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Magic and Spells for Mabon: Wiccan Spell for Balance

Sage has been celebrating the Wheel of the Year for 25+ years. Being a holiday junkie, she just can't get enough of the sabbats!

Mabon Spell

The Wiccan Sabbats are often reserved specifically for celebration rather than magical workings. However, there are times when we have needs, and the Sabbats are particularly powerful times to cast spells.

One big goal in Wicca is to learn to achieve balance in our lives, and sometimes finding a healthy balance can be difficult. Be it for internal or external reasons, it’s so easy for problems to push us off balance, and it can be hard to get back again.

While you can perform this spell at any time you desire, it's particularly potent if performed on the equinox. The equinox is when nature itself hangs in balance, and you can tap into those powerful energies to lend strength to your spell. Here is a spell for balance from my own Book of Shadows, which I hope serves you well.

It's time for some Mabon magic!

It's time for some Mabon magic!


1 black ribbon, 11 inches long

1 white ribbon, 11 inches long

1 black marker or pencil

1 white marker (opaque) or pencil

a yin/yang charm

Spell Preparation

If you would like to do this spell within a full-blown ritual, you may; although it’s not necessary. If you’re not doing a full-blown ritual at an altar, you may wish to clear a space, light candles, or burn incense to create a mood conducive to the working. It's Mabon, so making it seasonally appropriate will only help to put you in the mood.

Think ahead of time about the things that you want to balance. This might be work/play—perhaps you are a workaholic and would like to bring more fun into your life, or perhaps you goof off too much and need to get more serious. This might be indulgence/restraint for you. Perhaps you overeat or don’t exercise nearly enough, or perhaps you’re so strict with your regime that you don’t let yourself enjoy things. Perhaps it’s selfishness/selflessness—you don’t give enough to others or you give too much.

In Wicca, we don't see opposites as 'opposing forces'. We see them as complimentary forces. They're opposite sides of the same spectrum. A good way to approach it is to think of the quality in you that is the root of many problems (temper, fear, pride, etc.) and consider the polar opposite of that problem—which is probably the thing you lack. You need to know that the quality you possess can be channeled for good or for bad; it’s not bad in itself, it just needs to be balanced with the opposite.

What Say You?

Wiccan Balancing Spell Steps

Sit and meditate on the quality you have in excess and the opposite quality you lack or want more of in your life.

Take the black ribbon and the white writing implement, and write the thing that you have too much of—the quality that’s overbearing, that’s working overload in your life.

Take the white ribbon and the black writing implement, and write what it is you want to bring more of into your life to bring balance.

Line up the two ribbons together. Take them together at one end (about an inch from the end) and as you tie the knot say:

As yin is to yang, as dark is to light,
As male is to female, as day is to night,
Find Nature’s perfect balance within me
So I may live my life in harmony.

Make another knot with the two ribbons an inch below the first, repeating the chant.

Continue doing this to make eight knots.

Slip on the yin/yang charm to knot it onto the end of the cord and tie the charm to it. After saying the four-line chant, say:

by the powers of three times three,
this is my will, so mote it be!

Take your charm and keep it on your person somewhere—in your purse, wallet or hook it on your key chain. Carry it around until you achieve the balance you seek.


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