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Working Love Magick

Lydia is a practicing Druid who has dipped her toes into various occult organizations over the years.

Love magick is a popular subject in witchcraft, though a controversial one.

Love magick is a popular subject in witchcraft, though a controversial one.

Love magick is a controversial form of magick. Can we influence another human being to love us? And should we?

Typically, exerting a magickal influence over someone who does not like the idea of it is probably bad. We can most definitely work magick to gain clarity over our own feelings or those of a love interest. This type of magick does not involve manipulating another human being against their will and probably isn't anything we need to feel guilty about.

When striving for love, we want to present a positive picture of who we are to our intended lover. Magick towards self-improvement may boost our chances of finding the love of our life. We want to be the person who another person would want to be around.

It helps to visualize the kind of relationship you're looking for.

It helps to visualize the kind of relationship you're looking for.

Visualizing Love in Our Lives

Whenever we want something, we must understand what we are looking for. Visualization is a way of getting a clear picture in our minds of the kind of relationship we are seeking. There are many people out in the world who are looking for a love relationship just like we are. We want to find the person who has the most compatible relationship goals in addition to finding someone we find desirable as a person. Having a person appear in our life who we find attractive just isn't enough. They must also be looking for love and enjoy the same kinds of things you do.

There is a world of difference between fantasizing and visualizing. Fantasy draws us into our own inner world. When we use magick, we are consciously creating something. Spell-crafting helps us project our idea of what we desire to the external world. Releasing our desires into the universe in ritual is a great way to manifest the kind of love we want. There is never any guarantee that we will find that perfect someone. Magick can assist us by merely improving our chances.

Concluding a spell allows us to let go of our created image. The more we hang onto an idea about love, the more we contribute to the state of longing for something. Longing for something is different from having something. If we continue holding onto that state, we can't move to the next level of experiencing real intimacy with a partner.

Getting clear about what you seek is important. Our relationships often don't work out when we are not clear about the person we desire in our life. When we merely seek a relationship partner, there are many people in this world seeking the very same thing. Some of these people will be a good match for us. Others may be highly incompatible. If we go into our quest for love with a clear idea about what we are looking for, it is likely that we will have an easier time meeting the sort of person who can enhance our life and accommodate our existence into their own.

Affirmations help us fight our self-doubt.

Affirmations help us fight our self-doubt.


Affirmations are a useful tool. When we are filled with self-doubt, they can assist us in improving our attitude. Sometimes the biggest challenges in attracting love to our lives are the belief we hold in our minds. Many of us harbour negative ideas about life and ourselves. These things hold us back. We may be stuck with some very limiting ideas.

Self-acceptance is the key to believing that someone out there will also love us. If we don't feel that we are lovable, we may not believe anyone else will ever love us. Affirmations dramatically attack our feelings of self-doubt. This is a form of magick which is hardly beyond practical understanding. It is also a way of improving our psyche.

There are various ways of using affirmations. We may work with affirmations in written form. There are many techniques we can use to target specific issues we are facing. If we are uncomfortable with our physical appearance, we may wish to spend time in front of a mirror finding things about ourselves which are appealing. This helps us gain a greater awareness of our physical traits. Staring into our own eyes may make us aware of how blue they are. We may notice features on our faces which we have never noticed before. This knowledge also gives us the power to enhance our appearance. We can always make the most of what we have. Everybody has things about them which are beautiful.

Written affirmations are useful because we can note any negative ideas which pop in our minds as we do this work. This can give us clearer ideas about areas of our self-esteem we need to work on. We can look at what we have copied out and allow it to help us decide which kinds of affirmations to construct for future use. Often we will find recurrent negative ideas. Observing our thoughts gives us power over them. This is why it is great to write things down.

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Affirmative thinking involves getting into the right frame of mind to be receptive to new love blossoming in your life. You might wish to read romantic poetry. Post up inspiring love quotations around your home or bedroom. Watch films and read novels which put you in the right romantic frame of mind.

Our limiting beliefs need to be tackled. We must believe that loving relationships are possible in order to have access to what is possible. Keeping a journal in which you explore your feelings can help you understand your own outlook. You can record the experiences which crop up in your love life. When we have these things on record, we can look at them later to see what worked and what didn't.

We can add writing down positive memories to our practice, which will inspire us onward on our journey. We can also explore the experiences we didn't like in order to understand what to avoid. Perhaps we can look at our own behavioural patterns to determine what we did wrong in a previous relationship. Not only does all of this help to attract love, but it helps improve the quality of our relationships too.

In addition to seeking out romantic love, we should also cultivate loving relationships in order to become that loving person who is attractive to others. Love is not just about having a partner. It is a feeling which we need to develop within ourselves and become gifted at giving to other people in appropriate ways.

"Everywhere I journey, I find love all around me."

"Everywhere I journey, I find love all around me."

Affirmations for Empowering Love

  • My heart is open and radiating love.
  • Everything I see with loving eyes and I love all that I see.
  • I deserve love and receive it abundantly.
  • Everywhere I journey, I find love all around me.
  • My partner and I compliment each other.
  • I offer my partner unconditional love and it is returned.
  • My relationships are loving and long lasting.
  • My partner is the is the love of my life.
Ritual magick can help inspire and empower us.

Ritual magick can help inspire and empower us.

Love Spells

People who practice witchcraft are aware of magickal correspondences. These magickal correspondences are used to construct rituals rather than going to a book of spells. Creating your own personal spell can be more meaningful than using one which somebody else has written. The more you study these things, the more personally meaningful they become. Spells are generally cast during certain lunar phases or on particular days of the week.

Friday is the day when love spells are most commonly conducted. It is the day of the week governed by the planet Venus which is associated with love, friendship, affection, and pleasure. There are planetary hours in each day when a spell is considered to be more powerful. These are helpful things to know but not required if you are just starting out and experimenting. It is best to go with how you feel. Using your own intuition in conjunction with the lunar or solar phases to make a decision about when to cast a spell is just as effective.

For many people who are looking for the ideal lunar phase, it has been suggested that a full moon in Libra or Taurus is the most ideal time to conduct a love spell. The moon phases can be found in an ephemeris or the Farmer's Almanac. This information is very easy to find.

Ritual is an activity which can give us the strength to pursue our goals. Symbols are used in ritual magick to give us inspiration and power. Ritual in itself is not always enough. You must complement your ritual with actions in your everyday life. You will never find a relationship if you stay in each night watching TV. You must go out and put yourself in the path of love. Getting out and exploring your interests will boost your chances of meeting someone with something in common with you.

The rose is a well-known love magick plant.

The rose is a well-known love magick plant.

Herbalism in Love Magick

Herbs can be used in many ways in love magick. You might toss an herb in a fire while working with an incantation. You might also consume herbs in tea. Most love magick herbs fall under the governance of Venus in astrology. Plants are said to be governed by the different planets when they exhibit certain qualities. Venus plants may be noted for their beauty or sweet-smelling flowers.

Roses are a Venus love magick plant well known to almost everyone. Nothing seems more romantic than a dozen roses. It is symbolic of love. Rose can also be used to understand spiritual mysteries. In the Kabbalah, it has been referred to as the perfume of Netzach. The strong scent makes it a potent herb to use in dream work. The petals can be used in tea and also home beauty remedies. The petals are beautiful to scatter on your altar when working love magick.

An example of a personalized altar

An example of a personalized altar

Love Altar

Creating a love altar is a great way to enhance your commitment to finding the perfect partner. It sends a message to the cosmos that you are ready for a relationship. It will give you a focal point where you can engage in meditation. These meditations can help you clarify your personal desires. It is only when we know what we are looking for that we are able to find it. In feng shui, the southwest sector of your bedroom is the ideal place to set up a love altar.

Begin by writing about your intentions. Purchase beautiful paper. List out the desires which you are seeking on the paper. Place this list beneath one of your altar items. You could begin by gathering items to symbolize you and your perfect partner. An altar cloth of pink or red is a great idea for covering the surface.

The colour choices for your altar cloth are based on magickal correspondences. White is often used as a substitute for many spells when we do not have the proper color available because it is an all-purpose colour. The colour red is suitable for attracting a very passionate love affair while pink is a good colour if you are looking for a lover who is brimming with affection. You can add so many different things to your altar in order to personalize it.

Add physical representations of things you want like to attract to your love life. A framed picture of a loving couple which appeals to your own personal tastes. All altar items should be placed in pairs. A statue representing a divine union can be powerful. There are many statues of Greeks gods and goddesses, which are beautiful altarpieces.

Some of you may find animal totems appealing. This is something which can be personalized to your own spiritual path. Select animals related to the qualities you are seeking. Some animals are known to be monogamous and are useful if you are seeking this type of commitment. If you are looking for a beautiful partner, a swan might be a powerful totem for you. This is something which you can be very thoughtful about through a bit of research. There are so many different animals represented in ornamental statuary. They can be purchased almost anywhere. If you live in a large city, a day at a secondhand store or browsing Chinatown can probably yield a bunch of great altar items.

Flowers are another beautiful addition to your love altar. These need to be provided with extra care. Potted flowers can be attended to with water and light. These are highly favourable as long as you are willing to put in the time to care for them. In feng shui theory, there is an aversion to objects which are dead, so dried flowers are less auspicious. They are thought to have lost their vital life force. This is a matter of personal opinion. Many people use dried herbs and potpourri widely in their homes.

Add candles and burn essential oils or incense, which corresponds to love. Add rose quartz crystals. If the crystals you select are heart-shaped, it is even better. There are many great things to say about life being fulfilling by merely adding an atmospheric feeling to our room. There is something uplifting about the scent of incense. Candles get us into a relaxed state. This would be a great way to work with your affirmations each night or morning. Tending your love altar daily is a good way to commit to the effort needed to maintain a loving relationship. It shows the universe that you are really serious.

Calling on higher powers and gaining favour with deities associated with love can help you on your quest.

Calling on higher powers and gaining favour with deities associated with love can help you on your quest.

Angels, Entities, and Deities

There are higher powers which we may wish to call upon to assist us in our quest for love. Two archangels may be particularly helpful in this pursuit. Archangel Chamuel is the angel of love. He can assist us in finding our soul mate. We may also call upon the archangel Raphael if we have emotional issues and hurts which get in the way of developing loving relationships. Raphael is the archangel associated with healing.

There are so many different gods and goddesses who are associated with love. Cupid and Aphrodite are well-known love deities. We can gain favour with these deities by praying to them. You may search for a prayer written to the particular deity you wish to work with.

Choosing an appropriate deity is a good idea. Some people say that certain gods and goddesses are going to be more amicable to certain people than others. We might understand it best by looking at the deities with whom we have an affinity. If we select a deity which does not favour us, our magick may not be as successful.

One way of gaining the favour of a deity is to do your research. It is good to read different myths about these gods and goddesses to gain familiarity with them. Some deities enjoy attention which will bring them greater glory. You can provide the deity with offerings in order to win their favour.

"My heart is open and radiating love."

"My heart is open and radiating love."

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Newwitchy on August 16, 2020:

Is it possible to inadvertently cast a love spell without realizing that's what you've done?

3 years ago I met a man who is now my current lover and has been almost this entire time. We became lovers about a month after we first met. Neither of us were ready for a relationship so we were happy to keep things light and fun. Then almost a year later he started dating someone. I told him I respected his relationship and hoped we could remain friends and he happily agreed. Of course I was crestfallen, sad, and wanted nothing more than for things to go back to the way they were. But I meant what I said about respecting his boundaries and didn't have any negative thoughts towards the person he was dating or him. They ended up dating only a few short weeks and he and I exchanged platonic messages during that time and even met up for a meal. Shortly after we were lovers again and its remained that way for 2 years now.

I like that we're lovers and it suits what I'm looking for at this phase in my life. He's good-looking, has a good job, is well-liked and I know that women are drawn to him. And he hasn't dated anyone else since that last woman 2 years ago. So part of me wonders if there's something about my intention that is influencing how things have turned out?

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