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The Use and Significance of Red Candles in Spiritual Practice

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Red candles are powerful tools.

Red candles are powerful tools.

How Are Candles Used in Spiritual Practices?

Spiritual work with crystals, incense, and various symbols is gaining a lot of mainstream popularity. In all practices of this kind, there is an essential play of energy. This means you are either warding off a specific aura or welcoming in a new or desired one.

There are four main elements that play an important role in the spiritual aspect—fire, water, air, and earth. Fire is the element that represents the source of light amidst darkness. For example, candles are lit when there is death because it signifies brightness in the second world.

Even humans are believed to be represented by these four elements. Each of these elements connects to the different moods an individual can experience. Even the zodiacs are divided between these elements because of their significance.

Spiritual studies suggest that a person is more likely to feel connected to nature when they are surrounded by these four elements. Water and mud (which can represent the earth element) can be kept in small containers, and air is always around us. But to bring the element of fire into our environment, we need to get creative. Candles are a great solution! Read on to learn more about what candles of various colors represent since colors in and of themselves carry a lot of spiritual significance.

Red candles can be used to support various intentions.

Red candles can be used to support various intentions.

Various Colors of Candles and Their Significance

Color is a tool used in various cultural, religious, and spiritual contexts. For example, different cultures value different colors. One thing we know for sure is that colors have different meanings in most belief systems. Their symbolism varies across cultures, and it is undeniable that color has played a role in the culture and spirituality of generations upon generations. Each shade carries its own unique wavelength and frequency.

Below are the colors most commonly seen in candles and their possible meanings.

Candle Color Meanings and Best Days to Use Them

Candle ColorWhat It SymbolizesBest Day to Use


Purity, goodness, serenity.



Removal of negative/evil energy; protection against bad things.



Intellect, long-term memory, recollection of old memories.



Predictions of the future; revealing that which is hidden.



Beasts, creatures.



Friendship, sensitivity, emotional side of the Self.



Prosperity, law, justice.



Stars/sky; astral and dream-related issues.

Monday and Saturday


Meditation, healing, peace.



Achievement, growth.


Four Reasons to Use a Red Candle

Now that you are familiar with the various energies of different colors in terms of candle rituals, let us talk about the most powerful and the most commonly used color. Red candles have such a strong influence that they do not require the addition of enchantments or steps to enhance the practice. If you are facing trouble in the following matters or wish to increase your prosperity in these particular fields of energy, the red candle is perfect for you.

1. To Cleanse Negative Energies

If you enter a new space (e.g., move into a new apartment or house) and you sense something is wrong, it may not only be in your head. When you first come into a space, it often has not fully absorbed your essence and may be harboring evil energy from past residents of the area. For this purpose, light a red candle at the main entrance of your house or apartment.

2. To Reap Sexual Benefits

Red is a color generally associated with lust, passion, and sexual intimacy. Even in terms of lingerie, red has been one of the most seductive and alluring colors for decades. So, it is no surprise that red is powerful when it comes to using candles in spiritual work related to sexuality. It has been said to give a person enhanced physical strength to last longer in bed as well as increased confidence and attractiveness to the preferred gender.

3. To Enhance Vitality

Red candles are the key to physical strength. However, they are most helpful when a person is well and healthy. If you are ill, you may want to use a blue candle instead as red candles are not best for people suffering from illness.

4. To Request Financial and Career Help

If you are looking for an increase in income, red candles are the way to go. When used in your practice, they have the capacity to invite better job opportunities and promotions into your life. They could potentially help you to get bonuses or win a lucky draw.

Why Are Red Candles So Powerful?

Mars is the planet that rules the color red. This planet is also the ruler of passion, war, sex, and physical fitness. As such, red candles can be powerful tools for your spiritual practice as they are linked to many important areas of life.

Use red candles with intentionality for best results.

Use red candles with intentionality for best results.

Where and When to Light a Red Candle

As mentioned above, red is connected to the planet of Mars. So, Tuesday—which is also ruled by Mars—is the ideal day of the week to light a red candle. Try to light the candle in the corner of whatever room you are in. If your intention is tied to sex or career goals, it is advisable to light the candle in the southern direction of your house. If you are primarily using the candle for cleansing a space, then it is best to try the northern parts of the house or room.

6 Important Reminders for Using a Red Candle

Once you've decided to use a red candle, make sure you know how to integrate them safely and skillfully into your practice.

1. Set a Clear Intention

The most vital step in actually achieving your goals is setting a clear intention. Be sure of what you want. If it helps, write down what you want to achieve from this candle ritual. You cannot be unsure of what you want and then expect the universe to deliver it to you. Focus on your true desires and make them as crystal clear and definite as possible in your head.

2. Use Symbols to Intensify

If you wish to heighten the magic, take a piece of chalk (preferably white) and draw symbols related to what you are manifesting. If it is money, draw symbols of various currencies around the area. If it is sexual, write the name of your partner. These symbols do not have to be ancient runes to enhance your practice. Anything you write or draw near the candle will aid in visualization.

3. You Can Overdo It

Once the ritual is over, don’t do it again the very next day. Instead, wait for the result to take place. If you perform the practice more than twice a week, you will likely not be able to unwind. This could invite increased stress and anxiety into your bedroom, your office, and your home.

4. It Must be Untouched by Previous Energy

Avoid a previously used or owned candle—they may be contaminated by other energies or manifestations.

5. The Shade of Red Is Important

It is important to note that not all shades of red work in the same way. Light or cherry red tones are for career, money, and physical vitality, while maroon shades are more commonly used in romantic and/or attraction rituals.

6. Make Sure to Use Proper Disposal Techniques

Only use a red candle once and allow the candle to burn down to its very end as much as possible. Blowing it out and then lighting it again will not be effective for your spiritual intentions. After you've used a red candle, don’t throw it in the trash! Either bury it or throw it into a body of water. Returning the candle to nature allows for the ritual to be finalized and set in place.

Candles are used to represent the fire element.

Candles are used to represent the fire element.

Candles Are Powerful Tools

Now you have all the tools to perform a red candle ritual. Using the energy of red candles, you will hopefully be able to manifest a prosperous and fruitful future for yourself. However, remember to use red candles carefully—they can be extremely powerful. Ultimately, no matter what color of candle you use, it is always best practice to do some in-depth reading and research about how to best integrate it into your spiritual work.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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