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4 Ways to Replenish Your Inner Resources and Strengthen Your Witchcraft

Lydia is a practicing Druid who has dipped her toes into various occult organizations over the years.

Our energy needs to be replenished in order to empower our magical lives.

Our energy needs to be replenished in order to empower our magical lives.

Keeping the Cauldron of Inspiration Bubbling

Magic draws upon your inner resources. If we are too tough on ourselves we become depleted, so it is important to nurture your magic by being gentle with yourself. By constantly replenishing your inner reserves, you can keep your magical self enchanted. In this article, I will discuss four essential ways to keep yourself going. Attending to yourself, empowering yourself with herbs, connecting with nature, and connecting to your body are incredible ways to maintain equilibrium and health.

The stress of everyday life can become a burden on us all. For magical folk, It prevents our inner cauldron of inspiration from bubbling. Energy vampires can suck our energy out. For those of us who are sensitive to energy, this can get taxing pretty fast. These stressful things create so much mental chatter that we can no longer hear our intuition. Struggling with burnout renders our natural powers moot.

Incorporating simple self-care rituals into your witchcraft can be a beautiful experience. A great book to help you with all of this is Theodosia Corinth's The Witch's Complete Guide to Self-Care. Self-care is a great way to garner the strength to forge a new path. We need to keep replenishing our reserves. Finding our own metaphorical elixirs of life and our own energy is what will give us sovereignty over our own lives.

Listening to your heart goes a long way towards putting your energy to effective use.

Listening to your heart goes a long way towards putting your energy to effective use.

1. Attend to Yourself

Attend to yourself so you can be the best version of yourself. This is not at all a selfish thing. Be a source of inspiration to the people around you. Show them how to take better care of themselves and live more fruitful existences. Just do it in a respectful way. Nothing sours relationships faster than acting like you have your life together and everybody else is a lazy bum. Bring the power back into your magic by serving yourself. If you can't serve yourself there is no amount of magic that can bring what you want into your reality.

Strengthen your spirit. We are more able to serve the gods once we replenish ourselves. Get intentional and tailor your witchcraft to support the kind of life you want. The first step is figuring out whether you authentically want something or your ego wants it. If we let our egos into the driver's seat we can definitely become depleted quite quickly. Especially if what our egos want is too tall an order for our current circumstances. This is the fast track to burnout. Getting intentional and authentic makes our path clear—we no longer need to waste energy and resources because we understand the essence of our desires.

Get into the habit of listening to your heart. Ask your heart what it really needs and then start delivering. Find small bits of time for yourself. Do all those things you really want to do and make sure you are gentle with yourself.

Sometimes we wake up to find our lives have gone far off from our intended path. Attending to yourself gives you the strength to get back on track. Self-care is not about spoiling yourself or pampering yourself. It is about saving your own life and restocking all that life force that has been depleted through your day-to-day endeavors.

Your intentions should be your guide. Think about the way you truly want to live and set intentions based on that. Visualize your ideal life. Try to incorporate these things into your environment and life. What atmosphere would you like to spend most of your time in? Where do you feel happiest? Put your ideas to the test and get out and do this stuff. If you think you would be the happiest working downtown, get out into the urban jungle. Put yourself out where you want to be and see if it truly fits.

Sometimes we don't really know what we want. We might like hanging out in a hipster restaurant, but if we worked there as a dishwasher we might not like it. Get into the flow of things so you aren't lying to yourself about what you want out of life. This saves so much energy and will help you fill energized.

Nourishing your body with the right foods and herbs will keep you strong.

Nourishing your body with the right foods and herbs will keep you strong.

2. Empower Yourself With Herbs

Witchcraft in itself is about empowerment. Often we come to the craft because we want to find a way to make magic happen. Witchcraft also grew out of preventive medicine, and herbalism can be a big part of a witch's craft. There aren't too many witches out there who don't make use of herbs in some way. Herbalism is a way of accessing resources in order to create a healthier you.

Unfortunately, a lot of us spend too much money on our magical supplies. We lose our ancestral roots by turning our craft into a commercialized avenue of constantly needing more. I know I sometimes lose touch with the bounty all around me and break the bank. This means needing to work hard to get what I want and that depletes a lot of energy.

It is great that there are a lot of alternatives to spending big bucks on occult supplies. Many magical herbs can be found at your local grocery store. This makes life so much less taxing when we can source our supplies from our pantry that we stocked with our practical needs in mind. Try to tailor your magic to resources that are easily attainable.

Finding magic herbs out in nature can be a great way to enhance your life. This is called wildcrafting. When you search for your herbs in nature you are lowering your stress levels and connecting to nature.

Believing in yourself is a marvelous stress reducer.

Believing in yourself is a marvelous stress reducer.

3. Connect With Nature

Get out in nature to find what you need. Forest bathing is something that really does clear your mind. The inner calm that comes from being outside is hard to relay in words. There is so much to gain from a hike through the woods. You can also use time outdoors to collect altar items from nature.

Connecting with the gods through nature can be a powerful process. See the gods in the animals, plants, and trees around you. Observe divinity as the force that drives all of life. We often personify our deities, but they are more than that. Connecting with nature allows us to broaden our perspective. Embrace the power of nature and think about how you are an extension of it. Embrace the seasons and cycles of life. In the winter, nature rests. You also need adequate rest in order to thrive too.

Acknowledge the changing seasons. Develop a phenology practice where you make a note of the changes in nature. Collect the things that are in abundance.

Create an altar using natural items. Bring your children into your process by creating a nature table. This idea comes from Waldorf schools. Altars naturally attract the attention of both children and pets. Learning to go with the flow can do a lot for you. Instead of stressing about kids and cats messing with your magical stuff you can make them a part of it. Nothing is more sacred to the gods than the bonds of love within our hearts and our families.

Nature is a natural source of energy.

Nature is a natural source of energy.

4. Connect With Your Body

Connecting with the physical can be grounding and replenishing. Bringing more earth element into our lives happens when we connect with our bodies. The element of the earth is typically out of balance when we are suffering from burnout or stress.

Our most essential tools as witches are our bodies and minds. We need to take care of them. We need to strike a balance between caring for our physical and spiritual needs. Exercise is good for both our body and our mind.

Getting intentional and developing ritual fitness practices that allow you to care for your body can be a boon to your wellness. You will feel great about yourself. We all have heard that our bodies are our temples. Think about your lifestyle. How does it put stress on your body? Putting some thought into what is in excess and what is deficient will give you insight into your needs. For instance, if you work in a job with a lot of heavy lifting, you want to try a wellness ritual that doesn't involve weightlifting.

Obviously, if you have been inactive for a long time, you will want to start slowly and gently. We can't make up for lost time overnight when it comes to our physical health. Consistent and gentle changes are the best approach. We are attending to our bodies in a way that builds energy but doesn't deplete it.

Respect your body and its limitations. Give it some restoration. You don't need to turn into a muscle machine. Adding intention and commitment to adhere to new daily habits. This will take a long way in restoring your vital inner forces so can become a force to be reckoned with.

Think about what you wish to give yourself. Get in touch with your heart and soul as you develop fitness routines. The intentions will give you the strength to commit to your routine. You could write out a list of reasons why you wish to exercise and read it each morning prior to your workout. You want to keep coming back to your routine even after the initial enthusiasm wears off.

Rituals are not always easy. They take work. This is why commitment is so important. Making your rituals intentional will keep reminding you of why you are on this journey. The important thing is to make your routine manageable so the commitment sticks. You could make a small commitment of 10 minutes a day for three months. Getting it down in writing in your magick journal is a good idea. Your commitment can be time based or based on a tangible goal.

Our greatest magical power comes from the art of living well.

Our greatest magical power comes from the art of living well.

Slow Down and Replenish

Slowing down is an important part of gaining strength in power. It is when we are sleeping that our bodies grow and heal. Our work lives tell us that we need to constantly get more and be more. Most of the time we don't have any fuel left to run on. I hope this article gives you a few ideas about how to recharge your own batteries. It is important in order to be both inspiring and inspired. Learning to get comfortable with the silence so we can hear ourselves think is difficult but also essential. Sometimes we are so busy trying to solve problems that we keep creating more of them.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.