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Bright White Orb of Light

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I'm a dental hygienist, pyrography artist, avid gardener, writer, vegetarian, world traveler, and many other things!

Have you seen them?

Have you seen them?


It was a hot, humid day, and after packing two old-fashioned (heavy) frame packs and my brother's more modern (light) frameless pack, we set off up the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. As there was no overnight parking allowed at the head of the trail, we had to drive a few miles further to the State Park and walk from there to the trail.

The trail itself was beautiful but long and arduous. Hours and many miles went by before we finally made camp and got to enjoy ourselves. We ended up deep in the wild forestland of northern Minnesota. The closest road was miles away, and we were quite secluded. It's a place where you can actually see the stars without city lights getting in the way, and black bears and moose live there as if humans don't exist. The only sounds are those of nature.

As it was getting dark, we decided to make a fire, eat, and get some rest. My parents would share a tent about 15 feet away from ours. The hot, humid day turned into a hot, humid night, and my brother suggested we take the wind cover off of the top of our tent to let some air in overnight. Just a mesh screen remained above us. When I finally got into my sleeping bag, I couldn't sleep. There was a root beneath my back, it was sweltering hot, and though I tried, all that really happened was that I shut my eyes and laid there.

Are there beings made of pure light energy? What did I see?

Are there beings made of pure light energy? What did I see?

The Ball of Light

As I couldn't sleep and was painfully awake—and the only one, I might add—I just layid there thinking and trying to get more comfortable. Even with a camping air mattress under me, that root kept me awake.

With my eyes closed, I started seeing some sort of pattern under my eyelids; something bright that made me open my eyes. As I was on my back, naturally when I opened my eyes I was looking straight up, out the tent's roof, and into the sky. What I saw there made me freeze.

There, at treetop level, just 15 feet above me, was a bright orb of light. It was the size of a softball or small grapefruit, perfectly round, and hovering right above the tent! Though I had seen those UFO shows with bright balls of light flitting across the screen, I had assumed they were faked. I'm a scientist by nature and study and believe those sorts of things only when I see them. Though UFO theory has always piqued my interest, that's about it. I never gave much credit to the theories, or to the white balls of light—until I saw one.

My orb, however, did not act like the balls of light I'd seen in many videos and had heard of in many descriptions. It would slowly follow a straight line about 5 feet long, and then the light would go out for a few seconds and return. Each time this happened, the orb would appear at a different spot, follow the straight line again, and go out. It was like a humongous firefly, but with bright white light, and perfectly round. This went on for literally hours while I lay transfixed and immobile, not wanting to move or breathe. When I shut my eyes, I could see it moving, disappearing, and moving again. I would open my eyes again, and sure enough, it was still there. I did this many times, thinking I might be crazy. But I'm not crazy. I'm a rational, scientific person, and what I was seeing was something that I could not explain—and still can't.

Energy = (Mass) * (Speed of Light) ^2

Energy = (Mass) * (Speed of Light) ^2

The After Story

In the morning, I told my parents and brother what I'd seen. Of course, they asked why I hadn't woken them up. After all, my brother was laying right beside me. It's a good question, and one that has haunted me ever since. The truth is that this ball of light was hovering 15 feet above me, very, very close, and I felt that I should not move or it would leave. Do I regret not waking my brother up? Yes and no. Yes, because nobody has ever believed me, and no, because I got to experience this ball of light for hours.

Since my "sighting" I have looked all over the internet for similar white balls of light. Most people describe them as fast, or that you could feel their energy, or that they only last for a few minutes. Mine was totally different. It was slow and methodical, like a huge, perfectly-round firefly, and it was above me for hours and hours. Did I feel any sort of energy? No. But I did feel totally transfixed and absolutely awed. I didn't want to move, but I could have if I'd wanted to.

I would rather have watched the ball of light for hours than have a witness who scared it away. Some people say that maybe it wouldn't have left, but the "feeling" I got was that I was communing, alone, with something I could not identify, and any movement would end the experience. I didn't want it to leave. I wanted to watch it and experience it. Did I consider waking my brother at the time? Yes, over and over again. But every time I thought that if I moved, it would be gone.

More Questions Than Answers

These white orbs of light that I've now read so much about often occur in the middle of nowhere, as in my case. I don't know why, or what they are, or what exactly it was doing, but we were the only people out there—and for some reason, it was right above us. Did it seek us out? Did it study us? What was it doing there?

There are way more questions than answers. I think about my experience a lot and have come to no conclusions. But I saw it with my own eyes, and whatever it was was not evil, was nothing we know of in nature, and may not even have been of this world. Some theories exist, like the foo fighters theory, that these balls of light can be manufactured using mercury. However, this thing acted like something with a brain, not like something attracted by magnetism.

I wanted to attach a video of someone's sighting of one of these orbs of light, since I didn't have a camera with me. However, I've searched and searched, and most of the sightings either look fake, or they're so far away that it's not representative of my experience at all. This thing was close, and it didn't morph, and it wasn't fast.

Have You Experienced This?

If anyone has had a similar experience with a white ball of light, please comment below. I am fascinated by my experience, but have not found any accounts that are similar to mine.

Do aliens (or beings of visible light) exist? I'm sure it's possible, but I'm not sure that that's what I saw. An alien probe? Maybe, but then again, that's just speculation. Have you seen the white balls of light? Let me know your story so that I might understand mine better.

Thank you.

Questions & Answers

Question: I am from Minnesota. A white orb the size of a basketball came into my dark bedroom from my door, and I watched it slowly travel across my room in a straight line and go through the wall below the window. I was shocked to see this. It's like it was just strolling through my room casually. I blinked about ten times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. It was crazy. This happened two to three weeks ago. Do you know any more about these?

Answer: What I've learned is that everyone's experience is wildly different, and the only similarity between them is 1) there's an orb of some size or color, and 2) for the most part, people feel peaceful around them. But it seems that the orbs come in all types, sizes, and colors, with some alone and some in groups. People see them outside, inside, sometimes once, sometimes all the time.

Question: I used to live in Crete. One night, I opened the back door and stepped into the yard and was face to "face" with a basketball-sized orb. It was just silently suspended between me and a tree, which wasn't even 12 feet away. It didn't move at first. Then it slowly got smaller and smaller until it was gone. I stood there in shock for a moment before telling my family what I saw. Of course, no one believed me. I was stunned but by no means did it make me feel afraid. Was it a spirit or UFO?

Answer: That's a large orb! After many years, I still have no idea what these orbs of light are. But most people, like you and me, didn't feel fear or anything, just peace. Maybe they're beings of light who are curious about us or trying to help us.

Question: The sphere I saw seemed to move deliberately and intelligently. Is this the general experience?

Answer: Yes, the general experience is that they are alive, intelligent, move deliberately, and are likely here to help us.

Question: I saw an orb of white light go past my windshield last. About the size of a small basketball. Any thoughts on this? I personally was scared out of my wits.

Answer: Sizes seem to range from golf ball size up to a large basketball size. It's interesting to see how wildly different everyone's experiences are.

Question: The light or orb I saw tonight is similar to the ones I have seen many times before. It will look like a star but when you look a little harder you can tell it's just above the trees and it doesn't move with the other stars. Did yours move above the trees?

Answer: Mine was above the trees but looked absolutely nothing like a star. It had a different type of light to a star, it moved around, and there was a sense that it was an intelligent being. So no, the orbs don't look like stars to me, but the one I saw was at treetop level. There are so many different types, who knows!

Question: I have a lot of light orbs around me. I just noticed by taking a video that they circle me. What's happening?

Answer: That's what we're all trying to find out here! Feel free to read the more than 650 comments (below) to get a bigger picture of other people's experiences. Most people seem to think they are "light beings" sent to protect us, or maybe they're aliens, but really nobody knows. What do you think?

Question: I have a gallery of orbs that have been in and out of my backyard since Good Friday 2018. I posted two YouTube videos entitled “Orbs- Good Friday 2018." I can only see them through my camera. Do you see orbs without a camera?

Answer: The single orb I saw was outside in the middle of nowhere while looking up at the sky with just my eyes.

Question: My dad saw on when we where driving home, and it came down fast, and it was our first time seeing it, and he told my mom and I but he shut it out so I got scared but then I look it up but it really didn't but then I found your founding, and I got a little help so can you answer me back?

Answer: Welcome to the world of seeing orbs. I've only seen one myself and it changed my life forever. Sometimes it's good to read through the comments here to see what other people have experienced. Anything is possible in this world.

Question: My neighbor saw white balls of light hovering around our bedroom windows about 12-15 years ago. She saw this many times at night. They were the size of basketballs, she said. Does this sound like what you saw?

Answer: No, mine was at least half that size (probably a little less), and I only saw it once while camping out in the forest.

Question: I was on my way home and in the middle of a hot sunny day a very large bright orb flew over the hood of my truck as I was crossing a river bridge. Then it flew down on the river and hovered for a second. Then it flew along the river like it was on a mission. My question is how often do these things happen? This road had large cornfields on both sides of it, but it did not bother me when I saw it, it paid me no attention.

Answer: Some people experience orbs all the time; others only experience them once or twice. It appears to be random. But after doing this page for 8-9 years I've come to believe the orbs are all over this planet and have been here for a very, very, very long time.

Question: A year ago I had an experience with an orb where it interacted with me. Are there other experiences that involve direct interaction with orbs?

Answer: Some people have experienced sleep paralysis with alien visitation, according to the comments of the past decade on here. But they didn't seem to be orbs.

Question: I was in San Jose, California in 1970 when my daughter and next door neighbor both were in the driveway waiting for her mother to return from work. They saw her car coming down the street and right behind her a bright ball of light the size of a baseball was following the car. The girls hid in the bushes, and the mom pulled into the garage, and the light vanished. The mom saw the light also and had no idea what it was. It also scared her. Any thought of what it might have been?

Answer: They seem to be sentient beings made of pure energy! The majority seem to be curious about us and most people feel drawn to them, not scared. Other than that, I have no idea.

Question: Kate was your orb’s margins distinct or were they fuzzy and without clear borders?

Answer: I remember being amazed at how exactly round it was, and it all seemed to be the same intensity of light throughout (edges and middle.) I remember a very distinct border between absolute darkness and this orb of light. There may have been some fuzz, but if so I don't remember it.

Question: One day I was in my room and four bright orbs started to circle around me really fast then disappeared. What do you think that was about?

Answer: Maybe they were curious about you.. lots of people describe similar close contact. Almost like they're assessing us on some deep level, at least that's what it felt like to me. At the same time, it was a positive experience for me. Just kind of confusing as to what that was all about.

Question: Fifteen years ago I woke up with an orb inches above my face. The entire orb was about the size of a soccer ball. I was too terrified to move, so I watched it for a long time. It was made of multiple smaller green and blue orbs that moved in sequence forming three nested wheels. The smaller orbs had symbols on them that I could barely see because the orbs were moving so fast. Have you heard of anyone else seeing the inner-workings of an orb?

Answer: No I haven't, but considering everything else I know about the cosmos, your description isn't that surprising. It is amazing, however. Others have mentioned different colored orbs, but nobody else has ever mentioned a fractal/mandala-type effect within the larger orbs themselves. Very interesting addition to this puzzle!

Question: I have seen orbs traveling in a group, all in one movement, and I have seen them break from the group and travel alone over a swampy wood area here in Florida. I always thought they were the same type of lights you can see in the Northeast skies of New Hampshire darting through the skies. Has anyone seen those?

Answer: Quite a few people have mentioned orbs traveling in groups, then breaking away individually. The groups generally seem to have various colored orbs within them. Over the last few hundred years, they've been called "swamp gas" and many other things, none of which really does the orbs justice. I'm not sure what types of lights you're talking about in the northeast skies of NH, though.

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Jacob on September 11, 2020:

I had an experience with another person that seemed to become something we forgot with time as we were just teens. We had planned to do some pot as teens do, far in the middle of nowhere under the guise of a camping trip. It was a decent ride as we had to use Quads to travel deep enough into woods untouched and definitely far from people. Probably an hour trip into woods from where the dead end dirt road of a natural reserve lead into forest with tire tread to follow. We had rode for sometime and found an amazing natural gravel dune to do drifting in and decided the high vantage point among those dunes under the Evergreens would be the perfect place for a camp. Hours pass of drinking and smoking when the rest of the group left me with a close pal (who we will call Dusty for the time being) to watch the camp and fire while they took the quads back out for a reason I can’t remember. Dusty and I realize it’s just us and now may be the best time to test out hotboxing our tent while it was getting dark. The sun had set, our vision was impossible in the tent, and with agreement it was stuffy and we exited together. What I came to notice while tending the fire was a light, to which I found strange because it was a light the shine like a flashlight almost but seemed suspended in the air. I look to Dusty to bring his attention over and we both sat in silence watching the light move almost with a flow over to where we were and stood in the air maybe 5ft away. It was at this point I took notice, as in nature silence is disturbing; this was advanced silence. Not a cricket, not a branch, and staring at it as it moved making not a sound, if a drone it’d be impossible to do such a thing. We once again stared at each other At The Same Time as if to say “You’ve gotta be kidding me, you see this?” And we stepped right back into the tent and zipped it shut. It’s at this point it became obvious how scary this was for me at the time; a strong believer in science having answers for sightings of the unexplainable. This shattered when we sat inside and tried to be quiet and still, the light moved to our campfire to the front door to the tent we had just shut and sat there for a long time, only to go right over and into the woods. It was then we heard a sound, engines of quads in the distance. Relief in both of us set as we knew more people would be coming to stop whatever we just had to experience. We picked up usual chit chat and we both mentioned the light and the strange parts about it and the usual teasing of being “too high” was passed around. Until later that is. We had settled and started to doze off for the night when I hear a “that’s a nice prank guys” from one of the others that wasn’t there with me and Dusty. Everyone wakes and begin to turn out of the tent to see balls of light darting between the gaps in the tree trunks some distant out, with them getting closer. Yes there was more now and everyone just stood dumbfounded. They reached probably 10m from our fire and saw us standing there and one did almost a “blink” and they all rose high to the tree tops fast and began going back even deeper in the woods. We didn’t say a thing and went back to bed. Needless to say we packed as soon as the pitch black sky turned lighter before dawn. We left with small jokes and not talking about what we saw. A “it must have been drones” thing stuck among the general coping I believe. This raised more questions for me as to why this happened and why there was a return with more numbers later when we mostly were asleep. If our friend hadn’t woken up to go to the bathroom at that moment. What could have transpired around our tent. Maybe it could have been government drones but the lack of any sound of propellers or anything along with not being able to even see a shape past the light just solidified I’d seen something beyond explanatory means. Any thoughts?

Jean on September 08, 2020:

One day, years ago around Christmas I think, my sister, my best friend, and I were driving to my mothers house in the late evening. While we were driving through my moms neighborhood this white orb of light came bouncing, almost playfully, out of the woods right in front of our car and stoped. We stopped. And it was like we were staring at each other. Almost like it had been caught and then took off down the street to the right of us. It was so fast it left a trail of light and literally disappeared in thin air... we were so shocked we sat there in silence for a good 3 minutes before I said something. None of us could make sense of it and it’s still a hot topic at family gathering. It was the most amazing and beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed and I think about it all the time. This was the purest most beautiful light thing I have ever seen.

Liz on September 07, 2020:

In Japan I saw a small glowing orb in my house. It hovered over the book I was reading then suddenly zoomed away

Bunny on September 06, 2020:

I was out in Kananaskis and late at night was sitting by the fire. We saw a ball of light moving towards us and then straight around the perimeter into the bush line for about an hour. It flickered then disappeared into the tops of the tree line. Have no idea what I’m the world it was.

Skye on August 26, 2020:

Hi all,

Love to all of us and you!

I have been kinda psychic all my life, but abused as a child because of it, so I am not very confident or very good at it.

Seeing you all post about it is so freeing!

I have seen different ways spirit comes through, though only a few.

I knew before I saw a speeding pale white oval of light, that Spirit manifests itself as light, more often than as a person, if we can see their light. Confusing, but once you understand, it's easier.

Spirit will show themselves in a very relaxed pleasant feeling in a form of tons of little white lights or stars. A moving cluster, and they move slowly most the time. They can manifest themselves as the mirror image of how you know them, it just takes energy for them to do that. You can also pick up on them and just see them as you knew them because of your love connection with them, rather friend, pet, family member, etc. The real powerful love feeling in the heart, but also in your soul, your spirit, actually enables you to see them as they were, it's a mind thing at this point, that we have no science or psychology to fully explain yet.

The Light you are talking about I think is a little different, though I don't know for sure. Maybe they can become more and more their true selves over time and have a lot of "soul power", lol. We all hear our Souls are true light. The other option is an ET of some sort, or ET in a machine or craft, or an ET droning a craft. I hate to say this but when I read what you described, I actually felt something in it myself, in that light, that it had life beyond machine or as well as maching, not sure. (that is one of my gifts, I can read through people to a past event or dream and be in that event myself) Weird, not like tv movies, just the conscious knowing and feeling of it.

I saw for real, in real life in the actual moment, lol, in october of 2019, what I will still call a meteor. I was driving on a narrow two lane road, when this huge ball of literally Radiating bright white light popped into vision. I assumed it was close because you could see the radiating waves of moving light in the ball. The outside of the ball had a glowing bright green rim, flowing to a bright white/blue or royal hue around it. It had a bright out of this world orange and red tail, literally dripping orange bits glowing in red, like it was melting off and disappearing they were moving and molten like, but I could see up close fragments/star like different size pieces falling off the tail and disappearing (the tail of dripping molten star like rock I guess?) The weirdest thing happened to me, everything slowed down to super slow motion. I was mesmurized to the max and could do nothing but stare, and didn't realize until it was all over that it was moving slow! Then I realized, lol, I was remembering it in slow motion? Then I realized, lol, I just saw the whole thing in slow motion, and I was in slow motion!!!!! It took me months and months to figure this thing out. I still don't know really.

I have seen relatively close meteros zoom over head a very few times in life. One time it broke sound barrier, caused thunder, i ran outside to see the new storm coming in, and the sky was clear, and zoom! A very big meteror came from behind me overhead, and zoomed all the way across the sky. It too was a white ball, but it was farther away, definately in our atmosphere, and just stary moving white lights leaving a blazing whiteie trail around the meteor, and the tail was long and mostly red and star like as well. It went across the valley floor below (I lived at 4000 feet at the mid section of a mountain, so the mountain rose behind my house). It disappeared in about 15 seconds over the horizon. I thought it was going to crash and was waiting for the bang. It never happened, so it obivously as usual burnt out before impact. I called military bases, police etc, to find out about it, and they said there were no reports of anything. Great, I am crazy, my abuse got to me I guess. I finaly got through to vanderberg af base and was able to talk to a guy who takes these calls, and he said what I described is a comet or meteror, exactly, and it was pretty good size, but if there was no boom again, after the boom when it enetered our atmosphere, it burnt out. But still no reports of it. Ok, so I am not crazy, saw one, but maybe its my first time, and no big deal to everyone else. Cool.

I see lots of them at night way up high, just shooting stars, typical stuff. I look a lot now just cause, lol.

Last night, OMG, I saw a fast moving see through white oval, narrorow'r at the ends, blaze across my two acres. I was out with my horses, and talking to one, when her head shot up and was watching something "overthere" on the property, so I am asking her what she sees, to show me where, and boy did she perk up and stiffen her stare up, then all of a sudden I see that light! OMG what the heck. It traveled about 75 to 100 feet in 1.5 to 2 seconds, I don't know where it went because it disappeared behind a garage, but I "felt" it. Weird. I felt it stop at the end of the property and I don't think it left the property line. It did not come back. I am just jumping up and down scratching my horses neck saying I saw it girl! What the heck was that? Her head shot to the same place it just was, she snorted a little and went back to eating. I told her ty for showing me, (she was born in my lap 20 years ago and we KNOW each other very well in english language and subtle communications) My horse's have kept my sanity, and I feel like the only nice normal person on the planet, lol. Now the following morning, I am still puzzled. I am guessing it was a spirit, one of my family of horses that is still here on the property with us. Right after this blazing light flying down the property, about 4-5 feet above the ground, a person went walking down the road next to my property line. So I thought, oh ok a flashlight, no it couldn't be no way not this ball of independent light, with no tail, no tube of light attached to it to be a flashlght, and it didn't come from anything, you could see that. So I thought, ok, I can see spirit sometimes, maybe it was her guardian, or maybe she's evil and has an evil spirit running amok all over peoples properties. All these crazy thoughts before realizing it was just a spirit, and maybe one of my own horses of the past, or maybe my guardian. I don't know. It was not machine like in feel or intelligent like beyond our intelligence. IT was Intelligent, but like us, but it also felt FREE, running so free yet protecting the property, so that is why I thought it one of my prescious horses from the past.

Has anyone seen a shape like this, it is the first time like this.

I have seen the orbs you are talking about, only once though. It was in my house up in a corner on my left then when i opened my eyes again, it was on the right. Felt safe and good, but higher minded than me, but also kinda childlike, like so pure and happy, but intelligent, not a child, just pure heart. I don't know what those are either, other than a loving presence visiting, watching, or trying to bring a message. I tried to get a message, and never did.

Anyone have any knowledge?

Paolo 65 on August 23, 2020:

I just want to say that those intelligent orbs are not ghosts or spirits or angels .I don't think so .During those 3 amazing nights of having those shiny spheres bleeping in our apartment ,and waking up all our family I want to ask if anyone that experienced this phenomena like me were you close to a military camp ,and anyone experienced bleeping sounds ?

Anyone experienced lights going against their own bodies as my ex gf told me in the morning whilst I was sleeping and I didn't wake up ?(I don't know why I didn't wake up..didn t want ,it appears to me )Please let me know if someone has an analogue story like mine. It really blowing my mind since 1987/8 that summer . It's true ,I have no interest whatsoever to lie. No Really!

Thanks !

brian from uk on August 21, 2020:

From your descrption christine it must have been from an highly advanced alien race im pretty open minded ive had my own personal experiences not in the sense what you guys experienced but never the less it was real to me the way i look at it is when they go through a similar exeperence that changes there world they change there tune because they cannot explain it rationally

John l Foster on August 19, 2020:

Actually filmed one about 2 feet from outside security camera 8/19/2020

neighbors told me after seeing video they had too recently alot

Christine Hulsey on August 17, 2020:

Yes,one, once and the size of a basketball that you could not see through. It frightened me initially but in that short moment it seemed to bring a sense of calm over me. It felt as if somehow it was looking right into my eyes. When I think back at that moment, I realize the brightness of the light didn't bother my eyes at all. Bright, white like fiber optics. I tried but couldn't see through it. I'm 5'5". It was right at my chest.The details of that night still haunt me. My husband was the one that noticed something happening before I did. He saw the "radiating" light from another room and so we chose to walk into the room to see what was going on. When it showed itself to me as a bright solid glowing ball, my husband 6'5" was standing in front of me, about a foot away. He was looking over his shoulder into another room. His mind tried to rationalize it. He told me and himself the light must have come from an unplugged lamp. Yet, he acknowledged the fear he heard in my voice. He was also shocked when I showed him the fact that the lamps in the room had not yet been plugged in. If I told you the complete story you would smirk as I have at some of the things I have heard others describe here. I have no reason to lie or make anything up. The entire story I will live with. I have to believe what some of us are seeing is the beginning of something but I don't have a clue. If I had to say angel or ET... I'd say ET or advanced drone made of fiber optics capable of communication.

brian from uk on August 16, 2020:

its a funny thing about orbs i had a picture of one in a living room taken by old style camera by a piano the media seems to have disappeared off my picture media player and i make a point of not deleting as they are so special and rare the other odd thing is that i am 100 percent sure i saw a similar picture some thirty five years ago in a magazine could be the same picture found its way onto the net i know they never had special effects software then that's why i knew it was genuine there are similar pics on the net but what with the special software for picture imagining you cannot be sure if its genuine

brian from uk on August 09, 2020:

i find it interesting that so many people are coming forward with there experiences i totally believe what they saw was real i have my own story but its nothing to to do with orbs of from this article. one time people would fear ridicule from there peers or others but its seem people think oh well what the hell it was there experience like what i experienced was mine so many exciting things are out there waiting for us to experience and ponder about what else is out there or in our own world going to make an appearance

hpsnmom on August 03, 2020:

I have been searching the internet for other stories that link these orb sightings to major events. The way the story was told to me, this happened to my great-grandfather. As he was walking home from work one evening in rural West Virginia, he crossed a bridge and noticed that an orb of light came out from under the bridge and followed him as he walked the rest of the way home. Shaken, he recounted the story to his wife. The next day, the mine he was working in exploded and over 180 were killed, including my grandfather's father. My grandfather was not even 2 at the time. April 28, 1914

Ariette Arana on August 02, 2020:

Hi, I’ve seen them without camaras and through my surveillance cañará inside, they seem intelligent. I recorded them. I was not afraid. Don’t know what they are, I tried to interact with them. I didn’t realize, there were more around me that I was not aware of. Some even multiplied and were brilliant and shining. I have this recorded. Don’t know what they are. And these orbs have different sizes from 1-2 inches to the size of a softball. It’s very intriguing. I don’t if this helps a little, but I can relate.

Floria Gonzalez on July 27, 2020:


I came to Tepoztlan for a week, to forget for a while the pandemic.

It was 3 am and with the electric storm the power went out. My friend es went to sleep and I stayed out looking at the mountain in the darkness.

As I stared at the trees that were 196 ft si saw a small light in the corner, it went out and it lit again in the middle , went out and lit again in the right corner, a pattern , that repeated several times before it moved on the right side forward, towards me. I felt like if it was communicating with me, I had my phone and could have recorded but it felt like I was not supposed to . It also made me feel that the next move was closer to me but I was not ready, I was petrified . I just sat and stared at the light that stood still, going on and out for 20 min.

I have never seen or felt something like this before .

Liv on July 22, 2020:

Yes!!! I saw this last night .. whilst star gazing .. it was a one my house !!!! Sooo bright like the size and brightness of Jupiter In the distance but above my house ! Wat bed or float away and get smaller

darcy gray on July 20, 2020:

ihave witnessed this before and who can i call about this

Peter on July 18, 2020:

So yesterday my gf and I were sitting outside and I looked up in the sky and noticed an extremely bright star in the middle of daylight around 3 pm on a perfectly clear day. Because comet neowise is making the rounds at the moment we assumed it must be the comet. I grabbed my binoculars and tried to see it closer. It was hard to make out because it was so far away and my hands weren't steady but I did see that it was perfectly round. It was eminating light from the edges and the middle seemed like it was less bright. It looked almost like a buble of electricity or a mini solar eclipse the size of a massive star from my point of view. The object remained there for the entire time I was relaxing in my backyard. It was motionless or at least if it was moving slightly it was too far away to notice. I even called my parents thinking it was neowise and they could not find it from their house several counties over. Whatever it was, I probably will never know.

greg cain from Moscow, Idaho, USA on July 13, 2020:

I absolutely believe your experience was real, without hesitation. I saw a ball of some sort of energy, inexplicable but undeniable once when I was at 30,000+ feet flying an airplane over Mississippi back in the mid-1980s. I was in pilot training at the time, and the instructor in the airplane with me asked if I saw what we both saw. Yes, I did, indeed. We didn't talk much about it, and we did not bring it up when we landed (at least not in any serious fashion) because one never knows when one might get disqualified from flying eligibility for "seeing things." I saw it, we saw it. It happened. It will always remain unexplained, methinks.

Amando gonzalez on July 05, 2020:

I saw an orb as a young boy 11-12 during a visit to my south texas grandmother home. The adults left right around dusk and I remember being at the front window crying because I wanted to go. With tears streaming down my face I noticed a warm orange volley ball size orb hovering right outside the window screen but beyond the porch. Not sure if it noticed me it moved slowly to the side window of the house. I followed it around from three different windows. It just hovered and appeared to look into the house. Then it reversed its course and went back to the front porch crossed the street and started climbing gradually till it was gone somewhere in the distance. I have never told anyone till I started hearing others had similar encounters. Do you think the location has anything to do with it? Are they more common in rural vs city?

Laura Weinberger on July 04, 2020:

Hello! Your story is the closest thing I have read to my experience! It was June 7, 2010, my last day of high school, and I went with a friend to Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland at about 2:30 am. We were sitting on a rock next to a waterfall, and we both saw this pure white orb of light flash down by the water, disappear, and then reappear in a new spot. It was slow and methodical, and it was about 100 yards away. We were transfixed, afraid to move, trying to whisper to figure out what it was. We watched its movements for about 10-15 minutes until it began reappearing closer and closer to us, traveling up the river in our direction, mostly up by the tree line. The orb would reappear about every 5-10 seconds in a closer spot until it was directly across the river from us. It stopped moving upstream and calmer directly towards us flashing about 3 times as it crossed the river and the last time we saw it, the orb was about 7-8 feet away. It got really close, as if it was curious about us and was checking us out. We didn’t feel fear about the orb, just peace and curiosity, but we did get scared when it came towards us and got close, so after that last blink we ran back to the car. This was when I had a camera phone but it wasn’t great quality, and I didn’t want to scare away the orb by turning on my camera screen. I didn’t attempt to take a photo, which is a regret. The orb was a little larger than a softball, maybe 6 inches in diameter. It was pure white. Many people have suggested to be that it could be ball lighting or a willo-the-wisp, but neither of these things fit the description of what I saw. There have been several swimming and kayaking deaths in the falls where we were sitting, so sometimes I think it may be a person’s energy. I don’t know! Thank you for sharing your experience because it verifies a lot of what we saw and felt!

Dawn on June 30, 2020:

I was watching Downton Abbey on my computer and I heard a tiny click from the ceiling about 12 feet away and turned my head to the right to see a ball of brightest white/gold light, yet it didn't hurt my eyes, fall from the ceiling. It took a few seconds to fall down to the floor on the other side of my bed where I heard a couple clinks as it sounded like it bounced as it hit the carpet. I sat there wondering what the heck did I just see????? Finally, I got up and walked to the other side of the bed but there was nothing there. Down on my hands and knees I felt every inch of the floor to try to figure out what hit the floor but nothing was there. I searched the internet to see if anyone else had seen something like this but nothing quite seems to match. I just don't know.

Stuart on June 29, 2020:

Hi Mark/Jonathon

I saw the exact same as Angie about 3 months ago, my comment should be further down. I would very much like to discuss this with you. I have search Facebook but there are a few Jonathon Child’s I don’t know which one you are. Please can you post an email?

Random person on June 24, 2020:

In 2004 I was on my balcony in my back yard in gold canyon, az when i witnessed a white orb. At first i went outside and was admiring the stars in the sky when i noticed this one light was brighter than all the other stars and it was slowly moving which i know stars dont do. As i watched this white orb it took notice that i was watching it. And i noticed it starting to come closer to me. It was slowly coming towards me from way out in the sky. As it was coming closer i felt curiosity and it seemed to be something i shouldnt fear. It came and hovered about 6ft from my face for about 5 minutes. But then i started to experience fear when i reached out to touch it and i put ny hand down and i felt a calm secure feeling. The ball of light then shot up over my roof and took off. Ive never experienced this before but i still witness these orbs in the sky that camouflage themselves to be stars but i can see them still move across the sky. The ball of light i saw was more of a baseball shape and the lights never flashed it stayed a constant glowing white baseball shape.

Mark on June 09, 2020:

Hi Angie,

Thanks for your post. It might have been a satellite, but it could also have been one of these orbs. Email me if you’re interested and I will try and make sense if it. I see these orbs frequently, and I’ve got pictures etc. so you can compare if you want. These orbs travel very fast. Look me up on FB - Jonathan Child and send me a message if you’re interested. Thanks.

Angie on June 06, 2020:

This morning around 9am i was sitting in my garden looking up at the blue sky and tree's, suddenly i saw a bright light almost like a ball of light, it shot across the sky towards the sun and vanished. It was like a shooting star but a ball of light, im so confused. What did i see?

Pauline on May 27, 2020:

In 2008 I went camping in Germany with my boyfriend. It wasn't the high season, so the tent fields were quite empty. We were placed on an empty field, so we had about 400 square meters to ourselves. On one particular evening, when we were just about to go to sleep, we just laid on our backs talking to each other. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, a small orb of light formed right above our heads. We both didn't say a thing at that moment, because it suddenly took all our attention. At first I thought I was just seeing spots or something, or seeing something that wasn't there. But the orb grew to the size of a large grapefruit and I was just stunned looking at it. If I would have reached out my hand I easily could have touched it, but I was questioning my own brain at that moment. Was I going crazy?

I blinked my eyes a couple of times, and the orb started shrinking again, as if a light was going out. It kept shrinking smaller and smaller, to the point where it just disappeared. I remember that moment so clearly, it was all quiet. Then I asked my boyfriend ''Did you see that?'' And he just jumped up and said ''OH MY GOD YOU SAW THAT TOO?! I thought I was going crazy!'' So there you have it. We both saw it. We both had no idea what it was. It only lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds but it's an experience I will never forget.

brian from uk on May 25, 2020:

Well to put the monitors right about me im a maintenance electrician by trade so i fix or replace things, but theres this other side to me thats always been interested in the paranormal from a very very young age

brian from uk on May 21, 2020:

i beleave there trying to tell you something but it depends how sesative you ive never seen or heard any mention of people seeing orbs in the uk of orbs of such a size only in the paranormal world it seems to tell me that the land areas are very special to orb appearances and when i talk about paranormal orbs i mean what we class as spirit guides i have a pic of this. but without experiencing this with my physical eyes i cannot say when i see the in para it catches me off guard but i think this is how it works after reading what people say about there experience after the fact i have other thoughts ideas but its not for this article

Menuha on May 21, 2020:

Hi!this article was very cool, but I have not seen an orb like that ever before.i have heard that people in some place have seen them a couple of times during the sunset and that the orbs just go to the sun.Could it be the same thing?or, is it the soul leaving the body?Or, if it came to you, was it trying to tell you something?

brian from uk on May 21, 2020:

I be leave this everything does not have to be flesh and blood to be inteligent they were probably once flesh and blood them selfs millions of years ago there probably curious. Ha ha i like to call them the bigs boys cause were only just begining our evolution we may be like them one day in a billion years

Mark on May 20, 2020:

Hi Brian, it is hard to tell. I think there is a high chance there are ET linked. I see them with my own eyes and when together, there is a flock of them, at different positions in a triangular formation. They are an intelligent species who as yet pose more questions than answers. However, I feel a indescribable connection with them- it is very odd. I am working at building bridges with them and they are edging closer to me. But overall, I think they are ET and as a result I have stopped applying any spiritual/ religious philosophies to them that we use as they are beyond any of those constructs.

brian from uk on May 18, 2020:

Are these orbs of an extra teresrtrial nature not actual seen anything like that with the naked eyes but i have seen it in the human aura i actual found a photo on internet cause i could not describe it as it only appeared in pineal gland for a few seconds but they can be photographed with the old style film camera when i saw the pic i thought yes thats it probably dont see anything like that because i live in a built up area large town which is interconnected to another

Mark on May 17, 2020:

Hi Joy,

These balls of light (communally called orbs) seem to be very widespread. I see them myself. They seem to mean no harm and like to observe and interact. I have seen them disappear, reappear, fly off at high speed, fly in from high above, increase/ decrease in size and are highly telepathic. There’s a good chance if you e seen them once they’re still around. They look like stars at night- until they move :) This forum us an excellent place to go to for information.

Joy on May 16, 2020:

I have been searching for an answer my whole life about a ball of light that I saw in my early 20’s. It was approximately 5-6 ft. in diameter , yellowish in color , and lightly glowing. It started as a small ball of light when I first saw it from afar and as it came closer it got bigger and bigger until it came to a full stop right in front of my bedroom window . It was just there emitting a light glow then disappeared after maybe a couple of minutes. I didn’t feel anything negative while I was staring at it , just questions running thru my head as I watched it . I felt like the light wanted me to look at it . To this day I haven’t found an answer as to what it is. I would also like to know if there’s anyone out there who has knowledge about these occurrences.

Servent of the Most High on May 09, 2020:

Thats when they'll start to see u as a threat/enemy

Knil on May 08, 2020:

One day I was travelling along this larg tree I live near.. I saw this orb out of the side of my eye. Strange thing is that was a few days ago and everytime I go near something the orb hovers around it. I thought the orb might be from shine of my metallic items or I carry a few green/blue/red gems with me perhaps, from that?. Again, the orb is actually really annoying. now, I swear its trying to ask me to "listen!" or atleast trying to make me say "Hello!" its....nm. anyways, I just think its weird when that orb comes out. when I travel to my friends house Adlez's place..

jdelievo on May 08, 2020:

I woke this morning around 5:30, couldn't get back to sleep for about an hour or so. When I woke (or thought i did) a blazingly bright orb the size of a cantaloupe flew up to my bedroom window (my bedroom is on the 2nd floor), seemed to look around the room (not that i could tell directionally that it was turning, but it appeared to be moving left to right in small movements as if looking for something or someone), and then it locked on to me and seemed to connect energetically for a few seconds before it released and flew off. It seemed intelligent, in so far as its movement was purposeful. It was a bright white orb with light emanating from it in was beautiful...but when it connected it seems to hold i felt pressure on my head. I thought it was a lucid dream but it felt so real I decided to search.

So then i go downstairs, get my coffee, and my bestfriend sends me the daily devotional, and it reads:

Ephesians 5:8-10; For once you were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So live as people of light! 9 For this light within you produces only what is good and right and true. 10 Carefully determine what pleases the Lord.

Had to was too much of a unique experience not to.

Darlene and denny on May 05, 2020:

May 5 2020

Taking pictures of beautiful sunny day with smart phone noticed a perfectly round light ball at the top of tree branches kinda transparent or so bright it is translucent ball of light then noticed it above the ground in next picture and then from pictures it moves along the ground in straight line then back up in sky to hoover near sun so we did some videos so far it as just moved around in the sky near sun but frequent position change. The orb as been here every day since april 28 from picture dates. Had a friend about 7 miles away go out side an take 3 or 4 pictures of the sun and sent them to me could see the orb in her pictures also it's just one orb gonna watch it daily with video til gone.

Mike Bonavente on May 04, 2020:

I saw a large ball that flew over Berkeley hills around 2009 it didn’t have a trail but it was faster than any air craft I seen but without noise. My ex and I were arguing and we stop because it was so close like a helicopter that’s could hover near enough the ground. I also seen something when I was 12 with my younger brother on our way to martial arts class. Any ways... that’s another story. It was around 10 in the evening or 9 pretty early it was comforting to see it. Seemed angelic in a sense. And then the next day I went to buy bird food and the wind swings open and birds were singing in harmony. We all looked at each other didn’t say a thing. It was beautiful. This when I had a stone from St. Michael.

Paolino65 on April 30, 2020:

Yes, i saw them together with all my family and as well my grandma. There were many lights entering the apartment of which myself and my ex girlfriend form Paris were spending our holidays in my family home in Italy. The noisy bleeping sounds lights came into our apartment for 3 consecutive nights after the usual loud bass noise that made tingling our ears. They were smaller than a pong ball and moved throughout the flat. It was like there was one "in charge" and the others followed in order as they were in effect only one! I tried to chase them but i wasn't allowed to reach them and went away keeping a distance. For 3 nights all our family woke up watching each other eyes with a sense of fear for some, and on my case excitement. The bleeping noise woke us up till one day my girlfriend, annoyed, shouted at them, and violently shutting our bedroom s window, as it seemed entered always from there, though i cannot be 100 % sure. One night i was sleeping and in the morning Marie told me those lights were coming directly against usb, and she tried to wake me up, but i didn't and told her to go back to sleep as there was nothing to be afraid of, and i continued in my sleep. That's the story back to 1988, a story which, still, i have no answers, and i see those events as like a dream , and so older sister avoid to talk and my mother have some mix memory, my grandmother passed away and my ex probably too , [i don't know as i have lost contact of her since that year] which we separated and i returned back to Italy to live. My girlfriend was sick and in danger of life independently of the events.. I stop here... I hope to have some kind of feedback in here. "God" bless, and thanks for reading my story..

Andy on April 29, 2020:

initially i thought no one would believe, it happened years back, when i was 12,now i'm 37, but the sight that i saw, still there as if its yesterday,

i was sleeping with left hand under the pillow to support head. time might be 2-3 am, a bright white ball of light, in size of a basketball, not perfect sphere, little to oval shape, hovering outside my window, when i became fully aware of the happening,, i raised my head in surprise. The next part is hard to believe, but it happened anyway, it scrambled into tiny pieces of light in every direction in a random way and out of sight. Till date i couldn't find a definite answer to this. And please don't give the default reply "You were a boy with age of 12, you hallucinated" i know what i saw, once i shared this with my wife, she was listening to this with a surprise nod, smiled and went to do her chores. God only knows what i saw.

Dan on April 29, 2020:

I have experienced a orb while hiking on a remote mountain route. We went off the trail and my friend found it while looking for the track it was about 1am in morning we watched it bouncing around the forest for a while, but we needed to press on as we were late and had to find the path. We often bring this up when we catch up these days

Troy Lloyd on April 28, 2020:

I had my experience about ten yrs.ago after looking at stars one night through a window as looking upward I was about to get away from window and end my star watch as I proceeded to walk away in the feel I saw a light floating a distance away but coming closer to me as the light floated closet like as if it was a latern of old days being cared by a ghost with no human form presents at a slow speed as it got closer it dissapeared but later that night I was reading my Bible after I decided to meditate somehow something pended me down to my bed and repeated to tell me to tell it that I was sorry to not look at it so afterwards it bit me in this meditation occasion and I felt that mark for three days straight with no bite mark on my side

Stevie Girl on April 23, 2020:

Daniel: What you and your Dad saw is the closest in description on this thread, to what my husband and I saw, at different times. My post about it is somewhere below.

Angela Elekes on April 22, 2020:

I saw one 1980. I was four years old. I heard an energy sound from it. It knock out the power,in this small town.for 24 hours .It was a large ball of light slowly across the sky.

cassluna on April 21, 2020:

Hi, this is my first time seeing this, there was a thunderstorm outside and I was just studying and doing homework suddenly I see this big ball shape of light right on top of my bed it was pretty big after seeing it for only 1 second there was a big sound of thunder that was very loud, and it was also right in front of me and after I have seen it that's when the lightning hit.

Kate P (author) from The North Woods, USA on April 17, 2020:

Hi Daniel, Thanks for sharing your amazing story. On a side note I wonder if you've heard Red Red Groovy (band.) I'm familiar with Andover, MA and feel like that whole area's been a hotbed for alien abductions (correct me if I'm wrong.) I'm not sure what the orbs are, any more than you.. but I do have 10 years of this site and commenters. Feel free to read the 940 comments here, I have learned so much. These orbs vary widely, but with similar tendencies. Also, there's a QA session above for quicker answers. All the best -

Daniel on April 17, 2020:

Hey there, I had a really similar experience.

I play bass in a psychedelic rock band and my dad was driving me to a rehearsal that night. It was like 8pm while we were just exiting Andover, MA. We remained until we saw a single white light (ball shaped) like 70 feet away from us. My dad touched my shoulder and asked "is that a car going in the wrong direction?" And it seemed like this strange light was moving towards us, so he turned his headlights off and slowed the car down. I thought it could be a drunk driver, so it kind of scared me, until what appeared to move forward (towards us) was, in reality, moving towards our left. Its movement created the optical illusion, making us believe that we were going to stumble upon each other. Then it moved to our left and entered the forest next to the road. We quickly arrived (like 5 seconds, literally) to the point where the light hid in the forest but it was gone, we didn't see the light anymore. I was confused. This was a little more than a month ago, so then I proceeded to frantically tell my drummer this thing that just happened to me. There is no way that it was a car because it was a single white light, it wasn't anything that I could recognize and I have thought of every explainable option and it just doesn't work with what I saw. The white light looks exactly like in the pictures you posted here. It was truly a strange thing and I have tried to research on it but I haven't found anything similar to my experience until now.

Honestly, I'm really glad that I saw it with my dad because nobody would believe me otherwise. And I'm also glad that my dad and I aren't alone with this.

I would like to know any research that you have done or anything else that you could tell me.

This happened on the route 25 that exits Andover, Massachusetts. Really weird stuff. I still think about it on a daily basis.

Thanks for posting this!

Zara on April 15, 2020:

Hi i have actually encountered a orb just like everyone else, it was the size of a soccer ball, it was 4am in the morning and i was awake on my phone facing towards my window when i saw something with the corner of my eye. It was a huge ball of light that was hovered right outside my window for two seconds and then just left quite quickly. When i had this experience like everyone else i didnt move or say anything since i was just so curious and amazed at what i was seeing. Two minutes later i heard my sister come out of her room which is right next to mine and i got up right away to ask her if she had seen it too and she didnt she just looked at me like i was crazy. After this experience I obviously grew curious and this one night my neice had pointed out something bright in the sky when the sun was down. It almost looked like the brightest star in the galaxy, i was confused because stars are never that visible from the sky. And the weirdest thing about this is its always there at sundown every day so i had the chance to catch it with my telescope and i did, for proof i also used my phone camera to look thru the telescope and get the footage on camera and i did. What i saw made me even more confused so i want to ask you to contact me as soon as you can so i can show u the footage, my email is

Perez perez on April 15, 2020:

Well myself and my wife seen something like that in 2017 letme start. This all happen around 3 in the morning we were going to bed so i went to turn my camara monitor when all of a suden i seen a cats face looking right into the lence of the camara then he backed up and looked right into it agin but this time only one eye was looking at it it lookedbeutifull nice bright yellow with black lines as it new i was there i was calling my wife to come and see what i was seeing next that cat

Nathaniel on April 12, 2020:

I have seen one just this morning and I couldn't find it again. I crossed the bridge and turned around to see if I could find it and I found a white blinking light.

Brianna on April 07, 2020:

So i was at my brothers house with his gf they were both asleep and i was up doing a tiktok so suddenly i seen a white or light orb whatever you call it and it was up in the air and it fail fast down to the floor idk what it could be the interney is saying it could be a guardian angel or a spirit can you help me and tell me what it is i am so terrified to even go back in there

Billie Oneal on April 01, 2020:

I see these balls of light nightly

brian from uk on April 01, 2020:

You have to be pyschically clairaudient for that spirit is extremely fine energy

Christine Clayton on March 31, 2020:

In my living room I have a cctv with night vision. My husband recently died, I often speak to him, I started to record my conversation while live watching my camera, I was amazed to and excited to see flash’s of light and then turning to an org. Sometimes he glides gently other times he is fast. He hears me mentally but I have not learnt the ability to hear him speak to me mentally. I now believe there is life after death. I have never seen my husbands energy with my naked eye.

Becca Rubio on March 26, 2020:

I believe you.

Dorothy K from Albuquerque on March 25, 2020:

Hi all,

I had an interesting experience about 18 years ago when I was running on the ditch trail by my house. I was saying a prayer crying saw 2 orbs at a distance at the end of the run. I was dumb founded but at peace because they came closer to me and I looked and said thank you in my head then a shadowy image slightly appeared in each of them. I thought I was seeing things then because it seemed the shape was recognized. I then turned away and then looked back they were still there. I proceeded to go inside the house and 1 of them followed me in. I looked at it and thanked its present out loud then looked down and up, it was gone. I have not had this experience since then. I feel after that incident of prayer that I am OK and God is present to help us. I am glad to finally find another person or more with the same experience because I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Thank you for posting this.....

Mark on March 20, 2020:

Hi everyone,

This will be my last post for a while as I’m about to self isolate with my family as the UK approaches lockdown due to the Corona virus. May I wish you all the best wishes and please stay safe wherever you are.

Just before I go, I just want to say that I had an incredible experience with an orb a few days ago. I have been shown how my orbs arrive in our world and for that I very pleased as I’ve been asking myself that question for a while. I too a video of it and it’s my best yet. On Monday evening, I saw a bright orb around 7pm. It was over my back garden and I saw it through my bedroom window. I went to the other side of the house into the bathroom, and it had moved positions to my bathroom velux window in seconds. How did it know? Reading my thoughts or it can perceive beyond physical walls? Or both? I started filming with my phone. It then started spinning round and round and then a hole opened in its centre and it looks like that orbs popped out one by one as it spun. It was incredible and the orb was showing me as it had got itself close so I could film. Is this a portal? This begs the question, are they dimensional beings? Extraterrestrial? Probes of another species? More questions.

Take care everyone and stay safe

Vicki on March 15, 2020:

when I was young one came into a house with me and my little sister it floated through the bedrooms through the kitchen and and floated around in the living room before it went through a window and we watched it slowly disappeared down the hill going through a my uncle's fiield. never did know what it was but we felt calm the whole time it was floating around in the house it was a white orb size of a soccer ball .

brian from uk on March 14, 2020:

Interesting never seen anything like that. Governments cannot due anything about it they can only dictate to human flying craft but i should imagine we have special ops crafts that the military use that defy the coventional modes of travel. Orbs can go as they please and government cannot do jack so they remain silent its the deny plausible factor and hope they go away

Mark on March 13, 2020:

Hi Aisa,

I’m really sorry but it seems that my attempt to provide a link didn’t work. Hubpages must have deleted it yesterday as the post hasn’t materialised. I wrote it out in words but they must vet all posts closely. I’ll rack my brains to see what else I can do. Meanwhile, I’ll keep taking footage of the lights. It’s exciting as they’re getting a little closer. I’ve been noticing as they flash, there’s definitely an object inside them. Just trying to guage what it could be?

Ed on March 12, 2020:

I have seen them for weeks on end. I live in the hills of tennessee right next to those high tention power lines. There are 2 or more that appear in the exact same spot in the sky each night. Its like they are pulling guard duty. Then there are the big orange ones that look disk shaped but more like a pumpkin. Ribbed. I think the small balls of light come from them. Anyway.The utility company has recently started replaceing the towers with wooden poles with complety metal towers. Thats when the balls showed up. The lines go stright with the county rd. For about 200 feet before heading through a field again. That part is about 100 feet from my house. One night there were 5 of them strung out along the powerline like they were looking at it. One even shined a light on the rd. A couple of times. It kind of worried me at one point because when i started taking pics of them with my phone, they would rush toward me. Thats when i turned said phone off and beat a hasty retreat behind closed doors.I have several photos of them but i dont have a movie camera.besides the orange sauser shaped ones that are much bigger, there are the weird looking ones that just hang in the same spot each night. I have photos of them too. At first i thought it might be the government but since then i changed me mind. I think they have thier own agenda.

Sara Sorensen on March 12, 2020:

When I was about 14 one night I had my window open I heard a surge of energy like I could hear it coming. Then all of the sudden a ball of light came through my closed window and then expanded to light up my entire room with a bright light brighter than that if the sun for only a moment then it was gone. The stereo downstairs turned on blasting music. So I went downstairs and turned it off. When I asked my family the next day they didn’t see anything I saw but my room was the only on facing north. I always thought it was ball lightening but now that I see there’s other that have seen something similar it makes me wonder what really happened that night?

My name is Bryan mounce on March 11, 2020:

And some times out over the blue no matter what day it is or night I will see a ball of light appear before me and Anna circular motion looking like teardrops spinning and multiplying true about 1 to a hundred and then all the sudden stopped after a minute and then they disappear

Aisa19 on March 11, 2020:

Hello Mark,

I would love to see your lights. Could you upload the video or photos on you tube or somewhere ?

Hm , your lights seems to be different . Maybe there are more type of lights out there??? Mine were not like stars at all . Stars are far away . These lights were obvious and close to me . I did not have look up and search for them.

Mark on March 11, 2020:

Hi Aisa,

Thanks very much for your account of your experiences with the lights. It’s fascinating that they were creating endless geometric patterns and wonderful that the encounter was so uplifting and positive. As it tends to be, as shown by all these great accounts we have from many different people.

In answer to your question, when I’ve been out with my family and I’ve seen them, I am aware that none of them have clocked them. I reckon they could see them as well but I think if you don’t expect to see them or you define them as stars, you won’t see anything out of the ordinary. I feel they have probably been flying around for a while over me, and I never saw them as well. Basically cause I didn’t expect to see them meant i didn’t look up. Now I always look up :)

It’s so strange the emotions are so positive. I am an asthmatic and last night I had a tight chest. I tried my inhaler but it wasn’t helping. So, I went into my back garden to get some fresh air. I saw them up above. I was really struggling last night and saw one come down a bit closer as it was obvious I was not my normal self. Bizarrely, I felt a warm heat around my body especially my face. Whether that was me with the strain of trying to breathe properly or our friends I’m not sure. But the heat was very noticeable. I eventually went in and very soon started to feel better. The rational side of me thinks I just got better cause I calmed down and took in the fresh air more. However, there’s a part of me whose considering that warmth came from the one that came closer to me? And that helped me? I’m not sure

Aisa19 on March 09, 2020:

Hi Mark,

We make Kate busy (really sorry Kate :).

So when you were out with your family ,did your family saw the lights or some member of your family?

When I saw my lights I was in Hungary in the beginning of the 90's. It was (I am not 100% sure ) May. I was going home on a busy road around 7 pm (dusk) when I saw lights showing flower patterns shapes going around. They were close to the train electric wires in the crown of the trees. I got really excited because I knew that this is something special and it is from a different dimension. White foggy lights.

After this sighting I went to a house party which I left around 3 -3.30 am. I was going home by car when I suddenly rememred the lights again and I said half loud :But what was that light ? Immediatly as I said this a white foggy patch of light crossed in front of my windsreen .

I thought that I got crazy now when these lights started to be obvious .

While I was driving they were around my car playing . They were so funny , kind and playful .They were drawing flowers and (I can't remember exactly what else.) When I drove next to a electric power station or transmitter the lights went through it and they got really strong and powerful , very bright . Glowing but not hearting my eyes at all. I was amazed and stunned .

I stopped the car and got out from it when the lights on the other side of the road they stopped as well. They got big, really big and extended and they got small and extended again as big as a lorry. They stopped in front of me showing geometric patterns . Square, triangle and round shapes in small variety following each other.

Meanwhile there was a car coming on the road. I was waving to them to look on the side but somehow they just drove off.

Then I got into the car and left and the lights did not folllow me and I haven't seen them since. But somehow I know they are with me they are around me all the time just not showing themselves .And I believe everybody has these lights around them just cant see them. And yes they are defenatly telephatic .

I feel lucky to have this experience and I am defenatly grateful .

Mark on March 09, 2020:

Hiya Aisa,

I don’t see them everyday as sometimes they’re not around. 2 to 3 times a week usually. When it’s terrible weather, I don’t see them at all. I mainly see them when I’m by myself, however I have seen them when I’ve been out walking with the family in the evening on occasions. Where were you when you had your experience if you don’t mind me asking? Was it late at night?

Last night, they were around. I took some photos and a short video. I’ll try and camouflage the link here if I can soon. It’s amazing when you look back at any footage and look closely at one. The lights are flashing and there appears to be some thing in the middle of them. It’s hard to tell what it is- some object? Not sure.

Aisa19 on March 09, 2020:

Hi Mark,

Do you see the lights every day?

Do they show themselves only when you are on your own?

Mark on March 08, 2020:

Hi Aisa.

Yes, I live in the UK.

That’s the big question- why me and not someone else? As they choose to show themselves to specific people, there must be something they’re drawn to. Could be personality, the way we behave around them. As yet, I’m not sure.

Great idea about bypassing the vetting of links. It’s worth a shot. I’ll see what videos I can find that clearly show them and let’s see how it does.

Kate P (author) from The North Woods, USA on March 07, 2020:

@Aisa, It doesn't hurt to try it!

Aisa19 on March 06, 2020:

Hello Kate,

I was thinking about how to get around with problem with the link.

How is that if you just write the address like :

You tube dot com and the title ? Is that permitted?

Aisa19 on March 06, 2020:

Hello Mark

Are you in the UK?


And I have the same question. Why me when there are so many better people out there than me.

Mark on March 06, 2020:

Hi Aisa and Kate,

Great shame we can’t leave any links on the pages anymore as seeing them is one way of trying to understand them, and builds up evidence that we all can look at. Great pity. My little videos are all taken on my phone and are quite amateur but at times captures my lights doing some very bizarre things.

At present, I tend to be the only one that sees them in my family. They’ve been around me in commuter traffic, however I think due to human perception being coloured by beliefs and specific mindsets, you don’t see them as you don’t expect to see them. I reckon they are aware of this and use it to their advantage. Overall, I don't tell many people for not everyone will understand, or they may think I’m deluded. I did at first until I looked at my videos and proved it to myself.

I feel lucky that I can see them often, but I don't know why they would show themselves to a librarian from the UK when they’ve so many more important people they could choose :) Was it ‘cause I saw them by chance last year or did they choose me to see them. I’m nothing special at all. I’ve no idea.

As I’m typing this I’ve just seen a light hovering near my eldest sons bedroom. The moon is bright and this is when they tend to appear. Possible link here but that might be conjecture? Tonight I’m going for a walk with my dog. Interesting to see what happens. I don’t always see them when I’m out. If anything happens, i’ll write another post.

Kate P (author) from The North Woods, USA on March 04, 2020:

Aisa19, Mark previously posted a video link in the comments, but HubPages (the people I write for here) no longer allow them and delete any comments with links or email addresses. They consider it spam, and there seems to be nothing I can do about that, even if I want people to post their videos here. (If anyone knows a way around this, let me know!)

Aisa19 on March 04, 2020:


I would love to see your lights . Is there anyway to watch them (video, photo) ?

You are so lucky to see them so many times and for so long .

I felt very emotional too when I saw them. All my tears were coming out from my eyes like river and I did not feel I was crying. Just unstoppable tears... and peace.

It was so-so nice .I will never forget it.

Is only you can see the lights ? Your wife or kids can they see them?

Mark on March 03, 2020:

It’s fascinating that Al said in a recent post that they dim/ dissappear if they don’t want to be seen. I’ve seen that many times. It appears some don’t mind, some don’t like it all. I have also asked them in my mind Aisa who are they, and whether they are angelic beings. As well as this, Adam has remarked what is so wonderful about them. It’s always non threatening, peaceful and ‘magical’. In fact, I’ve felt emotional when seeing them. It’s most bizarre.

Last night, I took my dog out for a walk and quite a few lights were around. They all followed me on the walk. Quite comical- one man and a french bulldog accompanied by orbs on a local walk. Afterwards, I went to the village park so my dog, Milo could get a sniff and play in the grass. They all followed- two hovered visibly directly over me. There was one that was really bright which watched me from a distance, even lowering as it ‘looked’ at me. There was the usual triad (3 in a diagonal row who move everywhere together in the same pattern) and ‘red’ who just is non stop movement, flashing its trademark red light. Red never stops. Is red gathering data? Processing something?

The funniest part of last nights experience was someone starred up a drill from the nearby houses. As it was late at night, the silence around intensified the sound. Interestingly, all the lights scattered, hiding behind the clouds. They were disturbed by the sound. I get the feeling they’re ‘shy’. Wanting to know about us, intrigued but weary as well. The fact they follow me, let me see them, get closer to me, suggests they are interested in me. I’m dying to find out who they are. Like with anything, this will take time- especially as it’s beyond normal life. I’m just carrying on, trying to gain their trust. If I can, they’ll come down to my level.

I just remembered last night that before I saw them for the first time on September 14th, I started watching ufo programmes. I felt a compulsion to watch them. No idea why. Then I saw them. Is it linked? Interesting idea.

Adam Watson (Somerset,England) on March 02, 2020:


When I was 8 years of age in 1978 on my dads farm,I was playing in the farm yard and it wasn’t quite fully dark,2 golf ball sized orbs appeared about 2 feet away from my face,.they hovered bobbing gently up and down for probably about a minute then shot off together very fast towards the large barn door then both shot up into the sky as they reached the door,.it was a very peaceful experience,magical even and yes they did seem like they were living somehow but then I also believe that they could have been probes but the experience has stayed with me all these years and was very special

Al on March 02, 2020:

I saw one this past weekend while camping in the Everglades (South Florida). It was fast moving, just above the shrub/tree line (I say it this way because it was above the shorter sabal palms, but not above the tall pine trees!) It was softball sized. It moved in a straight line above us. One other person saw it also! It was only visible for 2-3 seconds and then we didn't see it again. It was almost like it didn't mean to let us see it.

Kim on March 01, 2020:

I saw many of them from my bed room window when I was a teen. We lived in the middle of the woods on a few acres of land. I was having trouble sleeping and then I noticed light from my window. I walked to the window and watches without moving for like 5 minutes as they slowly moved threw the trees or maybe behind them as we lived at almost the top of a hill. I was mesmerized and then suddenly felt like I should go to bed. When I woke I the next morning I told my mom and she said she saw the light but didn’t get up for some reason. She also felt calm. They were about grapefruit size.

Aisa19 on February 29, 2020:

Mark,please could you ask if they angels?

Mark on February 29, 2020:

Hi Aisa,

Thanks for your message. Yes, you are right. I feel I need to communicate with them and find out why they’re always in certain places I go to. In terms of communication, they flash at me, I wave at them. It’s all very civil but neither side is advancing beyond that. I do feel they can sense my emotions as well as my thoughts. I’m also curious how they see me in a visual sense. Am I perceived as energy? I’ll keep you all posted if I make any further progress.

Aisa19 on February 28, 2020:

Hello Mark,

It is a long time ago when I saw my lights.But I saw them for a relatively long time ( I mean for 20 minutes minimum). I saw them twice but I haven’t seen them since. I always wonder why I didn’t try to communicate with them. Eg flashing my car’s headlights or something. You have the opportunity to ask them who they are and why they are following you.I wish I had done that. My opinion that they are angels. It is mentioned in all the books Bible,Koran that angels are created from lights.I believe in God and his messengers.

Mark on February 27, 2020:

My wife is out with her girlfriends for a birthday get together , and our two boys are fast asleep in bed upstairs. ‘Normal’ regular life. However, as I’m writing this post, the orbs I see are currently outside my house just over the trees. There must be about 30 of them. So, obscure reality is just outside, but ironically it’s becoming normal life to me. I’ve noticed recently that one tends to appear when the moon is bright and clearly visible. Also, when I see them outside now, they’re getting a little closer to me. It’s almost like they’re intrigued about me but weary at the same time. They don’t like constant states, which makes them make themselves dim or invisible if it is held too long. However if you stop staring, they are happy to reappear. I’ve been posting here for a while now as for six months, these beings have been part of my daily routine. I find this forum is invaluable for us to communicate our different experiences to try and understand who they are. As the boundaries break down between me and them, and they do edge a little closer I feel awe struck. Never scared. Never threatened. I’ve seen them turn into fire balls and shoot off. If they wanted they could easily obliterate me. It seems they mean us no harm. Maybe they’re trying to find out who we are and ironically we’re doing the same. Hard to know when there’s no language but it’s a mystery how they know where I am at specific locations even though I don’t sometimes go regularly to places. They just know where you are- it’s incredible. Either they follow us invisibly or they can discern your location through your thoughts. And be instantly there. They’re a beautiful mystery but I love a challenge :)

one night before turning in I saw lights in the night sky blinking on and off in the sky. on February 26, 2020:

The lights blinked on and off in different locations of a power plant. It was really freaking me out but awesome at the same time. It just wasn't real it seemed like. It was really happening though.

Jason on February 25, 2020:

I was laying in bed not really sleeping i saw a ball of light a blueish light about the size of a small basketball it moved smoothly slow towards the foot of my bed then to the left of my bed i was frozen but could move if i wanted to i just watched it for about 3 to 4 mins as it got closer it seemed to open up and had another light inside of it the weird thing is the light was bright but only in its area it did not light my bed room up i tried to secretly kick my wife who was sleeping but she did not wake up a couple mins later the light faded away.ive told myself i was dreaming but there was nothing diffrent about any part of my room. I could not sleep for about 2 hours after because i was so fasinated and confused and in wonder that i hoped it came back this time i would try to speak to it maybe ever try to touch it. This happend about 2 years ago and i still look for it to come back again. i want to know if this was a dream or something real!

Kate P (author) from The North Woods, USA on February 23, 2020:

As always, I appreciate all stories posted here, and believe me: your stories are helping all of us. I can't tell you how many emails I get just thanking me for having this page. But let's be honest: what's actually interesting here is that So Many of us have experienced these things, and the experiences are all so different! Perplexing and intriguing..

@Roger, Of course I'm so sorry to hear about your recent loss. I think you can take some solace in the fact that MANY posts on here have been from those who lost a loved one and quickly afterward started seeing an orb or orbs. There seems to be a connection between the orbs and those who have passed. I'm sorry that's all the information I can give, but please help yourself to reading the 900 comments on here for more..

roger lafreniere on February 22, 2020:

my son was killed in a car cash 1/26/2020 about a week later,give or take,i walked by his room,there was a bright light about the size of a basket ball,i must have been scard,i just walked right by it,do you think it was my son?what would have happened if i put my hand in it? other strang things happened on other a cloud slowly going threw the bottom part of my tv,ice cube banged the side of my soda glass.

Mike on February 22, 2020:

Lightball size of a bigger tennisball.One and a half meter infront of myself while i were sitting on my balcony at 10pm.I am thinking bout nothing and suddenly this light sphere appeared out of nothing infront of me.I was completely stunned.My mouth was open as I starred in this direction.I never want to move or touch this ball of light.But i think i could if i want to.I sat there and watched this one meter above the balcony ground floating ball of pure light.I thought about where it came from? It doesn't fly in from outside the sky.It appeared.Boom there,noiseless.Pure light.Energy.Than i remember it hoovering left straight through my doubleglassed closed balcony window into my home.After that ,i ve no memory.Just one that were stamped into my mind.I saw me standing on the balcony looking out into the night and i were surrounded by many different coloured lightballs that were floating around me.But i watched this scene from beside? So where were i? Outside my body watching this scene? That was the most stunning event i ve witnessed.And i ve made many videos from flying object in the sky at night and day.And all the waking up at weird times like 1:11,2:22,3:33,4:44am.And between.I ve filmed black helicopters flying so close through and above my home and also ve witnessed green and red laser flashes at night.A huge one were seen in mid air around in green colour.This beam was so thick and i never ve seen such a equal beam again.And it was long.It goes all around the night sky and lighten up the clouds that were floating in East direction.I was stunned.The weird thing is that noone in our house recognized it.At least noone talks about it if they ve seen it too.I assume.?Anyway...I ve witnessed so many stuff and its not hostile.Like many folks no matter if governments of any kind ,money and fame seekers and all the secrecy maker want to make people fear all whats alien.Its a mess and a shame that we re talking about it over 80yrs in modern times now without getting any closer to the real truth behind this phenomenon.This issue is here since our beginning here.Many cases from ancient times til today.But many re surley disinformations to lead us into artificial wars.To control the public on earth in fear about anything.That behavior makes all in power much more necessary.But that re lies and deceptions to make profit.Profit from anyone and any life on earth.And that sucks.I really hope that all humans will see the truth and will not be led by greedy liars and killers into the wrong directions.

Mark on February 20, 2020:

It gets stranger by the week. I’m started to get used to seeing one at least 2-3 times a week hovering high above as I walk to my car in my work’s car park. Sometimes, the orb follows me the whole way home, occasionally it ‘meets’ me half way, then follows me back. So they definitely know where I live and work. This evening, I took my dog, Milo to the vets for a routine examination. My vets are based down an out of the way country lane. Tonight, there was no parking spaces available, so I parked in the main road. When we had finished at the vets, an orb was hovering above waiting for me to leave. It followed me home. The question I gave us how in earth did they know I was there? They could have followed me (they appear to be able to make themselves invisible and reappear in another location), so they could have followed me there. I didn’t see any though. If that’s not the case, how could they locate me?

I have just come in from a walk and saw quite a few this evening. Interestingly, I have discovered that if you stare at one, it dims itself. I feel ‘they’ don't like a continuous stare, like it’s threatening to them. I looked away and in 10 seconds, the orb reappeared quite brightly. I just wish I could understand what is going on. I first encountered them on the 14th September last year and ever since, I have had my eyes and mind opened to ‘something’ profound.

Michelle on February 17, 2020:


A week in half ago midday, my daughter and I were watching a movie. It was a snow day so she had school off. My husband was at work. I was laying down on our loveseat holding my cat. I casually look up and saw 4-6 white glowing balls hovering near the ceiling right above me. They were about the size of silver dollars or small oranges in diameter. They moved around like flying gnats. I closed my eyes thinking they were playing tricks with me and reopened and looked back up. They were still there. I don't know if they could sense I was getting anxious, but left. They were there for 30 to 45 seconds. I thought why didn't I point them out to my daughter. She was 4 feet away from me. I was in shock at seeing them, I forgot to get her attention. I've only told my immediate family members about this. We have no answers of what they were. I have never seen or experienced anything like this. Although I was getting a little nervous the longer they stayed, there was an overall peacefullness to them. I always figure strange things like this happen to other people, not me.

Robin Trotter Hickman on February 16, 2020:

I have seen one this week and I have video I first thought it was a drone but after seeing the video it was not it does something and I would love for you to see the videos It was like it knew I was watching and Zane closer then I decided to get closer and it ran fast so fast I have a lot of footage

Mer on February 15, 2020:

I have experienced a bright white orbe like a white light twice both at 5:00am. I was just leaving to go to work both times still dark and as I sat in my car I notice a bright white light almost at treetop level so I knew it wasn’t a star but that’s the only way I can describe what it looked like I just sat there almost frozen as I watched it and it moved extremely slow in a straight line until it got dimmer and then it just looked like the light dimmed down and went out and then it got bright again and just continued in this pattern. I have looked online for videos but I don’t see anything like I have seen and then I came across this story and it is exactly what I have seen and I have tried to explain it to others but they just think I’m crazy. Anyways I am very happy that I found this story and I’m glad to share my own

Kate P (author) from The North Woods, USA on February 15, 2020:

@Michael, Thanks so much for your personal email and also your comment. I am so thrilled that you have found an outlet on this topic after a lifetime of wondering! That's awesome! There are nearly 900 comments here that you can read through.. some are pretty interesting and a few are amazing. Thanks so much for telling your story, and feel free to check in often to see what new stories we'll find. All the best!

Michael on February 15, 2020:

Hi Kate, I am glad I found this website. I was a Child I think about 8 years old. Having been shopping with my Mum I ran on ahead and went in to our house and went in to our dining room. As I entered the room about 4ft away from me was this bright orb of light about the size of a Football, I think you would call a Soccer ball. I was frozen to the spot for several seconds. It had sort of very small, almost tiny sparks coming off the surface, I'm not sure but I think I could hear them. Although it was very bright and perfectly round, thinking about it later the tone or light on the surface had sort of an unevenness, it difficult to explain but the brightness was not uniform, it was sort of slightly cloudy. In the survey above I hesitated at the question "was it a scary, or peaceful experience, I almost said peaceful, but one of the things I remember was the very slight smell which was not pleasant. I could not identify but years later when we had an old photocopier in an office where I worked which gave off a slight smell of what I was told was Ozone. I'm not saying the orb was giving off ozone, that's what it reminded me of. My Mum was coming in the outside door and I left the room to tell her there was something in the kitchen.

She quickly left my baby brother with me and went in. Later she explained she opened the window and it flew out. My Mum Lilian had been through the Blitz but she was shaken, we never spoke of it again. This occurred about 1958 and I am now 70. It was so good to finally talk about this Kate. Thank you and I wish you all the very best

Ka on February 14, 2020:

I was about six months pregnant and was coming home after working part of the night shift The field next to my house had three large orbs rolling about five feet in the air. Watched it for ten minutes and knew I was watching something strange. I never figured out what it was.

Renee Anderson 2277 on February 13, 2020:

Hi, Im so glad I came across this article! I have not been able to find anyone with a similar experience until now.

I live in south NJ on about a half acre. My yard is tree lined with 31 mature trees which are at least 80 ft or more tall. My yard, just like the neighborhood is fairly dark, not pitch black but dark. Even though there are so many trees I have a great view of the sky and the stars. But what I saw was definitely NOT a star.

On a clear evening this past September 2019 I was sitting on my porch. ( porch is on the 2nd floor) I do this almost every evening from May tru October. It was dark already & as I was looking around I noticed on my right, a round white light about the size of a grapefruit in front of one of the trees. It was motionless about 4 feet of the ground. I was about 20 feet away viewing it from above because i was on the porch on the second floor. The light would go out for a few seconds then come back on. I started walking slowly toward the porch stairs to go down in to the yard. I was curious because I never saw anything like that before & I wanted to get a closer look. When I got about 10 feet away, the light started moving upward. It moved slowly but methodically. It continued moving & going out for a few seconds & then back on. When it came back on it would be in a different spot because it continued to move while it was off.

(The way I described to my was kind of like a Firefly except it was white, round & size of a grapefruit.)

I stood in the yard & continued to watch it for about 15min, as it moved around above my yard. Eventually it made its way above the trees. The whole time it was moving slowly, and going out for a few seconds and then coming back on. I finally decided to run into the house to get my phone & tell my husband to come out to see it.

I was back out in less then a minute but I could not find it when I returned. My husband & sat outside on the porch for a few hours hoping it would return, but it did not. I really wish I had my phone with me cuz maybe if I had a video of it, someone would be able to identify it and tell me what it was. Even though I still continue to sit outside in the evenings, I have not seen it again.

It didn't feel evil or menacing. It didn't feel threatening. I didn't feel any weird energy. I wasn't scared of it. I actually felt quite serene. It seemed to me that whatever it was, it was just doing its thing when I noticed it. It didn't flee when I started to approach it, but it did start moving up when I started to get close. But it stayed in the area of my yard & I continued to watch it.

I still have no idea what it was. This was the first time in my life I saw something I couldn't explain. I've searched online and until I came across this article I was not able to find anyone who had a similar experience, & saw something similar to the light that I saw. To be perfectly honest, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.

Kate P (author) from The North Woods, USA on February 13, 2020:

Thanks again for all your stories: keep them coming!

After running this page for 10 years, and with 888 comments, I can definitely say orb sightings are ramping up right now. The past 3 months or so I have been absolutely bombarded with personal emails, as well as many comments on here. Something's happening, or about to happen, and I get the feeling these orbs are going to help us out somehow. What do you think?

Diana on February 12, 2020:

My experience took place in Wisconsin. My friends and I have taken a girls trip to a campground we've been going to for years with family and friends. One night we took the golf carts out to the front entrance by the cornfield. Keep in mind that they have been cut and were very low to the ground. That's one of our favorite spots to go stargazing. There was no one in site. We were surrounded by absolute silence. The actual campsites are about a minute into the entrance, so we were a good distance away from anyone. We turned off the headlights while we sat there in the darkness. About 30 feet away from us we noticed a bright white light that looked to be a little smaller than the size of a baseball. It was floating near the trees but not once did it flash. I thought, "maybe it's some type of lighting bug". But what type of lightning bug doesn't flash? It wasn't moving in a straight line. It wasn't fast either. It was peacefully floating around and eventually made its way into the woods. At this point we were a little freaked out. We're in the middle of the darkness surrounded by the cornfield and trees. We didn't intend to follow the light as we had no clue what it was. The idea of spirits and ghosts came up in conversation. At this point we were a little freaked out and decided to make our way back to camp. Till this day, I have no idea what it was we saw. Just a bright white ball floating around in the air. As I've been looking for answers I came across your experience. It's comforting knowing we aren't the only ones to experience this strange light, but my curoisity still grows. I hope to see it once again this upcoming summer.

Sweetcarma on February 12, 2020:

Hi there and thank you for sharing your experience. It’s weird because my experience happened over 16 years ago and I’m still fascinated to find out what exactly I had seen. I sent messages to people on the internet for help and searched for people who had seen something similar but no ones was quite like mine until I read yours all these years later. I was leaving Kansas and heading to Florida on a beautiful sunny and cloudy day. This was my first time in an airplane and boy was I excited and nervous. I talked my fiancé to allowing me the window seat so I could experience the sky in a way that I hadn’t before. After our ascension we were given notification that we could unlock our seatbelts and move around. I immediately took mine off and wanted to get a better look at the sky as we were above the clouds at this time and I was amazed at its beauty, so whimsical. As I began to look further back I noticed something bright grab my peripherals attention. Upon looking at it I noticed a perfectly round, soft yellow light in a perfectly round circle. It was the size of a ball maybe soccer or basketball. It was gently and effortlessly bouncing/jumping atop the clouds towards me. It seemed so effortless to keep up and I was in a plane! It wasn’t bouncing constant either it was like a jump bounce but soft and jumping/bouncing the exact height and distance each time. I was so mesmerized and dazed. I felt affixed on it and almost frozen. I too thought about telling my fiancé but I found the urge to just watch it stronger than my urge to notify him. It lasted for 15 minutes or so and it was the most peaceful feeling I’ve ever had. I don’t remember it fading away but it did surpass me in the airplane and I couldn’t see it ahead of us anymore. I remember afterwards just sitting there dazing ahead thinking to myself what just happened and how would I explain this to my fiancé without him thinking I was crazy. So I kept it to myself until some time later when I eventually told him. I don’t think he believes me. We ended up flying over the ocean in a really bad thunderstorm that we were not expecting and ended up being rerouted to another airport for safe landing. That incident was so scary that the other was placed on a hold until I was back on the ground. Seeing the lightening and thunder and the waves below us as we were turning was terrifying. So I guess you can say I had the best and worst experience on the same flight. I wish I knew what the light was and what I would give to experience the feeling again. Complete peacefulness.