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Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Lydia is a solitary witch who has been active in the occult community for 15 years. She is a published writer and visual artist.

At the spring equinox, all the vegetation around us is ready to spring to life.

At the spring equinox, all the vegetation around us is ready to spring to life.

The eight Wiccan sabbats are solar festivals. At spring equinox, we are at the juncture on the Wheel of Life when the days are lengthening. This is a fruitful time of increase as the Sun sets later and later each day. All the Earth is awakening with life—buds appear on trees and animals come out of hibernation. The weather is warming up, and we are entering the active half of the year. This is certainly a reason for celebration!

This is the time when we will be getting out and getting in touch with nature. We are about to become more active with springtime strolls and lounging in the yard. Some of us will be starting our gardens soon. Making the first day of this new season special by engaging in spiritually significant activities can be a great way to get in touch with the spirit of spring.

Celebratory Ideas

  1. Have a bonfire.
  2. Create a fairy garden.
  3. Create an outdoor altar.
  4. Do a home blessing.
  5. Dye Ostara eggs.
A fire is a symbol of Father Sun.

A fire is a symbol of Father Sun.

Have a Bonfire

What better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than with fire? Bonfires are a festive activity that brings the inner child out in all of us. Fire can be a representation of the Sun and is a good way to honor the returning light. Sabbats are festival days in which we essentially take time to worship Father Sun. Spend some time celebrating the balance between dark and light by having a bonfire.

This is a festive activity which can bring people together. Prepare a playlist of spring-themed songs to sing along with. Write out a list of intentions for the year and burn them as a petitionary offering to the gods. Try out pyromancy as a form of divination. Bring your sketchbook and draw out symbols and images from the fire to get a glimpse of what the future holds.

Image by Gabriele Schneider from

Image by Gabriele Schneider from

Create a Fairy Garden

In the northern climate where I live, we do not do any planting until close to the end of May. Canada is notoriously cold in March. This doesn't mean that we cannot create a miniature garden inside the comfort of our own homes. This activity is a good one if the weather on spring equinox isn't nice enough for outdoor activities. It is also an engaging activity for children.

Making a fairy garden is a creative endeavor that can be personalized. You can take a nature walk appreciating the warmer weather while collecting stones, twigs, and moss to put in your garden. Look for springtime omens to prognosticate what is coming up in the future. You can create a garden in a terrarium or set some flowers up in a creative way along your window sill or altar. Taking a trip to your local thrift store and getting some toy figurines to occupy your garden can be great fun.

If you are making a terrarium you could use an old fish tank. Putting in layers of stones and colored sand can make it a highly decorative piece. Sprinkle on fast-growing seeds like grass or chia. Pick herbs like thyme which has teeny, tiny leaves. Anything dainty with tiny little flowers which would appeal to the fae can be added. Don't forget to add some treasure, trinkets, and sparkling crystals.

Get ready for the gardening season with an outdoor altar.

Get ready for the gardening season with an outdoor altar.

Create an Outdoor Altar

Though March may be too cold to do any planting in the garden, it doesn't mean we can't get started by creating an outdoor altar. Get ready to manifest your potential by adding intentional elements. Be mindful of what you wish to achieve in the coming year as you set up your altar. Pick figurines or decorations that are relevant to your intentions. Put some crystals outside. Leave a libation to the gods. Place a bowl of colored eggs on your altar.

You can do a garden blessing while you are at it. Make a full day of it! Get a start on picking up litter and raking away debris. Sprinkle some herbs on the soil to embed your garden with fresh energy. Set up a blanket and some candles in your garden. Sit outside and take in the seasonal changes. Have tea and a picnic.

While you are outside, you might want to collect a few plants or some pussy willow branches for a spring bouquet or wreath. At this time of the year, the sap is returning to the trees. This means that they are easily bendable. You can bend them into wreaths, flower crowns, or other interesting shapes to hang along a garden wall.

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If you don't have a garden you may want to take a trip to a park or beach and make a labyrinth out of stones or twigs. You can leave an offering to the gods or animals in the process.

Conduct a home blessing to welcome in positive energy.

Conduct a home blessing to welcome in positive energy.

Do a Home Blessing

Spring is a season of purification. Clear away any negative energy and clutter that has accumulated over the winter. Use incense or a sweep to cleanse your space of any wonky lingering there. Open your windows to let the stale air out and take in the springtime sounds. This can be a nice experience if you have birds around the vicinity of your home. The refreshing sounds of spring can be a real treat after a long winter.

Additionally, you can create your own floor wash out of a tea made from spring equinox herbs. Turning spring cleaning into an intentional ritual process can enrich your life. Cleanse your home of not just physical clutter, but stagnant energy. Do a besom sweep while chanting. You can write a chant yourself or use one online if you don't feel like being creative.

After you are done cleansing, you can bless your home. Write your own blessing adding in your intentions for the coming. Mention all of the people who live under your roof in your blessing.

You may wish to put up some springtime decorations. You can create a wreath out of some budding branches. Bring spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth into the home. Put up linens in light pastel colors. Hang up wind chimes and sun catchers. Add in protective charms to keep your home and family extra safe.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Uns

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Uns

Dye Ostara Eggs

Engage in color magick by dying eggs. Decorate your eggs with symbols of your intentions. I like to use letters from the Runic alphabet, but you can pick any symbols or illustrations which appeal to you. There are lots of commercial products for dying eggs on the market. It can be fun to make your own natural dye out of things in your cupboards. You can even just use regular colored markers if you want a fine tip to do something fancy.

You can bury your Ostara egg in your garden as a magickal working. Make sure the weather has warmed up enough to dig into the soil. Many years ago as a fledgling witch I did a ritual and had a difficult time digging deep enough into the soil to plant my egg. Always consult the weatherman before you firmly plan out any outdoor celebrations and try having a backup plan.

There are so many ways to incorporate eggs into your spring equinox ritual. Try your hand at making a cascarone. This is a Mexican tradition where you fill eggshells with confetti, glitter, and herbs. You then smash them on people for good luck. Empty the eggshell of its content and pour in melted chocolate.

Oomancy is a form of divination you might want to try out. Take a pot of boiling water and drop egg whites into it. Have a look at the shapes and see what they remind you of.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Lydia Workman (author) from Canada on March 13, 2021:

Thank you very much! I am really looking forward to spring too!

Elaine Byers on March 13, 2021:

Wonderful article, love when the days get longer!

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