The Easiest Way to Break a Curse or Hex (and Keep It Broken!)

Updated on November 20, 2017
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Known online as “thePuck”, Neal is an author and poet who spends his time thinking, writing, and solving interesting problems.

What Is a Curse?

A curse is a spell that is targeted directly at a person or place and is meant to cause harm. There are many such spells, but they can be broken down into categories.

  1. The entropy or chaos curse: This spell increases the probability of harm to its target. The harm might range from bad luck to death, but the trademark of this curse is that there is no rhyme or reason to the harm caused—it just results in things generally going wrong. If a whole string of things keep going spectacularly and improbably awry, there is a good chance there is an entropy curse at work.
  2. The binding: This spell causes an inability to act. It may manifest psychologically as depression or anxiety, or it may operate by simply making none of your plans amount to anything. If you find yourself completely unable to act upon your decisions, then you might be under a binding.
  3. The lesson: Some users of magick want to dispense justice, and right or wrong, they are willing to use magick to do it. The specifics of these curses are always retributive and their casters love to "make the punishment fit the crime." Thus, if the target is a thief, they will be stolen from—and if they are a user, they will be used. If you find yourself suddenly and consistently a victim of "your own medicine," you might want to look around for a nearby witch with a good-guy badge.
  4. The special-purpose curse: This is a catch-all category for things like "a sending of rats" or the "evil eye." These spells are usually specific, have a great deal of lore associated with them, and are generally spectacular in their results (there is nothing subtle about your house being infested with dozens of rats). In this case, each spell has its own hallmark signs, but they are all very spectacular. When life starts feeling like a horror movie, you have a special-purpose curse.

Can You Put a Curse on Someone and Not Know It?

Hexes are intentionally malevolent spells. A hex is never accidental and is usually cast by someone with knowledge in witchcraft. Curses, on the other hand, are sometimes less intentional and can be set in motion when someone simply thinks or speaks ill against another.

How Do I Know If I Am Cursed?

People who are simply having a bad time in their lives often think they are the victims of curses. Knowing whether you are really cursed requires some careful self-examination. You must first ask yourself if you are being honest and objective and whether what is happening might just be coincidence or self-sabotage. If you really believe that what is happening might in fact be caused by magick, there are ways to check. If your area has an occult store or local pagan group, you might be able to find help there, or use the simple divination method below. (Note: this method employs the same approach as with a Tarot deck, but uses a normal deck of playing cards. If you want to use Tarot cards, you can, just remove the Major Arcana and use the same method with the remainder).

  1. Sit down with a deck of playing cards. Take the jokers out and set them aside.

  2. Shuffle the cards slowly, not using the normal method of card-game shuffling. In other words, you should be mindfully mixing the cards in your hand and there should be no loud, slapping noises. Shuffle intently and focus on all of the reasons why you think you are cursed, remembering everything that has occurred. After a few minutes of this, focus on your question: "Is what is happening to me the result of a curse?" When you feel ready, stop shuffling.

  3. Put the stack of cards in front of you, face down. One by one, pull a card from the top of your deck and lay it face up in a pile. Keep stacking cards until you either find an ace or the pile is ten cards high. In other words, count as you go, and if you turn over an ace or reach ten, stop.

  4. Do this three times for a total of three stacks. You will have some cards leftover in the face-down deck, but you'll also have three piles of face-up cards. You will end up with 0-3 aces showing.

  5. If you have zero aces showing, then you are not likely cursed (yay!).
    If you see one, there is a one in three (33.3%) chance you are cursed. It may be that someone is thinking negative thoughts about you, but they haven't done anything more than think.
    If you see two aces, there's a two-in-three chance (66.6%) that you have been cursed. It may be that someone has not only thought about but has sent or is preparing to send negative energies towards you.
    If there are three aces showing, this means you are definitely cursed (99.9%). Someone is actively willing harm, bad luck, and negativity towards you.

What to Do If You Are Cursed

If you are cursed, then it is most likely low-end magick practiced by an amateur. Professionals are generally occupied with more important things. However, amateurs can have a lot of raw power even when their technique is lacking, and their curses can be very dangerous.

There are a couple of ways to deal with a curse.

  1. The first is to become an initiate in some tradition of magick and learn to protect yourself. This is not for everyone (no matter what some of the books may say, not everyone is suited to magick) and is extremely time-consuming, difficult, and brings its own dangers.
  2. The second way is to use a simple spell that anyone can do without real training. You don't need practice, but you do need to follow all the instructions carefully and conscientiously.

Coarse salt is what you'll need to perform this curse-breaking ritual.
Coarse salt is what you'll need to perform this curse-breaking ritual.

Simple Curse-Breaking Spell

Items needed:

  • the target (the item, person, or place that has been cursed),
  • a tub of water large enough to submerge and wash the target (or enough water to wash down the area if a location was cursed),
  • Enough sea salt so the water-to-salt ratio is about 100:1. If you fill the tub with about 100 cups of water, then a cup of salt should suffice. If you only need a cup of water to immerse a small object, then two teaspoons of salt will do. When in doubt, it's better to use too much salt than too little.

Best times to perform this ritual: During a new moon, on a Thursday, at noon or at midnight, at dawn or at dusk (or at any time associated with transitions).

  1. Fill the tub with water. The temperature should be comfortable for a long soak if the target is a living thing.

  2. Open and hold up the container of sea salt.

  3. Clear your mind and say the following words while concentrating on what they mean to you. Say them slowly, confidently, and meditatively: "In the names of my ancestors, my gods, and myself, I call upon thee, oh creatures of Earth and Water. Come forth, cleanse [name of target] of all evil and alien magicks, and restore [them, me, it] to balance and health. By our wills combined, so mote it be."

  4. Pour the salt into the water.

  5. Keeping your mind in that calm and meditative state, submerge or wash the target slowly. If you are the target, get in the tub and simply lay back and soak. Relax. Let everything slip away. If you are cleansing an object or a location, you will have to make sure the water touches every inch of its surface.

  6. Do this for at least ten minutes. When you are done, drain the water away and rinse it off the target. It is absolutely necessary that all of the saltwater is washed off of the target!

  7. When you are done, say the following in the same way you did step 3: "I thank thee, oh creatures of Earth and Water, in the name of myself, my gods, and my ancestors. Be released to your homes, doing no harm on your way, and return to me with glad hearts when next you are summoned. By our wills combined, so mote it be."

The downside of this is cleansing that it is limited in its scope and power and that it may not be able to defeat a more powerful curse. If this is true, seek a professional to help you, because you won't be able to deal with it without real training.

Other Curse-Breaking Rituals

If you prefer, you can perform another ritual instead of or in addition to the curse-breaker described above. Try any and all of these:

  • At dawn and sunset, burn sage or bay leaf as a cleansing.
  • Sink into a natural source of water (a creek, river, or ocean, for example) and let the water carry the curse away.
  • Use selenite to cleanse and break the curse.
  • Create a tea of hex-breaking herbs steeped in water to cleanse your home. When you're done, toss the water outside.

What About Reflection Spells?

You could use a mirror spell to reflect and deflect the curse back to the curser, but I don't recommend this. If there is no curse, if it's just your overactive imagination, then you may mistakenly curse yourself. It may be that the curse was made in a rash, unintentional, emotional moment and the curser has calmed down and amended their thinking since then. Unless you know specifically who cursed you, and you're certain you want to curse that person, it's never a good idea to send any curses blindly back out into the universe. Many believe in the law of three: what you send out into the world will return to you threefold. Even if you think you're just sending curses back, if you send them, they will come back to you some day. Better to just clean them up, as described above.

Hex-Breaking Herbs
Hex-Breaking Herbs

Hex-Breaking Herbs

Alkanet root
Angelica root
Pepper (black or cayenne)
Bay leaves
Lemon verbena
Licorice root or fennel
Stinging nettle
Cinquefoil/Five finger grass
Dragon's Blood
Woods: Ash, Hazel, Oak, Rue, Sandalwood, West Indian Elm, Willow, Wormwood
These items might be burned or bathed in, but some are poisonous to eat.

How to Prevent a Curse From Coming Back

Deflecting or cleansing a curse is only half the job. The other half is preventing it from returning. After you've broken the curse, you’ll need to take action to prevent a recurrence and dissipate any lingering effects.

Do this by thoroughly cleansing yourself, your home, and any person or object that might have been affected. Use protective amulets and enchantments to block future curses. Repeat these measures to keep them fresh and potent for as long as you need to.

Final Thoughts

A curse is serious business, and dealing with it can be scary for a person not used to the world of magick. The good news is that magick is just like any other method for enacting change and its principles can be learned and applied without expertise. Just like it is possible to diagnose and medicate your own headache without being a doctor, it is possible to apply simple magickal techniques to help you protect yourself and take better control of your life. Good luck!

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    • profile image

      noah 5 hours ago

      a few more incidents I remembered after this post. I have a space on my kitchen counter, if you put anything on this ordinary counter - it rots extremely fast. bananas last about a day, flowers a bit less. Bread goes stale etc - however if you go to the counter on the other side of the sink, nothing happens. food lasts as long as it should.

      Phantom leaks, found water in the attic, called in the pros and they could not find the leak and it stopped. I found an old cassette carrier, I knew it was full of old eighties stuff, when I opened it - it was full of water, perfectly full, right to the edge. It is on a blonde pinewood shelf, if you sneeze on that wood it leaves dark splotches - however there was no water under where it was, no water on the things side by side with it - two big heavy art books on either side and they were dry. I went below the shelf, still dry. Above dry also. The case was waterproof and had no holes. and the water wasn't cold but the room is more of a storage space so it is colder there than the rest of the house, was tepid and warm to the touch.

      I probably will remember more but one more thing - I have a huge living room. My cat will not go in there. Everywhere else she tries to trip me she is very mischievous, that is part of her charm. if I am a foot or so inside she might give my ankle a head butt and then leaves quickly. All the other rooms are jungle Gyms for her.

      Thats it for now, I am sure I will remember more. Actually 'remembering' is an issue I could use some guidance on.

      love the page

    • profile image

      noah 27 hours ago

      I moved to a nice century home, it was nice for the first few years but I am antiques collector - I usually live on the merchandise until an auction - about five years back, stuff started to go bad. Pushed and tripped and stuff being knocked over - became so often it was often ignored, tonight i was tripped and smashed my face into a side table

      sprained wrist bloody nose, so not too bad, there has been worse.

      this is going to sound like some troll or whacko - but one night a bat started flying around the living room - I trapped it with a towel and took it outside and put it on a tree - it didn't have the pushed in face of bats around here, it was more mouselike. Next day another bat, this one much smaller appeared to come out of the wall same thing, put it outside. I took one of those gazillion candlepower flashlights and looked for any way they got in. The window is in the back of the living room and the window and a store window both painted shut, no holes or access

      footsteps upstairs constantly - stuff you see in the corner of your eye. voices singing, distant and hard to make out. I'm not turning schizo because I have other people will confirm my accounts

      other stuff that could be not paranormal but just crappy luck - my little dog badly broke her paw. All the agonies she suffered at the vets ie rebreak and remend, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. She turned very cranky and you had to be careful, still I loved her very much, she died about four days ago - stroke

      I wonder if one of my antiques brought this in with it.

      so much has happened I can't document it all.

      my mother was a black magick witch, and I seen what she could do, so I always tried to keep on her good side. I have two sisters who are very much like her, my mother has passed on, my sisters - I am on the good side of one, the other one hates me.

      what can I do? how do you know what you brought home had passengers? I remember looking over at each other after a glass flew off a table and smashed at the same time we could hear footsteps upstairs. I said man if one of us were a writer, we could make a fortune

      any guidance would be much appreciated

    • profile image

      Heather 3 days ago

      My daughter is evil she's been since she was 12 what do I do she's a non believer? Please help

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 days ago from Bay Area, CA

      Hi Bangy!,

      You need an exorcism and warding! The best ritual I can recommend is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Learn it and do it regularly (at least once a day) until you stop having these experiences. It probably won't take long.

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 days ago from Bay Area, CA

      I can give advice, but not help personally.

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 days ago from Bay Area, CA

      Hi, Abby,

      Wow, that sounds like a lot to be going through. While I would suggest doing the cleansing detailed in the article, this requires personal care. Look for occult or pagan stores (look for new age stores, if nothing more serious is available) that have classes and a community (that way you know they will have some professionals on hand) and then ask if there is anyone who can help you with severe psychic attacks. They will ask a bunch of questions and possibly want to do a divination on you (tarot cards or something similar). Hopefully they can help you.

      Good luck!

    • profile image

      Meh 10 days ago

      I’m pretty sure I’ve been cursed and I know who by. I’m not sure why this person would curse me when I was nothing but nice to them. My life has been chaos ever since this person hasn’t been in my life. Not talking about the random coincidences, I mean I’ve been stolen from multiple times, an abundance of misfortunes that can’t be explained. I believe in karma and getting back what you put into the universe and I am a good person. I do good and I give to everyone. I need to break this curse I feel that’s the only way my life will get somewhat better.

    • profile image

      whatever 11 days ago

      kevin L A Ewing on youtube. pray with him. there is also MrPastor77. for that one I didn't pay attention then fell asleep while his stuff was playing on youtube. lordy lordy lordy. tell you true his prayers. his honest prayers (not so much the one's people send money in and ask for prayers you can tell which those are) they really work

    • profile image

      JEFFREY 2 weeks ago

      what about a beheaded chicken upside down found over the driveway and my father made me remove it , we have had nothing but bad all our life very sad my little brother died my dad died my mother lost her home and caught cancer and stroke and now lymphedema we have no home i am so talented sitting on millions pf dollars of songs but everything i try falls thru health is not the best so there must be something to this i want it removed what ever it is

    • Abby Kadabra profile image

      Abby Kadabra 2 weeks ago


      I wouldn't have a bunch of strangers on a message board pray over me. You may want to go somewhere and pray over yourself. Trust me. I have gone to churches and talked to "Christians" who talked curses over me instead of blessings. Most of them were practicing voodoo any way.

    • Abby Kadabra profile image

      Abby Kadabra 2 weeks ago


      I too have seen spirits ghosts too. I prayed a long time ago to God asking Him that I would never see ghosts or spirits and now I do. Just last night in the room I'm standing in, I saw a man in the corner of this room I am staying in. I haven't seen him since I lived in my college town and I am ready to get the hell out of here.

    • Abby Kadabra profile image

      Abby Kadabra 2 weeks ago


      Lately I have been attacked by almost everything people can think of. Dead family members, the spirit of alcoholism, ghosts, those who pray to satan and lucifer, hexes, evil eyes, you name it it's been done. How do I break this crap off of me. I stopped going into graveyards and refuse to go to weddings, funerals, etc.

    • profile image

      Bangy 2 weeks ago

      I really could use some help.. I have been seeing spirits in the shadows.. It's like they are all around me.. And not friendly! Very mean disturbing faces.. My camera on my phone is real fuzzy when I have taken pics of them to show that I am not loosing my marbles but I can feel them.. Can someone please help me so I can get rid of them.. I have 3 children and I worry that these things will possibly hurt them... Thank u..

    • profile image

      "Lisa" 2 weeks ago

      Hi all,

      Can l ask any Christians to pray over me please ?

      I too have been attacked since I was a child. Been made some sort of scapegoat ?

      I'm trying not to wish bad on my antagonists, but to think that there was always something going wrong with my life , nothing coming to fruition, relationships failing, i even have a vague memory of giving

      " happiness".. to my sister- who in their right mind would do that.

      Prayer & being prayed over can help as well as looking up appropriate saints .

      Also repent of your wrong doing, sometimes we don't understand that we're doing wrong so ask God to reveal this to you.

      A couple of years ago l came to the awful realisation that my family have put something bad in me.

      When I confronted them , they all lief & made out that I was being paranoid.

      But things that were said & done were not normal. I.e. one sister stated that the other was into Wicca & also said "spells don't last very long", denies saying other things, can't remember certain things that she's told me etc.

      Plus they were both really hostile when we were growing up.

      I can't work out who's influencing who eg if my mother's favorite has been controlling her or they're working together.

      I've been really stressed at times, l believe prayer & being prayed over has made a difference, but I'm not as joyous as i used to be.

      It gets worse as l've also realised that my "boyfriend" has been controlling me somehow. I'm not the same person that I was when I met him.

      I'm wondering what his agenda is.

      He's a drunkard & a non-Christian who hates religion. I do want to leave him but don't know how as over the last 6 months i seem to have run out of money.

      There was a horrible energy around this morning, but as soon as he left, l started feeling better.

      My 20yo knee injury has flared up over the last few months , (it's getting better now )

      I say try & hang onto hope, the enemy wants us to feel hopeless .

    • profile image

      Papa 2 weeks ago

      I was reading some of the things people been say, and I haven't seen anyone suggest the power of prayer. The way to break a curse is to repent for whatever involvement has occurred on the enemy’s territory and rebuke the devil out of your life. You should also pray something along the following lines:

      “Father, I ask you first to forgive me for my sins and cleanse me from any area where I have allowed the devil to enter my life. I renounce any involvement with the works of darkness. In the name of Jesus, I now cancel every curse, and Father, I ask you to forgive the people who have spoken them against me. I thank you that those curses will no longer operate against me. In Jesus’ name, they are broken right now, by the power of Almighty God. I cancel every evil that was spoken against me and ask you to cover me and my family with your protection according to your Word in Psalm 91.”

      The Bible tells us in James 4:7 to “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

      If we think that someone is speaking a curse upon us, we should not send a curse back on the one who sent it to us. We are not to return evil for evil, but rather overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21). Ask God to forgive them, because many times they do not know what they are doing. If you intercede for such persons, you are obeying the Word, which allows the Holy Spirit to cancel the curse automatically if we are speaking good and praying for those who would seek to harm us. We should also quote the scriptures that promise us protection such as Psalm 91.

      Remember the devil is the fallen one and we have power over him, so we need not fear him. As we use our authority over him in faith, he cannot hurt us. We have power over all curses through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    • profile image

      TerryC91 2 weeks ago

      Can you help?

    • profile image

      Terry 2 weeks ago

      I have had constant undeniable misfortune for years now and lately things have been a lot worse I can’t hold jobs down im always tired and run down, always getting pains, keep getting I’ll, it started with wood lice and slugs but now there’s a lot of insects constantly invading my home. Also in times of confusion or worry I see and or hear crows on the rooftop. It feels like I’m unable to do or follow through anything I want to do to pick myself up and I’ve started too feel like something is seriously wrong and unnatural. Can you please help me in any way?

    • profile image

      Amy 3 weeks ago

      My step daughter's great great grandmother was fill Cherokee and had her only son die due to "the white people" not helping her...then later her daughters all marry "white men" she was furious to this day all the females in the family have lost children ranging from abandonment to state interceeding and removing the child or children my step daughter has just given birth to a healthy girl and is worried about family can I help her

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 weeks ago from Bay Area, CA

      Check the other reply.

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 weeks ago from Bay Area, CA

      First, get an eye test! It doesn't matter how old you are, my wife has had glasses since she was a little girl.

      But, if that doesn't lead to answers, you should follow the instructions in the article. Do NOT flush your eyes with salt water, it will hurt and possibly damage them. Just the bath.

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 weeks ago from Bay Area, CA

      Follow the instructions in the article. It will work for any medium to low level harmful spell.

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 weeks ago from Bay Area, CA

      Hi, Kayla, I'm sorry you're going through this. For various reasons I can't get involved in people's issues personally...there's just no good, ethical way to maintain boundaries or deal with compensation when you're doing this sort of thing.

      All I can advise is to do the curse-breaker detailed here. I'm sorry.

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 weeks ago from Bay Area, CA

      While a single nail is nothing to get worked up about by itself, your feelings about this woman are something to worry about.

      I would advise that you both perform the test and curse-breaking in the article and perform a simple binding spell against this woman.

      Simple Binding Spell

      1. Gain a link to the target. This can be symbolic, like a picture or their signature, biological, like hair, blood, or a fingernail clipping, or personal, like a personal possession.

      2. Get some string or thread (make sure it's long enough!) and wrap it around the item 9 times, chanting the following on each wrap:

      "I bind you (insert name) by my name and will to do no harm to me."

      3. Bury the bound item in a place it won't be dug up.

      Good luck!

    • thePuck profile image

      Neal Alan Jansons 3 weeks ago from Bay Area, CA

      Not that I'm aware of. If you find that this happens (use the test multiple times to be sure, of course), let me know and I'll add it to the old spellbook!

    • profile image

      Violet 3 weeks ago

      If I don’t want to splash water into my cursed eyes would crying a whole lot do the trick?

    • profile image

      Violet 3 weeks ago

      Hey, after a slew of events over the last few months I believe that there might be a curse of some sort on my eyes. I have yet to do a reading or look into it as much as I would like to, but I don’t know if it would be a good idea to try and flush them out with salt water. I’ll probably try another method. Any advice on this predicament though? For details I have been having extremely extensive issues with my glasses, my eyes cloud over sometimes, and I recently found out I might need bifocals (even though I’m not even 20!).

    • profile image

      kayla 3 weeks ago

      hey Andrea this girl who did this to me put a curse on me because i did something bad or being disrespectful to her in which i didn't. that's why she put a curse on me because she wanted revenge and now i want to give it back to her. how do i do that i don't know? i understand what you're going through. this girl and other people who have bullied me have already destroyed me and sending mind attacks like a psychic curse. i wish i was dead already. because i'm not who i use to be i'm not me anymore. why did this have to happen to me like this?

    • profile image

      Andrea 4 weeks ago

      Hey i did something really bad.One day me, my cousin and 2 more friends were playng.And my cousin is being bullyed at school.She hates a girl named Gabriela.She asks Elly one of our friends about how to get revenge.She sais that a curse woed be a good idea.She is on it but of course she begs me to join.I didnt want to do it but she wanted it so mutch that i agread.We starded the seans.Everything went good.But i feal really bad for what i did.How can i break a curse

    • profile image

      Kayla 4 weeks ago

      I know this girl Alexandra orosco and other people like her from riding this bus to school they definitely hate me and I will never forget what this girl said she was going to do and she did it. She attacked me mentally and now this has been really effecting me ever since 2016. How do I stop and get rid of this curse or any type of spell or negative energy sent to me like that. How do I send back the curse this girl put on me because I know her name I am really depressed because of people like her and on top of that I have been bullied by these kinds of people every since we moved to a new place riding this bus to the new school I'm about to graduate. These people like I said they wanted to hurt me because my mind has been attacked by this type of curse from this person. I didn't ask for this or get treated like this by these people. They are very sorry hateful and mean people that I had to deal with. I don't want this to tear me down for a lifetime because I hope this girl named Alexandra orosco didn't make sure the curse she put to attack my mind last like this because I'm tired of being depressed like this and can't seem to think like I use to. I know I sound crazy but it's true and I'm going to get professional help soon but until then I need help

    • profile image

      Michael Marie Taylor 4 weeks ago

      I found a unique nail in my bathroom. I decided to look it up its identical to a nail coffin. I live with my father. He has a female friend every time she's around I feel severe negative I know this woman hates me. Every since she's been in my father life ,my own life has been turbulent including mentally & physical health wise. I'm scared to death this woman is actively hurting me what do I do to stop it & protect myself

    • profile image

      Kayla 4 weeks ago

      This is to you Neal Alan jansons I need some serious help because I know my mind has been attacked and I'm sure I've been under a binding spell or some type of spell from this person. This person is Alexandra orosco. I'm not trying to sound crazy but it's true because I've tried to tell my mom about this but she just doesn't believe or try to take the time to understand why and how I developed this type of behavior. Please help me because this is all I have time for of some reason and this has never happen to me before. I have never been like this. I need some serious help right at this very moment. Please get rid of this curse . I can't tell my mom about this because she doesn't understand and she will flip out. I want to get rid of whatever it is that's holding me back. It's a curse and I know it. I'm very depressed like I said i've been attacked in the mind, I was happy smart and so on. I had everything I've thought of anything that I set my mind to but now that's gone. This person and her people blocked everything now there's nothing at all left for me I can't think anymore and my mind that has been attacked it's no use I can't take it anymore it's killing me slowly so please help me.

    • profile image

      Kayla 4 weeks ago

      I think the symptoms like depression seems to linger in my head and I'm trying to overcome it from this girl who did this to me but it's like I can't and I need serious help.

    • profile image

      Alynzkeh 4 weeks ago

      If two cursed people get together, could that break their curses?

    • profile image

      Kayla 4 weeks ago

      The question is for me how do I get my mind back and my trained of thoughts because it's like I can't think anymore and everything I have thought of seem to have fade away because of what this girl said she was going to do and she did it that day and now this is the way it is. Why she had to block my mind off like that whatever she thought I did to her to deserve this which I didn't do anything wrong I just want to say I'm sorry. But I'm a nice, respectful, kind, shy, and quite person and I didn't do anything to her at all.

    • profile image

      Kayla 5 weeks ago

      I know I might be under a binding curse as well from this girl. I will never forget this incident. I know I've been fucked up in the head too. I have been dealing with a lot of depression, mind attacks and mind problems because none of my plans seem to work out of anything like it used to be. It's like my mind got taken away from me and my thoughts because my mind is gone I have like I said before I have been acting out of character, I'm not myself anymore and I've had strange behavior too just from this girl Alexandra orosco the question is why me. Why couldn't these people leave me alone and leave me and my thoughts alone too. I am really crazy now because of what has happened to me since 2016 when I went to this new school and rode on this crazy bus full of new and crazy people who just fucking hate me because I'm different and I have always been into my own little world and thoughts that helps me be successful and anything I put my mind to and now that's impossible now I can't seem to do that now 2018. My mind is gone from this girl I mean she had to put me under a binding spell for whatever reason and this is the way I am now. I have never been this way or acted this way before ever in my life. I was happy and now I'm depressed, unhappy because this girl attacked my mind and anything to do with my mind because just how I think and block out anything around me. I'm 17 years old and I have considered myself as being smart, successful, and open minded, always using my mind to think of different things and solving problems, I think of myself as a genius to. I have always hold on to that special feeling and before all this happened and now because of this girl she took that away, interfere, and now it's gone it's like there's nothing there. Please again help me get rid of/away from this especially if it's a binding spell from this or what this girl did to me because I have her name because this is driving me highly insane.

    • profile image

      Sylvia 5 weeks ago

      I want to know if someone have a spell put on a one what can i do to help my love one where in fl in 2013 he mother die in October he wasnt in his right state if mind he lose everything his mother left to me how can i help the live of my life. What can i do to get my daughter back beening with a man i real need help for the loves of my life

    • profile image

      Gynell 5 weeks ago

      I have a male friend who’s been married an divorce now for three years all of a sudden after two bad accident his ex wife wants to come back into the picture trying to act like the devoted wife since she know money is involved she has isolated him from his friends an possible from family member how do we remove a curse if it is one

    • profile image

      Been cursed for over 5 years 5 weeks ago

      Been cursed for over 5 years, i tried so many things, i killes my grandfather with Witchcraft when i was 16 years old with one of the most powerfull strongest wises witches that excist today, she been working in Hollywood and in the goverments. I killes my grandfather with Witchcraft that made him be fucked up in the head and to do stupid decistions so that he would fall and die, so he did. I did this because he didnt have much time left at that time and he was heartbroken by my grandmother dying, and it didnt seem like he was happy at all, still no excuse for what i did, i did it so i could have the money from both of my grandparents, i was a really fucked up boy, ever since i saw that that Witchcraft worked imdidieatly, i was shocked because that was the first time ever i did magic, she sended over the ritual details that i had to do on email at that time, i been struggling with alot of guilt and depression and alot of mind problems, and alot of bad luck, and alot of mind attacks, and alot of strange behavior, and it feels like it is a binding spell.. Whatever i tryna do it just dosent work.. its like dark rain raining on me all the time 24/7 and im really crazy after all of this... i been seeing scary stuff, and whatever plans i have i just seem never to succed... Its like impossible to be succsessful to me, i tried everything, i was a super dude before all of this that could do anything my mind wanted to do, in fact i believe If this curse was not on me now, i would be some world famous/great dude that would be super succsessfull. Please tell me how to get this away from me so that i could be free once and for all.

    • profile image

      Kayla 5 weeks ago

      I still can't get over the fact that this girl put a curse on me on my mind to where I've been depressed because I know depression is one of the symptoms. I just haven't been the same like I use to be and that's not my fault. When I do get help soon when I see a therapist about this incident whether they can understand or not I don't care I need some serious help and maybe they won't think I'm crazy or commit me to a mental hospital because whatever this girl did to me and her friend it has effected or affected me mentally.

    • profile image

      Crystal H 5 weeks ago

      Get rid of anything that’s real silver if you think you are cursed. Only wear gold jewelry. It has to be real gold can’t be gold plated. Evil and witches can only bind spells or hexes to real silver as far as I know as in terms about speaking about types of metals and jewelry and such. If anyone knows anything else then I’m open to hearing about it so I can learn more to keep these gypsies and evil sons of things and demons and the dark magic witches that have no good intentions at all

    • profile image

      Kayla 6 weeks ago

      My tormentor again her name is Alexandra orosco

    • profile image

      Madd Jade 6 weeks ago

      I have had very bad things happen in the last two days to me

      everything seems to be going wrong

      it started with opening my truck door friday afternoon and it hitting myself in the face gashing above my eyebrow and knocking the wind out of me. I dropped my phone out of my hand and cried it hurt so bad. then i went to work nd on my way home my trailer back door opened up and my two favorite goats and two lambs fell out of my trailer on the canyon! these are my bottle babies i had brought to a event. they were all recovered one was missing for a hour. this has all never happened before.then that night i go out with friends and i had my backpack with all my belongings-sunglasses, cash, credit cards, jewelry; etc.

      this was somehow left and forgotten about on the hood of my friends car as I was getting in...the next day I tried to be positive but on my way to work my breaks went out in traffic and i rear ended a family in a small old bug with y one ton truck. this made there car crash into the car in front of them. this shook me because kids were involved. my truck was left untouched, theres totaled and the driver left in ambulance. when i returned home i saved my house and self.

      today i woke up barley able to move my neck..

      Im so anxious to do card reading, i feel as though I have been cursed this much is crazy my life feels like its falling apart.

    • profile image

      Kayla 6 weeks ago

      Ok I've found out the girl's name of who made me miserable and depressed and I know she put some type of curse or spell on me to where it has affected my mind motor skills my intelligence and made me unhappy and etc. Just from riding that bus. Her name is Alexandra Orosco so now I don't know what when and who to talk to so I can get rid of this kind of curse from her specifically especially if it's a telepathically curse I'm seeing a therapist soon anyway so I don't know if I should tell the therapist about this situation because I want this to end for good

    • profile image

      lizzy 6 weeks ago

      What if one really does not knw whom placed the curse? I did the card game and i got 2aces.

    • profile image

      Kayla 6 weeks ago

      I'm still doing doing a lot of research maybe a binding curse might have been placed on me from this girl that used to ride my bus. I know there are others who are hateful and doesn't like me on that bus because they might be behind all of this too. This particular neighborhood or a community where the bus drives there I'm not sure if there's witchcraft going on around there and I'm tired of being affected or effected because as I read in the description of what a binding curse is dealing with depression or anxiety psychologically and I know I have depression that I developed I still need a lot of serious help without being committed to a mental hospital besides I've been indirect bullied enough from these people which is a part of this too. I need help

    • profile image

      Virgo 6 weeks ago

      How can youbreaka spell on someone who don't believe it

    • profile image

      Tina 6 weeks ago

      Hi there

      I'm trying to get n bit more info for my uncle, we do believe something is wrong. My dad always said he knows someone that can curse anyone. My parents got divorced and my dad is not visiting my uncle anymore. Long story short, he called him the last time to say a table cloth is cursed and the must get rid of it, which they did then. But ever since everything breaks, the cars, the motorbikes, home appliances and its continious now for almost 2 years...

      Someone came to bless their home and yard, but its still happening All The Time. Where or how can I find info, Ive read that there is such a curse or jinx or something but Im not sure where to start or what the correct wording will be to find info. I will really appreciate assistance.

      Warm regards

    • profile image

      Chasity Humphries 6 weeks ago

      Break a spell on my babydaddy girl friend

    • profile image

      Kayla 7 weeks ago

      On that last comment I meant to say I don't know how to tell my mom about all of this in case anyone wonder who her is.

    • profile image

      Kayla 7 weeks ago

      Hi Apex I saw your comment I'm sorry to be talking like this it's not like me to develop this type of situation and to be this way I know since these people including her have gotten to me so bad that this happened I'm still depressed, acting out of character and whatever type of a spell or a curse that this girl put on me just to be mean or because I did her wrong which I didn't. I am a nice kind person who's always into her own thoughts and I like to do a lot of thinking and I am shy and a quiet person into my own thoughts and this girl interfere with that. They probably think i'm some kind of a cream or something which I could care less but why did this have to happen to me. I don't want to end up in a mental hospital because of this type of situation I know I might be crazy but none of this is my fault. I don't know how to tell or find a therapist or I mean some type of spiritual person to heal me with this where I live at I don't know how to tell her about all of this because she probably won't understand and nobody has that power but this keeps on effecting me a lot I am not trying to harm myself I don't need that kind of pressure please help me just like you can help other people to and I'm sorry to hear about their situation too. I really need help sorry to brag about this a lot because I'm starting to go crazy and I've gotten use to it but still it's driving me insane. I have also developed excessive tears just right after this incident that happened awhile back the next day

    • profile image

      Apex 7 weeks ago

      Kayla, please know your situation is not permanent. There are many people that can help you and protect you. These works come at a great price and those with the most sensitive connection only help and protect. Those who would do you harm can be easily undone. Do not harm yourself, do not allow your tormentor her satisfaction. Find a spiritual medium with a good reputation, in person or even online and I promise your spirit can be cleansed.

    • profile image

      Mihe 8 weeks ago

      I am in Kenya and my parents put a spell on me to leave my family and depend on them. It has been 2 yrs of suffering in Family business. I hace catholic prayed in vain, my wife is very tired with me not being able to sort my bills. I can't find a job nor stay in a job. All the little money i get vanishes quickly. I can not run any project to completion, i can't stick to obe project to realise money. Please assist to break the curse or spell. My uncles aunts and cousins are equally passing the poverty spell to me too.

    • profile image

      Six string Willy 2 months ago

      Hi I have had a bad spelling of bad luck in 2018 and a family member who has cursed me I think she has threatened to do me harm can you help me with this she works with stones and she has a table full of rocks an the last time I was there visiting her husband my actual family she handed me a rock to hold on to and it stayed the very life out of me and its been down hill since Christmas plz what can I do she has a business reading cards and palms thank you in advance

    • profile image

      Aliana 2 months ago

      Please do not kill your self Kayla I will pray for you the best thing to do here is pray to God, there are two most powerful and big religions in this world. One Islam, and two Christianity. I am thinking you might be a Christian but do everything you can to pray the best to God and whatever good your religion teaches you, all prayers go to church, pray to God the more time you spend with God the more less depressive you will be! I am a Muslim and trust me by the name of Allah my religion has so much peace we have so many prayers to recite when a dark force of magic happens upon us, Just tell yourself I am not and never let the force and evil let me admit bad things they are trying to make happen to me and I am all well! Say it yourself, I am all well! Preach with me, I am all well and God is the greatest All praise the most high. Do everything you can to get Gods mercy upon you, and here is a big curse breaking Muslim prayer that helps ease the pain Just listen to this prayer 3 times and I promise you will feel already better, if you feel you feel better do it as many times you can more and more in a day I will leave a link of the prayer/Dua here Praying to God is our only answer, God is the greatest and We all are fine And we all will be okay under His blessings.

    • profile image

      Ara 2 months ago

      Good evening. I am Ara. My co-worker and my boss curse me because they thought I was the one who stole their money without solid proof. They follow the fortune teller's story. I was scared of what will happen to me. I don't know how to protect myself since I was thinking that the fortune teller is powerful. What should I do.

    • profile image

      Kayla 2 months ago

      This is Kayla again I am this close to killing myself somehow because there is some type of curse that was done on me from a Hispanic girl some time ago while I was a junior riding from my new school that I started to go to. That was in 2016 to 2017. Starting from 2017- 2018 now I am a senior and this whole time my mind ever since from what that girl did to me I have been really depressed, acting out of character, can't remember anything as if I'm becoming retarded which that's not good, I can't concentrate, acting forgetful I can't think about a lot of different things like I used to it just seemed to fade away it's like there's nothing there anymore, my mind only from me is effected or affected by a curse or a spell, I am unhappy at the moment this curse has really sunk in and I have gotten used to it for a while now. But I mean no no no I have got to find a way to get rid of this I mean this is very madden for me. I am 17 years old and I shouldn't have to go through that. I just want my groove back and have my mind back too and be back to normal so can be happy. I know I sound crazy and that's fine it's not my fault that I became this way. See the outcome from all of this is at my high school where I'm about to graduate is I've had mental breakdowns once in awhile because of these people and that girl because they are all in this together, being bullied indirectly and it's like everything is wearing me down. I just want to be left alone and being in my own little world is ok for me and my train of thoughts my thinking but it's like they grabbed that attention which I could care less and for them it's not necessary they need to move on from someone else maybe they were freaked out just the way I think and they interfere with that. I probably might end up at a mental hospital because I am suicidal right now just from all of this or a curse. I'm sorry this is so long but please help me ASAP or I just might kill myself I will talk to a therapist or somebody who can help me i'm just not sure how I'm going to tell them about all of this. This is not right for me I just want everything to be back to normal again. I know I'm crazy but it's true it's damn true

    • profile image

      Hans Landa 2 months ago

      I dont know where to start. I am 19 years old, and my life is always taking a turn for the worst. Its hard to say when bad things began to happen as my life has always been pretty terrible. I was forced to go to a Private school since preschool and was always bullied by the upper class man. My classmates were fine and within the confines of the class I was pretty high on the social ladder. (remember this its important) Around fourth grade I began struggling academically which caused countless problems. During middle school I was always switching schools for various reasons and went years at a time without friends. I managed to stay in one school during my 8th grade year and made some pretty good friends though. Around high school I ended up losing all of these friends because they either went to different High schools or they distanced themselves from me. Academically things were good and bad depending on the class. I went most of high school without any real friends until senior year when I managed reconnect with and old buddy from elementary school and made friends with his friends. (great guys) Junior year, I suffered a wood shop accident which left several wooden splinters in my right eye which still reside there to this day. Didn't bother me after a while, but then senior year I suffered a metal shop accident of similar caliber as I now have several metal splinters in my eye, and some have worked their way into my neck and throat. (I wish I was making this up) Doctors didn't even give me a scan, they just said I was wasting their time and to go away. Girls have never been interested in me at all, and all attempts to procure a girl friend have failed. Most girls dont even want to be my friend. I have failed my drivers test 4 times (most recent attempt 2 hours ago, drove over a curb I couldn't see in the first 5 seconds!) My memory has gotten worse over the years as well (short term memory) which causes me to make ridiculous mistakes and I also have trouble focusing in many situations. (never had these problems when I was younger) I am 19, still a virgin, no job, over weight and a mediocre college student who doesnt see his friends often. I play video games to escape my horrible life but I have terrible luck when I play games half of the time. (This is the only way I can "hang out" with friends lately)

      I pray that things will get better. Some times prayers are answered, but most of the time, they are not, especially when I really need Gods help. I think someone in my elementary school cursed me. Cant say who, but I can understand why. I wasn't the nicest person in those years. In some ways I was a bully. I would take it back if I could but I haven't seen the victims since the 6th grade, and my dream of having the ability to time travel in some way has never came into being. It is also possible that God is punishing me for some of my life choices. I have thought about suicide in the past but I always remember that suicide is a one way ticket to hell. I know that however bad my life is hell will be worse.

      I want it gone but I am not sure how to proceed. It would be difficult to procure the items needed for any ritual. Not only that, but my mother is very religious and would lose it if she caught me practicing any rituals. I also fear that God would send me to hell simply for practicing magic.

      Is there a professional located Southern California in the Orange County area that can remove the curse? I can compensate you for your services if you help me. I am desperate for things to start going my way for once. My life is only getting worse as time goes by, and if things escalate then I might very well die soon, and I dont want to die at a young age.

    • profile image

      Kayla 2 months ago

      Hi Jane song I just read your comment and I want to say thank you for listening to me and understanding what I am going through. I understand what you are going through as well. I'm glad we are on the same road and that you believe me as well. I was wondering if you can still help me anyway that you can. I want these negative people even this Hispanic person to get off my back and leave me alone and my mind of peace alone too. I've heard and I'm not sure if you heard or know about this too Mexican witchcraft and the evil eye. Because maybe i'm the victim of that too. I will pray to god the best way that I can to help me and protect me too. If you can do the same that will be helpful. I live in north Carolina and I'm not sure where to visit a psychic person or to get help. But thank you again and we should keep in touch. I'm glad I'm not alone in this and i understand you and you understand me.

    • profile image

      Jane Song 2 months ago

      Dear Kayla;

      Hi! My name is Jane and nice to meet you. I am 29 yearsold and fem. As i have read your story i was ammazed because we're the same road. You are not alone who suffered from the devilish people. I was victim too, like yours. 7 years ago, I visited the house of a psychic man and he checks me from my feet up to my head, he touch my left armhand and he saw someone guy who cast me a witchcraft and this bad guy hides in some area of province, and this guy did this to me for a long time ago. This bad man knows what i am doing everyday, the psychic man said to me. Psychic man says, i should pray everyday and he gave me a blessed mission rosary he says that the colour white beads of it are powerful. So i've used it everyday for my protection THE HOLY ROSARY. And because of this, i have learnt how to pray everyday and serve God always, his church. Now, i am practicing to be a devotioner of Immaculate Heart of Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus and i felt heavenly, my body, soul and spirit is working very good and im happy. I believe Jesus Christ will save us and when the time we've felt hopeless, he will visit to save us. I know this bad man never broke the spell that he casted on me, but i believe this man is nothing in the name of Jesus Christ. This kind of man never be permited to entered in heavens door when the time of his death. I know, it is really painfull for us to be one of the victims, specially we are innocent one, but why we shouldnt try to foccus on God and serve him everyday, let us take our heavy cross whilst walking in a road of thorns in our life, thats life, we should accept it and finish it until the hour of our last breath on this earth. NEVER MIND THOSE BAD PEOPLE WHO MAKES US A HELL, GOD IS WITH US EVERYDAY AND HE WILL FINISHED IT FOR US. Be confidence everyday because our God is always LIVE in our LIFE :)

      Do not worry my friends, i will pray for you everyday! God is Love, always.

    • profile image

      Kayla 2 months ago

      Hi my name is Kayla and I am 17 years old. I know I am under some type of curse a spell that is effecting my mind and I've developed a depression quite some time ago. I understand that the symptoms of a curse can be a lot of things and I know depression is one of them, acting out of character, and maybe short term memory lost and etc. It's a long story of how I developed this new type of behavior effecting me because this all I have time to think about. I know someone is sending negative energy on or thoughts curses to me to be depressed but I remember the incident of when it happened. Just know it's from a person who use to ride my bus. Something just seem out of place because my mind isn't what it used to be. I am unhappy and I never been this way ever I seem to talk about this a lot even my mom says nobody has that power. But people can give you a hard time. I need help of getting rid of this curse that's effecting my mind from these negative people. By the way I am almost done with high school and these people who have been given me a hard time started it all. But about this curse I am talking about that seem to be dwelling my mind came from a Hispanic person. I know I sound crazy but it's true. I just want my groove back and gain some of the power back so I can think and be in my own peaceful world which I do a lot of deep thoughts and thinking which helps me without any interruptions and them blocking my thoughts. These people even this Hispanic person got under my skin so bad to where I can't function anymore. Please help because I am still depressed from all of this and the incident and I need someone to help me get rid of it.

    • profile image

      2 months ago

      I got AAA of spades. The same one 3 times...

    • profile image

      Future You 3 months ago


      Did you give your energy to someone in need? Sure!

      Why?! ...Because it was worth it and you improved them!

      I've always read that a new moon is for transitional workings, but I'm a huge fan of full moons (they always seem to fix or renew me!)

      When the outside setting is correct, you'll know it ---

      think of the issues, focusing the tingling feelings into your hand(s); release them outside into the universe; do this until your finished and have a smile on your face.

      (I like to focus all attention away from the moon when releasing negativity; while using the full moon for renewing or refreshing.)


      Whats done is done.


      Whats important now is that you remember:

      Somehow... Someway... Life always seems to work itself out!

      Don't forget to smile and enjoy life!

    • profile image

      "Marigold " 3 months ago

      Hi all ! There is evil intent out there caused by the enemy that twists the minds of people making them want to hurt & take from others.

      Eg they become narcissistic in nature & are blind to the awfulness & pain they inflict.

      The best way to rid oneself of evil is to get prayed over by good Christians.

      I've been on the receiving end many a time, even from my own family !

      They've made me feel desperately hopeless & joyless, ill, hateful etc - you name it.

      People can be brought to believe "black is white etc".

      It's a truly wicked thing & these people WILL be punished one day .

      Quite often these people will be charming -at first , they want a line of acceptance from you.

      Accept nothing from them eg food drink, items even phone calls if it can be avoided.

      At the same time try & keep away from ugliness & evil eg horror movies, addictions, bad thoughts (don't own these as they're probably from the enemy who wants us to believe that they're our thoughts ).

      Pray for yourself, ask Jesus, your guardian Angel & the holy spirit to protect you & pray for your enemy as "they know not what they do "...

      Examine your life & try and see how the enemy gets a foothold - through activities addictions oujia boards, seances, unsavory people. Quite often our sense of vanity is a weakness - so lose it !

      Do you feel uneasy around situations ,things should resonate & one should be discerning.

      I can't tell you how many horrible things have gone on in my life, initially & continually brought on by my family but there is always hope, the enemy wants us to feel hopeless.

      God will forgive the repentent for their sins.;)

    • profile image

      Celeste 3 months ago

      How do I prevent someone from taking my energy? How do I take back what has already been stolen, AND without anything coming back on me as a consequence? Surely, if I'm taking back what is rightfully mine, then that in itself is the balance? I used to be very in touch with myself and energies around me but I shut it all out because you can't have the good without the bad. The bad was scary so I decided to turn my back on it all. Rationalise it and ignore it. I now feel like I've lost touch to a point where I don't know if I can get it back! Someone is zapping me of my energy. A person who has a lot of negative things going on around them and a lot of illness but who miraculously appears to be very youthful and energetic for their age. Someone who the opposite sex have a strange attraction for - people staking their lives on them after two minutes of speaking! I think I gave it, unknowingly, in a shared moment - a connection. I felt sorry for them and wanted to help. Now I don't know how to get it back :( I'm aging quickly in appearance and physical strength. I look and feel so tired. My zest for anything has gone and I just find myself constantly moaning/veering on the negative side. I want to know how to harness my good energy and make it grow - enough to revive me and to protect me.

    • profile image

      Shawnay 3 months ago

      I need help with a good luck charm, I met this girl on the bus going from Edmonton to Calgary couple months ago, and time pasted and its been "8" months and I've broken then jar, She gave me and I've lost my family, best friends and every hobby i injoyed ... ?? What the f**k to I Do?? ? ......

      Please help me...

    • profile image

      Ginaandme 3 months ago

      My brother's girlfriend Jenn and Gerd Arlene put a curse on me. Right after my husband got GO bleed,.cancer and he passed away. My husband would say tp me, something is not right. What is going on. Their curse was that I was going to suffer. And I am. How can I break the curse.

    • profile image

      The black was chosen 3 months ago

      Don't give these witches doing you wrong power. Believe in yourself !

    • profile image

      BERNARD BOHANON 4 months ago


    • profile image

      Olivia 4 months ago

      Hi, so I have a stalker who everyone I mean EVERYONE feels that she gives off very dark and I mean DARK vibes. She has hated me before she met me and we have spoke very few words but yet she has had an obsession with me for months. I want to clarify that I do not talk to her, talk to people she is close with, do not make eye contact, or talk about about her. I act as if she doesn't exist but I also want to clarify that I am not rude to her. However, for months she has talked about me nonstop, stares at me, is everywhere I am, will add and try to befriend everyone I talk to in order to find out things about me, went out of her way to steal my bf from me (which I just let happen bc she scares me). She will literally go up to people who have just talked to me and ask them everything I just said. She is terrifying and everyone agrees. She also has a very weird backstory that does not add up together. The only thing I know for sure is that she is from a very small town in Alabama and is close with her sisters. The reason why I think she has cursed me is because at first it started during break and I would be walking in my house and feel like I saw her thru the corner of my eye and started having dreams that she was in the background. Then things calmed back down and I didn't think much of it but now I am having extreme headaches, I can't stop sleeping, and have not been myself. I normally wouldn't blame this on someone but I have been having realistic dreams that seem like they are happening in real life but I can't move that seem so real of her in my room watching me, petting my hair, and standing behind me in a mirror. I also have had weird things happening in my dorm such as loud noices, things moving around, and lights coming on by themselves (these things have not been slight as well. They have been very aggressive and obvious) . It is also affecting my cat and I have had friends spend the night and be terrified because they have seen things in my dorm and heard the noices. It's to the point were I can't sleep and feel as if I'm certain she is doing this because she is a very dark person. I'm in touch with spiritually things and normal see colors with people and she is jet black and always has been. I know someone who had a experience with her just like this at the beginning of the school year as well. I have been doing lots of research and have seen where they say curses come in 3 waves. The first being over break, the second is now but it is very scary and aggressive so I am scared for the next wave. What do I do? (I also want to point out that I had extreme teeth pain that required surgery and I have seen that it is a sign as well)

    • profile image

      Brandy 4 months ago

      I feel that I'm the victim of a curse or hex I have never believed in such things but I am a spiritual believer... I feel that it's in my hair what would u suggest to get this out? I have soaked in sea salt but it is still affecting me somehow please help

    • profile image

      Agness 4 months ago

      I think I'm have experienced curse or spell. ..whatever business activities I started always encounter obstacles and rejection..I'm exhausted and financially broke..wish you can help..please!

    • profile image

      Khushi 4 months ago

      Hello ... i just consulted a priest and came to know that my boyfriend is prey of blackmagic and i want to remove that spell . he no longer wants to meet me nor see me. can i remove it on his behalf on him through mantras or his photo?? please help me. i do not want to lose him. any prayer or fast to do ? please !

    • profile image

      Niel 4 months ago

      I'm cursed.

      because everything I touch evetually breaks apart and I don't even do it on purpose.

      also it breaks apart in less then a week.

    • profile image

      Daphanie 4 months ago

      I Believe I was cursed while pregnant. My 3 year old son has nightmares and tells me there's a spider inside of him. What do I do. I need help please

    • profile image

      Mesh  4 months ago

      Thank you for this link it help thanks again god bless you

    • profile image

      Quinn 5 months ago

      what can you do if you don't have a bathtub?

    • profile image

      Patricia Hopkins-Whalley 5 months ago

      I have toyed with the idea of being cursed in the recesses of my mind for 4 years.Thinking aloud I I said "I wonder sometimes if (the carers &their hierarchy.. one in particular),are a witch's coven"Exasperated with defamation of character &bullying.My Advocate startled me replying"you know ,it wouldn't surprise me"!!She is exasperated with these petty but dangerous folk nevertheless,herself.

      I followed your card ritual..3 aces before the count of 5.I presume Avery playing with fire.A very negative person.Lit ablack candle in front of a mirror with appropriate "prayer".Sage cleansing just after dawn after bathing in salted water last night.All refreshed feel great.Enjoy my home.To ascertain the deed I'd done cards used again gold ones this time,more upbeat..2 aces.I am floored.What now?

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 months ago

      So my mom believes I cursed her.. me and my grandma.. I was probably 6years old at the time and now I’m 13... so my grandma is a devil worshiper and she’s a greedy person.. she doesn’t like my race which it why I don’t see her often.. anyway when I was 6 she had me write a story about my mom and my aunt... this is what my mom is thinking.. so these numbers always pop up.. 9- 11- 13... I figured out some part of it.. 9 plus 2 is 11 and 11 plus 2 is 13.. the second month of the year is February which is my grandma’s birthday month.. then 91113.. 3 ones and 3 times 3 is nine... the third month of the year is March which is my moms birth month... we belive that my grandma cursed my mom to never see us.. every time me and my brother try and see her something always gets in the way.. she has now quit her job just to see us... she doesn’t have a long time to live because she has lung cancer... all me and my brother have left is time.. not a lot because if my mom dies before the curse is broken I’m not able to have kids.. so back to the story.. we belive that I wrote a story on ho my moms life is planned out but I forgot what I wrote.. who can I go to fix this problem

    • profile image

      mandy moo 5 months ago

      please can someone help me, my husband was cursed in morocco he had a full breakdown and i have had to return to the uk without him.....please can someone break this curse for me

    • profile image

      Tammy.dob.11/07/1077 Fraser 5 months ago


    • profile image

      Nikki Ballas 5 months ago

      I need help I know I’ve been hexed it’s been four years or more everything goes wrong for me I get a lawsuit claim i can’t get the money that’s owed me in the last two years I went from looking decent to have boils all over my face and neck I’ve lost all my teeth everything has gone wrong what should I do oh and I can’t have money I live day to day of very little but even when I can get a substantial amount of cash to get myself taking care of and for one reason or another I’ve been prevented from getting it

    • profile image

      Lily 5 months ago

      Forgot to mention my arm & my back is in pain I broke my arm

    • profile image

      Marc 5 months ago

      Can a curse be lifted & who can do it

    • profile image

      Navin 5 months ago

      I got all three aces with the card whats a simple spelll to help myself

    • profile image

      Vinothen Meganathan 5 months ago

      Hi, I am glad that I had a chance to write this to you. I am thanking you for further consideration.

      I am 39 years old man living in Malaysia. I am suspecting that I have been cursed by someone that I guess.

      I am having lower back pain constantly, which the doctor said it is from the birth, but i encounter it since i am 22years old and gradually it is now i can feel it always. It is not a real pain but like a cramping of muscle and stiffness in my lower back. No idea on how to prevent it even the doctor said you should go with it.

      Secondly, i feel I'm very forgetful and short-term memory loss. My luck turning backward, and weakening. Many of my clients stop dealing with me due to my lack of interest in my business.

      I became very lazy and slow down in the performance of my careers. I want to know if what I suspect that is true or not.

      Please guide me along.



    • profile image

      EM 6 months ago

      What if you believe your entire family has been cursed and it goes back for generations? Is it possible to remove the curse for the entire family?

    • profile image

      Allyn Doyle 6 months ago

      What if the specific curse that has been placed on you is a curse that makes you unable to open your mouth? What do I do? I would really like to be able to do more than just text-to-speech talking.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 months ago

      I believe my mother in law and my sisters in laws have set a curse on me to separate me from my fiancé of 12 years.. my mother in law tried to make me go crazy to make me kill my self and when that didn't work now the are doing this thing when I eat they have to eat the same thing and at the same time and it seems as if they have people helping them .. it's crazy because I've always been very kind and loving to them .. I always notice my clothes missing or other items missing and she has asked for baby pictures too ..

    • profile image

      Wendy 7 months ago

      My sons father and i arent together but he cheated with this lady and his mom sister and i believe she has a spell on him. My sons father always called or answered my sons calls.

    • profile image

      Steve 7 months ago

      I think my wife is having sex with other people in my house but I can’t see them. I can feel their presence very strongly. Sometimes I hear her and someone else in another room having sex. But of course when I get there, it’s just her with this cat that ate the canary look on her face. Also, there are white tissue paper balls all over the house. What does this mean. An invisibility spell or a curse on me to hear things that aren’t real?

    • profile image

      Ulrika 7 months ago

      Hello. I didn't believe in this sort of thing until it happened to me. I lost my house my family my income my transport.. I felt the idea slip into my mind it was a friend who had done something to me. Even before it was finished this thought or idea persisted. I am going to try this technique here and update you if it worked-or didn't. If you know of anyone that might help or if this whole thing seems familiar or like a certain type of curse pls let me know.

    • profile image

      Belinda 8 months ago

      I have been told that I have been cursed with the evil eye,when I was a Baby.An a lot more.

    • profile image

      Mary 8 months ago

      My adult daughter practices Wicca. She has decided she hates me (long story). Recently my washer, my dishwasher, new refrigerator, blower motor on fireplace, and well have all quit working. I am having terrible anxiety and agoraphobia. I love my husband, but I don't want sex either! I fell and broke my arm, went to hospital twice by ambulance, and had to go to court with her evil friends who lied to cause me problems. (I won)

      Is it possible she has put a spell, hex, curse, whatever you call it, on my HOUSE and me? I'm afraid of what will happen next. I'm a Christian, but I'm genuinely scared.

    • profile image

      Amy 8 months ago

      I feel me and my wife have something how do I pray for help against spell

    • profile image

      EnialeNasni 9 months ago

      Could I use a bathtub instead of a bucket?

    • profile image

      Sharon 9 months ago

      I'm looking for a professional to do this kind of work for me can anybody recommend one that's not a scam artist to help me thanks

    • profile image

      Naomi Naneki 9 months ago

      Does this work if you cast the curse?

    • profile image

      david harris 10 months ago


    • profile image

      Lorena Dominguez 10 months ago

      my neighbors have a vodoo doll of me how do I stop them from using it against me

    • profile image

      Branden 10 months ago

      My ex cursed me and i need help.....


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