Wicca & Witchcraft


How to Tell if You Are a Victim of Witchcraft

Find out how to determine whether you are simply suffering a run of bad luck, or if you truly are the victim of a witch's wrath. Just in case you have been cursed, this article includes directions on how to remove a curse.


What Is Eclectic Witchcraft? Why It May Be the Best Path for You

Attracted to witchcraft, but not sure if any particular tradition is right for you? Eclectic witchcraft is whatever you want it to be. Change it up, switch it round, do it your way.


Is Witchcraft Real? Do Witches Exist?

Magic, or ‘magick’, is simply the means of working with energy to make change happen. Witchcraft is real.


Kitchen Witchery: Ways to Be Mindful While Cooking

In addition to enhancing your magical cooking, practicing mindfulness in the kitchen can bring peace and positivity to your daily life.


How to Use Moon Magick to Boost Your Spells

Working with the Moon phases can boost your spells and give them extra power. Find out how to harness the power of the Moon and how performing your spells on the perfect day of the week can further enhance their strength.


How to Cast a Spell With Your Mind

When you don't have time to perform a ritual, you can turn to a fast and dirty mind magick spell to do the job.


5 Reasons You Should Join a Coven

Five benefits I experienced by joining a local coven.


How to Cast Simple Healing Spells

A healing spell encourages well-being, positivity, and confidence. It helps you feel more at ease in mind and body. It makes sense that everyone should practice a little healing every day.


How to Start a Witch's Garden (+7 Easy Plants to Include)

Growing your own plants for use in your magical endeavors can be a valuable boost to your practice. This article will get you started!


How to Cast Easy Love Spells

Want some more magic in your life? Love spells are the most popular kind of spells. Find out how to cast them safely and easily.


5 Keys to Successful Magick

The path of witching and witchery can be confusing and overwhelming for the beginner. Here is how I overcome many obstacles and challenges on a daily basis.


Am I a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, or Something Else?

You know you are different. You know there's a more magical life for you, but are unsure how to find it. How can you narrow it down? Unearth how to discover if you are meant to be a Wiccan, a witch or a pagan.


How to Be a Good Witch

What exactly is a good witch, and how do you become one? Find answers to your witchy questions here.


How to Undo a Spell or Cancel a Curse

Casting a spell is easy, but what if you want to reverse it later? Discover how to undo a spell and also how to dismiss a curse.


How to Be a Witch: Resources to Get You Started on the Witchcraft Path

Guidance on how to get started and/or continue along the witchy path. Contains links to other resourceful articles.


13 Cheap and Easy Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

Looking for ideas and inspiration for celebrating the Full Moon? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Forgot to plan something? Don’t worry—I've got you covered!


Why Is Meditation Important in Witchcraft?

Is meditation really necessary to practice witchcraft? That is for you to decide, but why not read about it and discover how it can help with your desired path. The benefits are there to be seen and felt, but it is for you to decide whether to include it into your daily life.


Dark Moon vs. New Moon: Are They the Same Thing?

A look at the definitions of Dark and New moons, including practices and correspondences for both phases of the moon.


Witchcraft Empowers Women

Women want real, and they want practical. They want to be capable, confident, and resilient. At the same time, they feel the seductive call of magical power.


How to Set up a Wiccan or Pagan Altar for Beginners on a Budget

This article is a guide for Wiccan or Pagan newcomers on a budget who wish to use cheap and free items to set up their personal altars. Read on to learn about altar placement and orientation, traditional and non-traditional altar tools, and the roles of altar tools in your practice!


Working With Dragons in Your Magickal Practice

Ideas and techniques on how to attract and incorporate the magick of dragons into your daily life and rituals. Includes dragon recipes you can make on your own.


How and When to Use a Binding Spell

Binding spells should be used with extreme caution; their consequences can be devastating. Information on the magickal technique of last resort.


Shiva: Explore and Use the Hindu God's Magick in Your Practice

A Witch's perspective on Lord Shiva, including how to bring His magick into your daily life.


Witch's Tools: The Cauldron and How to Use It for Witchcraft

The cauldron is an iconic tool of Witchcraft and has been in use for hundreds—possibly thousands—of years. Let us take a closer look at this magickal tool and the spells you can use it to cast.


Exploring the Hindu Goddess Shakti

A Witch's perspective on the Hindu Goddess Shakti, including how to bring Her magick into your daily life.


How to Create a Witch's Garden

Notions and musings for creating Witch themed gardens, Moon gardens, Elemental gardens, Astrological gardens, Gothic gardens, and more. Includes solutions for limited space and light.


Beginner Witch: What You Need to Know About Casting Spells

What is a spell? It’s the act of making change happen with the power of your mind and emotions. It's both easier and harder than you might think. Here's what you need to know.


How to Make & Use Moon Water

In this article, you will learn how to make and use your own Moon Water.


Cast Spells the Easy Way: Written Spells

All you need to cast an effective spell is pen and paper. That means you can work magick anywhere and any time. No one will know.


Witchcraft: Sympathetic Magic and Working With Poppets

Using poppets in spell casting is not about sticking pins in effigies. Learn how to work sympathetic magic with the help of poppets and dolls.


An Introduction to Witchcraft

What is witchcraft and where did it come from? Do you really know the history of witchcraft and what it's all about? The origin of witchcraft is widely speculated and highly debated within the witch community.


Could You Be a Witch? Have You Got What It Takes?

Are witches special? Have you got what it takes to be a real witch? It's both easier and harder than you might think.


The Witches' Power: Energy Sources, Circuits, and Transfers

When witches talk of their power, they are referring to energy. This energy is within everyone, because everyone, and everything, is made up of energy. Every person who lives an enchanted life should have an idea of where energy comes from, how to move it, and the circuits it takes in the body.


A Witch's Book of Shadows, Journal, Spell Book, or Grimoire

As a writer and a witch, keeping a record of my magickal doings is essential. Here are some suggestions for your books of spells and witchy journals. Find out how you can work magick right there in your notebook.


Am I a Witch? How to Tell If You're a Witch

While there are many types of witches, there are some telltale signs that may indicate you have witchy potential. People choose to be witches, contrary to the common belief that most are born into it. Here are the signs and characteristics of your modern-day witch.


What Is a Witch's Mark?

A look at what witch marks meant back in the days of the witch trials and how someone with one or more could be condemned as a witch in league with the Devil.


How Magic Works in Witchcraft

The main reason people are attracted to witchcraft is the prospect of working magick. But how does magick really work? It's not as spectacular as you might think.


How to Cast a Circle When You Are a Solitary Witch

New to witchcraft and practicing solo? Here are some simple directions for casting a circle when working alone.


Kitchen Witchery: Seven Fruits to Use in Your Magical Practice

Fruit has a long history of symbolism and can be used in a wide variety of magic—kitchen magic included. Discover the correspondences of seven different magical fruits!


How to Be a Witch: Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Path

Know you're a witch but not sure what kind? Perhaps you don't fit into any neat category at all. How do you find out?


Witchcraft: How to Cast a Banishing Spell

Sometimes you just have to do it. When someone is plaguing you, bullying you, or being generally unpleasant, hold them off with these banishing spells.


Pumpkin Spell for Abundance at Samhain

Spells for Samhain are a great way to utilize seasonal energies in order to bring what you desire into your life. This basic pumpkin spell is easy enough—even for beginner Witches. You can actually cast it any time, but at Samhain it is particularly powerful.


I See Things in Dreams That Come True—Am I a Witch?

Have you had some strange premonitions that came true? Do you think this means you might be a witch? Maybe, maybe not.


Understanding Witchcraft and Working With the Elements

Understanding the elements and their correspondences is fundamental to witchcraft. They are the basis and framework of all magickal workings.


Witch Ancestry: How to Tell If Magic Is in Your Blood

Are you a blood Witch? A natural Witch? A hereditary Witch? Do you come from a magical bloodline? How can you tell? Here is what you need to know.


Am I Too Young To Be a Witch?

Young people are often drawn to the idea of becoming a witch. But what does it really entail? Where do you start? And why should you wait?


Witchcraft: 6 Easy Spells to Enhance Daily Life

Why use spells and magick in everyday life? Well, because you can! Once you have mastered the trick of tapping into your emotions and desire at will to raise energy, you might as well make the most of it and live an enhanced, enchanted, always surprising, lovely, witchy life.


The Top Three Occult Bookshops in London for a Beginner Witch

Discover three of the best occult bookshops in London for beginner witches. Find out what special items are available in each store, as well as descriptions of their unique atmospheres!


Psychic Protection: Tips and Techniques for Witches and Sensitives

You can dispel negative energy easily—once you’ve recognized its existence and effectively instructed it to leave, that’s usually the end of it. Sometimes, however, that negative energy is hard to slough off, so you need to give your spiritual and psychic well-being an extra boost.