How to Break a Curse for the Beginner

What is a curse?

A curse is a spell that is directly targeted at a person or place and is meant to cause harm. There are many such spells, but they can be broken down into categories.

  1. The entropy or chaos curse: This spell causes probabilities to vastly tend to do the target harm, ranging from bad luck to death. The trademark of this curse is that there is no rhyme or reason to the harm caused, it just results from things generally "going wrong". If a whole string of things keep going spectacularly and improbably wrong, there is a good chance there is an entropy curse at work.
  2. The binding: This spell causes an inability to act in the target. It may manifest psychologically as depression or anxiety, or it may operate by simply making none of your plans come to anything. If you find yourself drastically unable to act upon your choices in the world, then you might be under a binding.
  3. The lesson: Some users of magick want to dispense justice, and whether this is right or wrong, they are willing to use magick to do it. The specifics of these curses are always retributive and the casters of them love to "make the punishment fit the crime". Thus when the target is a thief they will be stolen from, a user they will be used, etc. If you find yourself suddenly and consistently a victim of "your own medicine", you might want to look around for a nearby witch with a good-guy badge.
  4. The special-purpose curse: This is a catch-all category for things like "a sending of rats" or the "evil eye". These spells are usually specific, have a great deal of lore associated with them, and are generally spectacular in their results (there is nothing subtle about your house being infested with dozens of rats). In this case, each spell has its own hallmark signs, but they are all very spectacular. If you start having stuff out of a horror movie happening, you have a special-purpose curse.

How do I know if I am cursed?

People who are simply having a bad time in their lives often think they are the victims of curses. Knowing whether you are, in fact, cursed requires some careful self-examination. You must ask yourself if you are being honest and whether what is happening is just coincidence or self-sabotage. If, after that, you really believe that what is happening might in fact be caused by magick, there are ways to check. If your area has an occult store or local pagan group, you might be able to find help there, or use the simple divination method below (Note: this method uses the same principle as a Tarot deck, but uses a normal deck of playing cards. If you want to use Tarot cards, remove the Major Arcana and use the same method with the remainder).

  1. Sit down with a deck of playing cards. Take the jokers out and set them aside.
  2. Shuffle the cards slowly, not using the normal method of card-game shuffling. Shuffle intently and focus on all of the reasons why you think you are cursed, remembering everything that has occurred. After a few minutes of this, focus on your question: "Is what is happening to me the result of a curse?" After a little while of this, stop shuffling.
  3. Deal out the cards in this fashion: start pulling cards from the top and laying them out in a pile. If you pull an ace or reach a stack of ten, stop.
  4. Do this three times for a total of three stacks. You will end up with 0-3 aces.
  5. If you have zero aces, you are not cursed (yay!). If you have one, there is a one in three (33.3%) chance you are cursed, two aces a two in three chance (66.6%) and three aces means you are definitely cursed (99.9%).

What to do?

If you are cursed, then it is most likely low-end magick practiced by an amateur. Professionals are generally occupied with more important things. However, amateurs can have a lot of raw power even when their technique is lacking, and their curses can be very dangerous. There are a couple of ways to deal with a curse. The first one is to become an initiate in some tradition of magick and learn to protect yourself. This is not for everyone (no matter what some of the books may say, not everyone is suited to magick) and is extremely time-consuming, difficult, and brings its own dangers. The second way is to use a simple spell that anyone can do without real training.

Simple Curse-Breaker

  • Items needed: the target, a tub of water large enough to submerge and wash the target (or enough water to wash down the area if a location), a large quantity of sea salt
  • Best times: New Moon, a Thursday, noon, midnight, dawn, dusk (any time associated with transitions)
  1. Fill the tub with water. Temperature should be comfortable for a long soak if the target is a living thing.
  2. Open and hold up the container of sea salt.
  3. Clear your mind and say the following words while concentrating on what they mean to you. Say them slowly, confidently, and meditatively: "In the names of my ancestors, my gods, and myself, I call upon thee, oh creatures of Earth and Water. Come forth, cleanse "name of target" of all evil and alien magicks, and restore them (me, it) to balance and health. By our wills combined, so mote it be."
  4. Pour the salt into the water. Use a lot.
  5. Keeping your mind in that calm and meditative state, submerge or wash the target slowly. If you are the target, get in the tub and simply lay back and soak. Relax. Let everything slip away.
  6. Do this for at least ten minutes. When you are done, drain the water away down the drain and rinse it off the target. It is absolutely necessary that all of the saltwater is washed off of the target!
  7. When you are done, say the following in the same way you did step 3: "I thank thee, oh creatures of Earth and Water, in the name of myself, my gods, and my ancestors. Be released to your homes, doing no harm on your way, and return to me with glad hearts when next you are summoned. By our wills combined, so mote it be."

The downside of this is that it is limited in its scope and power and that sometimes it won't be able to defeat a more powerful curse. If this happens, seek a professional to help you, because you won't be able to deal with it without real training.


A curse is serious business, and dealing with them can be scary for a person not used to the world of magick. The good news is that magick is just like any other technology for causing change and its principles can be learned and taken advantage of without becoming an expert. Just like it is possible to diagnose and medicate your own headache without being a doctor, it is possible to apply simple magickal techniques to help you protect yourself and take better control of your life. Good luck!

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Pashun profile image

Pashun 8 years ago from Harpyland

Thank you so much! This has been incredibly helpful. I'm going to try the card thing immediately. From what's been going on it sounds like an entropy curse, but now that I know that different curses have different names I can do more research on it. I really appreciate this- and the hub was set up wonderfully. Thanks again~

Agro Donkey 8 years ago from Ohio

Nicely writen and very informative, I just don't believe in spells and witchcraft that actualy works. I have seen so people try to cast spells and I've even seen a Native American Shake Dancer do her stuff and it's just a load of crap. You are entitled to believe what ever you want but if you ask me it's time to grow up, move out of your moms basement, and quit playing dungeons and dragons with your cousins. I hope you're not to mad at me for this because you write very well, I just think that your skill would be better utalized if you would pick better topics. Thanks for your time and keep writing.

Woody Marx profile image

Woody Marx 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Interesting topic! Interesting info!

fo.w 8 years ago

Some people think that believing in god or nothing at all is silly too. Just so you know.

sunluckone 8 years ago

LOL no kidding fo. w I used to believe in god but fell victim to magick and could not deny things that happened. I kinda wish that magick wasn't true and that god did exist but all never be able to deny the things I know that are true.

Satori profile image

Satori 8 years ago from California

Good information, well-presented. Most of this is traditional for most minor curses, though I've never had to use it in over fifteen years in the occult community. While agendas sometimes clash, the closest thing I have to an enemy, mortal or otherwise, is flyaway hair. Buckland's Complete was my starter book, by the way - good choice. thePuck, I've joined your Fan Club. It's good to encounter another Santa Cruzan paranormal type here on HubPages. Be well.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 8 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I don't really get much chance to write here anymore because I have too many paying gigs, but I will be sure to make some time soon.

trekker 7 years ago

I just did the card test and pulled 3 aces. I hope the bath works, what should I do if it doesn't?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 7 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Trekker! Thanks for commenting. Sorry you are under nasty juju.

If you do the breaking/cleansing and are still experiencing the effects of the curse, please redo the test a couple times to see if you are consistently getting 3 aces back. If so, then whoever cursed you is simply a more powerful magician/witch and you are not going to be able to pull off the breaking alone. Your choices then become to study serious magick yourself or to seek the aid of another. Considering it will take longer to become an adept than it will for a powerful curse to seriously screw up your world, I would suggest seeking aid. Usually, your local occult shop will have some solid mages working at or owning the place, so seek them out and ask. If you don't know of any local shops and happen to live in California, post another comment or DM me here on the site, and I can probably advise you of a good shop in your area (if there is one).

Hope it works out for you! Good luck.

Guest 7 years ago

I did the card test and on my first try ended up with 3 aces all in the 2nd row. I tried the test 3 times after and ended up with only 2. Am i cursed?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 7 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hmm, I'm afraid I don't understand got three aces the first time, then did two more and got two out of three each time? Then yes, you are probably under a curse. If you want, you can just keep doing trials do the math on the probability, then as keep doing the spreads, keep a count of your positives and negatives and keep averaging it...the trend towards one or the other will become obvious over multiple trials.

Guest 7 years ago

nevermind. found out i was doing it wrong at first, either way i would still have had the 3 cards the first time, i tried it again the correct way and got 2 aces still.

Seeker 7 years ago

This was exactly the information I needed, well organized and concise. I have been doing a lot of research on Wicca and find I have a natural affinity, likely hereditary. I have read Earth Power by S. Cunningham and will soon be starting Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft and Spell Crafts by Cunnningham and Harrington. As I'm sure to remain a solitary practioner, do you have any other recommendations on books or information sources you'd be willing to share?

BTW: I'll be watching the Social Media movement...with a media background myself, I find it very interesting.

In truth, Blessed Be.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 7 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Sorry for long wait for reply, Seeker:

It really depends on what tradition you want to learn. I would recommend Modern Magick by Kraig for ceremonial stuff, Liber Null and Psychonaut by Carrol for chaos magick, and anything by Raven Grimassi for Strega. If you are interested in Runic work, you can also check out anything by Edred Thorson.

Sexy jonty profile image

Sexy jonty 7 years ago from India

Very well written hub .....

very much informative ......

Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

Swordfish 7 years ago

Very useful! got 3 aces twice! (first and second time) i did not want to try it a third time.. lol! how do I know who's a professional to ask for help! thanks!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 7 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Try the breaking I wrote about here, and if that doesn't work, seek help from professionals. Best bet would be your local occult, witchcraft, or new age shop. Good luck!

Phanttom 6 years ago

66.6% for me....should probably try the whole salt bath thing...

6 years ago

Thank you for the information

I tried the salt ritual bath and by day 7 I was seeing things alot more clearly. Even etherically found giant spikes and nails/pins inmy chakras. It seems that it would work -even if it needs to be done longer htan 10 days - maybe specifically aim to do it in the waning moon phase - once you are cleared youmust protect from furthur attack - use crystal pendants etc

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Glad I could help!

That's all true. More powerful spells will generally take longer to break the link, and a fully waning moon cycle is a good bet.

A better bet than a protection spell is a black lodestone or a sachet of black salt. You put a link to yourself, like a lock of hair, etc, in with the lodestone or salt, and then keep the item on your altar or somewhere else away from you and in a controlled magickal environment. It then acts like a fake you, drawing combat magicks to itself when they are aimed at you. This way your opponent doesn't know their spell got countered because the energy doesn't backlash on them. It looks like the spell landed.

You can also then disrupt the trapped spell and reclaim its energy afterward. A win-win across the board.

However, these are more advanced combat magick techniques and should not be used by beginners.

Ms. S 6 years ago

I am 55 years old. As a child my mother told us of a curse put on my grandmother that basically involved money problems. My grandmother now is 96 years old. My grandmother had 7 children. The point here is that every one of her 7 children's families cannot seem to accumulate money and more than that are very money-greedy people. We are a family of very talented and gifted people but can't seem to move. The money issue even has cause fights among each other, competition. I have watched the bond within my family disenigrate so that it hurts. But for me personally, I feel that something is wrong and I have felt a spiritual bondage for many, many years. Can I know that a spell/curse is real that has moved now for 3 generations? and if so, I do I reverse it? Do you think this is bigger than you salt bath?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

I'm sorry, Ms. S, but that is going to be bigger than my salt-bath. Even a small curse needs a lot of juice to go generational, and three generations back the modern techniques for doing so with little personal power didn't exist (now they do, but that's a different story).

You can use the divination method to find out about the curse, but you need to consult a professional. I suggest finding a nearby occult store or looking online for magickal groups in your area and contacting one of them.

My apologies on your situation. Good luck.

JT 6 years ago

So I found one ace via card six second stack. All the remaining ace's were literally at the end of the stack.So I take it that I have a curse? I know of one curse on me. When it comes to majik, I know that you cannot have bad without good. It cannot be for nature is both. The curse I have summons money when I am in the greatest of need. For some reason, when I need it, it always shows up out of the unexpected. Could this be the curse/spell the cards picked up on? Or, am I to beleive that gypsy lady in the nightclub who I paid 10.00 to read my palm, told me I am cursed by a lady who torments my mother and to break it, pay you 99.00.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

I don't quite understand your result. If you did the divination properly, you should end up with three stacks of at maximum ten card. When dealing each stack you stop dealing when you get an ace and go to the next one. So if you get an ace right away, first card in stack one, you got to stack two and start laying down cards till you either hit ten or get another ace. If you got only one ace, then you have a 33.3_ chance of being under a curse, which is not even 50/50, so I wouldn't worry about it.

No, the divination, properly done, should be answering the question you ask. If you didn't ask "is there a spell on me", then it won't answer that. The question is about a curse, magick meant to cause you harm, not help.

Don't listen to anyone who offers to take money to remove a curse from you. Real professionals will either help or not based on their magickal and spiritual path, and pay doesn't come into it. They should either refuse and say "I don't do practical magick on the behalf of other people other than close family and friends" or something like that, or immediately upon hearing you need magickal aid agree to help.

Hope that helps.

Jamie 6 years ago

Thank you for the article, very informative. I got 2 aces each time I did the divination. Does this mean I'm cursed?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi Jamie!

That's the likelihood.

0 aces = No

1 aces = Maybe

2 aces = Probably

3 aces = Yes

Usually when you get 2 it means there is some sort of magick but you are asking a question that isn't quite binary enough. Try restating things in a way that can narrow down the issue and redoing the divination.

RL 6 years ago

Tried the card test, but with a tarot deck since I don't have any regular playing cards. Pulled up an ace every time, each a different suit. I will try the curse breaker--at this point in my life, I'll trying anything within reason to break this. As much as I understand self-sabotage and how we attract whatever into our lives, the complications of childhood lessons, etc., I'm willing to believe that this lifelong problematic--whatever this is, infliction as well as self-perpetuated. Thanks for the article.

RL 6 years ago

Did the card test wrong. Instead of shuffling once and making three piles, I shuffled three times and made one pile each time. The fact that I drew aces immediately out of a full deck each time is rather, well, indicative of something.

Tried it again, this time with the one shuffle and three piles. Half-hearted intention and focus at best, since my hands were starting to hurt from shuffling oversized cards :) and feeling tired at this late hour. Drew one ace late in the first pile. No aces in the other piles.

Shrug. You know what? I'll still take that as a yes.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Good luck RL, these things can get weird. If you continue to have issues, seek professionals.

RL 6 years ago

Thanks, Puck. Do you think it's generally possible to find out who would do this to someone, and why?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Not unless you already have a number of suspects. Then you can just do the same card spread (since you are using a tarot deck take out the Major Arcana) and ask for each suspect.

As far as motive...once you have the suspect nailed down, asking them is a good way:p

However, some people might not realize they cursed you, even if they did. Certain people just have the knack of it, just like some people are telepaths or precogs, and they will curse people just by being mad enough and thinking about or looking at the target. That's the origin of the idea that people could just "have" the power of the Evil Eye (as opposed to the actual curse, which is a spell, not just a natural ability). Since they may not know, make sure to test the waters a bit before you go off on might just make things worse.

Generally the reasons people curse others are: 1) Revenge 2) Greed (trying to get something from someone else's misfortune) and 3) Accident. Yes, accident. People are stupid, and often like to do things that they see in the beginnings of horror movies, like read out loud from books on magick they don't understand and play at raising the dead with Ouija boards and such. Apparently the average person doesn't reason quite as far as "what happened after the hapless heroine did this in the movie?"...I know, it's sad, but true. I spent most of high school being the spooky kid people had come to parties once people had freaked themselves out to clean up the mess.

RL 6 years ago

Thanks again. I tried the divination, removing the major arcana as you suggested (should they be removed for all divinations?).

Nobody asked, but I'm reporting my results. :)

It's really hard to guess who it could be--it could be anyone, like you said. I guessed my mom (she's not ill-meaning, but her side of the family has a lot of psychic-y people so who knows?). Ace popped up in the 3rd pile, 8th card.

Took that as a "you're kinda warm." So I went with a distant maternal relative whom I met when I was really little, who had a gift for reading palms and tea leaves, who made me mad for some reason. Triple aces.

Don't know what this could indicate, but if curses exist, this is a multigenerational, super potent one. I don't know any professionals...there's a shop downtown that sells crystals and sage, but nothing wiccan. But then, i live in nyc--there are probably dozens of places around that don't advertise in the white pages.

Anyway, thanks for your help and advice, Puck.

RL 6 years ago

Btw, it's too bad you had to put up with all that stuff in high school. Those teenage hormones can make situations like that worse, I've heard.

RL 6 years ago

*I meant your classmates' hormones, not yours.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Yes, there are multi-generational curses, but again, if someone has the knack they might not be aware of it.

Thanks for your sympathy. I am sure the testosterone urges of adolescence helped a lot of that...they want something to test themselves against, I suppose. They should choose wiser adversaries and stick to football.

No, you should not remove the Major Arcana for all divinations. This is a special spread for this purpose. Most other spreads (Celtic Cross, Thoth Spread, etc) use the Major Arcana.

I definitely believe curses exist, but you can't take anecdote as evidence. :p

If you are in New York you have tons of shops. Look for magick spelt with the "k" at the end, or maybe with no "c" and just a "k", and you will be all right. We're everywhere :)

Harried and Hopeful 6 years ago

Hello Puck, im new to the community, just really doing a search and stumbled upon you, glad that I did, I believe that I and my daughters may be cursed, sounds like the binding spell, and maybe the entropy too, gonna try the salt thing and see if it works, can you give me an estimate of how soon I should see results from the salt bath? Do you know anything about Obi Oil? A friend who is very gifted spirirually speaking told me he felt someone had used this Obi Oil on me, any advise is appreciated.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Harried (wow, I am starting to feel like Dear Abbey),

Sorry to hear about you and your daughters. You should get results right away, but of course any stuff that's already gone screwy thanks to the curse will need to be fixed yourself...the breaker just cleanses exterior magick and gets rid of the external influence.

Never heard of Obi Oil, but that's not too weird, there are tons of traditions of magick.

Sonik1 6 years ago

Hi, i have never ever believed in anything like this tbo, but over the past few years/months i believe i have been cursed or something, i have way to much bad luck and i used to be very lucky i feel, me and my family seem to be suffering really bad over the last few years in all ways , way to much to explain quickly, health/finance/relation's/pets/ you name it ... the latest is pharaoh ants in my home,the ants are probably the least worrying thing thing to happen but the latest,

my mum found a funny substance in a hole in the trunk of a tree directly outside the front door, after her friend who reads cups etc felt something funny about the tree, it seems to stem from this i think,

i just tried the cards and it came up 3 aces, i tried again and again 3 times it came up 3 aces, i got shivvers down my spine when doing it, please help me, i'm not religious or anything i don't know what do , will a salt bathm really work for a non believer ? i feel this a bit more serious than a bath, but not sure ? thanks for posting this thePuck but can you advise me on what to do , or point me in the right direction, i live in london UK,

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Sonik1,

Sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like you are cursed.

Whether the salt-bath will work depends not on "belief" but following the procedure properly. Magick isn't prayer, it doesn't require the fulfillment of a request by an entity. Instead it uses your own power to accomplish your goal. You don't need "faith" because magick is all about results. If you do certain things, certain results will follow. However, these "things" are not just physical acts, they are mental, emotional, and willed acts as well. Concentration, focus, etc are very important. Whether the bath will work is a question of your personal power versus the caster of the curse...doing magick is the same as any other activity.

If the bath does not dispel the curse, look for a local occult shop and go ask around there for a trained professional. You live in a major city and (I presume, since you are reading and posting here) have access to the internet...just do a search.

Good luck!

boucalinda 6 years ago

Hi thePuck,

THank you for the info posted above. My little girl who is 3 has fallen ill and since recovered. ("mystery sickness") Just after the holidays (christmas) she has started to act really weird and not herself: Wont eat, wont even touch her favorite food like candy (what kid doesn't like candy) she doesn't sleep well, looks pail, stomach hurts, very negative, and seems anxious. I first went to see her Doctor who told me to ignore it and might just be a stomach flu that kids eventually will eat when they are hungry.(she comes in and out of this state)an older lady on the street stopped us (random stranger) advised me to wash her in a bath of rosemary and rue;told me it was witch craft. I took her advise and it seems to be happening less franquentley now. but I will try the salt bath above. DO you know anything about DragonsBlood?

I am very sad that someone would target a helpless child.

Thanks again. God bless.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Boucalinda, nice to meet you.

It's not all that likely someone cursed the child directly. Most likely they are trying to get to you, or maybe another family member.

First things first, use the divination method listed above to confirm the problem, then, If I were you, I would do the salt-bath for both of you (and anyone else in the family). It's hard to imagine three-year-olds cursing each other at the sandbox.

Dragon's Blood is a resin created from the Draconis plant. It is generally used in incenses and oils (not for consumption) and has properties corresponding to elemental fire. It can sometimes be added to a spell (used as incense, anointing oil, etc) to "boost" the effect of the spell.

Good luck, and may whatever gods you favor work in your life to bring you joy and a good life.

Diablo 6 years ago

I did the Card thing, and got Zero Aces... I pulled 30 cards out without 1 ace, the face this occurred, I believe this actually has some credibility. I really thought I was cursed, I was shuffling those cards with a purpose to find this out, and something in me made me stop shuffling when I did... NO Aces, it was telling me something... not cursed, but just a bad run of Luck... hopefully things will turn around soon enough... Thanks.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi Diablo,

You are probably the first person to comment who hasn't been cursed! Yay!

Glad to have been of help.


Onur 6 years ago

This is a lot of crap man! You don't even know anything and invented an exotic playgame for exploiting sensitive people. How much do you or this website earn by these advertisements? salt-bath, deck thing? I mean how lost can you be to believe in such thing. There are four aces in a deck and high likely one of them will hit you considering that you look at 30cards out of 52.

FK 6 years ago

I've been dealing with something for the past 15 years that I think is related to a hex though not sure if intentional. It started at a get together of a pagan group that I was associated with but not a part of. It took place outdoors early May (Beltane). It was more of a feeling rather than a physical happening. Like a cloud of negative energy tugging at my temples...worst feeling I've had in my life. I was there for like six hours since I had no transportation myself. since then I've been struggling to get rid of this feeling that just seems to eat away at any positive feelings I can muster. It's a statticy feeling, but not in a good way, almost as if it's alien to me. I've had a few traditional practitioners and a few Reiki people look at it, but with limited results...sometimes even they get tired at the attempt to cleanse it. Sadly, my physical life isn't doing much better. ..could be worse from that standpont, but often wrong place at wrong time, etc. Not sure if it's worth paying money to someone more "whitchdoctorish" for help.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello Onur,

Skeptic's comments are welcome, but I don't really know how to reply to you comments in a way that would be helpful. I am quite aware of the probabilities involved in this spread. I suppose I can try to explain the theory of how divinations function, but if you are assuming physicalism off the bat there is simply no way to address your concerns. If you axiomatically assume that any claims of supernaturalism are false, then no explanation of the theory, no matter how coherent it is, will help...the theory presents be automatically assumed false because you've defined it as not being true. While I appreciate your right to believe in any ontology you wish, I have to reserve the same right for myself.

As for how I can believe such a thing...experience, mostly, though of course like any creature of the modern age I have gone back and forth with skepticism about what I do. The simple fact is that this stuff works. I have had its efficacy proven to me again and again. In addition to this Idealism, and specifically neoplatonic idealism, is the foundational premise of magick in general.

However, while I will leave the comment as it stands, I must take offence

orchid 6 years ago

what if you think that your house has also been made a target? Aswell as yourself? plus still hard to accept, cursing, even though everything that has happened over the last 12 years is way more than coincidence. Does it matter where curse originated from if it is an asian indian curse will your recommended curse breaker work? And can smudging work too?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Orchid, nice to meet you,

A house cleansing using smudging can help if a house is the target of a spell. Use both methods together and see if that helps.

Yes, it does depend where the curse originated from, because the power and ability of the person who cast it is a factor. An untrained person using a simple curse-breaker is not going to overpower the magick of a trained professional using a classic curse. If the source was not another amateur like yourself, then you need professional help. If this is the case, I suggest finding your local occult shop and talking to the people there. They will almost definitely have someone on-staff who will be able to help with higher-level issues.

I hope that helps.

andreia 6 years ago

oh no, i am definitely cursed i did the card thing and the first stack i didn't get it, and the second stack i got ace of hearts and ace of spades. then the third stack i got ace of diamonds. is there any other help? besides the submerge body in big body of water cause i can't find and don't knoww where to buy sea salt. maybe some candles or anything with materials that are not too complicated? like a jar or something?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Sea salt can be purchased at most grocery stores. Ask someone if you can't find it.

Andreia 6 years ago

thank you very much. When i knew i was cursed was the day before i talked to some online stranger he mentioned me and my life just by looking at the webcam and he said that there is a spirit that is cursing me from an old generation. And he said he weill help me thru an ancient three headed God. he said to make a mantra and think of a box to clean and he said to get some water to help me clean myself. and while i was doing that he said words like "jaxut" "jamus" and other stuff i didn't know. he said he can only heal me that time around 3-4 am. I am really not sure if i believe him cause I asked who the three headed Gods where he said vishnu, krishna and shiva weird the three headed ancient god looks like buddha to me but he mentioned hinduism gods and goddesses. what do you think?

and hey thank you so much for replying and thank you also for taking your time for me. Blessed be. :)

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

The Hindu gods have many forms, and the Buddha was a Hindu.

The specific time is not unusual. Many mages and witches use specific times to help their magick. Times of the month and year, days of the week, and specific times of day all may help certain operations.

The spell's content itself sounds fine, and I am glad you found someone willing to help. I generally prefer to help other people do their own magick rather than using mine to help them, especially over the internet, but there are plenty who don't have that preference.

Good luck.

Jenny 6 years ago

Hi there'

I was wondering...i think my bro has a binding curse on him and have felt so for many years...his wife thinks herself a witch and has all sorts of things on the dresser in the bedroom...he just cant seem to get his act together these days, has depression and as a result of her control of his life i have now fallen out with him...I know the chances are that there is a curse from her of sorts to him and probably on me but how can i break it on his behalf?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Jenny, nice to meet you.

While you can use the same divination method I listed in the article on behalf of another person, the curse-breaker has to be either done by him or with his knowledge and cooperation. One of the basic limitations of magick is that it depends upon the will of the practitioners, and that means that such things must be participatory to be effective. Even for curses and attacks, the curser must have some sort of magickal link to the individual and must overcome their basic will and defenses to attack them.

Your best bet is to do the divination and talk to him about the results. If he won't take it seriously, then you have little recourse. It is neither ethical nor particularly effective for a beginner to do magick on another person against their will, because even if you ignore the ethics, the will of a beginner has not been trained and won't be able to overcome the will of the target.

Good luck.

sarah 6 years ago

hey puck i am so glad i found this site.reading over all the comments you are right everyone is entitled to their own belief.but if some people will take the time out to use a little common sense they will understand where there is water there's fire.if we as humans can aid in healing one we are able to cause sickness to fall on one.cure/curse.rather it be substance,subject or object they all come with an opposite effects. IT'S FACTS NOT FICTION.

Ebba 6 years ago

Hi Puck,

I'm a victim of a generational curse. I've been experiencing crazy events since I was a kid and my family members suffer financially for all their lives. including me. And recently a powerful but not a professional psychic saw an ancient evil spirit attached to me when she was alone. The evil spirit asked her to leave me aka "Ebba". alone. the psychic saw that he had horns, he was bold and the body was a statue. The psychic took me to a missionary who is super powerful and said if she can not kick the evil spirit no one can. well! I thought it worked at the beginning. because my vivid dreams fighting with evil since I was a kid stopped. Great! but she said I supposed to hear good news coming from my family members but NO, instead I keep hearing sicknesses, unbelievable bad luck events. So it seems like it really didn't work.

Can you suggest a pro occult store in LA?

Thank you

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Ebba, nice to meet you.

Generational curses are some of the strongest out there. They can be a huge pain to try to get removed, mostly because they are usually attached to some focus that it is hard to find and get rid of. Spells generally decay over time (like everything else that requires energy to exist, magick is subject to entropy), but generational curses draw their energy from some other source than the original caster and thus can go on into perpetuity.

I would definitely suggest finding a pro. There are many good shops in the LA area. I suggest checking out the Eye of the Cat in Long Beach. Check out for more details.

Good luck.

Ebba 6 years ago

Thank you for the recommendation and your time. I appreciate it.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

No problem, Ebba. Always happy to help. Thanks for reading.

a person 6 years ago

very nice article, very informative, but i don't magic or spells. I think its a bunch of bull. i went to palm readers before and they said my future and none of it has came true.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, a person.

Thanks for your opinion, and I don't particularly want to debate metaphysics, but I would like to put forward a suggestion:

Under your logic, if someone goes to a crappy doctor and doesn't get better, medical science doesn't exist. If a scientist is ever wrong, then science as a whole doesn't exist. I don't think you need to be a logician to see there is something wrong here.

So if you go to someone who purports to be a mage or oracle or doctor or car mechanic, and they can't do what they say they can do, don't blame the whole concept...go to someone else.

Have a nice day, thanks for reading.

Nirupa 6 years ago

Hi, I read your article and it is great. I was looking for this exact information. My life is so wrong that I feel I am going crazy. Nothing in my life, for years, seems to go anywhere for the most unexplained reasons.

I remember than when I was little my mother's aunt came to visit us and she brought oranges with her. After she left my mother found some strange wire knitting that had irregular shape and had an 8 in it. My mom burned the thing. We never saw my mom's aunt anymore. do you think there is a curse or spell associated with it? My mother's aunt was an evil woman and she was said to have acquaintance among people who practiced low magic.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Nirupa, nice to meet you,

It's hard to say. Any physical object can be used as a magickal focus. Even abstract objects such as stories, songs, etc. can become the focus for a spell or as an anchor for an astral entity. If I had the object itself I could tell you whether it was charged with something, but otherwise there is no way to know.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I suggest that, if you feel you are under the effects of malevolent magick, you should use the divination and purification method I give in the article.

Thanks for reading.

Nirupa 6 years ago

Hi Puck, thank you very much for your answer. I am going to try the ritual as soon as I have the right moon phase. As for the divination I got two aces. I have always been interested in magick and wicca and I have learned a lot from books and lectures, I have never thought though that I could use it for myself in that way because I have never thought i could be under attack. Anyway I like your ritual, I have just one more question; if this ritual isn't enough should I repeat it or should I try something more powerful? What would you suggest? I do not trust to seek external help.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi Nirupa,

If the ritual is not successful, I am afraid I have to suggest seeking external help. Look for a local occult shop. The fact is that magick is like anything else, and sometimes you need a professional.

Good luck.

dave 6 years ago

look im a firm skeptic of all such things, i don't believe in god etc. but apparently my mother was cursed when she was younger by a man claiming he was the 7th son of the 7th son of the 7th son. since then our family luck has been terrible, inexplicably bad. would you know anything about this. oh yeah i don't know if its of any reference but apparenty that night a large bat was in her room when she got back and got tangled in her hair and she had to have it cut. who was the man, and why would he curse my mother? i doubt you'd know but i thought i would be worth a try.

thanks for your time

dave 6 years ago

ok i just did the card test and i got 3 stil skeptical but that is pretty weird

dave 6 years ago

i have done the test 5 times now and each and every time i have had 3 aces even tho i shuffled the cards very well...this is a little too strange to placed down to coincidence

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Dave, nice to meet you,

I heartily approve of your skepticism. If I had not spent a life having experiences that proved to me that magick works and the supernatural exists, I wouldn't buy into it, either. Aleister Crowley, one of the greatest mages of the 20th Century, wrote: “I slept with faith and found a corpse in my arms on awakening; I drank and danced all night with doubt and found her a virgin in the morning.” I have always taken it to heart.

As for the individual who cursed your mother: no, I'm sorry. There are many people with the power to do what has been done to your family. It is true that certain quirks of birth, like being the seventh son of the seventh son, can give one more magickal power under certain circumstances. However, there are many, many mages out there and those who go around cursing people usually aren't well-liked or popular. I currently know of no seventh sons, though of course there have to be some out there.

As for your curse, I strongly suggest using the purification ritual from the article. It is clear you are cursed. If you aren't able to neutralize the curse with that, please seek a nearby occult shop or group and find a professional to help you.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

kurz4life 6 years ago

hi. i believe in curse. i believe someone put a curse on my grandfather so me, my cousins and aunt inherited that curse we all have the same traits (its embarassing to tell)except my aunt who was born with an eyes like the moon. i strongly believe we are all cursed for life.

i also believe GOD choose sides.

Mark Gaulding 6 years ago

Puck,I took the card test. The first three times I drew 2 aces almost immediately and ended up three different times with 2 aces (every time they came up in the first 3 cards I drew, BOTH aces). Tried it a fourth time and only drew 1 ace. So, my suspicion that I had a curse is quite confirmed according to this "barometer". Wouldn't you say?

I am going to try to do the salt bath you recommend. Next Thursday is a new moon. Are there any other things that I could do to enhance the curse-breaker? This is really quite a terrible curse and I really want to do all I can to counteract.

Thank you for this help...will give it an earnest try.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Mark, nice to meet you.

Yes, I would say those results say you are indeed cursed. To boost the spell you can add sage and rosemary to the salt-bath.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

keisha 6 years ago

Hi my name is keisha and I believe I have been cursed...

For some reason everything I do I never finish.. I loose weight like crazy.. I feel depressed.. I never keep a job.. I got into a car accident and lost my car.. I never keep money.. I cant find a job.. Men love me but its like they just cant be with me.. I did the card thing to and each time the ace of spades was first.. I am freaked out and been trying to get help for a very very very long time now.. can you help me get this off of me please ...

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Keisha, nice to meet you.

Sorry to hear about your curse. This one sounds like a binding spell. The cleansing method I wrote about in the article will work on this, but as always when you do combat magick it is your will, skill, and talent against that of the other person. If the person who cursed you is more powerful than you can manage to be while doing the cleansing spell, then the curse will not be broken. In this case, please seek a nearby group of occult professionals (any tradition will do), explain the situation, and ask for help. Professionals can usually be found via occult shops, public rituals which are usually locally advertised, etc. You can always try the internet as well and simply do a search for your area and "occult", "magick", "Wicca", "Witchcraft"...things like that.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Mark Gaulding 6 years ago

thePuck, tonight I will be following the ritual/spell to rid the curse. I cannot thank you enough for this assistance.

How long before I should recognize that curse is lifted (if it is)? Are candles okay?

Wish me luck in this endeavor, please.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 6 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya Mark,

Wait out the moon cycle for effects, so wait till after the full to come to any conclusions. If the breaker is effective it should manifest by then.

Of course, make sure to try to pursue opportunities...if your curse involves not being able to make friends and you stay at home and isolate for half a month then there is no way to judge.

I wish you good luck and the blessings of whatever patrons you respect.

Raptorcat profile image

Raptorcat 6 years ago from North Lauderdale, FL

There is also a faster, easier and not lunar phase dependent method. A witches bottle. Those are made simply enough with a mason jar, some razor blades, a little barbed wire, one's own urine and a few drops of blood.

Nice article, but covering all of the easiest bases, when beginners are involved is also as important as the more complex methods that the intermediates can do. Keep up the good work.

hoopla 6 years ago

Hi Puck,

Your description of the 3rd curse (lesson) is so funny, I laughted for at least 5 minutes.

Thanks for that; good job by the way.

nyc79 6 years ago

hi Puck, love the article. just a quick question, is there a way to do the cleansing in a shower? and can you substitute the sea salt with bathing salts?

seeqa 6 years ago

Thank you Puck this is a very helpful article, I have been browsing the net for quite a while, regarding curses hexing and psychic attack...

Most of the articles and books I have looked at don't give diagnostic procedure other than perhaps the stove top evil eye procedure and/or a list of symptoms.

I was wondering if it would at all be possible to clear up a little question for me...

I procured a book about protection magick and psychic self defence, by a popular pagan author.

There is a mention of a situation described as psychic loss/entrapment-where a part of the soul/energy body is trapped by a harmful practitioner. In the voodoo traditions it is said harmfull practitioners trap your "ti bon ange"...however no mention is made as to how one may go about creating a remedy for such a situation....

I have one a few cleansing type baths, and regular meditation/reiki self healing/smudging type operations.

I would also like to mention I live in south africa, where there is a thriving belief and practice in magick ie sangomas nyangas and traditional african practitioners-none of whom are too keen to help out a white girl-unfortunately!

I have been to more "western" practitioners who either wish to have me pay them large amounts of money, or tell me this is all my imagination.

When I did your card diagnostic...provided i performed it correctly....2 aces=60%...?

Thank you!


seeqa 6 years ago

Sorry 3 aces..?

Meow 6 years ago

Can tarot cards introduce a curse accidentally?

Deborah Sexton 6 years ago

Very interesting hub.

Elvira 6 years ago

i belive my exhusbad put a curse on me, things are going donwhill after i left him, and he knew fewthings about the dark side of magic. is crazy , but things are getting even worst after he kill himself.

do you think that is posible ?? he hated me for leaving him.

Ellawyn 6 years ago

I have no doubt that I have been cursed.I am a positive person, I seek the joy of life and to spread it. I tried your card trick and got three aces every time; usually with just three cards. I have known for about 10 years that there was something not right; but when the spirits stopped talking 3 years ago, my life went down hill. I found a Native American medicine man who helped a little. I found a Voodoo Priestess that helped a little. I have a friend that is Wiccan and she and three others came to cleanse my family and my house. All things work for awhile, then the evil or the people that send it regroup and come again hitting us at a different angle.All three of those that have tried to help have been attacked and feel that they are not strong enough to fight it off. I have been told that it is Native American Black Magic and that they want me dead.That the people that started it started with regular black magic and then went on to NAblack. I have found tarantulas and scorpions in my house and they are not native to the area I live in.

The spirits recently told me to cleanse with fire. Taking small parts of everything in my life that are joyful and sorrowful and adding it to yard weeds and burning it. They say that everything around me resembles the curse and must be burned...only in symblance...not going to burn everything down really. They are adamant about 'heather,plum,and cherry.'I am finding no history on these plants being used in magic...any ideas or background on this?

Mia 6 years ago

Hi Puck,

I think someone put a curse on my mariagge and is trying to break us up (and it's working)... I also know who did this. I don't want to curse them back, I just want to get rid of the curse, before it's too late. Will this work if I do the bath thing by myself? My partner doesn't believe in this stuff, so I'm afraid that it's not gonna work because of that. Do you have any other ways to break this curse?

Ja 6 years ago

How are yoy? Can you please help me. I think my sister in law put Aboriginal cure at my relationship with her brother. She has Aboriginal friend who know voodoo and I think she put the spell on me. At the moment, my husband doesn't want to be with me and tell me to have a new realationship. In the past we loved each other very much and he fought with his sister many time for me. I am Thai lady and my husband is Australian. Now we don't stay together but I always feel that my body gets very hot and when I pray for god, It will start to get better. My situation likes Mai. Thank you very much. Ja

pan1974 profile image

pan1974 6 years ago from Columbus,Ga

Thank you

kelztar94 6 years ago

can i use a bath for the salt water thing?

Laura 6 years ago

Hi Puck,

I was wondering if you can tell if I am under a curse. I knew a woman a couple years ago who said she used to practice whichcraft and would work under a more powerful guy in it that she eventually finally broke away from. I left her over 2 years ago, and since i left about a couple months after i all of a sudden started having what seems to be anxiety attacks, i have dropped alot of weight and am fighting to gain, with setbacks every few days, i have had bad luck in trying to get jobs anywhere, i have so much negativity and fear that i'm going to die and that something is seriously wrong in my body and nobody can figure out what it is, anything i do to try and get my life better backfires in some way...i fell like i'm getting worse. I need this to go away, i want and need to be able to eat so i don't waste away and die, i need to be able to work and do things i want to do in life. I feel stuck. i've also been having lots more vivid dreams this past year. I'm debating between if it is actually her who did this, or my dad. my dad doesn't to majik, but he is a very negative, controlling, mentally and verbally abusive person. Can u tell me if this is a curse and which kind and what is best to get rid of it?? Thank you so much.

trish 5 years ago


Can you please please help me i think im cursed about 2 years ago me and my boyfriend broke up i knew him for 6 years he was my best friend and we dated for 4 years moved in together very happy all of a sudden one morning he woke up and said he doesn't want to be with me and packed his bags no reason nothing i did everything i could to make him stop but he kepted saying "i have to do this" i was on depression for nearly one year becouse of what had happened after he left me he was with random girls messing about he would do his best to hurt me and his eyes used to scare me everytime i looked at him so after couple of monthes we kept getting back together and breaking up i eventally had enough and finished it i couldn't take the pain it was killing me we were two different religions so i don't know if his mum done the curse as she wasn't too keen on us but ever since i have met soo many people and i cant seem to find anyone or guys are nice for a day and run off im soo scared i will end up lonely without anyone please please help me i just want a normal life.


652afraid 5 years ago

I believe I'm cursed and don't know why

SteelCityGirl 5 years ago

I've had a curse on me since 2000. I followed your advice with the sea salt. Other psychics have told me, but it never registered until now. I have been through hell and back- whomever got me got me pretty good. I had the Ace of Wands, Ace of Cups and the Ace of Pentacles come up for me in your prescribed reading. I also think I have been binded too. Please G-d, I hope this works. I've nearly killed myself 7 times. I am beautiful and tall and (used to be very thin) and am nice and also a genius. I guess it was jealousy that fueled the curse to begin with. I feel I am also a victim of malocchio. After just getting out of the salt bath and drinking some holy water, I pray that this nightmare is over. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH for your posting!!!! MANY MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!!!

Africana 5 years ago

It really worked... Curses are real. Depending on where you live, curses are fake. The bath was good, after all these years of suffering. Thank you very much!

rhea 5 years ago

hi please help me. Strange things have been happening to me the past few weeks, ive seen these black shadow type things fom the corner of my eye when i try to look at it, its no longer there. This happened three times. I feel as though im being watched but nobody is there. My 8 month baby on two occasions just stared blankly at the wall/ceiling and moved his head side to side focused on something moving. I came home yesterday, things were fine, went back in babys room and smelt petrol. Went back in after 10min and smelt over poweringly strong. Called out gas man to come check for a gas leak and soon as he came the smell completely went! My arm had a burning sensation and was red in that area and smelt faintly of petrol. Please please help im so scared. When i started telling people of these strange things its only gotten worse. Im no longer stayin there and feel very afraid. Is it me or my flat that is cursed? Help me please im only 20

A response would be highly appreciated .

Iselaf 5 years ago


I am very grateful for you sharing this ritual with all of us. I believe to be cursed

By me exhusnand's mother. She never liked me and was always saying that I thought I was better than her because I had nice legs!!! It sounds weird, but back then I used to weight lift and yes, I had nice legs! I was a very healthy person until I started to have serious leg pains and doctors found a tumor on my right femur bone!!! Wow, there is no cancer history in my family, but I had it and due to that I just went through my 5 th hip replacement 3 weeks ago!!! Also since my first surgery, I am not able to move my quad muscle and physical therapist cannot find an explanation why I am not being able to move it because everything seems to be okay with my leg! I think it is my ex's mom that does not leave me alone!!! It has been almost 9 years that I have no contact with these people and I have seeker professional help 2 times already.... But, I feel that there is something still going on!! I did your ritual as best as I could and I hope that I was able to remove the curse!!! I am doing therapy for my leg and I am putting all my faith that I will succeed and move all my muscles again!!! So, is there something we can do with the cards in order to know if the curse is gone? Thank you for your help.

akuigla profile image

akuigla 5 years ago

This is the third time Ive seen here on hubpages that someone is writing with knowledge about this topic.

Thank you for this hub.

May God watch over you and protect you.

Enzo2k11 5 years ago

How pagan. I don't think it will work.

Raymond 5 years ago

Nice article, I will have to try this as I have some suspicion my family has been cursed.

hagon 5 years ago


i don't believe in curses but sometimes i am forced to think of the same. In my earlier school days we would call upon spirits through planchits and did it for fun. Slowly we made friends with one of them and then she asked us to marry her daughters. It was horrible for all of us and then we stopped calling her. After all these years i had a bad relationship which i sometimes feel that she is doing this... can this b possible pls help.. i want an answer

Seldon55 profile image

Seldon55 5 years ago from Somewhere in Florida

great advice. I'm not even going to bother with cards. I know I've got a curse going on. I'm going to try jumping in the ocean to see if that washes it away. If not - it's back to the bathtub...

guest22 5 years ago

For the people who criticize, if you don't get it just keep your mouth shut, give thanks you haven't experienced any evil in your life. We are all spiritual beings and just like we are prone to receive the good the evil is also out there. Much luck to you!

Clueless-3 5 years ago

I was going to marry a witch along time ago but things didn't work out and I feel he has cursed me and my family. I did the cards and wow every time ace ace ace. I did members of my family and the same with them. Help what can I do???????

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

What a fascianting hub - a really well written piece, many thanks for sharing. There was a lot I didn't realise about curses such as the different names and types.

jadavi profile image

jadavi 5 years ago

This was incredibly helpful. May I ask other questions?

Tigereyes47 5 years ago

Hello thePuck,

Thank you so much for the information. Very well written and much appreciated. You seem to have helped a lot of people and I pray the positive energy from that flows to you. There is also a simple method that can help as well, something that I learned from a very helpful individual.

"Stand in an area you have room to turn around in. Hold your arms out in the Y manner turn clockwise slowly three times and say the following each time you turn; "I am protected by your Might Oh gracious Goddess day and night". Then turn Counterclockwise three time and with your dominant hand's pointer finger, point to the ground at your feet, and say; thrice the circle around, evil sink into the ground", each time you turn. Then stand facing the northeast with your arms in the Y position and say; "I cast this spell for the good of all and with harm to none, as I will so shall it be done, So Mote It Be!"

There, your done, have no doubt, you can't screw it up. Just read it over carefully, rehearse it in your mind and do it. You don't need any alter supplies or ritual tools.

Blessed Be

anika 5 years ago

So my house has had. No problems whatsoever now

My cousins parents kicked her out so she's been staying with us, now since she's been here strange going ons have been happening. Its almost always at night. There's an owl outside and Im the only one who can hear it. The gate outside my window shakes but there's no wind and again I'm the only one who hears it and that's because my cousin sleeps with me. Shell wake up with bruises on her body. And we both get a feeling that someones watching us. My sister recently got me a cat we named her hazel, and she sleeps with us well I recently woke up to the cat chewing on my finger nails, u pushed her away and she just winked at me. What should we do? What's going on?

Some Miserable Girl 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

im some miserable girl who lives in the other half of the world and its 5 am morning, sooo.. i wanted to share my ugly life story with you. (yay! lucky you :)

i did it, i got 3 aces. as i expected. :|

- i am extremly tired of everything in life, i have wayyyyyy too much bad luck, i read about the comments people left in here, i know alot are suffering and i feel very very bad for them, but... the funny part is.. most of them seem to suffer from lack of money (jobs) or a broken heart, while im suffering from EVERYTHING, i literally mean EVERYTHING!

i have no job, most members of my family live far away and the ones near are un-understanding judgemental douche bags, i couldn't continue college so had to drop out thus i have NO JOB, (and no i cant go back to college) these are the rules in my country.

after leaving college, i tried looking up jobs and found a couple, worked in these couple of jobs and most of the employees there didn't like me, i truly swear i didn't do any bad thing to any of them, i don't talk about people behind their backs, if any boss asked me how an employee is doing id say very good, the first job i found was not so bad, the manager stole my work and told the owner that she the manager "made it and came up with it herself" and yes i clarified that I did it and spoke out even the employees spoke out for me but the owner trusts the manager who worked with her 4 years so no she wont believe its entirely me so i quit, the 2nd job i was also doing good and selling well but my "co worker" didn't like me don't know why she didn't, so the owner sacked me, the 3rd job i found was near my home, the manager liked me a lot cause according to him me speaking 3 languages would benefit the company, and he approved and i almost worked there but was waiting for his uncle (the company's owner) to approve, once the owner was there and before letting me in, one of the girls who work there (secretary) complained to the owner that she's been working there for 3 years and gets paid less than what i'll get paid, she started yelling 0_0 saying "just cause that girl knows 3 languages does not mean she has to get paid higher then me!!".. so the owner declined me! (he doesn't want "problems" at work).

anyway i think by now you get an idea of what me looking up a job was like, my health sucks now my blood pressure is always low and i have extremely low iron and always dizzy and pale, my life sucks and sometimes i wish i was dead, even writing about it now makes me all tears and crying :( oh and my love life sucks! i loved only once, we were both grown up, he was 23 and we were almost gona marry, we were so much in love, but it failed cause his "friends" didn't like me, and apparently he likes his friends alot and get affected by them cause he knows them along time ago and takes their advice, don't get me wrong its history but i just don't seem to feel like i will ever love again, i do get offers a lot but i just don't feel interested..? i don't know why?! i feel like im senseless.. or maybe im miserable or just tired of getting screwed up?!?! my life BLOWS. it sucks i hate it, i hate everything, i hate my life i don't know what to do i truly don't, we have no occults where i live and i don't know where to seek professional help, my bad luck streak never stops, I HAVE NO LIFE.

what do i do?

George 5 years ago

Does the test determine degree of curse as well? Asking because, card 1 ace, card 2 ace, card 8 ace...

Tami 5 years ago


Can I skip the cards and go straight for the bath cleansing? I can feel some evil spirit hovering over my whole family for years now. How soon can I expect to see results if it works?


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Tami,

Sure, it's fine to just do the cleansing. I do cleansings regularly just for safety/health.

And sorry, everyone, for not responding faster to all your questions. I have been diagnosed with a reasonably severe condition and I am in pain and on medication a lot of the time. I will do my best to respond to your comments more swiftly in the future.

Neal "thePuck" Jansons

Tami 5 years ago

Thanks the Puck...and I hope you recover soon!

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Thanks, Tami, I appreciate your thoughts. Good luck with your cleansing!


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akuigla 5 years ago

May God send a thousand angels to heal you.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

@akuigla As a pagan my first impulse is to ask "Which one?", as I have various relationships with different aspects of what we might call the "godhead", but I will take your wishes in the spirit they were meant and simply say "Thank you!"

Unfortunately, what I have is not going to "get better" without extensive surgery on my spine, which I am very scared of and want to put off as long as I can. I have deteriorative disc disease in three vertebrae in my neck, which is causing bulging discs and spinal stenosis (narrowing of the nerve canals in the spine). This causes extreme pain, the most extreme pain I have ever experienced. So I am on a lot of pain medication and nerve blockers, and unfortunately, disabled for life.

Thankfully, I am a writer and technology consultant who works from home, so I am sort-of able to work. I just have to take a lot of breaks and be patient with myself.

Caps 5 years ago

Hey Im like really low on good luck so decided to try the card thing and out of three tries I got 2 aces twice and 1 ace once...the only thing is that I got a different type of card deck which is for a Mexican game called conquian so it has no nines or tens..yes thats how bad its going, that I cant even get a full deck :).. anywho I don't like the 66.6% odd (666) but I suppose I cant really do anything though since I don't even have a bath tub or money to go to an expert...don't know why Im posting I guess Im just releasing stress by sharing :).. thank you

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Heya, buddy. Sorry life is being rough right now. I've been in situations where a bathtub was definitely a luxury I couldn't afford. There are other things you can do that don't cost a thing.

Go somewhere where you won't be bothered and you have some privacy for a little bit. Somewhere out in the trees, mountains, a beach, etc is best, but use wherever you've got access to...all that exists is nature and natural, even that which we created (for we are of and by nature, we are from within nature, how is it we could create something that is without nature?). Use a public restroom if you must. The important thing is to have some space you can claim as your own for a little while.

1. Face East.

2. Now take a deep breath. As you take in this breath, close your eyes and visualize all the air around you filled with a wondrous white light. As you breath in this first deep, deep breath, see yourself breathing in the light as well and letting it fill you. Let it out slowly, but let the light remain within you. Repeat and, as before, bring in the white light, but don't let it go when you breathe out. See yourself filled with the light, a great, towering, luminous figure of light.

On the third breath, breathe in as deeply as you can while raising your right hand (if you are right-handed, left if you are left-handed) and bringing your finger to your lips. When you feel you are filled to bursting with air and light, draw your finger away quickly and down to your side while roaring:

A-PO PAN-TOS KAK-O-DAY-MON-OS! (Away from me all evil spirits!)

3. Bring your fingertip (the same you used before) to your head and utter softly:

SO-EE (unto you)

4. Bring your fingertip down to your groin and say:

O-FALL-EE (Oh Phallus)

5. Bring your fingertip to your right shoulder and say:

ISCUROS (be the Strength)

6. Fingertip to left shoulder:

EU-KA-REEST-OS (and benevolence/holy anointing)

7. Bring your hands together in front of your chest, clasping them, and intone, almost as if singing:

EE-AH-OH (The formula of IAO pertains to the ancient Egyptian gods Isis, Apophis, and Osiris, and their interaction is meant to encapsulate all To say more than that is beyond the scope of this piece and would do no good to the non-initiate).

8. Upon finishing this, visualize in front of you a glowing, white pentagram (five-pointed star with its point up), bring your hands up to your eyes, and fling them forward, visualizing the pentagram flying forward into infinite space with the force of your hands. As you do this, roar:

THERION! (Beast)

and bring your hands back, letting your left hand return to your side and bringing your right hands to your lips in a "shushing" motion. This is called the Sign of Silence or the Sign of Hoor-poor-krat (a form of Horus, but called Harpocrates in the Greek tradition)

9. Bring your hands down to your sides and turn counter-clockwise to face the North. Repeat the flinging forth of the pentagram, saying clearly and firmly:

NOO-EET (Nuit, great goddess and celestial mother of the Aeon).

and bring your hands back into the Sign of Silence.

10. Bringing your hands down, turn counter-clockwise to face the West, repeat the flinging of the pentagram, and whisper quietly and reverently:

BAB-UH-LON (Babalon, great goddess and terrestrial mother of the Aeon)

and bring your hands back into the Sign of Silence.

11. Bringing your hands down, turn counter-clockwise to face the South, repeat the flinging of the visualized pentagram, and bellow loudly:

HAD-EET! (Hadit or Had, great god and father of the Aeon)

and bring your hands back into the Sign of Silence.

12. Now finish out the circle by turning counter-clockwise to end in the east. Make the following signs in order:

a. Stand with feet together, head bowed, left hand shielding the groin and the right hand shielding the chest.

b. Stand with feet together and head erect. Right hand raised (thumb extended at a right angle to the fingers, thumb pointing at the right temple), with the forearm forming a right angle with the shoulder. Left hand clenched with thumb extending forwards, placed at groin.

c. Feet together. Both hands clenched, thumbs extended, are placed to the temples, thumbs pointing out (like horns). The head is then bowed and pushed out, as if to symbolize the butting of a horned beast.

d. The feet are widely separated and the arms raised so as to suggest a crescent. The head is thrown back.

13. After finishing them, return to your original posture (hands at sides, legs together, etc) and say:

EE-O PAN (IO is like a "unto thee" or "you go" or "greatness unto, Pan is the ancient Greek god Panphage Pangenitor, turned into merely a god of the wild later, but in more ancient times considered the all-creator, all-destroyer)

14. Now, the next part is going to be rough, but it is completely acceptable for these purposes to read a print out or have this written down. If you were a young apprentice in training I would expect you to memorize it, of course, but this is just an attempt to help you out.

Raise your arms up, as if you were forming a T or cross, and say the following:







(Before me the Iunges,

Behind me the Teletarchae,

On my right hand the Synoches,

On my left the spirits.

For about me flames the Star of Five,

And in the column stands the Star of Six.)

15. Repeat steps 2-7. End bowing your head reverentially with your hands clasped over your chest.

After finishing, go eat something. You need to "ground out" after ritual to return your consciousness to its normal state, and eating is just about the best thing for that I know of.

This ritual is called the Star Ruby, or the Banishing Ritual of the Star Ruby. It is a Thelemic ritual, for those who are working within the magickal tradition of Thelema, founded by Aleister Crowley, the greatest ceremonial magician of the early 20th century. If you would prefer an older and far more Judeo-Christan version of the ritual, you can refer to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram at

Now, I realize this ritual is pretty involved. It's in Greek, etc (I assume you don't read Greek; if you do, let me know and I can give you the original Greek as opposed to my attempt at phonetic transliteration). The reason for this is that it does what it does with no physical foci like herbs or stones, plus involved ritual is simply par for the course in ceremonial magick. I am far more a ceremonialist than a witch, and always have been; the reason I wrote this hub was for people to find the help they needed and because I knew the spell (I am a witch, born and trained, but I prefer ceremonialism and chaos magick). We're not supposed to say one tradition or another is "better", but I can say that ceremonialism is "better for me". This ritual also, properly performed, packs a hell of a punch, which is why I advise "grounding down" afterward.

On the other hand, were I similarly afflicted, this is far more the sort of things I would do, while the bath thing is something my best friend or a more witchy type would do. So I am giving you the same consideration I would, myself.

I hope this helps. I think I will do a hub with this ritual in it for this purpose...people who are homeless or in truly dire straits (and I have been both) sometimes need magickal help, too.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

jam 5 years ago

hi, pls advise. 8 years ago i married a muslim widower with 2 kids, i was christian, his first wife died mysteriously of obesity. since i married this guy ihave never been so unhappy, i have never cried so much and never had so much bad luck in all my life. in these 8 years i have lost everything i had and i now live with my mom and she has also lost everything she had - she helped him financially. he has an obsession with sex, woman and money, he is very good looking and very vain. he has many woman but even though we did not live together anymore he would never leave but also never wanted me permanently. he however got stuck with one woman - a married hindu woman, for the past 5 years she gives him money and he stopped working, but not womanizing, she has done bad things to me like make false reports to my employer, he is also down and out and has nothing, but a lot of debt. 6months ago we decided to try again, i lived with him for 1 month i got pregnant but before we knew that he treated me with cruelty, he is also not interested in me or the baby. i am unemployed live with my mom on a small pension i don't even have a car and cant buy my baby a vest. i cant find a job or even another man for years now. i have so much bad luck and its obvious for others to see, what do u make of this. my husband says he knows this hindu woman has put something on him, oh i also found some bark of a tree on our bed mattress, when i am not in his house she has slept there, even his kids from prvious marriage look at hthis woman as his wife and me as the other woman, what do make of this please.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Hi, nice to meet you. Bad relationships and bad luck does happen, with no supernatural intervention necessary. Did you do the test with the cards?

tamara King 5 years ago

hi please help .. I have 4 daughters and my 4 year old was diagnosed with Autism 5 months ago.. things are just getting worse and worse for my family ..and I know Im curse , coz I had a fight with my relative and she cursed me.. and I know she did black magic on someone in the past... what should I do???

jody k sutton 5 years ago

Help I am a in a bad mess I have a autoimmune diasease that is wrecking havoc on my body. I have a boyfriend who is cheating onme ans we live togther, hE IS COMSTASNTLY stealing and cheating from people. I have two ldaies named sandy and joyce who make up lies and cause legal trouble because they love my boyfriend . Sandy and joyce are constantly deflamating my character and the stresswrecks havoc on my disease. They are all bad people but have luck and money while I struggle. Why do bad people have so much luck and goood whilreI believe hey should be banished for the evil they are. I have so much illness I can't fight anymore.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Dear Tamara and Jody,

While I truly feel sympathy and empathy for your troubles, I can't do anything. You can. Actually follow the directions in my article. If the bad luck that plagues you is of supernatural origin the reading will find it and the cleansing will get rid of it.

However, the fact of the matter is that some people are poor. Some people, good people too, have bad luck and bad things happen to them. Sometimes bad people have good things happen to them. There is no order or justice to the world other than WE make. That is why I wrote the give YOU the tools to make your OWN life better. say you know you are cursed because your relative "did black magic" on someone in the past. Do you really know that to be true? And even if this relative did that, so what? I've shot guns before, but I haven't been the cause of any of the shootings around my town. I have "done black magic"k in the past as well, but I didn't curse you. It's a bad logical deduction...just because someone CAN do something, doesn't mean they DID do something. Read my article, do what's in the article, and then if you actually are cursed, do the cleansing in the article and that will deal with it.

Jody...I'm sorry, life being unfair isn't a sign of being cursed. I said in my article what the signs of being cursed are and how to know if you are cursed. Please read it and do those things. Plus, since you seem to want me involved in your life and issues...

1. Break up with the boyfriend. 2. Stop hanging out with or running in the same social circles as Sandy and Joyce.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading.

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Snurre 5 years ago

Thank you for this hub! I know I'm under a binding and have been for a long time, probably since childhood. I'm trying to break it using my own methods (can't really describe them, because they always come to me as if I'm being guided and I don't really remember them after completing each step).I think I'm getting close to winning. I will try the bath, though, because my gut tells me that it's the right step to take.

I've read about your illness and I wish you relief and as much recovery as possible.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Thank you, Snurre! It's more of a condition than an illness, per se. I like to think of it as having an old spine to go with my old soul. :p

As for your binding: there are better spells for an unbinding, but the bath will work. Since bindings so often involve ligature (cord and knot magick), it is often most effective to do an unbinding using ligature as well, most often with a poppet. But that's another, and much more involved, hub! :) Nevertheless, this should work fine for your needs.

As for trusting your guy...always, always, always trust your intuitions in magick. The first mages were shamans and they had no "traditions" to guide them and no systems to learn or teach. Instead they were taught by their own interactions with reality. If your gut says do my cleansing, do it, posthaste!

Thanks for reading. I do appreciate all the comments on this hub, even if it turns into attempting to give priestly and magickal advise via the internet (which I normally hate). I am really, really happy that this hub has apparently helped so many people in need.

Snurre profile image

Snurre 5 years ago

Thank you! You know, as I was reading about ligature used for bindings this popped into my mind: "...bound with a black rope. Untying the knots will only make them stronger and breaking the rope will hurt a great deal." Have you ever heard about anything like this?

About Shamanism... My grandmother was born in Siberia, in a town called Chita. That's to the east of the lake Baikal and Buryatiya. That's where the most prominent Siberian Shamans live.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

@Snurre I have never heard of an unbinding spell making a binding stronger. However, I have myself crafted a few nasty things in the past that were supposed to work like addictions...contemplating what was necessary to break the spell made all sorts of panicky thoughts of why NOT to try to break it pop up. It's a sneaky thing. Usually bindings are done on other mages, so the sneakier the better as far as keeping them from trying to get rid of it. As well, it is possible to place "contingency spells" onto other spells, like a computer program: "If x happens, then do y". Chaos mages and other modern traditions make far more use of this than ceremonialists, witches, shamans, etc., mostly because the concepts are pretty modern. Hell, the only writing I have seen on the issue is by Phil Hine, one of the modern chaote bigwigs, so it's really not that surprising.

In case that is the case (that your binder used a contingency spell to avoid their binding being removed), then using something that would not ordinarily be used for a binding, like this cleansing, would side-step it. That may well have been why your intuition says to do my cleansing (to be fair, it's not mine; it's just general witchcraft principles applied to a particular's older than stone).

kaly 5 years ago

my friend has had a spell put on her and is having a bad time its black magic she needs protecting duz anyone no any crystals to protect her plz

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Tell your friend to buy a bit of hematite and carry it around with her in a little pouch. If she's getting attacked directly the energy will reflect back to its source. Not good for the miscreant mage, but ah well, c'est la vie. ;)

Oh, if she ever *wants* magick cast on her, she needs to remove the hematite from her person while the healing or whatever is going on.

Good luck, thanks for reading.

tamarking profile image

tamarking 5 years ago from Dublin

Thank u for your reply :) I will do the cleansing :)

Sam 5 years ago

Hi a young girl has been stalking my man and though he says he is not having any relationship with her he is always around in the same park area when she is there. I take my son to the park to play in the evenings and she is there and my husband joins us after work and I have to drag him home. What do i make of this

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Sam. Sorry to tell you this, but your problem falls firmly under the category of "natural". Men look at women, women look at men, and sometimes people cheat. I'm sorry, but my categories of expertise are 1) writing 2) coding and 3) the SUPERnatural. I think unless you really have a good reason, you should trust your boyfriend at his word. If you don't trust him, then you should dump him and find someone you feel you can trust. But as far as curses go, this isn't a curse, sorry.


Morgan 5 years ago

Hi, I just kinda stumbled across this page, and I was wondering if there was a way to test myself without cards. Since, for around three weeks or so I've had nothing but bad luck. Literally. It sounds somewhere between a binding and an entropy. Mostly because it has been all over the board with what is happening to me. In the last four days my computer had received a heavy virus, I failed my math class when I thought I had a decent grade which ends up with me being off the path to graduating on time, my mother and me have basically been fighting tooth and nail every time we exchange words. Things have basically been dying around me; my auntie's cat, my mother's best friend's husband, my cat, etc. I've gone into this basically deep depression while people basically forget i exist as a human being.

What I'm trying to say is my life has basically crashed around me in flames.

And, well all this started with this weird dream where I was basically put at odds with these three evil girls, and this was such a vivid dream I can still remember it. I am a newly practicing wiccan which alot of people around me don't get, and they're pretty hostile about it. Though in that dream I was calling upon The Lady to rid me of evil forces; not the place we were in but myself. And since then my life has taken a quick downward spiral.

So, honestly any help you could give me could be great. Thank You!

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

1. You can use anything with a good amount of randomness in it, even a random number generator, though I don't recommend it. I suggest the cards because they are very tactile and easy to focus on. Is there some issue with cards? A deck costs next to nothing, as far as I know. But no, you don't need the cards but you need something you can do a divination with, and cards are the easiest to find and cheapest. Anything that gets a large number of random probabilities will work.

2. In any case, dreams can't curse you. However, I have often seen noob mages/witches mess with themselves as they start to develop their abilities. How, exactly, are you "newly practicing"? Are you following a course of training? I would advise that you do so; magick is not for those lacking in self-control and perspective, both of which only come come with skill and experience.

In any case, do the test and if you are cursed do the cleansing to break it.

Ceris  5 years ago

I recently feel i have been having bad luck, more so with ill health, just not feeling well. Today. a Robin flew in to the house. . . I have read this is a sign of death. How do i stop the curse?.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello Ceris:

1. Bad luck is not (by itself) a curse. Sometimes people just have bad luck, without anything supernatural going on.

2. Birds in general, and specifically sparrows, owls, and whippoorwills, are considered psychopomps in many traditions, meaning that they are believed to carry souls to and from the land of the dead. I don't know if afterlives exist, per se, but I do know that birds can do some really spooky and weird things and that on *this* plane of existence they are just another form of animal. I wouldn't read too much into it by itself.

3. If you actually read my article rather than just the title, you would see how to test if you are really cursed and not just freaking out, plus you would see how to "stop" (break) curses of various kinds.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I took time to write this article. It was meant to help people, and since it was written I have managed to help dozens of people. But a new breed of person is showing up more and more often, who just ignore the actual article and post a comment asking for help...and inevitably asking for information that was in the article.

SO new rule: If I can tell that you didn't bother to actually read the article, I am not going to bother to actually reply to your comment. I know most of you won't bother to read this comment, either, but now that it exists I can point to it for reference when people start whining about how I didn't reply to them. READ THE ARTICLE. 99% of your questions can be answered by the article.

heavenrooms 5 years ago

very nice hub! interesting point in here

Victoria 5 years ago

I have a question regarding the spells and the time it takes to weaken. What kind of spells weaken over time and how long does it usually take to happen this? I did the divination with the deck of cards 3 or 4 times first time i got 2 aces the second 1 and the third none and the last 1 ace. don't know what to think.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Victoria: All spells weaken over time, because they are organized information, essentially, and information, like all things, is subject to entropy. The time it takes depends on the initial organizing force, which is to say the minds of those casting the spell.

Why would you do the same divination more than once? Oh yes, you were testing to see if you would get the same thing over and over, breaking the laws of probability and being "spooky". That's nice.

People who need help know what to think.

Victoria 5 years ago

Hello and thanks for the reply.

I believe that i got magickally binded by some boyfriend in the past. And this is because i had all the symptoms of not being able to do and finish whatever i wanted to do. I am here just to collect information and not spook myself or anyone else. Let me tell you over the past 10 years i had the same pattern happening over and over again no matter what i did. thing is i didn't use to believe in magick and the supernatural. But in the end i had to and start trying to find a way to break the spell. The symptoms were as follows: people used to get angry and offended at me no matter what i did or said. I had fights with my parents all the time. My parents also used to be distant and aggressive towards me. All these things didn't use to happen before him. No matter how hard i tried i started losing friends. and so much more.

I did the salt bath didn't help so i turned to breaking spells solutions we have here in my country (breaking spells that come from my religious tradition) . Good news is things changed it took me 4 months to break the spell and still i am not sure if it is totally neutralised. I now search for ways to see if there is still magick cast on me. Before the breaking the result with the cards was 3 2 2 2 and now i got this i wrote in my previous message.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Okay, a binding should have been broken by the bath, but they can get tricky. Many spells have a lot of variants, and bindings can get very, very clever. While they are all based on the same conceptual basis(ie make someone's efforts at causing change in their lives fruitless), the actual methodologies differ a great deal from mage to mage even within the same tradition, and the modern era has seen a vast proliferation of new traditions and schisms/variations on older traditions. It's as impossible to have a one-size-fits-all curse-breaker as it is to have a one-size-fits-all virus-cleaner for Windows.

Your symptoms do sound typical of a binding, and a nasty one at that. Some bindings are less aggressive about your social connections, that's for sure. This one seems to have an isolation component to it.

My advice is to seek an occult shop in your area and get some professionals on the case. The problem is with focus and power-levels. You need someone with training. While you might have a talent for such things, I doubt it. If you made it to adulthood with no belief in the supernatural it means you never experienced the various experiences the magickally-inclined experience (especially during adolescence). People with talent have little choice but to believe in the supernatural before long.

If you're having good results after the breaking you did from your ancestral traditions (those can have a power all their own for those who feel a connection with them; sadly, I am a truly typical post-modern member of Generation Y and feel more connection with my Facebook friends than the traditions of my ancestors), then there is every reason to believe it worked. Spells don't take breaks...they exhaust themselves or reach their goal, one or the other.

If you're asking if the spell could simply have run down naturally in that time...impossible to know for sure, but it's unlikely. When we talk about spell-decay we're talking about decades and centuries, not months and years. Besides, many traditions, especially modern ones, include training in what are sometimes called "spell-engines"...spells which include a component that takes in fresh energy from some source or another. You can never count on a spell just running down.

If you have any further problems, seek physical assistance from a nearby professional. Avoid online spell-sellers who will claim to be able to break the curse for you for money...most real mages will help people for free, and in any case, you need a magickal link to cast spells at a distance, and a random mage selling services online (or claiming to) doesn't have such a link unless you send it to them. Links include physical items that are precious to you, a lock of hair, fingernail trimmings, things like that.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Victoria 5 years ago

When you say spells don't take breaks you mean that they cant be broken only make its effects less severe? and that it will find a way to reach its goal? i do have results by the breaking just not the desired ones. I am in contact with local people who had same problems as mine and managed to get over their problems using the methods i am using.

i think you are right when you said that binding spells can get tricky because when me and my family decided to turn to church (christian church) perform various cleansing ceremonies on us and on the house i sensed that the magkick reacted its pattern changed situations and people started to change around for the better.

As far as the isolation issue of the spell that is true i had depression issues going on and with the breaking i did they vanished the arguments and the fights also vanished it is still the isolation thing that is still on.

from what i can tell the binding was a love binding mixed with an isolation binding because i had all those feeling in love feelings mixed with depression all those years yet i coulnt seem to know why i felt like this. I used to feel that something or someone was missing and couldn't seem to be able to get along with boyfriends.

the whole thing seems like he did it to make me stay with him or have me only for him seclude me from family friends even make me not have a life of my own not pursue studies or finding a job. That i know for sure because i had really hard problems (for no reason at all) to go to university and study. Not to mention my relationships with men.

anyway thanks for your help.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

No, I mean that if the effect of a spell has ceased it means the spell has lost its effect, either because it was broken, achieved its original "Statement of Intent", or was exhausted.

I don't know what to say in response to your comments about your ex, but I do think it's a good idea that you're no longer with him.

It seems like you have the situation under control. Good luck, have a good life, and thanks again for reading.

Viktoria 5 years ago

Somehow he seems not to be able to find a girlfriend of his own for so many years now he changed places changed jobs not one of them worked left his place his is still unmarried and he is almost 45. He probably thought magkick is a game and can be used to control people. sighs. No i am not longer with him. and somehow i don't know why i remember things only used to get worse with him. Weird thing is i don't know why i was with him things started ok normal and after 2 months things got very passionate crazy and dangerous. Started fighting like crazy cursing each other hate each other yet i seemed not to have the will power to leave.

all this changed me as a person i used to be a very calm and reasonable girl after the magkick he performed i got angry aggressive and totally insane.

anyway i didn't seem to understand why all these things were happening to me but now i know :)

pop 5 years ago

Hello Neal,

I found your article very interesting. I wanted to ask your opinion about a strange thing that happened to me about 8 years ago. I have just won the Diversity Visa lottery (not sure if you are familiar with this - and I was scheduled for an interview at the US consulate in order to emigrate to United States. A few days before the interview, I have found in my pocket (winter jacket - it was December), a small white rope (about 6 to 8 inches long) knotted at one end and loose at the other end (and kind of burnt on the loose end). As soon as I found it, I dropped it in a garbage container. Only my roommate had access to my jacket and I'm sure he did not put the rope in my pocket. Not sure if it was related but I did pass the interview, got a Visa and moved to US. I wanted to know if you ever heard of anything like this.

Also, I wanted to know if a little girl (12 years old) can put a spell involuntarily on someone? I did not try the simple divination method yet.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Pop, nice to meet you.

While I haven't heard of a spell exactly like that, knot and rope magick (called ligature) and fire magick are so common as to be ubiquitous in all extant traditions of magick that I am aware of.

Yes. People, including children, with a strong will, a knack for symbolic reference, and a good imagination can cast a spell and think they had a daydream. It's one of the reasons I argue that anyone with talent should be trained...there is no way for people to be responsible if they don't know what they are doing or how to control it.

Thanks for reading!

Cami 5 years ago

Hey Neal i found your article very interesting to me,

i don't believe in religion nor curses but when i came on your article i thought why not give it a try and listen to what magic has to say, so i was reading and i was impressed a little.

i have some sort of problem, hard to explain, i can't seem to feel the world (sense it) as i used to when i was a child, now i'm 25 and since i was 12 after i felt a terrible dizziness i started to feel different, like the world felt different, it felt fake, like in a dream, you can tell a dream is not the real thing right, that is how i feel about the real world, and also my life has been a chain of fail, in college, work, and my personal studies, i have failed in all of them, i can't seem to focus and remain on one task, my mind seems to be going to many different places and forgetting the duties and tasks, i've also been though insane depressions but i've managed them and tolerate them, i took medication too when i was 18 and it didn't work, i had brain exams with machines and everything turn out all right, i had several psychological tests and they turn out ok, i tried different things such as drinking, being very social etc and still things didn't change, so i'm at a point where i'm ready to listen to different options, i don't know how to call my problem since it is not physical, i'm going to call it the void, soulless issue, you can call it in a different way too.

i'm going to tell you that the only weird experience i had if you need to know is when i was 9, i saw a painting on my room and it smiled at me, it had life for a few seconds, i didn't imagine it, hope it helps.

can you please advise me what to do, i know i have something i just don't know what it is and i wish to get rid of it, my guess is that it might be a curse according to what i read on your article.

Thank you very much.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Cami, nice to meet you, though of course I wish the circumstances were better.

Your problem sounds pretty severe, and if the circumstances had been different I would say you were under one hell of a binding curse. The thing is...who curses a 12 year old? The issue with the picture happened to me as a child, as well, and that is what gives me a clue, though perhaps not an incredibly useful one.

I know that in our modern world it can be really hard to believe in anything. I often tell my students to believe whatever they want outside the ritual chamber or circle, that the only time it is necessary to actually believe in magick, spirits, etc. in the classical sense of "belief" is when they are actually dealing with those things. I have two degrees in me, I know how hard it can be to build a personal epistemology in a world where no one seems to really know what is going on and all I have to judge things are my body and brain, both of which fool me more than they tell me the truth. The thing is...regardless of what we believe, when we do certain things, certain things follow. That is the nature of our reality. And magick works, whether there are really spirits or elements or whatever other mental tools we use to get a handle on these things. All that crap, whether its ancient gods or modern quasi-psychological models like in chaos magick, are just symbols, mental hooks for content, and don't really matter at all. It's a bit of a scandal for the old traditions, like witchcraft and ceremonial magick. For millennia they taught that their explanations of the universe and systems of magick were the "initiated knowledge" of the true facts of existence. Then all those disparate cultures and tribes got to talk to each other all around the world via phones and internet...and all the traditions realized that it all worked...every single model or tradition worked just as much as the others. Some were more suited to a given temperament, and some dealt more with certain subjects than others (ceremonialists, coming from a long tradition of educated and rich people, use a lot more mathematics in their ideas than, say, shamans) but otherwise, they all work.

I say all of this because I think you are what we call "talented" and at a certain point you turned your back on that. You're not're suffering the loss of half of your senses. You shouldn't have seen the picture come to life if you were a mundane/sleeper/muggle. The normals just don't see that stuff; no spirits and magick for them. But mages can.

So at some point you "grew up" and because there was "no such thing" as magick or spirits or anything, you turned your back on your own ability to interact with reality in the way a mage does. For you reality seems unreal because you are both aware (on a certain level) that there is a lot more to it, and you are not letting yourself perceive or interact with it.

I would advise seeking training. Buy or track down either of the books I listed in the article, based on your own tendencies (if you are the more intuitive type, go for witchcraft, more intellectual, go for ceremonialism). Work some of the exercises on opening up your perceptions to magick...meditation, visualization, etc. If you choose Modern Magick, make sure to start doing the rituals Donald outlines for daily work. They should start helping pretty quickly. If you choose witchcraft, the process will be a bit more gradual, as those traditions follow the lunar and seasonal cycles. In either case, if there are local occult shops offering classes near you, I would look into taking some of those.

On the off-chance you are actually cursed (hey, I grew up in a witchy family and was studying magick at 12, there is a chance you could have gotten pegged by some apprentice with a chip on his/her shoulder), I would also advise to do the test with the cards and if it comes out positive to do the cleansing spell. But I think it is far more likely you simply have natural talent for magick in a world that eschews such things.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

MJ 5 years ago

Hey what do you do if it is a house? My mom and I have been having worse than normal luck with the house we are living in. Everything breaks and goes wrong and we have no money to fix it. It feels like the house wants to drain us of all our money and it honestly feels like it is cursed. Please help?

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, MJ,

Do the card test as detailed in the article. If it comes up positive, then the ritual in this article will work for a home:

Arzet 5 years ago

Hi Puck

I did the test back in Feb. three time and I got 3 aces all 3 times, So I did the ritual and it seem to work right a way I got a car first with no job then I got a job and money was flowing in nicely I was finally thinking things were looking good for me and my family. Then suddenly something happened. My sister who lives in Denver CO, I stop talking to her after I did the cleansing. She shows up at my house she drove all the way here which is more then a 12hour drive with 4 babies. To only stay the weekend. while she was here for the first time ever I was able to pay for my self in everything we did I didn't have to her pay for anything for us. Okay so she goes home and maybe a month after that I lost my job for no reason, In fact my boss told me I could use him as a reference. Then one month after that I lost my car I was one month behide on my car note and they refuse to work with me I had the car for five months and never been late on a payment and they came on a sunday to pick up the car. Now three weeks later I have no income coming in at all. My child support has stopped all together. How can I cure myself forever. Before she tries to kill me. I really need your help Please..

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Arzet, nice to meet you. Sorry you are having this happen to you. There is no way to stop her from attempting to cast spells (short of cursing, binding, or harming her physically so as to render her unable to use magick). Your recourse is basically to keep doing the same curse-breaker until she loses interest. Your other option is to get some real training and learn how to shield yourself. Shields are a little harder to do than a single spell like the curse-breaker, and I am loathe to attempt to teach them via this sort of medium. If you wish to seek training, seek classes at your local occult shop or attempt to self-train via books (I list two in the article).

I'm glad the spell works for you in general. I'm just sad that your sister apparently feels the need to throw nasty ju-ju your way just because you are actually able to take care of yourself. Just petty, you know? Poor form.

Good luck dealing with her.

Arzet 5 years ago

Thank you so much for that advice. I figure as much. As I read the other post i realize I to have some sort of gift that is undeveloped Like I hear voices that on most time telling me to beware, then other times I can hear people thoughts like they are talking to me and it scares me the older I am getting the clearer I can hear it an sometime I don't have to be near that person I can just think of them and I can tell you how they feel. I want to learn more about who I am please point me in the right direction. I little history about us we were taken from our home because my father was an really evil man. We were put into foster homes and my sister has always had it out for me since we were very little kids like I was maybe 10 and she was 6 and that is when I notice the her jealousy started

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Whoah, kiddo! I know it must be a relief to get some support and reinforcement in all of this, but there is only so much I can do from across the internet and most likely across the country.

If your sister can throw the nastiness, then most likely you've got some talent, too. I'm not a big believer in all of the fantasy movie stuff...destiny, religion, etc. I believe in magick the same way I believe in chemistry; you do x and y occurs. It's a science to me, as is my version of paganism...I believe in and put my faith in nature. Nature exists. When people start talking about gods and destinies and so on it puts my back up.

So from my point of view, talent doesn't mean you have some destiny beyond that you would make for yourself. It means have a knack for magick the way some people have a knack for languages or math. You can pursue that or not, as you will. Nothing bad will happen if you don't (other than apparently a sister with issues). Of course, not knowing magick makes one pretty disadvantaged compared to those who know magick, but that's no different than knowing any other skill.

If you do wish to pursue training, I would advise working through a full system of initiation. Avoid systems and teachers of the "New Age" (rhymes with sewage) school. Pick a tradition and try to stick with it, but feel free to spend some time surveying the possibilities before picking a system. Also feel free to add to your learning...all extant systems of magick work, and if you learn about the history of magick, you will find that many traditions and schisms spawned from an attempt to solve a problem introduced by another tradition. That means they all have something to offer, and while it can be difficult to shift your worldview on the fly to accommodate the different systems, it pays off to learn as much as you can. However, once you begin an initiatory system, follow through with it, even if you choose to learn from other systems as well.

There are several traditions to choose from. They can generally be broken down into Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path traditions, depending on their conception of "divinity" or "spiritual power" or (as I like to put it) "ju-ju", but remember that individual mages and groups (covens, orders, whatever) can and do have their own positions. Since, for a mage, symbol is reality and metaphysics is physics, our delineations are primarily philosophical.

Right-Hand Path - conceives of "divinity" or "god" to be fundamentally outside the mage. Ethics, the granting of magickal abilities, and the ontological base of existence itself is dictated and defined by "God", "the gods", "karma", "destiny", etc.

Left-Hand Path - conceives the seat of power as within the self, the individual, etc. Ethics are defined and power is achieved through personal choice and effort. While this may appear to give license to laziness, indulgence, and general lameness, in execution most LHP mages are highly focused and disciplined people.

Now, it can be argued (and I have) that all magick is by definition LHP, since the act of using one's will to change reality is inherently saying: "Reality isn't good enough as it is. God/s/nature/karma/etc didn't do it well enough for me, so I will make it *thus*." I would also argue that this is why magick has always been outlaw's work...common society throughout history has generally considered magick to be an act of rebellion against the gods, God, etc. and made it illegal. In the modern era we have had a shift of values, and slowly the old religions and views are fading, and magick is becoming more common.

Nonetheless, among ourselves, some traditions are more RHP than LHP and vice-versa, even if, as a whole, all the traditions are more LHP than, say, Greek Orthodox Christians or traditional Hindus.

The major traditions are:


1. Witchcraft

a)Gardenerian Witchraft

b)Dianic Witchcraft

c)Alexandrian Witchcraft

d)Feri/Fairy/Faerie Witchcraft

e)Strega (Italian Witchcraft)



h)Celtic Witchcraft

There are a lot of other, smaller traditions that have grown up around the others and on their own, as well, but those are the biggies.

2. Shamanism

Shamans don't really have "traditions" per se, and every culture in the world has had them. They were the first mages. It's hard to find one to learn from, and harder to abandon many of our modern ways of viewing ourselves and world to be able to learn it.

3. Mystical Traditions (many of these exist within the trappings of a normal religion)

a) Yoga (not stretching...the meditation, etc)

b) Buddhism

c) Qabala

d) Judeo/Christian/Muslim monks/nuns/mystics

e) Taoism

f) Zen

4. Ceremonial Magick

a) Golden Dawn

b) Builders of the Adytum (BOTA)

c) Fraternitis Lux Occulta (FLO)

5. Thelema (a cluster of groups based on the system of thought developed by Aleister Crowley and his cohorts...I am also a student of Thelemic systems)

And a whole lot of other groups with names like that.

5. Chaos Magick

a)(z)Cluster (I am a zee, among other things)

Minsy 5 years ago

I had this weird experience when I was pregnant. I came home about after four around five AM one morning from my boyfriend home and when I lay down on my bed I fell into a light sleep. Then suddenly I open my eyes and there was this thing that looked like a black cloud that was swirling clock wise with octopus arms or like the galaxy over my face. When it realized that my eyes were opened it flew into the farthest right hand corner of the room. Then it slowly came back over my face and I feel into a deep sleep. What is your take on this incident? What do you think it possibly meant or means?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Minsy, nice to meet you. However frightening these experiences are, they are well-documented and explained by science. The experience is known as a "night terror", and is what is called a "parasomnia" disorder. I have them, too, in addition to some other parasomnia problems, but this isn't about me. ;)

When we're asleep, our bodies release a combination of neurotransmitters and hormones that paralyze our body so that we don't act out our dreams. This is actually a pretty complex job for the body to do, and parts of it happen in the body and part of it happens in the brain. That's why when you are woken up suddenly or too early, your body feels heavy and's because you are quite literally drugged.

So a night terror is when part of this paralysis gets a bit messed up...specifically the brain part. A very small, very specific seizure takes place in the forebrain and the result is that your mind wakes up, but your body stays asleep. The brain craves information from its senses, and when it doesn't have any, it starts to make it up, leading to hallucinations.

The classic experience is that of the "night hag", where a person "wakes up" and feels weighed down, as if they can't move, can't speak, etc. and either see or "feel" a presence sitting on them, pinning them down. My worst night terror happened while I was asleep in bed with my ex, about 15 years ago. It was night, but I hallucinated it was daytime and I was alone, but in the same bedroom. When I realized I couldn't move I began to struggle, at which point, the room around me began to morph into a giant, monstrous snake coming at me. It was absolutely real and absolutely terrifying.

The common threatening imagery is due to the brain trying to explain why you can't move. It can come up with some crazy stuff in its attempt to explain what's happening.

Back in the Middle Ages it was unexplained but generally blamed on demons, and during the Renaissance and Enlightenment they hazarded various theories, but it was only with the advent of modern neurology and the ability to actually show what was happening in the brain when someone had one of these experiences that they began to understand what was happening.

The best thing you can do when this happens is stay calm and try to move so your body will wake up. Most likely, if you only had this experience once while you were pregnant, it was due to your body's altered hormones. If so, you have nothing to worry about, and even if it happens again, just try to remind yourself what's going on, don't be frightened, and try to move. I understand it can be hard, and it took me a few years to get it under control, but now when I have a night terror I can deal with it easily.

Good luck (and sleep well)!

Minsy 5 years ago

Thank you so much for that info. It troubled me for a while because I started to think about demons and ghosts. I experience these night tremors as well and the common thought in my island is that a Jumbie is "pressing" (or sitting or choking) you. That is one of the reasons I thought that someone probably put a hex on me ( my boyfriend ex girlfriend). I'm still going to do the card things because I still feel as if something is not quite right. I'll let you know what the results are.

Minsy 5 years ago

I meant the night hags not the night tremors. The night hags I've been having since I was a child.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Yeah, night terrors can be terrifying. I have had some pretty awful experiences. But so long as you can stay calm when you realize you can't move, the hallucinations generally won't become threatening. I found that it helped to learn some psychological techniques for relieving anxiety, like breathing deeply and trying to reason out clearly what is happening, helped a lot. Remember what's happening...your brain is freaking out because it perceives a threat but has no data to work with. It's trying to "fill in the gaps" in perception (which it does in small ways all the time), except the whole perception is a gap. Keeping calm will prevent this because the brain isn't trying to explain a feeling of danger. You'll still hallucinate until you can wake up for real-real, but they won't be particularly threatening. I have found my brain generally assumes I am in my own room, things like that.

As for still doing the test...go for it. If you feel something is wrong, I say trust your instincts.

james richardso 5 years ago

Ineed help I have had a curse on me for years bad things has happen to me all my life and when I was 17 a witch put a curse on me thang starting getting worse for me and to make thing worse me ex wife had a curse put on me she never was true to me to start with I need help to brake this curse I live in mount vernon ky now so if some one knows some in mount vernon ky who could help me email me at I may sound like a fool but I need help I am afard to try brake this curse my self I am afread that I can't and things will get worae for me I have had three curses put on me once when I was 2 years and when I was 17 and about 35 so any one can help me let me know I am very poor it takes all the money I have to live on to get by I'm asking for money I'm just saying I can't aford to pay any one to brakt this curse

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, James, I'm sorry you are having so many problems. I'm sorry to tell you that I don't know any active mages/witches in your area to refer you to.

However, while I understand that you are sure you are cursed, I would urge you to go ahead and do the test I describe in the article. If you are, indeed, cursed, I also urge you to do the cleansing spell I describe. There is no reason to be afraid of a cleansing, it is a simple and safe spell. This is not a movie, nothing bad happens if you fail. It just doesn't remove the curse.

If you, in fact, cursed, and the cleansing does not help, I urge you to seek out people in your area. Local occult and metaphysical shops (or maybe not so local; you may have to do some driving) are your best bet.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Bob 5 years ago

I did it. I received 2/3 Aces... I am unable to do the cleansing, because I don't understand "the target". "Items needed: the target" I don't understand this "the target". Who and/or what is it?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi Bob, sorry to hear about your curse. "The target", in the context of this article, is you (or whoever else is reading and is cursed). The target is simply the person who was the target of the curse. The reason I wrote it this way was to take into account people who might be doing the cleansing for someone else.

So the target is just you.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Mel 5 years ago

A few years ago I had a friend and she let me know she is not as innocent as I would believe. She had this guy call me who was her friend and when i asked him what's his name he said the dark prince. long story short she gave me this picture she drew and it was just an eye, but I don't know where that is today. I ended up sleeping one night and something grabed me and I could move and I fought it as best I could. a few days later she asked if I ever had a spirit visit me. Then I start doing drugs, went almost nuts, got clean but its been about ten years and my life is still upside down and I don't know why.Even though I moved to a new city I cant keep a job let alone get hired and I am totally qualified. she did call me about six month later and mention something about her car breaking down and she walked for a long distance and the souls of her shoes coming off and when she walked the rest of the way bare foot she had sores and blisters and never called me again. What did she or they do to me?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Mel. I'm sorry to say this (it seems I have to say this a lot) yet again, but it's still reality (read carefully):THINGS GOING BAD DOES NOT REQUIRE SUPERNATURAL AID. No one can get a job right now, and if you have a period where you weren't working that you can only explain with "I was doing drugs and going nuts", it doesn't exactly scream "Great investment, hire me!".

People calling themselves things like "Dark Prince" generally don't know crap about magick (other than what they read on the internet). That should be easy to tell because it's obviously melodramatic bullshit. Just like the girl saying she wasn't as innocent as you would believe...melodramatic bullshit. Real mages/witches have better things to do with their time.

And that's another you really think people with the ability to alter reality in accordance with their will just go around casting curses on people for fun? It takes energy to use magick, generally far more energy than it would take to do things naturally. People with serious scores to settle or a goal to be accomplished cast curses...what possible motive does anyone have in cursing you?

Your experience when you were sleeping is called a "night terror". I explained it to another poster, so you can read through the comments to get a full explanation, but basically it's a common, well-documented form of sleep disorder. I have them myself. It's a small seizure that causes the portion of the brain responsible for paralyzing the body during sleep (so we don't act out our dreams, sleepwalk, etc) to keep the body paralyzed after the consciousness has awakened. The brain thinks it's awake, and so when it doesn't open its eyes and start receiving data, it starts freaking out and does its best to make things make sense. Thus you start hallucinating. Generally your brain knows where you went to sleep, so it hallucinates the room you are in (though I have sometimes hallucinated it being night when it was day, and vice-versa), although I once, when I was staying in a hotel, had a night terror and hallucinated my own bedroom; apparently it takes the brain some time to learn a given room. So you're awake and hallucinating, then you try to move and find you can't, so you start to panic. The brain, convinced there is danger now, tries to explain this danger, and begins to hallucinate all sorts of things to explain the feeling of danger. I have had some truly disturbing experience. This experience has been documented throughout humanity (the night hag, etc), but was well-explained once we had sleep institutes and MRI machines.

So the greatest likelihood is they didn't do anything at all to you. Your failures and successes are a combination of luck and your own choices, just like everyone else. If you truly believe you are cursed, you could actually read my article and perform the appropriate test, and if it is positive, then perform the cleansing I listed.

Good luck. I would say thanks for reading, but I see nothing in your comment to make me believe you actually read the article.

Nicole 5 years ago

Hey there, Puck.

I have always suffered from anxiety, procrastination, lack of focus- nothing in my life ever seems to 'get done'. I've tried many a time to break whatever this is- seeing doctors, psychologists etc. - they think I have ADD or some sort of learning difficulty. I know this is not so: I'm smart, I'm not trying to be funny here, but I am. Whenever I set out to do something, I set out to do it well. I always feel like I can- there just always seems to be something that I can't explain that stops me from doing it.

I've tried all the techniques that 'they' (I'm not even going to call them 'doctors' because they can't figure out what's going on. lol) tell me to do- all to no avail. I started to think outside the scientific frame of mind and stumbled across your post. I thought the binding curse described what is going on with me, so I tried the cards.

The first time, I asked if it was a result of a curse, I got 2 aces.

Then I started thinking about my maternal side of the family- my mom has always suffered from depression and she had four miscarriages after my brother and me- her first husband (father of my brother) died of leukemia, her and my dad got divorced and he's just had to have a triple bypass surgery. Her (now ex-) fiancée dumped her and is now currently dating and *older* woman (and that after like, 10 years of being together. My mom and I have moved to Australia (from South Africa), and she has to rewrite her medical board exam- she didn't pass the first time she wrote it, she's rewriting in like, a week! (eeekkk!). Oh! and another thing about my mom, she had to have an ankle fusion at the beginning of this year (she had broken her ankle when she was 15, they thought it was a sprain, and it had just deteriorated aver the years. She's 45 ATM.)

My brother is the same as me (with regards to my issues).

Now, my grandmother. (Oh, boy!) Way back in the day she was a model, she was really pretty. From what my mom tells me, she was a huge alcoholic, smoked like a chimney, and bulimic (I think this is besides the point though, just some background info). She also dumped her kids (my mom and her brother) onto her parents (they were cool tho. Just had money problems). Anyho! Her first husband (my moms dad) died when my mom was 7 in a car accident. Her second husband stole all her money and they got divorced. She is now 68 and has looked about 75 for as long as I have known her (I'm almost 18). She has also been diagnosed with paranoia schizophrenia.

My uncle has always had money problems and he's just really a not-nice person. at all.

Anyway, I was thinking about this and I asked if what has happened/been happening to my maternal side of the family a curse- 1st time I got two aces, 2nd and 3rd times I got 3 aces.

I think my moms family is cursed. Will the bath thing work for a single person if the family is cursed? or will I need to try something else? (Because if I do, I'm kinda screwed coz there are absolutely no magick shops in the town where I live, and I can't just pop around to Sydney for the afternoon! haha)

I appreciate any advice you can give me. I think I'm pretty certain about this curse, but could this just be some weird set of unfortunate circumstances? Do you think that the depression of my mother and my anxiety could be genetic? Or do you think that my grandmother's mental illness and all this 'bad luck' or something could possibly be from someone cursing her and her family?

Also, sorry about the really long post

Many thanks

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Nicole, nice to meet you, though of course I lament the circumstances (I get a lot of that on this thread).

I applaud your skepticism. I am a scientific type myself. If I hadn't been raised in this stuff and had a few very specific circumstances in my teens, I never would have gotten into it. I am an atheist and naturalist, in a sense...I don't think there are any deities, and I don't subscribe to the more religious pagan beliefs. I am more of a philosophical pagan; I believe in nature.

That said, I know that the methods of magick work. Are they psychological or metaphysical? Is there a significant difference? After two degrees in philosophy and a lifetime of consideration, I have fewer answers than I (thought) I began with. But in the end, I am a pragmatic sort and I go with what works. Magick does require a certain amount of belief, but only when you're doing it...the rest of the time, I prefer science and exhaust all (and I do mean *all*) other options before I explore the magickal options.

That said, I am a believer in covering all of my bases, which means (if it were me) I would do a spell (though I would go with my other post, it's more suited to something like this: *and* seek some professional help for the depression and anxiety. Regardless of whether you have been under a binding your whole life or you are suffering from congenital mental and emotional health issues, you are traumatized and affected by them in the same fashion. Essentially it doesn't matter...anyone would be depressed and anxious after a life of being under a binding or a life of the kind of luck your family has had, so do both. Seek psychological care (probably meds for the depression and anxiety...don't feel bad, I'm crazy too :) it's not that weird nowadays, more humans in America are medicated than aren't) and do the ritual.

Here's the link again for the article I suggest:

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

alliteatime 5 years ago

Informative artical. With only one draw, I had two Ace's. "Salt bath" for me... asap!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this attical. For me, it gives me hope to regain control in my life!

I will check back in and look for your other posts.

Marie-Louise 5 years ago

I think I am cursed! I did the card thing 3 separate times, each time it came up with 3 aces, scary as I have a Chistian Pastor bless my house. I thought I would be free from all the trouble i'm having but it seems to be worse!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

alliteatime: Glad to help!

Marie-Louise: Christians believe they are calling on some external force which is omnipotent (except it always seems to need human help to enforce its rules and always needs money). There simply isn't one. There is no one to answer their prayers.

There are other sorts of entities out there, but they aren't "gods" in the sense of most religions, and certainly aren't omnipotent. Some of them might like to masquerade as these gods, but they are limited beings, like ourselves, just a different sort of being. Something being more powerful than you are doesn't make it a god.

They also have little interest in obeying the will of generally have to make a deal or otherwise beg a favor, and its generally (in my opinion) bad business. Use your own power to accomplish your goals...which is what magick is all about.

Marie-Louise 5 years ago

Thank you for your reply, I have for a while now questioned my own faith, as I keep getting told things will get better, when actually they are getting worse! I will try the salt bath and hope it works. I just feel trapped in a cyle of what seems like hell at times. Is there any particular time I should have the salt bath and should it be sea salt ! Again many thanks.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Well, I am not a believer in gods, but I am a believer in entities we can (and some do) interact with. Mystics have direct interactions, and some mystics go on to found religions or have religions founded and based upon their works. I do not, however, believe that I should bow down and worship just because an entity doesn't have a body like I do or has abilities that I don't. The entire notion is, in my opinion, a primitive reaction to a perceived superior force...we're showing our belly, in a sense.

I believe that these entities, when they are in fact separate entities and not merely ways of our psyche interacting with reality and itself (more on that below), are simply people. Aliens from other dimensions, perhaps occasionally other planets...hell, it might even be humans from the future with a time machine trying to change the past (or simply playing a practical joke).

I definitely believe that the entity masquerading as the Judeo-Christian-Muslim "God" (if he isn't simply the product of various leaders using religion to motivate and control their peoples) does NOT have the best interests of humanity in mind. It might actually be several entities simply playing the same part. In any case, I believe the combination of doctrine and behavior, including the history of persecution of minorities (old-Europe pagans, women, Jews, homosexuals, etc.), the Old Testament genocides, slavery, and Jewish exceptionalism, and the general anti-intellectual, anti-art, anti-culture, anti-sex, anti-accomplishment, afterlife-obsessed death cultiness of it all (I mean, c'mon, the symbol is a dead guy nailed to a tree) to be indicative of the character of this entity or group of entities.

I have often wondered if the entity they call God is really a race of transdimensional aliens that have come up with a novel way of making sure up-and-coming sentient species never develop to enough knowledge and technology to become a threat to them. However ridiculous that sounds, it makes more sense than talking snakes and an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent god (who doesn't know the value of Pi, supports slavery, misogyny, and racism, and is stymied by iron chariots) who sacrifices himself to himself in order to save people from a punishment he inflicted on them for eating an apple.

This is not to say that mages and mystics don't have experiences with things that behave so much like "gods" in the classical sense, or "spirits", "elementals" etc., as to make the distinction academic rather than practical. For all intentions, if it looks like a god, acts like a god, quacks like a god, it's practical to act as if it were a god.

However, the subjectivity and obvious limits of those interactions (miracles, as in violations of physics, do not occur, and despite the shouting of preachers, the smiting of the unholy doesn't ever seem to happen) brings me to the conclusion that all of those things are focuses for our minds...basically, complex symbols that allow us to do magick and process information in a different way. Magick has always used all of the senses as ways to focus the mind: the movements of ritual for touch, incense for smell, sigils, symbols, etc for sight, the bell/knocks/words of power/incantations for hearing, and cakes/wine/water/etc. for taste. In the same way, god-forms and spiritual hierarchies, as well as the paradigms surrounding them (which are generally called theologies when they are popular and mainstream, the beliefs of cults when they are not, and mythos when they are believed to be "dead" belief systems) are symbols for the psyche, to engage it and focus it.

You will find my way of looking at it to be a minority view in the occult community. Most are of the religious persuasion, and an atheist mage (much less one that will admit to being both!) is a great rarity. I believe in science, and believe magick to be science we do not understand yet, a type of applied psychology that takes advantage of features of consciousness and physical reality not yet fully understood. I believe we are on the trail of explaining magick quite effectively thanks to certain experiments in quantum mechanics involving the interactions between certain phenomena and conscious attention and decision making. I am confident that within another century or so we will have both explained this phenomena and begun investigating how to best apply it as a standard technology.

Let me know how it works out, and feel free to email me if you want something a bit more private (you can just message me from my profile and it sends me an email, giving me the ability to respond via email). 5 years ago

Hi puck, just brousing through, came across your column , very interest, I was raised strict catholic, strong believerr of the "higher power" however, I believe there are so much "evil doers" espically in higher position jobs etc., i am new to the candle magick, I visit this this psychic lady, who stated I have psychic ability, and should tab into it, dont know how? i have tried mediatation, do not work? I find myself looking at the binding spells, magick spells and is very powerful, I feel drawn beyond my will, I am from a third world country, of indian decent in my 50's my question, why now? what is in these magick spells that hold us to

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi...Peach? Okay.

Having a talent for these things is just like having a talent for playing guitar. You don't have to take it up if you do don't want to.

There is no "why". A certain combination of physical and mental traits makes you talented at magick. A certain combination of events in your life has brought that talent to the surface. Everyone experiences a unique combination of experiences in their lives...there is nothing particularly special or meaningful about any one of them except from their own, subjective point of view.

I advise that you don't pursue any of these things. While you might have a talent, you obviously don't have the interest, desire, or temperament. Think of it like having a talent for guitar, yet disliking music. You have no reason to pursue it.

Amberlina 5 years ago

Hello Puck,

I have found this and I thought it was extremely helpful. I will be trying the cards and bath if nessesary.

I've gone to a professional to have my Tarot cards readand have been told that someone has done work on me. A woman came up to me and told me things as well.

I personally believe that I have a binding curse.

I noticed I started havung very bad anxeity and depression at a ce1tain ge and I think I know wh( put the curse on me. But there has been more then one person that I'm sure of. They might all be beginners. Anyways the reason I was looking at any of this is because I think someone has either put a curse on me (again) or has but a curse on my relationship with my boyfriend. I'm not saying this because we fight alot but because someone we know was very jealous and did not agree with us being together and she practised majik. Ever since we stopped being friends with her things have been going very wrong. My boyfriend and I are in our early twenties and we both understand that there are forces at work. Or at least we believe in that stuff. My question now is, how do I know if my relationship is in trouble because of a cursed placed on our relationship? If there is one how do we remove it? Also, how can I rid myself of a binding curse? My family is very intuitive and I have very good instincts. I wouldn't be surprised if I had a special gift for the craft. I would be interested in knowing if I am and if so what do I do?

Well thank you for your time and I really hope to hear back. (: Blessed be.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Amberlina,

You seem to have the situation well in hand. Do a card test for both yourself and your relationship. If your relationship is cursed, both of you do the cleansing spell. It's built to be general purpose.

As for if you are talented...I have no way of knowing that. I have had to address this a lot lately, for some reason. Maybe it is the release of the latest Harry Potter film. In any case...a talent for magick doesn't mean anything special. It's just like having a talent for guitar. If you're interested, pursue it. If not, don't. There are literally dozens of books and classes available; I list two of them below my article, and they are very good for beginners. If you are more interested in the witchy/religious side of things, witchcraft is your best bet. If you are (like myself) more of a scientific, analytical type, you will probably prefer ceremonial magick. Either of those books will suit you, should you have the interest.

Good luck!

Amberlina 5 years ago

Thank you!

Honestly I dont think I am gifted because of watching films such as Harry Potter lol :b but that was funny.

I forgot to mention that unlike everyone here that has posted about having bad luck and there life being miserable, I honestly don't really have that problem. I've been pretty luck and blessed. But in my past tarot readings each time I've had they mentioned that something has been watching over me. I dont know why but I think its something bad! I seem to always have bad and negative.thoughts in my head. Any idea why ? thanks again (:

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Well, I can't eliminate the possibility of a supernatural cause, but the symptoms are similar to depression. Other than that, it's very hard to know anything through the internet, sorry.

Amberlina 5 years ago

Ok well thx...I'll get back to you if anything (: Blessed be. 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

thanks for your advice. did do the card test, just once a ace came up. However, will do the seasalt bath for relaxation.

Good site!

god bless peach.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi Peach,

That's good news. Results like that usually mean you just have a little negative energy hanging onto you. The salt bath will be good for that. In the future, if you have any similar problems, do the test again and do the cleansing.

If you take up magick or another spiritual practice (Christianity, Islam, etc too! Their mystical branches have much to offer, even if they don't get much press), regular cleansing rituals become normal. At certain points in my life, I have performed several hours of ritual work and meditation daily in order to keep myself balanced and cleansed.

Good luck!

Pringles 5 years ago

Hello the Puck!

I did the test several times. A few times while looking at the tops of the cards and a few times while their faces were facing away. Each time I would have done the test I would have always pulled out 2 aces. The odd thing is though I don't know anyone who does "magic" and to be honest, the reason why I am here is because I just spontaneously thought I am cursed even though I am a man of science. However, I will definitely give your advice a try and hope for the better.

Pringles 5 years ago

This is Pringles again.

What if you don't have sea salt? I have a large container of Epson Salts, would that be the same?

They're none scented and come from "the mother earth herself." (According to the container.)

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


No, epsom salts are a completely different chemical (magnesium sulphate) than salt or sea salt (sodium chloride). You can easily purchase sea salt online or at most grocery stores.

joyjanie 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

I enjoyed reading you article and the your responses. You are very understanding and compassionate with people. And its really great to see an expert giving their time and energy so freely. I really hope you have recovered from your illness and sending my wishes.

I have some disagreement about your interpretation of Hinduism and karma as very inflexible systems. As a research scholar and a Hindu, the more I understand modern neuroscience the more I accept the power of intention, the more I understand the power of mantras and more I see that there is actually nothing so right or left path. Its all about the power of nature, with which we associate.

And here are a few beautiful lines on karma as seen in ancient Indian Hindu traditions, in its essence. (Although I agree every system can be misunderstood in its essence).

Nothing we think or do is void or vain;

Each is an energy loosed and holds its course.

The shadowy keepers of our deathless past

Have made our fate the child of our own acts,

And from the furrows laboured by our will

We reap the fruit of our forgotten deeds.

But since unseen the tree that bore this fruit

And we live in a present born from an unknown past,

They seem but parts of a mechanic Force

To a mechanic mind tied by earth’s laws;

Yet are they instruments of a Will supreme,

Watched by a still all-seeing Eye above.

A prescient architect of Fate and Chance

Who builds our lives on a foreseen design

The meaning knows and consequence of each step

And watches the inferior stumbling powers.

(-Sri Aurobindo in Savitri)

Thank you!

May you be blessed!

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Joy. Thanks for your recognition, though obviously I don't do this for recognition.

As for your defense of the concept of karma...while I don't like to disrespect people's religious beliefs, at the same time I have my own beliefs, and this is my little patch of cyberspace. So don't cry foul.

The problem I have with the notion of karma is the same problem I have with every other notion of moral causality in life. While some ideas of karma are trivially true (those who lie all the time are only going to end up with liars as companions, which will in turn lead to them being lied to; thieves will only have thieves to hang out with, hence they will be stolen from, etc), any notion that connects ethical or unethical behaviors with the success and failure of those who committed those acts has a LOT to account for.

For example, why is it that the most horrible, exploitative people end up ruling the world, having their every whim indulged, while the hard-working, suffering, good people spend their whole lives suffering and exploited by the first group? Any theory of ethical causality must account for why there is no justice except that we make, why reality regularly favors the most screwed up people while it punishes the poor essentially for being born poor.

Of course, one can always fall back on reincarnation, as Hindus tend to, to explain when all the justice and fairness is supposed to happen. This has the same flaw as the Christian's "Heaven and Hell"'s "pie in the sky when you die". And it's a lie, because there is no more evidence for reincarnation than there is for afterlives, and the whole concept seems like a very convenient way to keep the poor, suffering, and disenfranchised from rebelling.

Just like Christianity with it's "submit to authority" epistles from Paul, all the Hindu concept of karma seems to be is a trick to make sure the social order, with its favoring of the rich and powerful over the poor and suffering, continues.

And to be honest, what else could justify how a civilized culture could use a caste system which makes sure a whole chunk of its population is "untouchable" (simply by virtue of their birth) while another chunk is born Brahmin caste, to have their collective ass kissed their entire life, again, by virtue not of accomplishment, but by birth?

So I am not exactly impressed. The notion of karma has been used to completely repress and exploit millions. In addition to that, in doesn't explain the facts of the world as I observe them. Thus, while I respect you and appreciate your comment, I have to say that, just like the rest of the superstitious religious claptrap out there, karma is bullshit.

As for your little epigram...I understand the more subtle interpretation of karma in the ancient texts. I am also aware that, like most religious concepts, the claims of karma have retreated to these subtle notions every time the real world gets brought in to criticize the idea. This is similar to Christians discussing evolution; every new piece of evidence that contradicts them leads to a new "goalpost" that allows them to keep their beliefs in the face of obvious, empirical fact.

So I'm glad that this idea gives you a feeling of meaning in your existence. But I don't believe that feelings dictate reality, and I don't believe that simply because some idea gives shape to the chaos that is our existence, it somehow becomes true. Any number of ideas can give shape and meaning to reality...that doesn't make them true. No matter how emotionally satisfying an ethically-based notion of causality is, where the "good people" will get what they "deserve" and the "bad people" will get what they "deserve", it just doesn't hold up when we look at anything we can observe in reality.

As far as these "subtle" interpretations go...isn't it interesting that all these subtle interpretations become untestable? Let's imagine Universe A, where karma is real, and Universe B, where karma is not real. Now tell me: how I would know the difference between Universe A and Universe B? If there is no way that I could know the difference, then it seems like it's a pretty useless theory (I can't predicate anything meaningful upon it) and that something that was completely made up would work the same way. In addition to this, karma seems exactly like the same sort of society-maintaining, privilege-justifying bullshit made up by every other religion and culture to explain everything from human sacrifice to slavery.

So I have no evidence that would make me believe in karma, and it seems exactly the same kind of religious bullshit the powerful have always used to "explain" their privilege and keep the poor, suffering, and disenfranchised "in their place".

You may claim this is a "simplistic" interpretation of karma, but the Christians, Jews, and Muslims claim the same thing about my "simplistic" interpretations of their religious bullshit that disappears in a puff of logic the moment I start examining it. It seems the real problem isn't in my's in my questioning of it, my analysis. I have been told, in fact, that this is where I go wrong..."thinking" about it too much.

Funnily, that never seems to apply to things like gravity and the Law of Combined Weights in matter how much I think about them or analyze them, they stay true, observable, and consistent with the rest of my observations of the universe.

No amount of poetry in the world is going to explain away the suffering of the untouchable caste over millennia, the women who have had their rights trampled upon by their fathers and husbands, or the children who have never even had a chance for a life they chose for themselves because of which caste they were born into. Sorry.

Thanks for reading.

yinyangdiva 5 years ago

Cursed for decades: I tried the exercise above and the results read a 33% chance of my being cured. However, I was told by a family member that my great-great grandmother disapproved of her only son's marriage. Once he had children she managed to convince the kids to put something into their mother's food when she ate. The young bride became ill and most of her bloodline since have suffered the same horrid disease resulting in death. I could easily discard this story as a wives' tale and explain the illness with heredity, but I think I would be a fool not to consider otherwise. Due to the demographics during her time I believe she practiced Voodoo/Hoodoo. She was said to have been a very powerful and well known witch of her time. I practiced Wicca years ago but have no idea what kind of curse this could be or how to address it. I understand this is outside of the realm of which I am capable of addressing alone but would still like to know if a curse of this magnitude can be broken. Also, can the curse of a death witch be broken?

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi Yin, nice to meet you.

There is no special thing about anyone's curses, per se. The whole thing is personal power, not tradition or anything like that. All spells are breakable.

Try the cleansing from my article. If it's not effective, seek out your local occult shop for some hands-on care.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

John 5 years ago

Hey there....

Well the salt bath and chant sounds pretty legit. Sounds like if magic does work, it would have an affect. But the ace thing is really silly. You are likely to pull an ace before you get through 10 cards. In fact very likely. The chances that you wont pull an ace before going through 10 cards are less than 25%. That means that over 75% of the people who do this will be cursed, not to mention if they only happen to get 2 aces they will still believe it so. I wanted to do the bath, but the ace stuff is really so silly that I'm turned off by the whole thing now. I mean it would make sense if you made 3 piles of all the cards in a deck, and if all 4 aces are in one pile it would mean you're cursed; that would be unlikely and I could believe something like that.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I appreciate an analytical mind, and in reply I will answer your question and point as clearly as I can, dispensing of all possible jargon of the occult. I hope that, having done so, I will be able to dispense with your misgivings.

As I have stated elsewhere, I view magick as applied psychology. Since our psyche is where both our sense of self and our gestalted model of reality are taking place as events, reordering the events within the psyche reorders our interaction with reality and our experience of it. Thus magick may be redefined as (with apologies to Aleister Crowley): "The systematic and purposeful reordering of consciousness towards a given end".

This explains why magick done to ourselves, such as the various disciplines of mysticism, what is called "white magick", "high magick", or "transcendental magick" by ceremonial magicians, and "ego magick" by chaos mages ALWAYS works (it doesn't always work how we want it to, as the psyche is a complex phenomenon, but it always works). We always have access to our own psyches.

Practical magick, on the other hand, has a chance of failure and special requirements. One must possess a "magickal link" with the target to cast a spell at a distance further than line of sight, and those links are generally only obtainable through close contact. You generally have to be in physical proximity to a person to gain a lock of their hair or fingernail parings. This contact is what allows one psyche to imprint upon another.

These imprints can be thought of as messages (and a few chaos mages have thought of it exactly in that fashion). By casting a spell we are encoding our will into a set of symbols understandable by our own psyches on a deep level. Our psyche can then communicate that message to another psyche through contact and interaction, and that psyche reorders itself to accommodate the new content, enacting the spell.

So practical magick can fail because of lots of things...the message is lost, garbled, ignored, etc. Magickal training consists of imprinting yourself with certain symbol-sets, reordering your own consciousness to make it better able to manipulate those symbols and their meaning on various levels of consciousness, and training it to ignore the messages of other mages who might wish you ill.

This theory accounts for all empirical results I have personally gained throughout my life and doesn't require any supernatural elements at all. Every part of this theory requires nothing more than purposely applying things we already know about. It's a technology of neurology and psychology, and the school of psychology called cognitive behavioral therapy is slowly figuring out the same techniques. They lose something, in my opinion, by ignoring the prior research, consisting of thousands of years of people working with these techniques. On the other hand, neurological imaging brings so much more technical exactness to these things that it quite makes up for throwing the magickal baby out with the religious and superstitious bathwater. I would trade a limb for an MRI machine.

Now, given that this is what I believe is going on with magick, and given that my goal is to help people as best I can, consider my reasoning in both writing this page (I don't normally write about the occult; my normal gig is writing about the tech scene and coding, as well as my fiction, which is generally science fiction or Lovecraftian horror) and slanting things the way I did. I started out as a math major in college, and only ended up getting my degrees in philosophy because I got sucked into mathematical logic; I am also a coder who deals with math all the time. I am quite aware of the probabilities I set up with my test.

Someone coming to this page already thinks they're cursed. Otherwise they wouldn't want to break a curse. The article name mentions nothing of testing to see if you are cursed. People coming to me are in trouble, whether they are cursed or not.

If they really are cursed, their psyche knows it and will play the same sort of micromotor games that make pendulums, Tarot readings, and ouija boards function to answer the question. If they are NOT cursed, sheer math means they are almost surely going to get a reading of exactly what they expect...that they are cursed (either they most likely wouldn't be here, see above). The test gives them a sense of confidence in the process and they feel vindicated. Then the rest of the article gives them something to do about it. If they really are cursed, the cleansing ritual will get rid of it, and if they are just having a bad time in their life, it will set in motion some positive magick of their own in their psyche. If they need to talk, I answer EVERY comment and EVERY email, even if I feel like I have little to offer as advise. And I get so many people who get into contact and thank me and tell me how much my article and responses helped them, I suppose it's that just listening is working.

So that's the low-down. Now you know the "secret" of magick, or at least MY secret. Now, a trained mage can know all of this and still do effective magick (we can believe anything, pretty much, on demand), but you probably won't get much out of it unless you can manage to believe it works again, at least for as long as you are doing the ritual. There may be people playing games of Quidditch and throwing fireballs somewhere, but a lifetime of being involved in this stuff hasn't exposed me to them.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few pastors, priests, rabbis, and immams that are just as atheistic as I am, but still want to help people and know that using these methods works.

Anyway, have a good one, and thanks for reading.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Please go start your own hub if you want a platform for your trip. I am not going to approve your last three comments, nor any others. My patch of cyberspace, my trip, and this thread exists to help people who feel they are cursed, not for you to act as an apologist for your nation of origin and religious path. This is an open site...make your own hub if you wish to engage in this kind of thing. My hub is here to help people.

Good day.

Kevin 5 years ago

Hey thePuck. First of all I pray that you are blessed, you are a very good person. Thank you for helping everyone! May you and your family recieve nothing but joy and good health! I did the set of cards and I was right on with the ones who put the curse on me.. apparently It's three different people.

All three of them are known for their ability to curse, I think they are guilty of putting some type of yellow stains in front of the door of my house.

My family and I, All we do is nothing but fight with each other. I am going through major depression that I can't cope with..

It's gotten to the point where I can't get out of my room and do ANYTHING normal. I'm consistantly sad, the sadness will not go away. I've taken medication for this so called "depression"

Nothing has changed, Nothing but evil comes. I've lost the will to be. From 2005 til now, All there is, is bad luck for me and my family let alone. I've given up hope, I've lost my ability to do anything. I need help, so does my family.. I don't know what to do exactly,

I can't figure out if the sea salt thing works or not. These people are my own family who have done the "cursing", they are known for it throughout the family.

I'm not sure if they are too powerful?? (I hope im not sounding ridiculous) They are now overseas. I think of nothing but negative. I can never be positive. I am 24/7 negative about every situation. And can not find happiness, even on the medication i'm given by my doctor. Please If you can guide me and tell me what I should do :( may you be blessed

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Kevin. I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. First things first...keep taking your meds! Magick should always be pursued in addition to, not instead of, mainstream scientific methods.'s not so much that they are too's that it's not exactly a curse. It's a kind of spell called a "nemesis" spell. Basically, it "invites" you to become your own worst enemy, to participate in your own self-destruction. I don't know if it was these family members you are so concerned about, but it's of no matter. Instead of this spell (the curse-breaker) I would prefer that you try this article:

It is more suited to breaking spells of this nature. See, the problem is that you've spent years weaving yourself and your own issues up with the actual magick, until there is no clear line where one starts and the other leaves off any more. Just cleansing the magick won't do too much for your situation, because by this time you're essentially cursing yourself.

This is going to require some work on your part. You will most likely have to do the ritual several times. You will also have to engage in a sort of "diet of the mind". You must not indulge the self-destructive, depressive thoughts and feelings, but neither must you fight them. Instead simply experience them, let them wash over and through you. Observe them, understand them and their cause (the magick and your own mental and emotional tendencies), but don't engage with them.

Imagine these feelings and thoughts as waves washing up onto a seashore, a great white beach of empty sand. They come higher or lower, faster or slower, and you can shout and scream all you want, try to control them, but those waves are just going to come as they will. But you *can* choose how you interact with them, how you engage with them. Those waves (the thoughts and feelings) are what are powering this spell. You have to choose to not engage, not to feed the spell and more energy.

So this is a pretty involved treatment. You have to both use the magick AND the meditation techniques. You have to banish the spell AND engage in the mental and emotional "diet" in order to both remove the "pattern" of the spell and the energy that fuels that pattern.

I understand if this might be confusing, but you CAN do this. It is within your power. I know because I had to do the same goddamn thing. It's a hell of a thing when your own blood are the first people who do their best to ruin your life, ain't it?

If you need any more help, or just want to correspond as you go through the process, feel free to email me via my profile. It will send your email to me, then I respond to you, and we clear up the thread for those who are asking fresh questions.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

alliteatime 5 years ago

Hello again,

After doing my salt spell, Iam wondering what books might be beneificial for me to learn and teach myself how to treat or keep (for lack of knowledgeable word) myself cleansed from such dark magick.

I did work with some who practiced/or lived as Wicca's (sp?). The end of my job there was not good. At no fault of mine. As a matter of fact I lost the most from this leave but was so happy to get out of there it did not come fast enough.

I have since been dating an attorney (I think they secretly have a religion all their own he-he)NO... I love my attorney only kidding but, his karma I think may have also feel over on to me. As he has many "hater's" all of his own.

What ever the case... I would be interested in reading further and learning how to distinguish the "Dark problem" from the just the plan ol'e bad luck.

It is very hard to find local stores or sources here in South Carolina.

Any ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so for your time.


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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Alli,

You know, I have an ex-girlfriend named Alli. At the time I thought it was an odd spelling for it, but now I see it again.

Anyway, to address your question:

I would saying that what book would best suit your purposes comes down to what tradition of magick most appeals to you. Witchcraft is more of a religion, while ceremonial magick is more a type of mysticism, complete with daily rituals and meditations. Chaos magick is a kind of punk rock, postmodern, DIY take on the whole concept of magick, while the LHP is more about spiritual rebellion. And don't forget the eastern traditions...Taoism, Buddhism, and Hindu all have a lot to offer for the type of ongoing cleansing you are talking about.

So first I need you to tell me how magick and spirituality seems to you. All spiritual/magickal paths are valid to the degree that they "work"...that they help you live the sort of life you want to be living. It's far more important that the concepts and symbols resonate with you and get you interested and excited in the given tradition.

This is a big project, and will probably require some research on your part into the different traditions of magick and spirituality. Once you can tell me what "works" for you, I can advise you about reading material.

Bruno 5 years ago

If you know the person who placed the curse on you and where they live. At midnight place a broken bone on their doorstep. Not only will the curse on you be broken but an even greater curse "that cannot be broken" will be placed on the one who has cursed you.

When you do this the powers from the broken bone will seek out anyone in that home who has placed a curse on you.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Bruno.

While I appreciate you trying to help, I must respectfully say you don't know what you are talking about.

1. Bones don't do magick, people do magick, and simply putting a physical item in a given location won't do crap (except perhaps alert them to the fact that you know they cursed you).

2. There is no such thing as a curse that cannot be broken.

3. The powers from the broken bone? What powers would those be, exactly? Where did they come from? If bones, in and of themselves, have magickal powers, how is it that we don't just have random magick happening all over the place?

4. Magick is the art and science of causing change in accordance with will. (Aleister Crowley, 1904). Where does the will of the magician come into this rather dubious spell?

5. If your bone spell actually worked then you are essentially telling people to harm other people, to visit revenge upon them. Revenge is wrong and just leads to feuds and war. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." (Gandhi)

If you would like to write about how to break curses with the power of bones, feel free to write your own hub. Don't come onto my patch of cyberspace to do so. This hub exists to help people, not infuse them with yet more superstition and cause more harm through more curses.

Curses, hatred, revenge...these things break the world. Wouldn't it be better to try to repair it, to try to heal the world?


Vani 5 years ago

Hello The Puck,

I have taken a look few times at your webiste and today i decided to write to you.

I am not a curse beginner, i even did not pay attention about curse or spell. However, now i am paying attention of this and looking for some one like you to help me to figure out what is happening to me.

I am separating with my husband at the moment and my doubt is my husband got curse from his best friend (he has been close to this friend since 3 months, and sticking with this friend almost everyday). This friend knows about curse and spell and i am afraid that he did curse to my husband because my husband behavior is very strength to me. My husband says he loves me but it seems he does not want to see, he shows to me that he is cold, he is fine, he is zen. etc. That never happened before. My husband is listening to and agreeing with whatever this friend tell him. This friend convinced my husband to do Karma (burning negative previous lives) and a lot of things else but i would like to write to you in privately.

I would like to ask for your help to find out that is is this friend who made a curse on my husband? and if yes please help me to break a curse.

I will highly appreciate if you write to me to my email:

Thank you very much in advance. Have a good day!


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Vani.

I don't think you understand what I do. That's not surprising, since you say you didn't really read or pay attention to my article. But nonetheless, I will spell it out for you:

1. I wrote this article to help people who believe they are cursed learn how to HELP THEMSELVES. I do not provide any services other than education and advice, nor will I.

2. I wrote this article to help people who believe they are cursed, NOT people who think their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/parent/child should be behaving differently and want to blame magick or employ magick to make them act differently. If your husband wants to come read my article and has any questions on how to test to see if he is cursed, or needs advice on how to best do the cleansing ritual, I will be happy to help him.

Thanks for (not) reading.


David 5 years ago

Hi there,

I am not usually the sort of person who uses magick to curse, but I'm afraid I placed a rather nasty curse on my ex last week as a reaction to some pretty serious offenses. It was a very specific spell targeting his tonsils, and was charged with a ton of emotional energy of a very negative nature (I am a cancerian, btw). He is now suffering from an abscess behind his tonsils, and I feel like a piece of shit for what I've done. He's lost about ten lbs due to his inability to swallow solid food, and has had to go to the doctor to get it drained twice this week. I have always used magic strictly for positive ends, and I am appalled by the outcome of this un-premeditated spell that I cast in my furry. Is there anything I can do to undo this? I have been sending him healing energy while in a positive state of mind, and have been consciously forgiving him for what he did and letting go of my anger (I am very conscious of my own thoughts and emotional states, btw). I'm not sure that this is enough. When I talked to him earlier, he said that his condition had gotten worse. Any advice?

David 5 years ago

Btw, I wouldn't even bother with you if you weren't obviously on a similar wavelength: AC, PKD, Lovecraft, Chaos magick, I'm sure the list of common interests goes on. Good to see someone who's not just another fluffy new ager giving advice on this subject.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

David! Jebus Hopscotching Cluny Frog...what were you thinking? Ah...I'm not going to try to make you feel any worse. You know what you did was wrong.

You *must* have been furious...that sounds pretty nasty. You might have a talent for combat magicks. That means, while you are a good candidate to take Guardianship Oaths and offer the kind of help to the muggles that I do (no offense, muggles), you need to pull a Vulcan in order to be responsible. In case you aren't a Star Trek fan: the Vulcans were originally a barbaric and very violent race. Because of their strength and telepathic abilities, their ability to cause harm was immense, and their world was gripped in eternal war for generations. A great philosopher arose among them and taught them to embrace logic and the suppression of emotions. I am not saying suppress them to that level, but when you have a talent for combat magicks it means you need to be very, very careful. to withdraw a curse. Generally, you can't do it at all. This is why I tell my students never to curse someone unless they would be just as willing to hold a gun to their heads and blow their head off (given that they would never be caught by the law).

There is a chance that you can do it, however. It just requires a technique that I have never seen used successfully and it might very well kill you...and that's if it works.

The curse is essentially your energy (unless you used a more sophisticated technique, such as the "Nemesis" curse I was discussing with young Kevin above, which it doesn't sound like). That means that it will still obey your will. The problem is that that energy has already been encoded with your will and set into MUST fulfill its goal or be nullified by expending its energy. And that's the have to turn the gun on yourself, as it were, and absorb the curse.

Here's a way you *could* try it. Whether it will work or not is entirely a question of your own personal power and to what degree the spell has entangled itself into your ex-boyfriend.

1. Since we ARE a magickal link to everyone we've had sex with, we can dispense with that. You are already are a link. Cut a lock of your own hair off and ritually "baptize" it, naming it with the name of your ex-boyfriend. Burn it and save the ashes.

2. Bake a pie (you can use a cake, or any similar baked good, but you probably aren't going to want to when you get to the next part).

3. Before you lay the crust, mix in the ashes.

4. Also before you lay the crust, cut yourself and allow a goodly amount of blood (don't endanger yourself) to drip into the mix while verbally affirming your identity with the blood.

5. As you lay on the crust, summon the curse through the ashes (representing your ex) and the blood (representing you) and channel that energy into the pie. Take your time...this is a strong curse, and there is a lot of juice to mix with that juice (pardon my pun).

6. Bake the pie, pull it out, let it cool, and then sit down and eat it all. All of it, every bite. You can eat as slow as you want, but you need to do it in one sitting...whatever amount of pie you leave in the pie-tin is the amount of curse's energy will return to its target (your ex).

If this works, now you will get sick, and the course of the original curse will be experienced by you. That means if it was strong enough to end up killing the target, then it's most likely to kill you. This is how you take responsibility for what you did. Like I said, it can be dangerous.

Now for the disclaimer: always exhaust the methods of science before resorting to magick! Because it is unusual for an adult to suffer from a tonsil ailment, it is possible that this isn't your curse at all, but instead is the manifestation of a suppressed immune system. Your ex should make sure to get checked out with the doctor and complete any course of medication prescribed IN ADDITION to you attempting to remove the curse.

Again, I've never seen this work. If your ex will go along with it, attempt to get him to do the cleansing listed in the article, but this is a reasonably nasty curse and that method essentially pits his magickal power against yours, and you're trained (I assume he is not).

Good luck...and please, don't do something like this again. People like me have enough problems to deal with the real bad guys...adding the equivalent of magickal domestic violence to the mix just makes a sad job sadder. I'm sorry he hurt you, but hurting him back just adds to the hurt in the world.

Again, good luck and thanks for reading.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

No worries, David. A long time ago, I devoted myself to helping people. This page is one of my many attempts to create a platform to do that (and one of the more successful ones, thankfully). I'm just glad I can help remove a little suffering out there.

As for our common interests: feel free to connect with me on other services. I am literally all over the internet, just do a search for "Neal Jansons". And again, thanks for reading. :)

David 5 years ago

Yes, I was beyond furious, and quite intoxicated to top it off. I was practically possessed by anger and rage. So in answer to your question, I wasn't thinking at all. As far as the whole tonsil thing goes, I hit him where he's most vulnerable. He really needs to get those things out- he's had tonsillitis since he was a kid, which is when most people with this malady have them removed.

I am usually pretty aloof, more likely to pity the muggles who regard me with mistrust or disdain than to resort to cursing them. I keep myself from becoming too emotionally attached to my friends and acquaintances with good reason- I am well aware of 'my' power, and have every intention of using it for the good of all. When I become emotionally attached to individuals, I open myself up to the hurt that they could cause me through their betrayals and slights- and as I've shown, this can lead to my causing a great deal of harm. One of the lessons I'm relearning in this life is that there's a bold distinction between Love, which is unconditional acceptance, compassion without boundary, and emotional attachment, which is clingy, needy, obsessive, and basically self-centered. I have learned to keep myself in that space of non-judgment and total acceptance only through my decision to shun emotional and material attachments. My 6 year on-again, off-again relationship has seriously hampered my ability to work for the good of this world, and has caused everyone involved a great deal of hardship.

I am an energy worker in a very loose sense of the term, using 'my' power to affect entire areas and populations rather than focusing on any individual (this has brought a great deal of the wrong sort of attention from certain parties, material and astral, if you catch my drift). I am more of a mystic/middle pather than a magickian, working directly on the etheric plane without needing to resort to the tools and trappings of ritual. I usually have very few material desires to fulfill. I venerate Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, chanting their names and attributes with great devotion, and they are my protectors.

I live mostly as an ascetic these days (very difficult to pull off in this time and place, btw), although I still go on holiday in the world of hedonism and self indulgence now and again, the world where my ex-boyfriend is firmly rooted, and is always enticing me to return to (he's no muggle, btw. I'd never bother with a muggle). I am not aware of many who live in this manner, in this culture, without falling into degradation and despair. I am well within the realm of self gratification at the moment, and have been for several months. Apparently I've had some partying to do.

As far as your suggested method of removing the curse, I doubt that it would kill me, although I may be a little arrogant on this issue of energy attacks, having generally thrived through so many of them. Om namah Shivaya. I've already got this thing: following me around, and it hasn't been able to touch me thus far. Raccoon my ass. Darkest physical entity I've ever encountered, more like it. I suspect they may be a genetically altered species somehow endowed with the souls of demons, but this is merely speculation. 'They' may reserve these things for targets who don't respond to etheric attacks.

(I carry no tracking devices, leave no traceable paper or e-trail, I travel far and wide, and I happen to be a chameleon, so I've been able to slip off the radar several times. Ahh, the perks of being an ascetic).

It's obviously a tool of whoever "they" may be, and has no ability to find me on it's own. Attempts to scare me into submission will always fail, but they have definitely succeeded in driving me out of the peace of the woods and onto the city rooftops on several occasions, most recently this very week.

Anyways, enough ooga-booga, I only half believe any of this in the first place, which allows me to function with some semblance of 'normalcy' in the world.

I don't know if you know anything about these things, but if you do, I could use some advice on this issue as well.

I'll give the ritual you suggested a try, if I can find a friend who will let me freak out in their kitchen for a couple of hours, which is doubtful. Fear, mistrust of the unknown and whatnot.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Oh, I definitely understand "only half believing" as a way of staying sane in the world. I even used to follow your "no trail" way of doing things. I was homeless for a couple of years when I was younger, and then I spent years involved in activism, etc. Just seemed like a better idea. But I've always been active in the online world, just through proxies, etc. I've been a geek since I was little, and I've been coding professionally since I got out of college, so I have to be present.

Nowadays, however, I have a different theory of how to deal with identity and privacy issues. It came to me several years ago, when a blogger called Lockergnome (Chris Pirillo) had his Paypal account compromised and several thousands of dollars of purchases were charged through his iTunes account.

Now, normally, Paypal would deny the intrusion, Apple would claim they are perfect and enjoy the supernatural power of the iGods to protect their accounts. Hell, even with Applecare it took months to get my iMac replaced last year, simply because Apple doesn't acknowledge "lemons". But that's not what happened...instead, because Lockergnome's entire life is spent publicly online, it was obvious that his actions online didn't fit the actions of the thieves (IP address didn't match his Twitter account login, for example), his money was immediately returned.

In that moment, I had an insight. Privacy, for those who don't have the money or power to buy it, doesn't exist. The government and whoever else wants to track us can do so through so many mechanisms that it is hard if not impossible (definitely impractical) to block them off. Years of involvement in the hacker and computer science communities gave me access to more tools, but those tools are always one step behind. Just like anti-virus tools, anti-detection and encryption software is generally reactive; the bad guys figure out some new way to watch us, we figure out a way not to watched, they come up with a new method, etc ad infinitum. Mathematically, they are always most likely to be a step ahead (for every two positions where they can spy on us there is one position where we can block it). Thus, we need a different solution: security through ubiquity.

If you're always online, always present on check-in services, tweeting, blogging, vid-blogging, etc., then your location, activities, and character are public knowledge. Thus when someone tries to screw with you, not only do you have a legion of online friends and followers to sic on them, but you have essentially documented your own activities in an incredibly granular you evidence. Lots and lots of evidence.

Sure enough, a year later, my WoW account was compromised. The cracker was using my account to sell gold in-game, so my account was banned. I barely played, so I didn't notice I was banned until I got the email. I was easily able to show that I was not the person that was selling gold, because the login details didn't match my IP address. Since I had such granular proof of my own IP address over the entire time period, I was easily able to reclaim my account (even thought Blizzard is notorious for being dicks about that kind of thing) within about two hours.

Anyway, enough about my theories on modern computer security. What can I say...I'm a huge nerd, and this is one of my interests. far as your entity problems: I have never heard of such a hybrid, but of course this whole gig has always been one of mystery as far as things like that go. While we have come leaps and bounds in our general understanding of magick since Crowley and the Golden Dawn era, our understanding of the entities we share our physical and psychic space with has progressed almost not at all.

Of course, I also have to put forward the idea that it could be all in your head, and that these sort of beliefs are typical of paranoid ideations. But your communication style is pretty coherent, plus your ability to be objective about it and accept the possibility that it's false (only half-believing...a typical stance of the modern chaos mage: believe in the ritual chamber/circle/temple; else be sceptical) leads me to believe that that's not an issue. It's just part of the job; I have to mention it.

Good luck with the ritual and, again, thanks for reading.

Kam-veda 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

Thank you for your contribution to the welfare of people in need. It's a marvelous heart gift you give.

May I ask of you some time for my stuck situation? I feel like I may have just uncovered some background that i previously forgot to consider...

I received Reiki from a person, who was a lineage holder of a swami, whose name I cannot recall. I remember something another swami said recently about spiritual transmission and the color and feeling of it being specific to certain lineages and people.

This woman who did reiki on me also gave me my initiation, whatever they call it, into Reiki 1. I always thought of her as a friend, but when I tried to embody the friendship, I was not met by her. I was real surprized when I dropped by to deliver something and she became angry that my children were with me, and that I had come. She was angry about other things unrelated to me also. And so was I, about how complicated my life was and so on. I have discovered my anger since then, and been able to transform much of it.

But I wonder, could it be possible that some of that energy that she dropped in on me, could be alien in a way, and not in a good way? I'm not talking about space beings, but just foreign energy that might not have love attached to it...I wonder. I have had a kind of blockage about my weight the last several years, and it seems like it is getting worse. I keep gaining, and never losing. and now my foot has a neurological problem, and I can't work out like I used to.

I would be very appreciative of anything you can offer. Thank you. Bows. KV

Are there any simple things I can do for myself that would improve my ability to control/ lose my weight?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, KV! Nice to meet you.

Thank you for your warm compliments. I do what I can to help.

As for your swami who was also a Reiki master (swami is Hindu, Reiki is Japanese)...well, for the first part, initiating the client into Reiki is a normal part of their system. First they regulate your energy for you, then teach you how to regulate it yourself. She may simply have not wanted to take things to the personal level. I know that I would have felt intruded upon if one of my students from my shop had ever come to my home outside of class without me inviting them.

One thing you have to understand about work like is very intense for the client and there is a tendency for the client to become unduly attached, to feel like (because such intimate experiences have been shared) they have established a deep and abiding connection with the practitioner. The thing is, in order for us to survive doing this we can't afford to get too attached. It would tear us apart otherwise. Take a look through these comments, at some of the stories people come to me with and pain they bring me. If I became personal friends with all of them, or even a lot of them, it would tear me apart. It would also cloud my objectivity, which would limit my ability to actually help. In any case, I would not be able to maintain long.

Back when I was still one of the owners at the shop I founded, I did become friends with several of my students and clients throughout the community. It seemed natural; after all, it was my community, too, right? Well, sort of. It tore me apart and drove me away. I became a priest and swore guardianship oaths because I am highly empathic; I experience other people's suffering quite acutely, it makes me want to help. Because of that sensitivity, I can't afford to be friends with the people I help (for the most part), nor do I often get a chance to feel like "part of the community" in the way many people do.

As for whether she could have accidentally cursed you...unlikely. A trained energy worker can handle things like that pretty well. However, it never hurts to do another cleansing ritual, right? :)

As for your weight...well, there are various spells you could do from multiple traditions. Since you seem to already resonate with the Eastern traditions, I suggest bhakti-yoga on the god Ganesh. You would be amazed at the kind of power devotion can have as an invocation.

I hope that helps. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

Turns out that being a priest means a certain level of order to really serve the whole community, I have to stay mostly aloof myself (to the point to where many label me anti-social).

David 5 years ago

Thanks for the response, Puck. I was worried you'd consider me too much of a weirdo to even bother with. Glad to see youre strange enough to consider my own out-there-ness.

((GOOD!!! vibes (probly good for undoing curses, while youre at it) that I'm dancing to while working on this, btw. Helps if you happen to spin fire or hoops or like to dance!!.))

Esp. recommend: "wizard & spice"... Downright STRANGE, positive vibe synthesis of dubstep, psychedelic, world, jazz and break beats.

I ran into my ex the other day, just after posting here, and got a good look at the wound in his throat. Its a partial (fingernail) moon in shape, by some strange coincidence. I have consciously ceased sending any negative energy towards him, and have been working to send him only good, healing vibes since I realized what I'd done. I will NEVER allow him to get close enough to hurt me, and to push me to such extremes, again. Hopefully. God, I hope so.

His throat is doing much better now, and I am working on helping him get enough money together to help him get his tonsils removed before I leave for Hawaii for the winter.

((Little back story:: We just got back to Austin, Texas after 3 months traveling together in the high Rockies of Colorado, after which the crazy shit that prompted this conversation went down. I was highly attached to him at the time of the fight, and easily slighted by him. Ive been out in the country for 8 months, working in Oregon and Colorado, and was suddenly thrust back into a city that is quickly changing from a hub of high consciousness into a trashy, self conscious, materialistic shadow of it's former self

I talked to him about the ritual you suggested, and unfortunately he was mostly interested in the PIE part of it. I tried to explain to him that I'd have to eat it all, and that it would have a good deal of my blood in it, but he pretended like he didn't understand or care (he does). "PIE!!!" he said. He loves Pie.

It's strange that you chose to focus on privacy concerns in your response, considering I deleted my 6 year standing google account in favor of a hushmail account this very morning.


"Of course, I also have to put forward the idea that it could be all in your head, and that these sort of beliefs are typical of paranoid ideations"

Thank you for adding that, I'd certainly be wary of you had you not voiced this concern, or something similar. (and highly suspicious of whether you'd actually read the works of PKD and such). I'm not sure what I'm dealing with at the moment, nonetheless how to deal with it, but I would, (if I could!!!lol) assure you that it's not just in my head. If it were, I could just go back to camping in peace, and that would be a godsend. I'd certainly not make it harder on myself if I had any choice in the matter.

Also, thank you for your highly astute and appropriate response to the poster after me (and hopefully helpful). You really have a gift for this sort of thing, and I'm grateful for your work. Please, please continue, I'll be sending you love and blissful vibes while lingering in my highest states of consciousness!!!

Peace and many Blessings,


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, David!

Glad to hear you are both doing better. Of course, you don't have to make a huge pie, and he shouldn't eat any of it for obvious reasons. But hell, who doesn't like pie? ;) I'm a chaos mage with some ceremonialist (Thelemite) and witchiness thrown in, I work with what I have at my disposal.

Yes, I have read most of PKD's extant works, and they inform my own rather odd form of spirituality. In fact, one of my large-scale initiatory experiences was spent fixated on VALIS (both the novel and the odd musical this electronic musician made it into) while hopped up on pain pills because of abscessed wisdom teeth. I am very skeptical, even (especially) of my own experiences, and consider that to be the healthy and default attitude that any modern mage should take. I have often described magick as a controlled psychosis...for it to stay controlled one must keep a level head, even while the insanity is flowing.

It's sad that Austin is going the way of decay. I grew up down in Texas, going back and forth between my grandparents in Victoria and my mother in Austin. Went to Lanier High for a while. This was back in the early nineties, of course, but I always saw through Austin. No town that is really progressive makes it illegal to be homeless (or close enough...carrying packs, shit like that). I was homeless for two years, ages 18-20, and my ex squatted in Austin for a while...she had some nasty stories. It might have been better than other places in TX, but it's still TX.

Thank you for your remarks. I do my best to help. Rest assured I have no intention of stopping. In the words of Joss Whedon (via Angel), I try to "live as though the world were as it should be, to show it what it can be".

Thanks for reading!

iceheartt 5 years ago

Thank you for posting this! After determining that I was indeed cursed, I went through the ritual. Prior to the ritual I pulled 3 aces every time.

Now, immediately following, I have only drawn one. In the morning, after I sleep, I'll check again, but that is a very dramatic drop!

Thank you for posting this, it helped very much. I feel so much better already.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Iceheartt,

Glad to hear I was able to help. If I were you, I would try to figure out the source of the curse and try to distance yourself from the person. Someone who tries violence through indirect means and sees it doesn't work may try violence through other, more direct means.

Thanks for reading!

Iceheartt 5 years ago

The unfortunate thing is that I know exactly who it is, but they are quite a long way away from me, just over a thousand miles.

The second unfortunate thing was that as I read my cards again after sleeping, I watched the aces stack up again. First round, one ace only as before. Second round, two aces. And last round, back up to three.

Looks like I'll need the help of a pro.

I truly appreciate your help though!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Iceheartt. I'm sorry. That's very, very odd. The source is physically distant, but the curse immediately reasserted itself. That's very strange. There is no way to do that with a normal curse. That means it's a different kind of spell, most likely. Magick has been going on since the dawn of humanity...a "new" kind of curse is about as likely as a "new" kind of rock.

That means we need to consider other possibilities. It could be a servitor or summoned entity...a cleansing like this would just make the entity back off for a little bit. It could also be something you were tricked into "asking in".

Try my other article before you bother your local mages:

If that doesn't hack it, there is probably little else we can do this way and you do need to seek out your local professionals. If you tell me the city where you live, I may be able to refer you to someone. If you're in the Bay Area I can help directly, and if you're anywhere near Santa Cruz you can go to my old shop, the Sacred Grove. I was one of the founders and original owners, but after three years or so I left to go back to college. My best friend, Birch, is the last of the original owners left, but the shop is pretty successful and has an awesome community around it...someone will be able to help you.

In any case, I am happy to help figure this out.


Sandy 5 years ago

Hi, it's amazing what you do here helping all these people with your advice and good will.

I have been told by Taro card reader that I am cursed. The reason I went to see her my life going down the hill since I remember myself. Always failed in anything I did or tried to do. Never had proper relationship even if it seemed to go right way it would end soon and I would not even know the reason why and what I done wrong. I tryes not to give up in my life after few depresions and few brake ups I moved on, buy recently I feel I can't no more. Only thing that keeps me in this world is my daughter if not her I would have gave up long time. I can't even put my thoughts together any more.

But thanks for reading. I guess what I sad not much sence here.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Sandy. Thank you for your kind words. Rest assured, nothing I do is amazing, but I do try to help.

As for your situation, I advise you to perform the ritual in this article and read the article thoroughly:

That article suits your situation far better. Let's see how things are after that. If you continue to have problems, please contact me again and we will figure out where to go from there.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Rajeev 5 years ago

Hi Sir (ThePuck),

My name is Rajeev, I immigrated to Toronto from India last year with my family. I have two daughters. For the last 3 years, what ever I do, i do not get success and all the results are negative. First my business got closed, then my SUV got stolen, then I lost my job etc etc. 2 yers back, when I was passing through this rough phase i visited a temple in India, the priest there has got some super natural powers. when I told him about my sufferings, he closed his eyes and than told me about an incident that is...when I was working as Manager in an Engineering college, I send the college car driver to drop the college guest at the airport. And since he was supposed to get up early in the morning, so he couldn't had good sleep. On the way the car met an accident and the driver expired and the fellow passanger was badly hurt. Now this car driver has cursed me. His sprit is still roaming in the college campus--this is what that priest told me. And i too have noticed that six months after this accident i am not getting any good results...i am always stressed, do not feel like working, It seems that I have lost all my interest etc etc all bad feeling. Kindly suggest me what to do...Please also email me the reply at


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Rajeev.

First things, first. I am NOT going to email you on command. I don't think your case requires much more than you actually read my article and do what it says. I do not provide services, I provide knowledge so that other people can help themselves and referrals if I can (and I deem necessary).

Please actually read the article, perform the test, and if the test is positive, perform the cleansing. If your symptoms do not improve, post again and we will figure things out from there.

Good luck. I would say thanks for reading, but I see no indication that you read anything other than the title.

Sandy 5 years ago

Hey I'm back, and I want to thank you. I do not want to go ahead things and say it worked but I just think it did. I had salty bath the same day I felt life back in to my body. I would cach myself singing at work when doing my job?! In 10 years time I had no man coming to me just like that to say hi or just wanting to talk to me today I had 3 of them trying for my attention' I'm not desperate and belive me it was nice to just walk away from them with big smile on my face. Do not want to try my luck buy I just feel like first time in my life I just can move on all that heavy stuff was lifted of my chest. Amazing, thank you! Should I buy big bag of sea salt for future :) God bless!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Sandy! Glad to hear it worked out. Though you shouldn't have a recurrence of the curse so long as the cleansing was properly performed, regular cleansings are a good idea on general principles.

Again, I am glad it worked out for you and thanks for reading!

cottontail 5 years ago

My boyfriend buried my panties in his backyard and even tho i wanna leave him alone i cant. How can i get the spell off me?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Cottontail.

I don't really think that is a curse...unless roughly half of humanity is under it. People stay in bad relationships for lots of reasons, and almost none of them have to do with magick.

Nonetheless...if you had actually read the article you would have learned how to

1. Test to see if you are cursed and

2. if you are cursed, break it.

So the answer is pretty much actually reading the article and doing what it says. Hence, you know...why it's an article, as opposed to just a title and a comment form to ask questions.

Good luck. I would say thanks for reading, except that it is quite clear that you didn't do any reading.

me 5 years ago

have done the bath. this is coming from a few different sources. another thing, if you're able, spread salt, any kind, all through your home and especially where you sit. imagine the negative attributes being absorbed into the salt. sweep and clean this from the last quarter to the new moon. adds umph.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author (you do know that online monikers are to help other people communicate with you, right?).

Your practice is a good addition to a house cleansing and warding. The thing is, you don't just want to use salt by itself, you need to add water for cleansing, and maybe air and fire for transformation. Allow me to explain why:

Salt is symbolic of elemental earth, and does its work by "grounding" or "materializing" the energies of just about anything. It doesn't have to be "negative" (I prefer the word "destructive", simply because negative energy already has a meaning in physics and I don't want there to be any confusion), elemental earth grounds and manifests any type of energy.

So a lot of cleansings make far more sense taking this into account. The use of salt-water - salt absorbs the energy in the area, the water cleanses it away, leaving a sort of blank slate.

So while your salt method will work, the salt that you sweep into bags or out of the house will still contain the energy, thus presenting a danger to anyone who comes into contact with it. It's like psychic toxic waste. You're getting rid of the problem by handing it off to your garbage-man or whoever walks past your house.

In my opinion, a better method is to cleanse away the energy already present, then invoke/transform positive and balanced energies to replace them. A simple rubric for a witchcraft-style ritual for that would be:

1. Prepare a bowl of saltwater and some lit incense. The saltwater symbolizes earth and water, the incense fire and air.

2. Cleanse the space, widdershins (counterclockwise), with the saltwater, moving from room to room, sprinkling it with your hand, similar to a Catholic priest with holy water (you can even make one of those neat little asperges wands; just take a pinecone and hot-glue it to a stick, works fine). A good verbal phrase, such as "I cleanse thee by the powers of water and earth" can help guide your concentration, as well. During this, of course, your must concentrate on the present energies being washed away. We do magick, not the tools we use.

3. Consecrate the space (to consecrate is to dedicate or make holy) with the incense, again going through each room with a verbal component such as "I consecrate thee through the powers of fire and air" and visualizing the clean, fresh, balanced energies filling the space.

And, of course, I always advise a good "License to Depart".

4. When finished, return to the center of the space and say something to the effect of: "Any spirits that have been attracted by these rites, I hereby give leave to depart. Return to thy abodes, harming none upon thy way, and be ready to return should I have need of thee. Gods, goddesses, and things beyond, depart if it be thy will, or remain with us in celebration of the divine."

5. Eat some food. Magick works "muscles" we aren't used to using and channels forces through our bodies and psyches that can be quite exhausting. Eating food "grounds" you and replenishes your body.

Anyway, "me", thanks for the help, and I hope that between what you and I had to say, that others will be helped as well.

Thanks for reading!

mimsey56 5 years ago

I read your article with interest. I think a curse that I did boomeranged on me. Several years ago my grandmother died and left a great deal of money in her house. We searched for many months and found a small portion of the money but had no luck finding the rest. We were very frustrated, particularly my mom. There were many people in and out of the house over the past three years since she died. Some were aware that the money was possibly still there. In desperation, after many searches and my mom being driven to a near-frenzy, and the belief that one of the workman, who suddenly quit, may have found the money, I declared that whoever wasn't supposed to have the money should be cursed and no good would come from them taking money that didn't belong to them. I don't claim to have magical powers or anything and the curse was said out of frustration and anger. To date, we have been unable to find the rest of money that she left. No one but my mom ever saw any of this money and that was nearly 15 years ago; I told my mom that I believe that Grandma, who was 95, had been scammed and was too embarrassed to tell anyone or when we were cleaning out her house that the money was missed somehow and thrown into a dumpster. My mom doesn't believe it and still insists that the money is there or someone took it. I haven't thought about the curse for a long while, but lately, I have been confused why I have been struggling with some weird money issues of my own. Today while I was thinking about all the things that have been happening, I came to the realization that I feel like I'm cursed myself. That's why I believe that I've been "boomeranged" by my own curse. Could the cleansing spell work for this?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Mimsey,

Misfires and backfires are possible, especially with no training. A lot of people think talent is a good thing, but in magick it means simply that you need to be trained before you do some damage to yourself or others. The cleansing should work for this, if you are in fact cursed. I advise you to do the test I detail in the article and if you are cursed, perform the cleansing.

I also advise that you pick of the books below my article or seek out training. Otherwise things like this are likely to happen again.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

mimsey56 5 years ago

I did the card test and had 2 of 3 aces so it looks like I am going to do the cleansing. I made this curse 3 years ago in November. Is it possible this could run its own course? The strange thing is that after I spoke with my mom about this today, she confided that she also cursed the money and has been having similar problems too. She was going to do the card test tonight. I'll keep good thoughts, make no more curses, and get some sea salt tomorrow. Thank you for your reply.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Heya, Mimsey...okay, first things first, your mother and you both need to work on your impulse control. Just because something seems like a good idea in the heat of the moment does not mean it is. Stop trying to curse people! I will help this time, but if you (or your mom) get yourselves into trouble again, it will be on your own head.

Secondly: yes, spells decay. They are basically just organized energy (like everything else) and are thus subject to entropy. There are ways of getting around this, but they are advanced techniques and impossible to do accidentally. However, we are talking far longer than you can just "wait out". It's your spell, and thus uses your energy. Since you aren't trained, and thus didn't "let go" of it properly (kind of hard to explain), it's probably just using you for its energy-source, which means it will last until a little bit after you die. So no, you can't wait it out.

I definitely advise the cleansing, test your mom, and if she managed to do the same thing, a cleansing for her, too. And no more. You have to be careful about what you do with your thoughts and has consequences.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Amber,

It would be better if you would do the baths separately. There is too much likelihood for distraction. One of the keys to magick is concentration...your full will must be focused on the goal of the spell.

Yes, you need to submerge yourself. Take a shower afterward for the rinse...salt dissolves in water, and warm water increases the amount. Shouldn't be a problem. I have had long hair for years and had to do the same thing, too. It works fine.

Beginner books are listed at the end of the article.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

randy53 5 years ago

Hello I just had a reading and she said I needed a cleansing and said it would be 275.00 . I did it then the next day she called me and said the spell was alot worse than she had thought and it would require me to buy 7 candles at 100.00 each . She continues to call and say that I have to do or will have prostate cancer , no money , bad relationships ect. This pshyhic has been in same place for 62 years and I went once but her mother was there , now the daughter is giving the readings . The part that worries me is she was so correct on everything that has happened to me , but no cancer yet . I would like to know is this wrong the way she is charging and contacting . Thanks

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Amber, no problem. It's what I'm here for.

As for your question...well, yes and no. Cleansings, in and of themselves, assuming no interfering elements, shouldn't make anyone ill. However, magick is taxing. It is, perhaps, one of the most difficult things humans are capable of doing. It uses our body/mind complex as a conduit for energy and requires a lot out of us. This means that it can be pretty normal to have similar symptoms to a sugar-crash (low blood-pressure, light-headedness, physical fatigue, etc.) after doing magick. This is one of the reasons most teachers and books say to eat something after helps ground out the rest of the unused energies (if there are any...there shouldn't be for a cleansing) and replenishes our bodies.

Hope that helps.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Randy.

You are being scammed. Just say no, and if the person continues to call you, call the police and tell them what she is up to. This is a form of fraud and harassment, and is illegal. She can play all sorts of games to avoid it being called fraud, but you need to stick to your guns and tell the police exactly what she is doing as you told me.

Gods, people like this really piss me off (rant alert). This business is hard enough in the modern world. Many people, rightfully skeptical and scientifically-minded, only see this sort of person, and decide the rest of us must be frauds, as well. This is one of the reasons I left my shop...the association of commerce and magick leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But the occult spiritual traditions have been essentially forced into this position...we have had no luck getting any of the benefits that apply to mainstream spiritual traditions, so there is no way to just have a temple or community center, where people can go to learn, hold their rituals, and get help if they need it from trained professionals. Instead we have to masquerade as bookshops and candle-merchants, and some people forget that capitalism and magick are essentially incompatible. In magick, either something is valuable to one's Great Work, in which case it is priceless, or it is useless to one's Great Work, in which case it is worthless. There is no room for supply and demand, no room for haggling.

(end rant)

Sorry, this kind of thing REALLY pisses me off.

Anyway, as for your problem: please perform the test I list in my article. If it says you are cursed, perform the cleansing. Should fix you right up. If not, contact me again and we will see what we can do about it.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

randy53 5 years ago

Thank you so much for your advise and answering me . I thought I was but she made me believe if I didnt she would make worse by not finishing her payment . I will follow your cleansing directions . I enjoyed reading your site , it is very helpfull . Wish they wer more like you . Thanks

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Randy,

I'm glad to help. There are a lot of people out there that want to use religion, spirituality, and magick to exploit their fellow humans. I hate them, in whatever circle they are in, whether it's the Christian televangelist trying to push his politics and suck the money out of the wallets out of the parishioners that trust them, the Muslim imam who pushes people looking for meaning into horrible acts of violence, the rabbi pushing his politics, AND the witch/mage who would frighten people into giving them their money and goods. I hate this kind of person...they make my entire calling as a spiritual seeker cheap and pathetic.

But there are people out here, of all traditions (sure, I think the Judeo-Christian traditions are factually incorrect about many of their claims, but some of their mystics are/were awesome) who are really trying to do it right. We don't get TV shows and generally live in poverty, but we're out here, and we're trying to help.

Good luck, and thanks for reading and all of your kind words. Life is pretty hard for me right now (being a mage doesn't make life some ways it makes life harder), and your kind words, and the words of others and the fact I can help people here, is helping me make it through a really hard time right now. I really appreciate it.

Determined718 5 years ago

ive spoken to 2 spiritualists and ive been told by one of them that an old binding spell i want broken between a couple can only be broken with something violent. isnt there a good strong spell that can take a binding spell off of someone so that they can be free of another person??

rainbos sarah 5 years ago

Hi..I have an ex partner who put a spell on me for making her life difficult and sending her to jail for domestic violence. She said she is cursing me for the rest of my life for misery and hopes I will become very poor. Everything in my life isn't working correctly.I even hear a dog growling at me in the bathroom. HELP !!

perplexed 5 years ago


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Determined.

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. A binding is a type of curse that prevents the target from accomplishing goals and being able to act to change a given situation. A binding between two people doesn't exactly make sense.

If you mean a handfasting, which is basically a pagan marriage ritual, then this is not a curse, and certainly doesn't need to have something violent done to break it. A handfasting is simply a commitment, a magickal oath to be with someone for a certain time, live a certain life together, etc. Normally the conditions are for a year and a day, and many couples either re-up their handfasting ritual on that day or just let it run out.

If you mean a fascination, which is a type of spell that makes one person's will subject to another person's (black magick in the true sense...I don't do it and won't teach it; I'm a Thelemite...the will of the individual is sacrosanct). In this case, the cleansing listed in the article will work fine. A cleansing like this will work on any magick that operating on an individual.

In addition to this, do NOT commit violence unless you or someone else is in immediate physical danger. If the danger is not immediate, call the police. Our culture puts very strict rules on the use of violence by anyone other than cops and the military, and even then it is supervised and limited (supposedly...I don't really believe it, and with all the stories of torture and tasing, I think that gives more and better reasons to avoid violence except in self-defense).

However, if you are attempting to break up a couple or do something against someone's will, I will not aid you.

If you can explain what you mean by this spell, I will be more able to help you. You are using terminology I am unfamiliar with.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Sarah,

Wow, that's rough. I'm really sorry that you're going through that. You did the right thing, though. You have the right to not be harmed or terrorized.

The cleansing listed in the article should work just's exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when writing it (don't get me wrong...I want to help everyone, but people suffering violent curses are my priority). Just try and calm down, read through the article, and perform the cleansing. You DO have the power to defeat this. Every single human being, every mind on any plane of existence, can perform magick.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

jay 5 years ago

would u know anything about some one doing magick to someone. For someone to smell bad and carry a bad odor around them if so. how can that person reverse or just get rid of that spell. Were everyhting can go back to normal??????. thx

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Jay: Please read the article, follow the directions. You'll be fine.

Este 5 years ago

Hi. I was dating a married man who showed me loved me and was always buying me gifts. I have a small car before i met him and i told him am a politican and am contesting for a position in my country Nigeria. He then prosimed to get me a better car than what i was using. But as time and days passed i realize he was always going from one juju man to another for protection and the fear of the unknown. And i was no longer comfortable with him. I told him as a muslim he should believe in his God that no harm can get to him, by prayers and fasting. But he never stopped. When the time came to get me the car he promised he changed and i never complained. Not until one day he came and said i should come with him to the bank, when i got there he then gave me money. After leaving the bank he then said he can't get that car for me anymore, and didn't say a word back because i was so angry. He then drove to a car stand and we went in, he told them that this lady wants to buy a car and i was shock. I used the money he gave me paid for the car and everything was in my name. But after that day he was not happy getting me a car anymore. We had one fight to the other, the worse he get drunk and will want to hit me. I was still dating him even after all that. Then one day, i asked him for money he refused, he change. And stopped seeing me. The next thing he did was to come ask me to give back the car, infact he wanted to ask for all he bought for me. I told he was joking. He then threaten me and said things and i told him, if these body of mine was the body he was fucking then nothing will happen to me. What do you say?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Este,

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. All I can say is that regardless of the circumstances, you shouldn't allow anyone to harm you and if someone you are dating is being abusive you should both leave him and call the police. And, generally, it isn't a good idea to date married men, or to expect them to buy you things, but that is your own affair.

Good luck.

stephanie 5 years ago

Hi there Puck! I'm glad I stumbled across this page... it's hard to find articles on this subject written both simply & intelligently... thanks :)

So summary- I have always been decently happy and lucky in life. About 2 years ago I started a constant string of bad luck happenings... and it just never stopped. If one more person said to me "think positive" I was going to slap them, if one more article said "you will the positive energy into your life" I was going to scream... my negative energy attraction has NOTHING to do with anything I'm inviting into my life. I'm a responsible single mother and nurse who makes good choices for the most part. My faith in a "God" that is so prevalant in my midwest surroundings has never been rock solid, I've always naturally leined toward a belief of the Supernatural ways. So here I am....

SOOOO.... the past 2 months has been horrible. I mean literally like nonstop now, it seems that the spiral of bad things has just gone down, down, down to now being ridiculously obvious that something has hexed or cursed me. So I started thinking... when did this start? What did I do? Who did I know?

BINGO. Almost the same time my life's "path" seemed to veer into a bad lane of crap LOL... I was dating someone... that was a HUGE liar and manipulator and ended up being married. This after a long and serious relationship... so of course the wife contacts me, etc etc I won't bore you with the details but she is EXACTLY the person that would've done something to me. She expressed her hatred and her devotion to doing anything at all costs, and he told me back then that she had an inclination towards curses and witchcraft (he was actually telling me this because she's a "christian" and apparetnly a hypocrit as well).

I know this is what happened. Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that, it all makes such perfect sense. And I can't believe I've just been suffering through this crap for 2 years and not realized it before now.

So I'm telling you this because I would like to report back! Also to ask, should I do the bath more than once?

I'm so excited to see if this will bring about some change over the next few months. I'm exhaused!

stephanie 5 years ago

OH yea.... sorry I forgot to mention that I will be doing the card test when I get home tonight... LOL and of course I'm just assuming that it will be positive asking about the bath :)

awl 5 years ago

Hello Puck,

I came across your page, as like many of the people writing you here is in need of some help. I know that I am and has been told by a couple of tarot readers (and once by a boy who I never met before, but was delivering some food I was ordering could tell "instantly" I was cursed. He said he could see something surrounding me. And yes hearing this from him, made me really depressed.) Nothing has went well in my life. No freindships, no relationships with the opposite sex that last, no good jobs, no homes I can stay in very long, you name it has gone wrong or good thing that occurred would last long. I was told this occurred when I was young. When I was a very young, I was posioned and almost died. My mother had alot of people that did not like her. So the person who did this was someone she knew and older person who is no longer around. My current life has been wrought with fear and unhappiness. I've been in need of surgery for three years now that I can't afford and every time I get close to resolving , things would fall apart. I will try your bath as written, but I also know that I have a hard time letting go of negative thoughts, so I will try the negative banishing as well (my life hasn't been easy, real hard to let go of bad thouhgts). Is there anything else I should do (i.e. like do the bath serveral times?) before resorting to professional help (I am currently out of work.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Stephanie, nice to meet you, though of course I wish it were under better circumstances.

Your analysis sounds pretty reasonable, though of course I would like to point out that about two years ago was when the economy decided to eat itself as the great and powerful exercised their whims in the wrong way. Always exhaust natural possibilities first before turning to the supernatural; magick is HARD and most people, even occultists, have so little ability to *really* believe in something other than scientific naturalism, that getting results is rare. Oh, I know, the majority of America says it believes in a god and therefore they must also believe in the supernatural...but they certainly don't act like that's what they believe, they act like atheistic naturalists, and our actions are what reveal our beliefs, not our rhetoric. This tendency in the modern era means that most "mages" are really just amateur philosophers with vaguely hippie values who *really* like a good party and to socialize in a way that includes dancing around bonfires in the woods and pretending that's magick, rather than just a good way to spend an afternoon. Since the supernatural has always been rare, this type of magickal hypocrisy just adds to that rarity and makes it more likely that supernatural events are either actually natural or caused by a non-human agent.

However, that caveat aside (which I have to give, for responsibility's sake), I think your analysis of the situation is valid and you should continue with your plan.

As for repeated shouldn't be necessary for the removal of a base-level curse, but regular cleansings are a good thing, like meditation. Keeps you sane and your aura all nice and sparkly. As I have been known to say to my students (back when I was teaching professionally): "A LBRP a day keeps the psychiatrist at bay". (LBRP is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the basic banishing ritual of most ceremonial magickal traditions).

Good luck, thank you for your kind words (you don't know how much they mean to me!), and thanks for reading!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Awl...I am very sorry you went through, and are going through, all of that. Let's see what we can accomplish to change it.

First of all, you are correct in doing both the cleansing and my other article's banishing technique. Sometimes a curse or other malicious psychic current will be with us so long it becomes part of us. Our energies are bound up with it so much it becomes impossible to get rid of with a normal cleansing or banishing.

As for the rest of your I have advised others here, regular cleansings are a great idea, so if you wish to repeat it feel free to do so (just make sure to use different salt and water...the old stuff will hold the energy of your past cleansing, and you certainly don't want to reabsorb it!).

However, I also advise that you engage in regular meditation, as well. Your psychic/astral body, what mages sometimes call the "Body of Light", is sick. That's what the curse or whatever has managed to do to you over these years.

Think of the cleansings like antibiotiocs...they will kill off the pathogen, but your astral body is still weakened from the illness, and is thus vulnerable to whatever is just floating around. The astral plane, especially the nearby regions most accessible to untrained human consciousness through dreams and visualizations, is full of what Donald Michael Kraig calls "little nasties" and what I call "bottom-feeders". They are scavengers and parasites, and are attracted by psychic/magickal energy. Normally, the aura of a healthy human is impervious to these entities; humans possess natural psychic shielding the same way they possess an immune system. But when we have been sick on that plane of existence, that immune system is weakened and other things can get in.

Regular cleansings will get rid of the bottom-feeders that may be attracted after you dispose of the curse, but you have to build up your Body of Light again and make it strong. Meditation will help with that. I would also advise trying to seek out experiences which are peaceful, produce happiness for you, and are meaningful to you. Go to a concert. Go hiking or camping. Activities which produce a sense of tranquility and well-being, essentially...sorry I can't be more specific, but these things are different for everyone.

I hope that is helpful. Feel free to contact me via the site or through another comment if you need more help.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

awl 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

I will do everything you say and let you know what happens. I feel your answers to my problems is the help I have been trully looking for (many blessing to you). Also, I was planning to do some serious cleaning of my home, before doing the bath. My home in need of a good cleaning and I figure this would also prepare me mentally to get the "junk" out and get the good vibes in. Is there any "home spiritual cleaning" I should do as well?

Many thanks and blessings

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Awl,

First, thank you for your kind words. It means a great deal to me in an otherwise difficult time in my life (the life of a mage isn't easier, we just have different considerations and worries).

Yes, cleaning your house is an AWESOME way to help this kind of cleansing and healing process. A house cleansing is pretty simple, and uses the same basic principles.

Simple House Cleansing:


Salt...lots and lots of it.

A vacuum cleaner or broom...something that will be able to pick up the dry salt.

Bucket, warm water, brand new sponge or cloth.

First you want to get any straightening up and cleaning out done. All garbage should be taken out. This spell is the last step of a normal house-cleaning, essentially. First you clean the physical, then you clean the psychical. Makes sense, no?

Then go around your house clockwise (you are actively binding the energy with the salt, so it is a constructive magick, hence clockwise) with the salt, sprinkling onto floors. Chant: "I call upon you, Oh, creature of earth. Cleanse all evil from this place and leave it balanced and pure of purpose. Hekas, Hekas Este Bebeloi!" (pronounced "hay-kass, hay-kass, ess-tay bay-bell-oy")

The words of power translate loosely to "Be far from here, all ye profane". You chant this as you walk around sprinkling.

Now, go around with the broom or vacuum cleaner, counter-clockwise (you are now banishing the salt which has absorbed and grounded the negative energy, so counterclockwise) and vacuum it up or sweep it up. When you are done, make sure to dispose of the salt or empty the vacuum OUTSIDE the house. Very important.

Now, starting in the same place you started with the salt, take the bucket of water and cloth/sponge and walk COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (banishing again) through the house, wetting the rag and wiping down walls and windows. It's going to be hard to get the ceiling...just throwing sprinkles of water up will generally work fine. While doing this, chant: "I call upon you, Oh, creature of water. Cleanse all evil from this place and leave it balanced and pure of purpose. Hekas, Hekas Este Bebeloi!" (pronounced "hay-kass, hay-kass, ess-tay bay-bell-oy")

Throw away the cloth or sponge afterward, again OUTSIDE the house.

That's pretty much it. This can be included as a general part of house-cleaning in general, or simply done for special purposes like this.

Good luck, and thank you again for your kind words.

sandra 5 years ago

my closest family members are dying. every one is dropping like flies. I had a cousin died last year, another cousin died in february (she had a dream she killed a snake by chopping the head, and another head came back out of it, and it was one of my relatives head that appeared) and she also dreamed some one we knew that was dead for 30 years was cooking up something for her, a couple of weeks before she died. and another cousin yesterday. and family members before that, all adding 3 to 4 years. Is it possible my family has been cursed? I know death is normal,but geesh!!!

I even said "oh my "GOD" who's next". one of my cousins said she think our family is cursed. how do we know if we are cursed?

akuigla profile image

akuigla 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

thank you for your work,it helps a lot.Well, a few years ago Ive received a "Diksha" from an ukranian girl.This is an indian energy increasing way,similar to reiki.Basically,I sat and she put her hands above my head,not touching me,and calling the guardians of karma she have sent energy from universe to me.Aftervards I felt somehow shaky,but in the end she said that I will from now on have more conflicts with people1

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi Sandra,

Wow, that's a lot to be going through. It is possible for a family line (or just about any other definite target) to be cursed. All I can advise is to perform the divination in my article and ask. If it is so, perform the same cleansing, but include some object with you that links up the whole family...a family crest, a photograph, etc. Obviously you want to protect whatever it is from corrosion from the salt-water, but that should be easy enough.

If that doesn't help, I would seek out local occultists to help you, either through a local occult shop or through the internet. The right sort of person will help you and either only charge you for supplies or do it for free. There are a lot of scammers out there that try to get a lot of cash out of people and don't know any magick at all.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

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thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Akuigla,

So you're saying someone else's energy work increased your likelihood of conflicts with other people? Well, to each their own, but I wouldn't choose that for myself.

Thanks for reading!

akuigla profile image

akuigla 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

ok,I underestand.


Id like to learn a chaos magic.If you can recommend a way how to can learn it, I will greatly appreciate that.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Akuigla,

I recommend reading everything by Pete Carroll, Ray Sherwin, and Phil Hine. Follow similar rules to ceremonial magick...keep a diary of all of your experiments and results. Chaos mages, sometimes called chaotes or chaoists, became established along with the internet, so it has always relied heavily on message boards, usenet, IRC, and now, social media.

While that seems like it might lead to disconnected groups, it doesn't need to. I was a member of the Z(Cluster), a mainly online group, from the late nineties on, and ended up close friends with several of them IRL. We've even created a little reunion group on Facebook recently.

So I would suggest reading the books and working through the exercise systems. Build up a toolkit of "go-to" rituals for all of the basics...banishing, invocation, evocation, divination, enchantment, sorcery, astral travel, and theurgy. Get in touch with people online.

Realize that the chaos current doesn't exist as its own set of traditions so much as all the traditions of magick have responded and to some degree integrated the insights of chaos magick. So you may find lots of groups doing chaos magick, but their focus will still be witchcraft, or Thelema, or LHP, etc. It is possible to pursue chaos magick exclusively, but not too many do so. It's like having a great toolbox and no blueprint. Chaos magick is very much focused on techniques and practicality...what you set as your goals and what you do with those techniques usually have to be supplied by some other philosophy or set of philosophies.

Also realize that you may run into more variety among chaos mages than any others, and all mages are pretty unique, anyway. You will find serious yoga, monist, theurgy-focused hippie types, gothy S&M types, punks, computer hackers, voudon and santeria practitioners, discordians...pretty much every extreme and everything in between.

Another thing is that most chaos mages don't start out chaos mages...they start out studying some other tradition and chaos magick becomes part of their advanced studies. The main reason for this is that most newbies don't feel very comfortable with how abstract chaos magick theory is...they like the stability and sense of tradition that comes with a full-fledged system. They want to know the "right" way to things, the "real" spells and words of power, etc. Later on, once they have some experience under their belt, they are usually able to understand how every system is the "real" system, and that what makes magick happen is them, not special words or symbols. Depending on your own experience-level, you might want to start with some other tradition, and then abstract out and add chaos magickal techniques later on.

Good luck! Feel free to stay in touch, and if you have any questions or need any more guidance, contact me through these comments or send me and email via my profile here on the site.

akuigla profile image

akuigla 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

Thanks for your answer.

I'll follow your advice.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Akuigla,

No problem, it's what I'm here for.

Krines 5 years ago

Hi the Puck

First off I want to thank you for this article. And i am thankful that I stumbled across it. I never really understood the way esoteric sciences work but have a few experiences. One of the local women once touched some red chilli in circles around me when I was really low and mysteriously ill and after burning it there was absolutely no smoke which she said was an indicator of 'evil eye' and later for the next 3 days she took sea salt and touched me from head to toe and washed it down the drain. And the third day I was all good and cheerful. Guess they have a local version for it here in India. Either way your solution is much more doable, and I

guess I will do it prophylactically just to stay away from harm.people sometimes do some sort of voodoo here with a string of lemon and chill is and throw it on the street to ward offhand curses and it is said that if you step on it , the curse transfers to you, and you won't believe how many such lemon and chilli strings you would find on the streets here. Quite a bad sentiment though . But well gotta keep my guard on.I would really love to learn and perform some basic spells. I already work with positive visualizations and it seems to work wonders but I am still trying to figure out the line between psychological effect of them versus the esoteric effect. Nevertheless it's worth exploring. Once again very grateful for your article.

And I hope your cervical spine condition is better now. Guess that cause of sitting in front of the computer for too long. I hope you get well soon, oh btw I am a medical student, but have an interest in these sciences too. And well this is something that has been bothering me when you mentioned that people don't even realize that they curse.I have had experiences when anyone hurts me I kinda feel terrible hatred and wish bad for them and the worst experiences were when one of roomies deliberately annoyed me and I cursed her, next thing we know we had to rush her to the hospital for acute appendicitis out of nowhere. Similarly my dad , well he and I don't get along well but again , he had to get operated.I had to rush him to the hospital the same day. It has happend to many more people with varying degrees and I always felt guilty but didn't want to take the blame. Guess I have to be more careful during my rages.

Anyway the gist of my comment was to thank you. It has inspired me to learn more about the subtle laws of magick. Sounds really interesting. :)

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Wow, Krines, thank you very much for your kind words. As far as occultism in general goes...I would be a lot happier if more people were interested in seeing it as a science rather than a religion. However, those people are in a minority, and most occultists you will run into will have a markedly critical opinion of my views. That's okay...I've never exactly fit in with the cool kids ;p

There are many ways of getting rid of curses, but that sounds pretty nasty...getting rid of them by passing them off to other people, like plague. In any case, you can definitely perform the cleansing as a prophylactic precaution. Think of it like bathing for your psyche.

As for my spine...while I appreciate your kind words, this is not something that heals. I have degenerative disc disease coupled with spinal back is about 40 years older than the rest of me, and I hurt almost all the time. I am on the "good" drugs...which of course I hate because they make me loggy. I am sure some of the blame is due to long hours at the keyboard...I am a writer and coder, after all, and have spent my whole life concerned with primarily scholarly matters. However, according the best current evidence, muscular-skeletal and nervous diseases like this are primarily genetic. I did yoga most of my life, and did my best to stretch out my neck, etc, but it still happened and is happening.

Again, I thank you for your kind words. They help more than you know.

Thanks for reading.

Star 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

I am a victim of a generational curse. I have gone to a couple different psychics and botanical shops but I have been ripped off. I have tried to ask around for a professional but that is not a common question. I do not know where to look. I live in Silver Spring, MD and I am desperate for professional help. Can you lead me in the right direction, please?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Star,

Why exactly do you believe you are under a generational curse? Did you read my article, perform the test, and perform the cleansing? Try those things, first. If the test says you aren't cursed, move on with your life and assign bad things happening to you to bad luck, a crappy economy, and a world full of people who have been taught screwing other people over is the best way to do things. If it says you are cursed, attempt the cleansing yourself. If, and only if, the effects of the curse continue, perform the test a second time. If it says you are still cursed, then look for a professional.

As for professionals near you...I generally avoid those states, but googling "Silver Spring, MD occult" gets plenty of hits. I would suggest going to occult shops, not "psychics" (who almost never are) and to pick the occult shops that teach classes on witchcraft, magick, etc taught by the staff. That way you are likely to find the people you need. Most will be willing to help for free or cheaply. If someone just seems to keep adding "problems" that require more money, or for you to buy more stuff, move on to someone else.

In general, pay attention to the reputation surrounding a given person claiming to have occult or psychic abilities. Neon signs, fake gypsies, and cold reading (look it up) are very prevalent and all indicate fakes. Anything or anyone that disclaims responsibility based on their services being "for entertainment purposes only" generally is a scam...go for the groups and people who are coming at things in terms of religion or counseling.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

vijaya 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

I am 37 years old married woman. For 15 years me and my husband lived all alone and as a happy couple. But 2 years ago my mother in law joined us. Sice she came to stay with us I am noticing that there are altercations between me and my husband. I have observed that she feels jealous when I sit with my husband to have tea, or have dinner or watch tv together with him. My father in law expired 10 years ago, and now it is our tern to look after her. Always I sense that she is taking away all my positive energy, and feel like not sitting near her, or in the room she is sitting. My husband really loves me a lot and I want to live happily like we did before. Please tell me what should I do to get rid of all negative things she is throwing towards me. In these 2 years I have stopped looking at myself, and my career goal, and always in depression that my relationship is under stake. Please help me.

Thank you very much


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Vijaya,

Well, first thing first, I would advise you to read the article and perform the test listed to see if you are actually cursed. If you are, then perform the saltwater cleansing I wrote about in the article.

However, the symptoms you are listing are more representative of a psychic vampire, so I would also perform a second test asking if your mother-in-law is a psychic vampire, and if the answer to that is yes, then a third test asking if she is vampirizing you. If this is the case, then you need to drive her out of your home or get away from her in some way. The law certainly won't allow you to do much else, and there is no way to defend yourself without learning a good deal of magick, yourself.

However, this is also a completely normal emotional reaction to having to live with and support your mother-in-law against your will when it is obvious she doesn't like you. I wouldn't put up with that situation regardless of whether she was vampirizing me or not. Remember, you should always exhaust natural causes for a problem before looking at the supernatural possibilities. You don't describe anything that wouldn't be a completely natural psychological reaction to a bad situation.

However, testing certainly doesn't hurt, and neither does doing a cleansing regularly.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

Star 5 years ago

Hi Puck,

Thanks so much for getting right back to me. I have not yet done the test but I have talked with a couple pastors and other spiritual counselors who have confirmed my suspicions. I will read your article and perform the test tonight but I am pretty certain about whats happening.

I have watched failed relationships of each of my family members (maternal and paternal) and I have noticed a pattern in my own relationships that seems to be present regardless of anything I try. I was told that a few generations ago, there was a jealous woman who cursed my (maternal great great) grandfather so that he would never have a successful marriage and that his children and thier children would endure the same. My family has noticed the pattern and it was a sad joke for many years. As I got a little older, I realized that there may be some truth to the situation.

This is definitely happening on my mom's side but I just noticed the same pattern on my dad's side and I asked one of my paternal aunts if she has noticed the same thing. She said she was told many years ago that her family was cursed but because she believes in God, she wishes to pray and wait for a change.

Both of my parents grew up in a small town with many secrets and many desperate people.

I saw a gypsie psychic and she suggested this but I dismissed it because of my suspicions of her. Then, I saw a couple people in my mom's church who agreed. I have been back and forth for years about whether or not I believe it but I recently found a woman who is extremely trustworthy. She has a psychic gift but serves more as a spiritual advisor. She met with my mom and aunt and told us all similar things. The problem is that she does not practice black magik so she is able to tell me that I need professional help but is unable to refer me to anyone that may be able to do the job. I trust her for several reasons but the reason that she has no interest in receiving money from me is a plus.

Most recently, my mom married a minister who says he observed this before ever having the conversation with members of my family. He suggests praying as a way to remove the curse but I think it is ok to try alternate resources.

I took your advice and did a search and found someone who might be able to help. I think I am on the right track now. I also called the spiritual advisor who does not practice black magik and begged and pleaded. She says she is hesitant because of the risk that it brings to her if she does not remain protected but she will consider it since I have been struggling to find help. Apparently she did this type of work before but is now making an effort to do "good" work only out of fear that God will remove her gift if she is not using her powers for good only. Fortunatley, she sees helping me as "good".

Thanks so much for your help.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Well, I'm glad you've got a handle on things. One thing about working with Christians...they are using magick as much as any other mages, but think their trip is the ONLY acceptable trip. So when they do magick, it's "prayer". When they banish it's "spiritual warfare". But when someone else does magick, it's "devil-worship" and someone else banishes it's...well, devil-worship. It's pretty much their trip or devil-worship, for the most part. You get the picture. I can't really deal with all the moralizing and threats of eternal torture unless I adopt their paradigm. But if you want to deal with them, do what thou wilt.

Good luck.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Serena,

I don't know if anyone has ever been able to do any real research on the subject, but I expect that more people end up cursed, or just under the effect of negative energy in their lives, than ever find out about it. It's one of the reasons just about every magickal tradition since the dawn of time has included regular's psychic hygiene, as important as bathing.

Thanks for reading!

casey 5 years ago

Very confused, you shuffle how many cards per stack

3 x 10 ea so a total of 30 unless you hit an ace if you do you stop so

you go say 8 hit an ace then you start on stack 2 till 10 then say you hit

another at say 3rd card then you start on stack 3

for 10 cards or IE you deal up to 30 till you hit an ace,

would not a lucky un cursed person have trouble dealing 30 cards

without an ace, and should not someone hitting aces not go bust a casinos ass in blackjack asap guess im missing it

casey 5 years ago

im at a casino ive done the bath for 7 days ive done uncrossing candles powder my wifes filed for divorce my companys in bankruptcy and im broke im ready to commit suicide this was my last trip at this point i am ready to give up and die, my fanilys been destroyed by someone if i knew who did it o would go kill them but i dont

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


You misunderstand. The card spread is used as a divination, like a tarot reading, not for gambling. The ace is for information, not to win, therefore luck doesn't apply. It has nothing to do with sheer's "fortune telling", a form of magick called divination, using a method called sortilege, the use of random systems like cards to gain information supernaturally.

In this case, you want to know if you are cursed, so you shuffle the cards while concentrating on the question "am I cursed?", then you deal out the cards as I instructed:

1. deal a pile until you deal ten cards OR deal an ace, then start second pile.

2. repeat the same process for piles two and three.

If you got three aces, you are almost definitely cursed (there is always room for error in this kind of question). Two aces means probably, one ace means possibly, no aces means you're clean.

Now, this IS a form of magick, therefore it requires serious concentration and focus. Your own energy is what is making it work. If you have no training, you are likely to make errors and get miscasts.

I repeat...this divination has NOTHING to do with gambling.

As for your second comment...I don't think I can help you with all of that, and magick isn't going to solve it overnight. If you are cursed, even if the curse has been broken, the effects of it will remain. I'm sorry. I'm so very, very sorry.

It is possible to work towards repairing the damage with magick, but that would require a lot of separate spells...wealth spells to help get a job, a love spell to bring a new partner into your life, etc. It would really only be possible if you learned magick to really take on a project that huge. Most professional occultists will not take on large, "fix my whole life" projects like that for pay. It's almost impossible to accomplish that much magick on behalf of someone else.

I urge you not to gamble what little wealth you have right now. I also urge you to abandon your suicidal plans and seek professional help. If you look online you should be able to find an available suicide prevention and crisis hotline. Please call them, or call an ambulance. Feeling suicidal is serious, and a perfectly valid reason to call for emergency services. You are obviously very upset, and I am very, very sorry this has happened to you. Hold on. If you just hold on for a while longer, get past being so upset, things may not feel so hopeless.

I know you have reached out to me for help with this, but you have to understand...I'm just a writer on a website. I know magick because I studied it, but it's not miracles and's just a small way of helping accomplish certain goals. I can't help someone who's feeling like you are, but there are people who can. It's their whole job, and they have training. I really would love to be able to help you, and I am trying to do so the only way that is really appropriate, which is to direct you to the professionals.

Always remember, there is 911. You wanting to hurt yourself is an emergency.

Veronica 5 years ago

Hello Puck, I'm glad I found this page.

I got 3 aces, but wasn't really surprised. I already knew. I also know who cursed me, and when. And I know the salt bath will probably not be very effective. I've practiced magick for quite a while, but for the past 3 years, I have felt powerless.

I don't have any idea if there are magickal groups in my locality, nor where they would be, or how to find them. I have always been solitary. I really don't know what to do. I live in a remote area in the mountains.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Veronica,

Magick is about belief and focus. If you believe you are powerless to remove the curse, you are powerless to remove the curse. If you practiced magick for several years, you should be able to control your belief. If not, consider reading Pete Carroll, Ray Sherwin, Phil Hine, and the other primary authors in chaos magick. Their work is heavily focused on learning how to control belief.

If you truly wish to seek out others to help you, you will have to leave your remote area in the mountains and go to the nearest city with an occult community. It's pretty easy to find for "occult store" and the name of the city, or "occult", "pagan", "witchcraft", "magick", and the name of the city or town.

So your choices of what to do are 1) Take control of your belief and reassert your own magickal power or 2) seek out your nearest professional occultists and go to them.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

gene 5 years ago

how many cards do you deal till you hit ace's 1 x stack of 10? 3 times so 30?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


You deal cards into the first stack until ONE of TWO conditions becomes TRUE.

1. You get an ace. OR 2. You get ten cards TOTAL.

Whichever comes first.

Then deal the second and third stacks the same way. Evalute.

There are four possible cases:

1. If you get three aces in all, the answer to your question is YES.

2. If you get two aces and one pile with no aces, the answer is PROBABLY.

3. If you get one ace and two piles with no aces, the answer is MAYBE.

4. If you get three stacks with no aces, the answer is NO.

You will end up with 30 cards dealt only in case 4, unless all three stacks got an ace on their tenth card.

This can be used for simple divination. Anything more involved requires better tools...a tarot deck, runes, or the i ching are common choices.

Understand that this in no way has anything to do with gambling or card games. The goal is to answer questions.

Thanks for reading.

VerWitch profile image

VerWitch 5 years ago from Montana

Thank you, Puck, for your reply. I'm doing both. I've had enough. And thank you for not telling me what others have said (it'll come back on me x3, whatever, I'm not cursing him, I'm just going to break HIS curse on me). I figure if he can't take responsibility for his own actions and he wants to blame me, he can deal with more consequences (sorry I'm so vague, can't publicly reveal too much about the situation). I took responsibility for MY actions. And this place is not that remote... just farther out than some people want to be. Anyway, thanks for your advice and confirmation of what I already knew.

Blessed Be,


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I don't believe in the Rule of Three. That's just more moralizing "Just World Hypothesis" bullshit. There is no indication, whatsoever, that anything other than our minds and societies give a crap about morality or any of that. We do not live in a just universe...the worst people are often in charge, while the best are often crushed.

All such "rules" don't really exist. Some people teach their apprentices they do, simply to avoid stupid noobs hurting people, but magick is no different than anything else in nature. There is no justice or rules other than physics (as a look around should easily prove). As humans, WE are moral creatures...but we're not going to get any help from divine intervention to help us be moral.

People who believe in karma need to account for injustice without a plea to reincarnation...that's just more pie in the sky when we die, just as unconvincing as Heaven and Hell claims.

Do the right thing because it is the right thing, not because some people tell you there may be punishment.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

VerWitch profile image

VerWitch 5 years ago from Montana

I've spent three years trying to get over what he did. My daughter got over it much more quickly. Thank whatever gods there may be. She's okay. She's happy. I deserve to be okay, too. I deserve my revenge. And my revenge is going to be: I will live a happy life for the rest of the time I have. And no one is going to take that from me.

Thank you for your words. You've helped me more than you could know. I hope all good things happen for you.

Thank you,


thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


The best revenge is living well.

Good luck, and thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to help.

Don 5 years ago

Can I will a curse on someone - by just a hand gesture?

kon7strik profile image

kon7strik 5 years ago

my wife gave me a wristband for protection against evil eye - it has broken last july - and since i do not have a tub - and i am nowhere near a lake - looking for professionals here in the philippines is dangerous for my sake - do you have any other charms that can protect me as I am having trouble looking for a hematite - thanks

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


You can will a curse on someone...all the various symbols, words, and actions described in magickal practice are just foci for the will, a way of getting our will to function properly.

However, just wishing ill of someone generally can't curse anyone. Magick is the energy of existence itself, impressed with the will of the mage, and then sent out into the world. Learning magick is primarily about how to channel that energy properly in order to accomplish ones goals. If just wishing hard enough worked, there would be far more mages in the world. In a sense, magick is a kind of wishing...but it's also like a technology. While your arm lifting a glass is technically using the same principles as a hydraulic lift picking up a car, you won't be able to pick up the car with just your own strength...that strength has to be boosted properly. The various behaviors of magick, such as ritual, visualization, symbol sets to encode details, etc. is the technology that boosts our unaided will.

So the short answer is, no, not usually.

Thanks for reading.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


You don't really need a tub, you can do this as a spongebath easily enough. Just make sure to wash everywhere with the salt-water.

As for protection charms...hematite rings can be purchased in bulk online:

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

Sla 5 years ago

i have read at the top about multi generational curses - what if they are curses that somehow resemble abilities - can salt bath remove them too? i live in tokyo - thanks

Qcumber 5 years ago

about generational curses - my mother said both she and I are cursed with a tongue that can curse someone - but whenever we do - something bad happens - to some people this may be neat - but this has always gotten me into alot of trouble - what is this curse called and what can i do to at least lessen its power...

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Generational curses are possible but very, very rare. Spells use energy, and without a way to perpetuate themselves, will decay over time.

The cleansing can remove most anything...however sometimes curse-like effects are accomplished through other techniques, such as evoking an entity, or creating one (called a servitor) and sending it after someone. In that case, you need a banishing or exorcism, rather than a cleansing, or you need to use combat magicks to fight off or destroy the entity (generally a bad need to make enemies).

As for curses giving people abilities...well, I suppose anything is possible, but I've never heard of such a thing anywhere outside of fiction. Curses are, by definition, malicious spells. While a lot of things fall under that category, giving someone abilities doesn't fit the definition. Of course, someone can do an enchantment or invocation to grant special abilities AND curse them, or two different people could have done the two different things...I mean, it's a pretty vague question.

Hope that helps.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


There is no such curse, as far as I know. Your mother and yourself may simply have a bit of magickal talent, but there's no way to get rid of that.

What you can do to lessen its power is utilize self-control. That's about it. All the same things mages use to learn to control their abilities apply...meditation, concentration exercises, shielding, warding, and cleansing spells (to keep your energy in, just as much as keep other's energy out), and rigorous personal responsibility, impulse control, and self-discipline.

Good luck with that.

Jessica 5 years ago

Hello Puck,

I am so happy to have found your site. I have been having a string of bad luck forthree years as of this October. I finally decided that it may be a curse and just today came across your post. I tried the card method and just as i suspected I have been cursed. I am going to try the sea salt bath, but in case it doesn't work I am wondering if you would happen to know where can go to have the curse removed by a professional. I live in Northern California in El Dorado County/Sacramento County.

Thanks so much

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Hmmm...well, you might need to come down to the Bay Area. I know people in Sac through the 418 Lodge, an OTO lodge. They are ceremonial magicians following the philosophy/religion of Thelema (I am also a Thelemite), but not people running shops and providing services.

Down in the Bay, you can hit Ancient Ways in Berkeley, or get in touch with the local occult circles down here through various organizations. Down in Santa Cruz, you can hit the Sacred Grove (ask for Birch or Zarya, and tell them I sent you; I was one of the founders).

In general, you can find occult groups in your area by googling around. Searches like "occult Sacramento", "pagan Sacramento", "magick Sacramento", etc. Communicate with people online first, and most likely you will find someone able to help that isn't working in a shop or otherwise advertising. Be wary of "fortune teller" types, any shop you try should have classes (this is an easy way to see if the employees/management actually knows anything).

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

slim 5 years ago

hello i go by slim. I have had the worse things to happen to me in the last past 4 years. My life was so perfect in or around 2005 and then i was having one bad thing after another. I have lost my kids, homes, husband, friends everything over night. I was talking to a shrink. I told them my family history. They told me to stay away from my family. I have now for about 1 year and things are getting better. What I'm getting at is that my sister. She was into some kind of magic. I dont know what kind but anyway. She would have wiggi boards and those kinds of things about. She has always been jelous of me and my family. Now its like she is living my life and i'm stuck in her world. I know it sounds weird. I just snap to this 2 nights ago. Since i have been away from her and my siblings. Since I don't know who I can trust. Wonderful things are happening.My skin is gettin clear again. I can think, People are starting to call me with good news. Men are finding me atractive again. My finances are inproving i'm getting joint coustody of my children. This is by their fathers choice. I finally got pregnant after trying for 4 years. I do remember my sister telling me about 4 years ago it would be so easy to put a spell on you. You leave your hair everywhere. It was not in a joking way. I blew it off..I do belive in Jesus and i alway have had a BIG HUGE HEART FULL OF LOVE. I help people all the time i have always been that way. I belive the good will overcome the bad it may take a while but it will happen.I also belive in carma. What goes around comes around. In the bible it says you reap what you sow. So I don't know if this spell is wearing off. I have not been around for her to get my hair. Now that im having good things happen to me are bad things happen to the person who put this on me? I am going to start church again soon. I'm looking for the right one. I don't have alot of money now at all to pay someone to help me. What can I do? I'm in Las Vegas Nevada someone please HELP!!!!!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Slim,

I'm sorry you've had to go through that. It is definitely possible a spell can wear off, or rather wear out. It is also possible that the spell is actually on her, not on you, and what allows it to function is proximity.

First...stay away from her. Two...perform the tests and cleansing if necessary from the actual article. Three...go on with your life.

And while I encourage you to go to church if you enjoy it, nothing about believing in any gods or worshiping things makes you immune to magick. I know you were probably brought up to believe differently, but it's just not true. Christians, no matter how devout, are just as vulnerable to magick as anyone else. The only way to be resistant to magick is to use magick to shield, cleanse, and protect yourself.

Good luck.

sandra 5 years ago

hello Puck another family member (cousin) died on Oct, 8 Puck. I don't know what's happening. this is just not normal...I'm so scared for my family members. not only that, my family keep dreaming about black, nakedness, meat, and coffins(me also) I'm gonna do what you say to do. thanks for the advise. why is this happening?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 5 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello Sandra,

I have no clue why it's happening. You may never find out. Trying to stop it doesn't really require knowing that, though.

Good luck with the cleansing.

carol807 5 years ago

hello Puck,

I found your article and it completely open my eyes. I was in search of some guidence since the last 5 to maybe 7 years have been stationary for my family. Problems are progressing on becoming worse amongst family members. I am almost sure that one person who came into our family circle at the same time all of our problems began, has brought much of our sudden distance amongst family members and now increased hatred. Not only have we have had back to back deaths either health related or accidental, problems are increasing by the minute. The problem is that this person has intentionally whispered onto everyones ears and we don't trust each other to actually admit that this person is the one making up the problems. Some family members who are easily manipulated are in complete denial about her true purpose. Two of my uncles are completely against each other because of this woman and its becoming dangerous as they have already had a physical altercation. Now, I believe she practices something because she gave us some hints in the past of how she couln't live without a statue of an owl and it would be so easy to freeze a person if they were to annoy her. Is there a way to remove such curse if any?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


While I feel sympathy for the situation your family is in, there doesn't actually seem to be anything magickal going on. Some people are manipulative (and very good at it), and they think nothing of using that talent to gain whatever they want. That, in and of itself, isn't magick. If it were, the greatest mages in history would be politicians.

Lots of people like to pretend they know magick, or have some supernatural powers. The fact is that anyone playing this kind of a scam probably knows nothing or very little...otherwise they would have used magick to accomplish their goals rather than manipulation and psychology.

Perform the card test in the article. If it comes out positive, perform the cleansing in the article.

And if you truly think this person is doing this, confront them in front of the family and make a fuss. Make the person go away. If they won't leave you alone, go to court and get a restraining order to keep them away from you. It is your right to do so.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

Qcumber 4 years ago

hi puck, meditation exercises...i will start there - any websites you could recommend?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


The best work that I know of on this subject is Aleister Crowley's "Book 4: Part 1". This does not mean it is a simple text, but it does not assume any prior knowledge and makes it's arguments and instructions quite clear. It does assume a certain level of education and reading comprehension, but so will most books on magick.

Book 4, as a whole, is the best textbook of magick I am aware of, and I would advise reading through all of it, in order, but over time...make it a study. Read Part 1, and undertake the beginner exercises therein for a while. As your abilities of concentration and inner awareness increase, you should move on to Part 2, and begin the systematic study of magick proper.

Part 3 is also released as "Magick in Theory and Practice", and is perhaps the best book on the subject ever written, though again it is quite sophisticated, and not without its flaws. One should study this work over and over throughout their career, for Crowley hid all sorts of bits of genius throughout it.

Part 4 is usually not included in collections, because it consists of the Book of the Law and its commentary, which of course introduces the philosophical and religious system of Thelema. Many people just want to study magick, but aren't so much interested in anything that even looks like a religion. It is up to you to investigate Thelema for yourself. I am a Thelemite, but it is not necessary to be a Thelemite, or any other religion, to study magick or practice it.

Feel free to contact me via the email button on my profile with any questions. Crowley is quite difficult, and had a unique style of writing, but once you get the hang of reading him you'll be fine.

Good luck.

VerWitch profile image

VerWitch 4 years ago from Montana

I do believe I'm going to be just fine. Thanks again, Puck. Many, MANY blessings to you.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

That's great to hear, Veronica. I'm so glad I was able to help.

Good luck!

Stoff profile image

Stoff 4 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

Hello, some strange things have been happening the last few months and I am starting to think they are the result of a curse. My friends and I are all American expats living in South Korea. My one friend, K, is from Tennessee. Throughout her childhood, she always had dreams about shadow people. She believes they are Native American spirits. Anyways, 3 days before she left for S.Korea, in her dream, the shadow person hit her left foot. 8 months later, a car crushed her left foot. It has been 3months since her incident and she is making a successful recovery. However, today, our other friend, 'J' broke his ankle playing baseball. I'm wondering if my friend 'K' was cursed, if curses can travel to other people and how to stop such a curse.

Any help would be great. Thank you :)

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Stoff,

Shadow-people are a reasonably common experience. There are a lot of theories, ranging from the usual ghosts or supernatural beings to tricks of our mind attempting to find meaning in randomness. Since they are always seen in shadowy areas, it is possibly an illusion.

In any case, I'm pretty sure this one is a coincidence. Eight months is a long, long time, for a curse to manifest...too long for any motive in the curse to make sense. Even if it was just revenge, when you feel vengeful do you want to wait almost a year for the results? Perhaps it was simply weak and took that long to manifest, but that doesn't really make sense. Curses, and all spells, require energy and good old-fashioned entropy means curses decay and break down over time. There are ways to avoid that, but they are all quite advanced. So for a curse to still be effective this much time after it was cast, it would need to be very advanced, but the general lack of timely effectiveness implies weakness...these two do not generally go together. Curses in general aren't specific like that, either...they work through various elements in our lives.

Most likely your friend has a bit of talent for precognition, and the "spirit guide" (the shadow person) is either a manifestation of that ability through her subconscious, or a real spirit guide who grants her the precognitive abilities, depending on the theory you prefer.

And no...curses aren't generally viral. Again, they require energy to function and that energy is limited. You could make it replicate, and every time it would cut its own strength in half, or you could create an artificial entity (generally called a "servitor") which governs the spell and harvests energy from surrounding sources to power it. Again, these are all extremely advanced techniques, and anyone who could use them would bother with something that too eight months to manifests. Curses are almost always for revenge, justice, or to gain some goal, like killing someone to gain their inheritance, etc. None of those motives imply patience. It's possible...but highly unlikely. It would have been much easier for the hypothetical caster to hurt your friend much sooner than later, so why wait till later?

If you wish, perform the test in the article to see if your friends are cursed and if so, perform the cleansing. But I really do think this one is coincidence.

Good luck.

Cooljah 4 years ago

Thanks for this wonderful blog. As for the tub, can I use a very big container instead? I'm a Nigerian and i don't have a tub. I would want to know if I could use any type of salt cos I don't know where I could find sea salt in around me here. Thanks

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Sure, that will work fine. You can even use a sponge bath. And while any salt will be fine, you can get sea salt from grocery stores and purchase it online cheaply. Sea salt is the best source, but any salt will do.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

Joann 4 years ago

Hello, Puck

Thank you so much for the wealth of information you posted, exceptionally interesting.

I'm trying to learn more, and find with what kind of magick would be compatible with me. So far the closest was in the book "David St. Clair's Lessons in Instant ESP" (author of the "Drum and Candle: First-Hand Experiences and Accounts of Brazilian Voodoo and Spiritism").

Can you advice what would be the term for it or something similar, for google search? And maybe recommend some books or websites for it.

More in terms of energy, superconscious and entities, than Lords, altars and crossroads.

Shamanism could be fairly close, if it was possible to practice in family apartment with fire alarms and without soundproofing :).

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Johnny (not my real name) 4 years ago

First keep in mind that I understand that just because someone is experiencing bad luck does not necessarly mean that there is anything supernatural. I know people should make the distinction between random bad luck and bad luck caused by the supernatural.

My question is about Murphy's Law. A significant percent of people's lives are ruled by Murphy's Law, where "what ever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time", and with these people, it happens far beyond what would be expected due to random chance. A significant percent of the population I'm talikng about. What is the cause of Murphy's Law in many peoples lives? Does a significant percent of the general population have curses on them? There has to be something supernatural that would explain why a substantial percent of the population have lives ruled by Murphy's Law, due to it happening way beyond random chance. And, most importantly, If someone is one of these many people whose lives are ruled by Murphy's Law, what should he or she do to get rid of it in his or her life. Would the salt water bath ritual you talked about work?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Joann,

The two books I list are good beginner books for witchcraft and ceremonial magick, respectively. In your case I would probably recommend anything by Phil Hine and/or Pete Carroll. While becoming a modern shaman through aboriginal traditions is pretty much impossible (it's hard to undue 5000 years of civilization) modern chaos magick is essentially modern shamanism, or postmodern shamanism, if you will. It goes back to first principles and builds up from there.

Check out for some free ebooks by Hine. For the main books you're going to have to spend some money, but otherwise you should be fine...just do a search for the author names, or "Chaos Magick" or "Chaos Magic" on Amazon.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Johnny,

Murphy's Law is just the name people give to the laws of thermodynamics relating to entropy when they recognize them. We also have a psychological tendency to remember and pick out the times "things went wrong" and forget all the times "things went right". The problem is not supernatural, it's just a combination of physics, statistics, and psychology.

First the physics: all organized systems require energy to remain organized, and all energy is slowly being bled off by entropy, the tendency towards disorder. Thus the energy in use to stabilize any system in its current state is always being bled off, meaning that system will perpetually tend towards disorder. This applies to literally everything in the universe; without an external source of energy replenishing any given system, it will fall into disorder.

Now the statistics: there is usually one and only one way for "things to go right", while there is an irreducibly infinite number of ways for "things to go wrong". In engineering, we try to plan for the most likely ways things can go wrong, but we are always working at a disadvantage because of...

Psychology. Humans accumulate knowledge through a combination of induction, deduction, and abduction. Induction predicts that, all things being equal, the sequel of an event (the next time it happens) will most likely repeat the prequels (the last times it happened). Deduction takes past observations and axiomatic premises (things we assume as self-evident)and uses the rules of logic to deduce what else we can know. Abduction takes the state of affairs and attempts, using a combination of induction and deduction, to reason to the most likely cause for that state of affairs.

Notice some problems? We are only able to reason and make predictions about things we already know about...the organized systems around us *in their current state*. But everything in the universe is constantly moving towards ever-more disordered states. When you add to this the fact that we can't ever really know everything about all parts of the system, and it turns out our ability to make predictions is really, really bad. (check out a book called "The Black Swan" by Nassim Taleb for a lot more math and breaking down of how this affects us)

So we are only able to make adequate predictions about extremely simple systems, since the entropy affecting a given system increases as the complexity increases. We are also completely incapable of predicting novel events.

Now think through what that means. Almost any system complex enough to be useful to us is also too complex for us to make predictions about, AND (this is important) we are completely unable to predict novel events...but novel events are exactly what move history! From the dawn of consciousness to the Great Depression to Hurricane Katrina, just about every important event that changes our lives is a novel event, with no prequels to aid us in making predictions about sequels. So almost every meaningful thing that happens is also something we are incapable of predicting (or even really thinking about properly) until after it has happened.

So what you think of as "Murphy's Law" is simply the natural outcome of these factors. We use our ability to predict outcomes to plan our actions, but the vastly more likely outcome is one we can't predict...always. Things go wrong because the outcomes are ones we didn't plan for or take into account when making our plans.

So given all of this, what needs explanation is NOT when things go wrong, but the fact that they ever go right at all. It is vastly more likely that for any plan you or I make, that plan will fail or at least be affected by some novel outcome we couldn't predict. This means all of us are laboring under a type of "built in" bad luck.

This is one of the reasons why I say that if there is a god in the sense monotheists mean, a single all-powerful entity which created everything and made the rules of reality, then this god doesn't have our best interests at heart. Reality itself is rigged against us.

And no, this cleansing won't do anything about this problem at's built into reality.

Of course, there is a chance that extreme bad luck is caused by an entropy curse, as I detailed in the article. Those can be tested for and removed in the normal way I list in the article. But "Murphy's Law" or its cousin "Finagle's Law" is simply a combination of how we make decisions and plans combined with the laws of physics. Kind of sucks, huh? No matter what we do or how well we plan, the game is rigged against us.

And on that dark note...thanks for reading! ;)

Cooljah 4 years ago

Thanks for replying me. Please can you recommend reliable online stores that I can purchase Lavender incense and oil, dried rosemary, dried sage, sea salt and some other spiritual products. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

Joann 4 years ago

Thank you so much for clarification and guidance to the beginner! This gives a good start point for me.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


The store I helped open years ago happens to sell online. You should be able to find what you need:

Click "Online Store" on the left hand menu. If they don't have what you need, there is always Azure Green:

Good luck!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


No problem, glad I could help. Good luck in your studies!

Cooljah 4 years ago

Thanks so much for your assistance. I'll try and check those websites

Stoff profile image

Stoff 4 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

sorry for the late reply... but thank you for giving such a detailed reponse. I will the card technique and the cleasning if I need to. I guess I'm jist very paranoid.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


No problem, glad to help.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Well, I would always advise testing when in doubt. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't out to get you.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

hurry in pain 4 years ago

My boyfriend mother put a spell on him and me.It's called a Santeria spell this spell.Make him argumentiive,call names dump and so on.he ack like he is talking to the dog but,I know its at me,so I talk to him thought the dog also,this man think he is smart.This spell is one that make you hate to see your mate face and when you are away from one another,all is good.He tell his mother everything but,we are together .His mother don't like me because I won't let her take control of me like she do him.Now he think am a slave.I let him know pick up your things.His mother got a mexican to do her dirty work for her.NOW she put another one just on me to lose everything.I keep a haedache I were going to school to be an LPN and I can't think because of the,his mother don't want me and him together,she went with a black man and now she don't want us together.I move yet because my money from unempolyment is not that much.His mother must have more than one Santeria spell on me.We were go until Oct 01,2011 when his came back from his mother house.His mother try to set his up with her friends daughter they don't like his mother at all.I tried the cards and got the 3 a's all the time.I tried to get help and I lost a lot of money and jewelry.Now there nothing left.It seem like there no hope or help for me but,just wait to get out.His mother want me to sell my clothes,car,tools,beds,and anything that I have so I could fail in everything.I'm a good hearted person.Can anyone HELP ME

hurry in pain 4 years ago

Hello Puck Please get back with me,I have to STOP this soon.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Hurry.

First, you need to calm down. This is a screwed up situation, and it seems like both the mother and son have been making plenty of mistakes and engaging in plenty of poor thinking; you adding panic to the mix isn't going to help.

First things first: this is not the sort of situation where simply removing the curses will help. All it will mean is that your boyfriend's mother will notice, and get a new spell cast. You probably wouldn't be curse-free for more than a couple of days. You aren't going to be able to stay in this situation. Either you have to find a way to gain the upper hand or you will have to leave your boyfriend and get these people completely out of your life.

Second: while discord spells are possible (a spell that will break up a couple or destroy a friendship or other relationship) and common, no spell can make someone's basic nature change. While your mother's hired brujah (witch) can use magick to agitate and otherwise inflame his temper, the way that it's manifesting is just him...the way he is. A discord spell does exactly that...causes discord between people, disagreements, etc. It doesn't make nice people mean.

Which means that, even without her spell, when he gets annoyed or angry this is the way he will treat you. All relationships have's how we deal with that conflict that defines us. Your boyfriend's reaction is apparently to become abusive (yes, calling you names and treating you like a dog is abuse) and the pattern of abuse usually tends towards the physical, meaning that it's probably only a matter of time before he hurts you (if he hasn't already).

This means you need to get out of there. This is a bad situation, and no matter how much you like or love this guy, he's what my wife would call "bad candy". He comes with a whole load of problems and they're all pointed at YOU right now. In addition to that, if he is that under his mother's thumb you will never get him to submit to a cleansing ritual to get rid of the discord spell. You can't exactly get someone to do a ritual without their cooperation.

Once you are out of this situation, do the cleansing ritual, then wait a couple of weeks and do another one. The reason for this is that there is a good chance his mother may throw a "parting shot" at you. Someone this vindictive hates having their power over someone taken away, and that is what leaving will do. She'll want to throw some revenge after you. So make sure to do that second cleansing, and (if it were me), I would do a third cleansing one lunar month later (one full cycle from new moon to full) just to be safe.

Good luck. I'm very sorry you're going through this. Trying to help people in situations like yours is why I am in this business at all.

Thanks for reading!

hurry in pain 4 years ago

what is a cleansing ritual and is then the salt.I use morton salt bath once a week in my bath water.I can't get out of here until late Jan. early Feb 20,2012..I just needed a jump started in financial fund.I try to play the lottery or something just to get $2,000 or $2,500 to get ahead so,I won't come back for nothing.I looked a house today.$ 1200.00 and $650 a mouth but,that not including gas,light and noodles for dinner.My car note is a killer. It take all my money $550.when I left my ex-bf I had the money.I was a truck driver now school.I can driver no more over the road anymore they want more now,the rule has changed.I have to push myself to finish school and get the hell out of here.I'm looking for places to help me. Thank you

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


The cleansing ritual is the ritual with the bath I listed in the article. The saltwater is not what does the magick, it is a focus for your mind. You do the magick. The visualizations and instructions I give in the article explain the rest.

Good luck.

Free 4 years ago

Thank you!!!

Ricardo 4 years ago

Hello! I believe I have some sort of power or potential to learn magick, in the past life my mother was a very powerful witch, she got brutally killed because of it, where do I start? Email me at! Thank you in advance!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Ricardo,

Either of the books at the bottom of my article are great places to start. Or you could click this link:

Good luck.

4 years ago

how do you know you are under a love spell?How do you break it?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Use the same techniques as the article says, but instead of focusing on "am I cursed?" in the card portion, use "am I under a love spell".

These techniques work for any spell, I just used the term curse because that is the most common issue people have.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Danny 4 years ago

Hello Puck,

Thank you very much for this article. I did the card test and got 2 out of 3 aces 2 times, and 3 aces 1 just to be sure I'm going to do the bath/spell breaker. I have a question though. Do I have to submerge myself completely under water, I mean including my head/hair?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hiya, Danny,

Yeah, it's best to do full submersion if possible, or if you have to do a sponge bath or use a washcloth, to get everything, including the head and hair. I know, it's annoying, and the salt will dry out your hair a bit. If I were you, I would shower afterward and wash/condition.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

Danny 4 years ago

LOL yeah, but if it will work I'm willing to try. Take care and thank you very much for your quick response.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


No problem, glad to help.

susie 4 years ago

about the love spell it is not on me can i do it for another person or do they have to do it?

susie 4 years ago

disregard my question? I guess I had a blond moment sorry

hurry in pain 4 years ago

well I'm braking the curse slowly and now his mother have him looking in my room for picture of him and anyone in my family.Now all the is want to do is talk to me.I'm trying to get the hell out of here fast.he make still doing what his mother want.I got a picture of his mother and sisterand put it in the Bible and I know she feel it or her mexican friend know it.he don't know he have it on him sewed in his hand bag that he take on the truck.I don't know what I'm going to do now with it.he keep on looking for it.I keep using to cleaning for meand readed my bible on them until I get out of here.pslma 51,91,3,and so this ok..he watch me all the time now.tell me what to do now

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


No, you can't do it for another person, sorry. You have to convince them to do it themselves.

Good luck.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hurry In Pain,

I'm sorry, you haven't done anything I told you to do at all. I didn't tell you to do anything with the Bible, nor do I think doing those things will be helpful. I said get out of an abusive situation, as in you get away from them. Go to a women's shelter or go stay with a friend, whatever, and if he does anything to threaten you or cause you problems, call the cops and get a restraining order.

I'm not going to tell you anything different. This isn't a game. You aren't breaking the curse, slowly or otherwise, and you certainly aren't doing what I advised. There is nothing different "to do now". Leave. Now. Go.

Or don't. But I can't help if you won't listen to me and actually do what I say.

Good luck.

hurry in pain 4 years ago

I'm starting to move my thing out as quickly as I can,Yes I'm moving out.I seeking somewher to go as I talk to you now.It's not going to easy but I know this is the right thing to do...thaanks

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I'm glad to hear that. No one deserves an abusive situation. Please take care of yourself and if you feel that you are in any danger, call the police immediately.

Good luck.

Lily 4 years ago

I was wondering you mentioned there was a spell that could be used? "The second way is to use a simple spell that anyone can do without real training."

Do you have one you recommend?

I can't do the salt bath, due to no one I know has a tub all standup showers.

As to locating the person who put the course, do the cards like you would to find out if you are with each name and the one that comes up with all three is the one?

Thanks for any help.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


The simple spell is the salt-bath. Sorry if that was unclear. And as I have answered a few times in the comments, you can use a sponge bath or washcloth...the important element is the saltwater, not the tub. Take the salt into the shower with you in a container with a washcloth or a sponge, put the hot water into the container to dissolve the salt, proceed with visualizations/words as necessary, and use the washcloth to sponge up the saltwater and then use that to wash with. Just make sure to get everywhere, including your hair and head.

You can try that method to figure out who cast the curse, but it is not well-suited to that task. I would suggest process of deduction plus confrontation once evidence is gained, as feasible.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

Lily 4 years ago

Thank you. Turns out I won't be needing the bath. I did the cards three times. All three times I came up NO aces. wierd part each time I dealt ten cards three piles on the last pile the eleventh card came up the same ace all three times.

I tried the Love spell and did that twice both times I came up with two piles containing an ace each nothing in the third pile.

Then I went a bit further and asked if "Name was in love with me" I came up with two aces (in each pile but the third) and I also did this twice.

Not sure if that last one can be done accurately using this method, but it was cool, not sure what it means if it can be.

Thanks. (Peace, Light & Love)

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Hmm...the problem is that, even under the best circumstances, divination (the branch of magick dealing with knowing things at a distance in space/time, whether past, future, or physically remote) is not an exact science. None of magick is. You can do the same things the same way twice and get very different results.

This is due to the complexity of mind and reality. So many factors come into play to make things occur as they do, and even the tiniest difference in the cause can cause immense differences in the results. I'm sure you've heard about the "Butterfly Effect" concept; this idea holds true because of complexity. In the butterfly metaphor, the complexity comes from minute changes in air movements caused by the wings of the butterfly. Now imagine adding the complexity of every causal feature of the entire multiverse, plus every complexity of your own psyche and the psyches of everyone else even remotely involved in the situation...THAT is what every divination is trying to answer questions about.

So we do the best we can. The card test I created was meant to cut out complexity by limiting the scope of the question, but that doesn't solve the problem of complexity, it just sidesteps a bit of it.

You could always study magick yourself and specialize in divination, but that's years of work just to become an adept, and even then you could never eliminate the problem of complexity, you would just learn strategies for coping with it.

If you have any other questions or something else comes up, feel free to contact me, either via this page or by contacting me through my profile (it sends me an email, then I can respond from there). I'm here to help.

Good luck, and again, thanks for reading.

Myranda 4 years ago

Hello thePuk, I ve been reading your comments and just wanted to say that whether someone believes or not what you are doing is truly wonderful and so self-less. You say your in a lot of pain and neeedsurgery but still you spend your time helping others.I initally came on this hub to askfor help but after reading everything you've written I decided to just tell you what a lovely kind man you must be.This world would be so much nicer if more people were like you.I truly hope your pain eases and you do find the courage for the surgery and your outter body becomes as strong as your inner. lots of love and good wishes to you (big big hug)

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Thank you very much, I appreciate that. I do what I can. I just wish more people had the value-system you do, which recognizes such behavior as an ideal. There are plenty of people out there that would see what I'm doing as pointless or even self-destructive or stupid because I'm not trying to make a profit at it.

As for my spine...I will get the surgery when it becomes necessary. The odds of success aren't very good; it's unlikely to help my pain. Instead it will keep me from eventually losing the use of my extremities due to nerve damage in my spine. Every month my doctor checks to see if I'm losing function or strength in my arms, and someday it will be below a certain minimum and I will have to get the surgery, and I will do so. It's not a matter of courage but of statistics and outcomes...they just can't help most of what's wrong.

Again, thank you for your kind words. They help. And thanks for reading.


Peter 4 years ago

The house where me and my wife are staying is being cursed by some one and stag is come where we have to sell the house, now that we dont have any other go, we want to stop the selling of the house. Please remove the curse

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I don't do magick for other people, I teach them how to do it for themselves. This article is better suited to that sort of problem:

Good luck.

GR 4 years ago

Hello thePuck,

I have serious issues and very strange but precise things have been happening to me for many years now. Can I PM you so I can discuss in more detail?



thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Please contact me via my profile for private consultations. No need to ask, I am here to help, that's the whole point of my hubs. The site will send me an email and I will reply from there.

Good luck.

Vida 4 years ago

Hey there I am sure that I've got a curse on my family two months ago my husband of 11 years decided that it was time to break up. Since then I've had several feelings that something is wrong.I have a friend whose dad does crystal readings and he told me some things. Our house we just moved in in february is haunted. As well as a female he knows has done something to break us up. This was all seen in crystal and I didn't believe it. Anyway today he talked to me and said that a girl he went to college with just confessed her love for him. I was freaked out by it all because I didn't believe what my friends dad had to say. I love John with everything in me and I have always got the same from him. All our lives we have been drawn towards each other. And the breakuP just never felt right to me. While being apart I have been shown different signs and I just feel like things will be okay with us.

What can I do to stop whatever the girl did to break us apart?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I hate to say it, but very little. You can try to convince your ex that he was manipulated, either with magick or words, but that is unlikely to convince most people who have made the choice to do something like that.

I also wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions based on "feelings". That's why I include the divination test above...our feelings and instincts often tell us what we want to hear. It's a lot easier to believe magick broke you up rather than something being wrong in your relationship, but the vast probability is that nothing magickal was involved at all. While magickal mind-control is possible, it requires expertise plus lots of time and contact with the target.

You talk a lot about your feelings and point of view. Your ex has his own feelings and point of view. Rather than simply discounting them as being caused by magick, it might help to ask him how he feels and why he wanted to end the relationship.

In any case, if a spell was cast upon him then he is the one who has to get rid of can't do it for him or on his behalf.

I'm sorry, I know you want to believe something different, but people break up all the time and usually the person broken up with want to believe anything except that the relationship just wasn't working out.

Magick is not easy, and the people who study and practice enough to become skilled at it don't generally use those abilities to go around screwing up people's relationships. This kind of thing is not some simple act this other woman could have would require a lot of power and knowledge, and people with power and knowledge spend their time doing better things with it, for the most part.

So be honest with yourself...does this other woman really seem like a mistress of the mystical arts, the product of years of study and discipline, with a powerful, cultivated mind? Really? How many ancient languages can she read/speak? In order to complete my studies I had to become reasonably fluent in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, plus the magickal language Enochian.

I have been a professional occultist my entire adult life and started my studies at age 11 and I couldn't break up a couple who didn't want to be broken up. Mages with real power are rare, despite what many of the books say, and controlling another person's free will magickally is one of the most difficult things in the entire field. It takes serious commitment, personal discipline, training, study, and just plain talent to produce a mage capable of actually controlling another person's mind enough to get them to break off a relationship they are truly committed to. Love is very, very powerful.

So what is more likely...that this person is Circe the witch-queen or that your ex simply wanted to get together with someone else? Just think it through, and be honest with yourself.

I am sorry, but I don't think there is much I can do for you.

Apple Blossum 4 years ago

As a fellow occultist I thank you for your wisdom. I think many people could benefit from the concept that we are not a fearsome people. I know that I personally cannot speak for the entirety of my sect. However, I bare no ill will nor hostility towards others who believe differently than I. It's strange how differently people will treat a person after learning that they're a "witch."

Vida 4 years ago

I forgot to include that we are native American. This girl I don't really know about but she is also NA. Our relationship was really strong and one funny thing is that he suspects it could also be an aunt of his mom. I was told some things and told not to tell him or anybody about it. Anyway his aunt is a distant aunt and his mom just recently told him that she stopped by their house and the first thing she asked is if we were together still. All along he has always not liked this aunt. So in addition to the girl I think several things could be going on. Last night was really windy and I had got back home before it got dark anyway this morning the car door was wide open which was really strange. Overall I think I'm pretty strong but I just feel bad because I know he's not.

Vida 4 years ago

Thanks for reinforcing the love part. I've been getting lots of signs and something in me kept pointing me toward a word. The word was wrinkle. I kept wondering why this word was in my head. Other day I was assigned to read a book, I'm in a parent group at my child school and there are a ton of parents. The book I was assigned was put in front of me. It was a wrinkle in time. I read it the other day and it was weird because the books main point was about the power of love.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Apple Blossum,

Thank you for your kind words. I want to be able to help people, but my ways to do that are very limited (I'm physically disabled and barely able to leave my house). So I write and try to help others using my knowledge and my ideas. As far as people being frightened of or persecuting witches, you can blame the monotheists for that. They believe in one god, one way of life, one way to think, one body of knowledge, etc., and they generally see anything else as competition, as the enemy. It's best not to acknowledge that...let them frame everything as a battle, as a war, and let them suffer the consequences of that. Let's just focus on helping people and ourselves live the lives they/we want.

Thanks for reading, and for your kind words.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I am more than willing to talk this through with you, but as I said before, there is little that I can do besides that.

Being Native American doesn't change anything...magick is magick and still requires years of study, training, and personal discipline. There are no short-cuts, and race has little to do with anything.

I still feel you are reaching for a supernatural explanation where a natural one will suffice. I understand you want to believe that your ex couldn't possibly have left you simply because he chose to (for whatever reasons he has), but that is the most likely case.

Not liking people doesn't make them magickal. Them asking pointed questions doesn't, either. Wind is the displacement of air due to temperature differentials in layers of atmosphere, and is very common during fall/winter. People break into cars, and as far as I know, there is no magick that does so.

You still give me no reason to believe something supernatural is occurring. Everything you have described fits well within expected, natural, probable events.

Life isn't a movie...magick, curses, spirits, etc. do not advertise their presences with dramatic thunderstorms and spooky lighting. They simply do what they were meant to do.

And you need to really watch this way you're looking for someone to blame...the other woman, the aunt, whoever. This is how the witch-hunts of Europe and early America started...someone was different, or husbands started paying some woman a lot of attention, and then suddenly everything that went wrong was that person's fault, and next thing you know people are persecuted, exiled, or killed.

I'm sorry things went wrong in your relationship, but without real, hard evidence of supernatural intervention, there is no reason to blame anyone but your ex and yourself. Relationships fail every day, no magick required, and nothing you have told me gives any indication there is anything supernatural going on here.

I read "A Wrinkle in Time" several times when I was a kid. It's a great book. However, the point was not just the power of was in the contrast between natural human connections like love and family with the conformist, unnatural connections forced upon people by their nations, religions, traditions, etc., symbolized by IT, the giant brain doing all their thinking for them. The virtue of independent thought and human connection was the overall point. Of course, some people claim the book was nothing but anti-socialist propaganda, similar to Ayn Rand's work, just set up as a children's story. American culture has a great fear/hatred of collectivism, even as it loves conformity. Ironic, isn't it?

I hope you feel better about this soon, but have to stop looking for something else to blame if you are really going to resolve this loss within yourself. You and your ex were responsible for the health of your relationship...accept that responsibility and start thinking about how you could do better in your next relationship.

Good luck.

mike 4 years ago

hi thank u in advance for replying ,, well i didnt do the card test and no matter what the test result would be ,, am sure that there is some thing wrong, i know that there is a question mark "?" , i tried many things to solve this myself and with a help of "profs" ,, ok,,felt "free" for some days,,well,, yes worked for max 2 days,,BUT it is back again.I am in sydney now and PLEASE can u sugest some one u recomend, CAUSE am really tired of this and am not gonna do it myself, i tried ,, but maybe it is getting just against me instead. again thank u

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


If you will not follow my instructions, I cannot help you. You have just demonstrated with two statements that you will not follow my instructions. I'm not going to waste my time trying to help you.

artimis 4 years ago

the days are short the night are long.I'm alone, i always have been. when i was a little girl my grandmother told me stories that most little five years old didn'there(you know about witch ,deamons,vampires, curses) that type of stuff.puke I've been born with a cursed.My curse is that i have to sufer for everyone else.I don't belive in "true love" or add least not for me.part of my curse is also that I can pretect anyone I want exeptwhen It comes down to me I can't do a thing.To top It of I'm being hunted by a Shodow Deamon ,I have been Ever since my Older brother beat me up and threw me down in a seller the only light i had came threw a crack in the rofe only alowing a littke beam of moonlight in.I screamed and reached out but knowone came my hand bleed and a black figure appered and I escaped him but I did it before he got what he wanted.Now I'm being Hunted down ,I'm not hiding I'm wating.My Grandmother said I have the spirt of the moon .I don't want sempathy and i don't want revenge even thow all my life I been abanded and pushed down ,forgoten.Every day I live with my greatest fear .I've taken care of myself since I was little.The thing is (what people don't know it is going to make me cry for the rest of my life)thanks for lesting. Artimis*@

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I'm sorry, but I can't help you. You need to seek out professional psychiatric care immediately and tell them everything you have told me. Don't take it under advisement, don't "think about it" it, right now. You are suffering needlessly. Seek professional psychiatric care immediately.

Good luck. I am very sorry for how you are feeling.

Artimis 4 years ago

puck how do you get ride of a hex anyway.

Artimis 4 years ago

Puck your scaring me and it takes a lot to scare me is my condition that bad?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


A hex is a curse, and any cleansing spell or counterspell (a luck spell cancels an entropy curse, wealth spell cancels poverty curse, etc) will cancel it. Follow the instructions in the article to know if you are cursed and for a simple cleansing spell that should deal with most problems.

As for your condition and why I think you need professional care immediately: your communication is incoherent, you believe you are cursed to suffer for everyone else (not a real curse), and you believe a demon is chasing you because your brother beat you up. There is little connection in what you say between cause and effect. All of these things tell me that you are suffering from mental/emotional illness.

Trust me, I know what I am talking about because I have to manage my own illnesses. Differentiating them from reality has been a life-long work for me, and I know what real supernatural events look like and I know what crazy looks like, because I have had plenty of experience with both.

I am not saying you might not be cursed, but I can assure you, a demon is not chasing you. Demons don't do things like that...this isn't a movie. Perform the divination and cleansing spell if you need to, but let go of the idea that somehow you were cursed to suffer for everyone else...that is internalized abuse. Someone taught you to believe you had to don't, at least not for other people. Let got of the idea that you are being persecuted by demons...real demons have their own lives to worry about and seldom interact with us.

I understand you feeling as though these things are true. That's why I want you to seek help...I don't think you are a danger to yourself or others, but I do think you are suffering unnecessarily and want you to get help. Please believe won't believe what a difference a few brain chemicals being in a different balance can make.

And please don't think it's odd that I recommend this...I refer people to medical and psychiatric treatment regularly. Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, priests, priestesses...we are all here to keep people healthy. Physical health to the doctors, mental health to the psychs, and spiritual health to us. While I know that is not how other professions might see things, and I know that priests of the mono-theistic religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism would like to pretend my ilk are not in the same category, I consider them all to be colleagues with the same goal...taking care of people.

So get help. Take care of the suffering you're experiencing that is not necessary. Perform the divination from the article and if it says you are cursed, perform the cleansing--actually, strike that. Perform the cleansing's going to help you no matter what.

Good luck. Trust me...I feel nothing but empathy and sorrow for how you feel, and I want to help you. Take my advise.

Rene 4 years ago

Dear Sir,

Today I came in to work and my sister said our building had been vandalized. The words wow and hex were painted on the side of our building in an alleyway that is seldom used. Therefore I do not know if it was done last night or not. There are two instances, one in white paint and one in red. The white is smudged and looks like maybe someone was practicing. The second in red was rather artistic with the word hex combining an upward arrow on the "h" and a downward arrow on the "x".

We are in the funeral business. The building that was defaced is our office building. I am a Christian who believes that all things are possible in this world and also that quite possibly there are those that do not want us to succeed in the "good works" that we do for our community. This could just be some youngsters playing around or it could be the work of some that again want us to be spooked or fail at our business.

My main question is about the symbolism of the two words together or the unique way of writing the word hex. Also are the colors important?

Thank you for any thoughts or advice you may have.

I have not read all of the posts here but many. I too will send good wishes for improved health and well-being. Kind Regards.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Rene, nice to meet you, and I must say, yours is the most polite and well-written request for help I have gotten in a while!

As for your questions...I wouldn't worry about it. It sounds like some "taggers", graffiti artists who seem very interested in finding interesting ways to write their nickname or "tag". While symbols can be used in magick, generally words are formulae, not functional symbols. A formula, in magickal terms, is a mnemonic device, a word that describes the interactions of certain forces. A classic is the "Name of God" AGLA, which is written in the ritual rubrics as AGLA, but the trained magician knows this is what is called a "notariqon"...essentially an acronym. The real words of power in that case are a phrase, "Ateh Gibor LeOlahm Amen" which is Hebrew for "Unto thee is the might/strength forever, amen".

So when you see a design in magick with words written on it, those are actually instructions to use certain formulae, or to explain the symbol so another mage can use it, not usually the operative symbol itself. There are exceptions to this, but "Wow" and "Hex" aren't some of them. In general, words have power when the mage/witch speaks, chants, or vibrates them (a kind of singing or resonating the words through your body, sort of like singing), not when written down. Otherwise it would make it pretty hard to learn or study our field at all, wouldn't it? We wouldn't be able to read any of our own books without bringing about all sorts of consequences.

The word "hex" being thought of as a synonym for "curse" is inaccurate. It comes from old German, where "hexen" means to practice magick or sorcery. This was derived to "hexe" by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the early days of America, then "hex" worked its way into English as the Pennsylvania Dutch were generally absorbed into the other colonies.

The etymology of the word is sometimes thought to come from the Greek goddess of witchcraft and sorcery (among other things), Hecate, which in turn is thought to derive from "hekt", an Egyptian term for a small sickle or hand-axe. It's thought that these became associated with witchcraft through midwifery...the midwife would use a similar tool to cut the cord of a newly delivered baby. Later, we find European witches using a similar tool, a small sickle, for gathering herbs, so perhaps the association is justified.

I hope that helps put your mind at ease. However, if supernatural events start occurring around your place of business, then the "most likely" I am giving you is wrong. In that case, the ritual in my other article, would be more appropriate, since the magick is focused on the location, not a person.

I hope that answers your questions and puts your mind at ease. The vastly more likely situation is simply taggers, as I said before, but I wanted to cover all possibilities.

Thanks for reading.

curious 4 years ago

Hi Puck,

May I know if casting a love spell to strengthen bond between my girlfriend and myself considered as a curse on that her? Will anyone get harm in anyway?

curious 4 years ago

and does love spell bend the target's mind? I mean I do not want to control my gf's mind to be with me unwillingly. I just want to remove the negativity in her recently. She throws her temper barely after speaking 1 or 2 sentences to me lately, citing that there is communication problem with me. It has been like this for a month. We were loving before that. But now, she is considering to end our relationship. I chanced upon magick on love spell cast online and also found your hub page after that. Hence would like to consult you on your knowledge on love spell cast. Is it harmful or have any karmic effect too? Will it harm her in any way possible? Please advise. Thanks!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


A love spell is not a curse, but it is an attempt to interfere with the free will of the target, and by my moral system, that makes it wrong, period.

And I understand that what you *think* you are saying is that you wish to help get rid of her "negativity", but what you are actually saying is that you want to manipulate her so that 1) she doesn't want to break up with you and 2) doesn't get angry with you. That doesn't seem to be something that she's having a problem with, it looks like something with which *you* have the problem. She may have reasons she is angry with you, she may have reasons she wants to end the relationship, and rather than wanting to take her feelings seriously, you want to manipulate them with magick.

My advice to you is to accept her for who she is and accept the feelings she really has on the issue. They are her feelings, and just as legitimate as your feelings. How would you like it if the people in your life just "edited" your personality, feelings, and desires every time you acted in some way they didn't like? Wouldn't you consider it a violation of your free will, and that if the people really cared about *you*, not just what they got out of being around you, they would accept you, not try to edit you?

Put another way, would you accept someone else manipulating your mind simply because they didn't like how you were acting? Or would you think that was a gross violation of basic rights and trust? Well, that knife cuts both ways...if it would be wrong for someone to edit you to fit their desires, it's wrong for you to edit her to fit your desires. She's not your pet, for you to train and discipline into acting how you want her to act...she's a human being, and supposed to be someone you care about.

How about actually trying to address the reasons she is angry with you and wanting to end the relationship? Could it not be this attitude, which doesn't seem to take her feelings or thoughts seriously, that is exactly what she is having a problem with? I're having problems with your girlfriend, and rather than trying to solve them WITH HER, you're trying to find a supernatural way to just make her act how you want her to act.

Sorry, man, but that's pretty fucked up, self-involved, and narcissistic. Her feelings are just as real, and matter just as much, as yours.

Now, I've tried to be nice thus far, but attitudes like this towards people make me sick. Other people are just as much people as you are...manipulating their minds to be how you want them to be is a basic violation of their equal right to be, feel, and act how they choose.

If you still want a love spell, learn how to do it elsewhere. I certainly won't help you. Just be aware that just about every horror story outcome for a love spell is pretty the words "dangerously obsessed stalker" mean anything to you?

There is one, and only one, legitimate version of a love spell...and that is an open-ended, non-specific spell that simply increases the odds of you meeting someone to be with that doesn't manipulate anyone's mind at all. Any spell or magick of any kind that manipulates someone else's free will is just about the most unethical thing I can think off (short of rape, murder, and torture).

Now, if you find these arguments compelling and abandon this idea, feel free to come ask about any other related subject in the future. If you decide to go ahead and try to manipulate your girlfriend's free will with a love spell, you are on your own and I don't want you to ever darken my virtual door again.

Your choice. Good luck making the right one.

Dena 4 years ago

I want to learn the art of Magick. How would I go about learning in the right way. I live in Mesa Arizona

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Dena,

Well, the first step is to figure out which tradition you want to pursue. Magick developed similarly to philosophy or religion, with a progression somewhat like this:

Shamanism rose up among early, tribal hunter/gatherer tribes. It still exists to this day, but it's hard to find training that is legitimate (a bunch of New Age, hippie types have sort of co-opted a lot of Native American cultural tropes without actually knowing too much about it...leading to a lot of very silly things).

As tribal life gave way to the agricultural revolution, witchcraft in its classic form came into existence, and there are many modern sub-traditions of modern witchcraft that focus on either different cultural roots (Celtic, Italian, etc.) or philosophical stances (Feri, Wicca, etc.). Witchcraft is perhaps the most religious of magickal traditions, because its roots are in the same period of history when religion was being codified. You will notice, for example, that most modern religious holidays cluster around the same seasonal transitions celebrated within witchcraft, and that notions like "priests" and "priestesses" dedicated to specific gods or goddesses are shared by most religious traditions in Western and Middle-Eastern culture.

With the growth of Rome and the Byzantine era, cultures became able to speak each other's languages, which led to a cosmopolitan period, where all the religious, mystical, and magickal traditions of the period were synthesized into a single system based loosely on Neo-Platonism and Aristotle's philosophical works. This synthetic system, which attempted to make a science of magick and mysticism, is now known as "Ceremonial Magick" or "Hermetic Magick".

These three systems, shamanism, witchcraft, and ceremonialism, grow and differentiate over the next 1700 years or so, and they still are alive and well today.

From the 1960s or so up till the present day, a new, essentially post-modern tradition called "Chaos Magick" came into existence, with the goal of applying the insights of modern and post-modern philosophy to the existing traditions, which the founders of the Chaos tradition saw as being too buried in religious thinking. In an era which has proved reasonably adequately that no religious or cultural tradition is "correct" per se, a new tradition of magick that put its emphasis on results and framed its ideas within the methodology of science became necessary.

Add to this the various eastern traditions, which mostly tend towards mystical traditions that can lead to magickal abilities like Buddhism, real yoga (not elaborate stretches...the mystical tradition of yoga), etc. There are also strong folk-traditions of eastern sorcery and witchcraft, but they are hard to find any data on.

So those are the choices, more or less: shamanism, witchcraft, ceremonial magick, and chaos magick. Now, each tradition has a vast amount of sub-traditions within them, and some of them don't like each other much (the Left Hand Path schools of ceremonial magick and witchcraft don't generally get along with the sweetness and light Right Hand Path schools, for example). The best introductory texts I know of for each major tradition are:

Witchcraft: The Complete Book of Witchcraft by Buckland

Ceremonial Magick: Modern Magick by Kraig

Chaos Magick: Liber Null and Psychonaut by Carrol

Shamans don't get to learn from books. You have to find a shaman or have a shamanic experience--a vision--where you meet your totem or spirit guide...then they teach you.

So start reading, and pick the tradition that feels right to you. While studying multiple traditions is fine (I am a witch and ceremonial magician and chaos mage), it is important to follow through at least one full system of training in one tradition.

Hope that was helpful...good luck.

curious 4 years ago

Dear Puck,

First of all, thank you for your reply. I totally agree with what you said. You managed to "wake" me up from doing the wrong thing that I will regret in time to come. I have no ill intent at all and would drop that bad idea and accept what I have to face. I am glad I "accidentally" found you and consulted you. You did something good with your opinion and advices. Thanks again!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Thanks, Curious. It's what I try to do with every question. I'm glad you changed your mind. Love spells are bad business.

Rene' 4 years ago

Thank you for your thoughts. I am sure you are spot on... however, when one is not "exposed" regularly to these types of things, you have to stop and ask the question. Because of my occupation I am open to the what ifs...of the universe. My family has experienced visitations and families have reported sightings in the first few days following a death. To this point (25 years in the biz) I have not experienced anything negative but there is a first time for everything. There is enough demand in the world and enough negatives sucking your energy that a "hex" is the last thing we need...Again, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my request and for being so thorough. Be blessed and continue to be a blessing!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I agree that we should keep an open mind. My problem in this business (and it is something I run into all the time) is that people get into it for the reason that they *want* things to be supernatural. It could be because they find it dramatic and exciting, it could be because they want attention, it could be simply because they prefer to see the world in supernatural, rather than scientific, terms. Hell, sometimes it's a way of avoiding personal responsibility...rather than accept that their romantic partner left them for the normal reasons, or that they can't get a job because the economy ate itself in 2008 and shows no sign of recovering, they want to blame magick.

While I understand these motives, it makes my job very difficult when people leap to the supernatural conclusions *first*. In a lifetime of involvement with the occult, I know that 99% of the time things that happen are fully able to be explained with natural, reasonable causes. Experience has taught me to exhaust all natural possibilities FIRST, then start (conservatively) entertaining the possibility of a supernatural explanation. It's simply dangerous and irresponsible to do it the other way around.

Another problem is that the human brain is wired to see intentionality behind everything. We have a bias against believing in chance so strong that even though the mathematics of statistics is rather simple, people have a harder problem with statistical intuitions than any other kind. Think about all the gamblers out there...rudimentary math tells us that the house always ends up winning over time, that the odds of winning the lottery are less than those of being hit by lightning twice, and we know, rationally, that if that was not the case no casino could stay in business and no state could afford to have a lottery. Yet people still gamble, and often the frequency of gambling goes UP as median income goes DOWN...which means that the less people have, the more willing they are to risk losing it in a rigged game that their inability to accept randomness won't allow them to admit is rigged.

The human mind is an odd beast, and in order to do my job I have to remember that, which means I have to assume that nothing supernatural is going on and then disprove that assumption, rather than assume that something supernatural is going on until someone disproves it.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

Dena 4 years ago

Thank you very much Puck. I originally came across the site because I was told my a gypsy that I hada curse and need to get rid of it about 12 years ago. I had a brutal marriage, bad luck with jobs and my x husband has now taken my children and he is the abuser. I am at my end and need to find the power with in to carry on with this battle. I have three beautiful children an he now has free reign to sexually abuse her. I do need to get rid of this curse and negative energy so that I can get them out of harms way. FYI-I do not want to learn Magick to use it aginst him I am a true beliver in Karma.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Karma isn't real...otherwise the people in charge wouldn't all be such monsters. But you should not harm others, anyway...simply because it is wrong, not because some force will punish you.

In your situation I would say call the cops and push the issue. Hire a private investigator if you have to in order to build evidence. It takes years to become powerful in magick...years your children would spend being abused. This isn't the solution to your problem...getting the kids taken away from him is legally is.

Good luck.

Dena Hargis profile image

Dena Hargis 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

I am working on it!!!put in the mean time I want to learn something I have always wanted to learn. He never wanted me to get into magick. I have called cops cps and about 15 other agentcies... a lot of people have cryed wolf making those that really need the help suffer,I am going to try a different angle. I am trying to stay positive through my boughts of crying ect! 24 yrs of this man and he does not even work and still gets what he wants. He has someone on his side but I keep fighting needless to say the kids are the ones who truely suffer. I am just spirtually at a loss and have poor energy right now. So I need to fill a void what better way than to start learning something new, I am excited. Just need to get hooked up! Please send me positive energy. O and I still believe in Karma! LOL have a good night puck and thank you you stay positive yourself I am a therapist there is a lot you can do for your cervical prob... You just need the right therapist ,, Therapist are like magicians only few are good at it.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Good luck with your learning, then. It's quite a journey.

Dena Hargis profile image

Dena Hargis 4 years ago from Mesa, Arizona

I believe it will be puck.

tarek31 4 years ago

i think the's some people they don't like me they have done a muslime black magic on me some1 did give me something for it but i did get lost in my wallet so can u pleas show me the right person for this

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


1. Please perform the test in the article to see whether you are cursed.

2. If the results are positive, please perform the cleansing ritual detailed in the article.

Also, all magick comes from someone and every someone comes from some nation or culture of origin. There is no need to point out the origin, and it comes off as racist. Just letting you know.

Jason 4 years ago

So, I did the test out of curiosity, and it came back three aces three times in a row, then 2 the fourth time. Does this mean I'm cursed? My life is going great, and I don't want to do anything to risk it. Can curses be good?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Jason,

Generally, a curse is, by definition, not favorable. A curse is just a type of spell, defined as a spell which causes harm. Magick itself is like's just there. With focused will, minds can learn to focus magick towards goals. Traditionally, spells have been categorized by their results, so spells which help someone are called blessings, spells that banish are called banishings or exorcisms, spells that cleanse away other spells are called cleansings, etc.

I know, it's not the greatest taxonomical system in the world, and modern occultists have attempted to create new taxonomies based on the methods used or spheres of influence, similarly to how the sciences are categorized (biology for all sciences related to animals, physics for how things behave and interact as bodies and forces, chemistry for how things interact as chemicals, etc), but after thousands of years, it's a hard tradition to break.

The odds are the spell is what is sometimes called a "contingent" or "triggered" spell, and the spell is a curse of some sort. This means that if you do something, or some state of affairs comes into being, it will activate the curse.

Such spells are often used to control people or punish them...people cast them on romantic partners to trigger if they cheat or leave them, employers cast it on employees to trigger if they steal from the till, things like that. Another motivation might be to gain a time-delay, though why that would be advantageous is anyone's guess. I would think that magick is such an indirect means of attacking someone that a time-delay would be pointless. But then again, I don't go around cursing people, so I am a poor person to ask about motivations.

I suggest performing the cleansing ritual I detailed in the article above, just to be on the safe side. Cleansings are like psychic's just good hygiene, even if you aren't cursed at the moment. We pick up a lot of nastiness as we fumble our way through's not good to hold onto it too long.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

susie 4 years ago

Hi Puck

I dont know if there are spells going around me.About 3 months ago I was out at a bar with some friends and we had a few drinks.My friend took a picture of me with a cell phone i moved and instead of me there was a white face with black eyes it had a mouth,no hair maybe cant tell u when u looked at it u just looked in to the black eyes the rest really did not register.My sister did not drink she seen it my friend and i seen it.We wanted to look at it again and it was gone from the pic just the background was there.Do you know anything about things like that?Help

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


First...your communication is almost impossible to read, and your capslock key doesn't help.

Second...since you don't tell me anything about what magicks you were attempting to cast, there is no way for me to evaluate if magick caused the burns.

Third, it is incredibly unlikely that there was any supernatural cause for the burns. Most likely you let a candle burn down or were burning something in a brazier that got out of control. In the future, I recommend obeying all basic fire safety procedures...use sand in your braziers to prevent the coal's heat from transferring, put candles into actual candle holders, not wine-bottles or sitting free, and never leave any fire unattended...if you are leaving the room, put out the candles.

Lastly...I suggest that, for your safety and the safety of other people around you or who live near you, you don't use candles at all. There is no need for them in the modern era unless you are specifically using candle magick...and I suggest using knot magick or some substitute instead.

Good luck.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


That's not much to go on, unfortunately, but it is quite disturbing. I want you think hard and try to remember anything else odd or supernatural that has happened to you or around you throughout your entire life. Something like this, if it wasn't merely an artifact of the camera screwing up, can be quite serious. Think back, and write up a list of EVERYTHING, literally every single thing you can remember ever doing or having happened that seemed supernatural.

I would suggest then seeking out a local professional occultist at the nearest opportunity, explaining the situation, and showing them that list. You can usually find professional occultists through any occult bookstore or supply shop that also teaches classes (anyone can sell stuff, whether they understand it or not, but you need people who know things in order to teach classes).

There are any number of things this could be. The most likely cause, of course, is that some feature of the phone had an error while the picture was taken. But if it was not an error, then it could be quite serious. I don't want to tell you any of the things it could be because you haven't given me enough background information to know that, and because psychology is a powerful thing...if I tell you a list of things it could be, your own fear could make you start experiencing symptoms related to something on that list.

Just make the list of supernatural experiences, if any, and seek out professional care as soon as possible. Normally, I try to help people take care of their own problems, but that's not responsible in this case...if it's not a camera error, than any of the things it could be are far beyond the abilities of someone untrained to deal with.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

william scherrer 4 years ago


I have been under an aztecen curse for years and it’s a god that makes himself into the diablo as a cow. he put’s his two horns in front of him and pushes the darkness away where the spirit takes the falsehood and he press’s me down in falsehood. and rides back and forth from mexico. he stay’s in the distance where he’s in mexico at his temple where he can’t be seen of the falsehood. Then in mexico he use’s his temple to judge within falsehood and prays with aztecen death. he prays with ancient dreams. to claim deminion as a god, while I’m in the falsehood. where the spirit see’s me of the falsehood of the sins of this world like having a car

or working at a batteryplant. meaning the spirit is dishonoured by how impure the spirit is, then he claims honour in the light from heaven and judges in dreams from his temple in mexico. he curses me as if I am a god and he does it with astecen death from the darkness of the knight. he save’s his falsehood in a temple in mexico. This how you can curse as an atecen god. he believes the world should be at it’s end, because the world is at the end of time and his tribe as a god is gone. (meaning he’s not a god anymore or he’s going to not be one if his tribes gone) this death is very bad and it curses me with the falsehood of everyones sin and it curses me where death will be unto me or others. he claims it’s a curse unto the soul. and it curses me where I seek my death. it curse’s every aspect of my life. and it comes even from your people now in mexico. and at your temples. this death sow’s so much it even curses your people and sow’s falsehood where your people are of sin an death sow’s in their spirit. IF YOU CAN FIND OUT WICH TEMPLE IT IS THAT CURSES ME OR WHAT AZTECEN GOD IT IS I WILL BE VERY GRATEFULL. and maybe we can find a way to judge or lift this curse. this is how aztecen curses are and I know a lot more about the spirit from how long I’ve lived under death. So I can help you with things to learn in honour you would be amazed how much I know the spirit and even your culture. I know if I knew where this temple is or who this god is it would help. He curse’s me in my spirit like their ancient dreams (like where my live in different place’s in the spirit like an attonement to a seagle bird then he makes it in falsehood and the spirit becomes dishonoured where I’ll be cursed, (like it dishonouring a sacride way of another tribe). This makes it where god or a way god would be present in my storm. The temple goes of at night and it speaks up to heave then back down when in the light (where it doesn’t curse it appear’s good at time’s.

Thanx : William Scherrer

E-mail me at

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, William,

Judging from your incoherent post, either the curse has affected your mental processes or you are mentally ill. In any case, I will attempt to address your concerns, but I will not email you. In the future, perhaps you should read through your own communications before you send them and read them out loud to yourself. If they make no sense, then your writing didn't make any sense, and you need to start over.

1. All magick is the same magick. Magick is simply the energy of focused awareness and consciousness. It doesn't matter what tradition it's coming from.

2. Gods don't curse people, people curse people. In fact, after 30 years in this business, I can say with confidence that gods don't do anything at all, but people who believe in them do plenty and then blame it on their gods.

3. Actually read my article. It gives a method for diagnosing if you are cursed and a method for cleansing away that curse. Use those methods and you should be fine. There is no need to know anything about the source of a curse, you just need yourself, the target of the curse. Think about it like someone with a sniper rifle trying to shoot can worry about where the sniper is all day, or you can simply put the target somewhere else where the sniper can't reach. The latter strategy is better.

I would say thanks for reading, but I don't think you did. Instead I will simply say good luck and implore you to work on your communication skills before attempting to contact me again. I am providing this service for free and out of the kindness of my heart, and I am not willing to try to decipher your ramblings when it's clear you didn't even read my article.

Good day and goodbye.

LunarPixie profile image

LunarPixie 4 years ago from Colombia

Hi Neil

it's me Cami again

Neil i was wondering if you could help me with something

i have a big problem going on for more than a month now

i am a very active sexual person, and one of the people i used to have sex with was a 78 year old man, i stopped seeing him two months ago when i started to realize the damage he was causing me, i realized this person was somehow dragging energy from me, from my body, specially from my stomach, or through my stomach, i don't think he was aware of it or doing it on purpose but it somehow happened, and now i have a very small amount of energy in my stomach, so my digestive process has changed, it's quality was lowered significantly, from food burning to potty products, the overall quality was lowered due to this shortage of vital energy.

i was reading about human sacrifice, people say humans, specially those with good vital energy are sacrificed in order to absorb their vital energy and enhance the life of the one performing the sacrifice, but in most cases they end up killing the victim, so i was thinking, what if i had experienced what those victims experience by accident and some of my vital energies where slowly drained by that old man for a period of a year, without me nor him realizing it?

one of the symptoms i used to feel after we used to have sex was a lot of cold in my whole body, as if heat had left me, this could go on even for several days.

i was also wondering if, since i am alive and i'm not a sacrifice victim, then could there be a chance for me to get those energies back?, like with a spell?, since those energies are mine?, shouldn't they also return to me if i need them?, maybe that's why the victims of such sacrifices where killed, so they could never get their energies back from the Sacrificer?

if you know anything that could help me i would appreciate it a lot

Thanks Neil

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hey, Cami, nice to see you again.

Your instincts are good, but your lack of knowledge has led you to the wrong conclusion. All living beings consist of a series of energetic processes. You're not a static entity at all; instead you are constantly taking in, processing, and using up various types of energy. This is true of all entities whatsoever...people, animals, plants, and non-human entities like elementals, spirits, etc. What makes us different is the types of energies we use and how we use them. The lowdown of this is that, at any given moment, there is a lot of energy bound up into any living thing.

Sacrifice is one way of "liberating" a great deal of energy at once, and mages and mystics throughout history have used sacrifice to lend energy to themselves or their magickal workings. Even into the modern day, practitioners of Santeria and voodoun traditions sacrifice animals and eggs to use their energy for their own purposes.

However, there are other ways this energy can be taken, and one of them is through vampirism. This is what you have suffered from. Psychic vampirism drains the energy from one person and gives it to the vampire. There are many ways these vampires do what they do, but the key is that the victim notices that being around the vampire or interacting with them leaves them listless and lacking in energy. If this goes on long enough, the victim can die, or even worse, learn how to drain energy from other people, becoming a vampire themselves and perpetuating the problem.

And it is a problem. Vampirism always leads to more vampirism, because your life energy is not completely compatible with anyone else's. You take in food, sunlight, water, etc. and process it into your own life energies, and once that processing occurs no one else can *really* make use of it. So the psychic vampire finds themselves needing to feed perpetually simply to stay at normal levels of energy.

The reason you are feeling this in your belly is that the center of energy associated with willpower and sexuality is located about 3 finger-widths down from your navel. Since the old man vampirized you through sex, you are feeling the lack in the associated energy center in your body.

The cure is NOT to go out and vampirize someone else. The energy you take in will only help you for a short while, then it will dissipate. You must instead engage in a replenishing regiment for your body and psyche.

Our spiritual energies can be thought of as an amalgam of the four classical, water, air, and earth. You must purposely take in those energies and circulate them through your system.


For one period from New Moon to Full Moon, every day do the following:

1. Light a candle or build a fire. REAL fire, not a heater or some other electrical contrivance. Sit before it. Breathe in and out, and as you do, visualize the flame coming into your mouth, going down your body into your belly, and swirling around there. Do this until it seems like the warm swirling is filling your belly to overflowing, then visualize the overflow of fire coming up out of your belly, through your nose, and then going back into the candle or fire before you.

Fill a glass with water or go to a sea, lake, or a river. Sit across from it, and in the same fashion, visualize the water coming up and into you as you bring in, going down into your belly and swirling around till full, then the excess going up and out through your nose and back to its source.

Go outside somewhere where there is "fresh air". Different people feel this in different places, but I suggest out in the country and away from urban life. Sit down, and visualize the air coming in through mouth with your inhales, down into your stomach till it is full, then out through your nose and dispersing into the air around you.

Go out into the woods or a field, somewhere where you can smell the earth and growing things, the loamy, rich scent of the soil. As in the others, sit and breathe, visualizing the earth's energy coming up from the ground and into you through your nose, down into your belly to swirl and fill it, then let the excess go up and out through your nose to return to the earth.

The colors of these energies:

Fire is red.

Water is blue.

Air is yellow.

Earth is brown, black, bright green, and olive green all mixed together.

Do all four daily. The energy center in your belly will absorb them and become replenished to its normal state over the time from New Moon to Full Moon, filling itself with an energy that is all of those colors and none at the same time. This is the energy of the fifth element...spirit.

You should be fine after this. However, there is also the possibility that you might be ill, so make sure to go to the doctor if your problems persist.

Also, watch out for other vampires! They are not all bad people by any means, but they are hazardous to your health unless you can protect yourself from them, which requires shielding spells. Read Fortune's Psychic Self-Defense for good methods of shielding...they get too involved for this format.

Good luck.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Choi,

It doesn't take a curse to have bad luck or to be bad at relationships. In 34 years and three marriages, I have only met two people who were "good" at relationships, and I spent a good chunk of my early years seducing my way across the nation.

If you truly think he is cursed, get him to use the test from my article to find out, and if he is cursed, use the cleansing to get rid of it.

My advice, however, is to let other people's business be their business. Let is all be over but the sighs and move on.

Good luck.

Kyle 4 years ago

I have had vivid dreams that point out a binding curse being casted upon me for crimes I didn't commit and Jesus is trying to help me slowly weave my way thru this tangled mess.

I always seem to have good ideas according to the small amount of peers I have but am always at the wrong place at the wrong time so I feel like a failure.

I would tell more but I usually get ignored by people or negative attention where people doubt me until something drastic happens that makes them believe me.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Hello. I give the advice here. If you wish to make your own hub, it's pretty easy, but until then, you can't use mine to advise people who come to me.

To address your original question:

The best way to know if you are under a binding is perform the test I wrote about in the article. If you are, then perform the cleansing and it should be fine.

As far as your assessment of your ideas and abilities...there is no way I can know anything about that. In our culture, I have found that most people either have inflated ideas about their own abilities or low self-esteem, both being inaccurate measures of themselves. It's best just to not worry about it...don't go around "tooting your own horn" and don't presume you're shit, either. If you have what you think are good ideas, act on them.

However, if one of those great ideas was advising people on my hub when, from what I see in those posts, you don't know anything about magick, I would say your belief in your own ideas might be a little exaggerated. You have to actually work and study to learn magick, just like medicine or rocket science. If one of your beliefs about yourself is that you don't have to do the work associated with various goals, that you just "know", then I would say you're standing in your own way. It's not just enough to have good ideas, you have to act on them, and it's also not enough to just have ideas at all...those ideas have to be informed by study and experience.

Good luck.

robert1619 4 years ago

Hi Puck.

Some really strange things have been happening to me lately. Mostly gambling related. I have been gambling for a while, and I know that you win some and you lose some, but it isn't the losing, it is the way I am losing. For instance, I play the Daily 3 lotto where you pick 3 numbers to win. I was lucky at this for a while, but then I started losing and decided to stop playing. I play the same numbers, and my biggest fear was if I stopped playing my numbers, they would come up. So about a week later, my 1st set of numbers came up in the correct order, which is 1,000 to 1 odds. The very next day, unbelievably, my 2nd set of numbers came up in the correct order. That's 2 days in a row. I calculated the odds and it came out 1 Million to 1 for this to happen. I started feeling cursed. About a week later I decided to play the Daily 4, where you have to select 4 correct numbers. I sat down, and studied the numbers, and came up with 4 number to play. At the last minute, I decided to change 1 of the numbers. Well, you probably guessed what happened, the numbers came up, the numbers I would have had before I changed them. Same thing has been happening at the horse race track, just weird things happening. So It seems like something is messing with me, where even when I have something right, I change it or do something to prevent myself from winning, like it is not in my control. It kind of seems like maybe your 1st example, the Chaos example: "a whole string of things keep going spectacularly and improbably wrong" is what is happening

Have you ever heard of something like this before?

I tried the Cards and got 2 Aces. I think I will try the bath. You mentioned a new moon is good. I looked it up, and a new moon starts January 23, 2012 at 12:41 AM. Should I wait until then, and if so, is just after 12:41am a good time. Also, if this works, how long before I may feel like this thing is lifted off me. does it take a week or two?

Thanks for the article, and any feedback from you would be great. Thanks, Robert.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


That's an interesting problem. It sounds more like a justice curse than anything else...too focused on just the gambling. In any case, wait till the New Moon and sure, doing it at the exact time of the New will be long as it is after moonrise is fine, though.

As far as results go, they should be immediate. Now, that doesn't mean you will suddenly start having good luck...but it should stop this string of probabilities seeming to just want to screw with you.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

Rhonwen 4 years ago

Hello Puck,

I am so thankful that I found this hub...I don't know how I could have missed it when I had done research in the past.

I have been a solitary practitioner for most of my adult life and I'm now in my 50's. I live in the conservative burbs north of you, so I have remained "in the broom closet" and I'm OK with that.

I was adopted at birth by a couple of Italian heritage. I was very close to my grandparents and my father, but my mother was a "piece of work", to put it politely. Let's just say that my life has resembled a rather grim Grimm's fairy tale....and you could easily cast my mother in the role of "evil queen". I won't retell the whole fairy tale here, but eight years before she died, I had finally had enough of her abuse, control and malicious ways, and I cut off contact with her, not speaking to her again in her lifetime. My children, however, continued to have a relationship with her, as did my ex-husband...who did so for reasons of his own revenge. My reasonings were really purely self-preservation and I did nothing retaliatory to her, even after enduring a lifetime of verbal and psychological abuse. I even took care of her mother, my grandmother, who lived with us for the last few years of her life.

Since she died, about five years ago, it is pretty clear that she cursed me. Every year at this time, it gets particularly bad, as today is her birthday. Last year, I had an infestation of rats, followed by bedbugs who bit only me, fleas who bit only me and a swarm of termites that she'd their wings all over my bathroom floor. My marriage almost broke up, my car has been his three times ON MY BLOCK in the past six months...the last time being a few days ago, when a woman crashed into the driver's door, leaving me in a lot of pain. I also tripped and tore my miniscus in my knee (the year before) requiring surgery, and my computer hard drives have crashed twice in six months. My new iMac kept shutting itself off...they put in a new hard data didn't back up.....and when I got it back, it STILL shuts itself off. And these are just a few highlights.

I have done cleanings, purification rituals....I've gone through a whole lot of sea salt and more sage than in the state of New Mexico! I have done some research on Strega (Raven Grimassi) and stored it in my laptop....which was the one that crashed...and none of that research was recoverable. My business has failed.....I am chronically anxious.....and I can't seem to move on in my life. Every time I get a little momentum.......crash. I am sick of this.

I have been to several professionals ranging from acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, other energy healers, councelors......and they all say that there is something dark that attaches to me.

So, I need an exorcist?! I am at a loss....and although I may break free for a time, it always seems to return, particularly at this time of year.

Your thoughts/ advice are much appreciated!

Blessed Be

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Oh, yeah, you're haunted or she sicced something on you before she died. There is a little known, open-ended spell where if the mage knows they are about to die, they can harvest their own death as if it were a human sacrifice for one last spell...the ultimate act of necromancy, if you will. It can be used for just about anything, and it MIGHT be a curse, but it seems far too varied and creative for's an entity of some sort.

If you can, I would seek an exorcism. Technically you're not oppressed, you are obsessed. I know, it means something different now, but these are from the old definitions of basically means you're being assaulted from the outside by the entity. In situations of actual possession, obsession is the normal precursor.

Back in my earlier days, when I was an apprentice, we used to talk about this and, and I theorized that obsession was an attempt by the entity to unbalance the psyche of the target. In many schools of thought, a "demon" is an inherently unbalanced the thought is that they create "cracks" by destabilizing the target psyche, then fill up the cracks with themselves.

So what you must do in the meantime is maintain your balance and not allow yourself to become destabilized. Do regular personal banishings, grounding and centering rituals, and (if you know it) the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (I can't recommend this enough if it works within your system). Keep yourself balanced and powerful and don't let whatever it it affect you. And get hold of a local professional and explain the situation.

Good luck, I wish I could help more, but there is only so much I can do over the internet.


akuigla profile image

akuigla 4 years ago

Hello thePuck,

the situation with your spine is quite disturbing to me.Id like to see you healthy.

Basic acupunture teaches that problems with the centre-being spine-should be treated on periferal points-being points on fingers and toes.You may try for a few weeks to do the following:with your index finger and thumb grab each finger where the nail makes corner and gently rotate for a ten sec.Then reverse.

Also,there is a book by Rudolph Breuss about cure for cancer, leukemia and some other difficult diseases.The reason Im mentioning this book is a small article inside about curing the back problem.Basically, he says that discs between the spinal vertebrae is like a sponge,and if they remain without a liquid, they will become flattened.To cure this,he massages the spine with olive oil,rubbing oil inside the skin and gently moves the spine by the means of holding the hips and pulling them gently down.

Another thing that you may find interesting is a true event that happened about 30 years ago,and told to me by the guy who suffered and recovered:he told me that while playing handball, a guy from the defending team pushed him while he was in the middle of a jump to score the goal.Pushed back in the air,he went down hard on the concrete and was not able to get up.Later in the hospital ,doctors found that his spine was broken and that he will newer walk again.During this period in the hospital bed, many bad things happened to him:his girl-friend left him,all friends too...Than one day,a man came and talked with him for several hours.He gave to injured man two or three exercises to perform daily.I remember one exercise,actually visualisation, to walk with barefeet on the grass...After three months of visualisation,he moved a big toe!Later,he was able to walk again normally!

I wrote to you a few months ago, and in the meantime Im trying to learn as much as I can about magick.

I found Rey Shervin Chaos magic site and was,quite frankly,disturbed with the symbol Ive seen there.Im talking about the creature with horns and non-covered genitals.I dont underestand this.

However,I really like how you write and Im reading your posts frequently.

As for me,Id like to learn some form of meditation that will give me more energy,and that I can do on a daily basis.If you can recommend any meditation,it will be greatly appreciated.

Many blessings to you.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


While I appreciate your concern, I want to stick on-topic. I have doctors and other people in my life who help me with my health issues. This is not a curable condition, and rather than put my hope in "cures" of any type, I am more interested in "management". But I thank you for your concern.

As for Ray Sherwin...he is one of the daddies of the modern chaos magick tradition. I don't know which site you are talking about, or which image, but I can tell you that if horns and a little sexuality disturb you, you might be better off leaving magick alone. Occultists throughout the millennia haven't exactly embraced the "ethics" of the suburban middle-class. If things like that bother you, you should stay in the nice, semi-safe mundane world, or keep your occult studies to the white-washed, watered-down "New Age" movement. Nothing scary (or much else) there.

For meditation, I recommend the Middle Pillar Ritual.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

akuigla profile image

akuigla 4 years ago

the Puck,

thanks for the meditation link.

I meant no disrespect toward you,on the contrary.Since Im just a human, it is always possible that my words will be misunderstood.It is not that important that Im a doctor,DMD, and also trained acupuncturist,and an empath for fellow human being,and a fellow occultist which opinion I value highly.I should have kept my concern for your health within.

As a doctor,I am not disturbed by blood,nudity or sexuality,just dont like profanity.

It is in the book "Illuminates of Thanateros " ,written by Carrol and Sherwin where is the creature.

Once again my apologies if my words sounded disrespectfully.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I didn't take it as disrespect, I simply don't wish to discuss my illness. After I was diagnosed, everyone I know had some piece of advice, some remedy or nostrum. I got pretty sick of it, and I generally prefer to manage my own medical life. It's odd, a culture we used to respect certain things and consider them to be personal...medical issues, finances, religion, politics, etc. It used to be something close family and friends discussed, and then only with clear permission from the person they were talking to. Nowadays, all someone has to do is mention they have a cold on Facebook and they get inundated with 200 remedies, recriminations over personal habits like smoking, drinking, and eating meat, and generally unasked for stories and advice. It's like we lost all sense of personal boundaries.

So while I know *YOU* meant no disrespect because the norm has changed in our culture (you're not the first person on this page who has decided my spine is their concern), but at the same time *I* prefer to keep things professional as much as I can. I appreciate your concern, but I really don't feel like discussing my illness with strangers. I made this page to help people with my occult knowledge, and that's what we're going to do.

So the symbol you are referring to is called Baphomet. It's a magickal glyph of human nature and nature itself...a sort of synthetic god similar to the Yin-Yang symbol. Notice that all species are represented to some degree...the god has scales like a fish or reptile, feathered wings like a bird, fur as a mammal, a goat head with a human body that has both breasts and a phallus. The torch above the head represents the spark of divinity, while the phallus is a Caduceus wand, representing human wisdom, both helpful and harmful. The hands are positioned with one pointing towards the heavens and one to the earth, divided in the typical Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path symbolism of western esotericism.

This god is thus an expression of the human experience, partaking of all elements of nature, uniting divine and human wisdom, the Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Paths of mysticism, all in one symbol. This was the god reportedly worshiped by the Knights Templar, which led to their persecution and dissolution by the Church.

In a sense, this is the god/goddess of magick (it has both genders and none). It is the Divided and United God, Who Is Many and One. All opposites are united and transcended in this symbol, thus making it a symbol of the Great Work of ceremonial magick.

You can literally spending the rest of your life contemplating Baphomet and still be coming up with more meaning and insights on your death-bed. It's a very, very dense symbol.

Hope that helps.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Please read the article, perform the test to see if your daughter is cursed, and then, if she is, perform the cleansing per the instructions I listed.

There is most likely no connection between the use of the ouija board and your daughter's problems. The idea that such a thing can happen is mostly Christian propaganda and horror movie plots. In real life, ghosts can't harm you and other entities don't communicate via ouija boards...they use other methods fitting to their nature.

Again...outside horror movies, a ghost cannot harm you. Ghosts are people and deserve compassion more than fear. Life is not a movie.

Oh, and in the future, if you wish to be taken a bit more seriously, do not write in all capital letters. Whatever anyone told you, capslock is NOT cruise control for internet cool.

Good luck.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Hello thePuck. Nothing needed generally here, just wanted to give you a kind word or two. I have recently had time to read through the multiple comments and persons that you have advised on your Hubpages more completely. And wanted to give you a shout out, for your balanced, realistic and yet wholistic pagan views. More importantly, being able to give grounded advice no matter what really needs to be said. I am not sure I can claim anywhere near the level of expertise in the energetic magick and shamanic initiations that you seem to have ( by your patient explainations and obvious knowledge / experience ) , but I do have a pretty unusual background myself. Between being raised with an odd mix of Wicca, Voudou, Christianity and a little Navajo Sorcery influence, a bit of power cult experiences....but mostly being a fairly natural empathic healer since I was young, I recognize and appreciate many things I have read. It is hard to always know what people need to hear, give it in a translation they are willing to hear, and to have the energy to care about even being there for them. You seem to have all three, plus the mark of a person well on their path by now. Like I say, we might be a bit kith and kindred, but I have my own path that knows enough to know.

Glad to have you in the macrocosmic microcosm that we call this life and world. Nice to know that there are others trying to keep on keeping on, but also still care for their fellow humans. Very good advice you seem to give on your best moments, and usefully practical instructions on your less patient ones. That ain't bad in the averages.

Plus you did a VALIS book review, that still rocks. May your stars align with your heart, my Hubpages comrade. My point, I think you deserve a thank you from the outside more often, or at least from someone as cool as me. LMAO

It Ain't Over Til Its Over...Blake4d

Crissy 4 years ago

Love this web, I'm going to try the card solution. I brought a love candle with a flame that is burning high but, the man I want is not responding like he wants to date. I have been told that there was once someone who did put a spell on my love life 19yrs. ago but, I went to some one to have it reverse and tell me how to get it of me. By the way I question that person and they admitted putting a curse on me because of jealousy. The cards should tell me more. I truly believe in God but, I find love is a good thing and not a bad thing.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Thank you very much for your kind words. I do my best, and no, it isn't always easy to know how to help people. This article has had far more impact than I ever expected, and it's gratifying to know that I can help so many people in need.

Again, thank you for the recognition. It feels good to have my efforts acknowledged. Thanks for reading.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Love spells are dangerous and immoral. Dangerous because they don't produce love, per se, they produce obsession. Immoral because they manipulate another person's will. It's no different than drugging someone or lying to them in order to get them to be with you. It is always, always, always wrong to use magick, force, manipulation, drugs, brainwashing, whatever, to force people to do things they would not otherwise choose to do.

As for the curse, the cleansing ritual in the article should deal with it, but if you go around using magick to get your way with no regard for the will of other people, don't be surprised when you get treated the same way. Love *is* a good thing...but forced love is rape.

Frank 4 years ago

Hi i think i m cursed because i have bad luck in love and i always feel sleepy and have to sleep alot and take naps during the day. i have had this done to me before as i have been cursed before this way. how can i remove this curse

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Well, you're in luck. This whole article is about how to find out if you are cursed, and if you are, how to remove it. All you have to do is actually read the article.

QuakePhil 4 years ago

Why would you waste peoples time with things (card reading and curse divination) which have no more evidence to them than chance circumstance?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Because I believe that I do have sufficient evidence that things normally considered supernatural do indeed happen, though I dislike the term because of the implications...I believe that all of these things are perfectly natural. I have personally experienced plenty of evidence for these things, and if you look through the comments, several people who have come to this page for help have, in fact, been helped. Many of the visitors to this page also believe they have experienced evidence of the supernatural. I have had many clients who themselves were skeptics or dyed-in-the-wool scientific rationalists...until they had experiences that convinced them that magick does work.

Now, you can go ahead and simply disbelieve that any of the people who claim to have had supernatural experiences really had those experiences, but you are doing so because your metaphysical beliefs force you to do so. You have not evaluated all of these claims for their truth. So your belief that all of that evidence simply doesn't count as evidence is, itself, unevidenced.

Now, you could say that you reject all knowledge-claims that you, yourself, personally, have not evaluated the evidence for, but this is a form of epistemological solipsism and forces you to reject most knowledge-claims made by physics, chemistry, and biology, and especially reject all knowledge-claims made by the soft sciences, such as anthropology, psychology, and sociology. This sort of epistemological solipsism cannot be the case because it is a matter of fact that various systems of engineering, aeronautics, electronics, psychiatric medicine, and neuroscience do, in fact, work, irrespective of your personal evaluations of their knowledge-claims. All of our knowledge-claims, as a species, have depended upon accepting the claims of others as being true. We accept the data presented by scientists, the testimony of people in court, and even the claims that people make about their internal states, such as "I had a nightmare last night", "I love you", "I prefer chocolate to vanilla", etc.

It is, of course, the case that some of those claims have turned out to be false, but many of them have also turned out to be true, even ones which have been apparently counter-intuitive or outlandish. The fact that quanta simultaneously behave as wave or particle, depending upon the actions of the observers, is quite outlandish, but has been proven many times.

Indeed, the principled belief that no knowledge-claim should have time "wasted" upon it if that claim is unevidenced is, itself, an unevidenced assertion of metaphysics. It is a philosophical claim about evaluative epistemology, and since it claims to present the yardstick for truth, it cannot itself be evaluated. It must be accepted axiomatically, because one cannot start evaluating knowledge-claims until one states the criteria for that evaluation, and the claim that all knowledge-claims must be evidenced is a criteria for evaluation.

You can revise your rejection, and instead claim that knowledge-claims that are about supernatural events are to be rejected because of their content, upon the presumption that any such claim cannot be true, but again such a claim is metaphysical, not evidenced. Such an argument simply displays a preference for a certain sort of knowledge-claim, it is not a principled reason for rejection.

You can claim that neuroscience has shown the mind to have certain biases in its evaluation of experience, and that certain knowledge-claims should be excluded on that basis. However, without a principled way to claim we should accept certain biases of the mind. The notions of mathematics, for example: our minds deal with experience in such a way that tends to allow for certain cuts and transformations of values, thus giving birth to mathematics, but there is no necessary correspondence between most of these transformations and the world we are attempting to describe with them. As every mathematician who has had to deal with number theory knows, the portion of mathematics that maps onto the physical world is positively miniscule. Most of mathematics is thus concerned with certain ways our minds work, not with any sort of physical reality, which means that it is a cognitive bias just as much as, say, the tendency towards mystical experience in some minds. In what way shall we argue that one such bias is acceptable but another should be ignored? It is simply that one is far more consistent and available to more minds than the other? But delusions can be very consistent, and mass psychosis is no less psychosis, so that cannot be the case.

You can claim that the reports of people who claim to have experienced the supernatural are either lies, hallucinations, or the result of bad reasoning, but on what grounds will you do so? To simply assume so is the epitome of unevidenced claims. To say that they shouldn't be believed because such accounts are simply "anecdotal evidence" ignores the fact that, by definition, all data has been observed by individual people and all such observations are thus anecdotes. On what principle is one sort of anecdote to believed while another disbelieved? It seems that all are equally suspect and equally convincing...thus when I look at diaries or logs that have reported that when you do X and Y, Z happens, it seems that to exclude some and include others simply because one batch is magickal and the other scientific is just a matter of preference, not genuine inquiry.

We can say that the truth of mathematics is in its application, but then we have entered the murky waters of epistemological pragmatism, to wit: the truth-value of a knowledge-claim is a function of its usefulness. Once you acknowledge pragmatism, then you must accept that since many people have, in fact, found my writings on the supernatural useful, they are then to be considered true.

So the answer to your question is that I do not believe I am wasting their time, because I believe that I possess sufficient evidence of certain aspects of the supernatural. Most of the people who have come to me for help have, indeed, been helped, thus it has not been perceived as a waste of time for them, either. I have what I consider good reasons for believing what I believe, equally sufficient to the reasons I have for believing in the claims of physics. I have spent much of my life evaluating the knowledge-claims of the occult world, and while many things have been false, many other things have been, to the best of my ability to evaluate truth, true.

I'm sure you think you are coming from the logical, scientific, and uncontroversially reasonable position. I understand that. I am also willing to take for granted that you are dedicated to the notion of truth...that you want to believe true things and don't want to believe false things. If I were in your position, rather than simply dismissing these supernatural claims, I would ask the following questions:

1. Why would someone who seems intelligent and capable of evaluating the truth of propositions believe in magick? Take into account: I have two degrees in philosophy, both with honors, and my one of my special fields of interest was epistemology. I spent years being trained by some of the best minds in human history, learning how to evaluate knowledge-claims, and was very, very good at it, if the opinions of my professors and advisers are to be believed. So then why would I believe in magick? You can disregard this as an appeal to authority, but it's not a false appeal...I am actually, according to academia, an authority in philosophy and specifically why would I have accepted such claims?

2. Why would so many otherwise intelligent people throughout history have believed in the supernatural? Were all of them simply not as smart as we are now? This is not an appeal to historicity...I am not saying you should accept the idea that the supernatural is real because many people throughout history have. I am instead asking you to consider that such otherwise rational and intelligent people may have had very good reasons to believe what they did, and instea

yellow 4 years ago

After 7 day uncrossing on the 7th day I began to get a very slight headache did not think much of it until the next day it felt like my head was being used as a football I felt like I was going to die I prepared to pass out but somehow I tapped into my healing powers and stopped it but had temperature and flu for a week. What does this mean and why do attacks always start with a headache? Could do with some encouragement. Thanks

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Yellow,

Hmm...there is almost no way for me to diagnose this from a distance. In general, for obvious reasons, I prefer to exhaust natural explanations for observed phenomena before looking into supernatural explanations. So first we will talk about that.

1. The attack you describe sounds like a viral infection. Several normal rhinovirus variants (viruses that live in your nose, often called the "cold virus", but actually a whole family) go after the sinuses first, which can cause sudden sinus pressure, which in turn leads to a headache. Sinus headaches are often resistant to painkillers and can get quite severe. If you have a sinus infection, the pressure can feel like a spike going through your face. If you had a virus, there is little you can do to prevent them. Just try to keep up a strong immune system and, when you get sick in this way, stay hydrated and take sinus-oriented remedies like "Sinus Tylenol" to deal with the pain.

2. You may have developed migraine headaches. If so, you're in luck! If you'd been born 20 years earlier, you would be stuck with the worst pain imaginable for days at a time. But now, a trip to the doctor and a fast-acting medication that literally melts under your tongue can stop a migraine in its tracks.

Now for the supernatural possibility.

You may have gotten a spell-misfire from the 7-day uncrossing candle. It can happen if you do a spell-breaker but you weren't cursed, or the spell was otherwise tricky. Advanced magickal attacks are almost impossible to do counterspells on, which is why I teach general cleansings and banishings, rather an uncrossing spell, which is a type of counterspell.

Think about a spell like electricity (although it's not at all like that, in many ways). Electricity has to have somewhere to go. If you just have a current go through a wire with nothing for it to, the wire gets hot (and incandesce, which leads to lightbulbs, yay!). So if you cast a counterspell but there is no spell there for the counterspell to cancel out, then the energy from the spell just goes back into you. Then you need to do a grounding to get rid of the excess energy, but since you don't know the spell backfired (usually), you generally won't do that grounding, and end up getting sick.

There are also ways for advanced mages to create spells that will protect themselves from counterspells, or absorb the counterspell to feed the original spell, or all sorts of things. Again, this is why I don't teach counterspells, I teach cleansings and banishings. You get the same result, but there is no real chance for getting burned.

So, let's take for granted that your headache and illness was supernatural. What you need to do the minute you get that little headache is do a full on grounding ritual.

1. Cast a circle, pray, perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Star Sapphire...basically, whatever it takes you to make "sacred space".

2. Visualize your own body becoming a tree, pushing down roots into the ground and pushing branches and leaves into the air.

3. Feel the extra energy--the headache and whatever other symptoms--from the spell backfire in your body and visualize it as black or red energy, and your own life energy as white or golden.

4. Feel the breathing of the through your arms (the branches), through the rest of your body, and down into the earth. Breathe with this flow. As the breathing of the tree you have become flows through you, the red/black energy of the backfire is washed clean and away, leaving only your own lifeforce, the pure golden/white energy, to remain.

5. Take deep breaths and ease yourself back into normal consciousness. You're done.

This might not avoid the whole backfire...whatever damage it caused your body/mind before you grounded it out still happened, but it will stop it from doing any more damage and give your body/mind a better chance to heal.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

Kald 4 years ago

I found this article and tried the test, the very first card I pulled out was an ace! Is that bad? I did another pile and got an ace after a few more cards but my third deck was fine. I feel like I'm cursed. Even today, I was upset about not getting a job (I've been looking for a long time) and then I thought about another job I applied for and said to myself that I would be positive about the outcome. Literally at the same time I got an email saying that I didn't get that job!!!

I really want to do the spell but I'm Jewish and feel bad calling out to Gods, when I only believe in a single God. Likewise, I feel the words in the spell go against much of my religion. And yet, I feel like I need to do something. Any suggestions?

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


From the reading, you are more likely cursed than not.

As far as your religious concerns...

1. By engaging in divination, you have already broken the rules of your god. The entire Judeo-Christian-Islamic worldview reserves magick of all kinds to your god.

2. I don't believe in any deities at all. Using them in magick is a way of personifying the forces of reality, so that our consciousness (which is what does the real magick) can conceptualize them. I used pagan deities because I feel comfortable with them and because they represent nature...nature exists.

3. Try praying. After that doesn't work, try the magick. When that does work, reconsider your religious affiliations.

I'm sorry if that sounds snarky, but it's true. If you want control of your life (including whether you are cursed or not), putting your faith in gods is the worst thing you could do. If you truly have faith in your god, and he is all the things your religion claims, then either he could have prevented you from being cursed, or he cursed you himself. Nothing--nothing at all--can happen without that sort of monotheistic god's choosing it. That's one of the reasons I don't believe in any of them...does this world look like someone is actually in charge? Or rather, does it look like someone competent is in charge? If you think so, then live with your curse, because that's according to your god's will. If you don't think so, embrace magick and take control of your own circumstances.

Good luck.

Kald 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice. It was interesting to get your point of view. I'm not trying to be rude, but if I may, I'd like to just debate a couple of points you made and see what you think.

First off, Judaism does believe in human-enabled magic, it's called Kabbalah. It's Jewish mysticism and it's practiced throughout the world. Don't get confused with the Hollywoodised fashion trend and simply pass it off, there is a very real component of Judaism for highly trained people. There is also curses within Kabbalah, for example Pulsa D'Nora.

Secondly, Judaism believes in freewill, hence why God wouldn't have stopped someone cursing me. It's also why this world doesn't look like someone is in charge, because we are brought into this world to do what we want and make our own choices and decisions.

Again, not trying to be rude, just wanted to answer back some of your points and see what you think. I'm not a deeply religious person but I do have beliefs in my religion that I follow. I believe that religion and magick can coexist, just like science and religion can or science and magick can.

Awl 4 years ago

Hi Puck,

I wrote to you three months ago about my bad luck and constant problems. I didn't know what to do and how to go about my situation. I want to tell you that I have had some success. After a very long of search for work, I have finally found a job. The people are very nice and I hope to do well there. I can't thank you enough. There are other little sparks of good occuring here and there in my life and I am so greatful to you. I still however have a few issues that I'm still wrestling with and I need a some more advice to keep me moving in the right direction. I have anxiety attacks, that are wrecking my life and ar trying to control. The job is in a big city which means large crowds that trigger the attacks are tough to deal with. Really tough...Also I feel like something is still trying to wreck the good that coming into my life. As I said before the job is great but I feel a presence trying to ruin it. Ever since I started the job, I have had a hard time walking, my left foot has pain shooting throught it. I've been to the doctor who gave me pain pills and have said nothing is seriously wrong. I never had a problem like this before. I've been working on the mediation (slowly) and I have realized also I have to learn to believe in myself more, but the anxiety knocks me down a bit. I am working on myself as you told me to (working on doing more things as I work on getting financially stable). I can't say enough about the help you have given me and may God continually bless you. Sir, what should be my next move...

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I take no offense. Please accept my answers in the same spirit.

1. I am quite familiar with the Qabalah, and have studied it myself for many years. Curses are possible with that system, sure, but they are still considered black magick. The only legitimate use of the Qabalah, according to the religious teaching, is to get closer to your god through understanding his nature and universe. Divination is not getting closer to anything, it's fortune-telling, soothsaying, and specifically comes under the category of witchcraft. Consider 1 Samuel and the story of the Witch of Endor. Who was Saul exterminating for your god? Witches, sorcerers, and soothsayers, which is why she makes sure she can answer his questions with impunity. If you remember properly, Saul does not come to a good end from listening to her, either.

2. Every religion that claims there is an all-powerful deity running the show has some convenient way of getting out of that deity being responsible for all the evil of the world. But if you read your Torah, you will see that your god hardened the pharaoh's heart, so that he would not heed the demands of Moses to free the Israelites. Your god made him not listen, so then the plagues came and Egypt was tortured for the actions that your god made pharaoh choose. So, in this case, the pharaoh did not have free will, but all those people suffered plagues, death, and destruction because of it, anyway. Now, of course, I don't believe any of those things occurred, because there is no historical evidence of the Egyptian enslavement separate from this story and its descendants, but my point is simply that 1) This attempt at theodicy doesn't get an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent god out of the Problem of Suffering/Evil, because god could easily(by definition anything is easy to omnipotence) have constituted the human race to freely choose correctly all the time, nor does it account for suffering not caused by humans (disease, natural disasters, etc). There is also the additional problem that more and more evidence is adding up that we do not, in fact, have free will at all, and that all of our choices are actually the outcome of purely mechanical and statistical processes within our bodies and brains.

3. Science is not incompatible with religion as a concept. It's just incompatible with the specific claims about the universe made by each specific religion to date. Oh, I'm sure that you can get out of that saying everything that the Torah says that has been disproved by science is merely metaphor, but a) the early Jews certainly didn't believe that; there is ample evidence that the early Jews believed them to be literal claims about the world and b) that doesn't solve the problems caused by history. There was no global flood, there were no two individual humans that started the human species, there was no Egyptian enslavement, and the Earth did not stop rotating so someone could win a battle.

So, like most theological ideas, the theodicy rebuttal of "evil is human's fault because they have free will" is, itself, contradicted by the Torah and science, which you said you believe can coexist.

As I said, I take no offense. I enjoy philosophical debate, which is why I spent time in academia getting two degrees in philosophy.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Awl,

I'm glad to hear that your situation has improved somewhat. I am sorry to hear, however, about your anxiety disorder and pain. I, too, suffer from severe social anxiety and agoraphobia, and I also suffer from an extremely painful degenerative spinal disease.

I have worked hard at using magick to solve my psychological problems, but have had no real results. If anything, I got worse, but that is also normal for anxiety disorders; they are degenerative, so I don't think the magick helped or hurt. I have no tried magick for my spinal issues because I just don't believe such a cure to be disease is quite advanced and it's not a sore muscle or a cold. This is my spine we are talking about here. I wouldn't try magick for cancer, either.

I know that some people get relief from their anxiety or depression through meditation, etc., but when I have asked those people, it turned out they weren't ever diagnosed with psychological issues, and don't know the difference between normal anxiety and abnormal anxiety, or the difference between being sad and being depressed.

I advise you to seek psychiatric help for the anxiety. Medication does, in fact, work for most people. As far as the pain goes, I would advise getting an x-ray of your neck and back. When I started having symptoms of my spinal disease, they were pains in my arm, not my neck. If s/he doesn't find anything, just use the pain pills. People suffer from pain without doctors being able to find the cause all the time; they don't know as much as most of us think.

Good luck, and again, thanks for reading. I'm glad that my words have helped you in the past, and I hope they will again in the future.

Amberlina 4 years ago

Hello Puck...I'm in desperate need of your help. I'm on the fence on whether I should go threw with a love spell. I dont feel comfortable with taking someones free will away smh. Now I was wondering if you could help me by telling me; how powerful is a white magick love spell and how powerful is a dark magick love spell? Now what would happen if I used both (white & dark magick) on the same person. I'm not even sure if these spells are legit or not and I dont even know what I'm doing. Mostly following writin instructions. Also if I did a love spell whether it be dark or white, how long does it last or how do I get ride of it if it doesnt go away on its own? One more thing I was curious about is there any type of spell I can use for confidence or anxiety? I know the love spell thing seems insane. I have my reasons for considering it. Trust me you don't want me to get started on why I'm even considering it (long story). I'm trying to decide whether I'm really gonna do it but if I decide to go threw with it I want to know what I'm getting myself into. I doubt it'll even it possible? I am nerves about it and was hoping you could shed some light on this. Please! I'll be forever grateful. I'm open to opinion and advice. Thank you so much. Blessed be...

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


A white magick love spell, by definition, cannot be cast on a specific person. It merely attracts a compatible person who is willing to get involved in a new relationship to you.

Any spell which interferes with the will of another person is, by definition, black magick and unethical. They also don't cannot be created by magick. Obsession can, however. Can you say "dangerous stalker"? I knew you could.

There is nothing to be on the fence about. Do not cast any love spell on any specific target because it is unethical. If you don't care about ethics, then we have nothing to discuss, I won't help you, and you deserve what you'll get.

Good luck. I trust you will make the right decision.

Amberlina 4 years ago

Thank you puck but like I said I just wanted information so I know what im doing and to make the right decision not that I need ur help with a spell. Now I came to ask for help because if I do it I wanna know my consequences n if I dont do it I want it to be for a good reason. If the guy still loves me then why would it cause obsession? I thought it would just strenghten his love more. Also I asked u how long do these things last. Maybe if u answer my questions I would be alittle more on the "no" about my decision but watever then I guess I'll have to cast it and find out myself if u wont tell me. Btw I searched the internet for hours trying to find you because I wrote you before and you helped me out. I would appreciate it if you were less judgemental, do to the fact that you don't know the whole story but if you must know...I wanted to cast the spell on my ex. He's lied, cheated, and even hit me on some occasions and much more! Everyone is on his side. His family fights with me all the time. He loves me I think..hard to believe right but his mother is controling everything he does. We have court this month because of him putting his hands on me. I'm afraid that with all my anxiety I'll only be able to drop the charges in hopes that I can make it out the court room without having a panic attack (not likely). So I figured I'll get pay back in making a love spell. This way when he's obsessed with me again his family will have to bite their tongues! I want him to stalk me and all that other stuff! So I can turn him down! So that this time everyone doesnt think I'm the pathetic person thats crying over him which is so not true! Yea maybe its evil thats why I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should do it. But I'm not doing this to get back together with him...I'm doing it for revenge! Yea its a terrible thing but no one has been threw the hell I've been threw for a year! Of course you might be against this idea because you dont no me or him or because its your morals you live by and I can understand that! I'm really not asking for much. But everytime he starts seeing that I'm moving on, he creates a problem so I can fight with him and give him all this attention with calling him in anger! So now I want to be the one in control! By him doing all that it just makes me think of him and try and picture when we were best friends and then how we fell in love and then I can't stop dreaming about him and its annoying!!! I don't want to be stuck on him! If I didnt know any better he probably already put a curse on me! Either way I'm not going to be the only one going crazy! I want him to go threw what I'm going threw! Blessed be...

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


You know damn well what you're considering doing is wrong. I'm not going to help you rationalize it.

Whatever you need to believe is fine. Enjoy the consequences. But if you do this, and those consequences come, as they always do, don't ever darken my virtual door again. I will not help you get rid of what you earned.

Constantino 4 years ago

Have you ever heard of a curse being trown towards someone which left a round burn mark on a thick wooden door which was closed just before she could receive it??

And then two generations later a family member receives the curse in form of a glowing ball, casted by an old lady/entity, which entered his torso and got experienced as an intence internal burning sensation.

What to do if this really happened??

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


For reasons none of us understand, sometimes magick manifests physically and weird events occur. It's best not to worry about the manifestation and simply focus on the effects. Otherwise it's easy to get lost in endless rounds of hypothesizing.

The fact is, we barely understand what's going on with magick or the so-called supernatural in general. We know sometimes things happen, and we have a few techniques which seem to cause things to happen. That's it. All the traditions and religions that purport to "explain" how all of it works are, for the most part, making things up.

And even if we gained a scientific understanding of magick, it wouldn't help explain "why". We don't know "why" gravity attracts as a function of the inverse square of the distance between objects and their mass, we just know it does.

Use the same methods I list in the article to figure out if you are cursed and, if so, use the cleansing ritual to remove it.

Good luck.

A protegé 4 years ago

Is there I way I can reach you ouside this page, like an email or a skype? I read almost all the page and I think we can share a bit of useful info.

I like your style.

Greetings from Mexico.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

A protegé,

I'm here to help people with problems. I am retired from active magickal activity and have no interest in trading information or engaging in metaphysical speculations.

Thanks anyway.

hurry in pain 4 years ago

My boyfriend is dead now and I have to fight to get a new start,his daughter is now trying to put me out of the on the street.Daughter now want me to to gave her my big tv and everything.Ther're no one will help me get new locks for the doors and there're NO bus out here.There is going to brake try to brake in.before a get a chance to get new locks.please help.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Your situation certainly sounds awful, but what do you expect me to do about it? It certainly doesn't sound like anything supernatural is going on, and that's what I deal with here. Sorry.

Good luck with all of that.

paul 4 years ago


thanks for your counseling may you live long. in my own case i have a problem in my family and i don't really know the power that is involved whether it is curse. this problem started since 1946 when my father has not even married my mother and until now is still unresolved. since 1946 my family have not being in unity and there is enmity among every body and all the child born in the family does not go beyond the same limit in education no mater how brilliant the child may be but the case has being that all the children in the family have the same limit of brain and now God has bless me with a different brain and since i completed my secondary school with my good result, one of my uncle predicted that i will never go beyond that limit in education and since then, things become more difficult with my parents and my elder ones have being wanderers no one has agreed to help me in my education please i need your help on what to do to receive my break through my classmates have graduated from their various universities please help me thanks and God bless

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


First and foremost, if you're going to pursue higher education, you need to learn about what is called "internalized oppression", "generational oppression", and "systematic oppression". The general idea is that families create environments that their children grow up in and internalize as normal. Certain values and ways of dealing with situations are considered the "right" way, with no real reference to their usefulness or success.

This is why, statistically, people are usually limited by their families. Their limitations in education leads to an anti-intellectualism that is passed on to their children, so their children in turn put little effort into education, and then their children, and so on. Statistical studies say that upward mobility within families is very, very rare. Usually, the parent's economic class, level of education, professional status, and religion are passed on to their children very effectively.

The people who manage to break these cycles are the people who become aware of them and willfully separate themselves from their families and seek to create their own, successful and rational, value systems.

So 1) What's happening in your family is as natural and normal as it comes, no magick is required. 2) What you need to do is stop taking these people and their values seriously. Get out on your own, get financial aid, go to community college, work hard, get good grades, then transfer (most community college's have what are called "transfer agreements" with nearby state schools) to a state school and get your degree, then either go on into grad school or go out into the work force.

At the same time, any time a crisis or a choice occurs in your life, DON'T go with your first instinct. That first instinct was most likely internalized from your family and will be self-destructive. Instead, think through the problem anew, do research, and then make a decision that is likely to create whatever outcome you desire. This goes on to creating new habits...your family has failure-habits, you need to get rid of them and replace them with success-habits.

This will likely help to at least the degree of getting you a good education. As far as the job market goes, rampant capitalism gone amok has led to great difficulties and I can't make any promises. But at the very least, you will not have to follow your family's path of limitation.

Good luck.

Nerdna Dian 4 years ago


This thread is years long and a testiment to your steadiness in character. It's very uplifting.

I am an oil painter, coder, engineer, dancer. When I mixed some organic elements together, set the studio into a beautiful swirl of music, spoken word, and incense, let my brushes freely create on canvas it turned out to be a portrait of a deeply loved one. This was almost six years ago. Recently, the loved one reappeared after a long time of no physical contact. In so many words he accused me of putting a curse on him by making this painting.

I never meant to cause any harm. It was a comfort to me to let myself be free to indulge in full expression my absolute love for him. I wanted nothing more. His accusation came as an irony and a shock. It is I who have not been able to move on since meeting him. It is I who feels opressed by obsession and that the fruits of my labors do not ripen.

I used the Thoth tarot deck to check myself and no aces appeared. Did I accidentally do something to him? Honestly, he seems to be constantly in my thoughts.

Thank you for all you do.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Thank you for your kind words. However, I don't intend anything I say to be "uplifting". I am a cosmic pessimist. My efforts here are to address suffering, which I consider to the be the fundamental core of human experience, however I can. If I were a doctor, I would run a free clinic, but instead I am a writer and retired occultist, so I do my best to alleviate suffering by sharing my knowledge.

As for your question...I doubt your painting did anything harmful to your friend/lover/whatever. Art has immense magickal power, surely, but magick comes from intention, not activity. There are no real magick words or symbols...those artifacts don't do magick, we do magick through our participation in reality. The tarot spread you did was long as you had no intention to curse him, you did not.

However, some magickal fascination may have occurred. Ask about the details of what he means by being cursed. If they sound more like being bound to you than a real curse, then the painting is probably the source of that, and you should destroy it. However, I very much doubt this is the case.

Remember, the world is mostly natural, normal, and mundane. The supernatural barely impinges upon our lives, and when it does, it is usually inexplicable (though this doesn't prevent the various traditions of magick and religion making up explanations). Always exhaust natural causes extremely skeptical about magickal and supernatural claims, because they are usually false.

Good luck.

Nerdna Dian 4 years ago

Thank you.

He says I have kept him from sustaining other relationships and even ruined relationships. He specifically misinterprets the meaning depicted in the portrait of his hand pulling down his lower lid. He said, by that and by my ancestry that it is the evil eye. He said I have called him out as a liar. It was not meant to be that (my intention). The last time we spent together he asked me to look into his eyes and he pointed to his left eye and said he came to meet me because he cares for me. I fell in love with him at that moment and that is what the painting is documenting.

Someone close to both of us told me to burn the painting but I want to be sure. It's so beautiful and it's all I have of "us".

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Don't let this guy's neuroses determine your actions. Tell him to stop blaming you for his inability to deal with life, tell him to fuck off, and keep the painting.

Life is insane enough. Don't let other people pull you into their crazy.

Pagal 4 years ago

Hello Guided One

i would like to seek your help. I am pretty sure that i have been under curse since i was born. I have to obey certain rules set by it or else i get punished. I cannot see my family suffer for my curse. I live in NYC and yes i am a Muslim. Do you know any shops near this area. I haven't done cards or salt because i am pretty sure it is much bigger than that. Please make sure that the are authentic because i don't want to waste my money on cons.

Please help me!!!

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Since you already have a spiritual path, I would advise you to first go to a cleric or spiritual leader and ask for help. Within each religious tradition are working magick for most basic things, and breaking curses is one of them.

As for knowing anyone in NYC...I don't know anyone personally, but I know there are tons of local occult shops. Just look at their websites before you go, or call them up first and ask if they teach classes. If they say no, say thank you and move on to the next store. If they say yes, ask if the people who work at the shop teach the classes. If they say no, move on to the next shop in the phonebook, if they say yes, then ask about your problem and if they can help you. You will need to go in person, but there is no need to go there if they can't help anyway.

If you want to try to do the ritual work yourself, a ritual more suited to a case like yours is explained in my other article:

Read up on that one, and if you think it applies, go for that. Between the two of them, just about anything can be dealt with. You have to understand, the complexity of the ritual is not relevant to its power. The rituals are just a way to focus your mind and will...we're the ones that do the magick, not the words or symbols.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

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mike1242 4 years ago from London

nice and very well written, what do you know about juju magic in africa...would be interested to hear about that.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hello, Mike1242,

I don't know anything about African traditions beyond a basic familiarity with Orisha and Voodoun practices. I know enough to identify them when I see them, but other than that they are beyond my specialization. Similarly to science, mathematics, religion, and philosophy, there is simply too much depth to any given tradition for anyone to learn everything about every tradition of magick. We are forced to specialize, and my specializations are ceremonial magick, Thelema, chaos magick, witchcraft in most extant European and American forms, and Left Hand Path traditions. I also have training in paranormal investigation and parapsychology. Outside those traditions my expertise is limited.

Was there a specific question you had?

rockins104 4 years ago

I am officialy scared. today is the 8 of march which is Elegua's bday. I bought his red and black candle and ask him for protection in my life. For some reason Id rer

rockins104 4 years ago

I started reading more about him and next thing I know I was here on this page is that a sign or what and by the way I shuffled 3 times and all 3 timess there the big fat Ace. Please help me can you email me please o its let the sunject be Curse and tell me what tk please and thank you

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


I am not going to email you. If you are cursed simply follow the instructions in the article. There is nothing more to it than that.

Good luck, and thanks for reading. 4 years ago

Hello warm greetings to You, The Puck. I hope you are well. I've been reading all of the comments as well as your article. Which is very well written and very informative! I've done these very things that which you have suggested. Yet to no avial, I find NO relief. I've sought out several individuals who practice the Craft, and a couple of dear close friends of mine, they are both highly accomplished HP's. I've gone through several ceramonies and Nothing has changed. I'm at my wits end here. I suffered through trauma and literally every kind of abuse you can think of from a small child upwards. I am a genuine gentle soul you see, Mr. Puck. My husband says I have "too big of a heart", to use my husband's words. I never turn a person away. I feel the fenuine needto help when someone asks me. Wether it's a quarter for the bus or some place to crash even if for just the night. Yet it seems as if all I recieve in return is a spit in the face constantly. My own blood relatives seem to relish in my trials. Currently I am going through a nightmare. I've been accused of a crime I did NOT commit. I've provided PHYSICAL evidence to PROVE my INNOCENCE, yet the "local" judical system REFUSES to allow my evidence and WITNESSES to further prove my INNOCENCE. This is the just the latest wall thrown up in my life. This particular situation has been going on for almost 10 months now. Am I just destined to this way of life?

Evelyn 4 years ago

I cast a love binding spell today and after reading this I would like to undo it!! How do I do that? I didnt think there would be consequenes, what exactly will my cosequence be? I did the binding for me and my ex boyfridnd and he wasnt present at the time I did it. What have I done !!! How long will it last ??? I'm freaking out dude! I never meant to cause any harm!

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author,

Have you performed divinations about your situation, either the method I gave in the article or some other? And if so, have they said you are cursed?

It seems to me that your desire to help may have led to some of this. We exist as trails of energy through time, or at least that's one way of conceptualizing things. Our trails of energy connect to those of other people when we become involved in their lives. By trying to help the people through this site, for example, I am entangling myself, my little trail of energy, with each person. But because of how I operate, I keep that entangled state to a minimum. I don't meet people in person, I don't do magick on other people's behalf (at least in this context; I do lend aid to friends and family, of course), and I do regular cleansings to disentangle my energy from theirs. So if you are going around trying to help lots of people, and get involved in their lives, you could be entangling yourself with all of them, and essentially you end up taking on their karma or the consequences of their actions.

I have seen such things before. At the first occult shop I worked at (13: Real Magick in Santa Cruz; it's gone now, and the shop my best friend and I built, the Sacred Grove, took it's place), the owner had done exactly this for years...just entangling herself with every person who come along. She suffered for it, and had to spend over a year just cleansing.

So this is what I suggest to you:

1. For the space of at least one full lunar cycle (I would go for a whole lunar year of 13 months if I were you) do not become entangled in anyone's lives.

2. Buy a new wardrobe of all white clothes and wear all white over the course of this time period. White is reflective, black is want to reflect.

3. Learn a common cleansing and protection ritual. The one with the salt in my article isn't built for this, so I suggest learning the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (just google it...there are tons of versions out there). Perform it at least once a week, and I would go with every day.

Keep this up for the entire time period, and you will be able to disentangle from all the various people in your world.

However, sometimes people just have bad luck. Nothing can really protect you from that; life is chaotic. Nothing can protect you from the consequences of your actions, either.

As far as your court case goes...I'm sorry. Our legal system is broken in many ways, and corruption is everywhere. There is little I can do without a direct magickal link to you, and I wouldn't do it anyway (that whole "not doing magick on other people's behalf" thing). If you study magick yourself, you can learn to influence various events. That's the best advice I can give you.

Good luck, and thanks for reading.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Evelyn, exactly did manipulating the feelings of another person sound like an ethical thing to do? There isn't some special category of ethics for's the same as anything else, and love spells, when done on a specific person, is roughly equivalent to putting a roofie in their drink.

Breaking the spell will be based on how you did the spell. If there are physical items involved, burn them. As they burn, visualize yourself pulling the energy in them into yourself from them. If there is no physical item from the spell, you're going to have to cast a counterspell...basically you have to cast a discord spell. Find a spell to "break up lovers" or "cause strife between two people" or something like that and cast it. The two spells will cancel each other out.

And in the future...think about the ethics of using magick before you do it. It's not about the consequences (though those exist), it's about the actual morality of the act. Love spells are the moral equivalent of rape. Spells that manipulate the will of another person are the moral equivalent of slavery. Get it through your matter how you feel, trying to control other people is WRONG and will ALWAYS lead to bad things.

Good luck.

The soul 4 years ago

Is the devil inside me I don’t trust when I am angry I say and do things that I don’t remember. The words coming out of my mouth is not mine the voice is not mine the actions are not mine……… So powerful and makes me so weak. I am so exhausted to fight with it and so scary to watch it every time when happened. They want everything from me my life my happiness my love and my power and I am feeling it that slowly they are taking it away from me. Stones & candles & spells and pray doesn’t help………I close my eyes and see them laughing and see them stabbing me and see the fire and I am just watching powerless to do anything ………………………just because they want to be me……………………………then they live and am I sick and can’t move my body hurts and there is no energy in my soul. I am back this is me now…………………..until the next time…………………………………………………….

Matt372 4 years ago

I have 2 questions.

Sometomes bad luck is caused by negative energy in someone's force field. For example if someone has felt a lot of negative emotions like anger, he or she maybe releasing negative energy into his or her force field. If someone's bad luck is not caused by a spell or a curse, but is caused by negativity or negative energy as result of his or her own nrgative emotions, would the salt water bath ritual remove his or her bad luck?

In many things in the supernatural require one to have faith or believe in order for something to work. For example, with Islamic talismans you have to have faith that God's power will work through your talisman to achieve the desired results. So, how does someone make themselves believe what they want to believe in order to achieve the desired supernatural results? For example how can an atheist make himself believe in God just so he can get what he wants from the supernatural? Are there any specific books that you would recommend for this? Can you please list at least one book title?

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

The Soul,

Seek professional psychiatric care. You don't have to live like this.

Good luck.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Good questions.

1. Yes, the cleansing will work for things like that. You will probably find better results using the term "aura" instead of "force field". A "force field" is commonly understood to be a protective shield surrounding a ship or city in science fiction. The energy field surrounding and coexisting with living bodies is called an aura.

2. This is a good point. Belief is one of the tools the mind uses to direct its attention and energy. However, it is reasonably easy to do magick without believing in any gods (I do it all the time). I simply use god-names and god-forms as conceptual markers, names for certain aspects of existence. I have found it's best to deal with magick head on as it really is, and NOT to engage in religious belief. Magick does not require one to believe anything specific, only certain magickal practices require things like that. If I were you, I would NOT mess around with my mind and beliefs and instead would put my efforts into either finding or formulating a paradigm of magick that is consistent with your beliefs about reality. Playing with belief can lead to serious mental illness.

Any book on chaos magick will deal with modifying belief, but again, I don't recommend this AT ALL. It has never, ever, in my experience, led to anything except misery and illness. All experience and reason to guide your belief. Since you know magick works, regardless of the religion of origin, that means that the really real reality (the one that doesn't include made-up things like religious traditions) accommodates magick just fine. A paradigm where WE do the magick through various methods of focusing our intent is the truth, and will allow you to accomplish any magickal goal you wish without messing up your mind.

Good luck.

Matt372 4 years ago

1. When I perform the salt water bath ritual, do I have to say the exact words that you are using in this article, or can I use my own words that mean exactly the same thing as the words you told us to say for the ritual?

2. If I am performing this ritual to remove negative energy and I am NOT removing a curse or a spell, can I modify the words for the ritual to suit my needs?

Thank you

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


1. You can modify the words however you wish. Minds do magick, not words.

2. See number 1. So long as the ritual is used for cleansing the object of the spell (you, in this case), the same ritual can be used. The mechanics are the same.

Magick functions through patterns of energy; as you have already realized, the entity which is a person is a complex of body and mind, a cluster of energy and relations. This cluster has a basic form, granted by genetics, but is otherwise variable. The total energy of this cluster extends somewhat outside the body's physical boundaries, and it is this extra bit we call an "aura". This aura, however, is not exactly being radiated by the body; rather, it is simply a portion of that body. The aura is just as much you as your arm is. A spell operates through inducing a certain pattern in the energy of the body/mind complex. This is what a "cleansing" must remove, but of course it's not exactly removal. It's more like resetting the energy of the body back to its native state. The energy pattern that is you can get inundated with harmful patterns through many different means, however, as you have realized, but the cure is always going to be the same: a cleansing ritual of some sort.

The symbols, words, and components of a give spell are just there to guide your mind in doing what it can already do...cause changes in the organization of the energy that makes up itself and the reality it is a part of. If you feel other words or symbols will work better for you, use those.

Laurie 4 years ago

Hi maybe you can help me. I have a bf believe is cursed. so many awful things happen to him and his kids. I am a wiccan. my friend is a voodoo priestess. she said she tried to do his reading and her bowl caught on fire. she said he has a bad curse on him. I can protect myself. He has seen an entity follow him. how do i protect him. this is a very rational man. he wouldn't make up something like that. it was years ago.

Joshua 4 years ago

Puck I have a friend (mike) who was insanely depressed about breaking up with his ex (Cindy). So he cast a love binding spell on her. Now he's worried that by telling me about it that means the binding spell is voided. Is that true? Also I'm not very much into this stuff but he mentioned something about he had to void the spell because supposablly Cindy's grandmothers friend who is physic notified them that he had cast a spell (which of course he did by using some items). What do u think they'll do to him if they really did find out? Could they do some hokiss pokiss to get rid of his spell if it really isnt voided? Or could they do something worse with another spell or something? I would really appreciate an answer. I think he needs help. He's just not himself.

Emma 4 years ago

Hi, I read a fictional book about a girl that can read peoples auras' and I was wondering is it possible for people to actually see someones aura? If so how could I learn to see a persons aura. You see I'm known for being very intuitive and my family thinks that I'm gifted by being able to feel other peoples emotions. I used to believe it but its been a while since I could read someones emotion. Maybe because I've been so stressed for a long time now. But when I'm not stressed I literally could tell what someones feeling before they even show or tell anyone what they really feel! If someone is sad around me over a bad break up and their covering it up by acting normal I literally feel their sadness then I start to cry. Is this possible or am I just bipolar? Please help I'm going crazy with wondering if its true or not!!! Thanks...

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


You say you're a Wiccan, and you have a friend who is a Vodoun priestess...why do you need to ask me how to do a protection spell on someone? It is literally the first spell anyone in any tradition learns.

Actually read my article. Use the method I give with the cards to divine whether he is cursed. If he is cursed, convince him to do the cleansing ritual I give in the article.

If it's not a curse, and instead he has an entity of some sort following him, use the card method to ask if there is an entity and, if the answer is yes, do it again asking if the entity means him harm. There are literally thousands (if not millions) of different kinds of entities out there, and for the most part they simply don't care about humanity any more than we care what racoons are doing with their time. If the entity is malicious, then read and (with your friend) perform the I.O.B. technique listed in my other article,

That should take care of whatever is going on. Seriously, though, if you are going to go around calling yourself a Wiccan/witch, you should really learn some actual magick. It's not something to mess with if you won't learn the basics.

Good luck.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


No, telling someone about performing a spell doesn't void the spell, though it can lessen the power of the spell. The best way to do any act of magick is to perform the ritual, then once it is over to essentially forget about it. Any amount of talking or thinking about it will pull energy that was focused into the spell back into the caster.

As for whether the family, if they have mages among them, can counter the spell: yes, of course they can. And yes, of course the family can curse your friend for revenge...that's what curses are for.

In general, regardless of how upset you get after a failed relationship or anything else, you shouldn't do anything with magick that you would consider unethical to do with mundane means...a love spell cast on a specific person is the moral equivalent of rape, and a curse is the moral equivalent of murder. It's not like there are special moral rules for's just another way of getting things done.

Your friend should release the binding spell. This can be done by burning the original physical components used to do the spell and visualizing the energy in the items rising up with the smoke and being breathed back in by the caster (don't breathe in the actual smoke, just the energy). If there were no physical components, then the caster needs to do a counter-spell to the original spell. So the counter to a love spell is a discord spell, the counter to a generic curse is a blessing, and the same theory can be used for just about any other kind of spell. Just counter the original spell with its conceptual opposite.

Good luck to you and your friend.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


Yes, seeing auras is real, though it's debatable how useful it can be. As for learning how to do it...there are various ways to pick up the trick of it, but it mostly consists of letting your eyes relax and looking at the periphery of a person instead of directly at them. You will eventually be able to see a slight distortion around them, like a band surrounding them where the light passing through it is slightly bent and refracted. You will sometimes see colors, sometimes not, and lots of people have tried to make a system of what color means what state of mind, but there is no dependable system other than learning to make correlations...see what color you see when you know someone is sad, happy, etc., and then use that experience in the future. Most people can learn to do this, but some people just can't, no matter how hard they try, and some people can't turn it off (like me) and are constantly seeing the various weird energies we share the world with.

And yes, it is possible that you are picking up other people's emotions. That ability is called empathy, and all humans except sociopaths have it to some degree. People communicate their states of mind in many non-verbal ways, and some people are more sensitive to those communications than others. Empaths pick up emotions and attitudes, telepaths pick up thoughts and sometimes can project their own thoughts. There is no way to "learn" to do this, however; you either have it or don't. And yes, you can just stop being able to do it, though whether it has anything to do with stress is anyone's guess. It may come back, it may not.

Good luck.

mar 4 years ago

Since I can remember im afraid to sleep I get stuck coming in and out of sleep. I literally get paralized and either feel something grab me or feel intense suffocating pressure. Its really scary because im wide awake and am aware of my surroundings. i feel threatened and mocked and completely petrified. I usually have to fight my way out w prayer, will, threats etc...all internal dialogue of course bc im completely still. I dont think, well I hope im not crazy. Ive gone to doctors, majored in psychology, done cleansings. All kinds, from personal home baths w salt and sage, to beaches to cleansings w fire that costs me $500. im 32 I thought that by now I wouldnt be afraid of the dark, or being alone or just falling asleep. Its just that im afraid of this just my personal nonsense? ive spent a lifetime trying to move or grow past it.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


This is a state called "sleep paralysis" or "night terrors". The theoretical cause is a small seizure in the brain that causes your mind to wake up and be aware while your body is still asleep. Since there is no real stimuli coming from your eyes and ears and your body feels held down or weak, you panic and start hallucinating. People see and hear all sorts of things while this is happening. I suffer from them myself. It's a form of parasomnia disorder.

And don't feel bad...I sleep with the light on, too. There is plenty to be scared of in life, and there is no shame in being scared of whatever you feel scared of. This is a medical condition. If you can, go to a doctor and tell them about what you're experiencing. I have gotten great results with my sleep problems with the meds my doctor gave me, a small dose of a tricyclic antidepressant. Turns out, some sleep disorders respond really well to that family of drugs, with none of the downsides of sleeping pills. I have been sleeping better than I have since I was a teenager, and I haven't had a night terror since.

As far as I know, this is not a supernatural problem, which is why it hasn't responded to supernatural solutions. Seek medical help.

Good luck.

sirinyanyara 4 years ago

Thank you. Its good to have it validated by a reasonable explanation. I drive my partner nuts with my lack of willingness of sleep.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


No problem. I've suffered from sleep disorders since I was a child, and I have a special place in my heart for fellow sufferers.

I've had deal with several partners on this issue over the years. The best thing is to just establish some sleep independence, so your partner sleeps when they feel comfortable and you do, too. Take responsibility for it, sure, but don't feel like you need to change in order to suit some "normal" sleep style. It's a medical issue, it's not like you're just being stubborn or selfish; if any partner can't respect your problems and needs, then that's THEIR problem, not yours.

Good luck.

gayan 4 years ago


First of all hats off to you for such amazing information. Secondly, i need your guidance. I have a curse in which i can't have sex or nothing even close to it. I'm 23 virgin male , Attractive and get lots of offer everyday but i cant accept them because if i do or even think about it i get punished severely.

I have begged god for mercy but with no help. Due to this i have no friends, no GF of course, no happiness in my life. I think about suicide all the time.

please help me get rid of this.

PS: since i was a kid i always wanted to have sex. When other kids used to play and chant i used to think about women. But curse has affected the one thing that i wanted most in the world.

Do you think is it from God or is it someone's jealous activities.

PS: im pretty sure it is not in my mind or a delusion. it's real. i have tried virtually everything except magic to get rid of it.

PLZ Help!!!!

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


First, what exactly do you mean by being "punished severely"?

Second, why are you so sure this isn't the result of mental illness? What specific reasons do you have to believe that the problem is supernatural in nature?

Third, have you read and utilized the techniques in my article to divine whether you are cursed and, if so, to get rid of it?

Liz 4 years ago

what do you think about this bathe 7 tablespoon seasalt, 3 drops rue, 1 pinch hyssop, 1 pinch agremony, 1 pinch male fern, 1 pinch vervain, 1 pinch rosemary, 1 pinch nutmeg, 1 pinch ginger, 1 fluid once lemon juice, 1 pinch white oak, 1 bay leaf, 1 cinnamon leaf and 2 cloves.

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Reves-diary 4 years ago from Dhaka

Whoa! I did not have any idea on this topic. I hope I won't need to take any step for breaking any curse on me :/

Thanks for your inspiring post. 4 years ago

I want help i have 5 chilren and one is a boy he can not walk due to a curse of inherited disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy i know is a curse because of the pastors told me and my mother has weak joints and muscle, my sister also and myself please help me break the curse

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


It really depends on what you're doing the bath for. As a curse-breaker it is a bad recipe, for the most part. All those herbs have magickal properties of so many types it's hard to know what to say in response. Perhaps if you explained what the ritual bath is intended to do, I could come up with a better answer.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author,

I'm sorry, but your pastor was almost definitely wrong. Duchennes is a disease, not the result of a curse, and while healing magicks MIGHT be able to help, a curse-breaker isn't going to do anything. Sorry.

Joshua 4 years ago

Hipuck its me joshua

Joshua 4 years ago

Hi puck sorry its a typo^^^ two weeks ago you gave me advice about my friend you stated that if he's talking and thinkin about the binding spell he did on his ex ...well you said it'll weakin the spell but does that mean it won't work at all? Because he's very depressed and he is hopeful it'll work especially since his ex has a new bf now.

idjmleader 4 years ago

Ok here is the deal! I havent done any of the test yet but I know for a freaking fact I have a curse. I am very suicadal all the time, this next part is sorta personal but its a must to understand. my mom is a major christian, and i think i was curse from someone like her. Ok if I pleasure myself 3 times in one day and watch porn 1 time in that day 4 bad things will happen no matter what period end of story! lately I been seeing "666" and everytime I see it someone I know dies, or very bad things happen for a week to a month straight. I am fucking sick of all of this. then to top all of it off I am a seeier, I see the future through my dreams, but they have been stopping lately which scares me and makes me think I am gonna die."sorry grammar "

man can you please honestly tell me how to make this stop its been happening for 10 years straight i seriously can not stand it at all! Another question Me and 5 other people I know see this man who is fake he stands in a pure black robe with no face, we all have seen his face he looks like freddie kruger and darth maul mixed. he is quiet and calm do you know who this is? So man can you Please help me for real I am so sick of all of this.

idjmleader 4 years ago

This goes to my other comment. Look man I know you do not know me at all, But seriously the amount of bad shit that happens to me is unreal, So if you could in detailed information about everything I asked please tell me honestly what is going on. I do not beg for nothing or from anyone, I am very well talented althlet for extreme sports and do not take BS from anyone so I guess the point of that is showing I would not beg. But I am sorta begging you no one has ever been able to help me, and to be honest the suicidal thoughts are becoming so strong. But I can not kill myself, because I have afew people that really care and that is selfish. But mainly this is just all torment, is it a tormenting demon? is the guy I see the cause off all of this? so please reply thanks]

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

It depends how much energy was put into the spell initially by the caster vs. how much of the energy he draws back by thinking about it and talking about it. If the spell falls below a certain level of energy, it just won't cause enough change in the target's feelings to affect their actions.

But I really don't want to encourage casting love spells of any kind on specific individuals. It's highly immoral and dangerous. It doesn't create love in any real sense, it just creates obsession.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

I would recommend that still use the card test to see if there is an additional curse, but in any case the entity is an issue. Most entities can be banished (sort of an astral restraining order...they can't interact with you) using the IOB technique I detail in

So do the IOB to get rid of the entity, do the card test to see if you are cursed separately from the activity of the entity, and if the answer is yes, then do the saltwater cleansing from this article.

Good luck.

idjmleader 4 years ago

Thanks man

curiosity 4 years ago

Hi Puck

i was raised C.O.G.I.C. for the past 10 yrs or so however i cant help but feel that what i been taught is not the whole story. i happen upon your hub and others. let me just say you are well spoken. your kindness and how much u care shows in this hub. it was not at all what i thought it would be.

i am what u would call a talent. i have so many questions but i can tell you're a busy man, so i wont weigh u down with them. Thank you for this hub. Get Well Soon & Stay Blessed.

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. And yes, you might say they aren't giving you the whole story. Christianity, like any other religion, has a lot of variation within it, but the demonizing of magick and mages/witches has been a constant. Don't expect them to tell you the truth about any other religion of philosophy.

You don't get better from an illness like mine, but thanks for the thought. While I am a busy man, this hub was made for questions, so if you have something you need to know related to magick, ask away.

Thanks for reading.

Esh 4 years ago

In 2004 Me and my exboyfriend broke up in a very emotional way...I called a pshyic out of a magazine and she told me she could to a love spell.  I did everything she told me to do..I felt like it was a hoax cause it didn't work and I forgot about it.  A few months later I got pregnant for my exhusband and we got married in 2005.    Through out my marriage my exboyfriend proclaimed his love for me when I got devoriced be he was married at the I said no.  Presently, we came into contact with each other again.  Now he's devoriced, but this time he's different...very mean and arrogant towards me for no reason.  We spent time together but he doesnt call or text.  But the roles has changed and now I feel like I'm stalking him...weird.  What I wanted to know is did this spell that was cast also seems like when I'm not interested in him, he wants me but when I'm ready for him he's not ready for me...i wasn't really into church then but I am a Christian now...i didn't know that it was wrong to force someone to love u and I don't want anyone to get hurt....I just want  us both to find our soul mates...I don't want him to hate me

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

You didn't know it was wrong to force someone to love you? Really? What part of "manipulating someone else's feelings" sounds ethical to you?

As far as his behavior...this is typically the results of a love spell. It didn't backfire at all. Love--real love--is an activity, a certain complex of feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. You can't really use magick to make someone love you. Instead, you make them obsessed with push yourself into their awareness and they can't stop thinking about and obsessing on you. Sometimes that manifests in harmless ways, but for the most part obsession leads to twisted emotions and attitudes.

Most likely the spell itself already exhausted it's power. Spells decay, just like everything else; entropy is a universal constant. But the momentum of obsession doesn't go away...instead it becomes resentment and sometimes even hatred.

Sorry...this is not something you can fix. You screwed up, did something horribly unethical, and now you're reaping the consequences. This isn't supernatural, and it's not a curse. It's the natural result of screwing with someone else's mind.

It doesn't matter that you don't want him to hate you. Don't you get it? You're belief that your feelings are somehow central and more important than his feelings is exactly what caused the problem. You don't get to dictate how he feels, and if you try to do so it's just going to lead to more sorrow on everyone's part. Just be glad that his obsession didn't turn into violence, as it so easily can.

There is nothing I can do to help you. This is the natural consequence of your choices and you're just going to have to live with. Maybe next time you think you have the right to use magick to manipulate other people you'll think about this and remember that it's a bad idea.

shaun 4 years ago

Ok puck, Now I got a question for you. I tried your card method, because I believe I am cursed, but I came up with all four aces. You said there would be 0-3, what does four mean?

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

It means that you did it wrong. Four aces means four piles, when you are only supposed to do three.

But I would say the odds are pretty good that you're cursed.

koko 4 years ago

Hi there Puck, first off I'd like to commend you on trying to help all of the people who are seeking to break a curse. I did the card reading and it seems that I'm most likely cursed. 1 ace in my first pile (2nd card pulled) and the other in the 3rd pile. I was given the advice of the salt bath about a year ago, which I did and things seemed to get better for a while. My question is: Does the effect of the salt bath wear off over time? Or should I seek the help of a practitioner?

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

A cleansing shouldn't wear off, no. A cleansing removes something that is there, it isn't an ongoing spell of its own. Most likely you got hit by something new, or the "something" is an entity, not a curse. Use the card test to see if it's an entity, and if it is, use the instructions in my other article,

Otherwise, you probably just got hit with another curse. If you run in circles that include occultists, it might be someone you know. I would like to say that practicing mages were better people, but we vary just as much as anyone else. Some people, like myself, want to ease suffering (thank you for the acknowledgment, by the way), but others just use magick to pursue their own agendas or harm people.

Good luck.

Jamie 4 years ago

I did something I'm not proud of. I did a love binding spell on my ex bf. I know its wrong but I was so upset. I regret it now and wanted to cancel it so I told my ex bf what I did. I apoligized. I want to move on but I did the spell about 6 weeks ago and I was curious as to why it didn't work? I don't think it worked because my ex isn't stalking me. I have spoke about it and thought about it but not so much! So why didn't it work?

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Usually when practical magick doesn't work, it comes down to thinking that lighting a candle or saying some words is what magick is. It's not. Magick depends upon the mind of the user. This is why there are systems of training...they aren't so much about memorizing symbol sets and words of power, and they are more like mystical systems like Yoga or Buddhism. The primary components that make magick function is you...your concentration, ability to visualize and focus on the goal, and the amount of energy you can raise and manipulate.

Many books on magick don't make enough of a point of this, and few include a system of training so you can train yourself. This is one of the reasons learning from books alone can be a waste of time. Mages learn how, through meditation, visualization, and energy work, to manipulate and channel energy through themselves and into a symbolic act that guides the spell, sort of imprinting the energy with a goal. Without the mental/spiritual techniques, the average human can't muster up enough energy to cause change (for the most part...sometimes people have wild talents, where the very act of daydreaming can cause things to happen...but that can be more dangerous than anything else).

Magick isn't easy...if it were, everyone would be doing magick to accomplish their goals. Instead it requires great dedication and focus, and usually years of training. I've been training since my childhood, and I still have operations fail (though very rarely).

Another possibility is that your target was shielded, either through someone shielding them with a spell, they themselves knowing some magick (shielding is one of the first things you learn to do, so it wouldn't take much training for that), or their natural psychic immune system (similar to the physical one) protected them. People's aura, the energy field surrounding their body, is their spiritual body, and it has an immune system just like their physical body. Any act of magick that would coerce or harm will set off both natural and magickal shields. Training and experience is how mages are able to get past that sort of thing.

Magick is not "the easy way" to get anything done, not really. It requires a lot of training, work, and effort to accomplish even small magickal acts.

You should be happy were lucky and so was your target. Don't try crap like that is ALWAYS wrong to manipulate and control the will of other people and creatures. Yes, I know, our culture usually doesn't care too much about such ethical issues...I do.

So the symbolic actions and words of a ritual aren't what "do" magick, you are.

Jamie 4 years ago

Thank you. I completely understand what your saying. I was in a very dark place when I did that binding. I just was sad and angry and basically frustrated with our situation. I just don't understand how it was starting to work but now it seems like its not. My ex started looking for me again and I was surprised because the last time I spoke to him he said alot of cruel things including that he never wanted to see or hear from me ever again. All of a sudden BAM he's calling saying he wants to be friends and he's making up that he has a new girlfriend and their always calling me to fight or something stupid like making me jealous. Could this mean that its working. I'm thinking about burning the items I have. I really don't want it to work so that's why I told him what I did but the curiousity is killing me!!! I don't know if its working or not. He's not stalking me (I don't think) so am I in the clear? Or should I be worried that its gonna start working later? What do you think?

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

I would go ahead and burn the spell's focus items, yes.

Dannyboy2000 4 years ago

Hi Puck, Hope your doing well.

I got a question, can Voodoo spells be broken by going to an occult shop? A friend of mine girlfriend practices Voodoo and we had a fallout and suspect they did something. Thanks Danny

Dannyboy2000 4 years ago

Continued...... Or can these Voodoo Spells like any other spells be broken by using your methods on this page?

Thanks Danny

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Voodoo spells are just spells. They can be broken using normal methods, by professionals at a shop or by using this cleansing ritual. Voodoo is just another tradition, there is nothing especially different about it.

Dannyboy2000 4 years ago

Hi Puck, Thanks for Getting back to me. I also have had trouble sleeping, anxiety and feeling Depressed not interested in things. I know im really stressed with this issue. Are these signs of a spell or I'm over thinking it? He also has a jacket of mine that I sold him months before the fallout. Can he do more harm since he has my jacket ? I know wore the jacket many times after also. Once the spell is broken does your health go back to normal? How do you get protection from them doing another spell? Will they know once the spell is removed? Are crystals good for that? Tigers Eye ect. Thanks Danny

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thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Trouble sleeping, anxiety, and depression are not necessarily symptoms of a supernatural affliction at all. As always, we must try to exhaust natural possibilities first, and because of the subjective and pervasive nature of sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression in our culture, there is no reason to leap to a supernatural cause. One could argue that if you're NOT having such issues, you're probably not paying attention to the state of the world.

Yes, any item that you wore a great deal or otherwise created a strong emotional connection with can be used as a magickal link to you. Not all of your possessions are magickal links, but the ones you care about and use regularly usually are.

If the spell is causing health issues, breaking the spell can remove that factor, but if there were processes put into motion by the spell that are physical or psychological, those can persist. So if you get hit with a sickness curse, it will result in a lowered immune which lets you get infected with (say) the flu. Even if you break the spell, you still have the flu until it runs its course. Same thing with injuries, of course. If a spell causes a traumatic incident, such as a threat to your life (or even just a perceived threat to your life...your mind doesn't really know the difference), you will still have that trauma when/if the curse is broken. A spell is a cause, not an causes other things to occur, and depending on the effect, it can go on forever.

Most people have a sort of psychic immune system that protects them from low-energy spells and weak astral entities. In order to get more protection than that, you have to learn magick and use a shielding spell, such as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or other, similar shielding spell. It has to be maintained and, of course, the more you work at magick and more power you gain, the more powerful a mage or entity will have to be to get past your shields.

Crystals are useful as foci for any spell. Tiger's Eye is a non-precious stone, not a crystal, and has specific uses related to it, as do many other stones. Information on stone correspondences can be found all over the place:

Good luck.

Dannyboy2000 4 years ago

Hi Puck, Thanks for the great info I really do appreciate it. Sorry for so many questions. The jacket I sold him was not a jacket I wore outside. No great love, or emotional ties to it just a used jacket that I bought on eBay 2 years ago cause I thought it looked cool but never worn it outside the house other than trying it on a few times in my home.... put it in my closet until I sold it to him. The fact that he wore the jacket as well it was considered his after It left my and hands and paid me for it, Right?. He would do a spell on himself then? I saw someone who is Clairvoyant and said someone did Voodoo who was jealous and they did something containing a thing with a spider eats another spider??? Do you know anything about this sort of thing? The Clairvoyant Didn't mention anything about a jacket though. And can the salt bath clear something like this? Do you have to submerge your full head in the salt bath as well? And do you wash it off with Soap and water? Can I do this in a rented motel or does it have to be in my own home? Can this go to any family members or loved one? And once removed is it removed from anyone around me. Can spells cause death if not removed soon enough? I don't know if this all has do with the tingling I have been getting in my hands and feet.. and night terrors I would sleep for an hour then wake up with stiff hands and feet with nightmares. Used to keep me up at night and lasted 3 weeks straight. It doesn't happen anymore but my sleep is still not great I would sleep 4 hours then wake up calmly and have a hard time falling back to sleep.Do you thing this has anything to do with this? Should I Confront him or this would cause a bigger issue? Can Psychics, Clairvoyants help with this the removal cause many of they claim they can do this or is this not true?

So can any spell can be broken or removed with the help of your info or from the help of someone from an occult shop?

Thanks again, Danny

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Okay, that's a lot of questions, and most of them are irrelevant.

1. If you didn't emotionally imprint on an object--make it yours on a personal level--it is not a magical link to you. A mage trying to use it as such would most likely know that it wasn't really a link, and if they didn't the spell would most likely just ground out. A backlash is possible, but unlikely...anyone who couldn't tell if an object was or was not a magickal link to a given person probably doesn't have enough power to make a difference anyhow.

2. You seem fixated on voodoo. Voodoo is not special, it does not have its own rules. Magick is magick; traditions are about symbol sets and personal philosophies, not special qualities to the magick. All magick--say it with me now--all magick, including ANY and ALL other little possible things you can think of, including, but not limited to, voodoo, Santeria, Satanism, Setianism, and Ancient Egyptian, ALL magick is energy imprinted with a pattern by a mind. Period. All of it. Every spell, enchantment, invocation, evocation, divination, necromancy, ligature, poppet, sachet bag, gris-gris works the same way and follows the same rules. Now, if you find yourself thinking of some possible exception, STOP, and reread this. There are no exceptions.

3. A cleansing ritual can cleanse any spell. Whether a cleansing ritual YOU do can cleanse a spell cast by someone else depends on your relative power versus that of the caster. Magickal power depends on a combination of concentration, visualization, experience, and comprehension of the basic principles of magick. So yes, the cleansing CAN cleanse any and all spells, but only if you actually focus your intention and visualization as the ritual says.

4. Yes, you need to cleanse all of you, including your head. You don't need soap to clean it off, just take a warm shower...the salt will dissolve and pull away the energy of the spell.

5. Spells go to their targets via astral connections generally called magickal links. If other people were targeted by a spell, a cleansing you do on yourself isn't going to do a damn bit of good for them. Think it through...why would it? They didn't get cleansed, you did. But if a spell is cast on you, it's not going to pass to others unless it was designed to do so. If so, every person affected needs to be cleansed.

6. Yes, some spells can kill you. Not all curses are meant to do that, though.

7. Your symptoms are associated with so many issues, natural, psychological, and possibly supernatural, that there is no way for me to know from your description. If there is any doubt as to your physical or mental health, you should consult a doctor, which I am not. I'm a mage. Different thing entirely.

8. I don't know if you should confront him. I don't know him, I don't know if he cast the spell, and overall, I can't really have any informed opinion whatsoever about your interpersonal relationships, nor do I have any expertise in such matters. I am also not a therapist.

9. Psychics/clairvoyants have a certain talent to sense certain things. This has nothing to do with magick. Psychics may also study magick, and almost all mages have some degree of psychic ability, but all psychics necessarily can do is access more information than the average human. If a psychic claims they can remove a curse, ask them what tradition of magick they studied. If they hem and haw and avoid detailed answers, then they are probably trying to scam you. If they sound legit, then they probably are.

10. Yes, any spell can be broken using the same methods. Methods, symbols, words, and physical items are just a way of focusing our intent, and at higher levels of training, most mages and witches can do magick without any foci whatsoever (though some of us prefer to use rituals, anyway; astral magick is exhausting). Whether a given occult shop actually has trained practitioners on their staff is something I have no way of knowing. If they do, then those mages can probably help you. A good way of knowing whether a shop has mages actually working there is if the classes taught at the shop are actually taught by the people who work there. If the shop doesn't teach any classes, or if all their classes are taught by teachers who don't work there, then you probably need to seek elsewhere.

Good luck.

Liz 4 years ago

The bath is set out to break and reverse curses, hexes and jinx and offers protection from the war Gods and to also restore luck and power to bather. It is done on the dark moon at 11am or after 6pm at dusk and is done by reading psalms 51 but first light a red candle which is anointed by two vervain leaves and Frankincense and myrrh soaked in eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil. I have sinced perfected this bath. The herbs i use is Rosemary, gardenia petals, Agrimony, vervain, Sage, Yarrow, Lavender, bayberry root, Rue, Peppermint oil. Let me you it shows you all enemies physically and helps you defeat them on spot and luck it does bring and it also shows you who are your friends physically.

Liz 4 years ago

I want to thank you, because i did the the first bath i told you about, it worked some what, but not how i wanted it to, You see after i did the sea Salt Cleansing and did the the witching salt protecting you spoke about and went back and harness the energy of the witching salt and reverse the spells that were being sent upon me, my inspiration returned to complete the bath i am telling you about, i needed to restore my spirit that that was taken. A spell was done on me by a friend who compelled me to see a obeah woman and from that everything kept going down hill. Using a white candle at 11pm on a friday with a bath mixture and psalms 10. Anyway thanx again keep up the good work.

mia 4 years ago

i just want to ask, how many times do i need to take the salt bathing?is once enough?? tnx..

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

There are various herbal foci for magick that can add various features to a bath. I was going for something people can get easily and usually feel comfortable with...salt.

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Once should be enough, but since people are at a variety of magickal training from "none" to "adept", people who can't focus their intent and concentrate enough will need to repeat the bath. The issue isn't the cleansing spell itself, it's the person doing it...magick is within us, not the tools we use, and people who haven't been trained at all will often find spells have little or no effect. There is a reason why training systems of initiation exist in every's not enough to just say some words or move some items around, burn things, etc., you have to be able to focus and concentrate your attention to an incredible degree. A lot of people get into magick looking for an easy way to succeed in life and achieve their goals, but they are wrong...magick is one of the most difficult things we do, and gaining real power can take decades.

This is a simply spell, but it won't work without the right state of consciousness and concentration.

Mary 4 years ago

Hi Puck

I'm pretty sure I've been cursed and believe me this is kind of new since I have NEVER really believed in this kind of stuff. Here's my story: I keep having problems at work caused by co-workers(mainly females) who keep trying to harm me in all ways possible. I don't know why because I always take work serious and they have no reason to harm me. I don't know what to do, I always try my best, I'm 28 and because of that I keep moving from one job to another until...something bad happens. I have no control of that since I'm not the one causing it. When there's something I really want...and I don't know how to explain it but it seems like there's always something bad that happens in order to prevent me to reach my goals. It has always been like that since I was a little girl. Also I get a lot of compliments from other people about my beauty and still my love life has also been a disaster. Everything I own and took me a lot of perserverance to get it! Also I kept finding hair in my food whether I ate at home or out, I could be sharing the same meal with a lot of people and the hair would always end up in my plate! people already laughed about that. I'd go out and buy something to eat and there would be a hair in my sandwich! I started thinking it wasn't normal so I visited a tarot reader who told me I was cursed. She couldn't even read my future line and she told me I could live 100 years and my life would always be like that if I didn't break the curse...she gave me 3 packs which I should keep sealed and 3 colored candles to burn in those specific packs. One of the candles (the blue one which represented "burn the evil/break the curse" burnt in shape of a fetus...I was in shock! why wouldn't it burn normally like the others? I was in so much desbelief I had to show my mother to know from someone else that I wasn't losing my mind...and that was in fact a fetus. If I didn't believe in anything at all after that I do. I didn't have the chance to visit the tarot reader since she leaves far from where I live and I have only sent her the 3 burnt candles, the packs and a pair of socks I owned as she mentioned. But I keep thinking about the "fetus" meaning...could the curse have been done back when I was in the womb? because she did mention the curse had taken place many years ago but she couldn't really precise when...Can you give me a hint of what it means? bottom line I know I've been cursed. This is probably a lot of info for you to handle but if you could give me an opinion I'd really appreciate that. Thank you!

thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author

Hi, Mary, sorry to hear you've been having so many problems.

On first hearing, your situation sounds like a binding spell. They are meant to limit someone's ability to make viable choices and bring plans to fruition in their lives. However, the added aspect of the hair and the odd burning of the candle lead me to believe there is something more going on than just a binding.

Either there have been multiple spells placed on you, or one person has cast one whopper of a complex spell, or there is an entity plaguing you.

First, read through the article above and use the playing-card divination method I explain to nail down whether this is a curse or an entity. Basically just ask a series of yes and no questions until you can put together the situation.

If it's just a spell or combination of spells, the cleansing ritual in the article will work just need to remember to focus more than anything on the visualizations and concentration...words and objects don't do magick, they are just foci; we are the ones who do magick.

If, through the card divinations, you find that it is an entity instead of(or perhaps in addition to; it's rare, but there are entities who can also use magick like a human) a curse, read this article and use the method described to deal with the entity:

If, through the card divination, you find that you have both been cursed and have an entity messing with you, then you need to do both. Do the curse-breaker first (bindings usually prevent magick from functioning properly) then deal with the entity, then do ANOTHER cleansing afterwards, in case the entity cast another curse.

In any case, rest assured that you CAN deal with this. Good luck and thanks for reading.

Mary 4 years ago


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I was waiting for that since where I live (Portugal) no one in paranormal forums has been able to give me an honest opinion so far. I'm going to do what you said and see how it all works out in the end. Also, I forgot to mention both my grandma, mom, aunt and cousin have experienced similar problems. In fact both my grandma and aunt have had strange stuff put in front of the doors of their homes (coins at my aunt's door and some small sprigs at my grandma's). They have always had the same problems in their lives, we can say bad luck definitely runs in this side of the family which makes me wonder if this a case of a spell who was placed into a generation. If that's the case I'm pretty sure I know who would like to harm my mom's side of the family. It just strikes me that it could be something else too since I have experienced other strange things in my life which I could never explain but chose to forget and not talk about them. For ex: a few years ago I was in my room sleeping when I woke up in the middle of the night to some loud voices saying the Hail Mary. I was awake and I could still hear them but there was no one inside my room and evryone else was sleeping in my house. I open the blinds and the voices stopped. I thought it was really strange but went back to sleep and decided to forget about it. Also I have recently heard someone's breath in my ear while trying to sleep. Sometimes at night when I'm still awake in my room I can also hear which looks like people's voices but they're really low and I can only hear some shhhh's which I assume are words, at the same time I start feeling kinda cold too. All of that goes on at night and in my room. I have never told this to anyone because I'm affraid people would call me crazy or anything like that but believe me it's harder for me to speak about it not only because this stuff is pretty recent but mainly because I've always been the biggest skeptical ever.

I'm going to use both methods just in case. Again, thank you so much for taking the time...and I'm sorry for my english since it's not my 1st language.


thePuck profile image

thePuck 4 years ago from Bay Area, CA Author


The issues you report are actually most likely two different phenomena entirely. The "bad luck" that passes through the family combined with the little items and odd bits of things implies that an entity, most likely a type of trickster spirit or faerie, has taken an interest in your family for some reason. Most likely some ancestor crossed it sometime in the past. The ritual I list for dealing with negative entities will most likely deal with that, though it might take some specialized faerie lore, instead. If you do the ritual and continue having problems, please contact me again and I will talk to my father, who is far more the authority on faerie lore.

The other experiences, the voices and the cold spots, are most likely ghosts. If your family attracted the attention of a trickster entity or fae, most likely a little psychic sensitivity will go along with that. Don't worry, the ghosts are most likely harmless. As long as physical items aren't being thrown around (poltergeist activity) then you have nothing to fear from ghosts. Usually they are echoes, just the same events repeating over and over throughout time, but some seem to actually be intelligent entities that can interact with us. The first case is harmless (though in some cases can be frightening or disturbing; echoes tend to be in locations with intense events, such as wars, murders, etc.) and the second case is usually very sad. If they start throwing physical items around or harming anyone physically, let me know and I will tell you some methods that can get rid of ghosts, though in some cases there is nothing to do but leave the location...some ghosts are impossible to banish.

Good luck.

Always Knew 4 years ago

can you be born a witch i recently found out ALOT of my family are witchs...ive seen ghost for so long...ppls enegerys rub off on me i can constanly feel what they are feeling and dream alot of odd things and since ive been young bad things happened all the time like its a chain seriously relationships never go well anymore things like surgeries failing...things ALWAYS breaking of mine...things getting lost car was stolen phone got stolen (while i was at the hospital 2 diff times) clothes rip alot i feel as if someones watching me i get real depressed things never go good for more then a few weeks...i always feel a sense of strong negitive feelings... i bought some diff kinds of healing stones to help calm things down but i kno nothing about them when i hold them they get extremly warm..ive always felt like i hae a strong sense of something and its like im someone and dnt know who i am and what i should do i kno it sounds crazy but i just dunno

Amy m 4 years ago

Thank you for posting this easy to follow test and instruction. I have to share that when I tried the card experiment even as I was shuffling 2 cards fell out of my hand...2 aces. Once complete the 2 aces showed again. I am taking this a confirmation of what I've been afraid of for a couple of years now. I'll be trying the suggested curse breaking spell today. I have also enlisted the help of an aunt who is a practicing witch. Thank you for helping me not feel crazy.

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