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13 Cheap and Easy Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

Jennifer has been a practicing Witch and Priestess of the Goddess for over 20 years.

Full Moon

Full Moon

How Do I Harness the Energy of the Full Moon?

We’ve all been there—it’s Full Moon, and you want to get witchy, but you don’t have anything planned. Whether you are a new witch who isn't sure where to start when it comes to Full Moon rituals or a seasoned witch who just needs some new inspiration, here are some options to play with.

The following ideas are all low- to no-cost and require minimal supplies beyond common household items. These ideas can be used on their own or combined to create a bigger ritual. You can choose to create sacred space first or just dive into the activities. Trust your intuition and do what feels right in the moment.

In a nutshell, here are the 13 cheap and easy ways to harness the energy of the Full Moon:

  1. Connect spiritually with the Moon.
  2. Offer gratitude.
  3. Journal (i.e., Book of Shadows, Dream Journal, Divination Journal).
  4. Perform a Moon dance.
  5. Practice meditation or visualization.
  6. Perform a scrying ritual.
  7. "Draw Down the Moon."
  8. Connect with water.
  9. Use purification rituals to cleanse yourself and your magickal tools.
  10. Perform spells or engage in manifestation.
  11. Prepare a special or healthy meal.
  12. Be creative and engage in some form of art.
  13. Perform a Witch's Ladder spell.

1. Connect With the Moon

Go outside or look out a window at the Full Moon. If it’s overcast or you can't see the Moon, sit somewhere comfy and visualize it being full. Talk to Her. Connect with Her lunar energy. Take some time with Her, and let Her lunar energy fill you up inside. Open your heart to Her magick, and fill yourself to overflowing.

There are many ways to connect. You can sing, chant, offer prayers (silently or aloud), talk directly to the Moon, speak gratitude, offer a blessing, tell Her the sorrows in your heart, say affirmations, declare a manifestation, etc. If you work with a specific Moon Goddess, then speak to Her directly.

Again, it doesn't matter if you can see the Moon or not for this one. Her energy is present—connect.

2. Offer Gratitude

If you already keep a gratitude journal, then the Full Moon is an excellent time to pull it out and reflect on what you’re grateful for. If you don’t keep a gratitude journal, you can still express your gratitude for all that you have. You can say aloud to the Moon what you are grateful for, or you can write it down and keep the list on your altar.

Gratitude opens the door to more Blessings. When we acknowledge all that we have in our lives and what we are grateful for, it sends a powerful message to the Universe to give us more of what we love. Studies show that grateful people live longer, happier lives. Gratitude improves mental health and lessens aggression. It also promotes better sleep! So, take some time during this Full Moon to reflect on what you are grateful for.


3. Journal

Similar to gratitude journals, there are many other witchy journals you could work on during the Full Moon. Journaling has a variety of positive effects. It reduces stress, improves memory, promotes self-awareness and mindfulness, increases your sense of optimism, and enhances creativity. So, why not give it a try?!

Here are some examples of Witchy Journals that are perfect for reflection during the Full Moon.

  • Moon Journals - Moon journals are used for self-reflection. The Moon rules the waters and emotions, so checking in with yourself during the Full Moon can be very beneficial. Record what astrological phase the Moon is in. Write about whatever is moving you, influencing you, or affecting you this Moon. How are you doing emotionally? How are you doing spiritually? Physically? How are your relationships? If you menstruate, you may wish to record where you are in your cycle as we often flow with the moon. Write down any goals, intentions, and/or manifestations you’re focused on right now. Record any triumphs, successes, setbacks, or upsets. Let it all pour out onto the pages of your Moon journal.
  • Divination Journals - If divination is a part of your magickal practice, you may find it useful to keep a journal to record your readings. The Full Moon is not only an excellent time to perform readings, but it's also a fabulous time to review your past readings to see what insight you've gained and how you're progressing on your path.
  • Book of Shadows - Some witches, pagans, and Wiccans like to keep a magickal spell book or grimoire, often referred to as the Book of Shadows. Full Moons are a great time to reread, decorate and/or add to your Book of Shadows.
  • Dream Journal - One way to help yourself remember your dreams is by keeping a dream journal. Each morning upon waking, record any and all images, feelings, colors, sensations, etc. The more you do this, the more you will remember. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, you can use your dream journal by writing down your question before you go to sleep. The Full Moon is an auspicious time to do this. Repeat your morning ritual of writing down any dream impressions, this time as the answer to your question. It's best to repeat this one since the answers often don't start to come until the third night or later. You can repeat this practice for a week, nine or 13 days, or from this Full Moon to the next Full Moon.

In whatever type of journal you choose, don't feel like writing is your only option either—you can draw, doodle, cut out pictures, and/or use stickers. You can even have an online journal and add pictures you find online to represent how you feel. Get creative and make it your own way of expressing yourself and connecting with the Moon.

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4. Moon Dance

Movement is a wonderful way to get your magick and energy flowing. Whether or not you can see the Moon, you can dance for Her! You may wish to set an intention ahead of time and use the energy you raise by dancing to send off your intention.

You can Moon Dance indoors or outside. If you're able to be outside, allow yourself to use the light of the Moon as your own personal spotlight. You may wish to light incense and/or candles or simply use the natural ambiance of nature and the Moon.

If indoors, you may wish to light incense and/or candles or simply enjoy the natural vibe of the space you're in. Be sure to put on your favorite music. It can be any music that makes you feel magickal or just gets you moving—let go and dance, dance, dance. Truly let yourself flow with the feeling, rhythm, and energy of the music and the magick of the Moon.

Moon Dance

Moon Dance

5. Meditation and Visualization

The Full Moon is an excellent time to practice meditation and visualization. This can be done inside or out, and whether or not you can actually see the Moon.

The first thing you want to remember is that everyone’s mind wanders during meditation—that’s the whole point of practicing. If you find your mind wanders throughout your meditation, it doesn’t mean that you ‘can’t meditate’ or ‘are bad at meditation;’ it simply means you have a human mind. The trick is to notice when your mind is drifting and bring it back. It’s the noticing and the bringing back that is the main purpose and function of meditation—the wandering just happens. So, what do you bring it back to? That’s up to you. It’s a good idea to decide ahead of time what your focus will be. It can be a mantra, an affirmation, a mandala, a magickal symbol or sigil, a visualization, a magickal intent, or simply your breath.

For the Full Moon, you may wish to connect it to a specific manifestation. If so, you'd use visualization to see yourself already having and enjoying your manifestation. One way to help you hold the visualization in your mind's eye for as long as possible is to really feel with all your senses what it is you are creating. See it, feel it, touch it, taste it smell it, sense it—fully experience all of it in your mind's eye. If your mind drifts off, no biggie; simply bring it back to your visualization and continue to feel it fully.

You may wish to do this for a set amount of time that you determine ahead of time or simply practice until you feel complete.

6. Scrying

Scrying is a type of divination also known by various names such as "seeing" or "peeping." The word "scrying" means to reveal or to perceive. To scry, the practitioner uses a soft gaze while staring into the scrying object in order to receive visions and information. The soft gaze allows the physical eyes to relax and the inner psychic eye to open.

Scrying objects are often reflective and/or curved—such as a scrying mirror (which is a black mirror), a crystal ball, or a pool of water. However, a reflective surface is not needed in order to scry. You can also use a candle flame, or the flames of a ritual fire, the smoke from incense, the Moon itself, or even clouds.

Pay attention to any shapes or images that show up when scrying. Be patient—it often takes some time before the forms present themselves to you. Even more important than the shape these visions take is the feeling you get from them. Does it feel happy? Like a blessing? Or does it feel protective? Or like a warning? Familiar? Like an Ancestor? You may wish to jot down whatever you see and the feelings you experience, as certain patterns may emerge over time.

Smoke from incense can be used for scrying.

Smoke from incense can be used for scrying.

7. Drawing Down the Moon

This ritual combines the ideas of scrying and connecting with the moon and takes them both a step further. While the phrase 'Drawing Down the Moon' was made popular by Margaret Atwood's book by the same name, the practice of Drawing Down the Moon is an old tradition and needs to be done when you can actually see the Moon.

You’ll need something to reflect the light of the Moon. You can use things such as a silver, black, dark purple, or dark blue bowl, plate, platter, or tile, a mirror, or even your phone.

Next, you ‘catch the Moon’ in your reflective object so that you can clearly see its image. Then, you shine its light onto yourself. If possible, try to reflect the moonlight directly onto your third eye (located on your forehead, between your two eyes). Use a soft, relaxed gaze while looking at it. Like scrying, make a note of what—if any—images appear in your mind's eye while you are gazing.

Many modern-day witches, Wiccans, and pagans use the term Drawing Down the Moon to refer to fully invoking the Goddess, and you can use this technique to do so as well.

As you reflect the moonlight onto yourself, fully invite the lunar energy of the Goddess into you. You can also invoke a specific Moon Goddess if you already work with one or if you wish to introduce yourself to one for a working relationship or dedication.


8. Connect With Water

The pull of the Moon rules over the tides and waters on our planet and within ourselves. Therefore, a great way to connect with lunar energy is through water. This can be done at a favorite water spot, such as a lake, river, pond, ocean, etc. In your home, you can connect in the bath or a shower. A simple way to harness the power of water is to be mindful of drinking more water during the three days surrounding the Full Moon.

Soaking in water is a great way to cleanse and connect with Moon magick. If you are able to soak in a tub, you can add extra touches such as candlelight or soft music. You could also surround your tub with crystals and add milk, herbs, or flower petals (you may wish to strain these out before draining the tub). If you prefer, you can use a muslin bag and fill it with dried herbs, flowers, or rolled oats to make clean-up easier. If you have a favorite bubble bath or bath bomb, this is a great time to make use of it. Also, any shower gel can double as a bubble bath. Or, you can simply enjoy the water on its own or with a touch of salt for added purification.

Take time while you are soaking to release into the water all that is no longer serving you. Release any emotions, tears, stress, worries, etc., into the water. When you are finished with your bath, remember to rinse and wash with tepid water so that none of the oogies you released stay with you. You are now fresh, clean, and purified!

If you only have a shower, you can still use the time in the water to wash away what is no longer needed. Use a favorite soap or shower gel, and see the suds removing any and all negativity. You can even combine a small amount of shower gel with some salt for an easy salt scrub. Just as with the bath, use your Moon Shower to wash any and all negativity down the drain, leaving you fresh and renewed!

Full Moon Bath

Full Moon Bath

9. Purification Rituals

Purification is a popular focus for the Full Moon. You can cleanse and purify your magickal tools, altars, ritual space, home, car, or even your own body. Don't have time to clean your whole house? Just clean a single drawer, throw away five things, put away five things, or simply sage or asperge your space.

Cleansing and charging crystals, tarot and/or oracle decks, and magickal tools are common for the Full Moon. If you already own any of these items, you may wish to sage them, pass them over incense smoke or a candle flame, or lightly sprinkle them with salt water. You can then leave them out or on a window sill to soak up the lunar magick. If the Moon isn't visible, you can still charge your crystals and tools—the energy is still present. Simply place them on an altar or any special spot and invite the energy of the Full Moon to bless and charge them.


10. Manifestation and Spellwork

Decide what you wish to manifest and offer it to the Moon by writing it out and placing it in the moonlight, on your altar, or in another sacred place. Or speak it aloud directly to the Moon. As you do so, ask the Moon or your favorite Moon Goddess to grant your request. Then spend a few moments seeing and feeling it as so. Thank the Moon and/or Goddess, and know that it is so.

You can also offer what you wish to manifest to the Elements. If it’s windy, you can tear what you've written into pieces and throw it to the wind for Air. To offer it to Fire, you can burn it in a candle flame or small fire. For Water, you can cast it into a stream or river, or if it’s raining, you can write your manifestation out with chalk and let the rain wash it away. Or you can bury it for Earth. Again, as you offer your written words to the Element, see and feel your manifestation as so now—not in the future, but now. Thank the Element and know that it is so.

11. Have a Nice Meal

Whether by yourself or with friends, there’s a certain magick to creating and enjoying a fine meal. Indulge yourself by picking out an exciting new or favorite recipe. Get some fancy extras if you can, and allow yourself some decadence.

You may wish to use the Full Moon as a time of indulging in treats and sweets you might not normally allow yourself. Perhaps enjoy some fine wine, a decadent dessert, or whatever your favorite treat is.

Or perhaps you feel your diet has been off as of late. You can use the Full Moon to renew your commitment to yourself and your health by making yourself a fresh, healthy meal. Use fresh, local, and real ingredients. Try to find the best quality possible.

Whatever you choose, dedicate the meal to the Temple within and to the Lady of the Moon. If you work with a specific Moon Goddess, dedicate your meal to Her. Say a blessing over your food before you take a bite. And as you eat, really taste and enjoy each and every bite. See yourself as the Divine, enjoying a meal prepared for you by the Divine.

Full Moon Meal

Full Moon Meal

12. Work on Some Art

If you are a creative person by nature, then chances are you have some projects you’d like to work on, or perhaps some artistic ideas are brewing in your head. You want to work on them but never seem to find the time. Or perhaps you don't see yourself as a creative person, but you've still got some ideas you'd like to try. Well, the Full Moon is an excellent time to make time.

So draw, sing, write, dance, cook, paint, take pictures, design, sculpt, craft, build, mold, etc. Express your creativity. Let the influences of the Full Moon flow through you and enhance your artistic creations. Bring your creations to life with the energy of the Full Moon.

13. Witch's Ladder and Knot Spells

This requires something in which you can tie a know, such as a piece of yarn, ribbon, thread, string, copper wire, vine, soft herb or flower stem, a shoelace, scarf, a piece of floss, or your own hair. If you wish to create a witch's ladder, you may also want feathers, holy stones, or any stone with a hole drilled into it, keys, bones, beads, or any charms you have that relate to your magickal intent.

A Witch's Ladder or Witches' Ladder is a type of knot magick in which charms or talismans are tied into the thread with each spell knot. The number of knots and type of charms used is determined by the intent of the spell.

However, it need not be that involved. If you don't have any charms, you can still practice knot magick. Simply use your yarn, ribbon, thread, floss, hair, etc., and tie three—or even just one—knot. Hold the thread in both hands and strongly visualize your desire. When you feel it, fully tie your knot(s). If tying three, you can say the following spell rhyme with each knot.

By the knot of one the spell’s begun;

By the knot of two I make it true;

By the knot of three So Mote it Be!

If you choose to tie only one knot, you can simply say "So Mote It Be" as you tighten the knot. And so it is.

Witch's Ladder

Witch's Ladder

Bonus Ideas and Suggestions

The following ideas require you to either purchase (or already have on hand) some tools or supplies.

  • Moon Water – All you need for this one is a jar, bottle, jug, etc., and some water. Tap water is fine. Fill the jar with water and set it out in the moonlight. If the Moon isn’t visible, you can still make moon water as the energy is still present.
  • Divination – If you already own divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards, runes, spirit board, pendulum, etc., give yourself a Full Moon reading. You can even use sticks, stones, roots, or bones you’ve collected and throw them. Simply assign a meaning, feeling, or name to each of the objects then cast them. The closer an object falls to you, the greater its influence. Objects to the left tend to refer to the past, the center represents the present, and the right side is the future. The further an object is from the center, the less it has to do with the present.
  • Crystal work – Full Moons are a great time to do some crystal healing work. Create a crystal grid, or place healing stones on your body wherever you feel you need their energy. Add some to your altar, wear them on you, carry them in your pocket during the day, or sleep with them under your pillow or on your nightstand to bring their influence into your energy field.
  • Candle spells – If you already have some candles on hand, then a simple candle spell is an easy Full Moon activity. You can choose a color that relates to your work or just use a plain white or beeswax candle. You can anoint it in oils, roll it in herbs, carve your desire into it, or simply leave it as is and light it while strongly visualizing your intent.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, you need not spend a ton of money or have the latest fancy witch tools in order to weave Magick on the Full Moon. Nor do you need to spend a lot of time on an elaborate ritual. Though you certainly can, and that's lovely too.

I hope these Moon Musings have inspired you to create your own Full Moon workings and rituals. May your Full Moon be a Magickal one!

Blessed Be.

© 2019 Jennifer Jorgenson


Jennifer Jorgenson (author) on March 03, 2020:

Thank you so much! Gratitude and abundance are some of my favorite Full Moon workings as well!

Melissa Meadow from United States on March 03, 2020:

Terrific article!

You've hit on some absolute wonderful ideas to celebrate the blessed Full Moon!

I use the Full Moon for reverence work and also for gratitude and abundance work, mostly.

Love your suggestions!

Jennifer Jorgenson (author) on September 18, 2019:

As do I it is a wonderfully magickal time!

JoMcPherson on September 18, 2019:

I love the full moon

Jennifer Jorgenson (author) on September 12, 2019:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I believe we all feel something from the Full Moon regardless of how we label ourselves or what we believe. I'm glad to hear that you too find these to be effective.


Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on September 12, 2019:

Thank you for all these wonderful suggestions. While I'm not a witch (although I've been accused of being one by "muggles") I am a lightworker/starseed and find a number of your suggestions to be effective. I agree that the most powerful meditations are during a full moon. I also use the shower to cleanse and strengthen my aura. I like your idea of adding salt to bath gel.

Jennifer Jorgenson (author) on September 11, 2019:

Delighted to hear it! And you are so very welcome!

Noel Penaflor from California on September 11, 2019:

Thank you for these wonderful suggestions. I have a lot to choose from now.

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