Kitchen Witchery: How to Cook a Magical Meal

Updated on May 17, 2018
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Kitty is a self-proclaimed home and hearth goddess. One of her favorite things is creatively cooking and baking for her family.

A kitchen witch makes her magic in cooking magical meals.
A kitchen witch makes her magic in cooking magical meals. | Source

Every Woman Is a Kitchen Witch!

Whether you believe it or not, if you are a cook and spend much of your time in the kitchen, you are a kitchen witch! You are carrying on the legacy of your ancestors who came before you—the women (and men) who cooked over an open fire, at the hearthside, over cast-iron stoves, and (in modern times) over the electric stove. You are engaging in fire magic that dates back millions of years, to the first humans who cooked their hunted bounty over an open flame. You are tending to the nourishment and health of your family and friends every time you cook for yourself and for others. You are making magic in the kitchen by transforming seemingly simple ingredients into a masterpiece meal. This is alchemy. Therefore, you are a kitchen witch. Or magician. Whichever term you prefer! If you're not sure how you can make a magical meal, come along with me and we will identify the steps together.

Step 1: Set Your Intention

What's the first part of making magic or casting a spell? Understanding your needs and desires and setting the intention. If you'd like, write this down in a notebook or recipe book for future use. For our intents and purposes, we will say that our intention is financial abundance for the family.

Before starting to make your magical meal, be sure your intention is clear. This means, if you want to bring more abundance into your family's life, make sure you specify what kind of abundance. For example, if I said I want abundance, I am telling the universe abundance of nearly anything! This sounds like a good thing, but too much of something can sometimes be overwhelmingly bad. So be sure to state your specific intentions and write them down. Your intention will be your main focus throughout the entire meal-cooking process, so keep it at the forefront of your mind.

You'll also have to decide what kind of meal you are cooking (obviously), before moving onto the next step. Are you making breakfast, lunch, or dinner? How many people are you cooking for? Is it for a normal weeknight, weekend, or perhaps a special day or holiday? How much money can you spend on the meal? All of these things factor into the kind of meal you'd like to make. You'll have to let your intention inspire the meal you make. What I mean by this is—the ingredients will have to align with your intentions. So, for example, if you are making a meal to draw in financial abundance, you might want to choose a meal with lots of leafy greens (greens = money). If you're choosing to make a meal to inspire love, you might select an aphrodisiac like tomatoes, pomegranates, oysters, etc. Research foods and their magical properties if you need further help making a decision on the meal.

After you've figured out what kind of meal you're making, look up a recipe in a cookbook or online. You can also use an old family recipe, which is even more magical. Or, if you're an experienced cook, make up the meal as you go along!

Don't forget to research and write down the magical properties of your ingredients and dress the meal up with your own herbs!
Don't forget to research and write down the magical properties of your ingredients and dress the meal up with your own herbs!

Step 2: Gather Your Magical Ingredients

After you've set your clear intention for the meal and decided what to make, it's time to gather your magical ingredients. This part of the process is EXTREMELY important, so spend extra time on this step. You'll need to research the magical properties of your ingredients (if you haven't already). You can find magical properties of food online or in books like Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen. You should also take into account the folklore and history of the food you've chosen, as well as what kind of feelings you have about the food (i.e. if you don't like what you're making, don't make it just because the ingredients align with your intentions. Find something else!)

The best magical ingredients come from the garden, if you are lucky enough to grow your own food. Unfortunately, most people don't live on a farm or grow their own food nowadays, so a trip to the grocery store will do. Some tips in choosing ingredients: choose organic (if you can), locally grown, and healthy food options. For example, instead of buying vegetables in a can, go to a local produce stand or farmer's market and buy fresh veggies there. Write down each ingredient and how it supports your intention for this magical meal. Not every ingredient will align, and that's okay! As long as some of your ingredients back up your intention, it will still be a magical meal. Truly the intention is what makes it magical.

Next, add some magical herbs to the list. If you're making spaghetti, don't forget to add oregano, salt, pepper, and even cinnamon to decrease the acidity in the tomato sauce. Look up and write down the magical properties to these herbs. If you have another spice or herb you'd like to use in your magical meal, look up the properties and see if they align with your intention. If not, find another herb that does! Most people have a whole cabinet of magical herbs and spices right in their kitchen!

Magical Properties of Food

Herbs and Spices
Tomatoes - Love
Banana - Fertility
Basil - Money
Oysters - Love/Lust
Greens - Money
Apple - Luck, Love, Wisdom
Lavender - Anxiety Relief
Bacon - Financial Prosperity
Potatoes - Stability
Strawberries - Love
Rosemary - Healing
Eggs - Fertility/Renewal
When cooking a magical dessert, you can carve symbols directly into the dough.
When cooking a magical dessert, you can carve symbols directly into the dough.

Step 3: Prepare Your Magical Meal

After you've set your intention and researched and gathered your ingredients, it's time to cook your magical meal. This is the part of the process when you can put much of your energy and intention directly into the food.

In The Mystic Cookbook by Meadow and Denise Linn, the importance of your vibes while cooking is iterated time and time again. However you're feeling at the time of cooking your magical meal will determine the energy that goes into the food. Then that energy can be passed on to others. So be careful when preparing your magical meal that you're not in a negative state of mind or emotions. You can raise your energetic vibrations by putting on some music to listen to while cooking. Your intention might even determine what kind of music you play. For instance, if your intention for the magical meal is love, you might want to play soft, romantic music of some kind. If your intention is to bring joy, you might want to put on dance music and dance around the kitchen while cooking!

Also, during the preparation of your magical meal, you'll want to mentally focus on your intention. This means thinking about it and visualizing it while cooking. You can also pray or bless the food during preparation.

Something else you can do to honor the women who came before you at the hearthside, light a red candle in the kitchen and give thanks for your ancestors who also cooked magical meals. The stove, oven, or fire you cook over represents the same flame used to cook your ancestors' meals over thousands of years. The fire itself is magical and transmutable. It changes the ingredients into something else, therefore it is alchemical.

Don't forget that while you're stirring your ingredients, clockwise means to move something forward while counter-clockwise means to rewind or un-do something. So if your intention is to bring joy or love or money into your house, stir clockwise. If your intention is to banish illness or sadness, release anxiety, etc. then you'll want to stir counter-clockwise. You can also carve or draw symbols into your food. For example, if you're baking a pie, you can carve a protective rune into the crust before putting in the filling.

Step 4: Last Blessings

You've put in the time and effort into making a magical meal with the right intentions, ingredients, and energy. The last step is blessing the meal before serving it. You can do this on your own in the kitchen, before plating or serving the food, or if your family doesn't mind, you can bless the food at the table. If you like to pray before a meal, this works in the same way. By praying or blessing the food before eating it, you are imbuing more positive energy into the meal.

Something else you could do to make the meal more magical is to pay attention to how you set the table. Add flowers or foliage to the center of the table that also supports your intention. While setting the table with plates, napkins, and utensils, visualize your intention. Bless each setting at the table. The more effort you put into this magical meal, the more likely your intention will manifest.

The elements you add to the table can also magically support your intention.
The elements you add to the table can also magically support your intention. | Source

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    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 5 weeks ago from Canada

      I've always felt cooking is a bit alchemical, and certainly meals prepared with intention just seem to taste better.

      Thanks for this reminder to be mindful, and not just throw things in a pot or the oven.

    • profile image

      Whydidthishappen 5 weeks ago

      Hey, me again.... you never replied to my comment in "Things That Attract Demons and Signs Your Home Is Haunted" would you mind answering it please? im really worried.... you can email me at

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 weeks ago from Summerland

      Robie - In a way, every meal is magical as long as it's been transformed in some way (i.e. homecooked instead of boxed or restaurant). And yes, intention is important. Intention is purposeful magic. :) Hope this helps!

    • Robie Benve profile image

      Robie Benve 5 weeks ago from Ohio

      I love to cook but I never thought I was preparing a magical meal. We eat most of the ingredients in your table pretty much every day, does that count too, or does it need to be done with intention? This is so interesting.


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