Was the Ancient Sumerian Created by Aliens?

Updated on June 24, 2020

Modern-day accounts of alien encounters describe space visitors with features strangely similar to creatures depicted on old clay tablets and figurines from the oldest civilization on Earth—Sumer—a civilization that dates back to 4000 B.C.

But that's not the only indication that, possibly, Sumer was in contact with aliens from outer space. There's much more to the story. Ancient records from the Sumer civilization, artifacts, genetic evidence, and astronomical science suggest there might have been very close contact between Sumerians and aliens.

Well, actually, more than just close contact.

Modern-Day Iraq at the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers: Location of Ancient Sumer

The Anunnaki and the Sumerians

I don't know if I should go ahead and spill the beans right now or not.

See, it's not just that Sumerians were in contact with aliens. They were aliens. Or, at least, part alien; descended from aliens.

That's the theory.

In 1976, Zecharia Sitchin wrote a book called The 12th Planet in which he laid out his translation of the text of the ancient tablets of Sumer. The story he revealed was that of the Gods, the Anunnaki, who were actually aliens from a planet called Nibiru; this planet had been brought into our solar system through a gravitational pull and subsequently collided with another planet and the broken piece of that planet formed Earth; the rest of the debris became meteors, asteroids, and comets.

The people of Nibiru found themselves in short supply of gold, which they needed in their atmosphere and for their advanced technology. Earth, being plentiful in gold, was their prime prospect for the valuable resource.

The Anunnaki encountered prehistoric humans and decided to use genetic engineering to create a slave race who would mine their gold and build their palaces. What they ended up creating was a species with genes of both Homo Erectus and the Anunnaki. This would be modern-day humans or, back then, the Sumerians.

Eventually, the Anunnaki decided to leave humans to their own devices but first equipped choice humans to build up a civilization that would sustain them. They taught them science, agriculture, technology, and social structure, and this is the theory's explanation for why the Sumerian civilization seemed to spring up out of nowhere and suddenly, many thousands of years ago, as a drastic departure from our prehistoric ancestors.

The Nephilim from the Bible are believed by Ancient Astronaut theorists to be descendants of aliens.
The Nephilim from the Bible are believed by Ancient Astronaut theorists to be descendants of aliens. | Source

Is There Proof of Ancient Aliens?

Proponents of the Ancient Astronaut theory do cite evidence that aliens came to Earth many thousands of years ago and created and set up the old Sumerian civilization.

Sitchin had met with an astronomer from the Naval Observatory, Dr. Robert Harrington, and their evidence matched up. One piece of evidence that matched was that Harrington, on good evidence, believed that there is a 10th planet beyond Pluto which we still haven't officially registered. This planet, the two believed, is Nibiru, home of the Anunnaki.

The fact that the ancient Sumerians had this information on their tablets also shows they had very advanced knowledge of our solar system, information that was not established back then; for instance, the 9 planets, including Pluto. Of course, they included Nibiru among those planets, so that according to their tablets we have, in fact, 10 planets in our solar system.

Sumerian Artifacts

Artifacts recovered from ancient Sumer suggest a very technologically advanced society. There is speculation as to how people so long ago could have had these technological advances without outside help. Among the proof of a very technologically sophisticated society at Sumer, there are recovered clay pot batteries that still contained electrodes, a flyable model airplane, and the precision cutting of huge stones to build their structures and cities. Rockets, airplanes, and even a helicopter were depicted on certain artifacts too.

Genetic Evidence

There is also genetic evidence of the possible existence of aliens in the oldest civilization on Earth. Scientists have discovered the first woman that we can genetically trace ourselves back to through mitochondrial DNA research, and this woman lived more than 100,000 years ago near the site of a gold mine in Africa that is 100,000 years old. And it should be noted that it is considered an incredible discovery to find a gold mine that goes back that far in human history; human beings were prehistoric at that time, not thought to have had gold mines at all. Equally important is that this area was the site of purported genetic engineering experiments by the Anunnaki.

Stories Passed Down Through Different Civilizations

Along with the documentation provided by ancient Sumerian texts written on their tablets, there are stories from around the world that indicate these aliens visited Earth:

  • The Aztecs say creatures from space asked them to mine gold and they wrapped their babies' heads to make them grow like that of the Gods.
  • The Bible talks of the Watchers or the Sons of God, which has been interpreted as the Anunnaki and their descendants respectively.
  • The Adam and Eve story corresponds with the Sumerian creation story.
  • The Great Flood is explained in Ancient Astronaut theory as a result of the official Anunnaki being angered at their own species mating with the genetically-engineered humans they created.
  • The Greeks, Egyptians, and Celts all had similar stories as the Alien creation story, having the same beings in them as the Anunnaki.
  • The Zulus in Africa have a legend that visitors came from the stars to excavate gold and other resources and these mines were worked by slaves created by the "first people". Indeed, in southern Africa, there are mines that are hundreds of thousands of years old.

The Anunnaki
The Anunnaki | Source


Are these just stories people made up a very long time ago, and cool little artifacts that were just pieces of art conjured up by the imaginations of our ancient ancestors? Or does all of the evidence point to visits from aliens who were actually what the old myths called Gods? It might explain a lot. It might explain creation myth, the story of a great flood that seems to be told across the globe and it might explain how the pyramids were built and why you find them on continents far removed from each other.

I guess we don't know. The major proponents of Ancient Astronaut theories seem very convinced that aliens were here on Earth, taught people how to build and run a civilization and left them after helping them build up that civilization.

Is it possible? You decide.

Do you believe that the ancient Sumerians were created by aliens?

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    • profile image

      Nick Smith 

      7 months ago

      Its obvious the human race have been geneticaly engineered to evolve so quickly in the last ten thousand years. From cave men to landing on the moon. Aliens are still active in human genetics, from abductions, to gene & dna modifications. Eventually creating spontaneous re population. Governments hide, deny, deliver fake news on all this activity as they desperately try to keep control of the population. The more they deny the fact the more you know its true. Who would trust a politician?

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Read the book 'Vehicles of Asgard' (Xlibris 2016) by William Hall Watson.

    • profile image

      Gina rubio 

      21 months ago

      Pretty much everything stated is correct except 1 small thing. The annunaki themselves stated many times that THEY WERE NOT THE CREATORS OF THE UNIVERSE, OR THE GREAT ARCHITECT. Thet stated many times in the story of creation and the book of Enki that they questioned whether or not they were creating mankind as an act of fate or destiny. The book dictated by Enki, and scribed over 40 days and 40 nights, (sound familiar) has a couple of events that were infact supposed interference By THE CREATOR, which Enki and Enlil realized years later, which eased their burden of guilt regarding the fate or destiny question. They realized it was their destiny to have created mankind


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