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Five Magickal Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Jennifer has been a practicing Witch and Priestess of the Goddess for over 20 years.

Is your birthday coming up?

Is your birthday coming up?

Birthdays Are Magickal

Birthdays aren't just special occasions—they're sacred events! They celebrate life. It’s important on this special day to take time out of our everyday lives and acknowledge just how miraculous life is. Each cycle around the Sun brings us blessings and lessons.

In most of the world, we already have birthday rituals that we partake in yearly, such as cake, presents, candles, etc. In this article, I show you how to take those same rituals and make them even more magickal.

Whether you’re fully out of the broom closet or need to be discreet with your practice, there are lots of subtle ways to turn your birthday into a magickal celebration. These workings can be done with others or on your own. You can choose to be open with and include others as much or as little as you wish—after all, the magick is all going to you!


1. Create a Birthday Altar

Build an altar to yourself!

  • Fill it with your favorite things, memorabilia from your life, pictures, flowers, and any birthday cards you get. Add all your favorite delights. Really express yourself here and celebrate being you! You can even add a candle for some birthday candle magick.
  • Add to your altar throughout your birthday month to make the magick and fun continue.
  • Each time you add an item to your altar, say a blessing or affirmation to yourself. Such as:
    • ”This is the Best year of my life so far!”
    • “May I be blessed with happiness, joy, and love.”
    • “With every item I add, my blessings increase.”
    • Or simply sing Happy Birthday to yourself.

Ideas for Your Birthday Altar

Favorite Food & Drink

Crystals & Stones




Birthday Cards


Small gifts


Herbs - fresh or dried



You can do spells with candles!

You can do spells with candles!

2. Perform a Candle Spell

Candle spells are already a deeply ingrained part of birthday celebrations. Here are some ways you can make birthday candles even more magickal.

  • Dedicating a candle to a specific intent you wish to create in the coming year, as a birthday candle spell.
  • Dress it with your favorite oil or one that matches your intent, carve it, and/or roll it in herbs. Again, the herbs can match your intention, goal for the year, or just be your favorite green allies.
  • Add it to your birthday altar and make sure to light it at least once each day.
  • You can also choose the color of the candle(s) on your birthday cake to match your desires for the coming year.
  • Make sure to focus intently on what you wish for—both when you light the candle and when you blow it out.

Candle Colors & Magickal Intentions

ColorMagickal PropertiesColorMagickal Properties


Love, Lust, Passion, Courage, Vital Energy, Charisma, Fire Element, Will Power, Motivation, Root Chakra


Romantic love, Nurturing, Self Love, Friendship, Caring, Kindness


Success, Ambition, Opportunity, Creativity, Justice, Celebration, Solar Energy, Attraction, Positivity, Sacral Center


Animal Magick, Home Protection, Stability, Good family life, Connections, Nature magick, Grounding


Mental pursuits, Travel, Focus, Memory, Joy, Hope, Comfort, Air Element, Imagination, Solar Plexus


Absorbs negativity, Banishing, Protection, Releasing, Dark Moon


Prosperity, Abundance, Fertility, Healing, Nature Spirits, Earth Element, Growth, Love, Heart Chakra


All purpose color, Purification, Higher self, Spiritual development, Full Moon


Communication, Peace, Inspiration, Forgiveness, Prophetic dreams, Water Element, Healing, Divination, Meditation, Throat Chakra


Success, Wealth, Good Luck, Masculine energy, Happiness Illumination, the Sun


Power, Wisdom, Spirituality, Transformation, Influence, Psychic Abilities, Third Eye Chakra


Intuition, Divination, Inner Guidance, Reflection, Feminine energy, Psychic abilities, The Moon

Give yourself flowers!

Give yourself flowers!

3. Gift Yourself Flowers

It’s a nice tradition to always give yourself a birthday present. And what better gift than a bouquet of flowers? Whether you buy them or grow them, give yourself the magickal gift of flowers! Flowers in a vase symbolize Spirit and can be a wonderful addition to your birthday altar.

  • Create your own spell using the Victorian language of flowers.
  • Build yourself a bouquet symbolizing all that you wish to bring into your life in the coming year or stick to a bouquet of a single flower that symbolizes your main focus or goal for the year.
  • Make sure you put them somewhere you will see often or add them to your birthday altar.
  • Each time you see them, close your eyes, take a deep breath and soak in the energy and magick of the bouquet you created, then move on with your day.

Victorian Language of Flowers



Beauty, Pride


Fidelity, Remembrance


Innocence, Happiness


Love, Perfect Beauty


Strength of character, Courage


Pure thoughts, Radiance


My compliments, Joy


Declaration of Love

Have you ever written a letter to yourself?

Have you ever written a letter to yourself?

4. Write Yourself a Love Letter

  • Write a letter to your future self and open it on your next birthday.
  • Include everything that’s happened since your last birthday that you’re proud of.
  • Tell yourself what you want to accomplish by your next birthday.
  • Give yourself well wishes, blessings, and words of encouragement.
  • If you like, scent the paper you use with your favorite fragrance.
  • Pick the stationary based on your favorite images and/or colors.
  • Add some dried flowers or herbs that match the wishes you have for yourself.
  • Fold the letter and seal it.
  • Save it to open on your next birthday.

As you can see this ritual can easily become a birthday tradition you have with yourself every year.

Kitchen magick is important!

Kitchen magick is important!

5. Enhance Your Cake With Some Kitchen Magick

You can incorporate all kinds of kitchen witchery when it comes to your birthday cake! From the cake flavor to the filling, to the color of icing, to the candles on top, the whole thing can be a spell symbolizing what you wish to bring into your life or to create for yourself in the coming year. Just like the cake, you can layer your magick.

  • Use the table below to pick the flavor of your cake based on what you want to bring into your life.
  • Choose your filling to match and enhance your manifestation.
  • Use the color chart under candle spells to choose your cake’s color themes.
  • If you’re making the cake yourself, you can include magickal symbols and/or sigils.
  • Eat the Magick! With each bite of cake allow yourself to fully ingest the magick you built. Feel the energy into your body and flow through you.

Magickal Cake Ingredients

IngredientMagickal PropertiesIngredientMagickal Properties


Lust, Passion, Decadence, Luxury, Calms restless spirits, Food of the Gods


Love, Fertility, Repels negativity, Healing, Prosperity, Divination, Garden Magick, Sacred to Avalon


Love, Money, Blessings, Sweetness, Aphrodisiac, Tranquility, Reconciliation


Love, Attraction, Purification, Divination


Vitality, Concentration, Awakens Psychic senses, Removes blocks


Protection, Healing, Money, Sacred to Brigit


Clarity, Peace, Insight, Love, Fertility


Protection, Love, Fertility


Sweetens the outcome of spells, Love, Prosperity, Wealth, Blessings


Good fortune, Success, favorable outcomes, Luck, Fertility, Motherhood


Purification, Clarity, Protection, Clears negativity, Luck, Success


Luck, Money, Energy, Power, Strength, Faithfulness


Love, Divination, Good Fortune, Luck, Prosperity


Protection, Wards off negative influence, Luck, Love, Lust, Fertility

You Get to Choose How to Celebrate!

As you can see, there are many different ways you can turn your already existing birthday rituals into something more magickal. I hope this article inspires you to find additional ways to infuse your special day with enchantments. Have a Blessed Birthday!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.