How to Begin Witchcraft: Casting Spells

Updated on July 12, 2018
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Born in deepest Cornwall and now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of witchcraft for years and years.

Let’s get one thing straight: working a spell is not usually a spectacular event. It is nothing like you see in the movies. Casting a spell is usually a very quiet, laid back activity that a witch does alone. There are other kinds of magickal work done in groups or with another person, but the majority are carried out in solitude.

Oh, and why do witches often use the term ‘magick’ with a k? It’s to distinguish it from conjuring tricks and stage magic, which is just very expert sleight of hand and illusion. We’re working the real deal here.

Unfortunately, real magick doesn't look like this.
Unfortunately, real magick doesn't look like this. | Source

What Is a Spell?

What a spell isn’t is waving a magic wand and having your dream come true in a purple flash. A spell is one method of impressing your will onto universal energy. Other methods include prayer, making wishes, and healing modalities like Reiki. A spell achieves several things: it brings your own energy vibration into alignment with your desire, it sends it out to be dealt with by that old universal energy, and it enables you to let it go and not interfere with how it manifests. In fact, how these things come about can be pretty mundane and everyday-ish. It’s much less exciting than you might believe.

Do You Need to Work a Spell at All?

It might seem like a great idea at the time, but you must think before you act. Does this situation warrant a spell? Once you set the energy in motion, it can be difficult to undo it. From personal experience, I can tell you that doing a spell that directly affects another person is never a good idea.

I Want a Spell to Make My Crush Fall in Love with Me

Okay, so you are attracted to this person and you would soooo like to date them and to be their partner. But wait, what if you work the spell and they turn out to be the worst person in the world? What if they try to tell you what to do? What to wear? What if they want to move things along too fast? Too slow? What if you don’t really like them much at all? What if they smell? What if the spell works so well that they never leave you alone? That you can’t end the relationship because they just won’t give up? It all sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

Those are all good reasons why you should never use magick to manipulate somebody’s feelings. It can backfire on you and create all kinds of problems you never thought of.

Someone Made Me Angry and Now I Want to Curse Them

Don’t do it. However tempting it is, you run the risk of the curse rebounding onto yourself. All you need to do when somebody upsets you is to trust that the Universe/fate/karma will deal with them for you.

Good Spells to Cast

It’s so much better if you know what you want and keep it general. For instance, there is someone you really like. Instead of trying to make them fall in love with you, cast a spell to bring love to you. If that person ends up liking you, great. If it turns out to be someone else more suitable, still great.

Here are some ideas for good spells:

  • Bring love to me
  • Enable me to get excellent grades
  • Increase the flow of money
  • Get healthy
  • To appear more beautiful
  • I want some new friends
  • I need a job
  • Find a lost article
  • Protect myself from bullies.

Best Time to Cast Spells

I don’t worry too much about this, but some people like to work with the Moon cycles. When the Moon is waxing (growing) think of spells that involve an increase, such as money, confidence, or love. When the Moon is waning (growing smaller) brainstorm spells that involve a decrease, such as getting rid of debt, acne, or bullies.

There are also days of the week which are best for working certain spells:

  • Sunday: For personal achievement and goals. Accentuate the spell with sunflowers and orange oil
  • Monday: For fertility, pregnancy and feminine magic. This is the day to charge your silver jewelry in the moonlight.
  • Tuesday: Best day to increase qualities like strength and courage.
  • Wednesday: For communication issues. Want to heal a rift? Do it on a Wednesday.
  • Thursday: Work your prosperity and abundance spells on this day. Also good for healing and other practical work. Need a job? Might be good to ask for it on a Thursday. Want to sell property? Do your spell today.
  • Friday: Love magick works a treat on a Friday. Also good for deepening friendship and emotional connections.
  • Saturday: Cleansing and banishing are excellent things to do on Saturdays. You can also work your anti-bully spells today. Need to dissolve a friendship? Do it today.

Equipment/Tools Required

I like to keep things simple, so for me, it’s pen and paper and a candle. However, if I were performing a more important and complex ritual I would lay out items to represent the elements, as follows:

  • A cup or glass of water: to represent the realm of water and emotions.
  • A crystal or pebble: to represent the realm of Earth and practicalities.
  • Incense: to represent the realm of air and thought/communication.
  • Candle: to represent the realm of fire and inspiration/action.

I’d have a second candle, usually a very small votive or tea-light within the circle because I always use fire to send off my spells.

Use a natural wand to cast your circle, and an athame (blunt or wooden knife) to close it afterward.

Basic Circle Casting

It’s rare I feel the need to cast a circle, but it adds to the power of the spell and also offers some protection. Work out where your circle will be in the room or wherever you intend to work the spell. Then make sure you know the points of the four directions.

Place your items as follows:

  • The crystal or pebble to the north boundary where you intend your circle to be.
  • The candle to the south.
  • Incense to the east
  • Vessel of water to the west.

Be very, very careful with candles. If you like, you can use an LED candle instead. It’s simply a representation of fire, and it doesn’t need to be a real fire. In fact, you can use a candle without lighting it at all. However, if you are going to light your candle and incense, do it now.

  • Pick up your wand, hold it up and face east. Say, “I call the guardians of air and east to this circle.”
  • Slowly turn deosil (clockwise) until you are facing south. Say, “I call the guardians of fire and south to this circle.”
  • Turn to the west and say, “I call the guardians of water and west to this circle.”
  • Turn to the north and say, “I call the guardians of earth and north to this circle.”

As you turn, imagine a shimmering circle rising from the floor or ground and forming a half sphere around you. If you are on grass, dirt, or sand, you can draw the circle with your wand. It can be as big or small as you like, but leave yourself enough room to move about. If you are working at a table or altar, you can include it within the boundary of the circle. When I lived in a very small apartment, my circle would extend outside the walls, which made it a little awkward, but witches are resourceful creatures.

  • Then say, I thank you, Guardians. Please stay and keep me safe until I ask you to leave.”
  • Now, cast your spell (we’ll get to that soon.) Once you have finished, pick up your athame. Use your wand if you haven’t got one, or even your pointed index finger. Nothing is written in stone, and you can adapt as necessary.
  • Face west and say, “I thank you for your protection, guardians of west and water. You are dismissed. Go in peace.”
  • Turn widdershins (anti-clockwise) and face south. Say, “I thank you for your protection, guardians of south and fire. You are dismissed. Go in peace.”
  • Turn to the east and say, “I thank you for your protection, guardians of east and air. You are dismissed. Go in peace.”
  • Finally, turn to the north and say, “I thank you for your protection, guardians of north and earth. You are dismissed. Go in peace.”
  • Visualize the sphere melting away. And it’s done. Have something to eat - witches call this part of the ritual ‘cakes and ale’. Eating and drinking signify the magick is complete, helps to ground you, and provides a pleasant end to your work.

Casting the Spell

Once you have created your circle, you will begin the spell itself. A very simple formula is this:

  • Sit down in the middle of your circle.
  • Breathe deeply, visualize the desired outcome, but not how it will happen (leave all that to magick).
  • Has your spell been written out on a piece of paper?
  • Raise the energy/emotion necessary (more on this in the next section)
  • Read out your spell three times.
  • Place the written spell beneath the candle or, if it is perfectly safe to do so, burn the spell in the candle flame. Please don’t do this indoors or anywhere you could start a fire.
  • Relax and perhaps meditate on the desired outcome for a few minutes.
  • When you are ready, dismiss the guardians and close the circle.

It’s an excellent idea, to work out the form your ritual will take. Mentally practice it several times, so you know what to do next after you complete each stage. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake though, magick doesn’t care.

Raising Energy and Emotion

This part of the spell is crucial. This is how the magick happens.

To make the magick happen, you have to raise your cellular, mental, and emotional vibration. This means getting in sync with the outcome you desire. The best way to do this is through imagination and visualization. So think about what it would mean to have this thing become real for you. If it’s love, then think about the feeling of being in love. Really feel it. If you want money, then feel the relief and satisfaction of having plenty of money. If you are doing a healing ritual, imagine yourself so happy that you are healthy. Use whatever means you need to raise those emotions around the desire. If you find it difficult to do, then perhaps your passion is not as strong as you thought it was.

As you are feeling the emotion, feel waves of energy pouring through you. I tend to feel it come up from the earth, through my body and whoosh out through my upraised hands or wand.

When you have reached this heightened state, read or recite the spell three times. In your mind’s eye, see the words, the desire exploding out of you and into the universe.

Now relax, let go completely of the spell and let the Universe do its work.

Writing Your Spell

You can find pre-written spells anywhere on the internet and in books, but none will work as well as the one you devise yourself.

They don’t have to be written as poetry, and they’re just easier to remember if they are rhyming couplets. If I can’t think of my own, I’ll steal someone else’s and adapt it for my needs. So I have a couple of spellbooks, but use them for ideas only. I never use a spell created by someone else.

It might seem daunting but play around with it. Here’s one from the top of my head:

Bring me money, those dollars are mine
A thousand will do it, time after time.
As I say these words, this spell is done
Give me the money but let it harm none.

Always use a command like, “As I say it, so must it be…” I used, “As I say these words, this spell is done.” It’s to impress the intent on the Universe.

And always use a ‘harm none’ clause too. You don’t want anyone getting hurt in the process. It’s just insurance.

You can add them separately on the end of your chant if you want. Just say, “As I speak it, so must it be and let it harm none.

Extra Spell Power Boosters: Correspondences

Often you will see spells that require certain oils, herbs, crystals and colors of candles. You can use them in your spells if you want to, but I rarely bother. I do sometimes carve and anoint my candles with essential oil if I’m in the mood. However, you can boost your spells by using items that witches the world over have had success with. The qualities of these items are called correspondences. And one aspect of witchcraft is learning about these correspondences.

For example, love spell boosts are pink or white candles. A pink rose added to the altar or work area. Perhaps a little delicate rose geranium oil and pink quartz crystal. Money spells are based on green candles and items related to the earth. Healing is blue, so a blue gem, a healing oil, and anything to do with water.

One of the best resources for learning correspondences and working with incense and oils is The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham. I wholeheartedly recommend this (and his other books too). He explains succinctly that correspondences are to help you reach the necessary state of mind and body to manifest your desired outcome.

“Today, when the twilight curtains of secrecy are being drawn back so that all may share in the old ways of magic, there is a growing need for a comprehensive, responsible book of magical formulas that will satisfy the needs of those who would mix up the old brews and incenses—not only for magical purposes but also for the sheer joy in so doing.”

“The power at work in magic is within our bodies as well as within herbs, stones and other natural products of the Earth. It is not satanic, dangerous or evil; nor is it supernatural. Magical power is the power of life itself.” Scott Cunningham

He said it so much better than I can.

Final Spell Casting Roundup

Okay, let me summarize all this in an easy to reference conclusion.

Think about your desire. Is it worth doing a spell, or could you take action to make it happen? Go over the possible consequences of casting a spell. If it directly affects another person, you would be witchy-wise not to attempt it.

  • Write out your spell and design your ritual using the suggestions in this article.
  • Gather your equipment and tools if you are using any.
  • When the time is right, cast your circle and work the spell.
  • Close the circle and eat something.
  • Forget all about the spell.

One thing I will mention is that oh so very frequently a spell works without you even noticing. It’s as though the result is simply the next step in a logical set of actions. It’s not until months later you remember the spell and realize that the effect actually manifested. It’s because life unfolds in that way. You might have longed for a new job, then a few months down the line you are talking to some random person, and they mention a job. It sounds good, you applied for it, and you got the job. Events moved quickly and logically and you didn’t even know the magick was working. How about that?

Do ask any questions you might have, but do check to see if I’ve answered a similar one already. Oh, and I’m not going to write or perform a spell on your behalf—sorry. Let me know how it goes for you.

Have you ever tried to cast a spell?

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • I am ten-years-old, but I would really enjoy doing a spell to get some friends. Am I too young to be practicing witchcraft?

    Yes, you are way too young to be attempting to cast spells. You could easily attract the wrong people. You could cause all kinds of harm to yourself and others. Please don't do it.

    Practice making friends in the 'muggle' way. When you are a lot older, you can look at witchcraft again.

  • When I am casting a spell I feel strong energy in my hands and body. I put a lot of emotion into the spells and I seem to see the energy around me. Does this mean my spell is working and the results will happen? I believe very strongly my spells will work. Is this the right way?

    It sounds like you are working your spells really well. However, the important part is afterwards. Don't think about it. Let it go. Don't keep wondering where it is. Let the Universe do it's thing. Notice signs that relate to your desired result but don't fret over it.

  • I read your article and attempted the spell myself. I took your advice and kind of cheated and turned the spell above into my own. How long does it usually take? Are there any other spells I could practice on and is this a good general base to work with when casting?

    A spell will take as long as it will take. As soon as you start niggling at it and wondering when the result will show, know that you are keeping it away. The trick is to cast it, then forget it. Let the Universe take care of it.

    The above structure can be adapted any way you choose. I have more suggestions here:

© 2018 Bev G


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    • Lucentyr profile image


      4 weeks ago from Romania

      Wonderful, thank you for this article! ♥

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      2 months ago from Wales, UK

      Hi Aliya, It can do, I suppose, but it's not necessary. Some people will claim a direct link or line, but if you aren't feeling it, don't worry about it. Modern witchcraft is a lot different.

      It's not about the witch having 'magical powers'. It's about having the skills and knowledge to work with energy. Anyone with enough patience can learn it.

      It's pretty much accepted that the people tried for witchcraft in Salem were not witches. It was more likely that they had been poisoned by eating a fungus (ergot) that grows on rye and causes convulsions and hallucinations. But no one knows for sure.

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      Hello, I emailed you a question but I had another one after LOL I know brandi asked if you had to be a born witch for it to work. Mines similar but different. I do believe my ancestors ran from Salem during the witch trials. I have learned of a few instances in my ancestry where there may have been actual witches in my line. Does it help to have this sort of ancestry?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      2 months ago from Wales, UK

      No, Brandi. Witchcraft can be learned and practiced. Very few people are born into a family tradition.

    • profile image


      2 months ago

      Do you have to be born a witch for a spell to work ?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      3 months ago from Wales, UK

      It's exactly the same as Reiki... always best to let the person know you are doing it. Some feel uncomfortable about any kind of distance healing.

      Another way of doing it is to always mentally see the person as healthy and healed. Hold a strong vision of them displaying vitality and enthusiasm. Keep your own positivity around the issue high.

    • profile image


      3 months ago

      Thanks for this great piece. You stress that it's important to avoid casting spells that affect other people. I'm wanting to send my dad healing energy; is it okay to cast spells when your intention is other people's vitality, or would something else, like distance healing/reiki, be a better bet? Thank you!!

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      4 months ago from Wales, UK

      You're welcome, Timothy. Good luck on your journey.

    • profile image

      Timothy lindsey 

      4 months ago

      Thanks for the info, all my life I've had dreams of future events that came true including my mom's death I've always felt that I'm meant for something bigger, I've done alot of research hoping to learn how to cast spells but nothing really helped but you were very helpful as a beginner I'm eager to learn much more

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      7 months ago from Wales, UK

      EMMS, It's not about the tools, it's about the strength of your intention. Candles are simply a focus mechanism. Find a replacement, such as a glass of sparkly water, or something shiny.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      Hi Bev G

      Thank you for getting back to me i will try it I have another question the spells I use say if they say use candles could I still use them with out candles would they still be effective .Could I visualise the energy field.,What should I do. With my place apartment small I do not like having candles lighting.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      8 months ago from Wales, UK

      EMSS, I suggest you use that spell to create one of your own. Second-hand spells are never very effective. Instead of candles, use paper and pen to write down your words, say them out loud three times, then visualise the letters flying off the page into the energy field.

      Remember, though, if you are very young, you shouldn't be trying to cast spells at all.

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      Hi Bev G

      Doing spells I do not use candle. my place is very spell and there is no safe place to put it I read your article! saying you could do spell with out doing rituals or candles. just saying the spell. I would like to know if I did a spell that says you need rituals and candle would the spell still have the same powerful effect with out it I am new at this and still learning about being a witch

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      Hi Bev G

      Thank you for getting back to me letting me know I am doing it right. I also do I will just think of some thing I want to happen put my emotion all feeling feeling in thought and feel the energy in me raising During spells I think it out to. I read this also works I do wish sells a lot. for what I want to happen, and I other spells to.Thank you for telling me that will work. It take time and


    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      8 months ago from Wales, UK

      You are doing it perfectly, EMSS. The more you practice, the better your results will be. So my advice? Just keep doing it.

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      Hi Bev G

      Thank you for the article! When I do a spell or have things I want to happen by just thinking I want to happen I do use my imagination what I would like to happen and think how I would like to be. I would visualizing it happen when I put my emotion in it I fell my energy tingle. in my hands and through my whole body. There are times I do feel warn is this part of it ? What you are saying you have to learn how to control the imagination with the visualizing and emotion vibration. will raise the magic energy will make the outcome work. I am doing it right ? do you have another advice for me to control it ?

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      8 months ago from Wales, UK

      Good luck and best results, Cara!

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      Thank you for this article! I’ve been spellcrafting for almost a year but this article helped me realize what my mistakes in my spells have been and why they did not have the desired affect. Love, light, and blessings ❤️

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      10 months ago from Wales, UK

      Yes, it's fine to do two or more. However, reaching for that necessary level of feeling and emotion can be difficult to repeat. Just going through the motions isn't effective.

    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Can you do multiple spells at a time? Or should you only do 1 with each circle you cast?

    • angel wilding profile image

      angel wilding 

      10 months ago

      alot of beginners assume you need fancy stuff and need to buy certain things but its about intent mostly and what you want from the spell x

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      10 months ago from Wales, UK

      You are very welcome, Karen. Good luck with all your magickal work.

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 

      10 months ago from New England

      Thank you for this comprehensive article, Bev! Most helpful was you section on the days of the week. Will keep this article earmarked to return to often.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      11 months ago from Wales, UK

      And thank you, Mr Happy for your entertaining and insightful comment.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      11 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      "Oh, and why do witches often use the term ‘magick’ with a k? It’s to distinguish it from conjuring tricks and stage magic, which is just very expert sleight of hand and illusion" - I just commented on someone else's article about "magick", a couple of days ago.

      I said to him what I will say to You here. Magic has been in my family Tree for ages. My grandmother was a sorcerer and a seer, as was her mother and grandmother. The teachings have been passed on from mother to daughter, eventually to a grandson. We don't pay attention to stage entertainers. They perform tricks. We work with Magic and with that in mind, let illusionsts work with illusions and do not mix magic with tricks. They are a world apart.

      "Really feel it." - Yes, I think this is extremely important. You have to will your spells. Your entire Being has to focus on that wish/intent (of the spell). I remember my first attempt with a spell my grandmother told me about. It was such a failure!! Haha! I didn't know how to go about it so, I got everything done properly, technically. In terms of feelings, energy ... I was at zero and of course, nothing worked.

      I was just reading one of the quotes You posted which reads: "The power at work in magic" - Magic : )

      "Think about your desire." - Yes! Do it with "passion"! That's what I say. And always: "be careful what You wish for".

      Thank You for your article.

      All the best!


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