Psychic Protection: Tips and Techniques for Witches and Sensitives

Updated on July 6, 2020
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Bev likes to explore and question everything. Especially the fascinating topics of human relationships, tarot, and the psychic realm.

Thankfully, a full-on psychic attack is an extremely rare occurrence. And some people seem to be completely immune to them, in any case. However, if you are a clairvoyant or psychic reader of any kind, it is possible to pick up some lingering sticky negative energy from your clients—or perhaps just by being around unhappy or ill-wishing people

It’s a yucky feeling, which may manifest as headaches, slight depression, a need for solitude, feeling emotionally drained, or just plain old physical tiredness. Whatever it is, it will be unusual for you to feel this way. Usually, you can dispel negative energy easily. Once you’ve recognized its existence and effectively instructed it to leave, you generally find that’s the end of it. Yet sometimes it’s hard to slough those negative energies off, so you need to give your spiritual and psychic well-being an extra boost.

Crystals may help ward off any negative energies surrounding you.
Crystals may help ward off any negative energies surrounding you. | Source

Crystals: Protection Against Negative Energy

If you are prone to premonitions, visions, or psychic dreams, then prevention is the best way to ward off any negative nasties. Place some protective crystals around your home and especially where you sleep. While I’m not a great fan of crystals (for environmental reasons), in this case, I think they are extremely useful.

The most effective protection crystals are the dark stones. They have an infinite capacity to absorb negative energy.

  • Black Tourmaline is useful when you are around other people. It will block off any spirit-draining vibes. Carry it in a pocket or wear as a pendant.
  • Black Onyx will dispel any negative energy that is already inside you as well as keeping it away from you.
  • Obsidian calms your mind and gives you clarity. Often helpful if your thoughts are whirling.
  • Shungite is another one that guards against the negativity of others.

It’s important to clean and clear your crystals regularly—weekly is recommended. Hold them under cold running water, leave them in the light of the full moon, or give them a sea or rock salt bed to rest on periodically.

Strengthen Your Psychic Core

Just like working out increases your body’s strength and resilience, doing some psychic protection exercises will have a similar effect. Grounding and meditation are my favorites. Within them there are variations and you can always develop your own versions. Often by putting your own twist on these exercises, you make them personal to you, and thereby, more effective.


Grounding is every psychic’s and witch’s go-to remedy. Essentially it’s a meditation-visualization; easy and quick to do. It should be part of your daily routine, or at least done a couple of times a week.

Find yourself a quiet spot. Outdoors is better than indoors, but it’s fine if you can’t get outside or the weather is inclement. If you can, sit on the ground or floor with your back against a firm surface—trees are always good for this. Walls work too.

Close your eyes and relax your shoulders. Breath deeply, focusing on the out-fbreath, letting cares and worries drift away as you exhale.

Now imagine a little root-like protuberance emerging from your spine, growing and making its way down to the earth. If you are indoors, it will follow the structure of the building (don’t worry, if you don’t know it, just visualize it creeping down the walls.

Once it has reached the ground, imagine it rootling down through the soil, the stones, the very earth itself. Visualize all the negativity you’ve absorbed traveling down the root to be absorbed by the earth. Allow your body to relax and slump forward if it wants to. Keep ‘seeing’ this negative energy flowing out of you until it has all gone.

Breathe in deeply and, as you do so, imagine your root drawing up positive earth energy. Feel it strengthen your inner being. Giving you vitality and making you feel ready for anything. When you are ready, let the root slither back up into your spine. Give yourself a moment to come back to normal. Get up and get on with your day.

That probably took a lot longer to write than it will take you to perform. You can take as long as you like, but you can also do quick versions. For example, rest your hand on a tree in passing and visualize an exchange of energy.

It is important to learn how to connect to your higher conciousness.
It is important to learn how to connect to your higher conciousness. | Source


Every psychic needs to know how to meditate in order to connect with their own higher conscious. Much can be learned; your higher conscious knows everything. You can clear, clean and polish up your chakras (energy centers), you can access insights and clarity, and you can tune into your own guidance.

Meditation is a whole topic of its own, so it’s not possible for me to teach it here. However, I can recommend “The Art of Meditation” by the Buddhist monk, Matthieu Ricard. He teaches some basic breathing meditations which will help you become more confident and more resilient to negative factors. Meditation will help in your day-to-day life as well as your spiritual and psychic self.

"It is a pity to underestimate the capacity we have to transform our mind. Each of us possesses the potential needed to free ourselves from the mental states that perpetuate our own suffering and that of others – the potential to find our own inner peace and contribute to the welfare of others." Ricard, Matthieu. The Art of Meditation. Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.

Protection Spells and Rituals

Protection Jar

Place a protection jar somewhere in your home. Get a small jar with a lid. Doesn’t have to be anything special, but make sure it is clean. Place a cleansed black crystal of your choice inside and put the lid on quite tightly. Walk around your home, saying “Trap all bad stuff in this jar; negative energy from near and far. Look after me and my family, crystal from a distant star.” Place the jar near your front door or wherever you think most suitable. The jar and crystal will attract those unwanted psychic vibes and keep them trapped inside.

Every now and then, once a month or so, tip the crystal out under running water, rinse stone and jar thoroughly, replace and repeat the above process. You can swap the stones around if you like, so giving them chance to rest and recharge.

White Light Shower

This one can be almost instant. When in a crowded place, where negative vibes are bound to be bouncing round, quickly imagine a bright, white, light piercing down from the roof/sky and bathing you in its power. As it fades, its residue will remain with you, keeping you protected.

Water Blessing

I find this one to be very effective, especially when I’m feeling blech. Hold a glass of pure, fresh water (our water is filtered) in your hands and visualize a light (as above) entering the water and imbuing it with love, positive energy, and courage. Drink the water. You can do this with all your water and food if you want to. No-one need know, just pass your hands over your glass or plate and mentally do the visualization.

Bubble of Protection

Another visualization that seems to work for a lot of people. Personally, I wouldn’t use this one all the time because it can keep away the good stuff as well as the bad. It’s useful for large gatherings. Imagine a shimmering bubble forming around you. This ethereal sphere looks delicate but has massive strength that can repel any psychic attack. Once you leave the gathering, allow the bubble to fade away.

I hope these ideas are useful to you. Please leave any of your own suggestions in the comments below.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • My job exposes me to the best and worst that people have to offer. Is it possible that I retain pieces of their energy with each encounter? I feel covered in it. Hard to explain.

    I know what you mean. Yes, I think it happens to most people, though some feel it more than others. That's why when we get home and all we want is to have a shower to shed the 'psychic debris'.

    Read through the techniques above and see if any would be helpful to you. I'd set up a barrier before going to work and regularly replenish it throughout the day. Also develop a way to shake off the unwanted energy from time to time.

  • I am filled with energy; it pulses through me constantly. I can enter trees and people and anything I want to. I'm so happy to feel this energy. What are your thoughts on this?

    It's a wonderful feeling and every human being has the capacity to feel it. Unfortunately most people close themselves to nature and don't realize that we are all part of the same energy. There is no separation. Try lying on grass or walking barefoot to get the health benefits of 'earthing'.

  • Is there a crystal or herb to add to my physical bathroom shower to help with washing off 'psychic debris' that will not damage plumbing? I know about baths but what about showers?

    I have no plumbing expertise, sorry. You could just use visualization to clear away any feeling of psychic yukkiness. Visualization is a very powerful tool in your armory.

© 2018 Bev G


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    • GeorgeXu profile image

      George Xu 

      2 months ago from Philippines

      Bev, I didn't know. Thank you for sharing that insightful article!

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      2 months ago from Wales, UK

    • GeorgeXu profile image

      George Xu 

      2 months ago from Philippines

      Not related to the general topic, but when you say you avoid crystals due to environmental reasons what does this mean?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      14 months ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks, Tim. Nothing wrong with a guardian angel or three - it's all the same energy. I speak to angels too :) xxx

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      14 months ago from U.S.A.

      Hi, Bev. G., wonderful article and well written. I like to call upon cleansing white light with the protection of my guardian angels (not judging in anyway, Bev. G.), we all have to figure out how to protect ourselves the best way we can. Your article is certainly useful in that regard. Many don't even recognize that they may need to act to protect themselves from negativity. Great work. Respect and admiration, Tim

    • boo77boo profile image


      19 months ago from uk

      Yes I do keep a protective crystal by my bedside labradorite at one stage I had many crystals in my bedroom but I still suffered from Sleep problems till I happen to mention it to some one they said to many cystals in your bedroom affect your sleep patterns I removed them all and in no time started sleeping much better the subtle fields these crystals emit is not noticeable via normal perception. When I was first exposed to cystals unwittingly as child let me explain a little I was given a small easel and chalks to write on I quickly ran of the white chalk I asked my uncle whos house we were living if he had any chalk he gave me something that did not look like or even feel like chalk I tried to write with it but it would not write instead I got this tingling sensation in tips of my fingers I told my uncle it was not chalk he insisted it was and wrote on a brick wall I said no it will not write on the small black easel I know now this to selenite crystal that was my first psychic experience but it's fact all crystals oscillate but many of them on a more subtle

    • profile image


      21 months ago

      Thanks! this helped me a lot!

    • Carole Smith-Rea profile image

      Carole Smith-Rea 

      22 months ago from Pikesville

      I certainly appreciate it. Thanks!

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      22 months ago from Wales, UK

      I try to do that one daily, Carole. It's so quick and simple.

    • Carole Smith-Rea profile image

      Carole Smith-Rea 

      22 months ago from Pikesville

      Hi Bev! I like the segment about protecting with water. I'm just learning about water and your article is right on time.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      23 months ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks for that one, Verlie. If it wasn't raining (at last) here in Wales, I'd try that today :)

    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 

      23 months ago from Canada

      I love this! A quick meditation/relaxation exercise, sit with the sun on your face (your eyes) and with your eyes closed count around the clock slowly from 12 to 12 and then counterclockwise. Relaxation, instantly. You will take a deep breath, and feel so much better. PS: I am frantically looking for obsidian, ( I know I have some somewhere :)

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      23 months ago from Wales, UK

      You are terrific, Mr Happy! Keep on floating!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      23 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      I saw that piece of obsidian in your photo so I had to click on the article. I love obsidium. I'm in the process of looking for a large enough chunk that I can turn into a blade. It's for collecting herbs. One should not be cutting down medicine herbs with steel, or iron. Obsidian and/or silver blades are recommended.

      You mentioned black tourmalin, which I love dearly as well. I used to carry a chunk with me all the time. It is indeed a good stone to carry for protection. Now I just carry a little vera cruz crystal along with my sacred herbs. Wakan Tanka walks with me and I am grateful for that.

      "Grounding" - This is a funny topic when it comes up. As one who is governed by the Air sign, grounding is quite important for me. I certainly do not do enough of it and thus, I tend to often float around in my own world.

      I am not good at meditation. I sometimes use semi-trances to get things done. I do have to work on the meditation side, whether I like it or not though. Haha!!

      Interesting notion with the "protection jar". I imagine it can work. I ask the elements to protect the home and it has worked rather well for many years.

      Cool article! Thank You for putting it together.

      All the best!


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