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How to Cast a Honey Jar Spell to Sweeten Your Relationships

I'm always reading about spiritual and alternative therapies and applying them at home to my family, pets, and friends. So far, so good!

Who knew honey could be used to help improve your relationships?

Who knew honey could be used to help improve your relationships?

Honey Jar Spell to Sweeten Your Life

Folk magic has been around for hundreds of years and is still an active practice. Why? Because it works! As someone who comes from a spiritually-attuned family, I learned about honey jar spells when I was a child. I enjoy working with these spells because it is fun to work with genuine intention and because I have seen how they can manifest into real results. They are one of the easier magical practices, and you don't need to be a witch to perform one!

Do Honey Jar Spells Really Work?

Manifestation of intention is more of an art than science. There is neuroscience attempting to prove the law of attraction and manifestation, however, and a good read is The Source by Dr Tara Swart. She was a medically-trained doctor before she delved into the law of attraction.

Honey jar spells are used in order to attempt to amplify an intention into a manifested reality. I believe that my life has personally been transformed because of spiritual assistance. As a result, I strongly believe in my ability to manifest an intention and that honey jar spells can be successful for people who work intently with them.

Honey is a powerful ingredient.

Honey is a powerful ingredient.

History of Jar Spells

Jar spells—otherwise known as bottle spells—are an old form of folk magic and witchcraft used by countless peoples across the world. They have been commonly used with good intention in love magic—often to bring people together (not forced) or to bring a husband and wife to reconciliation after a quarrel.


A jar spell can be used to cast a variety of spells and can be designed for what you need. In several folk magic and witchcraft traditions, a spell sealed inside a jar or bottle is considered concentrated. It allows the magic to perform its purpose and prevents it from escaping, hence allowing the spell to do its job.

A jar spell is also portable. If you need to take it somewhere, you can! It doesn't matter where you've put it, or whether it's buried or tucked away somewhere special. For example, some of the earliest spell bottles were hidden in chimneys to keep evil away from the home. There have been many clay witch bottles that have been found in England that date all the way back to the 1600s.

In more modern times, a witch's bottle is often made from cobalt blue glass and is used in many rituals by practitioners of witchcraft. They are generally stoppered with a cork or sealed in some way.

Using Spells for Love

Honey jar spells can be used to draw love, to bring people together for reconciliation or to keep love. Many of these spells are made with ingredients such as herbs, powders and essential oils. By praying over the jar holding your spell, you will see results after awhile and know if it was a success.

A honey jar spell for love and reconciliation is designed to focus not on a specific target, but to attract love, reconciliation and loving people into your life. This is a very ethical way of performing a love spell because you do not select a specific person to target. Rather, it is focused on supporting you in attracting the right person into your life—not on a person who you think is the right person.

Candles are an important component of these spells as well.

Candles are an important component of these spells as well.

DIY Honey Jar Spell

There are many variations of honey jar spells for love and reconciliation, but this is the version that has been passed down my the females in my family.


For this spell, you will need a few things.

  • Honey
  • A jar with a metal lid
  • Love representation of your choosing (e.g., rose petals, heart-shaped chocolates, rose quartz)
  • Paper
  • Red ink pen
  • Pictures of you and your intended (optional)
  • Personal items of both you and your intended (e.g., hair)
  • Essential oils that promote love (e.g., rose, lavender, geranium, jasmine)
  • Red, pink and white candles

This particular spell is designed to sweeten a person's attitude towards you. This spell can also be altered for love, friendship, reconciliation between family members, or anything you need it for.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. The first thing you need to do is get your jar. When you work with honey or other sweeteners, make sure you taste it to ensure it's still good. Rancid honey will not get any results. As you taste it, you can visualize your intended.
  2. Write the name of your intended three times. Then turn the paper sideways and write your name on top of theirs, also three times. Next, turn the piece of paper over and write your intentions in a circle shape, never lifting the pen off of the paper. It's best to use something short for this. For example, I wish [partner name] and I to reconcile and emerge with a stronger bond.
  3. Anoint the paper with oil and fold it towards yourself, then turn it one round and fold it towards you again. Now you are ready to add it to your honey jar. Remember to use the proper jar, especially if you plan to burn candles in it.
  4. Add your paper—as well as any herbs or anything that can be used for the situation—into the jar. Then add your honey or sweetener to the jar. Make sure your paper is completely covered by the ingredients of the jar. If you want to add pictures, make sure that they are facing each other when you put them in.
  5. Cover everything in the jar with your honey, then close the bottle. Now you will need to get the appropriate candle and anoint it with your oil, depending on what your goal is. Melt the bottom of the candle and stick it to the top of the jar, so it will stay there. Once it's stuck, light it and you can now pray over it. The main thing to remember is to focus on your intent, wish or desire as you pray.
  6. When the candle is completely burned out, gently shake the jar. Now just set the jar somewhere on an altar or a working space. You can burn a candle on it and pray over it over a period of two to three weeks. Meanwhile, look out for synchronicity and affirmation that your spell is taking hold.
Sugar cubes are another form of sweetener that can be used in jar spells.

Sugar cubes are another form of sweetener that can be used in jar spells.

Variation: Sugar Spells

There are also a few ways to use sugar instead of honey to bring enhanced sweetness to your relationships.

Sugar Box

Another method of fine-tuning this sweet spell is a sugar box, which uses sugar cubes instead of honey. Though the ingredients are slightly different, this spell is similar in that the goal is to help a couple be sweeter to one another. For this recipe, you will need sugar cubes and the same prayer for your intended. After writing down your prayer, you can add it to a box. Add your love representation, oils, and sugar cubes, then seal it. Put it somewhere you can see it, like on an altar or other sacred space.

Sugar Bottle

An even simpler way to do this spell if you're short on time and resources is to use a simple transparent bottle with a cap (e.g., a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle) as a container. Just add sugar, tap water and your intended's name to the bottle. Then cap it, pray over it, shake it and put it away.

Sugar Spell for When You're Short on Time

Even simpler, you can take a sugar cube and put a drop of your chosen essential love oil on it. Then place it on a picture of your intended with their name written three times.

What If the Spell Is Not Working?

A spell is performed to attune your soul's intention and bring it into the Universe. Similar to prayer, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I have certainly had my spells not always work out the way I had hoped. If you are frustrated or annoyed that the spell did not work, it is likely that you have too much attachment to the outcome of the spell. It's funny how spells and the law of attraction and manifestation work—the more you expect it to work, the more it will not work.

If the spell is not working for you, empty out the contents or throw the jar away. Calm yourself down, find other ways to work on your relationship or focus on something else. Return to the spell only when you are calm and not expecting a specific outcome. By approaching the spell with openness, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

You Can Do It!

Honey jar spells are surprisingly simple and very effective. They can make someone sweeter, make your own relationships and friendships more loving, bring two people towards reconciliation, bring someone closer to you or create an environment that will make them more receptive. Just make sure that your intent is clear and concise when using one of these spells. Witchcraft is not just for experienced witches, and anyone can have success and see pleasant outcomes if they work with intention and openness. Quick, go get your honey now!

Hopefully these spells help to improve your relationships.

Hopefully these spells help to improve your relationships.

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