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Wicca & Witchcraft


Ways to Conduct a Transformational New Moon Ritual

The New Moon is a valuable time to conduct rituals that seed new intentions and to meditate on the things you wish to grow in your life. Read on to discover ways you can perform powerful rituals during this lunar phase.


Activities to Do During a Waning Moon

The Waning Moon phase occurs when the Moon diminishes in size. Witches tap into this lunar phase by energetically attuning their activities to match the energy of the Moon. Read on to find ways to tap into the energy of the Waning Moon phase.


4 Ways to Replenish Your Inner Resources and Strengthen Your Witchcraft

If you are burning both ends of the candle you will quickly have no candle at all. Witches need to replenish our inner resources in order to better serve our gods and live magical lives. Listening to our bodies, connecting to nature, and following our hearts can help us replenish ourselves.


What Is the Meaning of a Black Candle?

There are all sorts of different colors for candles. Read on to find out what black candles represent and how to use them in your magical workings.


Six Warning Signs When Joining a Coven

Six red flags you need to watch out for when approaching prospective covens.


How to Cast a Honey Jar Spell to Sweeten Your Relationships

Are you looking to sweeten someone's attitude towards you? Learn how to use honey jar spells to help sweeten your relationships with coworkers, bosses, employees, friends or lovers!


How to Get Rid of the Evil Eye

Discover the meaning of the evil eye, it's significance and symbolism, and how to protect yourself from it or remove it.


Shamans and Witches: The Fascinating World of Filipino Witchcraft

From witches, shamans, faith healers, and sorcerers, the Philippines offer a wide array of witchcraft, malevolent beings, and occult practices. Read on to find out more!


Advice for the Beginner Witch

It is an overwhelming time for those beginning the walk of the craft. Here are some words of advice and loving encouragement for those on the path of the witch.


6 Tips for Crafting Successful Magick

Crafting successful magickal spells takes a bit of thought and effort. This article explores six different things we can incorporate into our magick to get it working for us.


Five Magickal Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Is your birthday coming up? Want to celebrate it magickally? Turn your birthday into an enchanting affair by incorporating these bits of magickal flair! Read on for five ideas about making your birthday magicka.


Crushing on Hekate: The Goddess of the Witches

Long before Robert Johnson met the Devil at the crossroads, there was Hekate.


Making and Using a Witches' Ladder

Making a witches' ladder is the literal weaving of a spell as you make your wishes concrete and visible. The process invites you to apply focus and intention to what truly matters as you braid the magickal ladder.


How to Remove a Love Spell With Infused Moon Water

Have you cast a love spell that is no longer required? You can use moon water for all kinds of spells. You can also use it to clear, remove, cancel and cleanse those unwanted spells and curses. Here's how.


Simple Witchcraft Home Spells That Anyone Can Do

How can we use witchcraft and magick to make life a little more bearable? Work some spells, of course. Anyone can do spells at home! Here are some simple, easy, and fun spells you can try that will break the monotony of Zoom, sourdough baking, or Netflix.


Cheap and Easy Ways to Celebrate the Dark and New Moon

Looking for ideas and inspiration for celebrating the Dark and/or New Moon? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Forgot to plan something? Don’t worry—I've got you covered!


The Use and Significance of Red Candles in Spiritual Practice

Colors carry various meanings and are used for different purposes in spiritual work. Find out how and when to use red candles in your spiritual practice.


Cleansing Rituals for Dream Magick

Cleansing your bedroom of negative energy before embarking on dreamwork can give you a sense of security. Find out how to add a few ritual elements to your nightly routine that dispel negativity and invite positivity.


How to Make a Magical Dream Pillow

Dream pillows are a way of incorporating aromatherapy into your bedtime routine. The subtle fragrance of dried herbs is a way of relaxing and comforting the mind. It keeps us connected to nature and the beauty of flowers. Incorporate dream pillows into your magick for a pleasant new routine.


Using Lavender in Dreamwork

Lavender is the ultimate dream herb, and witches consider it a staple. It can be used to deepen relaxation, develop intuition, and find love. This bloom can be brought into your spellwork as a consumable tea, put into a spell jar, or diffused in essential oil form.


Creating a Dream Tea Ritual

A dream tea ritual is a marvelous way to improve well-being and engage in dreamwork. It brings herbalism into your evening routine in a soothing way. You can create teas for lucid dreaming, better dreams, or to improve your intuition.


Bringing Dreamwork Into Your Magick

Practicing dreamwork can enhance your magickal practice. Explore various ways to hone your ability to work with your dreams.


Ways to Conduct a Transformative Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon rituals have been practiced for many years across many cultures. Discover the benefits of engaging in a Full Moon ritual as well as ways to conduct one.


What Are Love Spells? An Exploration of Their History and Anthropology

A quick look at love spells, including their meaning throughout history, why people use them, and how to reevaluate your perception about this form of magic.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram With Notes on Demons

As a protection rite, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is essential to spiritual hygiene and growth. Learn its history, how to perform it, and how to use it in aura healing. Included is valuable information on demons.


Witchcraft Correspondences: What They Are and Why You Need Them for Your Spells

Correspondences are objects and essences that either represent or are connected to your intentions, desires, and outcomes. They are power boosters for spells and can help you achieve your magical goals.


How to Use the Spiritual Power of Black Candles

If you are looking to invoke energy, power, or money, then using a black candle during your ritual can make a difference.


Am I Cursed? How to Tell If You Are a Victim of Witchcraft

Find out how to determine whether you are simply suffering a run of bad luck or if you truly are the victim of a witch's wrath. Just in case you have been cursed, this article includes directions on how to remove a curse.


Kitchen Witchcraft: Magical Cleaning and Cleansing

Magical cleaning is an excellent way to add magic to your everyday life.


What Is Eclectic Witchcraft? (And Why It May Be the Best Path for You)

Attracted to witchcraft, but not sure if any particular tradition is right for you? Eclectic witchcraft is whatever you want it to be. Change it up, switch it round, and do it your way. Read on for everything you need to know to begin practicing eclectic witchcraft.


Is Witchcraft Real? Do Witches Exist?

Magic, or ‘magick’, is simply the means of working with energy to make change happen. Witchcraft is real.


Kitchen Witchery: Ways to Be Mindful While Cooking

In addition to enhancing your magical cooking, practicing mindfulness in the kitchen can bring peace and positivity to your daily life. Read on for everything you need to know about kitchen witchcraft!


How to Use Moon Magick to Boost Your Spells

Working with the moon phases can boost your spells and give them extra power. Find out how to harness the power of the Moon and how performing your spells on the perfect day of the week can further enhance their strength.


How to Cast a Spell With Your Mind

When you don't have time to perform a ritual, you can turn to a fast and dirty mind magick spell to do the job.


Five Reasons You Should Join a Coven

Trying to get into witchcraft, but want help from others? You might consider joining a coven. If you're not convinced, read on to learn about the five benefits I experienced by joining a local coven.


How to Cast Simple Healing Spells

A healing spell encourages well-being, positivity, and confidence. It helps you feel more at ease in mind and body. It makes sense that everyone should practice a little healing every day.


How to Start a Witch's Garden (+7 Easy Plants to Include)

Growing your own plants for use in your magical endeavors can be a valuable boost to your practice. This article will get you started!


How to Cast Easy Love Spells

Want some more magic in your life? Love spells are the most popular kind of spells. Find out how to cast them safely and easily.


Five Keys to Successful Magick

The path of witching and witchery can be confusing and overwhelming for the beginner. Here is how I overcome many obstacles and challenges on a daily basis. With these five keys to magick, you'll be prepared for anything that comes your way!


7 Crystals for Working With Full Moon Energy

The Full Moon is a powerful time for working magic and setting intentions. Discover what crystals can be used to help you harness the energy of this powerful time.


Am I a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, or Something Else?

You know you are different. You know there's a more magical life for you, but you are unsure how to find it. How can you narrow it down? Unearth how to discover if you are meant to be a Wiccan, a witch or a pagan.


How to Be a Good Witch

What exactly is a good witch, and how do you become one? Find answers to your witchy questions here.


How to Undo a Spell or Cancel a Curse

Casting a spell is easy, but what if you want to reverse it later? Discover how to undo a spell and also how to dismiss a curse.


How to Become a Witch: 30+ Resources to Set You on Your Witchcraft Path

Guidance on how to get started and/or continue along the witchy path. Contains links to other resourceful articles.


13 Cheap and Easy Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

Looking for ideas and inspiration for celebrating the Full Moon? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Forgot to plan something? Don’t worry—I've got you covered!


Why Is Meditation Important in Witchcraft?

Is meditation really necessary to practice witchcraft? That is for you to decide, but why not read about it and discover how it can help with your desired path? The benefits are there to be seen and felt, but it's up to you to decide whether to include meditation in your daily life.


Dark Moon Versus New Moon: Are They the Same Thing?

A look at the definitions of Dark and New moons, including practices and correspondences for both phases of the moon. What's the difference between a Dark and New moon? Read on for everything you need to know.


Exploring the Yorùbá Goddess Yemaya

A Witch’s perspective on the African Orisha Yemaya, and how to bring Her magick into your daily life.


How to Make the Empowering Benefits of Witchcraft Work for You

Women want real, and they want practical. They want to be capable, confident, and resilient. At the same time, they feel the seductive call of magical power.


How to Set up a Wiccan or Pagan Altar for Beginners on a Budget

This article is a guide for Wiccan or Pagan newcomers on a budget who wish to use cheap and free items to set up their personal altars. Read on to learn about altar placement and orientation, traditional and non-traditional altar tools, and the roles of altar tools in your practice!