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The Witches' Power: Energy Sources, Circuits, and Transfers

Pagan Priestess, Witch, artist, writer, and more! Rev. Amanda has made a career out of studying magic and everything revolving around it.

All about uses of energy in witchcraft

All about uses of energy in witchcraft

Energy in Witchcraft Abounds

Energy comprises everything you see, feel, and hear. When witches, mages, and all other magickal folk perform magick, they are using energy to manifest their will. In order to properly raise enough energy to cast a spell, it's helpful to understand how your personal power works, and how to utilize the energy of the elements and other sources around you.

Within your body, and around your body, is an energy body. I'm sure you've heard of an aura—this is like the skin of your energy body. Inside your aura are networks of energy centers and channels—your chakras and meridians. I'm sure you've heard of the seven chakras along the middle of your body—Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, and Crown. These energy centers are wheels of energy, swirling in frequencies we identify by the color associated with the frequency. These are far from the only chakras in your body, though—there are thousands!

Today I will be discussing energy circuits—how energy travels—and the types of workings in which these circuits would be applicable. I will also discuss energy transfers, as well as sources. That is, how you can dispense energy to the universe or to another person, place, or thing, and how you can absorb energy from an external source.

The seven chakras

The seven chakras

Energy Circuits

Energy travels along meridians and through the chakras, like blood flows along veins and through organs and arteries. The way the energy flows is referred to as an energy circuit. There are several circuits in your body, but we will only discuss three circuits that are most applicable to working magic.

Solar Circuit

Named for the Solar Plexus chakra, this is the circuit that maintains your body's basic functions. It is fueled by the inexhaustible energy of the soul and runs automatically. We can add to the energy of the solar circuit—usually through the heart chakra.

Lunar Circuit

This energy system is based on the root chakra, and is often referred to as the Kundalini system This is not run by automatism, like the solar circuit, but can be engaged. It takes extensive study and training. This is the energy system responsible for high-level magic's miracles, if you will, as it's capable of achieving incredible results. Lewis-Highcorrell recommends approaching the use of the lunar circuit with care, however, as it could be dangerous and hard to handle. It must be deliberately started and stopped. The circuit begins in the Root chakra, as I aforementioned, and the energy grows as it raises through the rest of the six chakras, reaching the crown through which the energy is released when performing a spell or working of some manner.

Stellar Circuit

The stellar circuit begins in the crown chakra, and energy trickles down through each of the remaining major centers. This is primarily used to receive energy—it can receive energy of all kinds, but is particularly programmed to receive communication energy.1

It is through my crown chakra I was able to receive telepathic messages from my best friend. (No, I'm not crazy—communication is really something you can do! More on that later.) I opened my Crown chakra, and my Brow chakra. I'm primarily clairvoyant, which means I perceive psychic messages visually. After the energy she sent me was absorbed into my crown chakra, the energy trickled down into my Brow where I was able to process the information.

When we look at the physical form of a person or thing, we are seeing only the external shell of the soul, and this shell conceals much more within. By accessing the inner being - the soul - we can greatly affect the seemingly solid exterior. We do this by transferring energy - that is, sending energy from one person or thing to another.

— Rev. Donal Lewis Highcorrell, Witch School First Degree Lessons in the Correllian Tradition (p. 194)

Energy Transfers

There are a number of reasons to transfer energy. This may be done for healing, to send a blessing, or to communicate.

  • Healing: energy healing promotes spiritual, emotional, and even physical healing. We do this by accessing the energy body of another person, and remove blockages or negative energy, and inject healing, and positive energy. An experienced healer can perform workings that are as complex and precise as physical surgery.
  • Blessings: an injection of divine energy with the goal of strengthening a spiritual connection or to foster spiritual opening or growth
  • Communication: by placing a message into energy and sending it to a person, the information is communicated directly to the recipient - bypassing the consciousness. This is often how spirits or ancestors will communicate. It is possible to send information this way as well (i.e., telepathic communication).2

Remember earlier, I mentioned telepathic communication with my best friend? Now, I will say that the communication was very rudimentary—intended only as an exercise to help us hone our psychic abilities, we would send each other one or two words, usually describing something we were actually looking at. We would take turns doing this—I will say that we had to stop after a couple of times, because even sending and receiving one or two words is quite exhausting! I'm sure with practice, we could have advanced more, but she and I have busy lives and couldn't make a habit of it. But the point is that we accomplished it, and I'm sure you can, too!

Energy is everywhere!

Energy is everywhere!


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