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How to Remove a Love Spell With Infused Moon Water

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Pink rose petals work well for love spells and cleansing

Pink rose petals work well for love spells and cleansing

Love Spell Background

Once upon a time, I was asked to do a tarot reading. The seeker was a young man—let's call him Josh. Josh was bewildered because he’d been unable to end his relationship with his girlfriend, though he was adamant that he wanted to end it. They weren’t compatible, he said. He liked her a lot but had no desire to take it any further. Every time he tried to finish with her, however, the relationship would instead move to another level.

We did the reading and it was obvious there was no love there at all on his side and an immense amount of control on hers. After more chatting, I realized she’d cast a spell on him. All he could tell me was that she was ‘into some weird stuff’, which is why he decided to use ‘weird stuff’ (a tarot reading) to determine his course of action. He was pretty desperate by this point.

Asking Tarot Cards for Help

I had no experience with removing spells for other people back then so I needed to do some research. I began with another tarot reading without Josh being present. I wanted to know what kind of spell had been used. I turned just three cards—the Ten of Cups, Five of Cups, and the Eight of Swords. Those three cards indicated the spell was based on water. Water is the element of feelings and emotions and is often used as the main component in love spells.

The Ten of Cups is always a happy outcome kind of card. It represents a contented, emotionally balanced partnership and possibly family. I guessed the outcome Josh’s girlfriend had cast the spell for. The Five of Cups is another matter; it shows a person in emotional turmoil. There is loss and despair, even though the message of positivity is also present in the card. When I saw it, I got the impression of someone feeling at their wit's end and being persuaded to turn around and try again. Pretty soon the cycle would repeat as Josh’s discomfort at being with someone he didn’t love reasserted itself and despair washed over him once more. The Eight of Swords indicated how trapped and powerless Josh felt. More research was required.

I found a book called A Century of Spells, which came in very useful. There was a spell to remove a love spell, but disturbingly, it involved heating a jar of water and pins until it exploded. Not anything I wanted to do, or wanted Josh to try. I didn’t want to be responsible for any kind of physical injury if he inadvertently stepped on a stray pin. However, the book gave me some good ideas about working magic with water and, in particular, how to remove a love spell.

Three card tarot reading

Three card tarot reading

Removing a Spell With Iron Water

One way to remove a curse or unwanted spell is by using iron water in a spray bottle. We weren’t dealing with a curse but the spell on Josh was a strong one and warranted the use of a strong ‘cleanser’. Iron water is simple to make. You need a piece of rusty iron in a container. Cover it with water and leave it on a window sill during the three days of the dark moon until the rust turns it a dirty brown color. The dark moon is the period immediately before the new moon. You may need to check with an app or calendar to determine when the dark moon occurs.

Decant the water into a spray bottle and spray it around the home. Josh did this and also dabbed some of the rusty water on himself and his clothing.

He noticed his girlfriend’s interest in him lessened quite a bit and she seemed reluctant to spend time in his apartment. The spell wasn’t quite lifted however as she continued to text him and arrange dates.

Recipe for Curse-Busting, Spell-Removing, Moon-Infused, Iron Water


  • One cup of water (can be rainwater or tap water)
  • Small piece of rusty iron such as an old nail (you may find something suitable while out on a walk)
  • Glass container with a lid (a jar is ideal).


  1. Place the rusty iron into the jar.
  2. Pour the clean water over it until almost full.
  3. Put the lid on.
  4. Leave on a windowsill, or outside, for three days of the dark moon, or until the water has a yellowish-brown tinge.
  5. Decant into a spray bottle, discarding the iron.

Spray around your home to remove curses, spells, and to provide personal protection. Hold your intention clearly as you do so. Iron water may be all you need to resolve the issue. You can dab a little on your skin and clothes, but be careful as rust marks won’t come out of your clothes so avoid your white t-shirts.

Rusty iron nails to make rusty iron nail water

Rusty iron nails to make rusty iron nail water

Strengthening the Spell Removal With Rose Water

You can make water spells in various ways depending on their intended use. For instance, using water that has stood in the light of the waxing (growing) moon combined with rose petals will attract love and romance. The type of rose water we needed was one that would dissipate a spell. Therefore I placed a jar of clean, filtered water on a windowsill for three nights during the waning (shrinking) moon. This is when magical energy is working to reduce, dismiss, and turn away influences. That’s why it’s a good idea to begin a diet during the waning moon.

The water was poured over a few pink rose petals, left in the fridge overnight, and decanted into a spray bottle. I gave it to Josh and told him to spray it lightly around his apartment, on himself, and even to add a little to a bath. I also made up a chant that he could whisper as he used the spray.

He reported that after a week of spraying with both kinds of water he felt a lot better. Lighter and stronger. At the end of the week, he had a serious conversation with his girlfriend, explained he was ending it, and wished her well. And that was it. She let go, moved on, and Josh was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Recipe for Cleansing Rose Water


  • One cup of clean water (can be rainwater, filtered, or tap water)
  • Two glass jars with lids
  • About a tablespoon of rose petals (Red or pink; fresh is best but dried will do in an emergency).


  1. Place the clean water in a jar on a windowsill during the waning moon for three nights.
  2. Put the rose petals into the empty jar.
  3. Pour the charged water over the petals slowly, holding your intention for its use clearly in your mind.
  4. Let the jar sit in the fridge for a day or two.
  5. Spray around the home to cleanse negative energy. Dab on self and clothes.

Use both sprays for no longer than a week, then discard. Hopefully, you will feel relief as the spell is dissipated harmlessly.

I only used petals, but a full rosebud like this may work fine

I only used petals, but a full rosebud like this may work fine

If You Need Stronger Protection

Makeup iron water as described. Pour into glass ampoules and keep one on your person as you go about your day. You can make several up and change them every few days over the course of a month. This will keep curses and psychic attacks at bay. These tiny, cork-stoppered bottles are perfect for the job. Just be careful the top doesn’t pop off in your pocket or purse.

What Happened to Josh?

Well, he met someone else, fell in love, and has been married for seven years. They have two small children and are all happy little bunnies. I have no idea what happened to his ex. I’m sure she cast the spell with the best of intentions but, as I explain in my other article, casting spells to manipulate other people almost certainly doesn’t work out well. They are strong spells, but if they are in contradiction to the person’s own wishes and feelings, all it does is cause heartache and confusion. Avoid them.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on April 30, 2021:

I know, Mr Happy... :D I just look out of the window to confirm what part of the moon cycle we're in... but kids, these days! It's quite useful though to know upcoming dates so I can add, "Do money spell on such and such a day" to my calendar.

Yes tourmaline is an excellent stone to keep away the nasties. xxx

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on April 29, 2021:

"You may need to check with an app" - Casting spells in 21st century: check your app first LOL Too funny but hey, whatever works (well, not whatever but You know ... lol).

Did not know what an "ampoule" is. Looks neat. I'd carry Dragon blood, or something like that if I had to carry one lol Instead, for protection I used to carry Black Tourmaline. I so love that Stone! I carry nothing but wormwood and white buffalo sage now but I do recommend the Black Tourmaline. It's so awesome!

Well, thanks for the writing again - cheers!

May the Gods be with You.