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Magic for Waning Half Moon: A Spell to Help You Transition

Sage has been a witch for 25 years. She enjoys writing informative articles to teach others the craft of the wise.

Spell for Transitions

January is named after the Roman God, Janus. He is one of the oldest Gods in the Roman pantheon, going back to the ancient Etruscans, and he’s one of the few Roman Gods for whom there is no Greek counterpart.

Janus is depicted with two heads looking in different directions. He looks forward to what is to come, and behind us at what is past. He is the God of beginnings and endings, of doorways, of passageways—the comings and goings in our lives. This is why he rules over the month that brings the end of one year and the beginning of another. Janus helps us through transitions—he helps us leave one thing behind, while we begin another thing.

Have you been wanting to make a transition in your life? Perhaps you want to transition from poor eating habits to healthier habits? Or transition from being a spendthrift to being a saver? Maybe you’ve wanted to end a relationship and move on. No matter what the transition is that you seek, this spell helps you employ the aid of Janus in your undertaking.

God of the Gates

Ancient Roman God Janus

Ancient Roman God Janus

You Will Need

1 taper 'stop candle'

A color that represents what you want to stop. If you’re not sure what color to use, black is appropriate. Or, like me, you might use red (because it reminds me of stop lights and stop signs).

1 taper 'transitional candle'


1 taper 'go candle'

A color that represents the thing you desire to start. Again, this can be a very personal choice and you should choose something significant. A white candle is fine if you’re not sure—or, like me, you can use “green” for “go”.

3 candle holders

They must be 3 separate holders; no candleabras

Statue or image of Janus

Print and use the one provided above, if desired

A cup or bowl for libations



Wine, grape juice, baked goods, etc.

A question for you

Spell Notes

This is a seven-day spell, so you will need a place where you can put out your supplies and leave them alone for seven days. They should not be moved for the duration.

Timing: This spell should start on the waning half moon. Precise timing helps but isn’t absolutely necessary—you could start a day or two early, a day or two late. You don't need to wait until January, but since it's Janus' month, that would be ideal. If you wish, perform the spell in a different month at the waning half moon.

What is absolutely necessary is that whatever night you start it, you proceed for the next six successive nights. If you forget one night, you should wrap it all up and start over another month.

Set up the working altar:

  • Clean a work surface.
  • Cleanse, consecrate and charge your supplies.
  • Put the Janus image on your work surface. If it’s a paper image, frame it or tack it up on the wall behind your working surface.
  • Put a bowl or a cup in front of it.
  • On the far left, place your ‘stop candle’ in its holder.
  • Place your ‘transitional candle’ to the very right of the stop candle.
  • On the far right (about nine inches away from the other candles) place your ‘go candle’ in its holder.

Altar Set-Up


Casting the Spell: Day One

On the first night of the spell:

  • Light the stop candle.
  • Sit down and meditate on the thing you want to end in your life. Do this for at least five minutes, or for however long you can hold your visualization. Think about all the ways in your life this thing is not working for you anymore.
  • Recite this invocation:

Janus, God of Gods, Keeper of the gates,

I implore you to let the way be open so that I may move forward

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Leaving the past behind and enter a brighter future.

Janus, help me close one door and open another

  • Take the transitional candle and light it from the stop candle. Put the transitional candle back in its holder.
  • Blow or snuff out the stop candle.

Powerful Chant

The Meditation

Meditate on the transitional candle for a while. I like to use a chant such as:

Sing through my voice

Play through my hands

Let the way be open

(author unknown).

I like to think of this chant as a metaphor for Janus working through me, opening the way for me. Visualize letting go of the old thing in your life for about five minutes.

  • Make an offering to Janus in thanks, by pouring wine or juice in a cup, or putting out some cakes or muffins or something home-made on a plate before His image.
  • Blow or snuff out the transitional candle.
  • Dispose of the libation the next morning. Pour it out on the ground somewhere, into the dirt, or into a stream of running water, at the base of a tree, etc.—don’t worry if birds come to eat it. That’s okay. Just make sure to dispose of it in a respectful way—no garbage, drain or toilet flushing.

Casting the Spell: Days Two to Six

  • Go to your working altar.
  • Light the stop candle, meditate on the thing you want to stop.
  • Say the Janus invocation.
  • Light the transitional candle.
  • Move the transitional candle a little further from the stop candle, a little closer to the go candle.
  • Blow out the stop candle.
  • Meditate on your transition. Use the chant if desired.
  • Leave an offering.
  • Blow out or snuff out the transitional candle.
  • Dispose of the offering in a respectful way each next day.

By Day Seven


Casting the Spell: Day Seven

  • Go to your working altar.
  • Say the invocation.
  • Light the transitional candle. By now, it should be all the way over to the go candle.
  • Use the transitional candle to light the go candle.
  • Blow out the transitional candle.
  • Say:

With your help, Janus, I close the door of the past

Leaving it behind. The way is open before me

To a new and brighter future. The change has come.

  • Meditate on your new thing, the change that you desired, for as long as you can hold that meditation. Envision your future, of your life as it is now that this change has occurred. See yourself benefiting from the change, happy and fulfilled.
  • Leave an offering.
  • Let the go candle burn out on its own.
  • Dispose of the offering in a respectful way each next day.
  • Bury the remnants of the candles.


David Brimson on April 19, 2020:

This unit I will find very useful..... a clear order in stepping out on a structured transition...... For me it creates a definitive starting point,,,, even though I have been stumbling along on this path for a while now...

Thank you for this

Rebecca from USA on January 21, 2014:

Awesome. I can't wait to read it. :)

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on January 21, 2014:

Hi Nell Rose! Thank you so much I appreciate your comments. I am trying to tighten up my diet myself-- I've lost a lot of weight in the past but now with being less active due to the Sarcoidosis in the lungs I was telling you about on the other hub, I'm gaining some back ;-( since I can't really exercise I have to tighten up the diet.

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on January 21, 2014:

Hi Bishop; actually I do have some ideas, it's a hub in the works and will be up Sunday. One of my hub goals this year is to post a spell every Sunday based on the moon phases of each month. Thanks!

Nell Rose from England on January 21, 2014:

This was another fascinating spell, I definitely have things that need 'cleaning up' especially my diet! I do need help and good push to do it, so this is wonderful! voted up and shared, nell

Rebecca from USA on January 21, 2014:

I'm at work and don't have time to read all of this yet (I will later for sure), but there is an amazing New Moon coming January 30th 2014!! Any suggestions for that date? I'm going to be writing abundance letters that day! :)

Mackenzie Sage Wright (author) on January 21, 2014:

Thanks Mystic; good luck with your workings, I hope this can be of help to you. Thanks for commenting.

MysticMoonlight on January 20, 2014:

Sounds excellent and just perfect. Thank you for sharing this. I do have things that just need to go. I've been putting it off for awhile now, so perhaps me running across this wonderful help is a prompt to get on with it! :)

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