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Advice for the Beginner Witch

Gigi Allen is a Wiccan priestess, Reiki Master, traditional healer, author, and artist.

Tips for beginner witches

Tips for beginner witches

Witch Tips for Beginners

Merry meet!

If you are reading this, I want to let you know that we are all learning, and we will never stop learning. The most important lesson of witchcraft is to learn to live within the landscape of the time in which we find ourselves. We must learn that we have a considerable amount of control over our own being whilst still living in unison with the world around us.

Entering the world of Magick is not for the faint of heart. If I hadn't had the training that I had before the internet and before all the overwhelming burst of opinions, I believe that my journey would have been a little bumpier than it was. Besides being a Wiccan priestess, traditional healer in training, and a lover of all spiritual paths, I am a hereditary witch with strong Celtic roots. This background made it easier for me to comprehend aspects, but my training, initiations, and path did not follow a simple trajectory from student to master. Indeed, I have not met many witches whose path has been simple. Nor have I met any who would remove their past—after all, their past helped make them who they are.

Most of your training—if not all—will come through experience. The Goddess works through every possible method that you can think of, and nothing is perchance!

Wise Words

Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices,

for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

Therefore, let there be beauty and strength,

power and compassion, honor and humility,

mirth and reverence within you.”

— Doreen Valiente - Known as the Mother of Modern Witchcraft

What Can a Young Witch Do Right Away?

A young witch does not mean young in age, but young in the experience of the craft. This does not mean that another witch is better, or their magick is more powerful or anything. However, young witches are often overwhelmed, like a deer stuck in the headlights. They use all their money to buy every crystal, every book, every item in every store. Their phones are saturated with downloads, and while we have all done this time and time again, it is not necessary.

I wish I could go back to my younger self and throw the phone out the window. Even though I understood so much, the internet caught me, and I became afraid, overwhelmed, and confused. You can never know all that there is to know about witchcraft. You cannot read all the books in a single lifetime. You cannot perform all the spells from all the forms of magick—nor can you learn them all.

You can, however, listen to the voice of reason. Your voice of reason is your intuition.

Tips for a New Witch

  • Take your time. Start with small steps. Before you even purchase a candle or a book, sit and meditate. Meet with your guides, learn to know yourself.
  • Work with the elements. Begin with one element and work only with this element for six months.
  • Be strict with yourself. Strict in the sense of: Set a goal, do not deviate and reach it, or at the very least, reach close to it.
  • Do not listen to everything. Only take in that which resonates with your soul.
  • Try not to hex the world. It sounds fun at first, but hexing is overrated, and the pain it causes, in the long run, is only in your own heart.
  • Focus on promoting good. Remember that what you give out comes back in return.
  • Remember that control is only over your own life. Being a witch does not mean you get to control the world outside of yourself. Many witches try, and many witches fail. It is not the way of The Goddess or God; it is not the way of the earth Mother. It is only the way of pain that needs healing.

Journals for a Young Witch to Start

  • A Dream Journal. Document your dreams! Do it! It will serve you well. Remember that your interpretation of a dream will be different from others. Symbolism in your life has a different meaning to someone else.
  • A Journey Journal. Like a diary, but magickal stuff only. Write down your experiences of synchronicity, visions, and feelings about your journey. You will cherish this one day.
  • A Recipe Book. Write down the spells and recipes that work. You aren't going to remember them off by heart, no matter how amazing they are. Write down the herbs that you encounter or crystal grids that helped you heal. Any recipe that has worked for you, including creative ones like how to do a witch's knot, can go into this journal.
  • The BOS. The above journals can make up part of a Book of Shadows. However, having a single book of shadows can be overwhelming at first. It is better to start small. After a complete turn of the seasons, perhaps you can look at creating a Book of Shadows and transferring your writing into it.

Wise Words

A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, Granny Weatherwax had once told her, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.”

— Terry Pratchett

Dealing With the Muggles

It's really the only way to explain it, although I mean absolutely no harm by it. Muggles, a Harry Potter reference, is apt in describing the world of people who think you will turn them into a toad, eat their children or give them rabies by being too close.

When I was young, I could not for the life of me understand the stupidity of people. I grew up and realized I could be pretty stupid too. We are all on a journey. We are all silly sometimes, and that is okay. However, I know some people's ignorance is very hurtful and can cause immense harm, and sometimes all we want is for them to see. It isn't going to happen. They will only see when they are ready in their souls, and for many people, this will not happen in this lifetime. It is best to leave them be.

As an indie author, I see that hexing books make more money than books on positive uses of the craft. They make even more than self-healing craft books. It troubles me, even though I understand it. It saddens me, even though I understand.

We become witches because we can control ourselves. We become witches because we care about the world around us. We are witches because we have compassion. Hexing is a hot topic, and I wish I could explain the consequences, but that is for another day. Do not venture into the magickal if you are going to spend your days fighting the current. Don't waste your power like that.

Instead, be all the beauty that you can be and learn to bring the world into positive change through your own powerful example.

The most important lesson of witchcraft is to learn to live within the landscape of the time in which we find ourselves.

The most important lesson of witchcraft is to learn to live within the landscape of the time in which we find ourselves.

Finding Other Witches

It's a hell of a landscape and a chaotic cauldron of mixed emotions out there. Everyone has their own opinion, and yet, at the end of the day, their truth is their truth. The question about finding other witches is not about finding The Truth. There isn't a single truth; there is only your truth in your life and their truth in their life.

Covens are a mixture of everything. Christian witches, kitchen witches, hedge witches, the list is longer than I care to mention. But it is long, and there is a large amount of research and experience to be had to know where your truth is in all this. It is important to know who you are before you venture into a coven. Know your boundaries, know your strengths and weaknesses and know what you want. In fact, that is one important rule of magick. Magick works when your will, intention, and focus are all going in the same direction!

Similarly, finding other like-minded witches means you need to know what is like-minded. You need to know yourself first. Learning to know yourself comes through experience. You will change. It is inevitable. Perhaps you will coven hop, perhaps you will be fortunate and find your coven the first time round. Perhaps you do not want a coven at all, and you prefer the solitary life. No matter what you choose, it is right for you.

A coven is also a place where there is control. Remember that no person in any religious institution can make you do something that you do not want to do. No entity either. You are always in control of your life, and when it seems that this is not the case, it is time for a serious change.

Use your power how it feels right!

Use your power how it feels right!

You Are More Amazing Than You Know, Witch!

Life is scary sometimes, but no matter what, you are strong, capable and more than amazing. You have what it takes within you, simply because you are alive. The beauty about the craft is that you learn that all the answers, all the wisdom, and all the power is within you and has always been.

Never let anyone steal your light or make you feel less than able. I want you to feel the power in your own veins without needing someone to tell you it is there for a price. If you feel you need to place the rose quartz in the corner of the kitchen and you don't know why no book says it like that, do it.

The old ways understood the wisdom within. It is my hope that you remember how incredible your magick is and that you use it for healing, the empowerment of the spirit within, and the goodness of the earth around you.

Blessed be!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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