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The 1974 UFO Crash in Coyame, Mexico

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What crashed in the Mexican desert in 1974?

What crashed in the Mexican desert in 1974?

It Began One Summer Night

Late one evening, a small plane left the El Paso airport. Its destination? Mexico City. No one knows who exactly was on the plane. There have been conflicting reports that a flight plan was filed, while others have stated that there was none. Some believe it was covered up in order to mask what happened that day. Others believe that the pilot of the plane was a drug courier. Whoever the pilot was, he had no idea what was to come, and he would never make it to Mexico City. His fate would begin a chain of events that would lead not only to his death but to the deaths of many in the Mexican military.

The Texas El Paso Airport

The Texas El Paso Airport

The Collision

As his plane ascended on that summer day and settled into its flight across the Mexican border, the pilot was unaware of what was flying in from the Gulf. Another aircraft was traveling at high speed at over 2,500 miles an hour at an altitude of 75,000 feet. Initially, it headed for Texas, but then it turned into Mexico. It descended to 45,000 feet and then slowed to just under 2000 miles an hour. Finally, the unknown aircraft leveled off at 20,000 feet.

Just like the pilot of the small plane, the name of the pilot of the other aircraft was also unknown. Then the unthinkable happened. Both aircraft collided and went down in the desert near the town of Coyame.

Not of This World

From what is understood, the pilot and his plane had originated from Mexico, so the FAA was not required to investigate the incident. Nevertheless, US officials did offer assistance, but Mexican officials declined. The US was aware of the event since the whole incident was monitored on radar up to the point of collision when they lost contact with both aircraft.

The high speed of the second aircraft and its erratic flight path is what initially alarmed the US air-defense network. Later, after eavesdropping on Mexican communications, it became more apparent to the US military who was piloting the second aircraft. They didn’t know his name, but they were certain of one thing. He wasn’t from this world.

Coyame Mexico, roughly 250 miles south of El Paso, Texas

Coyame Mexico, roughly 250 miles south of El Paso, Texas

Something Is Wrong

This second unidentified craft was surprisingly close to intact even though it obliterated the small plane. When Mexican personnel arrived at the second crash site they were shocked to find that the second aircraft was actually a disk-shaped object. It had damage on one side with a small rupture, exposing the inside of the unidentified object to the outside elements.

Once the Mexican military was aware of what they had found, communications suddenly stopped. Even though the blackout was ordered, the US used satellite and spy plane reconnaissance to monitor what was going on.

What they saw was that the object was small enough to just fit on a flatbed truck that Mexican personnel used to transport it. With a convoy of vehicles, they headed south with both the object and the wreckage of the small plane, but then, for some inexplicable reason, they stopped moving. A US spy plane flyover revealed that all of the personnel were unconscious, and this is when the US military made their move to capture the object.

The US Quickly Assembles a Team to Capture the Object

With four helicopters, three hueys, and a super stallion, the US headed across the border. As a precaution, they donned biohazard protection. When the US personnel arrived at the convoy, they found that all of the members of the Mexican recovery team were dead. Quickly they hoisted the object off of the flatbed with the super stallion and then proceeded to eliminate all of the evidence including the bodies. The US recovery team used a good amount of explosives. They did this not only to eliminate evidence but also to prevent any further contamination.

Is This a True Story?

The collision occurred the night of August 24, 1974. The recovery took place the morning after. A few possible locations that the object was taken to were of course Area 51, Fort Bliss, or Wright Patterson.

Did this event actually occur? It is a fairly fantastic story. However, there could be other explanations for what really happened. Here are a few possibilities:

  • The air space around Coyame is a known route for drug traffickers. What if one of the courier aircraft had to make an emergency landing. If the Mexican police and even the army showed up to investigate it could have ended in violence with casualties on both sides, and thus the story of dead soldiers in the desert.
  • The novel The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton was published in 1969 and the movie was released in 1971. The novel's story does have an uncanny resemblance to this collision story that supposedly occurred three years later.

There could always be a more earthly explanation, but if that were true, then how did this story come about? Who made it up? Many UFO reports can be explained, but there are a select few that defy terrestrial explanation. Maybe this is one of them.


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D3F1ANT on October 03, 2019:

I'm a believer in UFO...but I also believe there's tons of BS out there. You UFO crashes that involve pilots with no names...planes with no numbers or flight plans (even though they left from FAA airports)...officials with no military units from 2 different countries. Just guys who said stuff about guys who saw or did stuff!? LMAO! Come on...

Gene W Strasser (author) from Lake Orion, Michigan on June 06, 2019:

I first heard about the collision story on the show "UFO Files." The show is posted in the first link above. I think this incident, if true, is more obscure because the military personnel of two governments were the only witnesses to the crash, while at Roswell, there were far more civilians involved. Also the alleged crash took place in a very remote area.

Mohan Babu from Chennai, India on June 04, 2019:

Very interesting article on the purported UFO crash at Coyame. I have read extensively about the Roswell incident but this is the first time I am hearing about this.