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What You Should Know About Blood Magick

Working with occultism is like reading a dark and enthralling book—only better because one never reaches the end.

Blood can be a powerful agent in magickal workings.

Blood can be a powerful agent in magickal workings.

What Is Blood Magick?

Blood magick—let's face it, some will get squeamish when they read the title. For this reason, let's begin by explaining how it works. No person or creature is harmed in the procurement of blood for this practice. That is unless you consider a prick of the finger to be harmful. A magician decides whether they'll engage in such magick and also decides whether they'll prick their finger to obtain blood or not. Furthermore, anyone that a magician does blood magick for has a choice of whether or not to provide their own blood. Free will is a central factor.

Blood should be procured through a safe and hygienic method. Here is one: Cleanse the skin first with an alcohol swab. The extraction should be conducted with a sterile device (e.g., one used to prick the finger for diabetic purposes). The small amount drawn is all that is required. The sterile pin is disposable and should be disposed of immediately once the blood has been obtained.

Furthermore, when conducting magick for another person, precaution must be taken in the handling of blood. Wear gloves, but also be aware that through mishandling, there could be transmission of infection or disease. Be wise and stay safe.

By the way, magick is a correct spelling. It was introduced at the cusp of the 1800s-1900s, when Aleister Crowley coined the term to differentiate the occult art from stage trick magick. Ergo, it is a word with a purpose, which emerged from Crowley's sound gematrical and numerological calculations.

Let's move forth now to the topic at hand, which is: how to apply optimal power to magickal rites through employing blood as an amplifier—also known as blood magick. Additionally presented are methods of energy augmentation that complement blood magick, and a recipe to make synthetic blood, including instructions on how to imbue the end product with necessary properties.

Once a magician has learned the basics, especially protection methods, it's wise for them to seek out various magick amplification methods. Blood used in magickal workings (aka blood magick), is one.

Once a magician has learned the basics, especially protection methods, it's wise for them to seek out various magick amplification methods. Blood used in magickal workings (aka blood magick), is one.

Why Blood Magick Is So Powerful

There are numerous materials, items, and processes that heighten the energies of magickal rites. Though the most powerful one is not blood, it is blood magick that will be the primary focus of this article.

As the single most powerful magickal amplification method, it entails the magician becoming aroused and maintaining the state throughout a magickal process. This is a form of amplification that Aleister Crowley was very much aware of. It heightens all magickal processes and is of especial benefit when contacting daemons, deities, and entities of all kinds.

However, returning to the matter of blood magick, it is the essence of self through the magician's DNA signature and the properties of the color red that make blood so thoroughly effective in magick. Additionally, nothing embodies the power of the occult realm more than blood, as blood itself is hidden within the body. The very meaning of the word occult is "hidden" or "secret." Thus, in using blood, you are tapping into the energies of all things occult ever engaged in, combined with the energies of all occult knowledge.

Genuine Blood Works Best

When you use your own real blood for magickal rites, you are accessing a serious level of power. At times it is also beneficial to use someone else's blood when doing work on their behalf—it's best to use real blood and their own. However, if a person has stabbed themselves in the finger even once to procure one solitary drop, that's potentially one time too many. Naturally, some will seek to use other substances instead. All bodily fluids hold much power, as they each contain the essence of the magician and their DNA. Any one of them will serve as a replacement.

When other bodily fluids are used in replacement of blood, as they generally lack the color red, one can augment them by burning a red candle or with a red crystal. How much blood or other fluid a person uses in a given rite is up to them personally.

Certain Red Items Boost Magick

A generous chunk of raw red meat is yet another effective replacement for blood in magick. The same applies to burning dragon's blood resin incense and making a paste from ground red berries. Furthermore, having red wine present as an offering to the deities or daemons you work with is invaluable, as it symbolizes blood and has similar energies.

There are a few amplification methods that work hand in hand with blood magick. To perform such magick at a full moon would provide more intensity of power yet—if the sorcerer wanted to heighten energies, that is. When removing energies from one's life, as an example, a waning moon phase should be chosen.

A planetary hours app will assist as well by showing which hours are best for which magick. Well, you have to do some of the work. For example, you have to determine whether the nature of your magickal working is lunar, solar, saturnine, or what have you. Then you simply look to see which planetary hour corresponds with that to begin your magick.

Another useful way to use a planetary hours app is when you work with an entity of your choice. Basically, you'll have an entity in mind to work with. Look up their planetary attribution, and simply choose an hour appropriate to that planetary body (as shown on your app) to begin your spell within.

Make or Channel a Sigil

Sigils constitute one of the basic elements of magick and should be present in virtually all rites. It is ideal if you can design, or better yet, channel your own sigil. Just call upon a deity to channel one to you for a specific rite or spell. If you don't yet have the skill to channel, then work to develop it and know that it will come.

Drawing Blood Is Not Fun . . . Use Synthetic

Reasoning has already been presented as to why someone may want to use fake blood rather than real. To elaborate, though, let's say a magician does not want to prick their finger, has no red wine handy, no dragon's blood incense or red candles, and no meat chunks, or for some reason they do not want to work with any of these things—fake blood is an entirely logical alternative and is more powerful when DNA charged.

Blood made at home with degradable substances can be preserved with alcohol. Not only does synthetic blood amplify magick, but charged, it is great to keep handy as an offering for deities, daemons, and angels.

Blood made at home with degradable substances can be preserved with alcohol. Not only does synthetic blood amplify magick, but charged, it is great to keep handy as an offering for deities, daemons, and angels.

A Simple Fake Blood Recipe

Be careful working with this recipe, as it may stain.


  • 1/2 ounce corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon cornstarch or flour
  • red food color, as needed
  • cocoa powder, as needed
  • water, as needed


  1. Place corn syrup in a bowl. Cornstarch and flour each tend to clump. For this, it is suggested that you make a paste of whichever one you use. Add the paste to the corn syrup, then stir them together well.
  2. Stir water in until the product seems similar to blood in consistency.
  3. Add red food color, one drop at a time, until a deep red hue is achieved. The hue will be bright and not realistic looking. To adjust it, add cocoa powder. Stir in a very small sprinkle of cocoa powder at a time until the desired hue is achieved. When this step is concluded, your synthetic blood is ready to imbue.

Charging Your Synthetic Blood Creation

To assign your DNA signature to a blood creation, add one of your bodily fluids to it. Additionally, you should charge it with your personal energies, which is easily done.

To charge it with your energies, all you need to do is focus your thoughts on it. Your thoughts will be that the fake blood will adopt identical energy properties to your own blood. Ensure that the nature of your intent is as stated—not that your blood and that blood will have the same energies, for example. The point is, you do not want to energetically influence your blood. The aforementioned is a prime example of why we need to journal our magickal workings, as this point, as well as many others, must not be overlooked.

Hold your focus until you feel the charging is complete. To recognize when it's completed is a skill most magick practitioners soon pick up. If unsure, begin with 3 minutes and carry on if you feel that more is necessary. When finished, say "as by my intent, so it is done." If it is in line with your preferences to consecrate the finished blood product, then do so.

Sidenote: You are not limited to adding only the properties of blood, to your synthetic blood product; add whichever properties you choose to add. Each property should be added separately.

How to Save a Fake Blood Creation for Later Use

You can prolong the shelf life of synthetic blood that contains water by adding alcohol. If you do, the recipe will need to be thickened to compensate for that, as in the end, it should be about 20% alcohol.

On Buying Fake Blood

Some would rather not deal with crafts and recipes and may prefer to buy fake blood—finding the right brand may be a challenge. Rubies make fake blood that's fine for this purpose as it has good coloration and consistency. What I especially like is that it photographs well (great for accompanying blogs). Rubies and Mehron are the only worthy ones, in my humble opinion. If you go with Mehron, it comes in two colors, light and dark. Be sure to choose whichever is right for you. Be careful when buying commercial products of this kind, as many are junk.

If the consistency of purchased blood products is not right for you, adjustments are easily made. Just think of what you can do working with the ingredients listed in the recipes above to create adjustments. Even fake blood has to meet your personal standards for magick.


It has been made simple to understand how using blood as a component in rituals works to heighten magickal energies. It's much about all that you are willing to invest of you into your rites, and in this way, blood magick stands amongst the most valuable of all magickal enhancements that you can apply. With it, the essence of you invested in your works guides spell energy by your intent as it proceeds through timespace.

It would be remiss not to say, the things that can be used in the replacement of blood can generally be used alongside it for more oomph.

Real and fake blood can be used as offerings in daemonolatry magick. It cannot be stressed enough, though, that when using a synthetic product as an offering, do imbue it, as anything less may be considered invalid of an offering. The channeling session with Hekate and Viné (below) was conducted to expand on what was known about this concept.

What Hekate and Viné Said About Fake Blood as an Offering

Some time ago, the demons Hekate and Viné were consulted on this very matter—would it be acceptable to use fake blood as an offering in ritual magick? They conveyed that DNA attributed and charged would be fine. However, at the same time, it has roughly 40% of the power of blood unless one particular addition is made—add any amount of red wine to the mix.

They shared that frozen animal blood from a store may substitute as well but needs to be imbued with the magician's energies, DNA, and some wine, for optimal power. It shouldn't be necessary to explain to any magician that fake blood can easily be attributed with the properties of red wine with not a drop of it present.

A Final Word of Wisdom

Just because you can do blood magick, just because you can access that level of power, does not mean that you should. Carefully consider whether or not you need it. The point is that one does not need a battering ram to simply reach over and open the garden gate.


Daemon: An ancient word meaning lesser-level deity. It is the word that demon emerged from. In certain contexts, it is interchangeable with "demon," "entity," or "spirit."

Daemonolatry, aka demonolatry: A practice, but to some a faith, that involves working with deities and demons in matters of occultism and magick. Some would remove the word 'deities' from the definition, but it is splitting hairs given that demons common to demonolatry, are, in fact, new faces of the gods of ancient times.

Aleister Crowley: He was a great mind and a prolific occult writer. Aleister is considered by many occultists to be the great forefather of modern occultism and magick. He founded the faith known as Thelema.

Hekate, also Hecate: One of the dark goddesses of magick, she bridges the gap between us and matters relative to the Supernal Triad of the Qabalah.

Viné: A Goetic spirit, his skill is to build and destroy walls, towers, and barriers. He also guards hidden knowledge and can identify magicians and witches working against us.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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