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My Alien Abduction and UFO Encounter


Layne is interested in energy work and exploring the often unexplainable.

True stories about alien abductions and sightings.

True stories about alien abductions and sightings.

What Is It Like to Be Abducted by Aliens?

"E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" is a beautiful movie that depicts an exceptional bond between a young boy, Elliot, and an extraterrestrial, but when it comes to true abduction accounts, the tone usually changes.

My Abduction Story

I never talked about my recollection until I became older and heard about my sister's own account, my dad's separate account, and one more from a friend's aunt. All of these three people have very trustworthy accounts and none of these individuals have histories of substance use associated with their abductions. Here are their profiles:

  • My dad: Has a masters in physics and is an electrical engineer; works in biomed.
  • My sister: Former Christian, college-educated, mother of one, divorced.
  • My friend's aunt "Dona": Environmental scientist, lives in California.

The Night I Was Abducted by Aliens

I grew up in a pleasant suburban town in the Bay Area. We lived in a remodeled 4 bedroom home. My room was in the back left of the house, my middle sister's bedroom was a "mirroring" room and just to the right, and my oldest sister slept across the hall. Our parents slept upstairs. I was in my early teens.

I slept in the back left corner away from the windows. We had sheets (instead of blinds) over our windows which I always pulled down when I slept. Sometimes, I would fall asleep to my CD player and light a candle. Everything was fairly straightforward and routine day after day.

The night that the abduction happened, I remember going through the motions. At some point I woke up (or thought I woke up) and had an undefinable urge to look outside my window. When I looked outside, there was a very distinct pooling of light on our lawn. It looked similar to the light of a full, bright moon, but the perplexing thing was that the light was only focused in my backyard, and the bushes around the fence of my neighbors' homes were dark.

In addition to the bright spotlight, I noticed that the plants were pulsating. All of the trees were bending and swaying inwards towards the center of the lawn and the center of the light, almost like a vacuum. The best way I can describe it is like watching plants and seagrass in the ocean sway and move with the waves in a constant but uncontrolled rhythm. The trees continued to pulse rather intensely.

At this moment I do not recall when I left my bed. What happened next was like a very vivid dream. I was on a "table" in a very sterile environment. I was laying on my back and there was bright light above the ceiling. I felt absolutely no sensations on my body but was aware of the fact that I was being studied or examined—that is the only way to describe it. I knew I was being looked at but never once felt pain or discomfort. I obviously couldn't move or speak.

By the time I woke up, I had the sensation of being placed down into my bed like a baby—it was very gentle. My body was pain-free, and I actually was quite relaxed and well. When I realized I was awake, again, I look out of my window and saw that the trees were no longer pulsing and the lawn was much darker under the moon.

I kept this story to myself and passed it off as a dream for many years until I heard from others in my family about abductions, UFO sightings, and encounters.

Every abduction account and UFO sighting is different but there are many common themes.

Every abduction account and UFO sighting is different but there are many common themes.

UFOs, Alien Sightings, and Abductions. Or Is It Sleep Paralysis?

I've never suffered from sleep paralysis and no one in my family has, so I'm not entirely sure how that would play into our accounts. Still, there is a lot of skepticism surround abductions and sightings. I tell my story with a grain of salt because most people who have not had the experience will deny them . . . which is understandable. Personally, I'm not too invested in the "believability" factor, I just think it's interesting to talk about.

Rich McNally of Harvard took it so far as to investigate common traits of alien abductees and their "desire to cling onto their beliefs." These findings were published in Psychology Today. He found these 5 common traits:

  • Sleep paralysis: Many abductees describe a tendency towards sleep paralysis which is characterized by flashing lights and hallucinations and the sensation of "floating" upon waking.
  • False Memory Syndrome: These individuals recall words, concepts, items that were never introduced in memory tests.
  • High levels of absorption: These individuals have a propensity towards imagination, fantasy, and are the type to be easily hypnotized if subjected.
  • New age beliefs: Abductees have a high level of interest or acceptance of new age medicine and magical ideation.
  • Cultural narrative familiarity: Abductees are often fueled by sci-fi films and narratives around abduction.

I looked at these five points and evaluated myself. Here's what I found:

Do I Fit the Alien Abductee Profile?


Sleep paralysis


Does not run in my family; no accounts

False memory syndrome


I worked as an anesthetist for many years and do technical editing; I've never had a memory problem

High levels of absorption


I'm quite the skeptic

New age beliefs


This category definitely suits me. I'm into energy healing, however, at the time of my abduction I was fairly religious (belief in God) and definitely sheltered from new age philosophies.

Cultural narrative familiarity


I actually do not like sci-fi at all. I will watch something like ET for nostalgic purposes.

Many UFOs go unreported.

Many UFOs go unreported.

UFO Sightings and More Abduction Stories

My Dad's UFO Sighting

When my dad was young, maybe 4 or 5, his family used to fly from Santa Barbara to Washington in old renovated B-52s. We come from a family of WWI and WWII Air Force pilots. He used to ride in these huge B-52s and look out the window. He told me that one day he saw 3-4 tiny silver spheres. At first, they were stationary as if keeping pace with the B-52, but suddenly they broke away in a zigzag pattern and sped off, unlike anything he could compare it to up until he passed away.

My Sister's Alien Abduction

My sister had a very similar abduction experience to mine at about the same age—13 or 14—but hers was less pleasant. In her dream, she was indeed placed in an examination room. She recalls seeing a long, silver, snake-like device (maybe something like a scope) being placed into and down her esophagus. This is the most poignant point of her story, and I do not recall the other details.

My Friend's Aunt Dona

Dona's story really fascinated me because she is an intelligent woman and told me the story upon my best friend's urging; she told me with great sincerity.

I forget where she grew up—Arizona or a remote part of California. She was a youth mentor and had promised to take her students star-gazing. She was much older than the kids (they were in there early teens) and she had just obtained her driver's license.

She drove the kids out into the wilderness down some dirt roads with the hopes of seeing stars. As they were driving she described a bright light following them (not sure if it was behind or in front of them) and that was it. When they finally came to and woke up the car was parked and the sun was coming up. None of them remembered what had happened and none of them ever told an adult about it.

The History of UFO Sightings and Traits of Abductees

Betty and Barney Hill's first-time account of a UFO sighting and abduction was the first to receive great public attention. The couple was driving in New Hampshire's White Mountains in 1961 and reported being abducted and examined despite bouts of severe memory loss throughout the evening. The abduction was later investigated by the U.S. government as part of a series of investigative initiatives called Project Blue Book, which took on 12,618 reports over 17 years. The Condon Report in 1968 later led to the termination of the project, but the efforts were revived under a new identity in 1974 by “ufologists” and called the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).

Are Alien Abductions and Sightings Real?

Obviously, there is a really strong camp of believers "ufologists" and non-believers (skeptics). I'm fairly neutral on the topic. I described what I saw but really care less about the outcome. I do think, however, that there is so much in the universe we have yet to discover. I find it to be very egocentric and typical of us earthlings to think we are the only intelligent beings in the vast universe. What about you?

Why Is There a Decline in Alien Sightings?

I have two theories around this. One is that the sightings have become normalized and less sensational. The other is that we are so deluded with technology that we have a hard time be present in our waking life and are a little out of touch with our extra senses.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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Do you have an abduction or UFO sighting story?

clare smith on July 14, 2020:

Ufo experience sounds of buzzing and cricket noises in my left ear ankle on right side on inside has been in dentated I had a probe in my left side of my nose when I click my fingers the chanting starts I have a scup on my left leg and line mark my left wrist

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on May 10, 2020:

Interesting :) I never had a personal experiences with any possible abductions but I remember a friend saying in high school she woke up in the middle of the night once and saw small beings staring at her at the edge of her bed. Still said it could of been a dream but she wasnt sure. Alien abductions are a fascinating phenomon, I dont know if I fully believe in them or if it is a trick of the mind. Neverless, thank you for sharing your experiences :)

Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on February 25, 2020:

Hi Brian, I would think it is possible.

brian from uk on January 06, 2020:

They walk among us is it possible they use some perception filter to fool folks normal senses

Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on January 06, 2020:

Hi Brian, your experience sounds very similar to mine and others who have been abducted. I think the lights and the general sense of "observation" as well as being "placed" and "arranged" is a common theme.

brian from uk on December 31, 2019:

I've had this other memory but I don't know if it was a dream or real I was only a tot and could only crawl about I remember been awakened to a white light in my eyes but it did not hurt the next thing I remember was been put down on a small circle before that I could see the room but it did not look like any normal room for the period I was born in but that was only a brief glance as I was put down I noticed there two other tots they were female they were dressed differently to boys I managed to glance at one but we all look alike facially at that age we seemed to have been placed facing one another almost like a triangular but in circled mate of some sort it may have been a dream but as I got older I started having other strange experience's which were nothing to do with this subject I'd say they were psychic in nature I got to meet the female to several times in my life but I never made the link and I don't know how much of the mind can play tricks on you all I know I have had many strange experience's throughout my life

brian from uk on May 01, 2019:


May I say you are a very brave person to tell use your story yes energy is very powerful

brian from uk on December 17, 2018:

I have several stories of a more sensitive nature nothing to do with the above subject if you checked some of the other authors out. if you don't mind me saying I get this feeling you been a very positive logical person. Needless to say it's taken most of my life to accept what I am and control my own thoughts safe guards in place

Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on December 16, 2018:

Hi Brian, that's such a reproducible trend in abduction stories—almost like amnesia or anesthesia. Sounds likely to me. Very interesting story you've shared. I am also curious about the trends of it occurring to young kids/teens.

brian from uk on December 15, 2018:

i dont now if this applies to the above subject but when me and my brother were young lads we used to play on a field near some old air shelters the area were we lived was isolated from the main road so you would not see anybody apart from the field air raids shelters and the fenced off houses on the other side of the field, one mid morning at the weekend cannot remember which day it was we went out play on the fields the sky looked cloudy not very bright we were walking over the shelters when the sky flashed like a green colour more like everything looked green colour i said to my brother did you see that he looked and seemed bemused as well. it went back to normal so we carried on playing well what seemed like a short time our mother started calling us we went back the flat. i said what the matter mom. she looked concerned do you release you been gone for nearly three hrs. i said no that's not possible its only been about twenty mins. so if that comes under abduction i dont know but we seem to have lost some time the play field in question was no more then a minute away

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on November 27, 2018:

A very interesting article.

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