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How to Cast Easy Love Spells

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Born in deepest Cornwall, now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of eclectic witchcraft for years and years.

Love spell magic

Love spell magic

There is one category of spells that all new witches are interested in: love spells. They sound so sweet and harmless, don’t they? Well, love spells can be the darkest and most dangerous kind of magick. When love spells go wrong, they can ruin lives, blight futures, and destroy well-being. When they are cast properly, they can ensure your love life is magical, fun, and mutually rewarding. So, how can you get them right? What are the safest love spells? How can you use magick to get the joyous personal relationship you really want without causing harm?

First, let’s take a look at some bad love magick.

How Love Spells Can Be Harmful

I expect you are still wondering how a spell meant to promote love and romance could possibly be harmful. It comes down to the fact that most love spells are attempting to control another person. To manipulate their behavior and feelings.

And it doesn’t always work out in the way the spell caster expects it to. For example, one person left a comment on another article telling how she worked a spell to attract someone she’d taken a fancy to. They hadn’t properly spoken and she didn’t really know him. She’d seen a light-hearted spell in a magazine and decided to try it with him in mind. It worked. Too well. He turned up at her house and, as soon as she delightedly invited him in for a coffee, he forced himself on her and she was left with trauma that persists to this day.

Other examples include the spell caster inserting themselves between a happily, or even unhappily, married couple, causing the marriage to break up and the woman and her children to lose their home as well as a good husband and father. Or how about the young man whose mother thought that binding him and his new wife together was a good thing? Years of painful wrangling followed as they realized they really weren’t suited at all but were unable to let go of each other.

Spells to Avoid

  • Breaking up a relationship.
  • Interfering with a marriage.
  • Binding someone to you.
  • Binding two people together.
  • Getting your ex back.
  • Revenge spells.

Good Love Spells

  • Attract new love.
  • Love yourself.
  • Make an existing relationship more exciting.
  • Sweeten your love.
  • Keep a love affair secret.
  • Gently end a relationship.
  • Dissolve a binding spell.

I’ll provide some example chants for each later in the article.

Keeping Magic Simple

I’m a fan of easy magick. The thought of gathering a multitude of ingredients and performing complex rituals turns me off. If I can’t access the spell, perform it, and forget it in a matter of minutes, I usually can’t be bothered. Life is too complicated, too busy to incorporate any more faff. Therefore, my spells have to be simple and quick. However, they are no less effective for all that.

The one part of a spell I don’t neglect, however, is thinking about it first. That could take days. I have to know that I’ve covered my own backside, psychically speaking; that I haven’t asked for the impossible; I’m not going to hurt anyone, including myself; and performing the spell really is worthwhile.

So what is this ‘easy magick’? In essence, it is inner magick. It focuses on desire, emotion, knowing, and letting go. The magick happens when all this is impressed on universal energy. What goes on externally is secondary and is only to focus the spell caster's attention. This is the biggest and often most misunderstood part of magick—the change takes place within yourself. And once that happens, your external circumstances change to match.

Use pink candles for romantic love spells. Red for lust and passion. But white will work too.

Use pink candles for romantic love spells. Red for lust and passion. But white will work too.

Optional Items

Many witches enjoy using magickal items to enhance their spells and to aid their intention/attention, and that’s fine. I usually make do with a small candle (previously unused) and pen and paper. However, you can add whatever feels right to you, so you might consider:

  • A pink or red candle
  • Rose quartz
  • Attraction oil
  • Your wand
  • Your witchy journal
  • Tarot cards

A white candle is fine and will do for most rituals, but pink is associated with love, and red with lust. Always make sure you use a new one. Avoid scented candles when doing magick. Very often you are relying on the help of various entities and they really hate scented candles although you might be okay with beeswax.

Rose quartz is the crystal of love… and unconditional love at that. It’s a gentle energy that will enhance any love spell. You simply need to have it near you.

Attraction oil is made up of several essential oils and a carrier oil. If you are working a spell to attract or increase love, then you can dab a little on your wrists and wear it for a few days after you have cast your spell. You can also anoint your candle with this oil. You don’t have to make it up yourself; Art of the Root "Irresistible Me" Oil is exactly that. See if it works for you.

If you have a wand, then use it for your circle casting. If not, don’t worry, you can use your finger. If you are interested in making your own wand, I have directions here:

Use your journal to write down your selected spell. Include your ‘risk assessment’, i.e. why you have decided to work this spell. Then write what form your spell is taking and the spoken charm. Add the date and any follow-up notes.

Using Tarot Cards in a Love Spell

I find that tarot cards (I am a professional reader) are helpful to spell casting. Back in the days when I did a lot of ritual work, I would create a ‘spell board’. This was a large piece of card with the purpose of the spell written on it. I would add words of power; for example ‘love’ would be a good example here. I didn’t know about Switchwords then. On it, I dabbed a little magical oil, placed a few appropriate crystals, and selected tarot cards that supported my desire. Then I would leave the spell board for at least a week after I’d worked the actual spell. A spell board like this helped us get the home we still live in to this day.

Tarot cards to help with love spells might include the Empress (for growth, increase and fertility), the Lovers (for a deep connection), Temperance (good chemistry), Ace of Cups (new love, friendship), Ace of Wands (passion), Ace of Pentacles (stability and security), Ace of Swords (clarity and truth), Two of Cups (attraction), Three of Cups (fun and celebration), Ten of Cups (long-term fulfillment), Four of Wands (marriage). Don’t use them all, just pick two or three that fit your purpose. You might also like to include different ones to my suggestions—whatever works for you.

Tarot cards are like magical magnifiers in spellwork. These cards are from the Gilded Tarot.

Tarot cards are like magical magnifiers in spellwork. These cards are from the Gilded Tarot.

Best Times for Working Love Spells

If your spell is to attract or grow love, you should pick a time of increase. That would be during the waxing moon and preferably in the spring/summer (until the solstice). If you are wishing to end a relationship or dissolve a binding, work your spell during the waning moon and fall/winter (again, until the solstice). There are many apps available to track the moon cycle.

Days of the Week

  • Sunday: Best for increasing love of self, deepening self-understanding, and enhancing spiritual growth.
  • Monday: To increase fertility and pregnancy.
  • Tuesday: Best for enhancing relationship strengths and building on what you already have.
  • Wednesday: To make up after a fight.
  • Thursday: For practical issues; to work together in harmony.
  • Friday: Love magick works well on Friday. Excellent for strengthening friendship and family connections.
  • Saturday: Best day to cast a relationship-ending spell. To keep someone away, or to dissolve a binding.

Basic Love Spell Ritual

While I tend to work very quickly these days, it’s better if you follow the process until you know it inside out. Then once you have your basic spell casting ritual internalized, you can shorten the process. For instance, I rarely cast circles because the kind of magick I do is fairly innocuous and is just to smooth out life’s bumps and obstacles. However, if I were casting love spells, I would take a lot more care because they can be life-changing.

  1. Prepare by cleaning the room where the spell will be cast, having a bath/shower, and dabbing the attraction oil on wrist and neck pulse points. Gather what you need and place in the working area.
  2. Cast a protective circle/sphere. If you haven’t practiced your circle casting you need to do so before working these kinds of love spells. Read "How to cast a Circle".
  3. Sit quietly, connect with the Divine (universal energy).
  4. Focus on the desire.
  5. Anoint (rub a little attraction oil on) and light the candle.
  6. Read the chant aloud three times, feeling the emotion build within yourself. You'll know when to move to the next step. It's like a soft click in your head.
  7. Say, “I speak these words, my work is done, and this spell shall harm none.” Know it to be true.
  8. Give the intention to universal energy. Relax and breathe.
  9. If using a spell board, place your chosen items/cards upon it.
  10. Close the circle.
  11. Let the candle burn out safely. Place the board somewhere you can see it daily. It’s fine to remove it to another room. You can put the cards back in the deck after seven days have passed.

So that’s the skeleton of your ritual. You can adapt it to any spell that you do. Feel free to add to it, or (better) to simplify it. To help you I’ve distilled the procedure down to:

  1. Visualize your desire in as much detail as you can (again, I advise you to avoid thinking of a specific person).
  2. Feel how it would be to have your desire fulfilled. Really bring your emotion to peak happiness/relief. Let it wash right through you.
  3. Speak or whisper the chant and know without any doubt it is working. That the result has already happened within a fold in time.
  4. Give it to the Universe to deal with by relaxing and letting go.

None of those four steps (see, feel, know, let go) can be eliminated, otherwise it won’t work. Any time you find yourself thinking about the spell or the situation, just remind yourself to let it go; it's no longer your job to vibrationally interfere with the process.

Start by focusing and visualizing what you want.

Start by focusing and visualizing what you want.

Love Spell Chants and Verses

The best words for any spell are those you think of yourself. Your chant will be unique to you. However, most of us need a little inspiration to get started, so feel free to take these—use, adapt, or rewrite them to suit your own purposes.

Important ending words: repeat the main verse (as shown in the examples below) three times and then say:

I speak these words
My work is done
And this spell
Shall harm none.

Don't miss that bit out.

To Attract New Love

It’s always best to cast your spell for love in general, rather than at a specific person. Know that if they are the best suited, best able to fulfill your desire, then that person will show up. However, they may not be the best one and a new, better person will appear in your life. Always keep an open mind when it comes to new love.

Let love come to me, let it start
Happiness is mine, it fills my heart
I’m open to love; it is divine
I’ll meet the one and s/he’ll be mine.

To Love Yourself

This might seem an odd thing to include in an article about love spells, but think about this: you are the one who you need to have the best relationship with. And if you can love yourself to the point that the love of another is a bonus, then you will never be lonely or unhappy. Someone who loves themselves is infinitely more attractive to other people. I’m not talking about having an inflated ego or thinking that you are better than anyone else. I’m talking about unshakable self-respect; confidence that you are a loving and lovable person; knowing you are worthy and deserving of love. So if you can love yourself first, romantic love will inevitably follow.

I feel love in my head, body, and soul
It radiates through me, fills me with light
This perfect love makes me worthy and whole
With love in my heart, I am complete.

To Add Excitement to Existing Love

All long-term relationships benefit from a boost of excitement. Often what happens is that one of the couple will start a fight in order to bring some necessary energy to the relationship. But that is always a risky thing to do. Instead, cast a spell to raise the levels without the fuss and trauma.

Universe, I ask you, boost our desire
Make us remember why we are paired
Bring positive energy as is required
Love, lust, and passion we want to share.

To Sweeten Love

Sometimes, love becomes too routine. ‘I love you’ trips off the tongue in an almost meaningless way. You know you love each other but that lovely gloss of romance has worn thin. What you need is a big dose of sweetness to glue yourselves back together.

Sugar and spice, and all things good
Come to me and my partner, you really should
Sweeten our love, make it divine
I love him, I love him, he is all mine.**

**Change the gender as necessary.

Keep a Love Affair Secret

There could be any number of reasons why you want to keep this relationship a secret and it would be helpful to work a variation of a protection spell to shield you from public gaze and judgment.

Keep our love secret, let no one tell
No speculation or gossip, quiet as a well
Our connection is hidden for everyone’s sake
When we are ready, a confession we’ll make.

Gently End a Relationship

When you’d like to let a relationship fade and to both go your own way. Sometimes there’s no need for drama, just a quiet acknowledgment that it has finished.

This relationship, I’d like to let go
There’s no point in letting it grow
He’ll go his way and I’ll go mine
We’ll be friends and that’s perfectly fine.

Dissolve a Binding Spell

Tricky things binding spells. They may need repeating in order for them to completely dissolve. Prevention is better than cure as always, so do avoid casting these little blighters in the first place; they aren’t nice. For more information on how to remove binding spells, try this article How to Undo a Spell.

**Their name**, I release you from this binding
May you travel through life healthy and well
Go your own way with perfect timing
Once more, I say, remove this spell.

I hope this has given some ideas. I cannot emphasize enough . . . the most powerful spells are ones you create yourself.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Bev G


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 14, 2020:

Hi George, thank you so much.

I would suggest protection and good health spells right now :)

George Xu from Philippines on April 14, 2020:

Bev, I enjoy reading your articles. I'm going to try some of these. What would you suggest for beginners? Anything we should be wary about?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 16, 2020:

Thank you, Karen. xx

Karen A Szklany from New England on February 16, 2020:

Great article. Thank you for the "letting go" spells. I will do this work tonight, since the moon is waning. Then I'll do the spell around loving myself during the next waxing moon phase. *heart*

Victoria Hannah from Southern England on February 16, 2020:

Thanks Bev, I have looked at your Switchwords articles briefly, wow, they are so informative. I will have to spend a bit more time digesting them thank you.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 16, 2020:

Thanks, Victoria. Perhaps try the Switchwords one?

Meanwhile, good luck getting things sorted. x

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 16, 2020:

Hi Eve, yes, this is how it goes. It's hard to foresee all permutations and consequences. x

Reformed Eve from USA on February 15, 2020:

A friend of mine tried a love spell once. The strange thing is this - she obtained what she wanted, wasn't what she thought it would be. Very interesting article...thanks for sharing it!

Victoria Hannah from Southern England on February 15, 2020:

Love this Bev, when I get my new career sorted I think I will definitely try this! I am going to look through your list for one to make a successful career change.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 15, 2020:

Absolutely, Rochelle, you got it xxx

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on February 15, 2020:

Very interesting. Your spell protocol (see, feel, know, let go) sounds a lot like prayer to me. I might translate it to “ observe, meditate, believe and thy will be done.”