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Kitchen Witchcraft: Magical Cleaning and Cleansing

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Kitchen witchery is a home-based branch of witchcraft.

Kitchen witchery is a home-based branch of witchcraft.

Witchcraft Cleaning

Kitchen witchcraft is an excellent way to bring magic into day-to-day life. This mostly informal type of witchcraft imparts your home and daily chores with the benefits and spark of magic. One important way that you can incorporate this type of practice into your days is by incorporating magic into cleaning your home. This includes chores such as washing laundry or dishes. Your home does not have to be sparkling clean or look like a show home, but being clean and tidy helps to maintain positive energy and create a space that is well-balanced, grounding, and pleasant to live in. There are two forms of cleaning that can benefit your home:

  1. Practical or mundane cleaning: This is the physical cleaning of your home with homemade or commercial products.
  2. Spiritual cleaning: This form of cleaning is accomplished using spiritual or energy-based practices. Often this involves dispelling negativity and filling the space with positive energy by using smoke and other forms of cleansing.
Clutter can create unpleasant energy and make us feel disorgansied and overwhelmed.

Clutter can create unpleasant energy and make us feel disorgansied and overwhelmed.

Why Is Cleaning Our Space Important?

As a witch, it may seem that spiritual cleaning is more important than physically cleaning your home, but this is not the case. Spiritual cleaning can create positive energy, making your home a relaxing, pleasant, and harmonious place to be. However, the benefits of an energetically clean home will be reduced if rooms are cluttered, dirty or filled with unloved or broken items.

In our busy modern lives, clutter can quickly and easily become a big issue, and the bigger the problem gets, the harder and more unpleasant it can be to tackle it. Many people are also living in homes that are smaller than they need or have too many possessions to keep in an orderly fashion. Clutter can make us feel overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated as it simultaneously creates a sense of conflicting energies and increases the presence of stale energy. Clutter can build up intentionally, especially in busy households. For example, unopened or discarded post, clean laundry waiting to be put away or items not put away properly when in a rush or tired are all items that can contribute to a cluttered space.

When rushing between school, jobs, after-school clubs and other commitments, it can also be tempting to leave chores for another time. Continually pushing off cleaning further contributes to clutter and unbalanced energy within the space. Try to tidy every day, even if you only do a small area or spend five minutes tidying one room. This simple practice will help reduce overall clutter and prevent it from building up to a more unpleasant and time-consuming task.

Practises to Keep Your Home Physically and Spiritually Clean

  • Remove dead plants as soon as possible. Plants are a great choice for creating a positive and uplifting space, and there are many varieties that are easy to care for. These can be ideal for busy or non-green-fingered witches.
  • Throw or give away unwanted or broken items as soon as you can. Otherwise, they are likely to hang around, cluttering your space and disrupting the energy.
  • Wash dishes immediately after meals to reduce kitchen clutter and keep the room clean and fresh.
  • Clean and organise cupboards and drawers so that their space can be maximised and things are easy to get out and put away.
  • Aim to keep surfaces clear and clean to ensure energy can flow freely around the room.
Sweeping is a great method for magically cleaning your home.

Sweeping is a great method for magically cleaning your home.

Using Magic in Physical Cleaning

Although methods may vary depending on the task at hand, magic can be incorporated into all areas of cleaning, including mopping, vacuuming, wiping surfaces and laundry. Visualisation is a highly beneficial and adaptable technique that is often used in magical cleaning. Also, many herbs and ingredients—such as vinegar and lemon—have powerful cleaning and magical properties.


Sweeping has long been used as a method of removing negative energy from spaces. You do not need a special broom for magical sweeping—a normal household brush is fine. Simply focus on and visualise your intent. For example, imagine negative energy being pushed out by your brushstrokes as you sweep, making space for positive, loving energy. If you have carpets or prefer to use a vacuum cleaner, you can still benefit from this practice. One way to do this would be to visualise negativity and stale energy being sucked into the vacuum as you clean. Ideally, the bag should be emptied after each use to avoid keeping those energies trapped in your vacuum and home.

Doors and Windows

In the same way that people can enter and leave your home through doors and windows, so can energy and spirits—both positive and negative. Keeping your doors and windows in good condition helps to create a barrier against what you want to keep out and contain energy that you wish to keep inside. It also ensures the strength of these physical barriers against adverse weather or people who may enter without your permission.

The area around your front and back door should be kept clean, tidy and free of clutter to allow free flow of energy in and out of your home. Depending on the available space, the area around these entrances can be good places for magical plants (e.g., rosemary or geraniums) or for placing charms, amulets, talismans and other magical items. For example, an upside-down broom placed by the doorway is a magical item that is believed to bring good luck to the household and to protect against unwanted visitors and other people interfering in your life. Horseshoes are also considered to be lucky when hung over a front door to a house. Opinions differ on how these should be hung. Some say the horseshoe should be placed with the open end facing upward in order to catch and hold luck, while others believe the open end should face down in order to share the luck with others.

Keeping a mat by entrance doors is another simple method of keeping your home clean, both physically and energetically. The mat can be used to wipe your feet. This removes the dirt and energy carried on your shoes and prevents it from entering your home. Alternatively, you can opt to leave all shoes by the door or just outside it.

What Products to Use When Cleaning

Commercial Products

There is a huge range of commercial cleaning products available, and many are suited to specific uses and surfaces. Some of these are also eco-friendly or aimed at people with special requirements (e.g., sensitive skin), while others may be less friendly towards humans and the environment. Care must also be taken when mixing or adding ingredients to these products as the results can be harmful.

Homemade Products

You may like to create your own cleaning products rather than using commercial products that contain potentially harmful chemicals. If you can’t or don’t want to make your own, there are brands of natural cleaners that can be purchased in many shops or online. Alternatively, you may want to keep things simple and add herbs, oils and other beneficial items used in cleaning water. Herbs and essential oils can be used in magical cleaning to aid with your intent or for their powerful cleaning and cleansing properties. Lemon, for example, has antibacterial qualities that make it ideal for cleaning.

Making homemade cleaning products means that you can customise them to suit your preferences—and not only for magical needs. They can be great for people who suffer from allergies as you can avoid artificial scents that can often cause problems. In some cases, commercial cleansers can also be an issue for people with respiratory issues (e.g., asthma), but this is less likely to occur with natural homemade cleaners. One benefit of creating your own cleaning products is that you can infuse them with your intent during the creation process, which further enhances their power.

No Matter the Product, Add Visualisation

Whatever you choose to use for cleaning, visualisation can be used to add your magical intent and help in achieving your goals. Whether you are sweeping, mopping or dusting, visualise your intent and desired outcome so that this energy is sent out into the universe. In your cleaning, you may also like to work with the elements. For example, you can let in the element of air by opening doors and windows while you clean, or you can work with the fire element by burning cleansing or purifying incense.

Opening your windows allows fresh air and energy into your home, while also allowing stale energy to flow out.

Opening your windows allows fresh air and energy into your home, while also allowing stale energy to flow out.

Spiritual Cleaning and Cleansing

Spiritual cleaning is often used to energetically cleanse an area by removing negative energy and entities that may be present. White sage is commonly used, but do not feel that you must use this herb. Rosemary, lavender, Palo Santo and cedar are also good choices for this method. Smoke cleansing is commonly carried out using bundles of dried herbs, often known as smudge sticks. These can be purchased from witchcraft and pagan shops but are relatively simple to make at home. Herbs can be used individually or combined to create a more personalised stick. For example, rose petals can be used to create a loving atmosphere. It is also possible to use incense sticks or cones carried on a safe, heat-proof surface. Smoke cleansing can be carried out as part of your regular cleaning routine or can be done after arguments or other unpleasant events. It can also be used as a way to create specific energy or atmosphere in your home.

Cleanse the Items in Your Home

In addition to cleansing your home or specific rooms, there may also be times when individual items would benefit from cleansing. One example of this is when you bring new furniture and other items into your home. Cleansing them upon arrival is a good idea as this removes any unwanted energy that they have previously collected. Many people consider this to be especially important when buying secondhand items as you do not know what type of environment they have come from.

Healing crystals and essential oils are two other simple methods that can be used in cleansing your home. They can be used in rooms to both remove negative energies and create the environment that you desire. This can be anything from creating a calming space to helping to foster teamwork or helping a child get to sleep at night. Many essential oils also possess useful cleaning properties (e.g., antimicrobial and antiviral), so you may be able to use them for both physical and spiritual cleaning.

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