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Cycles, Rituals, and Spells of the Summer Sun

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I chose this graphic of the Sun because it looks like a lady's face. While the Sun is often associated with masculine energies in modern times, many ancient cultures saw the Sun as feminine, or a combination of both energies.

I chose this graphic of the Sun because it looks like a lady's face. While the Sun is often associated with masculine energies in modern times, many ancient cultures saw the Sun as feminine, or a combination of both energies.

Magickal Companion

When composing a spell, one of the elements to consider is an external energy source. A spell can, of course, be cast with strong visualization and one's own personal power, but the spell is more likely to be successful when energies are utilized from an outside source. A common companion in magic introduced to newbie witches is the Moon. As the month passes by, the Moon’s energy waxes until it's full in the night sky and wanes until it cannot be seen at all—the new moon. There is a very similar source with just as much power that is not written about nearly as much: the Sun.

The Sun has cycles, just like the Moon. The Sun actually has two cycles: the year and the day. The yearly cycle is better known as the Wheel of the Year. The power of the Sun increases until Litha, when it reaches its peak power. Then the power wanes as the wheel turns toward the dark half. The daily cycle is much more convenient. The Sun’s power increases until noon when it reaches the highest point in the sky. Then as the Sun falls towards the horizon, its power wanes. Sunset is considered a liminal time, which means it is between two worlds.

The magick of the Sun is much like that of the Moon—just a little different.

The magick of the Sun is much like that of the Moon—just a little different.

Energies of Summer

During the summer months, the Sun's energy is most efficient for certain categories of workings, just as the waxing moon has different intentions from the waning moon. You can do any type of magic at any time, but it is more efficient to do your workings at a time that is most conducive to the type of energy you’re using. Summer, in general, produces energies like the Sun itself—strong and sure. They enhance magick dealing with beauty, health, and healing.

They are also quite helpful when you want to cast a love spell or a spell to nurture a relationship. If you have a project you must restart, the summer Sun is the source you want to turn to. The energies of summer change as time passes and are divided according to Sun Signs—Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, to be precise.

From June 22nd to July 23rd, the energies of Cancer are strongest. These powers are great for hearth and home. Of course, by 'hearth,' I mean your family, warmth, and close relationships. This is the time to perform workings that influence your emotions, feelings, and sensitivity.

July 24th to August 22nd falls under the sign Leo. Leo the Lion is all about courage and strength, showmanship and creativity, fertility, and willpower. If you want to improve your leadership skills, utilizing the energies of Leo will be the key to your success. Leo is associated with physical appearances, such as losing a few pounds or getting a healthy glow. If you want to be in the spotlight, this is the time of year to perform that work! The energies of Leo are also great for generosity, pride, and ambition.

The last part of summer is from August 23rd to September 22nd—the energies of Virgo. Service, organization, and self-improvement are the vibe for Virgo. If you need help analyzing a problem that’s been bothering you, bring the energies of Virgo into the work. If you want to try to find a solution to global problems, like hunger or poverty, this is the time of year to do it. Virgo will help with issues concerning mental energies, health, employment, responsibility, and paying attention to detail.

Daily Cycle of the Sun


When you first wake up in the morning, you are at your freshest—and so is your energy! This is the perfect time to do a working. The morning Sun is a beautiful resource. I love going out to my backyard, watching my flowers bask in the morning light, and using that focal point to ground my energy and attune to the Sun and Earth. There is nothing like starting the day with a ritual, and no amount of coffee can give you the jolt casting a spell can! After casting, I am often shaking until I ground excess energy because my adrenaline is pumping through my body like a river surging down after heavy rain.

The morning Sun will enhance any charms you cast to rid yourself of negative energies, to leave you feeling refreshed for the new day. If you want to stop an addictive or otherwise bad habit, the morning Sun is the perfect resource; it begins the day, which makes it perfect for any magick having to do with anything that starts in the morning, like business or school.


Midday, especially after lunch, is when I am at my peak for energy throughout the day, and the same goes for the Sun; it is at the highest point in the sky and its highest level of energy. Its strength during this time is sure to help you overcome any weakness you want to eradicate. If you need guidance or inspiration, cast the spell at noon under the high and bright Sun.


Sunset is a particularly special time of day. There are vibrant colors in the sky, and the stagnant heat finally gives way to a soft breeze. Eventually, darkness allows the ground to cool. Dusk is perfect for relaxing, giving your willpower a boost, and for times of calmness and serenity. What makes sunset special is that it is a liminal time. When something is liminal, it is transitioning from one place to another—so it is simultaneously in two places at once, and at the same time, in no place at all.

Liminality plays a big role in magick. When something is between two worlds, it allows for spectacular magic. At sunset, the day is transitioning to night. The moment the Sun dips below the horizon, there is still a faint glow around the hills. It is between two worlds: that of the day and the night. If you need help adjusting to transition, or if you feel that your life has become stagnant, this is the perfect time to hold a ritual to help you with either—or both, for that matter.

It is also a common belief that the Veil between realms thins during liminal times—both at sunset and sunrise. That means this is the perfect time to perform divination or necromancy. Necromancy, contrary to what you see in movies and television shows, is not raising the dead. It is communicating with Spirit—your Spirit Guide perhaps, but most commonly ancestors. You can call upon them for guidance or wisdom. You could meditate and connect with the Divine, whichever form that may be for you.

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If I perform Devotional Practices during sunset, I feel that the presence of the God or Goddess I am calling upon is much stronger than when I call upon Him or Her in the middle of the day or the evening after my son goes to bed.

Sun Rituals

The Sun has both nutritious and healing properties. If you find that you are feeling worn out, or tired, there are a few simple rituals that may help. The Sun can give you a boost of energy to get through the rest of the day and can even help you with depression.

Energy Boost

To get an energy boost from the Sun, go outside where you are bathed in sunlight. Feel the rays enveloping your body. Open your crown chakra by imagining a little door on the top of your head; envision opening the door and seeing a ball of white light appear. Feel the energy from the Sun enter your body through the top of your head. Really focus on the warmth on your hair, then feel it radiate down within your body. Feel it travel down your spine, and spread out and down your arms and legs, right down to your fingers and toes. Visualize that you are glowing with golden light from the inside out. Allow this energy to circulate for a few moments.

If you start to feel overexcited or jittery, ground the excess energy. This can be done by imagining roots coming out of the soles of your feet and entering the Earth, and reaching as deep as you wish. When you feel your roots are deep enough, let the extra energy travel down the roots and deposit it into the earth. You can relieve yourself of excess energy by allowing it to pour out of your hands, fingers, and feet as well. Since we are of the earth, it is better for our bodies, both physical and astral, to release energy into the earth to be recycled. While we can absorb energy from the Sun and Moon, they cannot receive it as well as the Earth.


**Please note, if you are suffering from depression, I urge you to consult with your doctor and/or psychiatrist before trying this ritual. This is NOT meant to be a cure-all, and not intended to replace treatment with a licensed professional**

This is merely a guideline for the ritual, and you should make adjustments as you see fit. You can wear whatever you like—a golden gown, your pajamas, even perform it skyclad if you wish! This ritual can be done in the morning when the sun is still young in the sky if you seek renewal and transformation. If your intention for the ritual is to ignite your inner fires, to boost your willpower and inner strength, then perform the rites between noon and three in the afternoon. The sun is the hottest and most powerful between these hours. The main goal of this ritual is to empower your mind, body, and soul, and it is up to you which direction you want to take it.

This ritual is best performed outside, so there is nothing separating you from the sunlight. If this is not possible, then standing in front of a window will work just fine. You can cast a circle, or you can skip that step—whatever feels right. If you wish you can light a candle, or brew a cup of tea or coffee, to feel the warmth in the cup against your skin. If you wish to call the quarters or invoke a Sun Goddess or God you may do so, but it is completely optional. When you have arranged everything to your liking, close your eyes, and just focus on the sun. How does it feel against your skin? What do you smell? What do you hear? Then, imagine the rays of light are arms. They are wrapping around you in a comforting hug. This magickal hug is rejuvenating your soul, it is clearing the fog of depression, and giving your life purpose. You may receive words of wisdom or support—even if it’s a fleeting thought, listen to it! I’ve learned as a medium and a clairvoyant, that even the quickest flashes may have the biggest of meanings. Trust your intuition, and smile knowing that the sun is healing you. It is giving you the strength you need, it is healing your emotional wounds. Allow the embrace to continue as long as you feel it’s right. When you step out of the hug, know that you have absorbed everything you needed from that loving embrace. Even when you go back inside, or into the shade, the energy of the sun is still coursing through your veins, healing your body inch by inch, giving you the strength you need to help you climb out of depression.

Sunflowers are one of many representations of the sun. They make a bright and colorful altar piece if you want to honor the Sun or incorporate its energies into your workings.

Sunflowers are one of many representations of the sun. They make a bright and colorful altar piece if you want to honor the Sun or incorporate its energies into your workings.

Sun Correspondences

When writing a spell using the power of the sun it is important to know the correspondences of the sun in order to add appropriate components to the spell.



Gold, yellow


Marigold, heliotrope, sunflower, buttercup, cedar, beech, oak, St. Johnswort, bergamot


Diamond, amber, carnelian, citrine, sunstone, topaz, red agate, goldstone



Day of Week



Strength, Victory, Creativity, Growth, Love, Prosperity, Hope, Money, Exorcism

Sun Spells

I am a firm believer that the most potent spells are ones you write yourself. When you take the time to write a spell, it is that much more energy that you put into the magickal working. I was taught that when you want to cast a spell, the process begins as soon as you have the first thought.

By thinking about what you want to manifest, change, or banish, you are raising energy for that working. I have included a table of the correspondences associated with the Sun. They are helpful to know when drafting a spell. If you want to perform a candle spell, for instance, you need to know the colors associated with the Sun. If you're going to dress the candle, then you should know the associated herbs so you can choose an appropriate oil and herb(s).

I have included a few of the most common intentions associated with the Sun, but I feel the need to point out that the Sun can be a feminine force as well as masculine, which opens the doors to many more intentions. The notion that the Sun is masculine is a contemporary concept. In ancient Celtic society, for example, there were Sun Goddesses and Moon gods. The Celts, along with many other ancient civilizations, saw the sun as neither masculine nor feminine. When you don't segregate the planets according to gender, it opens the door for many more opportunities for magickal resources.

I am going to share a couple of my favorite Sun spells for those who are not quite ready to write their own spells yet but want to see what the Sun's energy feels like.

Day's Eye

This spell is from The Book of Spells: Vintage Edition by Nicola de Pulford. The name "daisy" comes from "day's eye." The flower was named as such because it blooms at sunrise, then folds its petals back up at sunset—like an eye, opening during the day and closing at night. This spell can be done alone as well as be fun for the whole family.

On a bright and sunny day, go daisy picking. Take the kids along! Pick as many as you can; be sure to thank the earth and the plants for their sacrifice, though! It isn't written in the book, but personally, I suggest bringing along a bottle of water to pour into the earth as an offering of gratitude for the daisies.

If you brought along the kids, find a nice warm place to sit and make daisy chains. Tell them about how daisies are the Day's eyes and that they are believed to bring luck and childlike happiness. Daisies are also a symbol of survival because they can grow in any climate. When you are finished making your daisy chain, place it against your forehead, and wish for luck. Instruct the kids to do the same.

Next, have everyone put their chain on their heads as chaplets and do the same with yours. Now stand up, get in a circle, and hold hands. Dance in a circle, seven times around towards the east, and seven times around towards the west, while thanking Mother Earth for her blessings. Place your chain in a little pouch—it should be yellow, for the sun—and keep it with you to safeguard your luck.

Banish Old Habits

This is a modified version of the “Banish Old Habits” spell found in Lisa Chamberlain’s Wicca Natural Magic Kit. This spell should be cast between three in the afternoon and sunset.

You will need:

  • 1 black candle
  • 1 small piece of paper and writing utensil
  • Fireproof bowl

Take your pen and paper and the candle, and either go outside or sit by a window where the rays of the falling sun shine directly on you. Think about the habit you wish to banish, and see it fade from your life as the sun’s light fades as the day comes to a close. On the piece of paper, write down a short and concise statement of the habit you wish to rid yourself of. If you’d rather, you can create a sigil or draw a symbol that represents the habit. Set the paper aside when you finish. Take the candle and hold it in the light. See the golden light fill the candle and know that the flame will be the Sun’s energy, bleaching the habit from your life as it bleaches color from cloth.

Take your paper and candle to your sacred space. Light the candle and imagine your life without the habit. When you’re ready, light the paper on fire from the candle’s flame and drop it into the fireproof dish. As the paper burns, keep the image of your life free of the habit strong in your mind. Say, “I release the habit of ­­­_______ and welcome the positive energy created by its absence.”


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