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Top Ten Conspiracy Theories: The Roswell Incident

Having researched disinformation tactics for the last five years, I am now publishing a series of articles on the subject.

A quick illustration to give the article some spice!

A quick illustration to give the article some spice!

Terra Papers

In an interesting side note to this story is the information contained in the Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky, in which some Hopi Indians on a spirit quest came across a crashed spaceship in the desert and rescued one of the crew members that had survived the crash.

This happened in the early part of the 20th Century, lending credence to the theory of Alien visitors. These Indians took the survivor, which definitely wasn't human back to their reservation where he lived with them for many years until he was rescued by his own people.

By learning sign language and using crystals that showed holographic images (Bek-Ti as he was known to these Indians) was able to share the incredible story of the history of our Solar System from an Alien perspective with the Hopi. This story led me to an epiphany of the true nature of the human existence and our role on the planet Earth. This story which has never been published is well worth the read and can be found on Scribd, which is the link I provided.

Far Superior Technology

The other reason why I sincerely doubt the crashed Alien spacecraft story is that their technology is far superior to our own. The only way Alien technology would ever be allowed to fall into our hands is if the Aliens wanted us to have it and there are far easier ways of accomplishing this without faking a crash in the remote desert.

There is an abundance of evidence to support the theory that Aliens have been monitoring this planet for thousands of years, so they have had plenty of time to establish meaningful contact and share their technology.

I suspect when humans learn how to live in peace, stop killing each other and letting each other starve to death needlessly they maybe interested in helping us. However would you want to give technology, capable of interstellar flight, to a species that is willing to kill their own kind by the millions?

When humanity has outgrown their selfish ways and learn how to love one another unconditionally, then perhaps those monitoring this planet maybe interested in our species, until then we are on our own.

The United States military saw an opportunity to instill fear in the public and gain support for secret military operations on our own soil and took it. Believe it or not this reign of terror is coming to an end and those in power know it. The Powers That Be had their chance to achieve global domination since the end of WWII and failed.

It is now time for the public to wake up and smell the corruption and this is happening on a global scale. Humanity is on the brink of a Golden Age of discovery as we forge a new reality and discard the old illusion of fear.

I'm writing this article in response to a recent article I read on conspiracy theories. In this article, I will show what just a little research, creative writing, and critical thinking can accomplish. I offer two distinctly different reasons for the cover-up with plausible explanations for both.

The Roswell Incident has been shrouded in mystery for over sixty years but what were the real reasons the US Military decided the public could not be told the truth. Was it because they were conducting horrible experiments at the public expense or was it because of National Security and the fear of War?

I'll let my readers make the call however I suspect that over the years we have been told much of the truth in the form of movies, books, and media reports.

Roswell Incident (1947)

We begin the unraveling of the mystery of the Roswell Incident in 1947 of which most readers will have some knowledge of, with the basic facts. The Roswell Incident introduced the American public to the alien concept in general, but with all conspiracies, it is shrouded in disinformation, lies, and deception.

Whatever the truth may be, the basic UFO concept is that a saucer-shaped aircraft crashed in the New Mexico desert on July 8, 1947, and inside were found the bodies of the Alien crew members. The supposed Roswell Aliens were smaller than an average human being with no hair and big eyes.

A local newspaper reported the story using a press release from the military that had recovered the craft. The headline from the Roswell Daily Record was "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region." No details were given and only two witnesses reported to the authorities having seen it. The next day the military issued a news release that the object that was actually recovered was a weather balloon.

There are many theories on this incident known to the public. The most prevailing theme is that this was an alien spaceship and the bodies that were recovered were of extraterrestrial origin. For a long time, I was willing to believe this also and that the US government was covering this issue up.

However my belief now, after extensive research, is that this story was created as disinformation to cover what was really going on.

Soon after the end of WWII, the United States realized how far behind they were in advanced aircraft technology and began an almost frantic attempt to catch up. This knowledge came from captured German aircraft and Nazi scientists as well as Japanese secret technology and became known as Operation Paperclip.

Knowing that Russia had also gained many German secrets as well, since they were the first to reach Berlin in 1945, America brought many of the German scientists to Los Alamos and White Sands to help them create a new generation of ultra-secret aircraft, anticipating that Russia would be doing the same.

During the War, they had created some prototypes of round winged aircraft, but were unable to get these projects off the ground, literally. One solution to this problem was to attach them to recently recovered High Altitude Balloons the Japanese had made in an effort to launch bio-weapons on the North American continent.

In an effort to keep the public in the dark about how close the Japanese had come to carrying this threat out, the recovered balloons were kept classified.

The main problem the Americans had with these round winged aircraft was weight, as they still used jet powered motors, which used large amounts of their limited fuel supply simple getting off the ground. These crafts had huge fuel tanks which made saving on weight very important, smaller pilots meant less weight.

As much as I would like to believe that Aliens had crashed landed in the American Southwest in 1947, the overwhelming evidence is that it is just a story designed to cover testing done by ex-Nazi scientist and a desperate military to cover the truth.

The American military establishment was much more afraid of public awareness and reaction to some of the less than ethical and immoral practices they had used not only in the war on prisoners, but their own citizens as well, as human guinea pigs.

There is documentation of soldiers being bombarded with large doses of radiation during nuclear tests, being infected with syphilis to document symptoms as well as bio-chemical weapons such as mustard gas to test gas masks effectiveness. They also experimented with various drugs without the consent of soldiers, citizens, and prisoners and feared that these issues would be leaked to the public.

This UFO story allowed them to not only mislead the public but elected officials as well, while enforcing the need for secrecy and funding for these projects. Area 51 was established soon after this event, which allowed them to not only continue working on their prototypes, but give the public a ready-made excuse if any of their test flights were seen by the public.

It also had the added advantage of keeping the Russians wondering if indeed they had gained Alien technology.

The use of these High Altitude Balloons solved the problem of getting these aircraft off the ground and well out of sight before powering them up for flight. Getting them back in one piece was another story entirely, but the new aerodynamics were amazing as it allowed for incredible maneuverability and high speeds, while remaining almost undetectable by radar and human observation.

In the book Genesis For A New Space Age by John B. Leith, the author shows that American Presidents as far back as Roosevelt were well aware of the Alien presence on this World. The 1936 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, narrated by Orson Wells was actually an attempt by Roosevelt's administration to test the public's reaction to news about extraterrestrials.

Although I'm firmly convinced that Extraterrestrials live on this planet with us and having been involved in our evolution, this incident in Roswell, New Mexico was nothing more than a story contrived by The Powers That Be to spread fear and cover up the truth.

This article is only one of many that I've written that is designed to shed some light on the subject. The truth is so incredibly fantastic that it cannot be adequately explained or investigated in just one article.

Looking for a new vehicle why settle for a car when you can travel the stars.

Looking for a new vehicle why settle for a car when you can travel the stars.

The Other Prevailing Theme

The other prevailing theme is that an alien spacecraft did indeed crash in the New Mexico desert and through careful manipulation, disinformation and cover stories the US Military was able to divert public inquiry into the incident for over fifty years.

Information that has been recently uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act, whistleblowers and government insider deathbed confessions we have learned that this is exactly the case. In a recently published book called Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: information is revealed by DIA insiders that the crash in New Mexico known as the Roswell event, was in actuality an effort by benevolent aliens to balance the power structure on the surface of our World by introducing America to working spacecraft.

The story behind this connects Admiral Byrd's famous journey to Antarctica known as Operation High Jump as the catalyst for the EBENs as they are known for supplying America with advanced Alien technology.

Operation High Jump was conducted by the US Military to investigate and destroy the secret Nazi base in Antarctica in 1947. They met with stiff resistance and were soundly defeated by advanced round winged aircraft from this Nazi base, which the British had located a year before and tried to demolish but were driven off.

The US Military was concerned that a new Nazi offensive could begin from this base and they would have no defense for the advanced technology that crippled their fleet. The reports they had received convinced them that they were years behind in round winged aircraft technology and had nothing in their arsenal that could stop the aircraft that the Nazi threat imposed.

That being said when two intact Alien spacecraft 'crash-landed' near their most top-secret facilities in the American Southwest they were immediately concerned. They soon discovered that the occupants were not of this planet and that there were three survivors among the dead crew members. Because of the recent developments in Antarctica and the fact that they were well behind in advanced technology in this department they decided to keep things a secret from the public as a way of ensuring that any enemies would remain ignorant as well, it was a matter of National Security.

Thus began the era of disinformation, propaganda and cover stories designed to protect National Security, while providing them with the time to figure out and reverse engineer the advance technology of the Aliens. Having a living member of the spacecraft enabled them to make some startling discoveries and eventually contact with an Extraterrestrial race from a distant Star System.

In 1964, seventeen years after this supposed 'crash landing' they actually sent a 12 member team to the homeworld (Serpo) of these very same Aliens, this was known as Operation Crystal Knight. The ending of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind actually portrayed the beginning of this mission by these astronauts.

The US Military learned quite a bit about how to go about indoctrinating the public into the Alien/UFO mythology for eventual Full Disclosure and the best way to go about reverse engineering technology. By introducing concepts, ideas, and theories into the public eye through television, movies and books they could slowly integrate new technology and concepts into our society.

By providing Alien technical data, devices, and hardware to corporations, institutes and universities they could compartmentalize the technology keeping anyone from seeing the big picture and get the public to work on this technology and perhaps find uses for it.

Eventually, many discoveries and inventions were made through this Alien technology which gave rise to the computer industry from micro-chips, defensive body armor such as Kevlar, and Velcro from tightly woven material used in the spacecraft. Fiber optics from the wiring used in the spacecraft, hydrated foods from the kitchen in the craft, holo-graphics from the communication devices and computers used on the crafts.

Laser beam technology and stealth aircraft capabilities were some of the more advanced military applications from these spacecraft, however, the list of inventions and uses derived from these crafts is quite extensive and one could write an entire article on this subject alone.

Perhaps the most important discoveries were that we are not alone and that the EBENs had been monitoring our planet for thousands of years. They even introduced us to some religions in hopes of influencing our spiritual orientation however that experiment obviously failed. It became obvious to the Military that they had been coming here for a long time and considered Earth an investment.

One can read the book form from the Defense Intelligence Agency called Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel or go to their website and make up their own mind about the information.

The article was written to show two different but plausible explanations for the Roswell Incident. After reading the Planet Serpo book I'm more inclined to believe this story than the disinformation campaign outlined in the first part of the article.

You Make The Call


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 19, 2018:

Obviously I care or I wouldn't take the time to research and write articles and while I allow anyone to comment on them with no censorship no matter how inane their drivel might be, might I suggest signing up to Hub Pages and writing your own article on the subject, after all if you have something to say this would be your opportunity to share it with the world?

Or you could just stick to commenting on other peoples articles and pretending like you actually know something, after all anyone can pretend . . . ?! on March 17, 2018:

Having worked for many years on the inside of what we call the shadow dance intelligence game, it has been quite interesting to note how little is really known on certain matters. So what if the US has been really worried about UFO'S for a very long time and had decided that it must have a plan to recover any possible downed UFO's crash landing on it's teritorry. So what if the US constructed one of their own and deliberately dropped it outside Roswell simply to discover what damage it caused both to the craft itself and the impact point, and how easy or difficult it might be to recover.which turned out not to be so hard after all, all things considered. Teslar really saw it coming and worked it all out years ago so that Ufo's have no moving propulsion parts, just offset plasma inverters and gravity reducers or shields. I'm not saying any of this is true all I'm saying is if you can think it, then anything is possible because the difficult we do immediately while the impossible takes a little time, and who cares who flys what or when. but really you don't want to know,or do you?.

Pamela Jason on May 19, 2017:

Way to tie it all together Blue.. Great article and it way resonated.. Goode lied about that Sitchin stuff and this crashing ships on purpose is just bunk to throw us off the trail of the heinous Government. Vilainzing the wrong peoples as usual via the handlers who control the minds of all the soldiers unless they break away like the Star Traveler is and has done along with other who are trying to get away for good

hoi on May 02, 2016:


Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on June 11, 2015:

As always a very comprehensive informative article. I'm glad that one of my articles is showing next to your post. Thanks for the book and web link: Secret Journey to Planet Serpo. I had not yet come across this site. I will probably get the kindle download. Pitty that ebooks have no monetary value as links. Have you ever read anything about Zep Tepi: The Golden Age of Egypt ? Let me know your thoughts on it please.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 22, 2012:

No I already published two one on the Crime of the Century the JFK Assassination, the Mossad and the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate, CIA connection.

And another one on Pearl Harbor, might start writing about the Moon as a Space Observatory for those that created us!

Just finished one called Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens and the Media is Lying To You really interesting stuff.

Thanks for stopping by it's always good to hear from you, I was hoping this article flowed well but wasn't sure . . .

Rehana Stormme on January 22, 2012:

This is a great idea for a hub series that could be linked together when all the parts are done.

So basically, the US government was testing highly advanced ex-Nazi military equipment - crafts that resemble UFO saucers when one of them malfunctioned and crashed. They panicked and made a cover up story about it being an alien space ship that crashed and sealed off the entire area as top secret. The disinformation surrounding this is just amazing and it only worked out because the sheeple were docile enough to believe it.

I wasn't very conversant with the Rosewell theory and was planning on reading up on it but your article pretty much clears it up. The explanation is clear and the flow of ideas is smooth. Once again, great hub!

What's the next theory on the list? I guess we'll have to wait :D

jenubouka on January 12, 2012:

Cover up, he, he, nice somethgblue.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 11, 2012:

Thank you, Jenubouka as always insightful and engaging . . . Nicomp what would you like as a third choice?

Cover Up?

jenubouka on January 11, 2012:

This now, should be a closed case. Well retrieved information! I didn't know much of the whole reason why the gov. created a "side show" effect with the aliens, and what a fricken waste of money to boot. Really guys, really?

I look forward to the other conspiracies to come. Well done in my book.

nicomp really from Ohio, USA on January 11, 2012:

There should be a third choice for the survey!