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Witchcraft: 50 Daily Rituals to Make Life Magickal

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Born in deepest Cornwall, now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of eclectic witchcraft for years and years.

I’ve written a lot of articles on witchcraft, and one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Where do I begin?” My usual answer goes along the lines of “Well, you just start from right where you are. Read some books, learn all you can.” But most people want to get started straight away. They feel like witches, and even if they don’t know much about being a witch, they want to do witchy things. So here are some ideas about how to incorporate witchcraft into your ordinary life. These are some small ways to be witchy every day.

Of course, you won’t be able to do them all—that would be impossible. However, you can pick one or two to add to your routine. The idea is that these actions will make you feel in touch with the magickal realm, connected to the power of the Earth, and at one with the energy of the Universe.

Witchy Things to Do

Many young witches seem to believe that witchcraft is only about casting spells. I’m afraid that's not true. Spellwork is only a tiny part of what true witches do. You can’t turn witchiness on and off; it’s either who you are or it isn’t. If you think that it means casting a spell once a week ... well, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that, but understand that it does not make you a witch.

Breathe in the fresh air and feel your energy surge.

Breathe in the fresh air and feel your energy surge.

So, What Makes a Witch a Witch?

It's hard to define a witch in a few words. However, broadly speaking...

  • A witch is always looking to make life better for herself and others. (I’m going with the female gender here, although many witches are male or gender-neutral—there are simply more female witches, and I am one of them.)
  • She knows that she plays a small, ephemeral part in the huge cycles that govern our world, and she knows she must work with them, never against them.
  • She is confident in who she is. She knows her good points and her bad and does her best to improve herself over the years.
  • She is kind and considerate but able to stand up for herself and those less fortunate than her. She hates injustice and often fights for important causes.
  • For other witch traits, read The Signs and Characteristics of a Witch.

Remember that witchcraft is like a lens: It changes the way you see the world. You begin to notice more, observe more, but speak less. You become more patient, tolerant, and wise. However, your witchiness is not going to be a priority all the time. It has a natural cycle of its own. Sometimes you will be 100% witch; other times, it may just be something going on beneath the surface. Don’t be hard on yourself because you let it go occasionally.

So, having decided that you’d like to bring a little witchy magick into your life, you are probably wondering how to go about it.

12 Ways to Be a Witch

  1. When you wake up, acknowledge the new day. Take a moment to breathe and let the light in. Say a silent "thank you."
  2. Drink a charged glass of water. To charge it, hold the glass in both hands, imagine love flowing through your hands into the glass, and drink.
  3. As with your water, you can channel loving energy into your food as well as the food you prepare for others.
  4. Meditate for 10 minutes whenever you have the time.
  5. Check the moon phase. Knowing where the moon is in her cycle is standard witchy practice. Get an app for your phone or laptop. (To learn more, read How to Manifest With New Moon and Full Moon Rituals.)
  6. Acknowledge the Moon when you see her.
  7. Celebrate Full Moon in some way; with a ritual, party, or just raise a glass to the Moon.
  8. Go for a walk. Notice plants, wildlife, and trees. Even if you live in a city, there will be green spaces.
  9. When you walk outside for the first time in the day, quickly look up to the sky and then down to the ground. Give whispered thanks for the air you breathe and the earth you walk on.
  10. Create and maintain a seasonal altar. On your walks, pick up small objects and add them to your collection. (To learn more, read How to Set up a Wiccan or Pagan Altar for Beginners.)
  11. Draw a daily tarot card and think about how it connects to your day. (Here's how to do a one-card tarot reading.)
  12. Add an entry to your journal or Book of Shadows.
Witches feel most at home in nature.

Witches feel most at home in nature.

13 Daily Witchcraft Practices

  1. Learn something new about witchcraft. Just one small thing. Make a note of it.
  2. Reduce your use of single-use plastics and waxed cups. Just choose differently. Bring your own containers. Witches care about the planet.
  3. Place your crystals on a windowsill for a moonlight bathe. However, before you buy crystals in the first place, research where they come from. Consider if a specific type fits in with your code of ethics. You can always use found pebbles in their place.
  4. Plant an herb in a pot.
  5. Write a Switchword on your arm with a pen.
  6. Chant a protection charm when you get in your vehicle: “Protected within I will be. Please keep my car trouble-free. And as I speak, so shall it be.”
  7. Do a good deed. Go out of your way to assist someone.
  8. Give something away. Donate to a local good cause.
  9. Make an earth-friendly cleaning solution.
  10. Make an earth-friendly beauty lotion.
  11. Ditch one junk food from your diet.
  12. Create a sigil spell and activate it.
  13. Stand outside in the dark, preferably when stars are visible.

12 Witchy Things You Can Do Every Day

  1. At New Moon, write out your aims for the coming month.
  2. Treat yourself to an essential oil to use in your rituals. Use it to anoint your candles.
  3. Add your essential oil to a carrier oil (like almond), dab it on your skin as a perfume, and to absorb its energies.
  4. If you’ve never done it, learn how to cast a circle.
  5. Design a ritual incorporating a spell for abundance. Be a rich witch.
  6. Incorporate magick into your cooking and baking, either by blessings, using magickal herbs and spices, or both. Trace a pentagram over your food.
  7. Take advantage of thunderstorms by performing an impromptu ritual. Draw the energy of the storm into your body.
  8. Create a rune or sigil out of pebbles or sticks in your garden or outside space. Choose one for protection, for love, or abundance.
  9. Fill a dark-colored bowl with water and pour in a little oil. Sit quietly, gazing into the bowl. Make a note of any pictures or visions you see.
  10. Go to the beach, draw sigils into the sand, and watch as the sea takes them. If you can’t get to the beach, collect tiny twigs, leaves, and flower petals to form your sigil and leave them for the wind to blow away. Make sure whatever you use to make the sigil is indigenous to that area.
  11. Create a cairn of stones to remember someone who has passed.
  12. Perform a potato spell for abundance: During the waxing (increasing) moon, carve a dollar sign (or your country’s currency symbol) on a potato. Say, “Dollars come and dollars grow, potato help the money flow.” Then bury the potato in the garden. Don’t forget to harvest all the magickal potatoes in the fall (or spring, depending on the variety you planted).
Collect spell ingredients during your walk.

Collect spell ingredients during your walk.

13 Everyday Witchcraft Acts and Rituals

  1. Make something, anything, incorporating magick. It might be a Yule decoration or a cake, or any kind of craft.
  2. Place a witchy object on a windowsill or near your front door to mark your magickal home. It might be a pentacle made of twigs, a charged pebble (hold it in your hands and visualize love pouring into it), a small crystal, or another meaningful item.
  3. If you haven’t got one already, start your Book of Shadows, Witch Journal, or whatever you want to call it.
  4. When you go for a walk, take an empty bag with you and collect discarded garbage.
  5. Put food out in winter for birds and other wildlife. Remember to break the ice on their water supply.
  6. Collect some witchy or pagan quotes for your journal or Book of Shadows.
  7. Cut unnecessary waste and give homemade food gifts such as jams, chutneys, and cookies. Magickally charged and blessed, of course.
  8. Rescue an insect and move it to a place of safety.
  9. Choose a tarot card and then make a Pinterest board of things that represent its meaning.
  10. Go to a second-hand bookstore and look for books on witchcraft, magick, tarot, paganism, Gods and Goddesses, mythology, herbalism, or anything else that floats your witchy boat.
  11. Discover your Moon sign and research it. You’ll need your date, time, and place of birth. There are lots of free Moon sign calculators on the internet.
  12. Treat yourself to a piece of witchy silver or crystal jewelry.
  13. Create a bedtime ritual of giving thanks and appreciation for the day that’s ended and the good night’s sleep to come.

I hope this article helps you. Pick one or two witchy practices and begin living your magickal, witchy life. Remember to enjoy them and have fun.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: I want to set up my altar. What are the best ways?

Answer: Simply collect items that are meaningful to you and arrange them prettily. So, for example, a nice pebble, perhaps a crystal. Some seasonal leaves or flowers. A lovely cup or glass to represent water... and so on. Just use your imagination.

I don't have one, I just gather some things if I want to perform an important spell.

Question: I'm scared of the dark, but I love the moon. Can you tell me what to do?

Answer: In what way? If you're scared of the dark, then avoid it. The moon is visible during the day, too. You'll lose your fear of darkness as you get older.

Question: I’m Catholic. Can I become a witch as well?

Answer: You can incorporate witchcraft into your life, but you might find that there are contradictions. There are lots of Christian witches out there, so do some research to find out how they do it.

Question: I am feeling that how beautiful the darkness is. The wind, moon, stars, storms - all are so magical. But will these thoughts and things hurt anyone?

Answer: I can't see the logic behind how your appreciation of nature could ever hurt anyone. The connection between witchcraft and causing harm can only happen if someone has the intention to hurt. That's like saying that everyone who picks up a stick has the intention to injure another person. Logic dictates that this could not possibly be true.

Question: If I wanted to join some other people in our magical life/world where can I do so? Also whom should I speak to?

Answer: Social media is your best bet. Most groups have an online presence though they won't accept anyone under 18, unless they have been specifically set up for teens.

Question: How can I start learning Witchcraft?

Answer: I have written several articles for the beginner witch. I tend to practice a simple and pared-down solitary witchcraft, so my articles are all along those lines.

Question: How long should one wait before starting to do magick or performs one’s first rite?

Answer: That depends on your level of maturity and ability to discern the possible consequences of casting spells. I would suggest you be at least 18 years old and have accumulated a good amount of knowledge about witchcraft and magick.

You might try this site, which offers a free study course:

Question: I'm a broom closet witch. I want to cast a circle or maybe a ritual but I don't have enough privacy in our house, and asking for privacy might make my parents get suspicious of me. What should I do?

Answer: You may have to forgo your circle casting and work your spells and rituals in a less visible way. Think about written and whispered spells. You can work it out.

Question: I am a witch but my friends don't believe in sorcery and magick and warlocks and rituals (I think you get the gist) what shall I do?

Answer: Why does it matter what your friends think? It's your life, do what you want. You don't have to tell them anything. For most witches, their practice is a deeply personal and private thing.

Question: What are some facts and tips you would give to a young beginner witch?

Answer: I would point her to these articles:

Question: I love the moon but I am scared of what lurks in the dark. Does that mean I can't be Wiccan or a witch?

Answer: Of course you can become a witch. Being scared of the dark is a natural human response. That's why we love the light of the moon.

Question: What's a way to meet a witch in real life and make her or him accept me as a student?

Answer: Well, you can't 'make' someone accept you as a student. You have to ask politely. The best way is probably to find a witchcraft study group on Facebook.

Question: I’m Orthodox. Can I be a witch and believe in God?

Answer: You can be. There are many Christian witches out there. There is a lively community on Facebook. And there are those that say that Jesus was the greatest witch that ever walked the earth.

The practice of witchcraft doesn't have to be religious. However, you couldn't be, let's say, Wiccan, and Orthodox as there would be clash between monotheism and pantheism. The two cannot co-exist in one person.

Question: Is there a spell that revives animals from the dead? I found a dead bird on the ground and felt bad for it.

Answer: No, there isn't. And you wouldn't want to really. Death is a natural part of the life cycle and the bird would have died at the right time for it.

Question: If you have a power or ability as a witch, how would you be able to figure it out on your own?

Answer: If you had a certain power or ability it would manifest itself so you would know it. For example if you had a strong intuition it would be apparent in daily life. For other skills, such as tarot reading, you have to rely on whether you are attracted to those things.

Question: How do I be a witch without my parents finding out?

Answer: You sound too young to practice witchcraft. If you live with your parents and are in their care, you shouldn't be doing anything that they would disapprove of. You should wait until you are independent. Meanwhile you can do some of the suggestions in this article. They are not harmful.

Question: What are your favorite witchy music artists to listen to? I love Enya's "Only Time" song and listen to it when I charge my crystals in the sunshine. Do you have any recommendations?

Answer: Great question. I like Delta Rae, especially their song, 'I Will Never Die'. My daughter sings a version of that. Kate Bush, who has some very witchy lyrics. Lisa Thiel and Wendy Rule are witches and sing like angels. I discovered a Carolyn Hillyer CD in Glastonbury once and her work is a perfect ritual accompaniment.

If you have Spotify, there are a lot of witchy playlists available.

Question: I suspect that my coffeeshop barista is casting harmful spells on me every morning. This person looks at me with their eyes crossed. Is this a sign of bad luck, misfortune, black magic, or impending doom?

Answer: None of those. I expect they have a 'cast', i.e. an eye problem, commonly known as strabismus.

Question: I've had lots of bad experiences with horoscopes and tarot cards because most of the sites out there are just total rubbish. Are there any reputable sources that I can go to for free?

Answer: The old adage is that you get what you pay for. Why do you think that a professional reader with many years of experience and study under their belt should give away their skills for free? Do you go to a professional hairdresser or a lawyer and expect to receive full service for no payment? And what has your question got to do with the topic of the article anyway?

Question: I am Muslim, can I still be a witch?

Answer: I am not sure, you would have to find out yourself. It is possible to practice magic and witchcraft whatever your faith, but whether it is permitted is another matter.

Question: How do I tell my friends and family I'm a witch when they don't believe in magick?

Answer: You don't have to tell anyone anything. Many of the actions described in the article can be done privately. If you are very young then there is a lot of work to do before you can call yourself a witch.

Question: I am expressing my witchy ways through song, and this is the only safe place where I can share my lyrics. "Hello, red moon. Goodnight, long, restless days of summer. I feel the moss on the tree, and dance with forest pixies in the midst of purple morning. I sleep, and dream of distant stars. I am Jupiter." What do you think?

Answer: Your lyrics sound wonderful. Keep doing it. My daughter is a songwriter too, and is very witchy without being an actual witch.

Question: I'm just learning all of the stuff about Wicca but I have this demon in my head that won't leave me alone. She keeps trying to tell me bad things about everyone and that I'm not good enough for anyone. What do I do?

Answer: You need to talk to someone who can counsel you properly. What you describe is a mental health issue and nothing to do with Wicca. Please talk to your parents, guardians or teacher and ask for help to resolve this.

Question: I started witchcraft a few years ago, before I came out as transgender, and I now identify as male. Can I still be a witch? Other witches keep saying no, is there another name or something?

Answer: Anyone can be a witch, regardless of sex or gender. Other varieties of paganism include Druidry and sorcery; they are different to witchcraft. Therefore, if you practice witchcraft, you are a witch.

Question: I want to rid of some people from my life for safety, how do I do it without harming them?

Answer: You could try a banishing spell:

Question: I am scared of taking the first steps in witchcraft. I have spent all day planning a spell. I spent so long planning it, I never actually got to do it. And I doubt my abilities. How to I get through that self doubt?

Answer: First of all, if you are that scared, you shouldn't be attempting spells. Spells are not 'first steps'. Working magic is something you do once you have spent a lot of time studying witchcraft, have learned what magic is and how it works. In any case, if you are fearful, you will never get the results you want. In fact, you could get some very unwanted results.

My suggestion is that you close the spell book for the time being and go back to learning more about it all. I have a lot of articles for the beginner witch here:

Question: I want to know what crystals and stones would be perfect for meditation. Which are best for love, protection, and patience?

Answer: I'm not a crystal expert and I only have a few stones myself, but plain old quartz, pink quartz, and amethyst are good all-rounders.

Question: I have always considered myself a believer in God, Jesus, and the teachings of the Bible. However, I also believe in astronomy, astrology, numerology, and the power of the mind and spirit, I'm an empath and have felt the presence of many spirits. Can a Christian be a witch or Wiccan?

Answer: Yes, there are many Christian witches in the world, so it is an easy thing to reconcile the love of the natural world (and universe) with your faith. In fact, it can strengthen it. However, you can't be Wiccan because Wicca is a faith that incorporates worship of an infinite number of deities. You would find that Christianity and Wicca aren't compatible.

Question: What activities can my friends and I do to bond as a coven?

Answer: Get yourself a good book that explains how it works. Look for the author, Lisa Chamberlain. She has several books that could help you.

I don't work with other people, and haven't done so for years, so it's better if you research covens elsewhere. Working in a group can be very rewarding and a great way to deepen friendships.

Question: What is it called when I believe in Satan and not God?

Answer: You can't believe in one without the other as Satan is a Christian construct.

Question: If I naturally have all the innate qualities of a witch, does this mean I was born a witch? If so, where would this have come from? Passed down through my family?

Answer: It depends how you define 'innate qualities of a witch'. Often psychic gifts are passed down through families, but they don't mean that the person is a witch. A witch is someone who practices witchcraft and anyone can do that if they are prepared to learn how.

Question: I cannot remember these all at once, so, what should I do first?

Answer: Pick your favorite and do that one. They are simply suggestions and not instructions.

Question: What does it mean to see a yellow grasshopper?

Answer: It means you saw a yellow grasshopper. It also gives you the opportunity to do a little research on grasshoppers.

Question: I just started my journey to becoming a witch and was wondering if there are any witches I can contact to help me because this is a lot to take in?

Answer: There is a lot to learn, but there's no rush, no pressure and no deadline. You probably won't be able to join a training group unless you are 18. However, there are a huge number of witchy communities on social media. Check out Facebook and Instagram.

Question: I read that to begin with becoming a witch, I should pick an aspect (such as tarot, crystals, candles etc.) and focus on it, and let everything else come in time. Is that a realistic piece of advice?

Answer: I think you should start off with a broad base of knowledge. In other words, do a lot of general reading to start with. Then when things start fitting into place, you can focus in on one aspect. If you choose one thing right at the beginning, you may find yourself completely absorbed in that one area. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but if your goal is to be a witch, then start by learning how to be a witch, not a tarot reader.

Question: My husband is very supportive of anything that makes me happy. His mother, on the other hand, feels that witchcraft is “evil”. Is it wrong to be secretive with my practices and beliefs? Should I move things that might alarm her out of sight when she visits? I’m not ashamed; I just don't want to make things harder on my husband.

Answer: It's your personal choice. Only you understand the family dynamics. You could have a chat with your husband about it. If I had a similar problem with a family member, I might leave my witchy stuff around but I wouldn't get into a conversation about it unless the other person demonstrated a polite interest. I have tarot decks stacked in three places and would not bother moving them just to placate someone's sensibilities.

Question: There is so much information. I am old according to today’s thinking. Would it be too late at 61 to become a witch?

Answer: No! You are never too old to bring a bit of magic into your life. Feel free to ask any questions on any of my articles and I will be happy to answer them if I can.

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Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 29, 2019:


I don't know really. I always felt there was 'more to life', and when I discovered that ordinary people could become witches, it felt as if that was what was missing. x

EMSS on August 29, 2019:

Hi Bev G

Thank you for getting back to me have you been living a magical life before you know you where a witch ? Did this help you understand that you was always a witch which help you find this path ?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 27, 2019:

Thank you, EMSS. So you've been living a magical life all along... lovely. xxx

EMSS on August 27, 2019:

Hi Bev G

I enjoyed your article it help me understand I have been using witchcraft in my daily life a lot. It help me understand I have been doing a lot of the 50 things on the list all the time I just do it naturally it has has always been part of my life.

I hope you have a nice holiday weekend the summer goes to fast

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 17, 2018:

You are welcome, UW. Have fun with it all xx

Undercover Witch on December 17, 2018:

I loved this article. it really helped me understand what i can do to sneak a little magic into the mundane. Thanks!

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 07, 2018:

I'm happy that you are happy TCW :)

The catholic witch on December 07, 2018:

Wow this is great I want my parents to understand but I’m thinking about witchcraft I might do it maybe but I really am glade this really helps

Journey Witch on August 22, 2018:

I definitely need to add more of these in my life i have a cairn already so i can ask the goddess for her blessing in my spells

angel wilding on July 06, 2018:

also white candles are universal for any spell too

Alisa Carter on June 25, 2018:

Oh! Didn't mean to cause a problem with the link in that post, but glad you liked those!

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 24, 2018:

Hey Alisa, I don't usually approve comments with links but that product looks so good. I wish there was something like that in the UK. I'll have to have a look around.

And thanks for reading.

Alisa Carter on June 24, 2018:


Thank you for your article and your gentle reminders. Much appreciated. I have two suggestions for #11, reducing plastics:

1) Have you seen etee (everything touches everything else)? They recently added bags. Love mine! Don't use them enough.

2) "To go" boxes: I cannot stand styrofoam, so about 3 or 4 years ago, I started carrying my own "to go" boxes with me when I went out to eat. I have some really good metal ones I bought and I have some re-usable plastic ones (when those wear out--no more!). We keep them stashed in the car and if we need one at the end of the meal, one of us goes and gets the boxes. We have lots of comments on doing this, but I don't see others picking up the habit. Wish they would.

Again, thank you for your article.


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 23, 2018:

Adopting the witch way of life is a choice, Isaack. You can choose to give yourself the label of 'witch' if you want to at any time. These little suggestions are merely ways to create a little magic in your days. If you want to immerse yourself in the skills and ways of witchcraft there are many resources available.

Good luck to you on your journey :)

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 23, 2018:

Thanks, Verlie!

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on June 23, 2018:

Bev, I love your witchy writes, so positive! I cannot believe how many of these 50 things I do without even thinking about it...but a few I am not familiar with, and maybe I should take a closer look. Thanks.

Isaack Leprince on June 23, 2018:

And someone who is not yet a witch, can he become it by practicing these suggestions ?