What Are UFOs and Where Do Aliens Really Come From?

Updated on June 18, 2019
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With interests in science, nature, and the paranormal, cryptid explores topics from a unique and sometimes controversial perspective.

What are aliens and where do UFOs come from? More importantly, what do they want from us?
What are aliens and where do UFOs come from? More importantly, what do they want from us?

UFO Sightings and the Mystery behind Alien Visitation

Accounts of UFOs and alien visitors go back thousands of years, but do we really have any idea what they are and where they come from?

What do they want? Why are they here? Are they really here at all?

A wise FBI agent once said, “I want to believe.” That’s probably how most of us feel. We want to believe in UFOs because it gives us hope that more life is out there, somewhere. Maybe even life that is sort of like us. If some other culture, somewhere else in the cosmos, is capable of building spacecraft that can travel the distance between their world and ours, it gives us hope that we too may one day explore the stars.

More than anything, maybe believing that aliens are visiting our world makes us feel less alone when we look up into the stars at night, that maybe we are all part of some cosmic community.

But what if UFOs and aliens aren’t really what we think they are? What if they aren’t visitors from another planet at all? Those who report interactions with them don’t always have the most pleasant story to tell. Why would another culture travel countless light years only to abduct our citizens, abuse our livestock and frighten our governments, all while remaining as secretive as possible?

In this article you'll read about five disturbing theories on what UFOs may really be, and where they could come from. Those cute little grey aliens may have more on their agendas that we ever realized.

Aliens are the First Wave of an Invasion Force

What if aliens intend to invade Earth? In this scenario we’ll assume UFOs originate on some other planet, probably quite a long ways away from Earth. Looking at how the our Milky Way Galaxy is ordered, we have to think even a culture capable of traveling close to light speed would take a long, long time to get from their planet to ours.

Einstein says they can’t go faster than light, so unless they know something about physics that we don’t (which is possible) they are governed by this galactic speed limit.

In other words, the aliens are in no hurry. Even if they have been visiting here for thousands of years, that still may be only a small fraction of the time their culture has been traveling in space. Maybe they’re sending ships to Earth to examine our planet and the creatures that live here, and maybe this is part of a project that could last hundreds or thousands of years before they decide what to do with us.

We can draw a parallel to when early Europeans began to come to the New World. They didn’t come all at once; they sent a few ships. Then more ships. Then a bunch of ships. It took decades, but eventually things weren’t looking so good for the indigenous people who lived there.

Might we see an unfriendly alien presence escalate once they decide our planet is worth having? It’s an alarming possibility.

Is Our Military Aware of a Coming UFO Invasion?
Is Our Military Aware of a Coming UFO Invasion? | Source

UFOs Are Time Machines

What if the aliens aren’t from another planet at all? What if they are us?

Everyone seems pretty convinced that we humans are eventually going to blow ourselves to Kingdom Come, or pollute ourselves to death, or suffer some other global calamity that is probably our own fault.

But what if that doesn’t happen? Setting aside that kind of fatalistic thinking, what would we be like if we continued to evolve for another million years or so?

We’re already less reliant on our physical bodies and we are using our minds more than any time in history. If that trend continues, would we evolve to see our bodies shrink and our heads remain large to support our big brains? Would we lose more of our hair, since we really have no practical use for it? Would we begin to look like the grey aliens so many people report seeing?

It’s hard to image the exact forces that would elicit these changes in our species. Who knows what the next million years could bring! But one thing many physicists do believe is that time travel is, at least theoretically, possible.

This may also account for the secretive nature of UFO visitors. Everybody knows if you travel back in time you have to be really careful you don’t meddle with anything or you could screw up your own present time.

Could aliens really be evolved humans, coming back to study what to them is the ancient past?

Travel Through Space and Time via Wormholes

Beings from a Parallel Dimension

Theoretical physicists have great jobs. Come up with a crazy idea you can sort of prove with a little math, write a paper or two, and convince your colleagues to nod their heads when you talk and you’re a genius.

One of the best crazy ideas they’ve come up with is the concept of the Multiverse. The Multiverse is made up of countless possible universes or dimensions. These dimensions run parallel with our own, and as a whole they comprise every possibility that could exist.

It’s not necessary to wrap your mind around that right now, but the point is alien visitors may be somehow crossing those dimensions. They would be visitors from another universe, but perhaps not exactly what we’ve always thought. Maybe they are poking their heads into a bunch of different universes besides our own.

The mind reels when trying to imagine the technology it would take to make such a jump. But then again maybe there is some natural phenomenon or rule of physics in their universe that does not pertain to ours. Either way, their secrecy may be a way to keep us from getting hold of these dimension-crossing methods.

It’s easy to understand why they are here: They are learning. A culture capable of crossing from dimension to dimension, or universe to universe, would have incredible knowledge available to them.

Perhaps aliens are leaving signs to help us understand what they want.
Perhaps aliens are leaving signs to help us understand what they want. | Source

Aliens are Demons

Some researchers like to draw a parallel between historical alien visitation and religion. It makes sense to think that the stories supporting modern religions may be explained by ancient man’s inability to understand what aliens were doing. Looking at it this way, God and His angels may well be aliens, misinterpreted by ancient people.

But here’s another thought: What if the beings we call “aliens” are not the good guys?

By many accounts, alien-human interaction involves aliens tormenting people. The little grey guys are reported to sneak into people’s rooms at night, abduct them, conduct painful examinations and wipe their memories of the incident. We tend to believe they are visitors from some other planet, but maybe that’s not true. If these are instead demonic entities, bent on torturing people and convincing them they are crazy, the UFO scam would be a pretty good way to go about it.

Remember the saying: The Devil’s greatest trick is to convince us he doesn’t exist. UFO sightings began to increase as people became more interested in technology over the past sixty years or so. Are demonic beings taking advantage of this and using our interest in technological advancement against us?

Of course there is no evidence that aliens are actually demonic entities. But it stands to reason, if demons really exist, they may use any tactic available to bring sorrow to mankind.

UFOs Come from the Center of the Earth

This might sound crazy, but some people believe the Earth is hollow, and inside there is another world. The entrances to this world are at the poles, and through these openings the inhabitants come out to explore our side of the globe. What people are seeing and calling UFOs are the ships piloted by the inner-earth inhabitants.

This is called Hollow Earth Theory. Back in the 1947, explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd reportedly flew into the Earth while attempting to fly over the North Pole. Inside, he met a race of people who gave him some advice to pass along to the rest of humanity and then sent him on his way. He recorded all of this is a secret diary which eventually became public knowledge.

However, many historians contest the authenticity of this evidence, and claim there are many holes in the story, including the fact that Byrd never attempted a North Pole flight in 1947.

In any event, there are some who theorize that UFOs come from inside of our hollow Earth. They are an advanced race who are caretakers of the planet, and they are watching us closely.

Is the Truth Really Out There?

No doubt if you’ve read this far you’ve considered at least half-a-dozen additional explanations for what UFOs could really be, and some of them are probably quite ordinary and worldly. Of course it’s possible that the UFO phenomenon could all be some kind of cultural lunacy, where people wishfully see and experience things that aren’t real.

Then again, maybe we'll soon see the day when we turn on the TV and are greeted with images of an alien ambassador standing alongside all of the world’s leaders, shaking hands, making peace and promising a bright future for humans and aliens alike. Nice, but it seems more probable that we’ll all have to keep guessing when it comes to UFOs and aliens.

With any luck, if we really are confronted by an alien presence some day we won’t be staring down the barrel of some interstellar planetary extermination device. When it comes to superior civilizations moving to new places the indigenous population always ends up on the short end of stick.

So, keep your fingers crossed and hope they’re friendly! If you think of any other theories (or if you know) what UFOs and Aliens are and where they come from tell us in the comments below!

Are Aliens Friendly?

What will happen if and when an alien civilization makes contact with leaders here on Earth?

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    • profile image

      Joe Pikus 

      6 months ago

      Most of the saucers you see are actually from a secret base in Antarctica where the Germans have their secret base. They had saucer technology back before we defeated the country of Germany

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Look at a picture of orien's belt, the two brighter stars are where the greys live (good aliens) the browns come from the dimmers one, (bad aliens).

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      The aliens are : the angels called Watchers later called fallen angels who now dwell on the earth and elsewhere THESE ARE THE Aliens or so-called extraterrestrials . They will some day come along with the devil & his demons and wage war with mankind before our Lord’s (Jesus Christ’s) second coming !

      God did not create life in another planet!

      Only on earth!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Ufo s don t exist. It s just very simple. There are people who think really simple(who don t use facebook insta etc) , and there are people who let their imagination control them(people who are obssesed with facebook insta etc) but that s just nature.there are people out there like most of you who put a comment here, that you like to think it s like this. And that is your brain s limit. It s like you ask a ford fiesta without modifications to do the same as a ferrari. I hope you don t feel ofended by my comment but it s true.

    • profile image

      Jonathan Riikonen 

      3 years ago

      This happened years ago. I was on my way to my hometown library (Hyvinkaa, Finland). From the lower parking area you have to climb about forty step up there. Midway there is a little plain rest area. There I saw a funny looking man, his head was too big and his eyes were odd. My first thought was that if aliens exist, he must be one.

      So, I kind of forgot that and went to look for books. Then I spotted him in the library reading area. He had at least ten ufo books in front of him. I stared him moth agape. Then he lifted his eyes from the book and gave me a quizzical look. I felt strange and took off.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Aliens could be AI of another species of intelligent life that exist elsewhere. Wouldn't it be more efficient to use AI to collect data as you traverse the vastness of space?

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      After my previous comments on this hub, I would like to point out that I have now learned how to "summon" UFOs/orbs, just as confirmed by the Russian and French militaries and as suggested by Steven Greer's CE5 initiative - it really works! But, I think that UFOs and orbs are two separate phenomena. In 2008, in a one-off event, I came face to face with an alien humanoid who I communicated with telepathically. With orbs, I also communicate telepathically and can manifest them at will but I do not think this phenomenon is related in any way to the alien I witnessed in 2008. The day after that encounter, the local police helicopter chased a UFO out of my city out over the sea - orbs don't need to be chased, they can just disappear at will just like they appear out of nowhere and for that reason I believe that orbs are an etheric phenomenon.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think they are from acient bible times just roving the earth to see how we are doing.

    • profile image

      Mark Sugar says/.. 

      5 years ago

      They're Demons using man made tech like the portal machine know as CERN .... Creating dark matter is a really bad thing. Think of it as the Yin to the Yang of Nuclear Fission... Just a lot more destructive... So yeah, the lights in your skies are demonic

      Spirits getting u to look and say "cool"... U

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      I think they have multiple motives on their agenda. According to government/military whistleblowers, they have also been disabling our nuclear weapons facilities.

    • cryptid profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      That's certainly a possibility, Sparkster. On the other hand, if they are sufficiently advanced, they may not feel a threat even from our nuclear capabilities. Perhaps they are only documenting our progress and setting up bases the way we would set up a field station when studying an animal species in a remote part of the world.

      I do tend to agree that they are here for more reasons than to simply observe us.

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      I don't think they are simply just curious, otherwise they would just observe rather than setting up bases on the planet and monitoring our nuclear weapons capabilities. They could very well be checking out how well prepared we are to defend ourselves.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think they are just curious about us.... they have no other intentions

    • cryptid profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      I think I heard something about that (the faster-than-light particles). It will be interesting to see how that translates to usable information for space travel, if it even does.

    • Skulduggery Jones profile image

      Nathaniel Plumtree 

      5 years ago from Basingstoke

      I would like to add that in your hub you mention Einstein's theory that you cannot travel faster than light but recently particles had been detected that were traveling faster than light. Some scientists are also looking to see if anti-matter can be used as rocket fuel ant to travel at the speed of light if not faster, the problem of course is containing it.

    • Skulduggery Jones profile image

      Nathaniel Plumtree 

      5 years ago from Basingstoke

      Very interesting hub.

      Judging by the size of the universe, we humans are not alone when we shall publicly encounter these beings is unknown but very interesting take and theories on the subject.

    • cryptid profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Good point sparkster. Underwater bases are surely a possibility, and, as you know, there are many significant sightings of UFOs in, around, and even flying into the sea. It would be smart for them to use the ocean for cover, but as our technology and exploration of the sea expands I wonder if the sightings will escalate.

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I believe they have established underwater bases in various parts of the world. They are thriving under the oceans - water is the most precious and abundant resource on planet Earth and this is why they have set up bases here. There are many of them already amongs us, some of them walking the streets with us, yet most people would never know. They are here for their own reasons.

    • cryptid profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Kukata Kali!

    • Kukata Kali profile image

      Kukata Kali 

      6 years ago

      I so enjoyed this!

    • cryptid profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

      @ Nadine: Visitors from the future may be more plausible that most people would imagine. The more I realize how far these aliens must have to travel to get there, the more it seems there ought to be some alternative explanation.

      @ I agree: There may indeed be more than one explanation, and it could be worse than anything I presented here.

      @ Electro-Denizen: I consider testimony by astronauts, pilots and other high-level professionals to be among the best evidence we have. When they talk, we need to listen. Of course that doesn't mean they can't be as bonkers as the rest of us!

    • Electro-Denizen profile image


      6 years ago from UK

      What do you make of ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell saying there's a denial going on, in the face of the obvious truth of an alien presence? (in a recent hub of mine).

      Interesting hub btw, good coverage, made for good reading.

    • Rob Winters profile image

      Rob Winters 

      6 years ago

      Very nice summation of the top theories. Such a fascinating topic Hopefully we'll be around to find out although they do say be careful what you wish for.There may indeed be more than 1 explanation.Up & Interesting.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      6 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Great article! Best one Ive read about aliens. My own thought on it is that we could indeed be the visitors from the future. Or, if time is also an illusion, created by our mind, then yes there must be many kind of visitors alien or otherwise that know how to break through our time barrier. It's a great topic and I'm sure we will find out relatively soon. When we know how to travel beyond time maybe?


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