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How to Get Rid of the Evil Eye

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Layne is a certified level 1 crystal healer and works with clients individually to help them overcome challenges and blockages.

Learn about the evil eye and how to protect yourself.

Learn about the evil eye and how to protect yourself.

What Is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is prominent in many cultures and is believed to be a curse that is brought upon a person by the malevolent glare of another human or entity either knowingly or unknowingly. When the evil eye is placed on someone, the victim(s) will suffer misfortune, injury, and illness. Many people who believe in the evil eye will carry or use talismans to protect themselves from its detriment.

Often, the victim of the curse is someone who has an X-factor, is successful, or receives great recognition for their achievements, often attracting jealousy and envy from others. This jealousy becomes manifested negative energy and ultimately undoes the success of the victim, instead bringing hardship upon them. The evil eye can also take the form of compliments, whether kind or unkind in intention.

Protective amulets in a tree.

Protective amulets in a tree.

How Do You Get the Evil Eye?

The evil eye can be placed on you intentionally or unintentionally. Often, the victim or recipient of the evil eye is a person who others look at with envy. A hostile person or an enemy might intentionally and maliciously put the evil eye on you or your family. Alternatively, someone (or multiple people in different circumstances) might unknowingly cast the evil eye on you due to their envy and jealousy for you. People who receive praise or admiration are often targets or can even bring it upon themselves if their pride swells.

In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, those who had the evil eye on them were thought to have their prosperity brought down by the envy of the gods.

The evil eye will bring hardships upon you.

The evil eye will bring hardships upon you.

What Are the Symptoms of the Evil Eye?

Most people who feel they have had the evil eye cast upon them will describe the following physical symptoms:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • sleeplessness
  • body aches
  • backaches
  • indigestion
  • itching
  • sneezing
  • restlessness
  • confusion
  • weakness
  • depression
  • sadness
  • stress
  • anxiety

People who suspect that the evil eye has been placed on them experience the following material misfortunes:

  • financial loss
  • life loss, grief
  • loss of looks
  • loss of work or job
  • business woes or poor business
  • loss of opportunity
  • trip interruptions
  • cancellation of plans
  • things breaking
  • vehicle trouble
  • technology interruptions
  • plan interruptions
  • disaster or hardship

The above symptoms will vary from person to person and by circumstance. Of course, some physical symptoms might actually be the cause of natural or underlying illness, however, many believers think that the evil eye can contribute to the above regardless of when or how it/they manifested.

Certain incense can protect you against the evil eye.

Certain incense can protect you against the evil eye.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From the Evil Eye

You can protect yourself from the evil eye through a number of techniques.

1. Do Not Welcome Negative Energy

No matter what you are going through or whatever hardship you are facing, protect your energy and do not give in to negativity and suffering. Remember the saying, "misery loves company"—negativity loves company. If you are going through a hard time, you have to work hard to uplift your energy and pull yourself out of it and stay positive, otherwise, you are more likely to welcome negativity into your life, and that energy will stick around. Protect yourself.

2. Surround Yourself in Blue

Blue is a spiritually protective color. Surround yourself with blue—sleep in blue sheets, light blue candles, wear blue colors, and wear blue talismans and amulets. Many evil eye beadwork and jewelry that can be worn for protection is blue for this reason. Dark blue is supposed to represent karma/fate and protection in many cultures, whereas blue in general is protective.

3. Lean Into the Compliment

If someone compliments your hair, your child, your success, your shirt, or something similar, lean into the compliment. In certain cultures, it is encouraged that you ask the person casting the gaze (intentionally or unintentionally) to touch your hair, your child, your shirt, or whatever material item it is that they are commenting on. Apparently, this breaks the gaze or spell, so confidently invite people to touch your child, your hair, your shirt, your dog, or anything they expresses admiration for.

Hamsa, a protective symbol.

Hamsa, a protective symbol.

4. Wear Evil Eye Amulets (Bracelet/Anklet) on Your Left Side

Evil eye amulets are typically blue glass beads in the shape of an eye (with a white center and inner black dot). In addition, some choose to wear the Hand of Fatima, which has an eye in the center of the palm facing outwards. These amulets serve as a shield of protection.

It is suggested that you wear your evil eye bracelet or anklet on your left wrist or left ankle because the heart is on that side of the body. This will offer emotional protection against fear and encourage love. By practicing this habit, you will cast away misfortune and ill will brought upon you by others.

5. Burn Incense

In many cultures and traditions, burning incense wards off bad energy, evil, and spirits. The best incense for warding off the evil eye is black cumin, thyme, rosemary, anise, and musk. In addition, some choose to use clove or cedar for cleansing, or lavender (a lighter scent), sandalwood, and myrrh.

6. Keep Your Dreams and Intentions to Yourself

As exciting as it is to share your dreams and aspirations with those around you, you might want to consider keeping them to yourself until they bloom into fruition. Oftentimes, people will think of or look at you enviously, especially if you are chasing your dreams while they are afraid to do so themselves. Whether you are planning on finally getting fit and losing those 20 extra pounds, starting your own business, overhauling your life, traveling abroad, setting new financial goals, getting pregnant and starting a family, buying a home, or going back to school, withhold from sharing your plans so that you may protect what is precious to you from others' envy.

7. Spit Three Times

In some traditions, including Greek and Roman, spitting is used to ward off the evil eye. You don't actually have to physically spit, but you can imitate spitting, by making a sound with your mouth in a series of three.

8. Brush the Energy Off Your Body

Physically use your hands to cut away cords from your body. You can do this when you are felling overwhelmed in a public place or feel as though someone's intentions, thoughts, or interest are following you. Take your hands and sweep your body in a downward motion. If your head is hurting, press your third eye (between your eyes and center of the forehead) and then sweep your forehead with your hand side-to-side. If you are feeling the pressure in your chest, sweep your hands and heartspace away and down from your body. If you are feeling it on your back (like someone is watching you), sweep your shoulders off one by one and away from your body. Wash your hands afterwards.

9. Roll an Egg Over Your Body and Discard

This is a technique used by many spiritual healers, and you can ask the right person in your life to do it to you or you can do it for yourself. Take a raw egg and carefully roll it over your body from head to toe; if you have another person like a healer doing it for you, you will likely be in a reclined position. Once the egg has been completely rolled over your body, break it into a glass of water. Let the egg settle and then observe its pattern. The more webs and tendrils of egg white that you see with air bubbles attached (these air bubbles visually represent eyes), the more people you have watching you or the more negative energies there are around you. When you are done taking stock of your existence, cast out the egg yolk.

10. Sweep and Sprinkle Salt

Cleaning your home with a broom is a good way to get rid of stagnant energies. Spend an especially good amount of time sweeping your front doorstep where people enter and exit your house. Once you are done cleaning this space, sprinkle salt in all four corners of your home (by room), around all four corners of your bed, and around all points of your house, forming a grid. Be mindful of living things as you do this—if you have pets in the household, avoid sprinkling anything they can consume (perhaps sprinkle it on a windowsill instead). Opt for sprinkling the salt on cement instead of soil where insects and other garden critters might be unintentionally harmed.

How to Protect Yourself From the Evil Eye

10 Steps: How to Remove the Evil Eye

Some of the techniques used to remove the evil eye are the same as those that you would use to protect yourself from it.

1. Herb Bundles

Hang a herb bundle of your choice at the entrance of your home. In some traditions, people choose to use ashok. I use rosemary or lavender. Perform this on a Friday or a Sunday evening before the start of the week.

2. Dressing Your Home

Sprinkle holy water, gangajal, or salt in all four corners of your house. You can take it further and sprinkle it around all four corners of the beds of the people in your home to protect them when they are sleeping or vulnerable.

3. Herb and Salt Baths

Take an herb or or salt bath. Epson salt is a great energetic cleaner, especially when bathing in it. In addition, you can add your own herbs or additions to enhance the potency of the mixture. If you would like to add gentle protection, use citrus or rose water. You can scrub your body down with a body scrub from head to toe—ideally, this scrub will contain some salts in it. Literally wash your body down from head to toe, discarding the waste down the drain at the end. You are energetically purging yourself.

4. Citrus

Place lemons or green chilis in your workplace. Alternatively, on the weekend (Saturday), use a green citrus (lime or lemon) and rub it along the walls of your workspace or business. Cut the fruit into four pieces once you are done, and cast the pieces in all four compass directions (North, South, East, West).

Evil Eye Wall Ornament

Be mindful of where you place mirrors in your home.

Be mindful of where you place mirrors in your home.

5. Mirrors

Place a mirror in your home to reflect what walks through your front door. The negative energy of that trying to enter will, therefore, be reflected back at it and act as a natural deterrent. Do not place mirrors across from each other.

6. Incense

Regularly burn purifying incense. Smoke has been used as a natural air purifier of negative energy in all cultures for centuries. Myrrh is an especially good incense that has been used for purification and to ward off evil energy; consider combining it with frankincense. Nag champa is also popular as is sandalwood, palo santo, or white sage, depending on your cultural rites and origins.

7. Floor Wash

Cleaning is a natural way to move stagnant energy in the home, to shift energy, and to banish evil. Floor washes are particularly potent against negative energy. To use a floor wash, consider creating a non-toxic herbal blend to steep in water and to use on your hard floors. If you have carpeted floors, consider using it as a mist. Popular peaceful home herbal blends include a combination of basil, rosemary, periwinkle, and Balm of Gilead buds. Use it as a cleanser to mop your floor as you would any floor cleaner.

8. Work With an Energy Healer

Energy healers can take any shape or form, depending on your faith, culture, or tradition. Energy workers are professionals who are versed in identifying ailments of the mind, body, and spirit in others. Oftentimes, you can schedule an individual slot of time for them to work with you to purge your energetic field of maladies. For some, this may look like working with a reiki healer, a curandera healer, or similar.

9. Practice Self-Love

A great way to combat the evil eye is to not fall into its power. That is, continue to look out for your well-being—this means putting yourself before others, taking time to meditate, eating well, getting good sleeping, withholding from addictions, sticking to your goals, bending instead of breaking, and staying on your path. While this might sound challenging or counterproductive if the evil eye has been placed on you, considering the challenges that brings, this is an energetic tactic to break it. In addition, continue to wear your amulets and protective talismans—for some this might look like black (protective) crystals around the neck, the color blue (clothing), covering up your third eye with a headband or hat, or wearing bells and certain protective scents on a daily basis.

10. Find Your Strength

It's important to distinguish the difference between your energetic field and that of others. If you are particularly tuned in and sensitive to others (empathic), you must work on protecting your energy and determining what belongs to others (what is theirs) and what is truly yours. Every morning, imagine a protective shield around your body—this can be in the form of white light, a protective cocoon, angel wings, or something visually representative of goodness and strength. You will need it to face the day. Allow adequate time to discharge from intense energetic climates when necessary, and don't carry the burdens of others. You can lead life with empathy but within healthy bounds. Keep your energy as your own, and keep it light.

Sprinkle salt or blessed water around the corners of your home.

Sprinkle salt or blessed water around the corners of your home.

What religion does the evil eye come from?

Belief in the evil eye can be found throughout cultures like in Greece and Rome and in Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, and Jewish faiths. The origins of the evil eye date back to 5,000 years (Upper Paleolithic Age), according to Presently, the evil eye is commonly found in the Mediterranean region and West Asia. Evil eye symbolism can be found in beads, ceramics, clay, and other forms of art. The evil eye is also known as:

  • Bla band (Farsi)
  • Ayin harsha (Arabic)
  • Mal de ojo (Spanish)
  • Oculus malus (Romans)
  • Ayin ha’ra (Hebrew)
  • Nazar boncugu (Turkish)
  • Malocchio (Italian)

People of various cultures, traditions, and faiths will wear amulets or talismans to protect against the evil eye, such as the hamsa (Hand of Fatima or "the hand of Miriam" in or "the hand of God"), which is popular in North Africa and the Middle East. The hamsa is a depiction of the open palm of the right hand with the evil eye centered in it. The hamsa is thought to ward off the evil eye.

Are evil eyes good luck?

This question can be a bit confusing. Evil eyes are bad luck, but evil eye talismans, jewelry, and amulets are good luck, in that they ward off the evil eye itself—the bad vibes that people knowingly or unknowingly cast your way. It is a good idea to decorate your living space, workplace, or your body with protection against the evil eye.

Amulets of protection.

Amulets of protection.

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