years.

How do you become a white witch?

How do you become a white witch?

What Is a White Witch?

A white witch is one who only uses magick for benevolent purposes. When they work spells, they do so with no malicious intent. Well, that’s straightforward enough. After all, you only ever want to do good with your magick, don’t you?

I’m going to come right out and say it: there’s really no such thing as a white witch. Some people use the veneer of white witchcraft to lend credence and respectability to their work. But if you have ever cast a love spell or interfered with another person’s intentions, you cannot legitimately call yourself a white witch. If you have ever:

  • Performed or wanted to perform magick to get someone to fall in love with you (or someone else).
  • Worked a spell to banish someone from your life.
  • Cast a healing spell without permission from the subject.
  • Worked any spell that involved another person without telling them.
  • Cast a spell to get a job or promotion, thus pushing another person out of contention for the position.

Any of the above immediately disqualifies you from being a white witch.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to expect an imminent visitation from the Dark Lord. You aren’t in danger of your soul being consigned to purgatory. What you are is a human being doing the best you can. As are we all.

Why Do People Insist They Are White Witches?

Let’s get this straight: unless you are a perfect human being without the normal desires, wishes, and emotions that most of us experience, you cannot define what you do as ‘white witchcraft’. While researching for this article, I came across a website that states, “...those who are interested in learning more about Wicca or Witchcraft, find that there are two basic types of witches. There are black witches and white witches.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Witches come in so many shades that they defy categorization and labels.

Putting aside witchcraft for a moment, could you, as a person, say that you are wholly good or wholly bad? No? We all want something. We all have our secrets. And we all make mistakes.

Just imagine if a stranger tried to snatch your child. All is well because nothing really happened, you managed to intervene, and your child didn’t even notice or understand what was going on. But your emotions, especially fear and anger, are all-consuming. You are going to do your utter best to wish harm upon that person. I know I would. I’d be calling up the hounds of hell to rip them from limb to limb. I’d be using the blackest, most malevolent magick to punish them and to make sure they never tried to grab another kid. Wouldn’t you? Not if you are a true white witch. You would practice forgiveness. You would send some healing light and love after that child-snatcher. I couldn’t. I’d curse their behind from here to eternity. And then I’d curse it some more. Because I’m human and a mother. No one gets away with attempting to harm my kid.

Intentions Count

When you cast a spell, you can do your best to make sure no one is harmed, that you are not attempting to manipulate someone’s feelings or actions, and that the energy you tap into is pure and benevolent. However, once you put that spell out there, once you impress your desire on universal energy, you have no control over how it will manifest. Usually, it all works out for good, especially if you have kept your intention clean. That’s really the best we can hope for.

My tarot reading Code of Ethics

My tarot reading Code of Ethics

How to Be a White Witch

Firstly, you need a personal manifesto: your guidelines or Code of Ethics. The lines in the sand you will not cross. The Wiccan Rede attempts to do this for students of Wicca, but most people don’t examine or apply it rigorously. What works is for you to create your own. I have one for tarot reading (see above), but not for witchcraft, as I don’t practice spellwork for anyone else other than myself. I also accept that I will do whatever kind of magick I need to work in any given circumstance. In other words, I don’t call myself a white witch.

For your personal witch manifesto, you might decide never to work magick that impinges directly on another person. Or you might always keep your spells general rather than specific. That means, for example, calling on the energy of love rather than causing a certain someone to fall for you. You might decide to always use a clause in your spells, stating ‘And it harm none’.

Secondly, you should allow yourself some leeway. As mentioned, we are all human, and we all make mistakes, sometimes deliberately and sometimes unintentionally. Make sure your manifesto includes a line that says you will do your best to learn from these mistakes in order to become a better person/witch.

Lastly, always spend plenty of time thinking over the possible consequences of your magick. Ask yourself, could someone get hurt by this? Play the ‘what if’ game. What if I ask for this thing, and it means someone gets into trouble with the law? What if I cause a person to fall in love with me, but they leave their wife and children in the process?

You cannot (and should not) tie yourself in knots over these moral dilemmas, but you should always think of the obvious repercussions.

White Magick

So what kinds of spells would a white witch use? In essence, any that didn’t impact negatively on another person or themselves. So, for example:

  • Protection
  • Healing (with permission)
  • Money
  • Health
  • Success
  • Relationships (to improve existing relationships and friendships)
  • To send an apology/forgiveness
  • Self-acceptance
  • To mend a broken heart

And oh, so many more…

The Little Big Book of White Spells by Ileana Abrev contains over 200 fast and simple white magick spells. I love that she gets right to the spell without any preamble other than a simple introduction to the type of magic in the individual sections. She starts with color and auras, explaining how color impacts our daily lives. She says that white ‘purifies the soul, helps you to work with spiritual guides, protects against dark workings and brings justice’.

My absolute favorite spell is the crystal spell for a growing puppy. How I wish I’d thought of this myself—we have six dogs and had four of them as puppies. Ileana’s spell is to help them grow healthily and discourage them from wrecking the home. Magic!

What Do You Think?

Do you feel you could maintain the self-discipline and strict moral code to be a white witch? Or do you accept that witches, including yourself, will always come in shades of gray—actually, I think I’m a nice attractive shade of turquoise myself. Who wants to be restricted to black, white, or gray in the first place?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: How can I become a white witch? Can you recommend any group on social media? Where I can learn more or find a mentor?

Answer: You will have to do a search on Facebook or other social media site. I'm not a member of any such groups so unable to recommend one. You will probably have to confirm that you are over 18.

If you have read my article thoroughly, you will know that becoming a 'white witch' is a very hard thing to do. My advice is to accept that you are as human as the next person and just do your best.

Question: Can I cast an effective money spell for myself?

Answer: Of course you can.

Question: Do you need to come from a family line of witches or can anyone become a witch?

Answer: Anyone can be a witch, though there are several requirements if you are to be a white witch. You need to be old enough to understand that things in life are not black or white, that people are usually a mix of good and bad, that sometimes situations will work out just fine without any interference, and that often what you think is going on is something completely different.

That's why I don't recommend teenagers should start too early because they simply haven't had enough life experience. A good young witch will recognize that they don't have all the skills and will take it very, very slowly.

Question: How can I become a white witch? Where can I find a mentor?

Answer: It's almost impossible for anyone to call themselves a white witch - for the reasons given in the article. You could just settle for being a witch and doing the best you can. You may be able to find a group on social media.

Question: I'm ten-years-old and I want to be a white witch. I need to cast a healing spell or am I too young?

Answer: Yes, you are too young to become a witch. However, that doesn't stop you from working a healing spell. Spells are the same things as prayers. I have a method that seems to work very well. You need paper and a pen.

Let's say I had a sick cat that I wanted to heal. I'd write the following:

Maggie is really ill and I'm very worried.

She has been sick before and she got better.

I love Maggie so much.

I think she could get better soon.

I send my love and healing energy into her.

I'm going to see her healed in my mind.

I know she can recover.

I'm sure she will get better.

Maggie is a fine, healthy cat.

I love Maggie.

Place the paper under your pillow and in the morning, tear it up and throw it away.

So what happened is that you state the problem, then step-by-step, you bring yourself to a point where you know Maggie is healed. Your energy is directed right at her.

You need to understand though, that sometimes you can't always heal an animal or person. Sometimes it's the right thing to do to let them go.

Give it a try.

Question: Is there a spell for a couple that could connect them through their dreams so they could see each other?

Answer: The best thing for this is for both of you to learn how to lucid dream. This is a kind of controlled dream where you can direct where you go and who you meet. This article may be useful to you:

Question: I want to be a white witch. I'm an adult. Is it good or harmful?

Answer: Witchcraft is not harmful unless you set out to harm someone. Then it may hurt both of you. Read the article thoroughly and make sure you understand what witchcraft is.

This might also help:

Question: I'm 12 and I want to be a white witch. Is it that bad or good?

Answer: It's neither bad or good because at 12, you are too young. Being a witch means being responsible for your actions and living your life in a certain way. This article might help to explain things:

Question: How do I go about becoming a white witch? I have some special traits and I've known for a long time, but I just want to fully commit.

Answer: I do wish people would drop the idea of being 'white witches'. Trying to be purer than pure is an impossible and self-defeating aspiration. You are human; you will make mistakes throughout your life. Just be a witch and do good things. Start here, there are links to other articles that will also help you:

Question: Can a white witch cast a curse or hex?

Answer: No, never. A white witch lives his or her life as a pure and good person. It's just about impossible for most people. Hence why I think anyone claiming to be a white witch, isn't one.

Question: Are the witch-doctors of the past the same thing?

Answer: Well, there are still plenty of cultures around the world where witchdoctors (or their equivalent are still a thing). If you are asking if they are the same as a white witch, then no, they aren't. They practice a completely different kind of witchcraft, such as voudou and other traditions.

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