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Hollow Moon Hypothesis: Is There Evidence the Moon Is Hollow?

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With interests in science and nature, the author explores topics from a unique and sometimes controversial perspective.

According to Hollow Moon Theory, the most interesting part of our moon may be inside.

According to Hollow Moon Theory, the most interesting part of our moon may be inside.

The Hollow Moon

Is there evidence to support the idea that our moon may be hollow? We’ve seen it up there our whole lives, that glowing ball in the night sky. There have been some wild theories about it over the centuries, but given our level of advancement today, there may be nothing more bizarre than what you are about to read.

The moon is thought to have come about because of an ancient collision between the Earth and another planet, back when our solar system was just forming. It’s a large satellite, at least by comparison to the Earth. Twelve humans have walked on its surface, but nobody has set foot on the moon in 40 years. Scientists think they have a good idea of what the moon is all about, but what if they’re wrong?

There are those who believe the moon is a hollow sphere, and what goes on inside it is way more interesting than what happens on the surface. Others say the moon is artificial, and may even be a starship of some kind, parked in orbit by an alien race thousands of years ago.

Could our best researchers and astronomers be wrong about the moon, and even the very men who landed on it oblivious of the truth?

Or worse, is there a dark conspiracy at work here, and maybe the governments of the world are hiding the secrets surrounding our hollow moon?

Let’s consider the possibilities and implications of this strange idea.

Hollow Earth Theory

To shed some light on the Hollow Moon Hypothesis, we need only look at the Earth itself. Indeed, the geological consensus is that the Earth and moon are of similar design, and each has a solid inner core surrounded by a liquid outer core, then the mantle. The moon even has a history of volcanic activity and moonquakes. But these apparent facts don’t douse the enthusiasm of the proponents of another interesting theory.

Hollow Earth Theory says that the Earth has a hollow core, and there are opening at each pole. If we are so inclined, we might enter one of these openings and go inside the planet, where there is a whole other world. An “inner sun” keeps the place warm, and an advanced civilization of humanoids thrives beneath our feet.

So where’s the proof? Well, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the famed explorer, allegedly flew into the North Pole opening to the inner Earth back in 1947. There he encountered a race of intelligent beings living in gleaming cities who told him to go back to the surface and warn the human race that we’d better smarten up or we’d destroy the planet. The Admiral wrote it all down in his now-famous diary.

Of course, according to official records, the Admiral was clear on the other side of the planet while this was supposedly going on, but supporters of Hollow Earth know this is just part of the conspiracy meant to hide the truth from the public.

If our governments won’t admit the Earth is hollow, they certainly aren’t going to fess up about the moon. But where did this hollow moon idea come from anyway?

The Moon Rang Like a Bell

The hollow moon idea has existed for centuries, and it has been a key component in several works of fiction. But one compelling piece of alleged evidence often cited is the experiments done by the Apollo missions back in the late ‘60s.

After placing seismic sensors on the moon, a spent liftoff stage of the lunar module was sent crashing down to the moon’s surface, causing massive reverberations like the ringing of a bell. Each time the experiment was repeated on subsequent missions, using a spent rocket stage, the moon would “ring” or reverberate, sometimes for several hours.

This is a very different reaction than the Earth would exhibit to such an impact. To many, this means the moon must have a hollow interior. What else would cause the reverberations?

Of course, NASA has not concluded the same. In fact, the “bell” story is sometimes said to be a misunderstood analogy rather than a more literal description of the reaction of the Moon to the impact.

NASA does acknowledge the bizarre nature of moonquakes, and that smaller quakes tend to last much longer than similar quakes on Earth. The bottom line is that there is still a great deal to learn about the moon.

What Is Inside the Moon?

So what’s inside the moon, if it is actually hollow? Of course, a hollow moon could well be a mundane geological feature that means pretty much nothing. But it is much more interesting to speculate about what might be going on in there, particularly how it relates to the UFO phenomenon.

We know, with our current technology, it would take many thousands of years for us to reach the closest star system. If we step it up a bit, in the next century or so we may be able to whittle it down to a few hundred years. Even traveling at the speed of light, it’s a journey of at least four years to the next solar system.

We always assume alien civilizations who might visit the earth have found a way around this distance barrier, either by utilizing theoretical “wormholes” or some other technological achievement we can barely imagine. But what if they haven’t? What if it still takes hundreds or even thousands of years for them to get here from wherever they come from?

If they are visiting the Earth they may have come here in generational ships, likely massive vessels the size of cities or even continents where the aliens would live out their lives. Maybe the aliens visiting us today are the descendants of those who left their homeworld long ago.

Perhaps, using such a ship, an alien civilization has deposited colonies on various star systems, to observe primitive life as it develops (that’d be us). What better place to hide such a colony than within a hollow Moon?

So, a hollow moon seems like the perfect place to stash an alien base. For most of our history, we had no way of getting there, and even now we pretty much leave it alone. Plus, one side of the Moon is always facing away from the Earth. Who knows what could be going on beyond our prying eyes?

It’s an interesting idea, but some take it a step further. What if the aliens brought the moon here themselves?

Spaceship Moon Theory

Spaceship Moon is a stunning idea put forth by a pair of Soviet scientists back in the 1970s. It says the moon is actually a creation of an alien race, some civilization far more advanced than ourselves, who parked it in Earth’s orbit long ago. The most interesting part of this theory might be where it came from, as we can only assume the old Soviet Union tolerated little frivolity in its scientific community.

But I guess it does make some sense if you believe the moon may be hollow. Rather than an alien race depositing a colony within the moon, the moon may be the generational ship itself.

This idea is mainly supported by the way impact craters are formed on the moon. Even the largest craters are fairly shallow, suggesting there may be some sort of solid and impenetrable hull beneath the surface of moonrock.

It’s also interesting to note that some moon rocks have been discovered to be much older than rocks on the Earth, even though both were apparently formed during the same period. Some scientists might say this is because Earth is still geologically active.

On Earth, new rocks are being formed even today, while the old is returned to the mantle through subduction. However, proponents of Hollow Moon say this is further proof that the moon was constructed elsewhere, and brought here by an alien race.

Were we warned to stay away from the moon once we started messing around up there?

Were we warned to stay away from the moon once we started messing around up there?

Conspiracy Theories

When it comes to the moon we have to ask ourselves one question: Why hasn’t anyone been there in the past 40 years? We continue to study it, and we send probes to orbit, but nobody has set foot on the thing since 1972.

Why not?

When many of us were kids we imagined by now there would be colonies on the moon, or at the very least there would be science outposts and space stations. While it would surely be a challenge to keep a well-provisioned space station on the moon, it does seem like the next logical step in the progression of space exploration.

So why are we ignoring the moon? Is it really that boring, or is there something keeping us from going there?

If there really is an alien civilization inside the moon we can only imagine their irritation when NASA astronauts started ringing their home like a bell and running around on the surface. Perhaps we were given a warning, or, more precisely, the major governments of the world were given a warning.

To avoid hysteria they’ve hidden the truth from the general population, but the message was clear: You’ve seen all you need to see of the Moon. Move along.

Is the Moon Really Hollow?

Probably not. Scientists today seem like pretty smart folks, and according to them, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the moon is hollow. But the idea is intriguing.

Is the moon really the home base for the UFOs and flying saucers people have been seeing for hundreds if not thousands of years? Is it a hollow sphere, inhabited by refugees from another solar system? Is it a spaceship, a generational craft that traveled countless light years to arrive at our doorstep thousands of years ago and has remained there ever since?

The moon remains, as it’s always been, a mysterious glowing orb in the night sky. No doubt there are many mysteries to be uncovered should humans once again decide to travel there.

The Hollow Moon Poll

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brian from uk on July 24, 2020:

And there must be some form of atmosphere not air but something i read about when one of the astronaunts got back in his ship and pressurised he said there was a metalici smell odour in the cabin

cryptid (author) from USA on July 24, 2020:

@dlleary - You are right!

dlearyfun on July 21, 2020:

Twelve men have walked on the moon, not eleven.

brian from uk on May 29, 2020:

i read when apollo missions went to the moon the pictures they bought back were doctured any structures shown in the pictures were cleverly painted out i beleave this too its not only stop people panicing it would cover up any future military visits plus stop people from discovering were not alone

No Name! on January 06, 2020:

For the most part in life, we are given three choices. But rarely that fourth choice,which is called "THE TRUTH."

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 09, 2019:

Interesting article. I wonder if we are genetically made by these aliens, if they live on the moon. We could be someone's school project. Great article, the moon is filled with mystery. Thanks.

Jim D on October 10, 2019:

The moon not only is hollow but has alien structures on it as well.Such as the Shard, Needle Tower(4 miles high), and the c me Castles.These structures are blurred out by NASA, why?Why blur out moon dust and rocks?

Because the real reason we never went back to the moon is because they know the moon is hollow and has alien structures.Hundreds of them are seen from old Opollo Mission video, pictures.Most have been blurred out.They dont want the public to know there's aliens far more technologically advanced then us.Like where thousands of years behind these past or present alien civilizations.

Check out Mars Annomolies and..on you tube.and also Jean Ward who review and look at structures on the Moon and Mars.

Also check out the alien interview by a nurse from the Roswell crash.A book written by Lawrence R Spencer.Its mind altering and rings true to me.The main consensus is where immortal Is-Be's or souls that are put on Earth which is a prison planet.We have are memories erased when we die by a contraption built by the old Empire ( type of bad alien) and are souls are put back into humans over and over again.When we die are soul is drawn to an area (possibly the Moon or Mars ) where we are electrically sapped and this erasses are memories of who we are, and we're we are from.The Domain are the good aliens(Grey's) and we were all created billions of years ago in a far off place in the Milky Way Galaxy, at a trillion year old factory..It's a complex story..Maybe b.s or true..

But the dates and time table of events the alien talks about to the nurse of the Roswell crash at area 51, fits and is fasinating.

When I die , I'm going to try and not go towards the pleasant light or attraction.So I can find my way home to my real planet thousands or millions light years away.Or I may lose the info I know now and be condemned to repeating a life over and over ,not ever remember my true background.Ive left slot of details out about the alien interview that took place in the mid 1940s..

I bought the book , and will keep an open mind about it.

PWL104 on July 17, 2019:

A smooth sphere with sufficient mass would have enough gravitational pull to keep all the asteroid impact debris on its surface - which over time would build up to some depth. So the 'moon rocks' are not really moon-rocks at all but the dust and fragments remaining after meteorite impacts.

Just a thought...

gm on August 29, 2018:

If the Moon is hollow how is it that we have tides? Probably Matrix programmers made a mistake.

Darkpoulp on August 14, 2018:

Others theories :

- Ancient earth civilization built it, geo/space engineering

- Moon is composed of pumice stone / lava stone (then why impacts are so shallow? maybe due to the powder like soil on surface?) Less density explaining why the moon is so big & close to earth compared to the others satelite's planet from the solar system

Karlan Zarley on December 02, 2017:

If we find out that the moon was made by aliens and brought here does that mean people will jump off of buildings???? NO!!!! So, tell us the truth OR let's find out the truth!

Mohan on November 26, 2017:

There are many other facts to support the space ship moon hypothesis :

1) The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon and incredibly the distance between earth and sun is also 400 times the distance between earth and moon.

2) The moon is face-locked with earth, so we can see only one side of moon at all times, which also means we can't see what's on the other side.

3) There are millions of impact craters on moon, but all of them are quite shallow.

4) The composition of moon is different from that of earth which should not be possible if moon was formed from earth.

5) Analysis of moon has shown it's older than 4.5 billion years which is the age of the earth.

Scott pol on September 25, 2017:

You know that is a very good theory there are so many coverups it is not unbelievable I believe that the moon has a hollow in a intercourse .

Miko on September 16, 2017:

If the moon should be hollow, some intelligent beings must have excavated a large part of its interior, and brought all the removed material away from the moon, possibly to the earth. And I'm not so sure that the moons surface would keep vibrating for such a long time after an impact simply by having a hollow interior.

So I suggest another explanation for the phenomenon.

I imagine that at least on the moons near side, a thin crust and a thin upper and solid part of the mantle float on a "sea" of the lower and molten part of the mantle. Thus it will be a much shorter way from the surface and down to the molten mantel than it is on earth. And a liquid medium do of course create much larger and more long lasting shock waves from an impact than solid rock do.

Bill Montague on April 29, 2017:

We have no evidence that the moon is Solid. Neither do we have any evidence that the Earth is Solid. However we do have evidence that the moon is hollow because it rings like a bell. So why not accept the idea that our earth is also hollow. Because we also have some evidence that our earth is hollow. Two plumb bobs were hung down two mine shafts they were about 1 mile apart. They shafts were also connected at the bottom that was about 1 mile deep. The folks that took the measurements said that they were about 6 inches further apart at the bottom than at the top. This is some evidence that the earth is hollow and the center of gravity is 1/2 way between the inner surface and the outer surface. This would cause the plumb bobs to tend to follow the center of gravity being 1/2 way between the inner and outer surfaces that would tend to pull the plumb bobs away from each other at the bottom.

Bill Montague on April 23, 2017:

Well if you look at the size of the moon and the earth, if the moon and earth were solid, the gravity between them both would have pulled them together long ago. So it seems obvious they both have to be hollow to be able to stay where they are. Bill Montague

Jim Jones on December 26, 2016:

The moon is the exact size and distance from the earth to cause a perfect solar eclipse. The probability of that happening naturally is zero.

Paul Ronco on November 28, 2016:

It seems utterly logical in every way, if one were to send a TRUE generational ship into space, with the intent of it lasting for billions of years. Can anyone offer a natural explanation for why the moon creates a perfect eclipse? I understand that the moon is claimed to be moving away from the Earth at 3.78 cm per year. Even over four thousand years, however, that only adds up to around 150 meters. So within the frame of "modern" civilization or even several multiples of that timespan it would probably not have affected the visible perfection of the eclipse. Are we to believe that the perfect eclipse is a pure coincidence? On top of the unlikelihood of the just-right Theia impact? Roughly how many perfect coincidences are we expected to believe are necessary to create and consistently support intelligent life in this Universe?

m on September 30, 2016:

AJinFLA - what you say is very compelling.

In order for us to all wake up we must stop believing in anything and everything. Even when we are most certain, we must not close our eyes. The moon may be hollow and it also may not, we do not know and others might. Let us find out more.......................................

AJinFLA on September 27, 2016:

The US government has stated in multiple official documents that if alien life were discovered there would be a complete breakdown of the social systems in the world, and that the public would be best to not know.

This is public information released in the Freedom of Information Act.

Knowing the intention of the government would be a coverup, how can you trust anything at this point?

Ralph on September 22, 2016:

All the craters are the same depth

Mike on August 31, 2016:

Dr. Truman your logic is flawed. Gravity is not caused by rotation of an object. It is from the mass. Also the moon does rotate just slowly enough that the same side always points at Earth. Also, if the goal of a gravity generator was to avoid collecting more material from space wouldn't it be better to have zero gravity?

Dr Fu Manchu on August 22, 2016:

NASA would never lie or mislead us would they?

Dr. Truman on August 18, 2016:

Nothing can ring in a vacuum of space lets get it right. So the moon does not ring like a bell it vibrates at a resonant frequency at best. That was NASA's experiment to find out what the hull of the moon ship is made of. Also since the moon does not rotate why does it have gravity? The basic physics are not adding up that is enough for us to determin it is ship of some kind. It creates a low gravity field to avoid attracting additional material from space. Gee does anyone want to discuss H3 as a byproduct of this ships energy plant. By the way various types of magnetic imagery can look into a planet now so NASA is not talking truth they are supporting the US protection from Aliens Act.


Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on February 09, 2016:

Well, after several years research, experience and dedication I have come to the conclusion that this multitude of conspiracy theories about our moon (it's hollow, the landings were faked, it has an alien base, it's a spacecraft, etc) are probably all disinformation. I say this because I believe that this is all intentional distraction to misdirect away from Project Horizon - a US plan to build a military outpost on the moon. Project Horizon never went ahead "in an official capacity" but may have done so in an unofficial capacity! Project Horizon was proposed in 1959. Having said that, my conclusion does not explain the Lunar Anomalies report (Technical Memorandum TR-277) which shows anomalous activity on the moon as far back as 1579.

Ryan from Manchester on June 21, 2015:

Thought provoking stuff. Thanks for sharing Cryptid.:)

cryptid (author) from USA on April 21, 2015:

Thanks Kristen. :-)

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on April 20, 2015:

Cryptid, this was another interesting hub from you--all on the theory on the moon. Voted up for interesting!

Nichol marie from The Country-Side on April 01, 2015:

This is a very interesting hub,very well done too

cryptid (author) from USA on April 03, 2013:

Thanks sparkster! I'll have to look into that report.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on April 03, 2013:

Cool hub. Of course, Alex Collier claims the moon is both hollow AND and an alien spacecraft. You should also check out NASA's Lunar Anomalies Report - 600 peculiar events observed since Elizabethan times.

cryptid (author) from USA on April 02, 2013:

Thanks karthikkash. Hollow Moon Theory is indeed an interesting idea, and the more research I did the more interesting it became! Probable? No. Possible? Sure, why not! Thanks for reading!

Karthik Kashyap from India on April 02, 2013:

Interesting theory. I know of the hollow earth theory and moon being an alien base (according to Neil Armstrong and other Apollo mission crew), but it is the first time I am hearing about the Hollow moon theory. Quite interesting and you never know the possibilities.