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Kitchen Witchery: Seven Fruits to Use in Your Magical Practice

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Kitchen witches use a variety of fruits in their magical practice.

Kitchen witches use a variety of fruits in their magical practice.

What Is Kitchen Witchery?

Kitchen witchery is a form of witchcraft that encompasses many practices such as magical cookery, cleaning, herbalism and spell work. It is generally less formal and ceremonial than many other magical paths, but it can help bring the sacred and spiritual into everyday life. Magic can be brought into your day-to-day through tasks such as mopping the floor, dusting, gardening and cooking meals for yourself and your family.

Traditionally, kitchen witches were female—largely because it was women who tended to the home and cooked for the family. Today, however, anyone can practice kitchen witchery! There is no reason why people of all genders can't follow this magical path if it calls to them.

Some kitchen witches choose to work with deities such as Hestia (Greek goddess of heart and home), Brighid (Celtic goddess of hearth and home) or Cerridwen (Celtic goddess of kitchen, cooking, food and domesticity), but this is not essential. They may also follow a religion such as Christianity, Wicca or other branches of paganism, but they also may be agnostic or atheistic.

Summary of the Seven Magical Fruits

Magical elements and associations for each type of fruit included in the article.

Type of FruitMagical ElementsTypes of Magic and Associations



Love magic, healing, spirit workings.


Air, Mars

Prosperity, spirituality, life cycle.


Water, Fire, Earth

Prosperity, protection, fertility.


Water, Air, Venus

Love, fertility, divination, new beginnings.


Moon, Water

Moon magic, purification, happiness, protection, friendship.


Sun, Fire

Love magic, happiness, energy, purification, clarity.


Water, Earth, Venus

Love, fertility, romance, romance, luck, success.

Hestia is a Greek goddess of heart and home.

Hestia is a Greek goddess of heart and home.

1. Apples

Cutting an apple in half across the centre reveals a five-pointed star, and this fruit is linked to the autumn equinox and Samhain. Apples are symbols of abundance and are commonly used in love magic, healing and spirit workings. This fruit is also linked to knowledge, clarity and the element of Water.

It is ruled by Venus and possesses feminine energy. Apples are a versatile fruit and they are available in many varieties. They can be eaten raw or used in sweet dishes (i.e., apple pie or apple crumble), savoury dishes, soups, salads or added as complements to cheese boards.

Apples can be cut to reveal a five pointed star.

Apples can be cut to reveal a five pointed star.

2. Bananas

These long, yellow fruits have a masculine energy due to their phallic likeness. In magic, they are associated with prosperity, spirituality and the life cycle. They are ruled by the planet Mars and linked to the element of Air. Bananas are most commonly eaten raw, but they can be cooked in a variety of dishes.

Popular ways to consume this fruit include serving it as a dessert with ice cream or hot custard. They are a great addition to smoothies because they provide both a thick creamy texture and added flavour. You can also bake bananas into muffins, cakes and breads. Or you can serve them hot, cooked with sugar, spices and sometimes rum.

Bananas carry a masculine energy.

Bananas carry a masculine energy.

3. Blackberries

These berries can be found growing wild in many hedgerows, wastelands, parks and woodlands. They can also be grown at home, which is an attractive option because then you have the option to buy and plant thornless varieties—wild plants are covered in sharp thorns.

Blackberries are fast-growing plants, and they can take over a space quickly. The berries are green when they first appear, but they then turn red and then black by late summer/early autumn. At this point, they are ready to be picked and eaten. If you can't pick your own blackberries, they can also be purchased in some supermarkets. Blackberries are ruled by Venus, have feminine energy, and are associated with the elements of Water, Fire and Earth.

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Blackberries promote prosperity and protection and represent fertility due to the large number of seeds contained within each berry. They are commonly cooked into pies and other hot desserts. These berries are often combined with apples, and although they can be eaten raw, they can have quite a tart taste. Sometimes they are served raw, but sprinkled with sugar. When left for a while, the sugar not only sweetens the berries but helps release their juice. They can also be baked into cakes and muffins.

Blackberries are linked to fertility magic.

Blackberries are linked to fertility magic.

4. Cherries

Cherries can be found in both sweet and sour varieties and are associated with love, fertility, divination and new beginnings. Many varieties are delicious when eaten raw, while others are perfect for cooking and baking, especially in pies and cakes. Cherry juice is also available in some shops. This small fruit is delicious when cooked with chocolate—for example, in chocolate cherry brownies or Black Forest gateau. Cherries have a feminine energy, and they are associated with the elements of Water and Air and are ruled by Venus.

Cherries are delicious raw or cooked.

Cherries are delicious raw or cooked.

5. Lemons

Lemons are considered sacred to the Moon and therefore have a feminine energy. They are associated with the element of Water and, in magical terms, with purification, Moon magic, happiness, decision-making, protection and friendship. Lemons have an acidic taste but are a common ingredient in cooking whether used on their own or in combination with other foods.

Lemon meringue pie is a popular dessert made using lemons and is believed to date back to the 19th century. It is baked with a pastry crust, lemon filling and meringue topping. Lemons can also be juiced to make lemonade or a rich curd that originated in England. Lemons are also used in fish dishes and salad dressings.

Lemons are considered sacred to the Moon.

Lemons are considered sacred to the Moon.

6. Oranges

Oranges are considered the fruit of the Sun, have a masculine energy and are linked to the element of Fire. They are used in magic for love, happiness, purification, energy and clarity. Eating oranges raw or drinking them in orange juice are popular ways to consume this fruit. Orange water is another way to use this citrus fruit and is sometimes used to flavour baked goods and confectioneries.

It can also be used in magical baths. Marmalade is a popular preserve made of oranges and is delicious when combined with chocolate—particularly dark varieties. Oranges are also sometimes used in meat dishes and salads and are excellent for creating sorbets.

Oranges are often thought of as the fruit of the Sun.

Oranges are often thought of as the fruit of the Sun.

7. Strawberries

These red berries have a feminine energy and a strong association with love, fertility, romance, luck and success. They can be eaten raw or cooked and often feature in desserts such as cheesecake and Eton Mess. They are ruled by Venus and are connected to the elements of Water and Earth. When cooked with sugar, strawberries can be made into delicious preserves such as jam and jelly. Strawberry is a popular flavour for milkshakes and smoothies.

Pro Tip: Combining strawberry with banana in a smoothie makes for a yummy combo.

Strawberries can be used in love magic.

Strawberries can be used in love magic.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Magical Kitchen

The heart of a kitchen witch's home is the kitchen, and this is where a lot of his/her magic takes place. In addition to providing us with the nutrition that our bodies need, food has many magical properties that can enhance and empower our lives. Ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and teas boost a wide range of properties that can be utilised as they are prepared, cooked and eaten. For example, dishes can be created for specific magical intents, to celebrate the sabbats or to help in healing illness.

In the magical kitchen, tasks such as kneading, stirring, peeling and whisking provide further opportunities to infuse the finished meal with your intentions and positive energy. Being mindful of these actions and associated feelings and energy can add greatly to your successes. For example, peeling is associated with releasing negative or unwanted habits and with energies revealing the fresh and clear way forward underneath. Meanwhile, during mixing and whisking you can visualise things coming together smoothly and completely as your ingredients combine. Stirring and slow cooking can be ideal for calming, peace and meditative needs.

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