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7 Crystals for Working With Full Moon Energy

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These seven crystals are excellent for harnessing the power of a Full Moon.

These seven crystals are excellent for harnessing the power of a Full Moon.

When Should I Perform a Full Moon Ritual?

Many people consider the phases of the Moon to be important when carrying out magical workings. It is thought that each phase possesses its own energy and magical properties, which make each phase particularly suited to certain types of spells and rituals. The Full Moon is when we are able to see the entire side of the Moon. This phase is considered a powerful time for practicing healing magic, engaging in personal development and utilizing spells that boost intuition or cultivate spiritual skills (e.g., divination).

As with the New Moon, opinions differ on what days count as being part of the Full Moon phase. However, the day before the Full Moon through the day after is generally thought to be the perfect time frame for magic and intentions. That said, you may find other sources that state a longer time period for harnessing the Full Moon's energy. Leading up to Full Moon, the energy builds slowly and then gently wanes as we move towards the next New Moon.

Thinking about the fluctuation of the Moon's energy in this way, you can see how the energy of the Full Moon does not simply arrive on one specific day. Rather, the energy gently changes each day and reaches its peak on the day that the Moon reaches its fullest. With this in mind, it seems unlikely that there is any harm in performing Full Moon workings in the days leading up to the Full Moon and in the days afterwards. Performing your workings at the peak of the Full Moon is great, but don’t feel bad if you can’t strictly stick to this. It can be helpful to have a Moon phase calendar or a diary or planner that lists the Moon's phases to help you keep in tune with the Moon's energy each day. There are also apps available for mobile phones and tablets that chart the Moon’s phases. These are another useful way to bring awareness of the Moon's phase into your days.

The energy of the full moon is a powerful time for magical workings.

The energy of the full moon is a powerful time for magical workings.

What to Do When the Moon Is Full

When the Moon is full, its energy is strong and full of power and magic. This is an excellent time to perform powerful manifestation spells, recharge our own energy and recharge our tools, including crystals, tarot cards or pendulums. The energy at this time is beneficial to workings concerning success, protection, accomplishment, intuition and release. It is also a powerful time for meditation.

The energy at this time can feel exceptionally empowering for many people. But for some people, it can have a heavy or disruptive effect on how they feel and behave—it might feel like too much for them energetically. If you find that the Full Moon energy has this effect on you, take time for self-care and remember that this phase will pass. Try not to beat yourself up for feeling this way or think that you are lesser than any other practitioner out there. Remember that spells and other workings do not have to be elaborate or lengthy in order to be successful. There are many less involved tasks you can carry out at the Full Moon if you do not feel up to performing spells or meditating. The simplest of these is to place crystals and other tools in the light of the Full Moon, so they can be cleansed and filled with Full Moon energy. You can also cleanse your own energy by simply sitting out under the Full Moon.

Other simple workings include:

  • Making Full Moon water (for use in cleansing, cleaning and spells in the coming month).
  • Lighting candles for family members and friends who have passed on.
  • Journaling about your feelings and thoughts at this powerful time.
  • Working on your grimoire or Book of Shadows.
  • Taking a healing ritual bath and incorporating crystals and herbs that can aid in your intention.

In terms of healing, the Full Moon is a powerful time for releasing anything that no longer serves you or that you wish to leave behind and move on from. Many people believe that our emotions are more easily accessed and understood at this time. This makes it an excellent time for acknowledging and letting go of overwhelming, painful or negative emotions or emotional patterns. By releasing these emotions, we can move forward with a clearer mind, which helps us to heal, balance our chakras and move away from situations that no longer benefit our lives.

Full Moon energy is said to bring a powerful boost to any workings carried out at this time. Practices such as tarot and other forms of divination are likely to be especially accurate and enlightening at this time.

Seven Crystals for the Full Moon

As with any work with crystals, it is important to choose a stone that fits your intention at the time. There are many crystals that are associated with the Moon, but basing your choice on this fact alone may not yield the best results. Take time to research the properties of the stone and whether these will be beneficial to your need or wish. There may be times that you feel a strong pull towards using a particular crystal but feel that its properties do not fit your intention. If this happens, there is no harm in using the crystal—it may be that you were drawn to it for other reasons and it may still bring you excellent results. It is unlikely that every possible use of crystals has been discovered and documented, so do not be discouraged from following your intuition if you are comfortable doing so.

Crystals can be used in many ways to enhance working with the energy of the Full Moon. They can be used by themselves in crystal grids or meditation, or be programmed for a specific goal. They can also be used in combination with other therapies or modalities, such as reiki, tarot or pendulum divination. Lastly, crystals can be added to a cleansing Full Moon bath.

Moonstone has been associated with the Moon.

Moonstone has been associated with the Moon.

1. Selenite

This elegant white crystal is named after the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene. It is a powerful cleansing stone that has the ability to cleanse other crystals, auras or spaces of negative energy. It is an excellent crystal for focusing your mind, quieting a busy mind and keeping you from distractions. This is a great stone for enhancing meditation as it may help to bring additional clarity to any insight or guidance received during meditation.

Selenite is a protective crystal that can help stabilize emotions and remove blockages from your energy field. The gentle energy of this stone is great for soothing strong and overwhelming emotions. For example, it may help someone who is quick to anger to react in a calmer and more level-headed manner. This crystal can be used to help assess situations in a rational and calm manner, rather than letting emotions take over. Selenite helps to break through tough issues by finding solutions and healing without placing blame or making accusations and judgements.

2. Moonstone

As its name suggests, Moonstone has a strong connection to the Moon and to goddess energy. It is also known as the stone of new beginnings. Moonstone has a feminine energy that is perfect for working with and enhancing intuition. It is a nurturing crystal well-known as a fertility charm that is beneficial to pregnant or breastfeeding women and mothers. This crystal is a good choice for boosting any spell work or healing undertaken at the Full Moon.

Moonstone is a good choice of crystal for working through insecurities or for revealing deep-seated emotions and behaviours that hold you back. It is a balancing and lucky crystal that is said to be of great benefit to lovers and all matters of the heart.

This crystal can be found in several varieties. Each variety has its own unique properties in addition to the general ones attributed to this stone. Blue moonstone, in particular, is excellent for bringing clarity and aiding focus during meditation. This variety is helpful in identifying emotional patterns in your life and in supporting you through any changes to these patterns that are needed.

Rainbow moonstone clears the mind and helps to ease emotional trauma.

Peach moonstone is said to aid in accepting ourselves as we are and in separating our emotional needs from the crutches we may use.

Labradorite is a beautiful iridescent crystal.

Labradorite is a beautiful iridescent crystal.

3. Labradorite

This eye-catching crystal has long been associated with human spirituality. It is known by many as a stone of transformation that will help you in becoming your true self. Labradorite can cleanse your aura and aid in removing thought and behaviour patterns that are holding you back from success. This pretty crystal is believed to be lucky for anyone looking for good fortune or success.

Labradorite is closely linked to intuition and psychic insight. As such, it is a good choice for anyone looking for guidance in resolving issues they face or for inspiration about how to solve obstacles and difficulties in life. This crystal is said to boost courage, self-confidence, inspiration and perseverance.

4. Amethyst

This crystal can help ease feelings of heaviness and overwhelm caused by the energy of the Full Moon. It is also a great stone for spirituality, boosting intuition and enhancing meditation. Amethyst is a calming crystal that can help to clear your mind and make the best use of your intellectual skills and gifts. It encourages you to look at situations in an honest and neutral way so that you can make logical and well-reasoned decisions and not act out of emotions or fear. This is also a good choice of crystal for problem-solving.

Amethyst is a beneficial stone for use in meditation, promoting clarity of mind and inner strength. It stimulates the crown chakra and can help you understand your emotions, thoughts and motivations on a deeper level. This crystal has long been regarded as a deeply spiritual stone that is useful for spiritual protection, dream work, visualisation and lucid dreaming.

5. Smoky Quartz

This variety of quartz is a powerful choice for releasing emotions, behaviours and thoughts or patterns that no longer serve you. This is a grounding and protective crystal that helps in removing any stagnant energy from yourself or the spaces around you. Smoky quartz may help to lift low moods and enhance feelings of security and safety. This naturally irradiated stone is known for its ability to support the process of moving on from painful memories. When used in meditation, it aids in letting go of past events, rather than holding onto grudges or becoming bitter.

Sodalite is useful for increasing trust in your intuition.

Sodalite is useful for increasing trust in your intuition.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a great crystal for anyone who finds the Full Moon energy to be intense or overwhelming. It has a gentle, calming and loving energy that eases these feelings and helps in balancing and healing the emotions. This is regarded as one of the best crystals for releasing emotional issues and deep-seated beliefs that are no longer beneficial to us. Rose quartz can be used in letting go of unexpressed emotions and feelings and in soothing heartache, particularly when associated with love. This crystal is linked to the heart chakra and all aspects of love—including self-love. Its energy reminds us that we can only do our best, and it invites us to be kind to ourselves—even if our efforts do not turn out as we hoped.

7. Sodalite

As a blue stone, sodalite is connected to the throat and communication. It can help in clearing mental confusion and in speaking up for yourself and your beliefs. It is a peaceful and gentle crystal that helps in recognising and letting go of outdated thought and/or behaviour patterns. Sodalite encourages self-discipline and trust in your own judgement and intuition. It also supports the flow of new ideas and is, therefore, a good crystal for creative people or anyone who is looking to start or create something new. Sodalite has an energy of truth, logical thinking and peace. It helps in accessing the subconscious mind and aids in developing clairvoyance. This blue stone encourages you to speak your truth and supports spiritual healing.

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