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How to Undo a Spell or Cancel a Curse

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How to reverse witchcraft spells

How to reverse witchcraft spells

How to Undo Witchcraft

One of the many things that draw people to witchcraft is the prospect of working with energy, or in common parlance, casting spells. However, there is something you need to know before you even cast your first spell. It’s a little like knowing where the brake is when you begin learning to drive. I’m talking about how to undo a spell.

Why Should You Know How to Undo a Spell?

When we cast a spell, we are giving an instruction to the universe to alter reality; to change circumstances or deliver a desired result. At the time of casting the spell, getting that desire answered is important. Important enough to go to all the trouble of creating or finding instructions for the spell, choosing a good time and place, and then performing the ritual. However, six months down the line, that desire might not be so desirable. In fact, it was all a big mistake. Having the means to undo your spell is essential.

Often the spell has run its course, and you no longer want the results manifesting in your life. For example, you may have cast a spell to bring love to you . . . and the universe keeps delivering new potential lovers. You’ve already got the one you want, so it might be a good idea to reverse or neutralize that spell.

Maybe the outcome of the spell is more powerful than you expected. For instance, you did a weight-loss spell that worked beautifully, but now you are getting a little too thin. You have to stop that one in its tracks right away. Or perhaps you worked a binding spell on someone and now realise that it is causing them mental stress. Again, that needs to be undone as soon as possible.

Does It Always Work?

I have to tell you that reversing spells doesn’t always work. Sometimes things have moved on so much that it is impossible. Also, if your spell was designed to manipulate another person’s behavior, then they were probably in alignment with that change. However, they may not be in alignment with changing back again.

What Are the Options for Reversing a Spell?

  • If you have a record of the original spell, you can literally work another spell in exactly the same way but change the wording and the feeling to its opposite.
  • Maybe you can’t quite remember the original working? That’s okay; you can cast a spell to neutralize the effects of the first one.
  • A releasing spell allows someone their freedom from your influence or from a spell you cast upon them.
  • Breaking a spell is a method of reversing a love charm.
  • Returning a spell is to reflect one or a curse cast upon you by someone else. Not recommended.
  • Busting a curse or malevolent spell by washing it away and replacing it with protection and well-being.
  • Cast a new spell altogether in the hope of overriding the original one. This is sometimes known as counter-casting.

Rerunning the Original Spell

  • Think carefully about the negative effects that it could have, both upon any other person involved and on you. Ask yourself if it would be better to allow the situation to evolve by itself. I call this the magickal risk assessment.
  • Dig out your Book of Shadows or personal witch journal and find the old ritual.
  • Gather up the same ingredients you used previously.
  • Write a new chant that specifies that the spell should now be broken. Use the original as a guideline.
  • Choose a good time to work the ritual. The best times are during the waning (shrinking) moon, on a Saturday and after sunset. If it is possible, perform it during the months of July through to December when the days are becoming shorter (the opposite if you are in the southern hemisphere). However, if you can only do it on a certain day during a certain month, don’t worry too much about it. Those suggestions are simply to ease the way. If you perform the spell with enough feeling, it’s going to work anyway.
  • When you begin your ritual, spend some time drawing the energy to you by feeling the appropriate emotion. So, for example, you might want relief from the situation. Think about how that would make you feel. Really get into the emotion of it. This is so important and very often overlooked when casting spells. Get that feeling established within your mind, body and spirit.
  • Perform the ritual with the new or amended chant. This would work, but feel free to make up your own:

This spell, I no longer need.
Please release me from its creed.
Thank you for the work you did.
Now cancel it, as I bid.

  • Release that emotional energy as it culminates. Speak the words, “And it harm none.”
  • Know that it will be done.
  • Follow your usual procedure for ending a ritual; a grounding meditation, closing the circle, getting a drink of water or eating something . . . whatever you normally do. And it is done.

How to Neutralize a Spell

Neutralizing a spell means to render it null and void. One method of neutralizing a spell is by taking the original ‘left-overs’, the candle stub, any written chants, and anything else used in the working of it, and putting them in a small, strong zip lock bag and freezing them with a few words to the effect that the spell is now ‘on ice’. The trouble with this one is that most of us don’t keep that old stuff, and disposing of it was part of the original spell. And also, we don’t really want bad juju in the freezer. However, you can use this as a short-term solution until you decide what further action needs to be taken.

And just a side note: I recommend that you keep detailed records of all chants used in your magickal rituals. Make sure to date them, and if there are any leftovers, bag them, label them and keep them in a safe place.

To neutralize a spell that is working well but you need to stop, such as in the weight loss example, set your intention to switch it off. Just imagine that the energy has an on/off switch. This is useful because if you need to turn it back on, it’s easy to do so.

  • Hold the original idea of the spell in your mind. We’ll stick with the weight loss one, but you can adapt it for anything (halting the flow of admirers, job offers, etc.).
  • Say out loud:

Weight loss spell, you worked so well
Now I need to switch you off
If I want you, I’ll give you a call
My command is that you shall stop.

  • Repeat three times and then say, “As I will, so must it be.”
  • Know that it is done.

If you find this isn’t effective in the case of halting weight loss, I suggest you try a health charm and also change your diet to increase your daily calorie intake until your weight has stabilized.

Releasing Spell

‘Releasing’ is a fast and handy process to release a person from the influence of a spell, such as a binding or banishing. You can do a releasing as follows.

Do your magickal risk assessment. By releasing someone, you may be denying them support or causing anxiety, so make sure this is the right action to take.

  • Choose your time. As above, pick a time when shrinking and receding is the order of the day, so waning moon, Saturday, after sunset is best for conducting a releasing ritual.
  • Ingredients: a tea light or small votive candle, paper and pen.
  • Set your ritual as you normally would. For instance, you might cast a circle. Some wouldn’t, and that’s okay too.
  • Spend a few minutes tapping into the required emotion.
  • Light the candle (safely) and write the following:

**Their name**, I release you from this spell.
May you proceed healthy and well.
Go your own way in good time.
You live your life and I’ll live mine.

  • Read the verse out loud three times then say, “And so it harm none.”
  • Burn the paper carefully in the candle flame and as you do so, imagine the person feeling the relief of release.
  • Know that it is done. Complete the ritual in your preferred manner.

To Break a Love Spell

Love spells are the most common spells that need to be broken. They are the most popular spells by far, but that also means that they are the ones that people want to remove the most. Here’s a thought . . . don’t cast a love spell in the first place. Love is magickal enough, you don’t need to cause your future self a whole heap of trouble.

  • Follow the other instructions given previously about preparing for a ritual, not forgetting your magickal risk assessment. Decide whether you are using a candle—you don’t have to. You can just tear up the paper
  • Write down the following:

This spell of love no longer serves us.
Break it now, I insist you must.
Set us free to love again.
And from now on we will be friends.

  • Repeat three times, then say:

As I speak it, so must it be. And it harm none.

Reversing spells doesn’t always work.

Reversing spells doesn’t always work.

Reversing a Spell Someone Else Has Cast Upon You

This is always a toughie. Sometimes you don’t even know if someone has cursed you or cast a spell on you. The only way to be sure is if they tell you. However, I have a more pragmatic way of looking at this. You can only be affected by someone else’s magickal working if you are in alignment with their desire. Exactly the same as if you tried to impose your will on another. It will only happen if they are in alignment with your aim. Imagine physically gently pushing someone along a path. If they don’t want to go, they’ll stand still, and you can’t move them. If they are half willing, then they may well take a few steps along the way and then make a new decision. If they are a hundred percent happy to go in the direction you want them to, they will walk forward of their own accord.

Yet, when you are having a run of negativity, if events leave you reeling with their unfairness, if you miss out on opportunities, lose friendships and money, then you might begin to think that someone has launched a psychic attack against you. In other words, they have cursed you.

Why You Should Never Reflect a Spell, Hex or Curse

The common advice given is to send the curse back to its sender. I strongly advise that you don’t do this. The likelihood is that the person who sent it your way will have already built in a counter-curse, ensuring that any mirror spell you do is sent straight back at you. And you know how these things are magnified threefold. So don’t do it. Instead, you can stop it dead in its tracks.

So this is how to reverse that kind of spell and promote your future well-being.

Busting a Curse

There are three stages to removing a curse. Firstly . . .

Stage 1. The Cleansing

  • Do this on a Saturday at the time of the waning moon.
  • Fill a bath with warm water—the temperature should be just as you prefer.
  • Add three cups of sea salt, rock salt, Himalayan salt or Epsom salts. All will work.
  • Immerse yourself in the bath, duck your head under for a moment so your whole body is touched by the salty water. Wash yourself thoroughly, every inch. As you do so, whisper:

This curse of yours shall not stick
It washes off as easy as this
Down the drain it will flow
Never to harm me evermore

  • Keep whispering it until you have finished. Remain in the bath, pull out the plug and let the water flow away. Then say, “As I command so must it be.”
  • Dry yourself and get dressed.

Note: if you don’t have a bath, you can adapt the ritual for a shower. Rub dampened salt all over your body, then stand under the shower while whispering the chant.

Stage 2. Protection Ritual

The second stage is to perform a protection ritual. After your bath (it can be a few hours later, but the sooner, the better):

  • Light a candle and turn the electric lights off. Sit comfortably, preferably on the floor but on a chair or sofa is fine too.
  • Close your eyes. Breathe in and out deeply three times, then moderate your breathing to slow and steady.
  • Begin to imagine a circle of blue fire all around you. It’s a beautiful unearthly color. And there are other colors in the flames too. Just see this circle all around you and feel a sense of being safe begin to well inside you.
  • Imagine the flames getting higher, and, at the same time, imagine them extending downward into the floor.
  • Gradually, in your mind, let the beautiful blue flames form a sphere all around you.
  • Know that nothing can penetrate this sphere but love and good intentions.
  • When you are ready, allow the sphere to dissolve slowly. The sphere is gone, but the protection is there for a long time.

You can repeat this anytime you want to recharge the protection.

The last stage is to draw well-being to you.

Stage 3. Well-Being Meditation Ritual

  • Wait until the moon is waxing or it is full moon. The best days to perform this are Tuesday or Thursday. You will need a glass of water. Try to use filtered or natural spring water.
  • Follow the instructions in the previous ritual right up to and including creating the sphere.
  • Imagine your sphere being filled with love and well-being. Make it a lovely color of shimmering violet.
  • Breathe in all that love and goodness. Imagine it filling you and expanding outwards.
  • Keep your eyes closed and visualize the glass of water in front of you.
  • Imagine that the water begins to absorb the violet light. All that light in the sphere is being sucked into the water.
  • Open your eyes, reach out and drink the water. Fast or slow, it’s up to you. Drink it all. As you do so, know that the violet light of well-being is now completely in you.
  • Close your eyes, re-picture the sphere and allow it to fade.

That’s it, it’s done.

Have something to eat in order to ground yourself. Know that your three-stage curse-busting ritual is complete and you are protected. Feel free to repeat as necessary, but no more than once a month.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: My husband died six years ago. I didn't have a good relationship with my ex in-laws. They never liked me. I was just advised that he placed a binding curse on me before we got married, and continued to put curses on me. He wants me dead, so he can take my two kids. How can I protect myself from my husband's curse? I have had nothing but negativity and bad luck for the last 15 years.

Answer: Follow the instructions given above for 'Busting a Curse', including the protection and well-being rituals. Repeat monthly, as necessary. Take practical steps to remove yourself and your children from your in-laws' influence.

Question: Is casting a spell similar to praying for something?

Answer: Yes, it is. Though working magick is usually (not always) more intense and focused.

Question: Doing a reversal curse, will the sender know or feel anything?

Answer: No, because the instructions given above are not to 'reverse the curse'. In fact, I specifically warn against doing that. The best way is to simply rid yourself of the spell by following the suggestions in the article.

Question: My ex cast a love spell and binding spell on me. It was over ten years ago and I still can't get her out mind so am needing help. I don't really know what I need to do?

Answer: It sounds as though you don't need protection from this person, so simply perform the bathing ritual given under, "Busting a Curse - Cleansing". Change the wording to the following:

These charms of yours shall not stick

They wash off as easy as this

Down the drain they will flow

Releasing me for evermore.

Then say, "As I speak these words, so must it be."

Repeat once a week over the course of a month, although you may find once is sufficient.

Question: Ever since I visited my sister about 7 years ago, I have been gaining weight, been very moody and not myself. What should I do? She’s a very powerful witch and I can’t seem to shake this one.

Answer: I think you should get yourself checked out. I doubt very much your sister has cursed you, so go to your doctor. If you are given the all-clear then do a cleansing spell around you and your home to rid yourself of unwanted energy.

Question: I cast a love spell on someone who left and now I can't get them out of my head. I need to break the spell so I can be free. How do I do that?

Answer: Your situation is exactly why we should never cast love spells on one particular person as they almost always backfire on to the spell caster themselves. I should imagine that your ex is also experiencing problems because of this too. The way to do it is by following one of the methods given above. Choose whichever one is most appropriate and be prepared to repeat it in order to completely reverse/neutralize it.

Question: I feel no matter what I do I end up in the same place. Its like I have a desire to return to what I hate... and I find myself right back there again. Am I cursed?

Answer: What you appear to describe (and I have edited some of what you wrote) are symptoms of an imbalance in your mental health. You aren't cursed. You keep repeating behavior that doesn't serve you well, so you need help to break out of the cycle. Reach out to a health professional or counsellor who can help you.

Question: Can a spell be undone immediately?

Answer: I've never attempted to undo a spell as soon as it has been cast. All you can do is try it, and be more careful in the future. Do a 'risk assessment' prior to casting any spell. Don't cast spells in haste--always give the situation time to resolve in a normal way before resorting to magic.

Question: I am 100% certain that I had a curse put on me or I was attacked by a spirit/demon. At this point, I started drinking. After four years I was extremely angry and destructive. I got sober again and worked on becoming a better person. Everything stopped but I have had constant problems in my career and luck. Could the cleanse help me?

Answer: Belief is a powerful thing. If you believe you were cursed, then you would have attracted all the stuff that goes with that. If you now believe that it has gone, then it has. A curse can only work if the 'victim' believes in it. Your current problems are nothing to do with a curse, I promise you. By all means perform the cleansing. It can't hurt.

Question: I consulted with someone who casts spells. She asked me to buy a 500 ml box of banana mageu and to pray that all the things that are blocking my success should go into the mageu. Now she wants me to go to her, four hours away and I don't want to because I feel fear. She said I shouldn't open the box of mageu and should keep it until I go to her because she has cast a bad spell into it. What should I do to cleanse myself and cancel this spell?

Answer: Presumably you have paid this woman, and will be expected to pay her more for a second appointment? She won't let you off her hook and your fear will keep you (and others) going back to her.

Don't go back. Don't buy into the fear - it's not real. Either burn or bury the box where it won't be disturbed. Follow the cleansing ritual given above under the heading 'Busting a Curse', and let that be the end of it.

Question: I've been getting coughing attacks that rock my whole body. My head broke out in whiteheads all over. Deep down I just know it's black magic. How could I know if it's my girl who did this or my baby's mother?

Answer: The first rule of curses is to rule out a medical condition, so go see a doctor before worrying that you've been hexed.

Question: I have been warned twice of an evil curse upon me, and yet those who have informed me of this either cannot or will not, help. Is there anyone who can help me?

Answer: Firstly, it's unlikely you have been cursed. The people who are telling you this are simply cementing the belief in your consciousness. However, if you really think it's a possibility, follow the instructions given above. Repeat monthly for three months. You should be fine after that.

Question: I started a simple ritual honoring Mother Nature on a full moon day, however, I got afraid of the surroundings and left the place. Is there a proper way to correct this? I do not remember the ritual spell.

Answer: I'm not sure what you wish to correct. If you felt uncomfortable, you were right to leave. There's no problem or imbalance with that. You can do another, similar ritual at home. It's not necessary to be outside.

Question: How would I break a spell or curse on someone else? Would I just switch around pronouns in what I write or say and focus my energy on that person? Or should I just cast a protection spell?

Answer: That depends on what you think the spell is and if the 'victim' wants you to remove it on their behalf. You have to discuss this with them and find out their wishes. You would have to write to words to suit the situation and be able to focus your energy on behalf of the other person.

Question: I performed a spell using an envelope with my partners name written inside, a coin, a compass, and rosemary. What should I do in order to release this spell? And if I release her from the spell is she forced to leave me?

Answer: You haven't said what the spell was for in the first place. If it was to keep her with you and now you feel it was the wrong thing to do, follow the procedure suggested in the article. If she wants to stay with you, she will, and that's how it should have been in the first place. You don't need magic to compel someone to stay... all you need is mutual love.

Question: Which one is waning moon, gibbous or crescent?

Answer: Either phase of the waning moon is fine. Just think of shrinking, disappearing, becoming less when considering this type of magical work. If it's not possible, then try to choose other times that are 'lessening', such as at sunset, after summer solstice and before winter solstice. In really desperate situations, then you can work at any time - urgency always takes precedence.

Question: How does busting a curse differ if the curse is on someone else?

Answer: It's always better if the person who thinks they are cursed does the removal themselves. You can try to remove a curse from another person but the intention will be weakened. You would have to repeat the spell several times. The easiest way to do it might be with a written spell that you could do repeatedly until the effects of the curse (if there is one) fade away:

Question: Is it possible to cancel a spell that you’re not involved in? For instance, my sister put a spell on my dad, and I want to undo it. Can I?

Answer: This is a difficult one. It would be far easier for you to work your own spell to counteract your sister's. However, all this energy swirling round your father could complicate matters and even do damage. Maybe you could persuade your sister to release the spell.

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Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 10, 2020:

I wouldn't use that kind of candle, Chris. I would just do the spell with a small tealight or votive candle. You have to remember that the candle is not giving you protection; your own intent and the emotion you put into the spell is what causes the universe to shift in your favor.

Chris on September 09, 2020:

If I burn a protection candle (a 5 day candle), how long does the protection last until I have to burn a new one?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 26, 2020:

micaterblanche, you could try the 'releasing ritual' described above. You can adjust it as you see fit.

Apologise to your brother and his family.

Never say anything like that again, no matter how angry.

micaterblanche on August 26, 2020:

After being hurt by my brother I screamed out that he, his wife and kids must die. There was lots of emotion evolved. And I repeated it probably 20 times. How do I stop it. And howndo I stop 3 folds return

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 14, 2020:

Hi Magic Bird,

The freezer spell may work, but you might have to repeat this work regularly.

These articles may also be helpful:

Magicbird22 on May 31, 2020:


I’ve had a dangerous man in my life for 2.5 I’ve tried so many times to get rid of him- I’ve been told (unprompted) by a healer there is a spell on me - she cleared the many cords (I felt physical tenderness in my back at the heart Chakra for days after - that one was huge) and also by a trusted psychic I consult twice a year or so she also picked up that’s had a spell on me. she picked up on his energy & character told me so much that was bang on straight away about him & has been trying to advise me on getting rid of him for 18 months - I put his name in the freezer, wrote it on a Leaf and dropped in fast flowing water, put my photo between outward facing mirrors to try to stop the remote viewing etc... It is strange I feel like I’m free of him I’m not bothered then I feel him almost latch into my chest somehow... then he might contact me to ask if I’m missing him. I know it’s not from me - I told him I felt him latch into me & I know it’s not me & he was delighted & said oh I know how to do it now..

He’s often told me that we will be together whether I like it or not - his energy is very dark He’s manipulative charming narcissist... I also get attacked by him in my dreams but this is less since I started wearing black obsidian. He knows where I live and has an unbelievable memory, and no reason to write down my address but one time a couple of years ago before I realised the full extent of all this I was at his house and I saw a random piece of paper with all my details on it Which he got funny about and told me it was nothing bad and I don’t need to worry. Wherever I’ve tried to do things to get rid of his energy he usually notices he feels it he will contact me after and say that he feels like something is trying to separate us is so bizarre how he can know when I don’t discuss it with anyone apart from the two ladies I mentioned above.

Is it likely he could have put a spell on me? (Possibly with help from someone else he speaks a second language & I wonder if he had assistance from someone from that community) At first I didn’t realise the depth of the trouble from him, & I was at a vulnerable place in my life... then it was harder & harder to escape it. It’s a long story and there is so many bizarre things about this experience I could write a book & honestly it makes you feel like you’re going crackers but I know something is happening on a deeper level.

Anyway I know that magic is not to be taken lightly or messed around with & I do not want to do anything dangerous - the psychic suggested to me yesterday to do a certain spell - I’ve never done anything like it before, putting his name in the freezer etc made me wonder but I kinda saw the logic in it... but I’d really appreciate advice if it is appropriate. I’ve been reading up on circle casting, I meditate already & am reasonably in tune with myself, nature, had many mystical experiences before which is why I’m rather cautious & fully aware of what could potentially happen. The spell she advised me to do is a Hecate binding spell but as I say I am cautious to do anything that may be counter productive. She said she only knows about this stuff from having to learn after being victim to attack of this sort previously and needing to find out how to stop it

Many thanks & sorry this is so long x

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 16, 2020:

First of all, Jaaay, have your home checked for spy devices - this doesn't sound as though it is connected to witchcraft.

This article might be helpful:

Then if you still feel as though someone has cursed or put a binding on you, follow the directions given above.

jaaay000 on April 16, 2020:

I need serious help...

Im going to be forward because I don't know how any of this works..

I had my cards read to me, and found out someone had tied my hands and feet. I want to undo what they did to me.

they hear everything i say, they know everything i do.

they know how everything works. I want to make sure they can't do it again.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 02, 2020:

You are very welcome, Hamish.

Hamish on February 02, 2020:

This saved me from a sticky situation. Reminded me also to really consider whether I want to cast a spell before I do one. Thank you.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on November 02, 2019:

Nail, hit on head, Tim :)

Thank youx

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on November 02, 2019:

Excellent, Bev. G. This is a great write up for those who want to tackle releasing, neutralizing, or etc. a spell. As with prayers, one should be careful what they ask for because the universe was designed on love and it will give you what you ask, just be prepared for the consequences. Thanks again to a talented writer.

Silas777 on November 01, 2019:

This is a very useful article. I also noticed that the spell book in the second photo is Wizardology, one of the first grimoires that I studied.