How to Make a Spell Bag

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Kitty has been following a pagan spiritual path for seventeen years. Because of this, she encourages others to follow their own paths.

Spell bags are easy to make and powerful.
Spell bags are easy to make and powerful. | Source

What is a Spell Bag?

Put simply, a spell bag is a bag of ingredients put together for a specific magickal purpose. Some of those reasons might include (but aren't limited to): protection, love, health, abundance/money, friendship, etc.

Spell bags have been used for centuries by multiple magickal traditions including witchcraft and hoodoo. You may have sometimes heard them called by other names like mojo bags, spell sachets, or nanchon bags. They are easy to make and easy to charge and are quite effective for those whose intentions are clear and intensive. They are also easy to conceal so that any nosy individuals who go poking around your home or belongings might not notice the spell bag you have in your pillowcase or in the dash console of your car. Our ancestors have used things around their homes and from the woods to make spell bags for hundreds of years and now you can, too.

Do you have to be a witch or priestess to make a spell bag? No, anyone can make a simple spell bag as long as you believe in it. Spell bags are not evil, but it all depends on your intentions for the bag. For instance, if you want to make a spell bag for protection of your house or family, how would this be a bad thing? It's a spiritual equivalent of putting a security alarm on your home. But if you want to make a spell bag to hurt someone else in any way, this could be considered "evil" by others. Ultimately you determine between right and wrong and you will know if what you are doing is good.

You can find much of your spell ingredients in your very own spice cabinet!
You can find much of your spell ingredients in your very own spice cabinet! | Source

Gather Your Spell Bag Supplies

The first step in the process is to gather your spell bag ingredients.

What will you need first? The bag, of course! You can find small mesh bags online for very cheap on amazon or other sites, you can also find them in some stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, or even the dollar store. If you can't find the right bag in the right size or if you have no money to spend, you might want to make your own. This is easy and doesn't even require sewing, if you don't know how. You can use an old handkerchief, towel, cloth napkin, or even a ripped/cut piece from an old sheet or t-shirt. You'll also need a piece of durable string or yarn to tie the bag together at the end.

Next you'll need the actual spell ingredients for the interior of the spell bag. The ingredients don't have to be fancy, in fact most of the time they are rather simple items that you have in your house or can find outside or for very cheap.

Here's some ideas of what to put in your spell bag:

  • Dried Herbs: choose herbs or spices (from your garden or spice cabinet) that correspond to the desired effect. For example - garlic for protection, rose petals for love, lavender for sleep.
  • Stones/Crystals: you can put stones or crystals in your spell bag, again depending on your desired outcome. Rose quartz for love, pyrite for money. Or you can use a rock from your own yard or nearby creek, etc.
  • Coins/tokens: place coins or other small personal tokens in the bag as you deem necessary or appropriate.
  • Other spell bag ingredients: pictures, papers with wishes written, feathers, acorns, leaves, anything from nature, beads, etc.

The choices for spell ingredients are completely up to you and what you are looking to bring into your life with the spell bag. If you feel it makes sense, include it!

Ingredient Examples


Putting It All Together

You have all of your spell ingredients and are ready to put your bag together, now what?

As with any form of magick or casting, there are a few steps to take before performing them, traditionally. You can always skip these steps, if you believe a different way is better, but for beginners I recommend always taking these steps before casting a spell of any kind.

To begin the spell:

  1. Cleanse your space: smudge your space with sage or other purifying herbs, use your broom/besom to "sweep" away negative energy, light a white candle, etc.
  2. Have all of your supplies ready.
  3. Cast a circle. You can google steps on how to do this, as there are multiple ways of casting a circle. Personally, I use candles to mark the 4 corners then visualization.
  4. Hold your bag in receptive hand. Use your dominant hand to place ingredients in bag one at a time. As you do this, you should be thinking of your intention for the spell bag itself. Think of what each ingredient means and what kind of power it gives to the spell as you place them inside the spell bag.

If you are using a handkerchief or piece of fabric instead of a ready-made bag, lay it flat on a flat surface and place your ingredients in the center. At the end of your spell, gather the corners and tie a string/yarn around the top portion to seal it up.

To finish the spell:

  1. Visualize your intention for the bag as you hold the bag between both hands.
  2. Thank any helpers before releasing the circle (again you can google how to release a circle as there are many ways of doing this).
  3. Depending on your intentions for the spell bag, you'll want to place it wherever it makes most sense. For example, if the spell bag is to protect you and your family, hang it on your front door or place it close to the front door. If it's to help with dreams or insomnia, place it in your pillowcase, etc.

After you're finished casting, don't forget to ground yourself by visualization or with a heavy, earthy food of some kind.

— Nicole Canfield

"Feeding" the Spell Bag

There are some traditions that believe the spell bag will work on its own for a period of time (for a lunar cycle, etc.) while others believe you should "feed" the bag with further ingredients or magick.

What does this mean, to feed the spell bag? This means you are imbuing more of your intention into the spell itself. You can do this by holding the spell bag in your hand and visualizing your intention. You determine how often to do this, but once a week should be perfect. If you really want to up the power of the spell bag, feed it once a day!

Another way to "feed" the spell bag is to open the bag and give the ingredients inside a drop of oil, another dash of herbs, etc. The idea here is that the spell ingredients are "alive" in and of themselves and should be given "food" to keep their energy working and strong. This is part of the conjure and hoodoo traditions.

You can use drops of essential oils to "feed" your spell bag to increase its power.
You can use drops of essential oils to "feed" your spell bag to increase its power. | Source

© 2017 Nicole Canfield


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