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Simple Wiccan Beltane Ritual for Solitaries (No Ritual Tools Necessary)

Sage has been celebrating the Wheel of the Year for 25+ years. Being a holiday junkie, she just can't get enough of the sabbats!

Beltane Ritual

Beltane rituals are often elaborate rites planned for big crowds—and while I urge you to attend a group ritual if you can, nothing beats the simple beauty of a solitary Wiccan ritual. I wrote this Beltane ritual a long while back, and have performed it alone or with my family many times. I've always found it very enjoyable, and hope you will, too.

Oh, and if you're a new Wiccan just finding your way and seeking to experience the Sabbat, you'll be glad to know that this ritual does not require any special tools.

Happy Beltane!


Beltane Ritual Supply List

You Will Need to Have:Unnecessary, but Nice If You Have Them

A potted tree, sturdy plant or branch. Alternately, set up your altar outside near a small tree.

Deity Representatives (statues, candles, pictures, etc.)

A bunch of ribbons, about 12" long

Elemental Representatives

Markers (at least one, but I like different colors)

Mood enhancers: candles, incense, etc.

A ritual beverage in a cup (any cup, doesn't have to be a chalice)

Altar decorations: altar cloth, flowers, crystals, etc.

An athame or some kind of knife, wand or clean stick if you don't have one

Music source or musical instruments

ritual cakes or bread upon a plate or pentacle

Any spell components

Beltane Ritual for Solitary Wiccans


Ritual Preparation:

  1. Set up your altar. If you're using a potted tree, put it on the altar. If you're outside by a live tree, set up your altar below it. Arrange all your items around it.
  2. Perform a ritual bath and adorn yourself for Beltane. You might wish to put flowers in your hair or wear a wreath or daisy chain, don your ritual jewelry, put on a nice robe or dress—whatever feels right to you. Remember, though, it's a major Sabbat, so ritually preparing yourself is a rite on its own and helps you mentally get into that state of mind.
  3. Light any of your incense or candles, if you have them.
  4. Ground and center yourself.
  5. Begin.

Helpful Resource:

Cast the Circle:

Take your wand, athame, staff, stick, or just your hand. Beginning in the South (the direction of Beltane), cast your circle in your traditional manner, or with these words:

By the Powers of the Sky Father,

The burst of wind, the shower of rain;

The bolt of lightning, the clap of thunder.

By the Powers of the Earth Mother;

The strong mountain, the fertile soil,

The rushing river, the fragrant wildflowers;

May this circle be cast

A place between the worlds

On this Beltane Sabbat,

Joining the Powers Above,

And the Powers Below

So Mote it Be.


* Yes, I know I put air in the North and Earth in the East; I get emails all the time by people telling me I made a mistake I might want to correct. It's not a mistake; this is my trad. Here is a good article by Mike Nichols that explains why some Wiccans use these correspondences. If you prefer Earth in the North and Air in the East, simply switch their invocations around.

Call the Quarters:

Beginning in the South:

I call upon you O Element of Fire,

To bring your Warmth and Passion to my rite

In the Spirit of Beltane

Turn to the West:

I call upon you, O Element of Water,

To bring your Emotion and Compassion to my rite

In the Spirit of Beltane

Turn to the North*:

I call upon you, O Element of Air,

To bring your Clarity and Wisdom to my rite

In the Spirit of Beltane

Turn to the East*:

I call upon you, O Element of Earth

To bring your Fertility and Prosperity to my rite

In the Spirit of Beltane

Invoke the Deities

Call to your Gods and Goddesses in whatever way you prefer. Or, simply use these invocations:

Great Goddess, Bright and Pure Maiden,

Whose beauty we see in the fields of wild flowers,

Whose sweet, warm breath is the Spring breeze,

Whose gentle kisses are like the morning dew,

Whose body dances like the rolling waves,

Whose love washes over us like the Spring rain,

I call and welcome you with this Rite of Beltane.

Bless our circle with your loving presence

So that we may honor you in our ritual.

Great God, Strong and Virile Consort,

Whose charms we see in the sparkling night sky

Whose passion we feel in the rays of the Sun,

Whose booming voice is heard in the thunder,

Whose body is hard and strong like the sturdy oak,

Whose desire stirs us like the rushing wind,

I call and welcome you with this Rite of Beltane

Bless our circle with your loving presence

So that we may honor you in our ritual.


Make a statement of purpose, such as:

On this, the day (night) of Beltane, we celebrate the Union of the Lord and the Lady,

The Young God has looked upon the Fair Maiden and is filled with desire.

The Young Lady feels a rush of heat run through her body.

On this night, they come to one another

And join in the dance of passion

Through their union, all the Universe has sprung forth

Through their continued, eternal dance of romance,

The Circle of Life is perpetuated and all Life is Sustained.

Hold a celebratory dance, song or meditation. Be grateful for all things on the Earth, knowing that it all has been a product of the love of the Great Mother and Great Father.

Hear it Here:

I Like This Song:

Continuing the Beltane Ritual Observance:

Take your ribbons, and your pen in hand. On each ribbon, write a blessing of life and the Earth for which you are grateful. Tie each ribbon onto a branch of your plant or tree. Place your hands on the plant, or on the tree trunk. Say these or similar words:

I thank You Both, God and Goddess,

For everything you have given us;

For what you have given us is everything.

This tree (plant) is in honor of your Union

With my love and gratitude.

May the blessings of your Union continue

To pour over the Earth

As the Wheel of the Year continues to turn

At this point in the ritual, you can do your spell work, personal meditations or divinations.


Celebrate the Feast:

The perfect blessing of the feast for Beltane is the symbolic Great Rite. Hold an athame, wand, or any knife or a clean stick above the cup of ritual drink and say:

As the Athame unites with the Cup,

So the Lover unites with the Beloved,

And both become One in that Union-

Two halves, made whole again,

Strengthened in Love,

And part of each other forever...

Plunge the implement into the cup to perform the symbolic Great Rite. Make an offering of the liquid into the potted tree or at the base of the tree, and take a sip.

Now, take the plate of cakes or bread. Draw a pentacle over the food and say:

And the blessings of that Union

Gives life to the living

And by partaking of the cycle of life

We are filled with Their essence.

Take some of the cake or bread, crumble it into crumbs and make an offering of it at the base of your potted plant, or place it at the base of the tree if you're outdoors.

Partake of the simple feast. Meditate, or sing, chant and dance for as long as you like... just take the moment to bask in your ritual energy.

I Love This Song for Beltane:

Ritual Closing:

Devoke the God and Goddess by these or similar words:

Lord and Lady,

I thank you for your presence

That has graced this circle.

Stay if you will, Go if you must,

Though your presence continues to be felt

In all of Nature

And for that I give you thanks

And bid you Hail and Farewell

Release the Quarters, saying this at each one. Go backwards, starting in the East, then North, then West, and finish in the South:

I thank you, O Element of Fire (Air, Earth, Water),

For lending your energies to my rite.

Stay if you will, go if you must

I bid you Hail and Farewell

Open the Circle:

May the circle be open,

And the energy within that lingers

Sink into and nourish the Earth

So that all may benefit from the celebration

Of this loving Union of the Divine.

It is done. Enjoy your Beltane ritual, and have a blessed Sabbat.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2015 Mackenzie Sage Wright


Ravenna on April 26, 2020:

What a lovely ritual! Thank you for sharing it with everyone! I've been looking for something to help me with magickal self care this year, and this just spoke to me in a powerful way, so I'm going to use it as a base for my own Beltane.

Rebka on May 11, 2019:

Beautiful words and intentions! Thank you for sharing.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on April 08, 2018:

Bright blessings, LavendarWolf, glad you enjoyed!

LavendarWolf on April 04, 2018:

Merry Meet!

I just loved the way that this Ritual was written! Thank you for being so kind and generous with what you have written! Have a great Beltane! Blessed Be!!!

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on October 02, 2017:

Hi Jen; yes, down under you guys would do the opposite.

In the Northern hemisphere, the sun rises in the East, arcs to the south, then sets in the west.

So if I were starting my ritual in the north (associated with night, winter, the transitional period), I then go east (where the day begins, associated with morning/spring/birth), then south (height/zenith of the sun's path, mid-day, summer), to the west (sun sets, endings, evening, death), and back to north to complete the circle.

For people in the southern hemisphere it's backwards. The sun rises in the east and arcs north (fire/sun direction), then sets in the west.

So you would start in the south (your direction associated with night, winter, the transitional period). Then you go east (where your day begins, associated with morning/spring/birth), then north (height/zenith of the sun's path, mid-day, summer), then west (sun sets, endings, evening, death), and the circle would be closed in the south.

Your seasons are opposite, and your circles go opposite. Hope that helps.

Jen on October 01, 2017:

I live in Australia. Would I face North instead of South to start? & If so, would I then still turn first to the west, so going in a counter-clockwise direction? I am so confused

Christina m Fuentes on April 08, 2017:

What if you can't get outside is there an alternative to potted plants also?

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on May 18, 2015:

Thanks Sylvie, glad you enjoyed it!

Sylvie Balzar on May 16, 2015:

Awesome ritual! I needed something simple for 3 people to do and this was perfect! Thanks so much, Blessed Be.