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Updated on April 26, 2016


In 2006 I went on a hiking and camping trip with my parents and brother. Little did I know that I would witness something that I could not identify, that nobody believed I had seen, and that would change my view of life on Earth and other planets.

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It was a hot, humid day, and after packing two old-fashioned (heavy) frame packs, and my brother's more modern (light) frameless pack, we set off up the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. As there was no overnight parking allowed at the head of the trail, we had to drive a few miles further to the State Park, and walk from there to the trail.

The trail itself was beautiful, but long and arduous. Hours and many miles went by before we finally made camp and got to enjoy ourselves. We ended up deep in the wild forestland of northern Minnesota. The closest road was miles away, and we were quite alone. It's a place where you can actually see the stars without city lights getting in the way, and black bears and moose live there as if humans don't exist. The only sounds are of nature.

As it was getting dark, we decided to make a fire, eat, and get some rest. My parents would share a tent about 15 feet away from ours. The hot, humid day turned into a hot, humid night, and my brother suggested we take the wind cover off of the top of our tent to let some air in overnight. Just a mesh screen remained above us. When I finally got into my sleeping bag, I couldn't sleep. There was a root beneath my back, it was sweltering hot, and though I tried, all that really happened was that I shut my eyes and lay there.


Are there beings made of pure light energy? What did I see?
Are there beings made of pure light energy? What did I see? | Source

As I couldn't sleep, and was painfully awake--and the only one, I might add--I just lay there thinking and trying to get more comfortable. Even with a camping air mattress under me, that root kept me awake.

With my eyes closed, I started seeing some sort of pattern under my eyelids; something bright, that made me open my eyes. As I was on my back, naturally when I opened my eyes I was looking straight up, out the tent's roof, and into the sky. What I saw there made me freeze.

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There, at treetop level, just 15 feet above me, was a bright orb of light. It was the size of a softball or small grapefruit, perfectly round, and hovering right above the tent! Though I had seen those UFO shows with bright balls of light flitting across the screen, I had assumed they were faked. I'm a scientist by nature and study, and believe those sorts of things only when I see them. Though UFO theory has always piqued my interest, that's about it. I never gave much credit to the theories, or to the white balls of light--until I saw one.

My orb, however, did not act like the balls of light I'd seen in many videos and had heard of in many descriptions. It would slowly follow a straight line about 5 feet long, and then the light would go out for a few seconds, and return. Each time this happened, the orb would appear at a different spot, follow the straight line again, and go out. It was like a humongous firefly, but with bright white light, and perfectly round. This went on for literally hours while I lay transfixed and immobile, not wanting to move or breathe. When I shut my eyes, I could see it moving, disappearing, and moving again. I would open my eyes again, and sure enough, it was still there. I did this many times, thinking I might be crazy. But I'm not crazy. I'm a rational, scientific person, and what I was seeing was something that I could not explain--and still can't.


Energy = (Mass) * (Speed of Light) ^2
Energy = (Mass) * (Speed of Light) ^2 | Source

In the morning, I told my parents and brother what I'd seen. Of course they asked why I hadn't woken them up. After all, my brother was laying right beside me. It's a good question, and one that has haunted me ever since. The truth is that this ball of light was hovering 15 feet above me, very, very close, and I felt that I should not move or it would leave. Do I regret not waking my brother up? Yes and no. Yes, because nobody has ever believed me, and no, because I got to experience this ball of light for hours.

Since my "sighting" I have looked all over the internet for similar white balls of light. Most people describe them as fast, or that you could feel their energy, or that they only last for a few minutes. Mine was totally different. It was slow and methodical, like a huge, perfectly-round firefly, and it was above me for hours and hours. Did I feel any sort of energy? No. But I did feel totally transfixed and absolutely awed. I didn't want to move, but I could have if I'd wanted to.

I would rather have watched the ball of light for hours than to have a witness who scared it away. Some people say that maybe it wouldn't have left, but the "feeling" I got was that I was communing, alone, with something I could not identify, and any movement would end the experience. I didn't want it to leave. I wanted to watch it and experience it. Did I consider waking my brother at the time? Yes, over and over again. But every time I thought that if I moved, it would be gone.


These white orbs of light that I've now read so much about often occur in the middle of nowhere, as in my case. I don't know why, or what they are, or what exactly it was doing, but we were the only people out there--and for some reason, it was right above us. Did it seek us out? Did it study us? What was it doing there?

There are way more questions than answers. I think about my experience a lot, and have come to no conclusions. But I saw it with my own eyes, and whatever it was was not evil, was nothing we know of in nature, and may not even have been of this world. Some theories exist, like the foo fighters theory, that these balls of light can be manufactured using mercury. However, this thing acted like something with a brain, not like something attracted by magnetism.

I wanted to attach a video of someone's sighting of one of these orbs of light, since I didn't have a camera with me. However, I've searched and searched, and most of the sightings either look fake, or they're so far away that it's not representative of my experience at all. This thing was close, and it didn't morph, and it wasn't fast.



If anyone has had a similar experience with a white ball of light, please comment below. I am fascinated by my experience, but have not found any accounts that are similar to mine.

Do aliens (or beings of visible light) exist? I'm sure it's possible, but I'm not sure that that's what I saw. An alien probe? Maybe, but then again, that's just speculation. Have you seen the white balls of light? Let me know your story so that I might understand mine better.

Thank you.

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    • profile image 5 days ago

      Saw similar orb size of small grapefruit moved slowly up a shoreline approx 10 feet off the ground. Trunk of my car was up with the light on and it hovered over it. It was like when it became aware of us it darted off over the tree tops. I had watched it for 20 mins comming up the shore. This was in Md in 1972

    • profile image

      linda thomas 6 days ago

      march 14 2018 Observed three white balls by sun correction march 15 2018 most likely planets the thing that throws me is the umbrella shaped lighted figures in the sky march 14 2018 triangle shaped bright light by the sun this old dinosuar never seen nothing like it before.

    • profile image

      Bella 7 days ago

      Hey I just posted the comment comment about my experience in New England, and thought these details might be important. It was near dusk when I saw it, and I was a freshman, at the time.

    • profile image

      bella 7 days ago

      It was about two years ago now that I think about it. I live up in the northern parts of new England, specifically in the middle of 50 acres of woods, with a half a mile long road being one of the only two ways that connected our house to civilization. I was home alone, a teenager at the time, with nothing to do. So I decided that I would take my bike and swing up the road, and back for a bit. I was summer, so naturally everything was green and alive. I was about half way up the road, with only trees surrounding me, when all of a sudden this ball of light appeared out of know where. It was approximately ten feet in front of me, and twenty feet off of the ground it made a bee line to the other side of the road, when it just stopped. It was almost like it was 'surprised' to 'see' someone there; but only for a few seconds, then as you described, it disappeared. It reappeared off a little ways into the forest, and continued onward. I stood they, wondering if I had accidentally, oh I don't know biked into a tree and was hallucinating, but no this had actually happened.I then Immediately went in after it, but quickly turned back, 'cause I know tree are bears around there. Once retiring home, I googled it, with nothing but those tabloi articles about aliens coming up. I figured It would't hurt to search again since it's almost two years since then.

    • profile image

      Emma 7 days ago

      About 8 years ago I was trying to sleep in my Bed laying there with my eyes closed, for some reason I opened my eyes and just above my head was a perfect round ball of light just smaller than a soccer ball, inside it was like the light was moving around. This in counter only lasted a split second because as soon as it sore me looking at it, it shot off through the ceiling and I have never seen it since. I told my parents the next morning and my dad said he shore the exact same thing 3weeks before flying across the sky in you back garden. To this day I have no idea what it was or more importantly what it was doing watching me sleep! It scared me for days and I could not sleep without my dog in my room. I have never forgot it, it scared me to death but the lights inside it were beautiful and I have never seen anything like it since.

    • profile image

      BEN 12 days ago

      Back during the 6th grade Finals my friend and I had asleep over and we were studying-playing. I remember running all over the house and excited to stay late with my friend;Then we went up to the roof. the area had no lights in it, but it was clear to see..I lift up my head and I saw for about few seconds this ball-eggy with colorful lights or energy coming out of it. my friend as soon as he caught a glims at it, the lightning ball went poof or went fast super fast.. I always forget that this phenomena has happened to me. :)

    • profile image

      Angela 2 weeks ago

      I didn't experience it that way

      I can't remember exactly how old I was but I'll guess around 14-16 years old it was Halloween some friends and I it was about 8 of us were out tricker treating it's this one place called hogwalla where I'm from Charlottesville Virginia we were walking down that main hill it was dark but they have a couple of street lights I we all stopped bc we saw this huge ball of white light in the sky it looked like it was falling like it was going to hit the ground it literally went right over our heads but without any sound it's like everything froze and nothing was moving except this light in the sky we watched it go over our heads and disappear it disappeared no motion on the ground no sound until this day I'm 25 years old now until this day not one of my friends remember that light we all watched only me and it crazy bc you speak of what you think you would do if something catches you off guard like that did me and I couldn't move it's like that moment where the piano is falling and your just watching it fall lol seriously thou I was so amazed at what I was seeing I couldn't stop watching it I still wonder what that was I haven't been able to find any reports about that day ever...

      My family tells me all the time god gave me gifts to see the things he wants me to see considering i dreamed about that flood in Florida before it happened that shooting in Florida in the gay club before it happened and about my uncle Ronald's surgery before I knew he had to have it all in one dream it was weird really weird but that's life weird and I dont understand the dreams when they happen bc they don't tell me where ever I just see things and put them together after it has happened I honestly dont care of people don't believe me I know what I saw and I know what I dream and I especially know how they make me feel when I wake up I never write them down because my mom said writing things down makes them come true and I wouldn't wish hurt death or pain on even my worst enemy not that I have any but nobody.

    • profile image

      marianna 2 weeks ago

      I experienced something similar the night of Christmas. I went out at around 10.30 in the night to walk the dog, and I looked up in the sky as I always do at nights.. It was a bit cloudy and there was a moon. I also noticed a ball of light forming circles in the sky!!! I tried to explain it to myself but found no reason in this. It gave me the sense that it was communicating with me... I was speechless. I walked further away with my dog, and there it was, it formed circles following our way far but in our side... then, I changed our route, and took the dog to the way back to our home....and there: the light followed, I could see it, forming circles like a playful child, and following us, I could see it, even behind big buildings, following us. It sensed like something that existed , was inteligent and had a playful mood...

    • profile image

      Ted 2 weeks ago

      I experienced this exact same thing last Monday on February 26/2018 at 8:15 at night. I was driving home on the grid road on the open prairie with no one else in sight. I looked to my left while driving and I saw a perfectly shaped bright white light about the size of a soccer ball traveling about 200 feet above me, I was travelling at 100 kilometres when this thing made an arcing manoeuvre passing me and began to plummet to the earth dead centre in the middle of the road, about 50 feet before impact it completely vanished. It had no tail made no sound but strangely I sensed that it was intelligent. I live in Rural Saskatchewan , very weird experience. I did not feel scared, I only felt amazed and bewildered by this.

    • profile image

      Sue 2 weeks ago

      Just watching my cat play with a furry ball and I noticed a small ball of white light move across the floor in front of me

    • profile image

      Ashley H 3 weeks ago

      I experienced something similar as a child and I still can't explain it. I was in my room about to go to bed and I saw a bright light outside my window in the distance. I also remember feeling completely fixated on this light. As I stared at the light it came closer and closer until it got as close to my window as possible. It quickly bolted to the right out of my vision. Later that night, in the early morning, I was woke up by my little sister screaming from a nightmare. For some reason I walked into another room in our home and I saw the light outside that window as well like it was circling my house at the window level. It scared the crap out of me as a child but I'm very curious now. I wish I asked my sister what she was screaming about but never did and now she doesn't remember...

    • profile image

      Jay 3 weeks ago

      I experienced similar back in 1990. I was in Michigan on a military base. It was about 4 of us at a guard post around midnight. We noticed the light about 1/4 mile away but it just looked like someone walking through the woods with a flashlight. A couple minutes later we were shocked to see a ball of light hovering about 8 feet above us. After about 5 seconds over us it kept moving through the woods slowly.

      Some guys were visibly shaken.

    • profile image

      nope 5 weeks ago

      Friday night I saw a small really bright peak in the corner of the window, looking around the kitchen, I though it was someone trying to break in the house with a flashlight, then the bright ball of light shot across, making the curtains fly up and went through the room going through another window.

    • profile image

      Brent 5 weeks ago

      I, and several other kids from my neighborhood, experienced a series of events in the quiet central Massachusetts town of Boylston, during a clear summer’s night of 1969 that, to this day, have defied logical explanation. Following an amateur puppet show in a neighbor’s basement, we were fully engaged in an outdoor game of flashlight tag. I was "it", and I counted to 100 while the others scattered, and hid themselves. I was standing on the brick patio behind my neighbor's house, and I was facing out over the backyard toward the edge of the woods about 75 feet away. I noticed a white softly glowing crescent (quarter-moon shaped partial orb) that floated between two “high-bush” blueberry bushes. The two bushes were approximately 15 feet apart. Then, I noticed another crescent, followed by another. The crescents were a about the diameter of a basketball, and the bushes were located about 50 feet from were I was standing. One crescent would float about 5 feet off the ground from behind the leftmost bush and drift slowly (roughly, walking speed) parallel to the ground until it disappeared behind the bush on the right. The timing of the glowing, floating, crescents was constant. As one crescent disappeared on the right, another would emerge from the left. Perplexed, I watched for several of these cycles until I decided to illuminate the area with my flashlight. There was nothing there! Whenever the flashlight was turned off, the crescents would immediately resume their left to right track. Flashlight on, and nothing was there. Flashlight off, and there they were again. This went on for a minute or two until I called in John, the eldest member of the group. I showed him the subject of my consternation, and he proceeded to probe with the flashlight, just as I had done. He was obviously concerned over what we were both witnessing, and he promptly attempted to call in the rest of the group. I was a bit unnerved at this point, but not in a panic. All emerged from their hiding places, and gathered on the patio, except for his younger sister and one of her friends. Oddly, they failed to respond at all. At this point, we all ascended the stairs that led to the carport, and to the backdoor to the house (John lived here). Of course, it was locked, so John rapped his knuckles on the door a few times. As we waited for someone inside the house to let us in, the two “missing” girls ran up the stairs, hysterically screaming that they had just seen two short hairy or shaggy figures in the woods. (Note: Subsequent discussion would characterize the two figures as resembling cousin “It” of Addams Family fame.) They saw the figures from their hiding place behind a large pine tree to the right of the blueberry bushes. With that, someone in the group pointed above the treetops, also off to the right behind the house, and yelled, “What’s that?”. I glanced up to see a dark, slightly domed, cigar shaped object with a lighted white outline just inside its perimeter, silhouetted against the night sky. A small rectangular red light split by two vertical dark bars, was located inside the white outline, low and toward the front of the object. It appeared to me that the object was about 75 feet in length, 150 feet above the ground, at a range of about 200 yards, and was located over a field beyond the wooded area behind the house. It drifted away slowly and silently further to our right, in a southerly direction, until it moved out of sight. With that, John had seen enough. With his fist, he punched out a pane of glass in the Dutch door, reached through the jagged opening, and released the lock from the inside. Once safely inside, we breathlessly recounted the story to our parents. They immediately went outside to see for themselves exactly what we were talking about. Of course, by that time there was nothing left for them to view.

    • profile image

      Michael Bonato 5 weeks ago

      Was the summer of 2017 at approx 1.30 am I was laying in bed looking out the glass door of my 1st floor bedroom at the stars through the forest I live in and was nodding off when a BIG round bright white object floated past through the forest, I could see it so clearly, I didn't need to put my glasses onto make a clear view, it was clear and crisp.

      I quickly jumped up out of bed and went to the open door and just stared in aw, it was amazing, mus have been about 1.5 meters wide and it was only about 50 meters from me.

      Well next morning I told my wife about it and she said she got up in the middle of the night and saw a bright light out the same window.

      Ok now it's Summer 2018, last night I was woken by a very bright white light shining on me through the Celestery windows up high, I thought how strange the full moon has never been so bright as to wake me up, so I pulled the sheet over my head and went to sleep, I woke up some time later and all was black, no moon light outside.

      This morning I checked the Moon phase and we are in a waning crescent Moon, I wonder what this returning light is.

      Ohh I'm in Australia on the east coast in a forest of 400 acres near Brisbane.

    • profile image

      donatedsteak 6 weeks ago

      i wan at a bowling club witch is a popular thing in AUS but thay have lawn balls fields and we were in the out door erea looking out to the lawn bowling area and it was just sitting out there i looked away and looked back and it was gone but my mates was there with me and he said it stated flashing a i was vanished.

    • profile image

      Chance 6 weeks ago

      Okay, well basically me and my ex gf were sitting in my driveway in front of my house in oak forest just talkin chilln i was just lookin at her talkin when out of the corner of my eye i saw an orb fly super close to us legit 6 feet infront of us she was lookin at her phone so i was like omg do you see that!?!?! Like making sure i wasnt going crazy and she looked up and was like yeah omg wtf is that and we both kinda freaked out for a second.. this thing whatever it was was the most amazing thing i have ever seen beyond a doubt it was legit like as bright as the sun probably about 1 foot in diameter and you could just feels its presense ive never felt energy around me how i did that day so then it started going up and down like it was scanning us and i just like grabbed my gf and both of us were lookin at it just silently going up and down about 10 feet and my eyes just started watering like tears from the pure beauty infront of me and it went up and down about 8 times maybe more or less idk it stopped completely still again for one second then flew away thousands of miles into space til it just completely vanished. It was the most unexplainable thing ever the coolest experience if ud like to hear more

    • profile image

      Rosa 6 weeks ago

      It was 2:30 am and me and my daughter was taking my pugs out to go the bathroom and as I was fasing her coming towards me I was looking up in the sky and it was aclear sky I saw a big ball of bright light it appeared and moved a little and disappeared it was so fast. I'm not sure what it was but I'm very spiritual and I just lost my husband 25 days ago. I was thinking it may have been him. But who know I was excited.

    • profile image

      Bekka 7 weeks ago

      I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, i had the urge to go to my window, so i did. Flying, kind of slow and unsteady was a source of light and i just stood there steering at it as it past me and kept going until it was out of sight. I'll never forget this feeling of such peace. I was around 8 years old at the time so no one belived me, but i remember it as clear as day.

    • profile image

      Ruth 2 months ago

      I have saw a slow moving orb many years ago,my friend saw it too,it was in a house we was babysitting at,watching television.

      I noticed it before my friend,it was about the size of a tennis ball or light bulb ,it moved in a slow horizontal line across the room 5ft from ground,it went towards television an down back of it,I at this time was stood at door terrified an told my friend she asked where it was I told her its gone behind television,it then floated up ,we ran out the house leaving our other friend who was upstairs to continue with babysitting alone,what I didn't understand was how my friend didn't see it at first go behind television as she was looking in the direction,but she saw it when it came up behind television,it was lit up but didn't give off light like a torch would and seem to have a small trail behind as it moved,I have never saw one since that was about 45 years ago ,seems like yesterday. another thing the house backed onto a graveyard,don't know if that is significant or not

    • profile image

      Janet 2 months ago

      I had a large ball of light travel from the outside and came through the glass doors and stay for a second or two. It was about 3 feet round and solid white. Not see through. It then began to move slowly and then speed up and made its way to me as I was sitting on the couch about 15 feet away. It pushed me back into the couch and went out the front window. Never saw it again. My hair changed from dead straight to curly after that.

    • profile image

      2 months ago

      Last night I opened my eyes because it appeared as if the light was on and i had just turned and saw 1 orb of light sink into my ch

    • profile image

      keen 2 months ago


    • profile image

      Dorothy 2 months ago

      About 1130 pm on January 7, we noticed a bright white light hovering above the skylight over our bed. It flashed a few times and then disappeared. The light was an arch and it seemed to circle our skylight. It was a clear night and the sky was filled with stars.

    • profile image

      Donna 2 months ago

      Again, approximately4:30 a.m.,lying in bed, noted what looked like a small arch of light in the dark sky. As I never see stars here in the mountains so I got up. As again my contacts were not in I got my binoculars and noted it was comprised of small colored lights. If I followed it with my eyes it seemed to zig zag quickly. If I looked away it seemed stationary. This was in south west Mexico. Second time I have seen an orb. The first one was several months ago but that one was in my room and interacted with me. Last time I checked it was gone.

    • profile image

      isaac imi 2 months ago

      I see them everynight but there not bright white. They are red or blue and sometimes black. i am the least spiritual person you would ever meet and have no understanding on why i was chosen to know the answer of these orb like holograms along with a whole other stuff i cant explain and dont feel like it. If you look closer into the sphere you can a spirit or character of some shape and from what the higher power along with the trees is your suppose to eat them or breath them in as i like to look at it and wow does it give off some energy. Look thru an ir camera at some trees during the night and you will see them sucking them in like skittles. Sounds crazy an d i would have laughed in my own face about 6 months ago so i dont expect anyone to believe this but for the ones who have been there seeing these "orbs handed to you by all types of wierd things know that its true and that is just the start of seeing a whole lot more. Goodluck on seeing more!

    • profile image

      Allen jeffery 2 months ago

      I was looking at my brother in law's tombstone that had read-only put up one night as I was looking at the tombstone I had started to talk to my dead bro in law telling him his death shouldn't had happened and I left to get in my truck when I looked at his stone as I was about to leave and me and my son saw this beam of light shine on his tombstone it stayed in one spot for about 15 seconds i normally would have been afraid but I w

      asn't I new it was my brother in law letting me no he heard what I was saying.

    • profile image

      3 months ago

      Yes, i witnessed a white light like you describe but it was larger than a basketball and it flew over my head in the evening time just before dark (PASADENA TX)

      Me and my best friend tried to chase it but it was way to fast.

      I grew up got married and was also made fun of for my story.

      My wife at the time loved teasing me about it. Until one day in San Antonio while driving to the river walk that same white orb flow over our car approx 150 ft above us. My ex started crying in fear. I was estactic screaming " I TOLD YOU!!"

    • profile image

      Fil 3 months ago

      Yesterday i woke up from my sleep and saw a super bright white light hovering above my chest closer to my neck. it was the size of a softball but so bright that i couldn't see the rest of my body. I was sleeping on my back at the time. The weird thing is that when i saw it i just felt so much love and happiness, i cant even explain the feeling. I felt as if irt was reading my heart beat. I then layed back down and woke up like a minute later still feeling so much love. I was thinking to myself did i dream that or was it real. So today as i was going to shower i looked in the mirror and noticed that i have a perfect round circle bruise looking mark in the middle of my neck. i did not have this the day before. idk whats going on, just wanted to share my story.

    • profile image

      Laura 3 months ago

      My sister, my fiancé, and I were out walking the dogs this morning when we saw an orb!!!! My fiancé unfortunately didn't see it but my sister did, it was perfectly round, purest white light and the size of a tennis ball. It was about 20ft from the ground and moved a little slower then someone throwing a ball, then it vanished without trace. Simply disappeared! This was on Westbrook beach, Margate in Kent. My sister then saw a second one about 20mins later doing exactly the same thing. It was beautiful.

    • profile image

      Karen 3 months ago

      I have have now experienced three experiences of strange bright lights. I was in weston super mare at the time. I was lying in bed one night gazing into the sky and all of a sudden a ball of light at great speed went soaring through the air

      that was about 5 years ago. Recently at my home im Birmingham i was having a conversation with my daughter on the phone and it looked like lighting bolted through my front door and now this morning 3rd December 2017 around 8.45 another flash of bright white light none of these happenings can i explain definitely strange

    • profile image

      Karen 3 months ago

      I have have now experienced three experiences of strange bright lights. I was in weston super mare at the time. I was lying in bed one night gazing into the sky and all of a sudden a ball of light at great speed went soaring through the air

      that was about 5 years ago. Recently at my home im Birmingham i was having a conversation with my daughter on the phone and it looked like lighting bolted through my front door and now this morning 3rd December 2017 around 8.45 another flash of bright white light none of these happenings can i explain definitely strange

    • profile image

      Laurelle 3 months ago

      OMG!!! This is what my mother's told me!!! My dad and her were asleep in bed but mum was awake and she saw a ball of white light hovering over her, like just slowly and then the light split into two and shot off like a rocket!!! She wonders if it was her dad who had just passed and maybe his sister together but it's just not "spirit like" to me....

      Once it left, my mum nudged my dad and said "paul, paul wake up, omg did u see that"?!!!

      My dad had just been recovering from a massive heart attack and he's a huuuuge snorer/deep sleeper (could sleep standing up), he was built like an ox, a strong man, (blokey, bloke) and the biggest skeptic I know!...He was awake and mum said he replied in a teeny tiny voice "yes i did"...

      That makes me laugh because I never imagined him to be that amazed! He always thought it was all bull! Its like he has always believed there was something greater out there! I dunno what it was, but dad can still back my mum up on this, he saw it too at the same time! I see where mum thinks it was a sign from her loved ones, maybe it was, but I'm very spiritual and I don't feel like bright white light just hovering over you and then shooting off at the speed of light is that. I feel it could be something"extraterrestrial ", to me it would fit in that catagory....

    • profile image

      Hilda 3 months ago

      I have seen these strange light balls. I have seen them white, blue, and black. Recently I saw a white one that lingered around me for a while. It separated into smaller objects. I think they are pure energy. They could be spirits or entities from another universe that somehow come inside our planet. I hope that someday I will have a trusted public forum to share my photos.

    • profile image

      Di 3 months ago

      I couldn't sleep and when I finally went back to bed it was around 2:30 a.m. I looked out my bedroom window to see the moon and there was a very bright perfectly round white ball in the sky that was "sparkling". It was fixed in the sky. I laid down in bed a bit freaked out and then when I looked out the window again it was slowly moving downward, in a straight downward direction and then it disappeared behind a neighbor's house.

    • profile image

      Ray Kuipers 3 months ago

      I seen one yesterday on my way home from work. It was a ball of light, there was no tail on it and it moved horizontal and then shot straight up very fast, at first I thought it was the glare from the sun on my glasses but it was not.

      I have no idea what it was but I have never seen anything like this before.

    • profile image

      Janine Strand 3 months ago

      I was driving down the back road to my house last night (I live in the country so road is dark and away from town) and as I was approaching the river to my right on the bridge I see glowing balls of fire twirling around almost like how the natives do with the chain and fire in each hand but I could not see any person nor any car. All I could see is these erratic fire balls swirling around each other with smaller flicks of light swirling around them. I just stared trying to logically explain what I was seeing. This was at 10:30 at night. I live in a small red neck country town not a city. I was going to stop my car and get out but something told me not the right thing to do. I wish I thought to use my phone and video it but i was afraid to come to a complete stop as road is isolated. Then I was going to turn around and go back and look again but I half expected those lights might follow me (my mind set at the time) I went there today but no evidence of anything that I could see. I regret not stopping! !!! Damn weirdest thing I ever saw. It was not up in the sky but at eye level.

    • profile image

      Reg 3 months ago

      My first experience here in Ph on 2102,about a small ball of light flying slowly from north going south,an orange perfect ball and my cousn also have seen,it made wonder what was that and.expectd to be in the news on TV after but Ive never heard a news that smethng pass on earth.a small ball of light

      Another experience of my uncle an.extremely light just like.a shape of a ball just 5-10 feet flying slowly from south,then it passed very quick after my uncle and his wife talking what was it.,maybe they have a radar or that can detect if human notice them,Nov.2017 experience.

    • profile image

      james chichester 4 months ago

      my ball of light weaved through the trees where I was sitting with my girlfriend at night - the orb [ volleyball sized] hovered about 15 feet from the ground . I thought it was a ufo . girlfriend said it was THE HOLY SPIRIT. after 36 years , I believe her to be correct .

    • profile image

      White hot ! 4 months ago

      Last week me and my step daughter witnessed a white orb that filled us into the garage then exploded into thousands of little orbs that fixed away making a slight high pitch buzz at the end. I almost thought someone took a picture beside us with a old first gen flash camera. . This is bow the second time in my life that I've seen an orb up close and personal. Another time I was at a friend's party and we were all standing in the kitchen and only me and one other person are the same time watched an orb fly into an empty beer box and it also exploded into many white orb and we both said wow did you see that at the same time and when we looked nothing was there no burns or evidence of anything that may have cause that. I also have had them in many of my pics from the past. The spirits and holy energy is among us no big secret.

    • profile image

      Stardust34 4 months ago

      Hi, I have seen this light as well. It happened right after a year and a half after my mom passed away. It was also odd because the day "they" appeared was on my mom's birthday as well. I would even say right around her birth time. It was around 3 or 4 am when I was awaken from my sleep. I remember feeling very calm and happy. I was going through a lot of grief and I think something was there to comfort me.

    • profile image

      Eve 4 months ago

      Hi there I have seen orbs in my living room. There was 2 of them moving in my room. I have recored them and have got more videos to prove this. This all started when my mum died 2 years agao. I have white orbs or something moving across my room too.

    • profile image

      Nicholas Hancock 4 months ago

      I literally seen it a couple minutes ago and my first thought was a flare. But then I thought about it. Who would be shooting a flare in my backyard. It only lasted for 3 seconds or so. Date and time was 11/10/17 11:55pm.

    • profile image

      Maurice 4 months ago


    • profile image

      Magda 4 months ago

      After I received the Munay Ki rites, within my period of 3 months spiritual journey i woke up saying WOW! one night after "seeing" this huge ball of white light hovering above my chest.

    • profile image

      Amber Gann 4 months ago

      A couple years ago (2011) myself and some friends were at my brothers house in Melrose, FL around a fire drinking beer and hanging out. Around 2am I noticed this orb--something like I'd never seen before and have never seen again. It was the size of a volleyball and about chin-height (I'm 5'7)... It floated directly in front of me and I watched it in awe as it slowly drifted off into the woods.

      It was extremely bright, but not bright like a light bulb--it literally shone bright like the sun. I don't know how no one else noticed it--they were all talking, but it was so extrordiany and RIGHT in front of us! They all thought I was crazy!

      The next day my brother called me and he sounded like he had just seen a ghost. He saw the orb again while taking out his trash after dinner! He said it was like 10-15ft in front of him and the same height from the ground that I described. He said it moved slowly and was extremely bright, just as I had stated the night before.

      Looking back now, I still have no idea what it really was that I saw. But in 29yrs of my life I've never seen anything like it again and I know deep down that what I saw was not "man-made". It was absolutely extra terrestrial.

    • profile image

      Scott A Mann 4 months ago

      West Newberyport Mass. as I slept I could see a spinning light under my eyes that awoke me I opened my eyes and inches from my face a spinning solid orb of light about a foot or two around I jumped up and yelled and it went into the next room. In the same room one month later I seen a full body GHOST ! And I would have the back of shirt tugged upon every time I went into the cellar! I shit you not !!!!! I believe you seen a GHOST I hope this helps you understand

    • profile image

      maureen nolin 4 months ago

      In Dunedin, front of my front door up in the sky, on a side street with land, a church & woods across the way.

      There were 5-6, one in the center and each other one coming into the center one ( i called it kissing).a photographer neighbor came by & I asked if she saw & got i didn't leave the orbs to get my camera.Ended up she said, ? She never got pics a few days later.oh well, I KNOW what I experienced & I watched them for a good 1/2 hour.My dog & I took a walk down the road AND THEY FOLLOWED! I felt a very warm feeling & connection to them.I felt bad because when I put Dakota back in the house & got camera, they were gone when I went back out.

      I don't remember if this happened before or after the Gulf oil spill.

      Right after the oil spill, I felt heartbroken so went to the shore to pray...I DID get pucs of line green orbs on the water, shore & in sky close above the water.

      I took this to be Healing for the Gulf waters.

    • profile image

      Gina 4 months ago

      My 6 year old daughter told me today that when she was in the shower a bright white ball of light appeared. I asked where it came from and she said it was just there when she looked up. She said it was very bright and when she looked at it there were lots of little balls of light flying around it. I asked her if she was scared and she said no. She said she reached out to touch it but the light was so bright that she closed her eyes. And when she opened her eyes it was gone. She said she blinked a few times to see if it would come back but it never did. Her dad died when she was two. I’m always actively looking for him and hoping and praying and nothing ever happens. I like to believe this was him some how.....

    • profile image

      Rigo 4 months ago

      Last night after my meditation I began to read a few sentences then I went to sleep. Then as I turned to the left side I saw a white orb hovering between me and my wife. At first I thought it was my wife's Iphone. She was sound asleep and the white orb went away. A few minutes ago I read your whole experience and freaked me out.

      I do not have answer... 10-27-2917

    • profile image

      Tina 4 months ago

      It was in my backyard I watched a cantaloupe sized bal of light from about 70-80 yards away fly slowly horizontal to the landscape and with the landscape rising and falling with each incline and slope toward my yard and to me until it landed gently in the grass at my feet and just as if someone had flipped a switch it went out. I wAs so disappointed this was not a plain white light it had no defined edges, it was so beautiful and I stayed on my deck for a good length of time to maybe catch a glimpse of another one but sadly that has never happened again

    • profile image

      John 4 months ago

      My brother and I saw an orb while fishing at night on the North Shore of Long Island. Approximately 1995. It was very close to us within 15 ft we did not feel threatened at all

    • profile image

      Caralyn 4 months ago

      I've seen two in Michigan with my Brother and brother in law. They moved like alive, then shot away fast and suddenly disapeared, not fading away. Crazy

    • profile image

      Cameron McCreary 4 months ago

      I regularly see the balls of light and I also communicate with them. They usually drop what has been described as "angel hair"; please see online descriptions of this material.

      They warn me of dangerous situations coming up in my life and I prepare for these situations. I believe these to be angels and welcome their company.

    • profile image

      david moore 5 months ago

      we was in the back country in Idaho,it was getting dark but you still could see,in behind this mt,a big circle,of light,like the moon,color,it move from west to east,its hard to said what the size it was,i,said 4 helicopter could fit in the circle,it didn't make any noise,it would begone soon it was heading toward this oter mountain in it would be gone,i,grab my flashlight in turn it on than off,in the light head toward me,than I,turn on the flashlighe 3 burst than it stop! for a few mininutes,but it seem longer than it back up in went behind the other mountain,never saw it anymore,it was great,to see someing,like that!

    • profile image

      DIANA LYNCH 5 months ago


    • profile image

      Monica Lara 5 months ago

      I saw an orb or a ball of light. It was coming over the hills right at dusk but a huge Hercules plane was following it. Like the government was trying to figure out what it was but I just concluded it was super natural. The other one I seen was three balls of light that morphed into a metal triangle in front of my eyes. It was collecting what looked like stars to get bigger and then when it took of there was rosters on the bottom of it but it was quiet crazy and fast. I lost my mind how can light transform into metal? And what kind of beings can do that? I'm still puzzzled.

    • profile image

      Adam 5 months ago

      My sister and I both saw one about 12 years ago I'll never forget. I was about 13 and we were walking to school, it was heavy snow with about an inch settled. I can't remember exactly how it appeared or where it went (my sister neither which is odd) but I remember us both just stopping in the street staring, it was just over arms length away at head height and drifted slowly, the light in the centre was REALLY bright. But yeah that's my experience would pass any lie detector anyday, and my sister would too! Adam

    • profile image

      Andrew 5 months ago

      Yes I experienced a huge ball of white light outside my Dad`s house when i was 13 years old. I thought it was the full moon at first coming through the clouds but instead this light just hovered there for a while and then came down and totally blinked out and disappeared.

    • profile image

      Tasha 5 months ago

      3 years ago I was in bed with my then partner. I was crying due to the abuse he was putting me through. My partner at that time had turned from me to ignore my pain and I felt so alone, tears rolling down my face while laying there in the darkness.

      I don't know if I was sleeping or awake as I dont remember closing my eyes, I just rember one minute I was staring at the ceiling in the dark and then the next I was walking down a marble hall. Everything was white marble including the doors which looked beautiful. I don't remember seeing my body there were no sounds of my foot steps if I'm making sense. I turned left in to this big room at the end of the hall and it had pillars in this room with steps in the room making the floor various level in the far corners of the room. Again everything in this room was white marble, then in the centre of the room was a huge orb and when I say huge I mean huge. The orb was so white and bright it was almost like it was pulsating in a way. Though the orb was predominantly white it had streaks of glowing light blues and purple and maybe silver I cant fully remember if there was silver but definitely the other two colours. As I looked at this orb I don't know how much time went by but it felt like so much and yet so little time had gone, then everything gently went black, the last bit of light faded from the orb and I was in pitch black vision wise for a moment, then my vision cleared and I was looking back up at the ceiling again, it was as if my eyes never closed and I don't think they did but I remember having the biggest smile on my face, I was so happy and at peace. I had never felt so light I can't explain the joy, it was beyond anything I can imagine and in that short moment I went into the most peaceful sleep that I ever had. I will never forget it.

    • profile image

      CRexplorer 5 months ago

      On Sept 30, 2017 while in Costa Rica on an overnight camping excursion into the jungle after a long day of exploring, my guide and I returned to our campsite high up on a ridge between 2 volcanoes. Exhausted and wet from a heavy rainstorm and trekking through an unexplored/untraveled part of the terrain we climbed into our tree tent to dry off and for safety from the nocturnal animal hunters since it was already dark. About an hour later with the rainstorm heavy, no light from anywhere because we were under the dense canopy of the jungle, my guide/friend looks out the ventilation window at the back of the tent and spots something hovering in the jungle about 30-50 feet away. He immediately asked me for verification of what he was seeing and when I looked, it was as he said. There behind us was an orb of light of from his description, looked like a cotton ball. I looked around the tent to see if perhaps something had turned on such as a flashlight or maybe my phone that was in the net cradle hanging inside the tent but there was nothing that was reflecting light not even the light of the moon since it was early evening, we were under the thick canopy and there were heavy clouds from the rainstorm. We both stared at it and watched as it lightly and slowly bounced up and down in the distance under the canopy. My guide asked if he should shine the flashlight on it but I told him no and for us just to watch to see what it did. This went on for minutes and I was convinced that I was seeing things but knew that it was impossible that I could be mistaking something that my guide too was witnessing. Eventually I shined the light on it and as I did, it shot off to the right and then just disappeared. It spooked my guide pretty good but I never felt we were in any danger. It was not the first unexplained encounter on the volcanoes we had and probably not the last.

    • profile image

      Angela 5 months ago

      In 1996, saw it from the car as we were driving home late at night. The driver also spotted the light. Solid, white, moving at a slow speed from the right side of the car to the left. It hovered there for a few seconds and then flitted away Star Trek style, like it went into warp speed or something. If we weren't in the middle of nowhere, I would thought it was a slow-moving street light... Obviously nobody believed us, as only 2 of the 4 of us saw it. Whole thing took about 20 seconds. There was nothing else around, so in the dark I couldn't tell how high up it was, but probably no more than 20 metres.

      -32.950925, 18.115904 is approximately where it happened.

    • profile image

      patricia 5 months ago

      my experience was very different to those posted. years ago i woke up to a feeling as though someone was putting a light close to my eyes, i could see it through closed lids, its what woke me up. the light was intense in an all dark bedroom, i held up my hand to block the light but it didn't stop it. I woke my boyfriend {now husband} to have him see it, it made me nervous. He looked at me and said " what the hell is that , get it of of you". Told him i could not, we turned on the light and could still see it, i went to a mirror and saw the white light, about the size of a twenty five cent coin , again i put my hand an inch or two from my face, and it was still there, under my hand on my forehead , close to between my eyes. This lasted for at least an hour, eventually i went to sleep. The next evening it happened to my boyfriend, really scared him, i told him to try to relax as eventually it would go away. The third evening it happened to me again, and i decided to just lay there, close my eyes and try to sense what it all felt like, eventually, it felt like my mind was floating through the universe, extremely calming soothing sense of all the senses being alert to weightlessness. Forty years later, and we still can't believe it all really happened to us. The few people we have told this experience to, suggested we should just forget about it, that others might question our sanity. We both know it was real and really happened to us both, maybe it will happen again , but it has been such a long time ago that i really would be surprised. It would make more sense to have an experience as the ones described by others here on this site, wondering if any one ever had something like what we experienced.

    • profile image

      ash 5 months ago

      two nights ago i swear i saw a light orb go pass my window

      i was lucky to see it. i wish i had filmed it.

      it was as big as a head. and so fast with moving like it was being controlled. they went past my window as they were looking for something.

      and then suddenly for some reason they were turned another way and went so fast.

      i was so shocked to see such a light. it was bright like a light bulb but moving wiht nothhing else around it.

      woulda been about 9th 10th 2017 in dunedin nz [near the hospital no i was not on drugs. i belive it was real after reading this!]

    • profile image

      Hozer 5 months ago

      One night out of the blue I woke up to a golf/tennis ball sized orb hovering a few inches above my face. I was surprised and quite nervous at the same time to see something so white and bright, just hovering and hovering up and down continuously. I woke up my wife who was next to me ofcourse, and pointed at the orb. She couldn’t see it, i was the only one able to see it. I continued aiming and pointing at it but she still couldn’t see it. It hovered for atleast 2-3 minutes and it was flying away, I didn’t want it to leave without my wife seeing it, she would think I’m crazy or having illusions. I continued to point at it and it was hovering away to my chandelier and as soon as it touched it, the lights in the room turned on. Sounds crazy but that’s the only way my wife believes me.

    • profile image

      Girl12 (can't post my real name) 5 months ago

      About a week ago I was brushing my hair in the hallway and I saw a bright orb (about the size of a basketball) in the doorway in my room but I blinked and then it was gone. I ran to my room and searched for the orb for about 15-20 minutes but I couldn't find it. I don't know if I should tell someone because they might think I'm crazy. No matter how much I search all I can find is little and fast orbs, but this one was a decent size and didn't move. It just disappeared when I blinked. Should I tell my parents?

    • profile image

      LordTempleton 5 months ago

      I just signed up so I could comment on this ball of light article. Currently I live in an apartment complex in Sacramento that oddly enough has had all sorts of "spiritual" activity. Since living here I have captured evp's, heard a child laughing in my living room at midnight, seen black orbs knock over my bow, just regular poltergeist stuff.

      Last December I saw the most spectacular thing I've ever seen in the corner of my apartment. I was using my computer in the living room and looked over toward the kitchen and in the top corner of the room was a white ball of light about 9 inches wide. I stared at it for about 5 seconds then as if time stopped it was gone leaving the ornament we pinned to the ceiling swinging wildly back and forth. The odd part is there were multiple ornaments pinned into the ceiling within 6 inches of each other but only 1 of them was moving which was in the same spot where the white ball of light was. The ball of light was very white with a transparent aura around it like it was radiating energy. In the very center of this ball of light it turned from translucent white to more yellow then to orange which looked to be a small 2inch flame in the middle of it.

      A few weeks later my girlfriend said she saw the light also next to the key rack that is next to the door. She yelled for me and I looked over at her then to the keys where she pointed and sure enough the keys in the middle of the rack were swinging back and forth. The odd thing again is there were sun glasses and another key ring less than 3 inches away from the swinging keys hanging on this key rack not moving at all.

      Sorry for the length, I wanted to be accurate and detailed. I hope someone can tell me they have seen this type of white orb also. Thank You.

    • profile image

      E. Vandam 6 months ago

      I live in southwestern Minnesota. I took the dog for a walk in the early evening. It was dark, but not completely as I could see the outline of trees. While walking up a street I always take, one white orb came shooting my way just above the trees. It came out of no where, not from a long distance away, as though a light simply turned on right by me. It looked as bright as a car light, was above the trees near by and completely silent. It did not have a tail of light, only a round, white orb, very well defined edges. I watched it fly above the trees, still very bright and then disappear like a lightbulb being turned off. It looked like it was moving fast and I expected it to be gone quickly, but it wasn't. I know it was close because I could see it was just above the trees. I called my husband right away to tell him because I didn't think anyone would believe me. I tried to distinguish what I actually saw and I know I saw it. I sent an email to my sister about what I saw and she sent this website in response. I've always wanted to see something like this and feel very lucky to have experienced it. I only wish someone else had been with me to witness it besides my dog.

    • profile image

      donnastewart 6 months ago

      This morning at approx 4:20 I was awakened by a thunder storm. I noticed an approx 1 inch perfect round bright light on the floor approx 12 ft away. I watched trying to figure out it's source. I was not frightened just fascinated and curious. I got up, went over, bent down, placed my hand over it , 2 in. above, as I pulled my hand away the light stayed under my hand moving with it as I moved my hand back and forth. Then I think I pulled my hand away as I stood up,and it scooted right under the glass door onto the terrace, then it moved about in and area of approx 2 feet, right under the area protected from the rain. it stayed there for minutes, then I attempted a photo, turned on the light and that was that. The area where it went under is a 12 foot tall heavy glass sliding door. I doubt it was a firefly. This occurred in Las Joyas, Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

    • profile image

      David 6 months ago

      I was around 20 years old I was cooking out outside during the day I hugs orb was flouting ubove me maybe 50ft me and my son were looking at it it was Cruising by really slow I never got my eyes off of it It was probably 10 minutes before I couldn't see it anymore. And that wasn't the 1st time something weird hapind to me

    • profile image

      Austin 6 months ago

      I have seen one of these, 4th of July 2012, walking back from the fireworks at a local park we stopped on a street corner, two friends and I. I think I saw it first but I did not have to point it out to my friends. The three of us stood there staring almost in a trance, would have never thought to take a picture. I got to see it approach. Started out like a star or satellite just a small white light growing larger and larger as if it came from deep space until it was right above a 60 foot maple tree. White ball around 3 feet in diameter, around twice the size of a basketball. Bright white. It hovered briefly then did some corkscrew patterns up and down for around 3 minutes which felt like 3 hours. Then in the same way it appeared it disappeared slowly getting smaller before it was again star looking as if it were going back into deep space at light speed. It came to us, there is now way it was coincidence we happened upon the same street corner as this being. I always knew we weren't alone in this universe, but this solidified my beliefs in an entirely new way. I was not alone and all three of us remember it vividly to this day. I expect no one to believe me nor should they, they did not see what we saw. But boy did we see something amazing and life changing that night. The light was benevolent, it told us more about life by simply revealing itself than any wise old man could.

    • profile image

      Ryu 6 months ago

      An orb flashed my eyes. Couldnt really tell what it was until I've closed my eyes from the flash. Tennis ball-Golf ball sized orb. Right after it flashed it disappeared while leaving a vibration like sound on the hood of my car.

    • profile image

      Anthony Maxwell 6 months ago

      Watched one of these balls of light hover over my back yard about 2 years ago but was much larger than a softball. It was silent and was so bright I could see rays of light coming off of it. It paused just to the right of my yard and "blinked" out leaving a orange glow as if you watched a light bulb being turned off. Luckily my girlfriend also witnessed it with me so I had someone to back up my story.

    • profile image

      Fred 6 months ago

      A ball bright flickering light hovering over a field in front of my house thought it was a star until I saw it moving ever so graceful side to side as I started to dawn it slowly disappeared into the sky freaked me out

    • profile image

      Mia 6 months ago

      I have seen a small white was snowing and it moved slowly across my path.. .it had an electrical sound as it seem to be able to navigate...i felt a great privilege to have witnessed such a phenomenon.

    • profile image

      Gloria 6 months ago

      I had just watched a sad movie about a boy losing his mother. It made me sad to know that a loss of a loved one is almost unbearable so I said God help me for I have a sadness that never leaves me because of my own mother passing away. I feel asleep. I woke up because my husband was only going out with a friend for a few beers and was not at the hotel room. I still had the TV on. I was sitting up in bed. I saw a round globe light it was the size of a med. sized grapefruit. It looked like a ball full of electrical energy. It went from the left side of the top of the TV then stayed right in the center. It stayed for about a minute. Then it sparked out. It was so beautiful. It didn't scare me. I was just confused. Was it light from out side? Was the TV going to bow up? Was the wall going to have black burned streaks? No none of those things happened. All I know is that I saw some thing drop into the room.

    • profile image

      Holly 6 months ago

      I was about to go to sleep in the living room when I was a about 10 years old. Our living room has a glass door that's looks out to our deck as well as the woods (we live in an isolated area). A ball of light the size of my fist zoomed by across the outside of the big sliding glass door. It lit up like a lightening bug, but was huge. It scared me, and I cried and slept with my parents. No one believes me to this day.

    • profile image

      Kenneth 6 months ago

      I saw an off white Orb of light about 13 years ago while I was fishing in a very quiet very dark area in Thomaston, CT. at a reservoir.

      I was all alone and for some reason I looked behind myself and at the top of a very steep hill not far from the dam and pumping stations for the reservoir I saw this off white orb of light approximately 2 feet in diameter and about 2 feet off the ground, almost as soon as I saw it it slowly started to move down the hill towards where I was fishing it never picked up speed or slowed down it just keep moving about 2 miles an hour.

      As the Orb got close to the bottom of the hill I kept getting more and more nervous because I was cornered, as the Orb got to the bottom of the hill about 30 feet away it turned straight towards me that's when I lost my shit I dropped my expensive fishing poll and ran through the river falling down twice and down the street at full speed to my car soaking wet I never looking back till I got to my car I couldn't see the keyhole in the dark so those few seconds felt like minutes I never felt so scared in my life that's the only time I looked over my shoulder but I couldn't see it because I parked my car off the road between 2 bushes, I got into my car and locked the doors as fast as I could I then drove down the road a short distance and turned around and pulled over on to the side of the road to gain my composure then slowly went back to the spot that this all happend put my highbeams on and ran to get my fishing poll. I never seen the Orb again I also never went back to that fishing spot again after that day.

      I don't know if I was in danger or not that day I always wonderd about that I wish I was brave enough to have stood there and waited to find out what it wanted from me and what the Orb really was the situation may have ended up to be a completely different experience but I may never now.

      I have only told my brother about this because I felt like a wuss but I'm still alive so way the odds right.

    • profile image

      Joan 6 months ago

      Not by my naked eye did I see this. Yes, I have seen so many orbs and being a Universal Empath m only concern is any openings I have in my home and not to let those not of the light travel through. I got a canary and on two occasions, I did not see with my naked eye and think one was deleted for the canary wants me to join and pay monthly bill. But I did bookmark one. A huge white light came through my window and I have 3 large. I had no clue of this until I watched my phone. It was so bright it seemed like even could be some sort of ship. It did touch me and I noticed on my hair sparkles too. It almost looked like it snapped a picture. An orb, I ? I am an Universal Empath so to see things is norm for me. I do not run to Air Force with anything. To me it is part of our unknown universe. This though and the other electric things caught on this small security camera somewhat took me back. Orbs are one thing, but this was so enormous I questioned maybe the sunlight? Other sort of electric things have been caught too. This is new for me. Yes, I do believe in other energies and entities. For us to think we are the only living things here in the never ending universe. Me, I believe also us humans sometimes are the rudest creation at times. I feel canines have it made. I do get weary of our planet being destroyed because of our ignorance. I have never gone public on this and with my gifts have never even got one coin for my help. Now I am getting so frightened that future generations will be mossed because of our personal greed. Humans have become so full of greed and could care less their neighbor is starvinging. I am so upset that greed and money is destroying our country. Please do not put this through any public authority especially of our government. Yes, I know there are multi dimensions also. Why , me, why I have no clue. I indeed have no clue of why it has entered my domain. Yes, I am very Leary of what I hear and am careful of what I hear. So many mimics and liars. Me on OBE. I was born with that ability genetically. I have no choice if I go I for some reason since 2 years just do. I do believe us, the supposedly brains of this planet has to waken up before it is too late. Thank you Golden

    • profile image

      Carolyn Dooley 6 months ago

      May 20, 2017 my youngest daughter driving, myself in passenger seat, along with oldest daughter in the back seat of the car. A yellowish, gold colored ball hovered in front of the car. It made a loud noise and disappeared. I felt as if I were struck in middle of my chest, to the right side of my body. My younger child said her fingers tingled and oldest child said, her fingers tingled and went numb. This was Kalamazoo, Michigan near Kalamazoo River on Riverview Drive before midnight, then it began to rain. The size of this ball was almost wide as her Toyota Corolla, the car is not that big, however, the unknown object freaked us out.

    • profile image

      DC 6 months ago

      I saw a solid white ball of light the size of between a volleyball and basketball appear about 2 feet down from the ceiling in our family room, proceed to descend about 3 feet then disappear for the remainder of the descent about 3 feet from the floor. It was like it was passing through from another dimension and wasn't traveling particularly fast. The light was self contained. For years ( this occurred in either 2002 or 2003 in the Fall) I thought it was supernatural and wasn't too surprised that it occurred, as I have experienced several supernatural events in my life. However, I had been reading more about the possibility that this solid orb could be extrateresstrial and Ohio has frequent UFO sightings, but I still think it's odd that it appeared inside my house if it was extrateresstrial.

    • profile image

      Tracy 7 months ago

      First off my orb or light was in our house I fell asleep on the couch woke up around 3:00 am and 2 lights or balls were leaveing my area like I had startled them or something and they took off across the room and we're gone . Then the next morning I got up at 4:30 am saw them again this time when they left I saw them flash on wall against the thermostat gone again that's my experience with orbs

    • profile image

      Jonathan Leal 7 months ago

      I was out with my friend on a dark road and noticed 3 multi colored lights in a horizontal pattern. Thinking it was equipment on an electrical/phone pole. I happened to be relieving my self on this dark road believing noone would be watching because of the desolate area. I strained my eyes wanting to see the pole the lights/equipment were attached to, but to no success. Possibly because of the unusual darkness in that area. I hadnt noticed these lights until i was all ready urinating, but quickly got scared and cut it short and asked my friend if she had noticed those lights. Unclear to when she noticed them, she was not happy being there in such a darkness and seeing those lights so close not knowing the cause for them to be there and no way they could be just floatng in mid air silently. No helicopter sound. No way it was jet. Not a warning light for low flying aircraft. To my knowledge i never found that road ever again and was reluctant to want to go back at night. There was no other sound other than our voices.

    • profile image

      Mel 7 months ago

      Last week when I was sleeping at my girlfriends house, I woke up all of a sudden at like 2 or 3 AM and sat up for some reason and I looked over because something was bright but the tv and laptop were off and I woke up more and realized I was looking at some kind of orb. It had a defined ring around the edge like a halo but it was filled in with light too. It was a bluish whitish light and the orb was maybe the size of a cantaloupe and floating about 10-15 feet from me in the room in front of the dresser and TV about 3-4 feet from the ground. It was like pulsating glowing but stationary, I stared for a minute didn't understand laid back down, couldn't make sense of it so I sat back up and stared at it for another minute. Her house is already definitely haunted that we know so I just stopped trying to think of it and went to sleep. The other day she experienced the same thing in the middle of the night and saw the exact same orb, she remembered what I had said and went back to sleep too.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 7 months ago from United States

      Back in 2004 in Florida as I was fishing I stopped and took a few pictures of a fish eagle that was persistant in diving into the lake. One of my pictures still baffles me to this day. A white orb about the size of a baseball floats alongside the bird in mid air. I can't explain it. I wrote a hub"The Unexplained Phenomena" and it is listed in Hub Pages if you want to read it. The photo is visible also.My pen name is Whonunuwho and I'll be glad to share it. Thanks. whonu

    • profile image

      Kate 7 months ago

      I have seen a ball of light twice in my life.

      Once when I was about 10, playing ball with my 11 year old sister in our yard in the middle of the day, we both saw a small ball of light, one near her and one near me. They just sort of floated beside each of us. They were very bright and about the size of a baseball. We asked each other if we were seeing the same thing. We weren't afraid but kind of wondered and they disappeared.

      The other time I was about 40 years old, leaving work about 11:30 at night and saw a ball of dense bright white light about the size of a basketball. As soon as I opened the door to leave the building, this ball of light was right beside me. As I walked down the stairs, it floated right beside me and as I walked to my car, it never left my side. I turned back to see if the security guard was watching me leave and to see if he could see it too, but I was almost afraid to check in case the light left me. I was fascinated by it. I couldn't see the guard so I just kept going to my car. The light followed me almost to my car and was gone as quick as it came.

      The experience only lasted perhaps 2 minutes but has stayed with me. I somehow felt connected to this light. It was like there was some intelligence to it.

    • profile image

      thomas 7 months ago

      I believe you. I myself have experience something LIKE that but what i seen was 4 glowing balls of light the lights were spinning in circles. And it did this for about 20 minutes..i thought it was the most beautiful thing iv EVER seen but that wasn't the first time i experience other things as well off and on all my like sens i was a child i feel like something is following yes i do believe you.

    • profile image

      Chet 7 months ago

      Yes I saw 3 intelligent guided tennis ball size glowing spheres. I to was within 20 ft. Although my experiece

      Only lasted for a minute or two. These

      Drones where guided by intelligence.

      I hope they are ours but unlikely. I am

      Private pilot and have analyzed this .

    • profile image

      Susan 7 months ago

      I had a similar experience when I was thirteen years old. I shared a bedroom with my sister. She slept under the window. I was across the room. For some reason I woke up and was staring out the window. All of a sudden I see a ball of light come down over a tree and stop at the curtains edge. My heart was beating like crazy. I lifted my head and it would go up behind the curtain. When I laid back down it was still there. It was about the size of a soft ball. And very bright. I was too scared to wake my sister. Finally I ran out to my parents room. As I looked back out another window. I saw it was gone. I always felt it was a visit from either God or an Angel.

    • profile image

      josie Chambers 7 months ago

      Just seen one of these orbs of light in my garden! I was leaning out of my kitchen window....all lights off. When , whoosh a low flying bright white light flew straight past me...hovered around my neighbours tree and flew off. It was about the size of a tennis ball or just a bit larger. The garden is in pitch black as is all around with lights off in all the houses. Weird feeling as it flew off very fast across after doing a circle of the tree it went on its way. I must admit I did close the window slightly after though. I live in London and do not imagine things, it was there so will keep you updated for it again. Shame my son is not in the country he loved the x Files and always tried to tell us that we are not alone. I just wish it would bring some money with it next

    • profile image

      Subrata Dhara 7 months ago

      Exactly the same it was likely full moon I have seen in my home at night 12 : 00 O, clock and one of my uncle with me it was 2006 in India .... After that I told my parents and other family and friends but they don't have any idea about that and I did lot of research on internet...these days I am finding many videos and articles but not getting exact answer on it...thank you for the sharing

    • profile image

      Dot john 7 months ago

      This morning we were driving down werribee south l took from the car a photo of the market gardener when l looked at the photo in the sky is a large round white ball if you go to me facebook page l have the photo on there my hubby thinks its the sun lm not sure

    • profile image

      Mohammed Sohiel 8 months ago

      The way you described the blinking of the light, its word for word EXACTLY what I saw on my visit to Pakistan to see my family. They live in a remote village where there isn't anyone for miles. Until this day they don't completely believe me. The light was spherelike and extremely blight, strangely enough without a glare and it was travelling in a perfect straight line. As it was travelling it would shrink to the point it would be completely gone, then reappear still moving in its same direction almost pulsing like this till I lost track of it. At first I convinced myself I was seeing things, it was really hot and I smoked some weed before sleeping that night, but after seeing it two more times I was damn convinced whatever it was it had a BRAIN.

      The reason I say it had intelligence was because the first time I saw it it wasn't moving in a straight line, it curved around the balcony and went off into the distance. This, first time it wasn't completely dark, it was around dawn and again it moved with the some pulsing sort of manner. What the hell was that thing? and why do they only seem to appear around the most remote places?

    • profile image

      Bre 8 months ago

      This happened 10 years ago when I was 20. I had been dealing with the peak of my PTSD issues, and on one of the worst, lowest days I ever had during that stint, I saw a huge ball of white, glowing light about 12 feet in front of my bed in my studio apartment, hours after going to bed that night. I remember having come out of a deep sleep, sitting straight up in bed, but with my eyes still closed, almost having transparent eyelids, and still in a trance, I saw the white orb. As soon as it knew that I had noticed and received what was going on, it quickly moved to the right towards my kitchen in a rigid, linear, straight line, which hovered at eye level above my floor. I reached out for it with my right hand, completely without fear, and it flew towards me and past my head out of the window behind me. I remember flopping my body back into my bed with force and falling asleep immediately. When I woke in the morning, I immediately rememberd everything that had happened just hours prior. I thought it was an out of body experience or my guardian angel visiting because of my extremely depressed state of mind earlier that day. I still don't know what happened or what it was. But there's one more thing--from there on after, I had woken up with what seemed like strategically placed bruises on my body. I once had thumb print sized bruises, symmetrically positioned on the inner sides of my breasts, towards the chest plate, not the armpit. I literally went to bed without them and woke with the bruises. This story, this experience, still haunts me today. --B.

    • profile image

      Mike 8 months ago

      Back in 08 my ex wife an I fell asleep on the couch it was about 2am when I saw light from under my eye lid An when I opened them it was nothing I've seen before it was a bright light about the size of a softball hovering over the both of us I watched it for 2 min then I got up off the couch an it slowly back out of my window An watched it shoot back in the sky I woke my wife did u see that of course not till this day I wonder what it was it I did not feel scared or did I feel an evil present just a memory know an I always wonder

    • profile image

      Sam 8 months ago

      One time my boyfriend and I were pulling into my house, I lived in the middle of no where and had a long driveway. As we are driving up we see this white light In the sky.. at first we thought it may be a really bright star but we realized it was super close to us and it most definitely wasn't a star. About 1 minute of noticing it faded out right in front of our faces.

    • profile image

      Ariann 8 months ago

      I have had many orb light experiences. I live in Tucson city limits. Just recently one flew past me at at fast speed while sleeping that woke me up. It was white and the largest one. It could have been 6 to 12 inches. In 2014 had a white orb and an electric blue orb enter my field. They hovered 2 feet above me while I was sleeping. I viewed them from my spirit body. The blue one slipped into me through my throat and has stayed as far as I know. I look at myself as an alien host so to speak. A place where they can observe our behaviors.

    • Carl Matthews profile image

      Carl Matthews 8 months ago from Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

      I have heard of orbs for years, but have never believed in them until just recently. A few weeks ago, about the beginning of June, 2017, I happened to notice a round ball of light dashing all over my bedroom. The following night, the same thing, only larger. Now it appears about every half hour, and some nights it is about every two minutes.

      I have a video camera aiming on my bed in my bedroom where my cat often sleeps, so I can monitor her when I'm in the other room at my desk. About two weeks ago I decided to record the monitor with my video camera, and I got it on video. This video is very clear and very bizarre.

      I have a friend who jokingly asked what I was smoking. A few days later I showed him the video and he was speechless.

      I just signed up on this website about 45 minutes ago, so I do not have the video posted as yet. I'm not even sure if I can place videos on this site. If not, I will upload it to YouTube and post the URL here. Believe me, it's very interesting.

    • profile image

      luke 8 months ago

      I have only 2 experiences in my life with something i can not explain. The one that applies here is sommething you said in the description. That it seemed to be in a loop or replay.

      To make a very long story short...

      I am with 5 relatives. We are in a yard at dusk of our Aunt Eva. Across the street is a 4 story turreted classic scary turn of the 20th century mansion like haunted house. So. As we all talk im looking at a giant centered 2nd story window covered 24/7 by a heavy multi layered lace curtain. Suddenly for the first and last time they opened. The place was owned but abandoned and it wasnt a person per se opening it. In between the opened curtain as if you had grabbed the edges one in each hand opened them to look outside. Then closed them, it was just whiteness. Only 20' away looking up at it was just a vague glowing whiteness repeating this action OVER AND OVER AND OVER. We all watched, literallly transfixed to it for over 45 minutes until it ended as suddenly as it began.

    • profile image

      Candace 9 months ago

      Hi all. I think about my experience often, as I have shared it with others over the years but I feel as though no one believes me. My family and I were camping in our new camper in a state park right outside of Virginia. We had visited Arlington National Cemetery that day, and I had taken hundreds of photos of tombstones, reflecting on those who gave their lives for our country and freedom. We went home to the camper for dinner and my little brother and I stayed up talking around the fire exchanging stories. When it got late, and the fire had almost extinguished itself we went to bed. If you have any experience sleeping in a camper, you know that the beds are small. It was very hot outside that night and as I lay there in the air conditioned camper trying to relax and drift off, I saw what I attributed to headlights of a car passing by. I stared at the window (blinds closed), waiting for the lights to pass... but they didn't. I stared at the window frozen as a white orb came straight through the window straight towards me and hovered in front of my face for a second, and then flew underneath my bed into a storage compartment and disappeared.

      I was not scared. I immediately wanted to figure out what I had seen but couldn't figure it out. I flashed a flashlight (knowing deep down I wouldn't see anything) under my bed to look for something...anything to explain what I saw. I woke my parents up and told them, they didn't believe me. I went to bed that night feeling unafraid but anxious, sort of like I had seen something that opened my eyes for the first time to the unexplainable. I hope I see one again.