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Beginning Witchcraft: What You Need to Know About Casting Spells

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Born in deepest Cornwall, now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of eclectic witchcraft for years and years.

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

I can’t begin to tell you how many questions I get about spell casting. Am I too young to cast a spell? At what age should I work magick? Why didn’t my spell work? Why doesn’t magick work for me? Well, before you even begin spell casting, you need to know and understand a few things.

Firstly, there are no spells in this article. I have written plenty of others that do include spells. No, what this article is about is encouraging you to gain an understanding of what it means to be a witch, working real magick. And what is magick? It’s the art of making change happen with the power of your mind and emotions. These changes can be almost instant, or they may take a long time.

You Have to Train to Be Successful at Spell Casting

Imagine, for a moment, that you are entered to compete in a high-level sporting event. Let’s say the New York marathon. You wouldn’t just put on your running shoes, go out there, and put in a record time without having a clue what you are doing. You probably wouldn’t even complete a mile, let alone 26 miles. You start at the beginning. You plan a strategy, a training program. You listen to other people. You watch what they are doing. You practice, you train. For months and months. You learn about nutrition, how to manage your physical energy, how to run efficiently, and how to cope with cramps and joint pains. You find out about the best shoes, the best sportswear… and a whole host of other things.

It’s the same with being successful at spell casting. Not quite so exhausting, though. You have to understand magick, how working with energy is an art and how to shift your conscious to reach that magickal place in your mind, spirit, and body. When to act, when not to act. When and how to let the magick go. You need to learn how to develop an unyielding belief. You also need to understand that sometimes something not happening is a really good thing.

The Age Question

The most common question I am asked is, “Am I too young to be a witch?” In 99% of cases, the answer is, ‘Yes, you are too young.” Why am I so concerned about age? Because, in general, young teenagers are susceptible to being influenced by the media, by movies and TV. Real witchcraft is nothing like the way it is portrayed on TV.

Real witchcraft requires the following:

  • You must know who you are. In other words, you need to be aware of your positive and negative traits. You may desire power over other people - and that’s definitely a negative. You might want to do good in the world - a positive. You might habitually lie - not good. Or you may be the most honest person you know - good. You have to know, understand, and ultimately improve yourself or, at least, your attitudes and behaviour. Real witches are willing to change. It takes maturity and self-awareness to know who you are.
  • Life experience. There is no substitute for a whole load of life experiences, both happy and not so happy, good and bad. Drawing on life experience cannot be bettered in the world of witchcraft. You will know more about people, more about the consequences of actions, and more about how things almost always work out for the best. That’s why a 13-year-old cannot be a real witch, however confident he or she is.
  • A deep understanding of the principles of magick. This is so important… yes a spell will work if you have the sure knowledge that it will, but knowing how it works helps enormously. Magick is powerful. It’s not harmless. You can create situations accidentally. You must have respect for magick. Don’t trivialize it. Magick is governed by universal laws. Have a read-through of that article, then come back here and ask any questions you have.
  • An open mind and the willingness to learn. Real witches understand that life is one big learning experience. There’s no point where a witch says to him/herself, ‘Right, that’s it, I’m done. I know all there is to know.’ They expand their knowledge by reading scientific articles and books. They hone their skills by continuous practice. They record and observe. They acknowledge where it went wrong and where it all went right.
  • Patience. Having the willingness to wait, and to become receptive to the results of the spells you work is essential. There is nothing black and white about magick. It can happen very quickly, but more often, it takes time. The more effort you put into working toward your goal, the faster the universe will deliver the goods.
This isn't how it works.  Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

This isn't how it works. Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Things You Don’t Need to Work Magick

Casting a successful spell isn’t about gathering the right ingredients or performing a ritual at the exact perfect time. It isn’t about lighting the correct colour candle or burning the right incense. It’s not about what you wear or the words you speak. It’s not about the equipment you lay before you, or the wand made of the right wood, or the crystal in the handle of your athame. It’s not about which deity you call upon, or asking the quarters to protect you. It’s not about any of that stuff.

Then Why Do Witches Use All Those Things?

Most beginner witches haven’t a clue why they are told to use those things. The one basic principle about it that they are not told is that all that paraphernalia is about focusing consciousness. Or, to put it another way, to strengthen belief. Nothing more. If you believe that the power you seek is made available because you turn to the North and call on Freya to grant your wish, then it will be so… if your belief is strong enough.

What You Do Need for Casting Spells

  • Intent
  • Focus
  • Ability to shift consciousness
  • Trust in universal energy/the Goddess
  • Sure knowing that the desire is being dealt with
  • Patience
  • The willingness to take action towards your goal

Be Very Careful What You Wish For

Let’s say you work a spell for unlimited wealth. To do nothing all day except spend your money. Your spell works perfectly. You end up being married to a handsome, wealthy man who wants to lavish his fortune on you and provide the life you wished for. The problem is, he’s a drug dealer and a gangster, and you can never, ever leave him. Your life is completely out of your control.

Someone Hurt Me, I Need a Revenge Spell

No, you don’t. A revenge spell is a horrible thing that can rebound hard on the person who cast it. A preferable alternative is to cast a spell to give yourself the necessary self-confidence to be able to get past the pain or humiliation. Remember that the best revenge is to demonstrate how great your life is.

If you think that someone is attempting a psychic attack on you, firstly, know that such magick is desperate and weak. And, secondly, understand that you can easily turn it back on the sender by creating a magickal shield: Psychic Protection for Witches and Sensitives

Even when you are sorely tempted, do not cast a spell for revenge.  Image by Pete Linforth via Pixabay

Even when you are sorely tempted, do not cast a spell for revenge. Image by Pete Linforth via Pixabay

When Your Spell Doesn’t Work, But It Really Does

Sometimes people complain that their spell didn’t work, but they don’t realize that it worked perfectly. For instance, you have really taken a liking to a certain boy. You know enough that trying to use magick to manipulate him to fall in love with you is not a good idea, so you do a general spell to attract love. You can't help hoping that it will bring him to your side. You then watch helplessly as that gorgeous boy begins dating your best friend. You inwardly despair that your spell didn’t work.

Within a month or two, he’s cheating on her. And you are relieved that your spell didn't work after all. Then you meet someone even better. Someone who respects you, treats you well and worships your very being. Your spell did work. And it worked perfectly - it brought you love.

This example shows that for magick to work, you have to have unwavering faith that it will. If you begin to question why it doesn’t appear to be working, your faith is not strong enough.

Your Pre-Ritual Checklist

It’s always a good idea to do a little journal exploration on the topic before you leap in to casting a spell. Preparation and planning is key when considering spells. Work through this checklist of suggested questions:

  • What is your desired outcome?
  • What are your main reasons for casting this spell?
  • What are your hidden reasons for casting this spell? For example, are you trying to exert power over someone, or to avoid doing something you really should do, like studying?
  • Are you sure you are not manipulating another person? Are you following your own code of ethics?
  • Are you willing to take action towards your desired outcome after the spell is completed? The universe responds better when you take steps to enable the outcome. It’s like a power boost. Magick isn’t about sitting back and waiting for results; it’s about creating inner change that allows you to take action towards your goals. No point doing a weight loss spell and thinking you can eat what you like and get skinny.
  • Are you confident you are able to reach the level of emotion necessary to impress your desire upon the fabric of the universe? It helps if you are adept at visualization. Successful spell working entails a shift in consciousness.
  • Do you have certainty in the universe’s power to deliver the goods? Faith in the outcome is absolutely non-negotiable. If you allow doubt to creep in, you are messing up the vibration.
  • What if it all goes horribly wrong? Are you willing and able to deal with the consequences? Will you take responsibility for what you did? Will you put it right?
  • Have you researched everything about the tools and equipment you intend to use? In other words, do you know why you are using a green candle? Or a certain mix of incense?
  • Have you checked the timing of the spell? It can make a difference where the moon is in her cycle, or what day of the week. Timing isn’t the be-all and end-all, but you can make use of it to make the spell flow better.
  • Is your spell for the highest good? In other words, are you completely confident that you are asking for this outcome for all the right reasons?

Do You Have to be a Witch in Order to Cast Spells?

No, you don’t. Let me explain something that most people don’t realize. We are all capable of magick, of making the changes we desire, and getting the results we crave. Every one of us can do this. There is much evidence to suggest that ancient civilizations were aware and accepting of this fact. We often think, today, that those people were ruled by the most weird and wonderful superstitions, but they were practicing magick. They worked magick to attract the prey they needed for food and clothing, to discover the fruits they wanted, the fish they fancied for dinner.

What happened? As communities began to form into larger societies, certain members of those societies began to learn how good it felt to be powerful, to have control over others. Religion was the conduit of power. And those in charge couldn’t have people wandering about, living their lives, working their magick. No, the people needed suppressing, shown their place, to learn obedience. You can see where this is going, can’t you? Magick was discouraged, stamped out. If you wanted something that you couldn’t achieve by yourself, you went to the shaman, the priest, the person who would intercede with the gods on your behalf, and yes, even the local witch. You put your trust in them. You forgot that you are magick.

So, know this. You can work magick, whatever your age, whatever your abilities, whatever your faith. Yet, also know that it can be a dangerous game. Especially in this modern age. Before you leap in, learn what you must learn. Understand that everything you do has consequences, and be prepared to be responsible for the spells you cast.

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Magick Is Easy Peasy

No, it’s not. If it were, then everyone would be living a perfect life. Magick is accessible to everyone, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. If it was just a question of gathering together the right ingredients, waving a wand and saying a few words… well, if only.

The hard work part of magick is that elusive shift in consciousness that connects you to ‘the all’. When you feel it, you know it. And it is impossible to describe it in a short article like this. And that’s one reason people use all those props, because they make them feel magical. That gorgeous incense, the feel of the polished wood wand, the shimmering candle - they do make you feel special. And there’s the key: feeling. It’s your feelings that connect you. And to reach that place, you generally have to use your emotions. I’ve described in this article, How To Begin Witchcraft: Casting Spells, how to raise your emotions when performing a spell.

A short-cut way, is to perform magick out of doors on a clear night. Where you can see the sky and feel the vastness of the universe. And to know you are part of it. To know that your experiences contribute to the expansion, to the living energy that flows through every single particle of the universe.

Another way is to practice changing your consciousness through meditation. I will fully admit that I find meditation almost impossible. It’s worked a few times, but generally, I am too fidgety, too impatient, and I get cross with myself for not being able to stick at it. That’s why I go with the ‘connection to the vast universe’ method. It’s what works for me. And I am a sucker for the full moon. The sight of that glorious heavenly body sends shivers down me. And, as I write this, I’m reminded that there is a full moon tonight.

So just try this: go outside on any calm, still, clear night. Look up at the stars (and the moon if she happens to be hanging around) and feel the magick inside yourself. Feel your unbreakable connection to the universe. Feel the energy flowing through your body. That’s magick.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: What's the difference between the Law of Attraction and Witchcraft? What makes spells more powerful than LoA?

Answer: There isn't any difference. However, spells are more effective because it's easier to raise the emotional energy required and because it's much more intense.

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Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 01, 2019:

It's not for me to decide, Fire Ruby. Personally, if you were my daughter I would be encouraging her to start slowly and with fairly innocuous spells.

Please remember that the major part of witchcraft is not casting spells; it's about living the life.