Are You Born a Witch or Do You Become a Witch?

Updated on August 17, 2018
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty has been following an alternative spiritual path for seventeen years. She encourages others to follow their souls' calling.

Are we born with the knowledge of our past lives as witches or do we have to be called to the craft?
Are we born with the knowledge of our past lives as witches or do we have to be called to the craft? | Source

What is a Witch?

For thousands of years, witches have walked the earth. They weren't always called witches, but they were there with or without labels. These individuals were people who lived amongst their tribes and later within villages, and they were considered the healers and wise men and women. There were various names for these individuals, including but not limited to: wiseman, wisewoman, cunningfolk, shaman, seer, witch doctor, elder, oracle, etc. Documentation of these special people dates back to ancient times.

People in tribes and villages would go to these individuals to ask for help with healing, birthing babies, finding items that were lost, breaking curses, advice for business and war, and more. After time went by, many of these wise individuals were accused of witchcraft and heresy. They were called witches and driven from their homes, tried and tortured, and executed. Yet somehow they've survived.

Today, there are people who call themselves witches and believe in the ways of Mother Earth. They follow the paths of their ancestors and study the use of plants and crystals in healing and other matters. They seek wisdom and otherworldly experiences. These are the true witches of our time. They existed then and they exist now. But the question is, are you born a witch or do you become one?

Witches have dreams of flying and are often able to astral project at young ages.
Witches have dreams of flying and are often able to astral project at young ages. | Source

Are We Born Witches?

There are two sides to the argument of whether one is born a witch or whether one becomes a witch over time. The first argument is that one is born a witch. That it is a part of one's very being - physically, mentally, and spiritually. If asked when one "became" a witch, many modern day witches will respond with "sometime as a child or as a teen, I can't quite remember". This is often because they believe they've always had this part of them deep inside. Even as children, these modern day witches say they felt "magick" and felt "witchy" without having a label for it.

For instance, as a child, often witches have a strong connection with nature. They climb trees, build forts in trees, hide in the woods. They help their mothers or grandmothers in the garden. They might even grow their own plants. It is also true that witches have an affinity for animals and wildlife. They might take in abandoned animals or feed wild animals. They are drawn to life in many forms.

Witches might also have intense spiritual experiences and dreams as children. For example, in ancient times and in some cultures today, shamans are thought to "come into" their gifts after traumatic experiences such as near death experiences or severe illnesses. This can also happen to witches. Witches may also be fascinated with the paranormal at a young age - ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc. Their dreams as children might include flying or their souls leaving their bodies. All of these experiences can and have happened to witches at young ages.

What do all of these signs point to? Witches are born and not made.

Witches have lived past lives as witches and the memory of such is carried with their souls through each incarnation. It is also possible that witches carry the DNA memory of other witches in their ancestry and therefore, again, are born into their "knowing" that they are indeed magickal individuals.

If we subscribe to this belief, that witches are born and not made, this means that not everyone can truly be a witch. This statement angers many and they will argue that anyone can be a witch. That it is a learned craft or practice, which leads us to our next section...

Witches are deeply drawn to nature, as children and in adulthood. This is the basis of the craft.
Witches are deeply drawn to nature, as children and in adulthood. This is the basis of the craft. | Source

Or Do We Become Witches?

The other argument as to the origins of witches is that they are made. They become witches at some point in their lives. Some say they are "called" to the craft. They may stumble upon it accidentally or someone may introduce witchcraft to them. Maybe they find a book in a thrift store or see something online about modern day witches. Immediately they feel drawn to the craft. Is witchcraft real? Can it be a religion? Can it be my religion? All of these are questions the newly called witch might find him or herself asking.

Witches are made by first being called to the path of a witch then learning how to be a witch. Some say this is the way of it. Whether the person learns through a family member or through a mentor or friend, witches are made. The label "witch" is one that is earned. Witches have to seek wisdom of the earth, the elements, the otherworldly, the ancestors and more. A witch never stops learning. Some say in order to be a witch, the person has to dedicate a year and a day to the study of the basics of the craft and then be officially initiated into the craft by someone else who is an initiated witch or high priest/priestess of a coven. Others disagree with this and say that this is a religious rite only adherent to Wicca (a form of religious witchcraft developed by a man named Gerald Gardner in the 1940s).

One of the main qualities of the witch is that he or she is constantly seeking. Constantly wanting to learn and know more about the world around them and the world inside of them and how these things are connected. One can't simply call themselves a "witch" just because they feel like it. It is not a label one can just claim without proving they deserve the label. It is sort of like calling oneself a carpenter or a plumber. It is a skill and a way of life that is practiced on a daily basis and has to be learned first.

In the author's experience, there are those who call themselves witches for a month or two then quickly back out of the label. This is due to these individuals being young or flippant about the label - perhaps they do this because it seems like the "cool" thing to do. It is a trend or a passing hobby to these folks. Unfortunately, this gives other life-long dedicates and seekers a bad rap. It might make other witches seem fickle or fake. At the same time, this happens with every other religion in the world. People may come to a religion, find that it is interesting, call themselves whatever the religion is then change their mind shortly to move onto something else.

Witches are made into witches by their own individual drive and dedication to the craft. It is not just a practice or a religion. As my friend Fox says, witchcraft is a discipline and a way of life.

Witchcraft is more than a religion or a practice. It is a discipline and a way of life.

— Fox

A Little of Both?

Maybe like me, you can't make up your mind whether witches are born or made. Maybe you believe it is most likely a combination of both. All people are born with psychic and instinctive abilities. They are born with the ability to connect to their own souls and use their own intuition. They are also born with the ability to see the magic in all of nature. Unfortunately, most people lose these abilities over time. Society teaches us that "psychics" are crazy or fraudulent. They teach us that using our imaginations is simply for children. That it's child's play to believe in ghosts, fairies, and magic. That what we can see, physically, is what is really there...nothing else.

Or our religion taught to us as children teaches us that these things are "evil" or should be expelled from our belief systems. To believe in magic or witches is sinful and will send you to Hell.

For these reasons, people are separated from their magical abilities...which in reality aren't magical at all. They are simply our spiritual connection to the world around us, including other humans and inherent energies.

This being said, witches are those people who have harnessed their innate spiritual abilities. They are the people who didn't give up hope on magic and pretend. Maybe they are simply the children who never turned their back on the world or their intuition. When they are "called" to the craft, they realize deep inside that they were always a witch. But now is the time to take up the path, to study and retain ancient wisdom. To learn about the world around them and inside of them. A witch never stops learning and never stops practicing. A witch maybe born but is also made.

So what do you think?

Are witches born or made?

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • I was wondering if you could advise me about witchcraft and becoming a witch? I have a desire to learn more, and I am a complete beginner and have absolutely no idea where to start.

    First, you should study anything you can get your hands on about the craft. Read Scott Cunningham, Marian Green, Doreen Valiente, Laurie Cabot, and Sybil Leek. Write all the essential stuff down in your journal. Practice magic from the books and write your own. Get outside as much as you can. Connect with the elements by merely observing.

  • Is there a difference between an intuitive-sensitive and a witch?

    You can be an intuitive-sensitive and a witch at the same time. Or you can be just an intuitive-sensitive. Most witches have sensitivities to the other realms, but not all intuitive-sensitives consider themselves witches or practice witchcraft.

© 2017 Kitty Fields


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  • profile image


    5 weeks ago

    I want to cast spells,how can i cast spells ? From where i should start please help me

  • profile image

    Martha Edmonds 

    3 months ago it goes. I was told by a hereditary Italian grey witch that u have to be born a witch not become one. I read the article n it went on both sides of the coin. Here, I'll give a very quick overview of me. At age 7 an animal spoke to me, at 10 I started coming out of my body and was bothered by a sexual entity n it still tries to bother till this day but I've learned how to fight it off. I saw my angel at age 15. At 10 again, I read tons of books on the craft and performed spells. I left it all from ages 12-48 because of what religion teaches us. I had a reike master meditate on my soul and the Divine one told her I was a Hedge Witch. Well, with all I or am I not a witch?

  • profile image


    6 months ago

    im a new witch I found that by reading a brilliant bos by silver raven wolf she give you the basic information to help you find you gifts, but most of my gift I had already found out naturally . mainly you have to listen to you inner self ( intuition ) and figure out what gifts you want to work upon , I didn't have a mentor but learnt by trail and error as long as you following the basic rule don't harm others your magik gifts should show themselves and work.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    9 months ago from Summerland

    Theyna - No, it will not. Your gift might be something communicating with animals.

  • profile image


    9 months ago

    Hi! I'm Theyna, I'm 13, and am interested in practicing witchcraft. I feel that I have a good connection with nature, am good with animals, and I am very interested in witches. The thing is though, I don't think there's anything "magical" about me. I've never had an out of body experience, or seen spirits, or had dreams that have shown the future or seen something that seems like it should be impossible be, well, possible. Will this stop me from becoming a witch?

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    10 months ago from Summerland

    sparkygvfd - My advice is not to worry about researching/studying...just get outside and just be. Often when I feel disconnected it's because I'm not spending the time to connect with Mother Earth.

  • sparkygvfd profile image


    10 months ago from California

    As a kid/teenager, I was always drawn to nature and outside a lot. Was researching about the craft and history of it, but now as an adult I feel disconnected. I have tarot cards, runes, herbs, but still feel disconnected. I want my connection back. How do I go about doing this? I have had many experiences throughout my life that points to being "born", but now, it seems out of touch.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    11 months ago from Summerland

    Sabrina - Honestly, I've never had a mentor. Never felt I needed one. Just keep studying and practicing.

  • profile image

    Sabrina Honora 

    11 months ago

    As someone who has been drawn to witchcraft and energies my whole life, I was wondering what I could look for in a mentor to help me become a better and more experienced witch? I’ve been working very hard to reach a level where I could really help others that feel they’re experiencing negative energy.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    14 months ago from Summerland

    Arpita - Anything by Scott Cunningham will help.

  • profile image

    Arpita joshi 

    14 months ago

    I wanted to become a witch but needed to learn a lot but i am confused that which book is right for me as a beginner witch ? please help me out in this situation.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    15 months ago from Summerland

    Cookie999 - It sounds like this girl is playing mean girl games with you. Anyone can be a witch if they feel drawn to be one and study and practice and put the time into learning it. As for your book, I don't know how to unburn a book.

  • profile image


    15 months ago

    İ need your help, i bought tarot cards that includes book to teach, two days after a girl came to me at school and told me I shouldn't have it(i haven't seen that girl before and I didn't get that book out of my bag) she took my book and put paper in it, then she told me to burn it which I did , she told me to not get in this things and she keeps telling me I can't be a witch and her "friends" didn't like me and a human can be a witch only if they r born in a witch family, and there isn't another way to become one, I keep feeling I can be one but she is not letting me, did she stop me from being a witch? Is there a way to undone what she did??? Pllllzzzz help me

  • profile image


    15 months ago

    I bought a tarot cards it had a book to teach how to read it when I get that book in school to read it a girl came to me and told me I shouldn't have a tarot book (I didn't get my book out of my bag and it was my first time seeing that girl) that girl took my book and put one paper in it and told me to burn it, she made me burn it , she keeps telling me I can't be a witch and her "friends" didn't like me and a human can be a witch only if they r burn in a witch family she told me there is no way I can become one , is she lying to me? Can I undone what she did to my book?

  • NekoPazzta profile image

    Kai Blue 

    17 months ago from Earth

    I love how your articles are deep and to the point. Good job and thanks for sharing your amazing experiences with us. Bless you.

  • Daughter Of Maat profile image

    Melissa Flagg COA OSC 

    20 months ago from Rural Central Florida

    This is another great, deep article. It's an interesting topic to think about. Personally, I have always been able to talk to spirits, even as a child. But I didn't come into witchcraft until right after my car accident in 1999 (a VERY traumatic experience). And to this day, I feel that car "gave it's life" for me. So I'm of the opinion that witches are born that way, but may find their path later in life, at a time when they are more mature and able to handle the way of life, for lack of a better term. For those who believe they became a witch, I would argue that if they really thought deeply about their childhood, they would remember something that started them on the path that they are now continuing (if that makes sense lol). But a fascinating subject, Nicole! Well done!

  • profile image


    21 months ago

    Within the Earthly bodies of humans reside all the abilities of Earthly things. Every single person has abilities to do anything they choose. They also Have the ability to stifle them as well. We are all Teachers, Learners, and Doers.

  • PinoyWitch profile image

    Jude Ian 

    21 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

    Hi Nicole, here it is

    hope you like it:)

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    22 months ago from Summerland

    PinoyWitch - OMG! Yes please let me know when it's done, I'd LOVE to read it! Thanks for commenting.

  • PinoyWitch profile image

    Jude Ian 

    22 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

    "Society teaches us that "psychics" are crazy or fraudulent. They teach us that using our imaginations is simply for children. That it's child's play to believe in ghosts, fairies, and magic." I love this part, it's on point. Hey Nicole, it's been a while. I'm writing about the ancient witches and high priestesses of pre-colonial Philippines. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it once it goes live. I'll post the link here when it's published. Keep up the good work.

  • heidithorne profile image

    Heidi Thorne 

    22 months ago from Chicago Area

    The whole nature vs. nurture issue is a debate that might never be totally solved. But you've given some good clarification between the two. Spring blessings!

  • MizBejabbers profile image

    Doris James-MizBejabbers 

    22 months ago from Beautiful South

    Nicole, this is a good article and you’ve asked some good questions. You literally described me, up to a point. I was born with the abilities, but I don't practice witchcraft or follow Wiccan teachings. My father, an atheist, scorned the abilities out of my conscious mind as superstition and fantasy when I was a child, but they reawakened in later years. I didn’t believe in witchcraft, so you can imagine my surprise when I cast an “imaginary” spell in anger on my then-husband and it TOOK. I denied it for years until my metaphysical mentor told me that it was true and that I should remove it. I let him go a few more years until I finally decided to remove the “hex”.

    I’m sure that I was a priestess or priest in Atlantis. Then in other reincarnations I probably was a practicing witch or at least accused of witchcraft, I don’t remember these. My little fingers are crooked, which may be a carryover from having them broken as an accused witch, but the natural abilities are still within. I have no problems with Wicca as a religion, but (she laughs) I’m very allergic to chlorophyll and can’t work with herbs. I bought crystals to practice crystal healing, but I am blocked from remembering how to use them.

    I have chosen instead to work with Fifth through 12th Dimensional energies and the Ascension. So, I consider you a special person and a fellow traveler.


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